Anybody Have a Viewpoint on Scientology Front Groups?

Ref:  Conscience – Scientology and Human Rights

Lisa Hamilton does, and allowed me to share our email conversation on the matter:


Hello.  I needed to write to you about your most recent posting.  And perhaps I am missing data, but it seems that what Mary Shuttleworth (who is not an SO member, but is public) is doing is a good thing by traveling around the world promoting the Declaration of Human Rights.  If this message is something that does get across it could change how people are being treated on the planet.
I knew Mary for many years in PAC and maybe this is why it struck me odd.  Mary has been traveling for many years.  I am guessing that she is at least partially funded by the IAS….I do remember her having trouble with funds.  I do know she is very passionate about her work and about Human Rights.  Having been on the road for so long and being so concentrated on Human Rights, it is very unlikely that she knows much about what is going on with DM.  Maybe she does.  If she doesn’t and she is doing good things for the planet, then she should be supported.
Yes, if DM gets credit for Mary’s hard work, that is disgusting.
It seems like a bit of a dilemma…if someone IS still associated with the CoS proper and they are doing good works and helping people I am not sure why we would speak out against what they are doing in order to harm DM.  If what Mary is doing is making a difference, she should be supported.  Unless she has changed drastically, she is a good and social personality.
In my mind, the right thing to do would be to expose the bad and support the good.
Maybe that is what you are saying to do.  The article seemed so full of hatred that I could not see it.
What you are doing for, in and with Independent Scientology is vital.
However, I do believe that there is good being done for the planet by people who are unfortunately still in the CoS.  I don’t think we should blanketly condemn them and their good works while we get rid of the real SP.  Yes, expose the suppressive, but don’t harm people of good will doing so.  Maybe this violates the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, but in Mary’s case anyway, she creates good effects across many.
I did not send this to your blog as it is just a comm from me to you.  It is my observation and of course you can do what you want with it.  However, I would appreciate your viewpoint on what my thoughts here are.
   Hi. Yes, it is a dilemma. See the follow up post on Tony Ortega’s article.  The Human Rights campaign is being big-time funded by the church these days – using incredibly sophisticated a/v products, flying dignitaries around the world to attend events, hosting the same at lavish events at Scn celebrities’ homes.  All date coincident with Truth Rundown original series, summer 09.  Bless Mary for her work.  Pity her for being used as a tool to unwittingly be used to cover for the most heinous human trafficking operation in recent American history.  As a note, I am not trying to harm David Miscavige. I am working to prevent the continuing harm he visits upon others, and from my perspective, because of his position, all of humankind.  I’d love to post your email to me and my answer, if you believe that would be helpful.
Thanks a lot for your answer.  This indeed was a helpful perspective.  I did look at Tony Ortega’s posting and that made sense too.  I am so glad that any Independent Scientology individual can share and discuss their viewpoints and work together to make the world better.  It is so very different from being within the organization (and especially in the current Sea Organization) where you are afraid to say what you think or you expect to be put on the meter for an Ethics Interview to FIND YOUR CRIMES if you express an idea/opinion that may question what was said.
Feel free to share this with others. Thanks for being there.
Take care,


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  1. The problem as I see it is that nobody is really going to take any worthwhile message from the “Church” seriously while it is well known as a vicious cult.

    That certainly does not mean there are not many well-meaning individuals trying to do great work in the field of human rights within the Church, but such work is undermined completely by simply being used as propoganda tool. So too with VMs. Even CCHR for that matter.

    But while the genuinely decent impulses are being perverted by the twisted mind of DM and his regime, I am afraid it all counts for very little. There were many worthwhile programs rolled out in 1930s Germany, from motorway construction, to youth training and health camps. The People’s Temple had many great outreach programs going on.

    It is, in effect, a blunt instrument to beat up people with genuine concerns. The reasoning goes “You must be suppressive if you don’t support the Church – just look at all the valuable programs you are against…”

  2. Tony DePhillips

    Free and open communication is vital for a sane third dynamic. Whenever I talk to Indies or ex-Scientologists this is a real hot button. The smoother the interchange of ideas the better.
    Within the cult there was a lot of group think. Whatever the senior terminals were saying had to be echoed and if not then the one not echoing the viewpoint was “out-ethics” or a “db” or “had other fish to fry”, or, or, or.
    I think we that have left the cult will ultimately get away from this type of behavior. And of course, we are heads and tails above the cult in real free communication.
    Thanks for having this forum Marty.

  3. The problem is not what the church of scientology promotes as its front image – it’s not exactly going to promote human trafficing and slave labor – it’s the fact it uses these as fronts to its main purpose, to further its economic and political power gains.

    The people in the church of scientology are often well meaning and really believe what they are promoting is good. And why not, human rights are obviously a good thing? The problem is they cannot see the hypocracy and that there are plenty of other organisations they could support that do the same job without the hypocracy of the church of scientology.

    Also all such ventures ultimately generate cash for the church of scientology, often through the donations of members buying promotional literature at way above the production cost price in order for it to be disseminated. The church of scientology profits on all the literature it gives out one way or another.

  4. The reason David Miscavige built the print works and DVD multiplexes is so all the literature is produced in house, using cheap “religious” labor, meaning the costs can be manipulated by him to ensure a profit on “donations”.

    Every cent given to CCHR, YFHR, The Basics Library campaign and so on helps him turn a profit in an ostencibly none profit organisation that escapes most auditing because it insists it’s none profit and a religion.

  5. haydn (T Paine)

    This is the same dilemma that prevented many people from standing up to David Miscavige in the past including yours truly.The idea of “collateral damage” for want of a better term — the idea that standing up to and and attempting to stop David Miscavige’s horrendous abuses might prevent some good works from being accomplished. I feel it is one of the reasons some people in the church still have well fitted blinkers.

    It certainly looks that way. But that is exactly how David Miscavige set it up. It is why he supports such programs. He wants people to think that way, that putting an end to his behavior and crimes would cause too much other damage. Suppressives and criminals do that . Even a brief study of Al Capone will reveal he was lauded for his soup kitchens and charity work.

    I don’t think it is the greatest good for the greatest number so much as the way out is the way through. A final end to Miscavige’s abuses would free up many well intentioned people who are now focused on that to work on broader programs as regards human rights. And you can be sure that if Miscavige felt “safe”, such programs would end — attempting to end Miscavige’s abuses fuels such programs in the first place.

  6. My viewpoint is that anything coming out of or associated with the current cult of organized Scn is no higher on the tone scale than 1.1
    I’m also of the opinion that Miscavige cares about as much for human rights as Stalin did. So then why would he spend loads of money promoting this? Because it’s a front, a clever way to divert attention from the human rights abuses occurring within his very own group. That’s 1.1 and not worthy of being supported or promoted in any way. It does need the light of day which this blog is doing. Keep up the good work.

    ps. I wish we could ask Mary Shuttleworth what she thinks of someone being made to clean a bathroom floor with their tongue!!

  7. This is one of the reasons I came to dislike the Church. I go off, I work hard and I build a successful business. NO ONE in the Church supported me and in fact worked very hard to keep me on course all the time (instead of working on building that business) and demanded my capital for donations — otherwise I would be out ethics. But as soon as I became successful, suddenly it is a feather in the cap of the Church and I am expected to allow the Church to claim it as evidence of the Church’s effectiveness, when it in reality it had NOTHING to do with the Church, in fact I had refused to be involved in WISE and did not use any LRH policy. And never mind that it was work I had been into BEFORE I ever set foot in the Church.

    Oh, but if I do something wrong, something seen as discreditable, refuse to give the Church all the money they demand, suddenly it has NOTHING to do with the Church. Its all MY fault and MY out-ethics. I’m messed up, I’m out-ethics, and if I cause enough trouble, I’m kicked out.

    This piggybacking on people’s good works while the left hand is squeezing the life out of someone in the “name of the Church” is so offensive and so disgusting that I can feel the rage boiling in my veins.

  8. I spoke at a Clearwater City Commission meeting during the LMT years about how Clearwater politicians were used by Scientology front groups to bring validity to Scientology’s programs.

    I have no doubt that the individual Scientologists working as Volunteer Ministers or fighting for human rights or trying to create a drug free world are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts and the belief that Scientology can solve these problems but Corporate Scientology’s main goal is to put a happy smiley face on the organization to counteract the bad image they have built over the decades. The Church of Scientology has earned that bad reputation by their own actions. They never earn the rubber stamped declarations they coerce out of politicians. Shame on Harry Reid and others who allow themselves to be used by Scientology’s leadership.

  9. I think Mary is an example of what often occurs. One person (or a few people) start to do something good, then the church tries to take over the operation and exploit it. I have seen it numerous times with several of the front-group/PR activities. Mary was originally funded by her billionaire brother, I believe, and her son, Taron Lexton, produced a great video for her. The church then got its talons into these two to exploit their purpose (hence Lexton’s videos and Gold imitations showing up on TWTH, YFHR, and other video properties). Lexton Married Marisol Nichols, so it is fully entrenched in the CC/celeb arena as well. This guy is very talented, but the church appears to be trying to keep his talents all to itself. The last credit in IMDB he has is a short film w/ Bodhi Elfman and the usual suspects from CC Int. This guy could have been the next Christopher Nolan, IMHO.

    If individuals were simply allowed to do good things, and these were acknowledged rather than taken control of, it would be much better. Instead, the church tries to take any good works people like Mary do and exploit them for its own cover-up purposes, PR for legislators and internal event hoopla bullshit.

    It should just be YFHR promoting the UN Declaration and have nothing to do with the church.

  10. I know for a fact that there is also regging done to support youth for human rights. This regging has not stopped, even if the IAS has been supporting YFHR financially in the last couple of years.

    Despite the good works YFHR may do, the fact remains that it is another club in the fundraising gauntlet CofS members have to endure.

    One other thing: I’ve heard Mary give a talk at a fundraising event and she describes the tour as being on a constant emergency footing, with people not getting enough sleep and working out last minute accommodations and such, the support people sleeping on the floor in the LA offices etc. Why does having a pro-human rights touring group have to be run that way?

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Great points Haydn.

  12. Firebreathing Frog

    Al Capone was brilliant using charity for PR.

    All biggest criminals in history had a PR front activities to make them looks good and indispensable.

  13. It is, in effect, a blunt instrument to beat up people with genuine concerns. The reasoning goes “You must be suppressive if you don’t support the Church – just look at all the valuable programs you are against…”

    Right on the money, Martin. Call me cynical, but this is the real reason DM puts any money toward YFHR. The “PR value”. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about those wooses, and their namby-pamby whining about their rights…

  14. There is a group or doctor working with the BP oil disaster people who are sick. One of the major one’s are on my FB wall.

    In the past she posted about a detox program she was doing. It sounded like the purif but I was not sure. A month or two later she posted on it again that she is doing fund raising for it and this time there was a win video with it.

    It is the purif. I sent her a PM and I told her what was behind it. I said they are likely recruiting for the church. I call it the cult. She checked it out and found I was right. I said I am not against and it can help the medical issues they have as she is raving how much better their family is feeling and doing. I just made her aware of the cult and she said she is not going to let anyone get sucked into the cult. It is down there in Louisiana they are doing this and she is fairly famous activist fighting BP.

    I guess she decided to continue the fund raising so the people can get the purif but she was aware that it could be a hook for the cult. I forget the name of the doc and he would be the one getting the money as well. She is aware of it and I referred her to an independent to get more info.

    There was not much else I can do. I guess she continued to help people get the purif and the funding for it. I am not sure because it is hard to get are reply from her. She really wanted to help the people so she continued on with being aware what could be waiting for her and she said she was not going to join the church or go to it.

  15. Al Capone is a great comparative! Thanks.

  16. With the suppressives and suppression off of the line, there will be a Real unprecedented boom of expansion and life.
    Permit me a brief moment of grousing while I exclaim about all the years of suppressed urges to call bullshit when I heard that the next release or event was gonna fundamentally alter the course of mankind and it wound up being some excuse to milk more cash.
    The power of all the goodwill and hard work of the good people who embrace Scn is the simple force that breaks through the current wall of inertia that holds planetary clearing at a dead still.

  17. Hi;

    I have an opinion.

    Isn’t this Human Rights ‘stuff’ exactly what SPs do to protect themselves, what they use as their ‘shield’, to hide behind?

    “See what good I am doing! So, don’t look at me. How can I be bad if I am doing so much good!” Etc., etc., etc.. We can all fill in the blanks.

    These ‘good groups’ and those who run them should not be supported at all, and the fact that they are connected with criminality should be pointed out loud and clear. If that particular group cannot survive the sunshine, then they should pack up and leave because they shouldn’t have been doing what they were doing in the first place, their personal integrity wasn’t up to snuff.

    This particular young lady mentioned in the emails should be seen as what she really is, a victim, and given a proper education. If she and others involved in such activites are of good intent, and if they are effectively disinfected, then they may well double their zeal because they were so visiously duped.

    My rant.

  18. I have to say that I really track with a lot of what Lisa has originated.

    I worked for Delphi for 17 years and shortly after I began reading this blog I discovered that Delphi LA and Delphi Oregon had been degraded into an SO recruiting pool. This was not the intention during the time that I worked for Delphi and it is sad to see this happen as well as the rampant disconnection that some have experienced when they chose to speak out against the abuses. Delphi should not be involved with this at all as far as I’m concerned simply from a legal standpoint. It is a nonsectarian school and it has no right interfering with its members personal beliefs.

    On the other hand, Delphi in the San Francisco Bay area does not have a high school and does not have recruiters trying to get them to join staff. It does have a student body that is 80% non Scientologists and even some of the teachers are non Scientologists. This Delphi is disseminating LRH tech. They are not involved in disconnection (as far as I know). I support their activities and find that those who are working there are simply continuing to deliver and disseminate LRH technology.

    If an activity has been corrupted then it should be made known but I can’t see the value of slinging stones at those who are working to improve conditions in their sphere of influence. I think one of the greatest qualities of this blog has been its ability to see specific people and situations as needing to be handled and keeping generalities out of the equation. It is nice to see people communicating about an issue or event and at the same time originate who really was involved and who really tried hard to fix the situation.

    As far as Mary’s situation I think the best handling would be getting some of her opinion leaders to help her learn the truth about the abuses that are actually occuring in the church. If she really is doing this because she believes in it she will see that her activites are distracting others from overts the church has in regards to human rights. It won’t be easy to confront but then she at least has the opportunity to show the world if she knows how to walk the walk.

  19. It’s amazing to consider the fact that slave labor is actually producing the propaganda material the cult distributes to promote human rights.

  20. Random Stranger


    ★ The Forced Agreement Association

    ★ The It’s Ok to Beat Your Staff Foundation

    ★ The I Want All Your Money Commission on Economic Freedom

    ★ The Leader of Leaders Recognition Society

    ★ The Family Longevity Foundation

    ★ The Stalking and Harassment Approval Council

    ★ The International Human Rights Restrictions Volunteers

    ★ The Communication Penalty Assessment Group

    ★ The Mandatory Volunteer Dedication Gung-Ho Group

    ★ The Beans and Rice Proliferation Association

    ★ The Citizens Commission on Self-Determinism

    ★ The Membership Appreciation Committee

    ★ The Look At Me I’m Tom Cruise Council for Celebrities

    ★ The Private Eye Enhancement Union of North America

    ★ The Personal Economic Re-Evaluation Society

  21. In my mind, the real problem here is motive.

    While Mary Shuttleworth no doubt has good intentions and is genuinely trying to help children around the world, she is being cynically used. ANd the sooner she comes to know the truth, the better.

    I am certain, as Lisa reports, she has troubles with finances. Ask anyone who has EVER been part of an “IAS sponsored” campaigns how much “sponsorship” they really got and how much they had to personally sacrifice and beg from other Scientologists to be able to continue their programs. The funding that is handed out from the IAS is just enough to get them going — so the person thinks, “Well, if it wasnt for the IAS I wouldn’t be able to get anything going…” And that is also doubt true. So, now they are on the hook.

    So, these laudible programs get just enough support for them to get off the ground — but it is NOT because Miscavige gives a damn about human rights (or literacy, or drug rehab or morals, or criminal reform) these things exist for three reasons alone:

    1. So videos can be made of the activities to squeeze more money out of the suckers to “support the IAS.” Look at all the great (staged) products we are getting;

    2. So he can look good on stage at his televised seal-clubbings and;

    3. MOst importantly, so the programs can be used to “prove” that he doesnt abuse human rights, doesnt refuse to educate kids, doesnt promote immoral behavior, create criminals of drive people to drink. He cannot just “deny” all that is said about him over and over and over, he has to add to that “Look at me, how could I be abusing human rights when I am a huge proponent of it.” If you don’t believe this is the primary motive, look on the Scientology website — you will see that it is DAVID MISCAVIGE Human RIghts champion. It’s all HIM.

    The sooner Mary understands what is really going on and doesnt do good work and have it used as a shield to protect the VERY abuses she is campaigning against, the better off she will be. Because when she does find out, it is going to devastate her. And the longer its being going on, the worse the betrayal will seem.

  22. Random Stranger

    List of Church of Scientology Front Groups, Continued…

    ★ The Chiropractic Con-Job Donation Association

    ★ The Council on Overpriced Dental Plans

    ★ The John Travolta Lift-a-Third-World-Box Volunteers

    ★ The Volunteer Reges Squadron

    ★ The Membership Enhancement Enforcers

    ★ The International Gee Nice Building But Where Are The People Sub-Committee

    ★ The Elders of Ouch Who Just Smashed Me in the Head Gang

    ★ The Anti-Blow-Up-the-Headquarters Safety Committee

    ★ The Hey Who Just Changed the Tech Foundation

    ★ The Crush Smear and Annihilate the Enemies Commission on Tactics and Strategy

    ★ The Quick-Mortgage Spiritual Salvation Fund

  23. I know Mary is a good person and means well.
    Nevertheless she knows about all the tricks and shore stories that Youth for Human Rights has been using in the past Years to promote and give the appearance that it is endorsed by The UNO or Amnesty International.
    Renting rooms by the UNO Headquarters under false pretenses.
    About 2-3 years ago they wanted to give an Event at the Headquarters of the UNO in Geneva and were promoting it as one could believe it’s an Event supported by the UNO. Unfortunately somebody found out and they weren’t accepted for the Event but did it in a nearby Hotel. Nevertheless they poured out lots of PR about it, which was the purest nonsense.

    As far as I do know those rights are postulated rights, but aren’t an integral part of any constitution of any country worldwide. There is still lots of work to do !
    In the US you still have to pay the university – while in Switzerland its free and you get enough money for a living as a student, as well as in Sweden, Finnland, Denmark and Norway; and those are the richest countries of the world as their people are hatted and don’t have to pay for it and there is no unemployment- for your kids, this isn’t in agreement of those rights.

    If Mary really has a high confront she should start to put those rights in in America. It doesn’t help to tell a farmer in the mountains of Peru that his seven kids have a right to a good education, while he can’t afford to pay for the uniforms of his kids and so they are not aloud at school and his only problem for the whole day is where do I get enough food and his kids are not aloud to leave the country to search for their chance as no country will let them in !!! Just loses !

    How many Countries which implement those rights as laws ?
    How many children that got a free education ?
    How many people that can travel freely, because of the implemantations of those rights ?

    When one only looks at the US, it will probably take hundreds of years until those rights are law !!!!

    I got enough of Scientologists Pring, Pring, Pring and Pring while there is real work to be done !

  24. Random Stranger

    Last but not least:


  25. This is just a theory; I’m not sure if it’s correct. Unwitting staff who support David Miscavige are decent and hardworking on the first, second, third dynamics… but dead or in confusion or suppressive on the 4th dynamic. A lot of people join on in good faith or ignorance or both, and support what seems to be a going concern. One day they wake up to the fact that they are not helping the 4th dynamic or any dynamic as originally envisioned and so they leave. The more able of whom are working to get in ethics so as to still help the 4th dynamic. Just a theory.

  26. The events are organised in the last minutes and Osa is then running around to find young Scientologists to Fly to the events (while the parents pay for it) and when they are back they don’t do anymore on human rights til the next push !

  27. Wow! Well articulated!

  28. Random Stranger

    The irony and hypocrisy here to me is that the concept of ‘human’ is stigmatized in the Scientology philosophy, particularly in the church, as something that is undesirable and disdainful, part of the walking dead, without ability to reason for themselves and must be controlled and in this light actually qualify for no rights.

    So, to be a proponent of ‘Human Rights’, what does that mean actually?

  29. Tom Gallagher

    * Midgets for Malevolence Advocacy Group

    * Infantile Penile Syndrome Support Agency

    * Tailored Thongs, LLC

  30. I knew Mary Shuttleworth socially, and if she really could be brought to see the reality and truth of Miscavige’s behavior, she would be horrified.

    I sent her Luis Garcia’s email all those month’s ago … but she never responded. I’m working now on reaching through to her in other ways …

  31. Tom Gallagher

    * The I Hate Carbon-Based Life Fund

  32. Quentin,

    The church is indeed doing its best to use Taron’s talents to itself. Nearly all, if not all, of the church videos (Way to Happiness, and the UN Rights) — including those really good TV ads from about 3 yrs ago — were produced by Taron.

    Unfortunately, Mary’s leadership of YFHR was as much based on her desire to make Scientology look good as it was to try to promote the UN Declaration of Human Rights. She was hired (coerced is probably more like it) to take on this role. OSA was, and is, heavily involved.

  33. To this day, I get people attempting to reg me for YFHR. This is especially true since I’m in their files, after I gave them a bunch of money back when they first started up a few years back.

  34. LO,

    Mary didn’t take charge of YFHR on her own determinism, and by planning it out herself and figuring out how to actually get a product out of it. Mary was recruited for the job. She was convinced that this would help Scientology’s PR, and she took the job. She is being run by OSA.

  35. And an excellent theory, Steve. Joining the current church of scientology brings one down the conditions (and the tone scale) on the 4th dynamic, no question.

  36. Hi Mark, The “corporate Scientology” you are talking about is for the most part made up of exactly the same kind of people that make up the ranks of volunteer ministers. Good hearted people — like you — who simply want to help. We all were trying to help, and we were hoping the study tech, or way to happiness would help others as it had helped us. David Miscavige, however, was the person pulling all the strings, and his agenda was different. He has used every action to PR himself. To hell with Scientology’s image. It’s DAVID MISCAVIGE he wants to make look good — mainly to Scientologists, because that’s where his money comes from. I mentioned recently the marketing campaign I did for Scientology in 1998. It was the largest ever done. I did it in good faith, saddled with difficult problems because I had to create something that would interest new public, but also which Miscavige would approve (and his nasty personality and motives corrupt everything). Anyway, the ads were made, everything was done; it ran for 2 months and got two LRH Scientology books on national bestseller lists… and DM pulled the plug. He had already accomplished what he wanted — he drove huge donations for the IAS. Got his cash and then unmocked everything. It showed me that the real game was he was playing. All the staff were just being used. Eventually I wised up and left, as did Mike, Marty, Amy, Tom, Debbie, Tony — everyone.

    Look, there’s really nothing wrong with trying to help others. LRH’s moral code — it’s decent. And it’s sensible.

    Same with study tech. It works. Incredibly well. It enables anyone to become their own teacher. There isn’t something evil in it. There IS definitely something evil with Miscavige.

    Miscavige has created a great system. People come in, they see stuff that works. They naturally want to help. Miscavige says amazing isn’t it? Now give me all your money. They do. Then he spits them out.

    It’s like a computer taken over by a virus.

    Underneath all the flimflam and fraud, there is a valid tech. It is always going to gain validity because it works. People learn the three barriers to study and they can move forward. It’s not the only tech in the world. It doesn’t mean nothing else is valid. But all on it’s own, it works.

    Miscavige is using a workable technology for helping people to lure people in where he sucks all the life out of them. As I have said from the start, it isn’t Scientology we are attacking, it is criminality. Thanks for all you are doing to help bring Miscavige to justice.

  37. +10,000

  38. Jean-François Genest

    Very good viewpoints.
    When I worked at the “International Liaison Office” on Hollywood Blvd, I was always baffled that ABLE Int, the Association for Better Living & Education INTERNATIONAL (planet-wide management) had LESS THAN 10 staffs in there, including Rena Weinberg+husband, while OSA Int had OVER 100 staffs in that building alone, including their own Class 9 auditor to audit New OT 5 to OSA staff only , their own Class 6 auditor & C/S (Claude), their own Grad 5 auditors (for OSA staff only) and, of course, a multitude of Sec Checkers for internal & external matters. This proves the ACTUAL priorities of David Miscavidge & his supporters.

    ABLE staff, with immensely good intentions, hands-on on the 4th Dynamic humanitarian fronts, have the LEAST support. Ironically, the current ABLE building was the secret production site of the materials & drills manuals of DM’s Golden Age of Trash before the ABLE-related organizations could move in it. We were bonded for $1 million and sworn to secrecy in order to work on those GAT materials.

    And, I-HELP Int, the International Ecclesiastical League of Pastors, Planet-wide management , only had 1 staff (Marie-Christine) for ages. I-HELP was established by LRH to help field auditors across the planet, [the idea = as an auditor, I Help others)] When New Era of Mis-management & GAT came out, Marie-Christine was escorted to the RPF.
    Does this Miscavidge establishment help the TRUE 4th Dynamic humanitarian endeavor? NO He uses them, and the people involved, to their detriment, as camouflage for is High Crimes.

  39. Tom Gallagher

    POB’s long-term track is the usurpation of the good works of others.

    His criminally psychotic dramatized game of universal destruction began well before the Sea Org, LRH, MSH, Dianetics or Scientology. Of course, it unfortunately and tragically continues to this day.

    Let me point out that this wannabe punk thug has always reminded me of another small and violent man, Caligula, along with that tyrant’s noted quote: “Let them hate me as long as they fear me.”

    Take note Dave, you sawed-off sociopath, we don’t fear you or hate you.

    We’re calling you out.

  40. Let me just expand on this a bit. Those of us who have discovered finally what personal integrity means realize it is wrong for us to blindly follow anyone or anything, even one which has workable technology.
    When I found Scientology it was after conducting a lengthy search for something which worked. All I found was “Rule #13: Put a smile in your back pocket.” i.e., non-workable crap.

    Then Scientology — understanding is composed of three parts: affinity, reality and communication. Life is a static. The dynamic principle of existence is survive! Survive breaks down into 8 dynamics that encompass everything. Living consists of having and following a purpose. ETC.

    So much clarity and workability I had never seen before! It was a skyscraper in a two-dimensional world. So immediately I wanted to help and I jumped in.

    Was that wrong? Years later I realized the organization was so deeply flawed, even as I put my shoulder to the wheel in 1982, some 600 people were being declared and Scientology’s greatest veterans were being wiped off the face of the Scientology map including Class VIII auditors trained by LRH, even LRH Pers Sec who’s name appeared on hundreds of HCO PLs, and the list of atrocities goes on.

    Actually, I was tricked. The price of freedom is,


    You can never lay that aside. It is a senior datum. But people often do in times of emergency. It’s how to man up any army. Allow Pearl Harbor to be bombed. Now everyone is going to enlist.

    In a dangerous situation, the first step is bypass habits and normal routines. But the price of freedom isn’t a normal habit or routine. Wherever you go, you must go in with your eyes open. If you don’t, you are betraying yourself and others.

    What I’m saying is it’s a responsibility to the 4th dynamic.

  41. Bravo Mike, exactly!

  42. martyrathbun09

    Actually, I believe you can chalk the OSA auditor complement up to Mike Rinder (along with an assist from an RTC friend) caring about his staff.

  43. Globetrotter

    I can tell you from experience (many years in the SO) that your “regular” SO member at PAC has not the faintest clue what goes on at Int. It is all very confidential, including the fact that lower level (non Int Mgmt) SO members don’t even know where Gold/Int is – they are not supposed to know and even asking would make you ethics bait. I was at Continental and “Flag” (FLO/ILO) level for years and I didn’t have a clue about any of this. I first learned about this shit going on at Int from this blog, YEARS after having left the SO. You can imagine my shock. I was a “freedom fighter” myself while I was in the SO, clearing the planet and making a lot of sacrifices doing so. (My leaving didn’t have anything to do with that was going on – it was personal.) While I was in, the propaganda machine worked on me (as well as on everyone else around me) perfectly. I am talking about intelligent, talented, smart people – and lots of them. We really believed that Scientology was doing great, we got regular briefings about wins, the lawsuits the church won, and there was never a peep about any they lost. So it must be all good, all expansion, we were winning. I was told it was that way and every other information source was off limits, so how would I know it wasn’t the case? I agreed to be in the SO, so I agreed to the rules, which included the agreement that I would not seek any information about Scientology from external sources, or face ethics action. Does it look like extremely orwellian, sheepish, etc. in retrospect? You bet. Did I feel that way while I was there? Not at all. Int Mgmt and ESPECIALLY COB were always right, so if they said I didn’t need external info, it was bad for me, dangerous, and there would be serious consequences if I looked at that kind of information, then I just followed that “command intention” (well, most of the time :-)). And I am not a dumb person and definitiely no sheep. I am just showing you the effect of being in that environment and agreeing to those rules. For a while, OSA even sent reguliar news updates to all SO members at the base – imagine that. You were not supposed to read the news, TV was a big no no, so “news” were even replaced with OSA’s version. Total control overt the information you were supposed to see.

    So it isn’t that those people are stupid or don’t have their integrity in place. If you were at Int, you observed this taking place on a daily basis – yes, I can understand that if someone says “why didn’t you stand up and say no to the supression”, I can see that point. But at the lower levels, the information you get is extremely, almost totally controlled. You were just totally in the dark. Only people in very specific posts that really needed it got an extremely restricted access to email and internet, all of it filtered and logged. ALL internet activity belonged to the CMO first, then to OSA.

    Peope who got demoted from Int didn’t say a thing. It would have to be extremely treasonous I guess.

    I think you have to understand this to understand what is going on with those SO members/staff who are working on social betterment programs, in front groups, etc. The vast majority are very, very good, selfless people.

    It is a situation that is somewhat similar to using products/services from the banks that created the global financial crisis that started in 2008. Will you close your bank account now? Will you spit on the bank clerk because the CEO of his company not only participated in big time fraud, enriched himself beyond belief and got away with it due to corruption while destroying a big chunk of the world economy? The clerk in your local bank is in a similar position as your Scientology front group staff member. He thinks he is providing you with a valuable service, and gets his wages from a bank that spends a lot of money supporting various charities and all kinds of good causes. But he, unlinke the SO member, also has access to data about the dark side of the organization he is working for, so he probably knows full well that he is supporting known mega-criminals and helps making them even richer than they already are. Is he evil? Should he quit his job? Should all corrupt (=all) banks be closed? Questions like this come to mind when I need to decide what to do with people I know and see working their asses off helping other people with some part of LRH tech. I see a lot of Doubt formulas. I think this is a personal matter for all of us, on a case by case basis. Or maybe we as a group should do our Doubt formula to figure out where we stand in regards to the good people doing good work who, at the same time, are also being used to make the bad guy look good. I sure don’t have a clearcut answer to that.

  44. The big problem, as I see it, on all of these social-betterment groups — as they’ve been put out there since ABLE came around as the controlling entity — is that they are not being started by people on their own determinism, i.e. from a drive or passion to use some piece of LRH tech to actually improve society.

    Instead, as of the early 1980s, all of these social-betterment groups are being run by ABLE (the Sea Org): they run them in a highly controlled way, they recruit or coerce the top people for them, and they effectively suck all the create, the life and self-determinism out of these programs by controlling them so heavily.

    Prior to ABLE in the early 1980s, Scientologists — or anyone really — would just see a use for the tech out in society and they would implement some kind of program using it. Delphi in Oregon was started that way, as was Narconon.

  45. I agree. Evil is hidden, hidden under good works. Unfortunately there is collateral damage.

    And I agree, it’s a reason why some people have blinders on, they just can not believe it. But they are also missing data, the real story.

    The real story of Scientology is to get auditing done on people and training of auditors, and thus auditing in the field. And not some corporate monster. Thus re listened to the Money tapes. Scientology main goal is freed beings. Not some corporate earth game. Goal & purpose is senior to policy per the admin scales.

  46. you said ” He wants people to think that way, that putting an end to his behavior and crimes would cause too much other damage.”

    Thus he wants you to THINK YOU ARE AN SP for stopping such things. Round and round it goes, what a mind fuk on people.

  47. Yeah, but Al Capone was selling booze which was eventually legalized. Miscavige is, as Marty correctly noted, harming all of mankind. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” (“The Usual Suspects”). Most of the world doesn’t even know what Scientology is about – some do, but not most. And those still in the Co$ are pitiful pawns in puerile poker played for Pandora’s pennies.

    Oh – and just for a political cheap shot: Al Capone was in Chicago – famous for the Democratic Party’s Tammany Hall of corruption “Vote, and vote often!” “We sell Judges by the pound.”

    There were judges, and citizens, in Chicago who refused to buckle to Capone. I don’t play in this game, but it seems to me that here on Marty’s blog we have such men who refuse to put up with unadulterated s**t. A billion dollars and 100 lawyers are NOTHING compared to truth and justice.

    (Yeah, yeah, I just rolled in from the Rogue Irish Pub hanging out with fellow pirates and I do like to rant every now and then.)

  48. All I can say is watch the movie THRIVE to see what the MEST beings are objectively doing on this planet via organisations such as the U.N. and others.

  49. The Soup Kitchens didnt keep Capone out of Alcatraz
    Same for D.M.

  50. Reason———–

    Because the goal of DM, has been since day one when he ASSUMED power, is to get people working for him all under the guise of Scientology, to help the cause. But in actual fact he has gotten all people under him, and that includes public,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why he has gotten them to work for him for no pay expense or little expense and all monies flow to him little by little, thus he has a big billion dollar bank account to take out people opposed to his power. Don’t you think?

    I have received many gains using and getting auditing. I have no doubts whatsoever on the technology. I have many doubts on management. that is all.

  51. In the New Civilization Course, Ron talks about helping people with Scientology and “you don’t need to even tell them it’s Scientology.” He also pushes the fact that you are supposed to find out what is needed and wanted from the country, region, etc that you are trying to help. Anyone knows that is basic. Flying all over the globe giving groups of people Declaration booklets and information that does not help them, is simply PR in the worst sense–it is PR to cover. If the Church really cared, and this includes the active members, then they would demand that money be spent for the purpose of really helping. How about the Church pays it volunteer ministers to go help in a disaster and how about the “ministers’ actually stay and ESTABLISH something instead of doing just enough to take pics and help with the immediate situation. The church has enough money to rebuild any area all by itself, establlish or reestablish education, build homes for the poor etc., and if they just picked an area and unselfishly helped a community …or got the street people off the street and onto a sustainable farm where they could work and get healthy etc then Scientology would be golden. But no….they bully their way into everything and create an illusion of help.

  52. +1

    Free and open communication.
    What would happen if Mary Shuttleworth had the right to freely speek with Debbie Cook about what happend to her at the Int Base?
    Now, this would be a Big Deal in her efforts to establish a Human Rights campaign within the Church, right?

    I allways admired Mary Shuttleworth. I consider her a carring being.
    This OT is on LRHs mission to promote Human Rights as he asked us to do.
    David Miscavige is abusing her mission, but in fact he is abusing LRHs lagacy at any corner of Scientology and to the world.

    If she knows what he is doing, she ignores him and still does what she does in order to help LRH. She is bypassing DM (anti Q&A style).

    Here a short quote from Marty’s Post, I liked this one a lot.

    “In politics, as in religion, philosophy, and life itself the best practice is along the Great Middle Path.

    Unfortunately, in times such as these where so many feel the need to cling to extremes (‘desperate times call for desperate measures’), the simple, ethical minority who value integrity, principle, and humanity are labeled by both extremes as the extremists.

    I tend to agree with Jesus that in the end the meek shall inherit the earth.

    However, I believe it will be the principled, strong who keep them alive to see that day.”
    – Marty, Blogpost: Ghost of Tom Joad


  53. Thanks for the clarification.

  54. Your humble servant

    Many very thoughtful comments here. Clearly, the good works of organizations such as Narconon and Criminon are impeded, rather than helped, by the Radical Church of Scientology and the overbearing organizational structure that dominates them. I don’t like for people to call them “front groups” as a generality because that is dismissive and derogatory and fundamentally at least some of these groups have valid existences and worthwhile purposes of their own, even if they have been used and corrupted by the RCS.

    Also, I hope people will not forget that while Tony Ortega is a fine investigator and reporter, he is basically no friend of L. Ron Hubbard and the subject that Ron developed. As far as I can see, Tony is basically contemptuous of Ron and Scientology as an applied religious philosophy. He just goes after Miscavige and the radical church with dedication because they are such sensational subjects for reporting. To my way of thinking, people can write and think what they wish, but people who, though seemingly familiar with Ron and the philosophy of Scientology, hold both the man and the subject in contempt manifest a certain uninformed arrogance and lack of discernment. Tony is a great ally in exposing David Miscavige. That doesn’t mean he is fundamentally a good friend of Independent Scientologists. Just something to bear in mind.

  55. Margaret,
    I couldn’t agree more. For years, Applied Scholastics only required a signiture and its 15% (that alone is bad enough..15% for what?) but they did not micromanage the schools. They have developed into a over controlling organization and they consider the schools to be dissemination organizations into their communities. LRH is supposed to be pushed heavily as the source. The problem is that LRH is NOT an opnion leader in the academic world, and worse, his name is connected to everything negative about Scientology. LRH = Cult Leader and that has never gone away. So, first you have to handle LRH’s name, then Scientology, and then the idea that the study tech is the only workable educational tool etc. Entire schools have been started based on study tech by moms who are not educated in how to teach. Yet, they are supposed to assume superiority over schools. The study tech is not revolutionary except in the way the MU affects a being—that is new! Still, pushing something with authority and arrogance does not create ARC. That is the biggest button that I know of with public in general: Scientology doesn’t practice its own philosophy about the importance of communication and the ever popular ARC triangle- and they are right!

  56. That’s exactly right, Jewel. If people (scientologists) actually felt free to use Scientology in whatever capacity they wished, in self-determined and purposeful ways — with their creativity, passion and love to help their fellows as their driving force — we would have an entirely different situation.

    Instead, what we have are Scientologists being corralled into pre-programmed “social betterment activities” — being run by OSA for stats and PR — and effectively being turned into automatons in which they are only allowed to “help” when it has been given RTC’s stamp of approval.

    All the life and drive and purpose has been drained out of using Scientology — “in all it’s variations and applications” (Code of a Scientologist) — to actually help people, by forcing it into these fake “activities” that do little more than provide a photo op and PR.

  57. Marty,
    My first hand experience and observation with Mary Shattleworth from 2006-2008 during the time that I was the I/C (volunteer) for the Basics translation in Farsi (Persian language), I also helped to translate the Declarations of Human Rights into Farsi so I can get them in the hands of over 100 millions Persians/Iranians in Iran and around the world, so we can bring awareness and peace in Iran.
    Mary Sattleworth was not very happy with my idea as she wanted to be the one who gets the credit and validation for the work that me and my group did, therefore she created as many stops as possible for me on the translation. I had no ego and had no problem for Mary to get the credit, but still she by passed me and wouldn’t even respond to my comm. As a result, we never got the translation done.
    One of my dear friends, who is a well-known Persian author and freedom fighter (non-scientologist) told me that how Mary Shuttleworth asked her to introduce and somehow get her in the door at the United Nation and safeguard the church, after inviting my friend and her son to one their Gala event at CCI. Mary also helped CCI to forcefully reg this lady’s son and force him into buying Scientology materials. He was very unhappy with how Mary and the church handled them, he told me.
    Marisol Nichols and Taron Lexton (Mary’s son) marriage was definitely a set up by David Miscavige and Mary was very thrilled about it.
    Based on my personal experience with Mary, I found her 1.1 and see her as someone who craves for validation and attention therefore she would do anything for David Miscavige to get the validation. Over the past 3 years, she’s been one of the people who received my e-mails about David Miscavige’s abuses but did nothing about it, instead she spread black PR about me. Is Mary Shuttleworth really a Human Rights activist???? Don’t think so.

  58. There is also “The Special Zone Plan”, which talks about just doing well in life and leading by example and people will naturally want to know more about what you do. Never did he say to do good things but only with a hidden agenda or purpose, that I’m aware of. ABLE shifted from actually assisting these social betterment groups to help people into being nothing more of an extension of Miscavige’s latest PR scam or enforcement.

  59. “Having been on the road for so long and being so concentrated on Human Rights, it is very unlikely that she knows much about what is going on with David Miscavige. Maybe she does. If she doesn’t and she is doing good things for the planet, then she should be supported.”

    No, she really shouldn’t; and I’ve got two good reasons why:

    1) If she doesn’t know by now what David Miscavige is up to, it is because she has taken herself off lines with any “entheta” and ignored numerous warning signs that have become increasingly abundant over the last 5 years. In other words, she *should* know better. She’s likely been confronted with the truth and refused to believe it. In other words, she’s not ignorant; she’s an enabler who refuses to confront reality so she can tell herself lies to make herself feel better.

    2) She’s not doing good things for the planet. She’s buying more PR for David Miscavige. The idea that she’s possibly forwarding the cause of human rights is naiive at best; those who violate human rights are not going to be impacted by her ads and publications. It is a PR move, and nothing more despite her intentions or illusions.

    The best thing she can do is to 1) confront reality and 2) make amends for her enabling of evil, like Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.

  60. Very good points, I’d not thought of it quite like that but I believe you’re right. It’s like if you stop or attack David Miscavige and the church of scientology you are stopping or attacking all these great things like human rights and future writers. All of which could exist and would be better without the church of scientology.

  61. tonydephillips

    Wow Maria!
    Your comm always resonates with me.

  62. Not forgetting all these front programs are also used to attract donations from well intentioned members, none members (those who think they’re just supporting.human rights or future writers and public funds (state grants to help worthy causes), much of whch is still diverted in to church of scientology coffers.

  63. martyrathbun09

    I’m not surprised.

  64. Your humble servant


    Great explanation, thanks. And thank you for your years of dedication as an S.O. member!

  65. The same old LDW

    A christian friend of mine once told me that the correct definition for “meek” is “lighthearted.”

  66. The same old LDW

    Not one of the great things done has been initiated by miscavige. Most were created whilst he was still in diapers.

    Narconon, Criminon, Way To Happiness, Applied Scholastics, auditing, training…all those truly benefical activities will survive BETTER once little dave is in the little cell he belongs in.

  67. Agreed. His contempt comes through constantly in his posts.
    Unfortunately his high profile is such that he is the first person that people think of to send the “dirt” to for airing, so he has become a bit of a “spokesperson” no matter how inappropriate that is.
    And he seems to have a lot of good historical material to publish (some of which I have never seen before, and I’ve been actively involved in the church since the late 70s…

  68. Why?

    you said
    “One other thing: I’ve heard Mary give a talk at a fundraising event and she describes the tour as being on a constant emergency footing, with people not getting enough sleep and working out last minute accommodations and such, the support people sleeping on the floor in the LA offices etc. Why does having a pro-human rights touring group have to be run that way?”

    Because you said it, it’s always promoted as “do it now, or else the whole will end” and because they all work for DM at no pay, they are volunteers, right? Oh, I know why, it’s helping the 3rd and 4th dynamic, that is your pay. Your pay is self sacrifice.

  69. Hi SKM, this is just my view and I think she will never be allow to even talk to Debbie because she will do wherever the Corporate Church of Scientology wants. She is just an instrument that is used by the Church.
    That is my view point.

  70. Steve-Very well said-I’m also from the school that a thetan knows.

  71. I’m not surprised either-i’m sure she is working very hard to not-is what is going on.

  72. Gern Gaschoen

    “Human Rights Campaigns” are not the defined product of Scientology.

    Clears and Auditors are what will bring a true solution to this problem, and the Church isn’t making any. Anyone doing anything other than producing Auditors and Clears in the Church right now is off-policy, off-purpose, and out-ethics.

  73. I dun’ signed that petition a long time ago, brother. At the advent of the Independent Scientologist movement. Neither Marty nor Mike need longer make amends for anything. We’re well past that now.

    It’s a done deal in my book.

  74. Right !
    Osa running the whole show !

  75. If you ever do come up with a clear cut answer, I’d like to know what it is. What you describe is exactly the position my wonderful son, Jamie, is in. He is one of those bright, warm and caring persons who completely believes what he is being told within the church and believes that, “although there may be some outpoints (which will sooner or later be corrected) the majority of what the church does is benefiting mankind and should be supported”.

  76. It has a more communicative ring than “Being With A Body’s Rights”. C’mon now, let’s not go there Random.

    A person, unaware of their true nature, capabilities, and inherent infinite capacities that has shrunk down to survival levels that aren’t, living a life of “quiet desperation” as Thoreau put it, needs a hand. Human or spooman.

    Or Marcabian, or a “rulah” or any of these other digs you pepper your posts with. The intent, the spirit and the aim of the subject is to get the person, human, being, to a point where his life is better in his OWN estimation.

  77. If David Miscavige’s group wasn’t in Treason, that is, betrayal after trust, then these various goodwilled persons wouldn’t be in the position of fronting for that group.

    He betrays the trust reposed in the workable, the positive, the factually effective materials, and efforts of so many others.

    He hides behind these others, these effective and survival programs and they appear to be 1.1 on the Tone Scale, a covert hostility, because he IS hostile and he is hiding behind them.

    It’s a shame because things like the purif is now common in the world, appearing in tiny local newspapers in one instance back in Nova Scotia, even called a “purification” and used to detoxify. Study tech is about the simplest, yet largely overlooked, pieces of truth you could find – understand the words and the language and you will be in communication with written and spoken information and be able to DO in a field.

    The malevolence of this person Miscavige must be exposed. If that means withdrawing support for the witting or unwitting “fronts” that he hides behind, well that may just have to be done until the cancer that he is is excised.

  78. Richard Royce

    This is a good opportunity for Indi folks to use what they know to help others. No Church control!

  79. Just a thought:
    Is it possible that none of the “goodie two shoes” smoke screen events and groups are having any real great effect? Society really doesn’t trust Scientology as a whole. It’s PR is toast as far as I’m concerened. The Church of S is seen as a dangerous cult for the most part.
    It is a frustrating experience though for you all, to see goodness used to try to create good PR when twisted minds are the helm.

    I don’t think you have to worry much about the lipstick on the pig.

    Society has a strong sense that something is not right with the “church”. Always has.
    The best thing that could happen to PR for Scientology is for good people to do good things for sincere and benevolent reasons over a long period of time.
    While at the same time granting other spiritual paths beingness and respect.
    We are all working toward a sane world through service and individual liberation, albeit through different practices according to our natural tendencies.
    Since bulsh-it and a distorted sense of power by making power the goal caused all this, honesty and loving service can fix it………………………… in time. Cause over MEST with a benevolent soul at the wheel. Simply being cause is not enough, in my point of view.
    You guys are a start.

  80. This “social betterment activities” are only PR. I remember a policy saying that you should do a survey for what people like and support it. So they are not doing it out of their heart but for PR purpose. It’s all false!
    What is in the mind of Mary Shuttleworth?
    I don’t know her but I can imagine her like those old british ladies, conservatives. Scientologists have created a kind of social world. Their basic fear is not to be able to move up the bridge. But even this game has fall into moving up statue.
    When I started scientology I wanted to receive auditing. Actually genuinly people are looking for psychotherapy.
    Hubbard is after all and offspring of Freud.
    What is scientology has to do with british and US middle classes, who married all togather to become a race?
    To be a scientologist you have to have a ruin on your first D otherwise you’ll never go to “fear of worsening”, and “need of change”.
    it’s not because you are born from scientology parents that you are a scientologist! We are not bloody religion that you get at birth! But a self determined activity.
    But punk like DM never got through need of change, he is not a scientologist. He just was on the sea org, and i do remember 35 years ago the military dramatization already. He picked up this “top gun”valence.
    Marines and all that shit, ethnic crap, you stinking americans!
    (why not to be a bit racist with all of you dirty wasp rats?)
    Scientology as become ethnic and it stinks.
    And all this duddle daddle social betterment stinks.
    Audit the PC in front of you, this is scientology, not any of the rest!

  81. Martin Gibson

    The Church’s PR on Human Rights is like that parroting of “World Peace” at a Miss Universe competition. The result is little to no effect. The a/v products are amazing, the message unquestionable, the source? doubtful of intent. And the tiara goes to… Miscavige?!

  82. Human rights is a passionate subject; as are the rights of a spiritual being – sometimes they can be very different in application and be goals apart.
    What is life like without an auditor…

  83. Random Stranger

    Good one, Tom!

  84. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “It is, in effect, a blunt instrument to beat up people with genuine concerns. The reasoning goes ‘You must be suppressive if you don’t support the Church – just look at all the valuable programs you are against…’ ”
    Bang on!

  85. miscavigeisscaredofsam


  86. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    She’s on facebook with mutual friends. Just sayin’ 🙂

  87. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    “The ‘corporate Scientology’ you are talking about is for the most part made up of exactly the same kind of people that make up the ranks of volunteer ministers. Good hearted people — like you — who simply want to help.”
    It’s true. However as long as those good people are still capable of practicing disconnection or sitting in judgement on those they consider less able or worthy they will continue to be more of a cautionary tale than a good example of Scientology. As much good as they think they are doing, unfortunately their actions are more destructive than constructive at this point as long as they continue to knowingly support and be involved in human rights abuses committed by their own chur…cult. It’s a terrible waste of innate goodness. I continue to hope they wake up and actually put some of that energy to good use digging themselves and their religion out of the public relations nightmare they have created for themselves.

  88. scilonschools

    Front groups are deceptive by definition, if the parent group has a quality name of value why noy fly the flag?
    In a day in age where a Record Label (Virgin) is used to launch Airlines, Train networks, Banks, and even Trips into Space,. You don’t buy a bottle of ‘own breand’ cola that is really made by the Coca Cola their age old recipe but hidden behind an unknown label!

    So unless you are hiding motives, intentions etc you don’t need front groups.

  89. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    YFHR would come under the heading ‘Use of children for sadistic purposes’
    It’s all well and good to hide in the bunker but you really get the mark of a man who is willing to put children on the front lines to stop the bullets hitting him.
    Huh Davey?

  90. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    In Tony’s defense (and I don’t like his anti-Scientology anti-LRH stance either) all some people know about Scientology is what they have witnessed occurring in Miscavige’s cult. Most have had no good experience with the subject which would cause them to form any other opinion other than the entire subject being unworkable at best or a scam at worst. They are fighting the exact same abuses we are with their own opinions based on their own experiences. I know it’s not going to be popular to defend those who say things we don’t like to hear about our religion but in all fairness, it is now incumbent on real Scientologists to set a better example or continue to be tarred with the same brush. Scientology is now our legacy, not Miscavige’s. It’s up to us to clean house and prove we can be trusted, not demand tolerance from others.
    On the other hand I’m not dismissing any personal motives Tony may have in terms of deliberately creating sensationalism to create readership and I’ve called him out on it before. A journalist is a journalist by any other name 😉

  91. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Opinion wholeheartedly seconded.

  92. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Thanks Mariella.
    ‘Ignorance’ is ceasing to become a valid excuse at this point in time. The real motives of those left supporting Miscavige become clearer with each minion exposed.

  93. As far as social political footballs go ,get past the smoke and mirrors.
    CCHR a while back determined it would take 50 million dollars to knockout punch Psychiatry, that is Psychs all gone. Church reserves, IAS and deep pocket donors had that in spades,wheel barrows of Diamonds.But it didnt happen,totally avoided. They why is obvious, its a game changer, people would find something else to spend money on, going up the Bridge for instance.Ending psychiatry would demolism D.M.s bank account, horror of all horrors we cant have that can we? NOT, stop giving money for Front Groups, D.M.s Soup Kitchens . D.M will resort to T.V. ads in third world barrios begging for money to feed starving children as he actually causes Famine and polluted food supplies.
    Johnson & Johnson sold bandaids and bandages to the U.S. Army and Chinese PLA during the Korean War.making a fortune from war .
    D.M. is made of the same whole cloth,wake up Sheeple

  94. I think superficially some of these programs appear beneficial, but here’s what I’ve observed after being around a while, being on staff etc: They don’t have much support. It always felt like “PR” to me, in a bad way. These programs felt superficial and off purpose in some way. I never really understood what the outpoint was. People come to the event, DM talks about TWTH or some such program, everybody standsup and claps and then they go home. It’s dead in other words. It’s a real shame because most of this stuff has a real good pro-survival message and stated purpose, but across the board these programs are dead, superficial, PR photo ops for events.

  95. These activities and programs are dead, superficial, PR photo ops for events. It’s a shame because they have really good stated purposes, but I just never saw any real support of the public or even staff of these programs tat was anythin gmore than a forced stat push or an amends project. There are e few who do it for self glory and even a few who work on these programs to help people, but those people are eventually corrupted by the twisted purpose underlying these programs right?

  96. thewidowdenk

    From Jim Logan: “If David Miscavige’s group wasn’t in Treason, that is, betrayal after trust, then these various goodwilled persons wouldn’t be in the position of fronting for that group.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. In fact, I went through the whole (already communicated) cycle of being set up as a front person for the treasonous group. For FIVE years I went on an ever-so-slow withdraw and eventually ended up off all those lines and not in communication with anyone about anything of importance. One of my stable datums was “safeguard the group.” I’ve only just recently realized I wasn’t safeguarding the treasonous group but those within the group who are not treasonous.

    It’s fortuitous an SO recovery person told me “we are under attack,” as it’s then I found Marty’s blog and, thus again became willing to communicate to safeguard the group.

  97. Hello,

    there a lots of translations and synonyms used for that word, because it is not easy to translate (even the English Sciripture translations are using at least 3 synonyms.

    πραεῖς (adjective)
    and as Noun (fem.)

    4236 praótēs– properly, temperate, displaying the right blend of force and reserve (gentleness). praótēs (“strength in gentleness”) avoids unnecessary harshness, yet without compromising or being too slow to use necessary force.

    For the believer, praótēs (“meekness”) is the fruit (product) of the Holy Spirit, i.e. it is never something humanly accomplished (or simply “biological”).
    Not bad, huh?

    Never use one reference to translate the scriptures. In doubt, use the greek translation which was not corrupted by the First Council of Nicea. (Yes, there where many “Miscaviges” on the time-track. God bless us for the speed-of-light-particle-flow-age of internet.)

  98. Yes, she should start to use some uncorrupted Scientology (also known as KSW) in order to wake up.

  99. “Scientology is now our legacy, not Miscavige’s. It’s up to us to clean house and prove we can be trusted, not demand tolerance from others.”
    +1 Sam.

    There is an old saying:
    “You laugh at me because I am so different (i.e. Scientologist) –
    I laugh to myself, because you’re all the same.”

  100. thewidowdenk

    I honestly don’t think many of the programs which have been started through the years were initially started as “front groups.” I believe they were intended as helpful programs in the public venue. I distinctly remember The Way To Happiness campaign of many, many years ago and I believe it was started by Barbara Ayash out of her home. 1984 comes to mind but I could be wrong.

    Having said that, I can speak with far more certainty about Writers of The Future. Although I was around when it was started, I wasn’t associated with it until late 1986. By that time it had become quite popular. When the Illustrator’s Contest was started a few years later, it filled in a missing piece in the program.

    That whole program — quarterly entries and winners for both contests, yearly grand prizes for each contest, an awards event preceded by workshops, publication of the annual anthology with stories and illustrations, etc. — became quite stable, well known, predicable, and accepted.

    The use of this specific program as a front group came about strictly from internal mismanagement. One early action that comes to mind is when Writers and Illustrators of The Future — the program — was presented on the Freewinds. Totally wrong public for such a presentation and simply done to impress.

    I can give other examples of the subversion but I doubt I need to as the point of this comment is to say this: Not all programs started as “front groups.” Some (or many) were started on fine principles but later subverted. Remember the datum about BECOMINGNESS – that’s what happened, at least as far as the Writers of The Future program is concerned. Rachel

  101. Plus One!
    I totally duplicate THAT!

  102. I have always hated those events with VM in yellow handling disasters. Plain hypocrisy. And it’s right, they stand up, clap and that’s it.
    It’s a secret agreement : “we want to look acceptable to the society because we do weird things in scientology”.
    They are creepy and try to look “normal”. The front group stuff is plain middle classness.
    They are ashame to say they have a case, and they are namby pamby and wait for the session which will handle their aberration. And they are desperate not to get it so they clap. They pretend to admire the little creepy man, when down deep any well born thetan should hate him.
    All this is a big circus but not scientology at all!
    Scientology is :
    “Hello how are you?” comm lag
    “Well… a bit sad…”
    “Oh ?…”
    “… yeah… don’t know but… (tears in the eyes)… Life is terrible…
    “i have lost my dog… bla bla bla….”
    “All right, do you have an ARCX?” (LF)
    Yeah… (crying) quite…. bla…
    “Ok was it a break in affinity, reality, communication?”
    (it blows on affinity)
    “Yes…” BD “blabla…”
    “That was a beak in affinity.”
    Needle start to float… PC bright eyes…
    Feels better
    FN indicated

    Hey, it’s not a golden age script! But this is social betterment!

  103. martyrathbun09

    Rachel, Thanks. Narconon was another – started by Mr. Benetiz in a prison. Human Rights was not one of those started of altruistic motives.

  104. Sam, I agree with you. There is a part of them that is good, and a part that is decidedly evil. I think it is by dynamics. They are like the “decent people” in the Nazi regime who were ordered to capture, round up, dehumanize and massacre millions of innocent people. On the first, second and third dynamics, they don’t believe the only way to rise up is so crush others down (like DM does). They follow orders on the 3rd so they are relatively “good” staff members. But they are clearly, flagrantly, and brutally suppressive on the 4th dynamic since the orders they are following are all suppressive. What do you think of that as a theory?

  105. “There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes which cause about 20 percent of a race to oppose violently any betterment activity or group.”

    “Anti Social Attribute
    10. This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities.”

    The structure LRH created to oversee and expand the social betterment sector (programs) was destroyed by DM.

    You can’t work on these lines and not be aware that something is terribly wrong and that LRH’s intentions have been perverted (fundraising as a priority!!!!)

  106. Globetrotter—

    Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote.

    Consider what if those comm lines were opened up to staff at the SO level. They are open to staff at the org and mission level, and some look and some do not look.

    But if SO members were able to look and see what is really going on, where would the church be now? If the comm lines were always free and open to the outside world, would management have their ethics in?

  107. The Family Commission on Perfect ARC.

  108. The only reason the Writers and Illustrators of The Future was presented on the Freewinds was because there wasn’t enough valid production from all of Management combined (under the constant direction of DM) to actually put together a worthwhile event for the public, so as ASI had some steady production in the field of this contest, DM ordered it to be used as an event for the Maiden Voyage and molded it to further his own image while he was at it. DM himself stated many times that the subject of ASI and the Writers contest was completely off topic, not only for a Maiden Voyage, but for any Scientology-related events, but hey, what else is there to do when his own personal PR (as he views it) is the most important task at stake – and even managed to turn it into a reg event afterwards…

  109. What does ‘FIND YOUR CRIMES’ mean?

  110. GetTheConcept

    In my opinion, the subject of this blog post is the most important issue to discuss when it comes to why people stay in the church.

    When I first was working out for myself whether to leave the church or not, the subject of all the good things that people in the church were doing was the one seemingly contrary fact (that, is seemingly contrary to all the abuses that I was reading about) that I found most difficult to deal with.

    The Int Mgmt events that feature these types of things make some people in the church think that the church is the most important force for good that exists in the world today, and that it is “the most powerful group of OTs that has ever been assembled.”

    The comments in this particular blog post are really shedding a lot of light on how and why this apparent contradiction exists. I think that this subject has not been addressed to the degree that it needs to be addressed until now. I’m happy to see it being addressed now.


    Dave Fagen

  111. thewidowdenk

    Thank you Ulf! Nice to hear this from your perspective.

  112. Apropos “spirituality”:

    According to the basic theory of Dianetics, theta, by which is meant the life force, life energy, divine energy, elan vital, or by any other name, the energy peculiar to life which acts upon material in the physical universe and animates it, mobilizes it and changes it, is susceptible to alteration in character or vibration, at which time it becomes enturbulated theta or entheta.
    L. Ron Hubbard, SOS, Chapter 3; The Mechanics of Aberration
    (emphas. mine)

    SOS. Still one of my favorite works as it introduced the Theta-Mest-Theory.

  113. The Economist

    My passion for issues in the sphere of politics and economics always fueled an interest in the basic rights of man, rule of law, and systems of governance that rest on these principles.

    One on my initial reasons for participating in Scientology was because I thought that the tech disseminated on a global scale could help turn the tide of societal decline and make a real difference in getting the basic rudiments in at a societal level.

    After experiencing for myself the out points of the church and hearing the well documented stories of abuse at the top, it was because of my commitment to the basic rights of man that I could no longer support the COS in any way shape or form. If Mary were truly committed to the cause of human rights, she could not in good conscience ignore the stories of those that have and still are suffering at the hands of the Church.

    I am familiar with this group and Mary based on past participation. Was never comfortable with the focus on “making money”…curious choice of words from the director of a non profit. Note to Mary …Non profits raise revenue to support their programs. For profit business entities “make money”.

    My guess is she likes being one of the Scientology rock stars out there jetting around the world collecting kudos and rubbing shoulders with VIP’s for what is a PR front group. She is loyal to the organization that is buttering her bread which clearly is more important to her that the actual cause of human rights. Unless ones lives in a bubble with no internet access (sorta like a Sea Org member) then one cannot possible exists as an ignorant shill.

  114. Well, the Maiden Voyage series of 3-4 events a year, categorized as Int events, shouldn’t even exist IMHO. Leaving aside the fact that LRH himself cancelled “Int events” as counterproductive, even if LRH had not done so, the “Maiden Voyage” events were invented by DM to aggrandize himself and make himself look more important than LRH. LRH’s Birthday – the most important event for any true Scientologist, still only rates one day and one event a year. “Maiden Voyage” therefore, as DM’s invented event, must be 3-4 events lasting a whole week. The only reason there is not enough “content” for DM’s lineup of events is that there are too many events, because the dickhead needs to show himself off so goddamned often.

  115. cool Dave.

    It’s a PR world. And the church uses what LRH says on it’s current members probably more so than ever these these days. But unfortunately the PR is filled with generalities, false stats, lies, etc.

    Even the mystery sandwich thing. I counter it by if anybody calls me and leaves this message of telling me to call them back because they have a question or something they wish to discuss or it’s really important, why I never call them back. If the person actually leaves a message like I’m calling to ask you about the car you have for sale, why I call them back.

  116. My feelings on the matter: “Never Harm a Person of Good Will” …

    I have personally known Mary Shuttleworth when she was still Marty Untiedt and operated a boarding house adjacent to Mary’s Daycare, where I also worked occasionally (after obtaining all required California certifications and clearances). Mary has always been “person of good will” by my direct observation. She had/has connections all through the community of those still “in good standing” (what I call the “Churchies”) and was/is well loved because of her *good will*.

    If her being a Person of Goodwill is not enough, in and of itself, consider this: she is an Opinion Leader amongst many Churchies. Any perceived attack against her or her good works will have negative effect on the PR image of us Independent Scientologists and serve “cut our reach” (lessen our ability to influence) those who admire and ally with her.

    She was always strongly loyal and faithful to Ron Hubbard and particularly his tech and it’s application to children. If she can be brought to the awareness that David Miscavige is strongly anti-Hubbard, she will assuredly turn against him and we might gain a powerful ally.

    Therefore, I strongly suggest any “handling” of her bear all the above in mind and no PR attacks be made against her or her work.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  117. It is considered that real critics of good cause are criminals.
    Than, if the party line of the church goes like “we are the only true cause towards the greatest good of the greatest number of all things out there” and you’re “critical” of something (which may also be a correct observation of the actual scene), you’re considered as you had commited some BIG CRIMES and that this is the whole reason of your criticizm.
    But it is not true. Critical thinking, observation and common sense are far away from “being critical” all along.
    ‘FIND YOUR CRIMES’ means just this: “You are critical of us good guys, you must have crimes.”
    Although there is thruth behind the original concept, it is not used in such a way in ginuine Scientology (which is quite the opposite from what it has become under the umbrella of David Misconceptovic).

  118. HereNow,

    Well articulated 🙂

    Outside of your no doubt correct observation, the MV events originally had a different purpose back in the early 90’s. At that time it was simply a celebration of the maiden voyage of the Freewinds. As the Gold musicians and a lot of crew and equipment went to the Ship a good idea was to not make it a one-day event, but to use these resources while on the Ship to help 1) promote the ship and 2) increase local PR area control for the Freewinds in the Caribbean.

    Later in the late 90’s and evolving after that the main purpose of the Freewinds was to gather up the top active OT VII’s and OT VIII’s in the world who were opinion leaders in their field as well as mainly contributors of money. DM would then act buddy-buddy with them and completely “blow them away” (his words) with gifts, daily concerts, Island excursions and a “special briefing” at the end of the voyage with COB where he would give them all the inside skinny on what’s going on and future releases. During these briefings he would make sure to tell things he couldn’t publicly say, such as he was really the only one doing anything about it and that all the work they saw in front of them was done by his hands if not fully, in the large majority.

    This would secure these people and make them fully allied with him, especially after all the pampering and exclusive gifts and briefings and so he hoped they would go back to their field and control their views and actions just in alignment with what DM wanted.

    That is the current main purpose of the MV events.

  119. Exactly Richard. HCOB 10 June 60, What We Expect of A Scientologist – get on the throbbing comm lines of the world, spread a positive sphere of influence.

    “A full time Scientologist makes life better wherever he is. And that is enough pro activity for anyone.”

  120. Superbly expressed Sam.

  121. It’s a tricky one.

    On the one hand these groups are often, though not always, made up of well intended people doing what they think is right.

    On the other hand the way the church of scientology has them set up their primary purpose is to attract revenue in to the church of scientology; what other purpose is there?

    Their advertised purpose is secondary to that purpose and often [always] suffers as a result. In this respect they are front groups because they advertise a primary purpose to disguise their true purpose.

    It’s a shame that for legal reasons the well intentioned would have greater trouble becoming “Independent Narconons” or “Independent Criminons” than you have being “Independent Scientologists”.

    On balance neutralising the front groups is necessary to cut off a revenue supply to the church of scientology. It is preferable if it can be done through the “awakening” of the well intioned but you guys are perhaps better positioned to achieve that result.

    If you can figure out a safe way to run such front groups independently that might help; youth for human rights would be far easier to form as an independent operation than say Criminon or Narconon; there are other human rights awareness groups.

  122. Rachel,
    You’ve pointed up one of Miscavige’s or any SP’s methods – make the person unsure of their reach. Cut their reach, their communication.

    He does this with the subtle and not so subtle awareness of goodwilled persons that somehow, what they are reaching with, isn’t right.

    You can see this in the blatant ones, the spokespeople. They begin to shrink back, withdraw and cut their own reach considering they are doing something, somehow, that isn’t what it should be.

  123. Corey,
    It means introvert. Maunder around in your case and try and come up with something that pleases the introverter, that satisfies their efforts to push in your space.

  124. Agreed.

  125. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I’m chewing on it.

  126. Apparently they are monks who have taken vows of poverty. That’s a line tried out by Dave via his spokespoosens. I think a vow of celibacy is now written in very tiny print too. Almost as if you can’t see it. Like it’s hidden or something.

  127. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    LOL! Perfect Jim! Did you get that from the new pilot dictionary at Flag?

  128. Yes, as Jim said below, the purpose of this is to introvert you in order to prevent you from further looking at the real scene.
    It is the standard operating procedure in the current Church to prevent people from finding out the thruth about Miscavige and his misleading system.

  129. Ulf, yes what you say all makes perfect sense. Something that originally had a sensible purpose got hijacked by Miscavige for his own sordid purposes and self-aggrandizement.

  130. martyrathbun09

    I find it hard to believe that this thread has lead to this. Let us all tip toe around carefully so as not hurt the feelings of a person of good will so that the “churchies” won’t think badly of us? How about somebody get the word to poor Ole Mary about what gives? All I have ever suggested, directly and indirectly, is that if people want to do something about the atrocity that has become Scientology Inc, here is a suggestion: Take some of the truth that has been provided at great sacrifice by many and laser focus it at people who are perpetuating a lot of bad, wittingly or not, so they might stop doing so. Michael – this is not directed at you personally. I haven’t had a chance to read everything – but the absurdity of where this has come was pretty obvious in your post.

  131. Another aspect of the Church/Front Group situation is the way the Church and the groups lie about this when pressed in the media. If a media outlet is doing a story on Narconon or Applied Scholastics and includes the angle that the groups are front groups for the Church or being used to recruit Scientologists, both the Church and the group are very quick to say there is “no connection” between the group and the Church. What a total crock of BS that is and always has been. I could never understand why such a stupid and disprovable denial. Why not state the nature of the relationship? The answer to that question becomes more clear in light of the topic of this posting: not only is there a connection between the Church and the groups, the groups and their members, no matter is they are well-intentioned or not, are being manipulated and used by Miscavige to throw up a smokescreen that he and his crimes can hide behind. The real nature of the connection, which is a major withhold, is lies behind the strident denials of any connection. But the denials really another destructive PR move, because as usual DM and his Church PR minions are speaking out of both sides of their mouths – denying any connection to the media, while playing up in a perverted fashion the connection when it suits DM’s evil purposes.

  132. Benjamin Cisco

    Poor Mary. Working hard for the likes of CCHR and people like Jan Eastgate. (Y’all saw she is accused of doing, right?)
    The many front groups, like YHRI (Youth for Human Rights International, not YFHR) are used to sucker more i to the cult. Just ask someone who has successfully fleed from the clutches of WISE. Or NarCONon. Or…. There are so many!!!

  133. Ulf,

    Not to mention DM’s yearly, fully paid for by the IAS, Caribbean Diving vacation and Top restaurants tour of the islands. And Birthday Parties for his BFF afterwards!

  134. E.J. Croughs

    Right, they are beneficial and that’s why they work so good as bait. Once the new guy is sold, he is bilked and thus the bait activity doesn’t expand. Once those activities get deperverted they will really prosper. Working on a bait activity might not seem harmfull until you see the end results. It’s a very old trick where the (insurance, stock, mortgage) salesmen think they do good until they figure out their prospects get broke and homeless.

  135. E.J. Croughs

    I think they’re not prosurvival on the 1D and 2D because those are inhibited by orders. They’re not prosurvival on the 4D and 7D because the cult they work for suppresses mankind and spiritual survival. They’re not active on 5D and 6D because that’s not important for the cult. On 3D they seem to engage in some prosurvival activity such as study Tech, Narconon, comm course, etc, but that just bait for the bloodsucking that happens after the bait is taken, nah, not really good staff for Scientology or any dynamic.

  136. Nice. It used to be a come-as-you-are party, and the “humanoid” was a joke, like R2-45. But one gets people committing the one and only real true crime, which is the absence of a sense of humor. And naturally, to such people, other people, like themselves, are merely sadly misdirected automatons who require someone to move their arms and legs for them – in the right direction, of course, and of course, with caring and compassion for their inabilities to reason for themselves sufficiently to see the obvious that life is only possible with direction, and only management policy is valid. Conforming behavior is required in all circles, I mean, it’s a human right!

    What’s always bugged me is auditor inability to differentiate between the real and inconsequential, as if everything a PC said in session was ‘merely an origination’ to be acknowledged indicating the auditor’s full responsibility for the PC’s irrationality and failure to connect to The Reality.

  137. How about Mary doing the due diligence to find out about the organization she is fronting, day in and day out, ASAP? The sooner the better.

    No one (and that also means me for the almost 25 years I was in without looking) has any reason, justification, or right to be a cover for this criminal organization.

    She needs to get educated. Imagine how bad she is going to feel when she finds out about the organization she has been supporting and promoting. The longer that goes on, the worse it gets — for her.

  138. Agreed. The point is not to attack Mary Shuttleworth or others in her position in any event. The truth is that, even if they are of good intentions, their works, that they intend to be good works, are being stolen and perverted to protect a criminal. And this criminal is being exposed on other lines in any event, which will eventually rebound on them and their work, if it is not already doing so. It seems to me the only point here is to ensure such people are aware of the situation and the position that situation puts them in. What they then do about it is up to them and goes a long way to determining if they are operating in good faith or not. For example, if Mary Shuttleworth truly is dedicated to human rights, she should be willing to look at what is happening in the Church in terms of violations of such rights, and act against any violations that exist.

  139. Globetrotter

    I know him very well 🙂 He is a truly awesome guy. He is smart enough that IF he sees proof of the right kind, he will see the light and and will be out. Like a lot of other talented, smart SO people, it isn’t that he doesn’t have his judgement – he is cut off from the data. No data = no evaluation possible. You should find some way to get some data to him, although with the mail being opened by HCO, etc. it’s tricky. Maybe when he goes home for a holiday. I would NOT try to convince someone still in the SO telling them about wrongdoings of management, as that can be easily rejected aas “lies by SPs”. But there is one thing that they can’t reject: demonstrating that LRH materials ARE being altered by the church.

    My advice to anyone who has dedicated Scientologist friends under the total influence of the church: Just invest in an old version and a new version of the PDCs to help your friends see the light.

    Here is my 5 minute wake-up call to a dedicated RCS Scientologist:

    1. Tell them: We were told at events, that ALL the LRH materials have been painstakingly verified, and they are now 100% on source, right?

    2. Pull out an old and a current copy of the PDC transcripts and and show them side by side so they can see the section that was edited out (the section about Black Dianetics). Ask them: how can it be 100% on source, if someone REMOVED sections from it? Isn’t that an ALTERATION of the original, while you are told that they are “100% on-source”?

    3. Pull out an old and a current copy of the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book. The new one is HUGE compared to the old one, it has hundreds of pages of new text added to it, yet they both have the same title, and they both have “L. Ron Hubbard” on them as the author. Tell them: These books have the same author and the same title. They both claim that they have been “written by L. Ron Hubbard”. But only one of them can be THE actual book written by L. Ron Hubbard, because these are two DIFFERENT books. What are the publication dates on them? Which one is the REAL LRH book? Which one is the church selling today as “100% on source”? Do they say that someone other than LRH added more content to the book? Do they say it is “based on the works of LRH”, but compiled by someone else? No, they say it is WRITTEN by LRH, which can not be true, because here is the ACTUAL book written by LRH. Do you think LRH would agree if someone put his name on a book he actually didn’t write? That is significantly changed from the original that he DID write? Sure, there is more data about the subject that can be added – and more data could be added to any LRH book on the same subject, right? But who decides what should be added? Isn’t that an alteration of LRH’s most important comm line to you? LRH is very clear about this: his books are his comm line to you, they contain the actual source material. But it seems like someone decided that the original LRH books weren’t good enough, they had to be extended with more data. And they decided that you don’t need to know about this – you are just given the new book like it was the original, on-source version written by LRH.

    4. Tell them that as the church correctly points out in their campaign to NEW people that they need to THINK FOR YOURSELF and FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF. Does that apply to non-Scientologists only? Or it is a good thing to think for yourself and find out for yourself, EVEN if you are a dedicated Scientologist? How many information sources do you have about the current state of the Scientology materials? How can you tell for sure if you are actually getting 100% LRH or an altered version? Have you seen the originals? WHO has access to the LRH originals? Can you ask to look at them? Will you be allowed to do so if you asked? Would you even DARE asking such a question, or you KNOW if that you did, you would be in ETHICS TROUBLE in a blink of the eye, for questioning top management? How do you know that you are told the truth about LRH materials if you are not allowed to get information about them from any other source other than the church’s official events, briefings and publications? If ALL your information comes from one source (the church) and you are not allowed to look at other sources, are you finding out for yourself? If you can’t ask “sensitive” questions because they won’t result in answers, but rather, a Sec Check on YOU, are you even beeing free? If you feel like there is NO reason to ask such questions at all, are you thinking for yourself?

    5. Shut up and let them think. Don’t argue with them. They will do the rest of the work. It will sink in and they will start looking.

    Don’t try to tell them about any of the bad things the church is doing. There are dedicated SO memebers who, if learned that COB actually killed someone, their first thought would be how to “handle the PR flap” and protect COB. But if the same person learned about COB altering LRH materials, they would personally choke him. Use the most potent weapon Davey provides himself: cold, hard evidence that he is lying, and lying about the worst: keeping LRH materials pure. A dedicated SO member considers that a crime a lot worse than murder.

    Why that specific section was taken out of the PDC is very hard to explain, other than someone doing exactly what is described there. That editing may be the worst mistake DM ever did that will cause his downfall – he printed out and is still selling copies of the picture of himself with the smoking gun in hand. He basically put up a sign pointing out what he is doing.

  140. Globetrotter

    Please see above – I don’t know how to answer your question, but I have a solution to the problem.

  141. exactly Marty. Doesnt matter if the person thinks he/she is doing good. Give them the whole picture so they can SEE. Suppressive reasonableness is no excuse. Also as a strategy (see Al Ries – Guerrilla Marketing) it would be a good idea to pick off the supporters surrounding the SP and if possible turn them, from their position of power, into a power for exposing the suppressive they have been tricked into supporting. This is a very powerful strategy to enlist the close suppporters of the SP who are shocked and betrayed – they will find a way to both undo the ties and continue on their journey to help in bigger ways after the confusion blows off. And for those who are truly reasonable? Well they may have to suffer some damage to wake up or declare their open support for the SP.

  142. Mike – Wake up and try to get some vision of the future or just join her yourself and declare your position that way!

  143. If my secret obsession is killing babies and I start a charity to protect babies and enlist supporters of the charity should those supporters be confused about continuing in the charity work once they know about the dead babies?

  144. VFP: protected baby killer
    Sub-product: protected babies.


    VFP: exposed and convicted babykiller
    VFP: protected babies

  145. By knowing the VFP intention and action align.

  146. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Not just self-aggrandizement. Also stroking the egos of the OTVIIs and VIIIs and making sure he keeps them under control. Only VERY IMPORTANT SPECIAL ‘CLEAN’ OTs are invited to these events live on the Freewinds where they are implanted and returned home to spread the word of COB’s greatness and ensure his orders are implemented through the various OT committees via ‘opinion leaders’ in the community. I’ve seen the OT VIIIs who have returned from such briefings up close and personal. One for one they are mesmerized.

  147. DM doing his best impression of Soltan Gris? How did things end for Soltan?

  148. The problem, Steve, is that once a person sees and thus knows about the obvious unethical and criminal behavior of his “3rd dynamic” — and thus violates his personal integrity by continuning to support it — one can no longer say that he is being a “good staff member”. At that point, the only “good” thing that one can do is to attempt to reform it — first perhaps from the inside. And if that doesn’t work, then from the outside.

    And I know, looking back now, that when I was on staff for a couple years in the 1980s and it became obvious to me that things like CCHR, Criminon and Narconon … were not really being run and managed with a real, meaningful and ethical end product in sight (i.e. truly helped individuals), but more for just the PR of the Church … that that was the moment that I should have withdrawn support and woken up. Instead, I unfortunately went along with it for another 20+ years. And of course it only got worse.

    When PR becomes more important than the VFP (valuable final product) of any endeavor — which of course has been rampant in the CoS for years — then the integrity of that endeavor goes to pieces. This, imho, has been the outcome of the CoS, and its activities, these last couple of decades at least. And this “PR is more important” approach was driven from the top.

  149. Scientology PR front groups were created to push back against those attacking scientology in order to create safe space for the orgs to operate within and expand.

    This was the purpose when the church was on the up and up and its the purpose today. Whether CCHR from the 70’s or the Human Rights cursade group of today.

    We should educate those connected to the front groups just as we should educate anyone we know about the churchs current malady. Maybe more so due to their role of providing Political and social cover.

    Beyond education those involved, the best investment is to build and expand independent delivery. Thats the game where everyone wins.

  150. Sounds like an abuse of the auditing process which is to help the person – not to be used as a tactic to silence critics.

  151. I really don’t quite follow the ‘you must have crimes’ bit. Its not the ‘crime’ of just being critical is it? It is referring to other overts? Why are these a motive for being critical?? What if ones ‘crimes’ have been previously dealt with? Are we talking about ‘witholds’?

  152. Hi, you don’t have to answer my question. It wasn’t question per se, but a what if statement.

  153. To be crystal clear: we are in agreement. Mark and Mike have made amends, and continue to go above and beyond to do so.

  154. Kinda side stepping from the topic to PR. This has been covered as part of another thread but here is a portion from the standard church of scientology PR output, the full content of which can be read here:

    (Readers Write (March 27): Gas prices, health care, Vikings stadium, Scientology, ) :

    (It’s the last letter at the bottom of the page going on to the next and it fails to show up on page 2, you have to click “see full article” to read it – Browser=Firefox)

    Scientology is the only major religion to emerge in the 20th century. At the time of Hubbard’s death, there were 501 churches, missions and groups in 60 countries.

    Today, there are more than 10,000 churches, missions and groups in 167 countries, with millions of Scientologists around the world. Our expansion is a testament to the truths he uncovered about the mind and our spiritual nature.

    Note that this effectively says since LRH died the church of scientology has expanded by a factor of 20 or 2000%. Which is obviously down to the guiding hand of David Miscavige…

    The figures just don’t add up. ^^

  155. Funny how Dave is one of those monks, minus the vow of poverty.

  156. shutting down their dynamics – how does that increase their own self-determinism?

  157. People working for front groups of the Church of Scientology with true intentions to help are better of and can CAUSE a greater EFFECT not being in them.

    Just NOT being in them makes beings having more EFFECT and have CAUSE over anything in their life and goals.

    Let alone joining or working or sponsoring an organization not expieriencing the counter-intensions of Miscavige dat are diagonally opposed to any FORCE that THETA driven.

    Vampire Miscavige suckes up all the life energy from beings.

  158. Every English school I have been in recently has the various rights from the children’s version of the declaration of human rights on display all over the school. Some schools have a display about children’s rights as you enter the school. One school I know of now has a ‘human right a day’ which the teachers write on the whiteboard next to today’s date. This has washed through the English school system like a tidal wave just in the last 3 years or so. The teachers I’ve spoken with don’t quite understand why such a fuss is being made. However, coincidentally teachers are in more danger than ever from false allegations. Children need to learn honesty and to value the human rights of their teachers too. The subliminal message of hammering home rights so much could be to unconsciously imply that they are in imminent danger of NOT having their rights respected.And therefore make them suspicious and even fearful. I believe that DM is using the lovely genuine caring people who are promoting human rights as a wolf dresses in sheep’s clothing.

  159. To really understand it, you need to study some Scientology about the subject of Overts and Withholds.
    Find the HCOB 5 NOV 1967 “Critics of Scientology” if you are familiar with the Overts, W/H and Missed W/H mechanisms.
    There is the key to your question.

  160. I realize that I am a bit late to this conversation, but please let me tell you about some of the recent “good works” of Narconon.

    Patrick W. Desmond: deceased 2008
    Allowed to leave a rehab residence run illegally by Narconon of Georgia. Narconon of Georgia was only licensed as an out-patient rehab, yet convinced the State of Florida’s drug court program that they were residential and would provide round-the-clock monitoring of his activities. After drinking heavily with Narconon staff, he left with 2 others, one current and one former “student”. He never returned to Narconon or the residence because he died of a heroin overdose.
    Court documents, with newly added RICO claims:,8408.0.html

    Kaysie Werninck: deceased 2009
    Got an upper respiratory infection while at Narconon Arrowhead, and wanted medical attention. Narconon staff failed to get her that atttention, until it became necessary to rush her to the hospital, where she died of double pneumonia.

    Gabriel Graves: deceased 2011
    Complained of worsening terrible headaches that started when he began the sauna part of the program. He asked for pain relief, but it was denied and he was told to “get back in the sauna.” He was found dead in his bed at Narconon Arrowhead the next morning.

    All were preventable deaths.

  161. Thanks SKM – found and read the reference you gave – boy that’s heavy stuff! So a mere critic of scientology will have a criminal past! That’s quite a leap of logic in my opinion. Would this include crimes committed in ‘past lives’ or is LRH referring to current life of the critic? I remember seeing a video of a documentary film maker investgating scientology and some scientologists coming up to him and asking ‘what are your crimes’ – now I understand why.

  162. It’s taken me awhile to produce it because of recent other concerns in my life, but here’s my viewpoint on “scientology front groups”.
    What I had to sort out was this:
    What today are called “front groups”, were in many cases originally entirely honest and up and up efforts
    to contribute positively to society by effectively dealing with real outpoints. The origin of groups like CCHR, Narconon, Criminon, and various others was in the honest desire to help various groups in society “move on up a little higher”.

    CCHR was founded in 1969 by Dr. Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist himself, and some Scientologists, with the purpose
    of improving and reforming psychiatry and the mental healthcare field, and defending the civil rights of
    “mental health consumers”, as they are now called. I do not recall any particular effort by CCHR to hide
    it’s association with Scientology at that time.

    I was working in psychiatry at a psychiatric teaching hospital in 1969 and the early 1970s, and the need for
    organizations such as CCHR was obvious. CCHR did some really good work back then. Not all their work
    revolved around psychiatry, either. For example, CCHR provided much documentation to the Chiropractic Association
    which enabled the chiropractors to sue the American Medical Association in Federal court. The court found
    the AMA guilty of “anti-competitive practices” and a decades long suppression by the AMA, of Chiropractic
    as well as other alternative therapies was put to an end.

    It is doubtful the Chiros could have succeeded without CCHR’s help. Chicago Sun-Times reporters Howard
    Wolinsky and Tom Brune detail some of this in their book titled “The Serpent on the Staff – The Unhealthy
    Politics of the AMA”, published in 1994.

    My point is, some of these groups were not originated as some kind of duplicitious “front groups” with a
    masked purpose; they were quite straighforwardly engaged in trying to help various 3rd dynamics in society
    “move on up a little higher”, if I may borrow Marty’s phrase.

    Because of this perception,it has been difficult for me to accept their designation as “front groups”;
    unfortunately, at this point in time they richly deserve this label.

    Because just like the Church itself, they have been degraded to that extent. They were not originated as
    groups intended to be in treason to society. But that is what they have been twisted to become.

    Today, the Church of Scientology itself can well be described as a “front group” for David Miscavige’s power-mongering and money-making greed.

    There are those who believe that’s all the CoS ever was, an instrument of L. Ron Hubbard’s greed and ambition;
    I never believed this as it was obvious that backin the 1960s and 1970s it was very much focused on
    delivering the benefits of Ron’s Tech to individuals everywhere. The establishment of the now so-called “front
    groups” were attempts toextend thiskind of delivery pf beneficial services.

    Unfortunately, these groups have been degrded and fallen down the conditions into enemy, treason, and confusion
    to the point where they are actually doing more harm than good to society.

    It is a sad illustration of David Miscavige’s waste, misuse and degradation of the positive resources that were
    available to him, the way he has nullified the positives and exerted a his harmful effects throughout society
    So I grudgingly admit now, that these groups are deservedly called “front groups”. They are front groups for
    Miscavige’s true purposes. Not for the purposes for which they were originally created. They have been
    corrupted right along with the CoS organizations themselves.

  163. Interesting back ground, thanks. I guess the problem then for CCHR is, once again, the tiny tyrant David Miscavige who has the CCHR acting to his some what extreme “global obliteration of psychiatry” agenda.

    I recall reading corrispondance from one CCHR exec saying she felt the extremist agenda was a) wrong and b) damaging to the more moderate and practical reformist and watch dog agenda. The exec left and was sharing her reasons why hence access to said corrispondance.

  164. Another problem for CCHR is the farcical conspiracy theories the church of scientology use to paint the psychiatric industry as the root cause of all evil since before the 1st world war.

    It’s a bit like the issues discussed in other threads with the church of scientology bigging up LRH’s history to the point where one would think we’d all be goose stepping or speaking Japanese if he hadn’t be there.

  165. Dean, that’s a good example of how CCHR has been nullified and made an objectof ridicule, it’s credibility shot.

    Miscavige had to do it early on, because no doubt CCHR people would have been among the first to spot Miscavige’s and the IAS’ corruption.

    Now, CCHR, Narconon and the others are dead, right along with the CoS.

  166. Anyone who thinks my church is a “vicious cult” is a fool, and being duped by the same suppressive forces you say you oppose. Face the truth about yourselves and about our situation!

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