Scientology and Human Rights

David Miscavige has Corporate Scientology buying and defrauding politicians right, left and center in a systematic scheme to cover up his human trafficking operation with Human Rights.  Check out Senator Harry Reid’s latest endorsement.

Here is another Opinion Leader in the field unwittingly pimping for the biggest, most blatant human rights abuser in recent American history:

Mountain View Human Rights event.

The longer David Miscavige gets away with such fraudulent activity, the longer he is enabled to run his torture camp activities.  In order to put period to this blatant travesty I believe it is incumbant upon us to expose it.

Each time Miscavige puts out a “PR wire” press release or holds an event on Human Rights using prominent folk to front for him, I suggest that constituents, and industrious non-constituents, of such used personages expend a little time getting the truth to them about how they are being used.

You can inform them with the abundant available links about the only legitimate Human Rights work that is going on in the world of Scientology at this time; that of Independent Scientologists attempting to shut down Miscavige’s personal house of horrors at the international Scientology Inc headquarters.

It might seem oxymoronic at first  glance that this should be the important first step in correcting Scientology’s public identification with Human Rights violations.   But, if you read the Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology I think you’ll understand that to bury the truth and allow lies and crimes to continue  will result in persistence. Until the continued perpetration of the crimes and continued perpetuation of it by such false propaganda as we see above is exposed and ended, the rights violations will proliferate unabated.   Ultimately, unchecked Miscavige’s cult lunacy and cruelty will create destruction of such magnitude that he will forever destroy the name under which he is performing them, Scientology.

The lives of the people continuing to be adversely effected by David Miscavige’s insanity are worth the effort to educate.

Here are two suggested primer links to begin the educational process on the types of human rights abuses these opinion leaders are perpetuating and protecting in the name of Human Rights.

The Truth Rundown

Debbie Cook tells the Hole Truth 

65 responses to “Scientology and Human Rights

  1. Random Stranger

    Church of Spiritual Technology
    Office of COB, RTC


    In order to stiffen the ethics gradient because of the global downtrending of statistics, the following are now absolute mandatory isnesses:

    1) All staff and public are to punch themselves in the face instantly whenever any question of the quality of my management enters their minds.

    2) A new series of Securi-Basic Books is to be developed and published within 30 days which have face detection built into the binding via microchip. If any Independent ‘Scientologist’ picks up one of the new books it will be designed to explode. (Disclaimer: void where prohibited by law)

    3) Dildos, blow-up dolls and porn subscriptions, along with a cake and card are to be sent to Marty Rathbun’s house each month for eternity.

    4) I want a Time Machine built by the end of the week so I can travel back to LRH’s early research days, kill him and then return to now as the savior of the world. At that time, all mention and photos of L. Ron Hubbard are to be eliminated.

    5) I command that everyone anywhere stop cogniting on anything. It confuses me.

    David Miscavige
    COB, RTC
    Owner, Church of Spiritual Technology
    President, TC Fan Club

  2. Boy these people do not investigate at all. Then they perpetuate the lies of 10,000 centers etc.It made me want to puke!!! We must continue to expose this-These guys are unwittingly to PRing something akin to the Nazis.

  3. I just saw a blurb on tv of how President Obama is stepping up to the plate on the case of the 17 year old gunned down ~~ Trayvon Martin. A relatively emotional Obama (who normally speaks with a zero attitude) solemnly and earnestly promised justice, to more or less leave no stone unturned. And to personalize the depth of his feelings even further, Obama added ” “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.”
    WHAT ?
    WHAT ?
    Did I hear right ?
    Torture, human trafficking, held against will, kidnappings, beatings, thuggery, flagrant financial irregularities, SP “Hole” imprisonment gets a free pass from the Obama administration who’s RBI actually shit DOWN an investigation with live present time EVIDENCE, while Obama’s heart goes out to one person.
    Let me clarify. Of course I agree the shooter should be vigorously investigated and pursued with justice. Of course, every piece of work on Trayvon Martin is more than worthy and valid, but it is astoundingly hypocritical of OBAMA’s IRS to do NOTHING on gigantic financial irregularties, to IGNORE, PLACATE and RAILROAD a petition of some 6000 signatures asking the WHITE HOUSE to investage the ABUSE ~~ ABUSE that has had continuity in time way beyond any common sense of anyone learning of the atrocities.

    Read it and Weep.

    “Thank you for signing the petition “EXAMINE THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CRIME, FRAUD AND ABUSE.” We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on

    The We the People Terms of Participation explain that “the White House may decline to address certain procurement, law enforcement, adjudicatory, or similar matters properly within the jurisdiction of federal departments or agencies, federal courts, or state and local government.”  The Department of Justice is charged with investigating federal crimes and enforcing federal criminal laws. Accordingly, the White House declines to comment on the specific law enforcement matter raised in this petition.”

    The case of Trayvon Martin is not a matter of National Security. It is not a matter of ongoing torture and atrocities, there is no lethargy of investigation while state, local and federal agencies all divebomb in to solve it.
    You cannot blame me for lamenting that Miscavige atrocities do not get a fraction of that attention.

  4. Where can we protest or educate. I’m sure some folks can give us addresses, phone numbers, emails to contact for the best response?
    They need to hear from the public.
    Thank you whoever for helping us with this.

    The first link info written comes directly from the church looks like.

  5. I would likely support this group, if there was a pro LRH Management in the Church of Scientology.

  6. you got me LOL

    “5) I command that everyone anywhere stop cogniting on anything. It confuses me.”

  7. Martin Gibson

    Perpetuating an aesthetic. Sometimes people do that just to hold on to an aesthetic, avoiding wrongs and ugliness and evil in thought, just to keep the aesthetic in place.
    “When HELP fails, destruction occurs, or so goes the most basic reason to live.” LRH
    The neurosis or psychosis of holding on to this “aesthetic”, “perfect” image cloaking the abomination that is the Church of Scientology (The Church of Miscavige) can be permeated by an aesthetic of similar magnitude. It lies in all of us.
    Thats just an idea, but thats why I ring the “HELP” bell periodically.
    “HELP splits Valences”, “And anybody who is severely neurotic or insane or extremely ill or anything of that character has had that happen to him. He has had it demonstrated to him conclusively that he can’t help anything or anybody.” LRH

    Now making these politicians aware that the C of S is HURTING people, and that THEY CAN HELP people, can ease them upscale from the psychosis of power, and the neurosis of mis-evaluation and “being interesting”.

    Regarding intelligence and the ability to evaluate. If “help” is the basic direction life is going in, and TRYING to go in, then the ideal scene of “TO HELP” would be a datum to evaluate efforts and actions against. Make it a bright datum. If it is not acted on consciously it will act on one unconsciously. Thus the “neurotic” or “psychotic” politician is disabled in evaluating Miscavige, right, wrong and data, to the degree he doesn’t get help on help. And, unlucky for Miscavige, its a easily handled button and his destruction is so horrible that it can give a much higher purpose to rid the world of Miscavige’s evil than to perpetuate it. If Miscavige was selling cola, it wouldn’t be as easy.

    I know I’ve said these things before, but I want to remind new comers of these ideas, I want to keep the tech alive and also it helps to remind myself.

  8. I’m not sure why my name Ingrid isn’t coming up??!

  9. scilonschools

    This use and abuse of public office is so horribly famiiliar,
    Whether by accident or willing complicancy these ‘endorsements’ by senior politicians & law enforcers are so familiar , just look at the history of Jim Jones (again!) and his ‘Peoples Temple’, Senior politicians and even the local District Attorney all threw in endorsements and protection to the CULT!.
    When will they learn?

  10. Comments open on Mountain View article.

  11. Wow. I used to read about politicians endorsing COS groups and think, “Cool”. Now, knowing what I know & observe, & have experienced, I am just appalled and as Ingrid says, nauseated. I am also curious about how these things get set up and what motivates the politicians. Obviously, the COS just wants to have it appear that a government authority figure approves of their activities. But what does the politician get out of this? Is it just a photo-op for them to get their name associated with the words “human rights” even if they know nothing about the group they are giving approval to? Is is really that cynical a scene? Or are their advance staff incredibly incompetent?

  12. You read this and think what is coming next hell list it under criminal world/
    criminal activities and minds

  13. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    I generally have a strong constitution but seriously…
    I … think … I’m … going … to … hurl …

  14. Karen, I agree with you.

    What’s the US equivalent of judicial review where a court can review the decision of the governmental body?

  15. martyrathbun09

    I think this is a really inapt comparison. I hope people do not bring up his reaction to Trayvon Martin’s fate in complaining about lack of action on Miscavige. I believe that would backfire.

  16. haydn (T Paine)

    Outrageous!!! Miscavige is a serial violator of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Quite in addition to the continuous mental and physical torture, human trafficking and the like, he has violated a whole series of other articles of the declaration. For example, what about the article that guarantees human beings the right to have and raise a family, unmolested in that regard? Like a slave master of old, he’s been trampling on this right for the last twenty five years.

    [Article 16. (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. (2) Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses. (3) The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.]

    And what about freedom of thought, Miscavige? And the right to change your belief? Ring any bells?

    [Article 18. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.]

    And the right to hold onto and have your property? What Scientologist has that these days?

    [Article 17. (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.]

    These is just a sampling, otherwise I might as well just re-print the whole declaration here.

  17. I don’t know anything about the Trayvon Martin case, however there is a process where a governmental body’s decision can be reviewed by the courts, and when the White House responded, arguably this was a decision by the Executive branch…

  18. Joe Pendleton

    Agree completely Marty. This blog is doing what it needs to do about the whole matter of Miscavige’s abuses, which is to reveal, reveal, reveal them. Let the truth shine over and over and over again.

    Reading today’s post made me think some more of the basic why behind the whole situation with the CoS. I’ll do my once a year quote of one of the most true political comments of all time, when Walt Kelly wrote many years ago “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    I would guess that MAYBE you would find ONE staff member on all of LRH Way who knew who Harry Reid was (maybe you would find that person, though I’d hardly wager any money on it). Probably wouldn’t find too many more who could name the current Vice President of the United States. Now I don’t think that ability to act in life necessarily depends on a deep knowledge of American politics. But I suddenly flashed on this morning is how INCREDIBLY stupid in general most Scientologists are. And when I say “stupid” I’m using the definition from the Axioms, “unknowness of consideration.”

    A few years ago I remember Einstein’s name coming up in a conversation. I was merely a BC student at the time and my friend, a Cl VIII, knowingly nodded his head and briefly commented on how LRH had set the record straight as to Einstein’s errors and that I would get to this data soon enough. Now LRH may indeed have been ten times the thinker Einstein was. Not arguing the point. But this short comm cycle was very typical of many other comm cycles (hundreds) I’ve had over the years. We as Scientologists pretty much knew FREAKING EVERYTHING. L. Ron Hubbard was “source” on the truth on EVERY subject one could think of. As my senior of many years, an extremely able person, once put it “whenever I have a problem of any sort in any area, all I have to do is find the right LRH for the issue.” Well, this may very well be true (certainly was for her or so she said).

    But I think this is a large part of the current problem with the CoS. I would never dispute the idea that there are tremendous amounts of truth and enlightenment in LRH’s work that I use every single day to live a happier and more aware life. What I would dispute is that Ron knew everything about everything or that everything he said was true or that all a person had to do to become very knowledgeable about life was to listen to LRH lectures and study Scientology.

    You wind up with a lot of folk getting false data stripping, completely convinced that they have their hands on the TOTAL TRUTH about EVERYTHING (while identifiying all this “false data” in subjects they are COMPLETELY IGNORANT about). And yet these “most enlghtened” people on the entire planet Earth are amazingly easy to fool and control, as they are so conditioned to just “receiving source” and so of course MUST have an all powerful and knowing leader to inform them constantly of “command intention.” The result being that so many Scientologists cannot see what is two feet in front of them in their OWN church (much less in the outer world that they are supposed to be “handling”). Oh yeah, the first obstacle to learning. Not handled yet.


  19. If any politician is approached by their constituents(especially if they are donors or high profile names) and ask for a recognition plaque or decree for some goodwill activity, its not hard to get as long as its restricted to that activity and not a blanket endorsment of anything which could be controversial. Its easier to get them to say nice things than get them to have a congressional investigation.
    It is an opportunity to present the other side of the story. But ultimately it will be the expansion of the Independent field and its delivery which will reduce the existing church to something akin to Christian Sciene reading rooms, a mother church, a small prison camp and a press release mill. Eventually there will be internal change as well and the activity will go benign.
    The future lies with the Independents.

  20. If one were to do a careful analysis, I believe it would be found that COB and Obama share many personality characteristics. As do many of the
    people in his administration. Don’t be surprised when that path to justice results in a dead end.

  21. Yes, it definitely would backfire. Trayvon Martin’s fate and the circumstances of it immediately became a very hot issue with the media and a great many people, so it is unsurprising that the President would have interest in it and comment on it.

  22. I just a message to Harry Reid at his office. Here’s what I wrote.

    I’m not sure I chose the right subject but it was through one of your communications that has prompted me to contact you. I was shocked to see that you presented a proclamation and commendation to the Youth for Human Rights International. This group is a front group for the Church of Scientology. I’m attaching a two links to help you in hopefully distancing yourself from this group that has an ugly history of Human Rights.
    As a registered Democrat and an admirer from afar. I hope this helps you in the trick sack you were put in.

  23. K1 — while I agree with your sentiment, Trayvon Martin isn’t a good image to invoke. It comes across as trying to “cash-in” on the tragedy of the murder of a black teenager for wearing a hoodie. Certainly you can understand how that might impact a black man with a teenaged child. If a security guard at Gold had shot and killed someone and claimed it was “because they “knew” they were an anti-Scientologist because they were wearing a T-shirt and therefore a terrorist” and the Hemet Police Department blew it off as “understandable” then it would be an apt comnparison. Otherwise you can look like you are taking advantage of a tragedy. Still love you, just don’t want anyone forwarding this to public officials.

  24. I agree with the ethical logic of Karen #1’s post, which is impeccably correct. One finds the same logic in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (page 1, paragraph 1). Scn, as philosophy, is a gigantic field with far reaching ramifications, while individuals do unfortunately get shot every day. The world has its atrocities, and Scn would love to remedy them. The problem always has been to reach with reality, to somehow convey what Scn is. I think it’s not unfair to say most Scientologists themselves are struggling to assimilate the gradient to encompass Scn, its proper use, and thereby understand a very broad spectrum of time in perspective to themselves and to their continuing activities.

    The more one understands life from an ethical viewpoint, the more order one sees, and the more the confusions present in the individuals who compose our society show up. In a social-political context (which I do not claim to understand), a politically significant portion of public attention is on one murder, while Scn is not a major topic. What is it in the one murder that has stirred the public’s sense of broken agreements? I’m not being unsympathetic – naive as I may be, I’m certain political analysts and legal people are analysing that very question.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Chad.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Great post Joe.

  27. martyrathbun09

    You have got to be kidding.

  28. martyrathbun09

    You don’t know Miscavige or Obama well. Or you wouldn’t make such an ill-informed judgment.

  29. There is an ongoing investigation and it hasn’t yet been determined that this is a murder. The shooter is claiming self defense.

  30. Theo Sismanides

    I am sorry to say that politics is a wild subject and it always creates problems, even when discussed.

    However, one should see that politicians do not have the right priorities set… they have their own agendas. This is not just in Greece or the US, it happens everywhere.

    They have become stern organizations like the COS where there is NO thetan in Command. And by this I mean actually NO thetan in command. I remember my pre-thetan era and after, LOL! Now, I know I am one, lol… how come those guys do not want to know or let others know. A leader should know about such stuff. It’s been now 60 years this Technology is around. Those who have not yet found out about it I consider them a bit late.

    And on this topic here, I have said it many times, I am going to say it again that the US government is slowly but surely endorsing COS and putting it on the comm lines of the world. But not the Scientology LRH created, but the one DM creates. Ideal Orgs, making money and no OTs, making slaves of people who wanted freedom through financial and other pressures…

    So, as the Petition went by the boards, same is with Human Rights. We just have to continue to process this planet and keep putting ethics in. How do we do that? Yes by constantly exposing crimes and by saying we have the right to our own way to practice our philosophy and religion, the way we see the founder left it to be applied.

    No Governor of this Planet yet is a Philosopher. They just endorse the trends as they come. Like Constantine did with the Christians. Otherwise they lose votes because this is all they can do. Allure voters by political and financial so called systems and not with wisdom.

    Buddha was not a politician, LRH was not, Christ wasn’t either. However their work stretches or will stretch through the eons of time and affect many people.

    We are the bearers of new wisdom for Mankind. Mankind will not make it without knowing the formula of Communication. Simple as that, much less without knowing the wisdom of Scientology in depth. We have a task to achieve.

  31. Theo Sismanides


    Just wanted to inform you guys that i have an email manager and I can send newsletters to any emails. Nice newsletter, upstat emails that is, so if we start to organize and get such emails some people can help me and we can make a nice newsletter and send it to those people. And it can be signed by all of us. We just need to start wearing various hats and doing those actions in a more organized fashion.

    e.g. there are tons of people who have such emails. I could collect them and we could compose a newsletter and send it over to those people.

  32. Invoking the name of a president always brings out the partisan divisions amongst us. It’s just a fact that people of the same religious persuasion will fall on both sides of any political divide.

    Naturally, I myself fall on one side of that divide, but I try not to talk about that here. We’ve actually got MUCH bigger fish to fry – like exposing, and ultimately ousting the SP who has virtually destroyed the Bridge for all mankind.

  33. Theo Sismanides

    interesting viewpoint Martin! I would like to hear more on this!

  34. Article 18. “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

    That is an excellent reference for those who are in the process of disconnecting from the corporate church. Communicating that to Scn friends and relatives might just encourage them to grant a measure of beingness to one who is making such a momentous life decision.

  35. Very nice articulation and ‘fleshing out’. I see it as a continuing study to assimilate the gradient to actually see the truth, and as on the Study Tapes, to form one’s own opinion based on knowledge, not on dictated authority. Eliminating the upper levels of true OT (which really has to do with knowledge, first), guarantees dependence on authority.

  36. personally i find it amusing that CoS inc. has had to resort to making it’s press releases on a 3rd rate pay-to-post website that barely gets a peek in on Google’s search results.

    It shows that they already know that making statements on their own web domains is pointless as their reputation effectively dead-agents any text posted on them


  37. There is so much I could say to this. Suffice to say that it is as frustrating to inform Scientologists of the true state of political affairs as it is to inform them of the true goings-on in the CO$. (I may have lost two of my oldest and dearest friends in becoming Independent recently)
    Here’s something for starters that I just found today. Follow these links and see where they lead you.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Good eye.

  39. martyrathbun09

    I guess they lead me to chuckle. I am at the point where I am finding amusing the entitlement-ignorant oriented folk who point fingers at what they call the entitlement-igorant oriented folk as being their why.

  40. Michael Fairman

    Senator Barbara Boxer now has all the pertinent links and a very strong suggestion why she should forward them to Sen Reid. We’ll see what happens.

  41. As has been pointed out else where in this thread the church of scientology has all the answers to everything. Accordingly David Miscavige knows what human rights really are

    David Miscavige’s declaration of human rights.
    1. All humans have a right to know my opinion.
    2. All humans have a right to a physical and verbal reinforcement of my opinion if they fail to understand its correctness.
    3. All humans have a right to do what I tell them
    4. All humans have the right to fuck up what I tell them and be duly and properly punished for it.
    5. All humans have the right to the freedom I provide subject to the terms and conditions I set down.
    6. All humans have the right to make them selves financially destitute in order to donate to me.

    Allergy warning: the above post may contain attempts at humour (a variation on the American humor). Any relationship to reality is purely coincidental. No human rights were harmed in the production of this comment.

  42. Only people like me who get google news alefts for scientology are likely to notice these “press release”. As soon as I see PRwire I ignore it because they don’t allow comments.

    Very occassionaly I see a local web news pages pick up on the PRWire releases, if they allow comments then it’s an opportunity to spread the word. And a news page without comments is dull; comments are what liven a story up.

  43. I just remembered Harry Reid he was the incumbent who won in no small part because one main contender, Sharron Angle, was tied to the church of scientology which had no small part in destroying her creditability.

    Sharron fell for the Criminon / Narconon front operations and wanted to put tax dollars in to these organisations; it’s part of the war of attrition cutting of financial lines.

    Anonymous also blitz the election news forums about the connection too after she affirmed the connection rather than denounce it; Sharron was said to have suffered the curse of the church of scientology as her bid for the Senate bombed.

    Of course other political analysts may have other views on the results.

  44. OSA, troll, parody or fruit loop conspiracy theorist?

    OSA tend to do subtle or not so subtle jibes at Marty and the indies.

    Not really a parody.

    I don’t know about conspiracy theorist other than the fact both Miscavige and Obama and his administration are lizard people there really aren’t any similarities either physical or in action.

    Troll is quite possible. Moderately economic use of words aimed to stir people.

  45. Ronnie, I agree with you. I didn’t want to bring it up but the subject matter of the article and some of the comments begged for it. Now, I’m learning how entwined the corporate church and the government are. It is critical that Scientologists (real ones) can differentiate between their friends and
    enemies in the government. In a totalitarian system there is no freedom of religion.

  46. Actually, Sharon Angle was ahead in the polls up until election day. That is when Harry Reid cashed in some favors with the Nevada union bosses to
    herd their members to the polls to vote for him.

  47. I believe that your reply is directed at me. How about “none of the above” as an answer. And I would suggest that you do your own due diligence on the subject (as I have) before attributing nefarious motives to others.

  48. There is some evidence that the Carter administration had the ears of the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta; during that administration the USA criticised other nations about their treatment of the church of scientology. This influence was seen to reduce during the Bush administration. One might presume it to increase under the Obama administration.

    All that said if democrates are more disposed to church of scientology influence it is only because they are well meaning and hold to freedom of religion.

    Frankly the church of scientology is bipartizan and seeks ro influence who ever is in power; this is the same stragedy I take in so much as I view the party political system as inherently flawed especially when it almost always results in a single party majority.

    I view all parties as having some good ideas and a shed load of baggage and would rather have a system where the people had a far greater say in the issues than voting for a party every so often. A system that is more than possible with modern technology that could facilitate daily electronic voting. I digress.

    Suffice to say IMHO the party in power matters less than the power of your lobby. The Internet has and is changing the face of lobbying, learn to use it.

  49. I have done due diligence. There is however a lot of subjectivity in the assessment of individuals and groups.

    Suffice to say what ever else I thing of Obama and his administration I don’t see any parallels with David Miscavige.

    The very fact you include his administration in the assessment suggests your assessment is flawed; there is no room for more than one David Miscavige in any organisation.

    If obama were a David Miscavige then everyone else would be a sycophant weasel. I’m not seeing that.

    Also where is Obama’s hole for those he blames for his failings? Surely not gitmo.

  50. Yep Sharron Angle was ahead in the polls and then she bomb.

    So Harry Reid bought the union vote or Sharon Angle FUBAR’d her campaign by fumbling her ties to the church of scientology. Who can honestly say? Speaking with the union members though I don’t get that they were directed to vote beyond the normal union favouritism expected at such times.

    In general I get the impression quite a few were disappointed with Harry Reid. There was a lot of discontent and frankly much annoyance at the lack of a good candidate once Sharron Angle’s church of scientology position was highlighted.

    I get the impression it was a case of better the devil you know rather than someone who is cozying up to a corrupt and dangerous organisation bent on syphoning off tax payer dollars via its front organisations.

  51. Michael Fairman

    What a short memory you have VBMax. She was defeated because she was on the fringe, along with the other radical right wing nutbags. Reid should have lost easily, but even the Republicans saw “2nd Amendment remedies” in the event she lost the election, as the ravings of a sociopath.
    Yeah, the union bosses won the election for Reid. Get real and stop running that right wing tape. Scientology had about as much to do in defeating her as the brand of cereal she ate in the morning

  52. Thank you that is what I been trying to tell you guys for a long time in my telling why for the resource based econmomy. I got looked down. LRH Did not know everything. There are other valid beings with knowledge on this planet and I been studying them.

  53. Dean,
    I think you mean Clinton, not Carter. Carter was Pres 1976-79.

  54. Freedom Fighter

    Just the fact that Senator Harry Reid endorsed something is enough to make me want to run the other way screaming . . .

  55. Freedom Fighter

    Me too! I nearly woke the neighbors laughing out loud. ROFL!!

  56. Ingrid
    Check to see if you have the right name in the “reply window” on the second line at the bottom.
    Perhaps it got changed for some reason and was not changed back.

    Eric S

  57. You’re right – not in my neck of the woods, and I didn’t follow it.

  58. Mastery of communication is where it’s at.

  59. Michael,
    I didn’t like her as a candidate either. I was just answering Dean Fox who posted that her Scientology connection was a prominent cause in her defeat. My view was that it wasn’t much of an issue since she was leading in the polls up until the election.

  60. Too true, FF. The guy is a walking missed withhold.

  61. I hear you, Max. I’m trying to be as diplomatic as possible in my comments here. It’s not a political site, so folks on both the left and right post here. I’m not interested in pushing anyone’s buttons with my opinions about the subject, so I do try to keep it cool on that score.

    I totally agree with you that the right thing to do, is to raise one’s confront on the connections and alliances between the SPs in the corporate church, and in government. Unfortunately, some may not like what they find when they put their TR-0 in, but such is the way of truth. Personally, I don’t trust any of the apparatchiks in government – no matter which party they belong to.

  62. I think you’re correct. >.<

  63. Martin Gibson

    Apart from the lecture series and HCOB’s on the subject, I can only say this:
    If you run it, run it for real. If it scares you a little to reach out for help, if you worry about offering it, run that off. Immerse yourself in it, if it is the basic dynamic principle of existence, getting closer to the purity of intention on it, is getting closer to your true nature. If IQ WITH ability to evaluate stem from it, then one would be quite neurotic, confused, “dead”, and in pain (to a greater or lesser degree) more and more from deviating from it.
    If one deviates to a greater degree they would lose the ability to even evaluate it as their true purpose, confused, dumb and alone (for purposes of know their relationship to self and other life) and one would need some kind of gentle guide back to it, thus there is “quotes of Buddha, Gandhi et al.
    But one can know ones self. Its through processing, training and application.
    As LRH said: “So learn to handle HELP, get cleared on it in co-auditing or in the HGC. {addition-personal observation-if one can’t find an auditor, or is weary, you can expose yourself more to it just through movies etc. I handled the edge on mine that way. I watched, maybe, 20 hours of the gooiest, loveliest, and frankly sane movies, tears rolled down my cheeks, and then I GOT IT, I duplicated what he meant by purpose and sanity} Learn a dozen ways to discuss it so as to break down the barricade of “disinterest” (WHICH IS REALLY FEAR){Additional- My personal observation – neuroses and psychoses alike fear, are weary of, hate and ignore “HELP} and get the show on the road”.
    “Help is NOT injurious. Help is NOT the best way to hurt.
    Help is just HELP. Let’s flatten it until we’ll always know it and NEVER FORGET IT AGAIN, and learn adroitly to collapse the HELP PSYCHOSIS in OTHERS by talk alone.” HCOB 19 MAY 1960 “How help became betrayal”

    There is a relaxed and centered state of mind when one IS cleared on this button.
    The sun can shine, and the warmth some-how reaches one, where it just seemed out-of-reach before.

    The above is my viewpoint and understanding. Its put forth to extend a firm friendly hand.
    I do not want to give wrong items, or evaluate, or “verbally interpret”. I only hope to aid its duplication by putting some of my theta along with the words.

  64. Yr telling me / makes me who actual is a loyal binding citzien and How such matters can be so so manipulated for so long.

  65. Makes me think (Was what I meant to say last sentence sorry )

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