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Scientology and Human Rights

David Miscavige has Corporate Scientology buying and defrauding politicians right, left and center in a systematic scheme to cover up his human trafficking operation with Human Rights.  Check out Senator Harry Reid’s latest endorsement.

Here is another Opinion Leader in the field unwittingly pimping for the biggest, most blatant human rights abuser in recent American history:

Mountain View Human Rights event.

The longer David Miscavige gets away with such fraudulent activity, the longer he is enabled to run his torture camp activities.  In order to put period to this blatant travesty I believe it is incumbant upon us to expose it.

Each time Miscavige puts out a “PR wire” press release or holds an event on Human Rights using prominent folk to front for him, I suggest that constituents, and industrious non-constituents, of such used personages expend a little time getting the truth to them about how they are being used.

You can inform them with the abundant available links about the only legitimate Human Rights work that is going on in the world of Scientology at this time; that of Independent Scientologists attempting to shut down Miscavige’s personal house of horrors at the international Scientology Inc headquarters.

It might seem oxymoronic at first  glance that this should be the important first step in correcting Scientology’s public identification with Human Rights violations.   But, if you read the Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology I think you’ll understand that to bury the truth and allow lies and crimes to continue  will result in persistence. Until the continued perpetration of the crimes and continued perpetuation of it by such false propaganda as we see above is exposed and ended, the rights violations will proliferate unabated.   Ultimately, unchecked Miscavige’s cult lunacy and cruelty will create destruction of such magnitude that he will forever destroy the name under which he is performing them, Scientology.

The lives of the people continuing to be adversely effected by David Miscavige’s insanity are worth the effort to educate.

Here are two suggested primer links to begin the educational process on the types of human rights abuses these opinion leaders are perpetuating and protecting in the name of Human Rights.

The Truth Rundown

Debbie Cook tells the Hole Truth