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Opinion Leader Cyber-Lynching by Scientology Inc

The insanity that Scientology Inc has become is playing out LIVE on the internet. ¬†Angela LeMay, an Opinion Leader that corporate Scientology should not be messing with, is being subjected to a modern-day, cyber-lynching by David “Bull” Miscavige, cyber-mobs and all. ¬†Check it out below. We’ll keep you posted.

Here is Angela’s communication alerting me to the situation:

Marty & Mike,

FYI, I received notice from a friend on FB that they received a
call from OSA informing them that I have been Declared SP along
with Marsha Friedman and Guillermo Colin and to unfriend us all.

I have not heard anything at all from the church directly, but,
rumor has it that I have been declared because of my connection to
my ex-husband Brett Haugen – declared in 2010. Another friend said
they heard it was because I had posted anonymously on a squirrel
website and forwarded entheta comm. My friends list has decreased
by 300 in the last 72 hours – their loss.

I have attached images of one of the FB post stating that I am

Also, I have saved images of numerous other similar FB messages
over the past 2 years urging me to disconnect from “SP’s” on FB.
Let me know if you would like those as well.

Your Friend,


For those who do not know why I consider Angela an Opinion Leader, her imminent declaration of independence will make that clear – or least my introductory comments will.