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Anonymous UK

I received the following comment from someone identifying him/herself as Anonymous UK:

Hi Marty, I was listening in to a phone call the other week when a colleague called you up while you were in the swamp. I will say that you need to work on your tonescale if you have any hopes of helping others. You came across as defensive, arrogant, egotistical and you displayed absolutely zero remorse for your previous crimes. Anonymous knows your plans and we can easily see what you are trying to achieve. We are happy that you have left the cult, but we are saddened to see that nothing has changed in you. You have abused before, and you will abuse again. You believe in technology written by a lunatic, and you believe that you are in a ‘high’ position to ‘help’ (read use/abuse) others We are watching. We will call again soon. Expect us ūüėČ nowhere@nowhere.net
Anonymous UK


I did receive a phone call from a blocked id caller last week. The caller identified himself¬† as Anonymous. I asked his name since he knew mine. He refused to identify himself, but assured me he was a WWP/Anonymous veteran.¬† He made no mention of anyone else participating in the call as Anonymous UK said he did. He implied he was appointed to find out some things about me for Anonymous.¬† I was not in a swamp. I was walking on a street with my wife and a friend.¬† The friend had spent three days with me to sort out his 35 year experience with Scientology. He had been living in silent, desperate confusion for more than a decade. My friend was summing up how he’d gotten his life in better order in the past three days than he ever imagined he could ever get it.¬† The cycle involved some use of Scientology. The Anonymous fellow was arrogant, rude, and threatening to me. He said Anonymous would probably need to deal with me since it was clear that I still practiced Scientology. I asked whether it offended him that I applied some principals while doing everything within my power to rectify abusive practices within Scientology. Anonymous told me that Anonymous might have to come after me if I believed in any corner of Scientology.¬† I asked him if he felt it was ok that anyone¬† practice Christianity. He said no. I said I thought that was very odd, because I thought that after listening to a lot of Mahalia Jackson I got the notion that Christianity – if properly practiced in the way she found how to – seemed like a good thing, certainly not harmful. He had no clue who Mahalia Jackson was, and would make no concession for even her. I asked if he felt it was ok for people to practice Islam if they did so in a positive fashion. He said that would not be ok too. I told him the only group I knew of that covertly threatened people for peacefully practicing a religion or philosophy – and who took great pains to not identify themselves – was the KKK.¬† I told Mr. Anonymous I thought it ironic that I was being interrogated, with implied threats, while I was¬†taking an attack from Miscavige that by conservative estimate has cost him a cool three million to date. He saw no irony in that fact.¬† I told him if there is one thing I took away from my experience in Scientology it was a firm decision that no one – ever – would order me again, particularly in matters of conscience, and that if he was trying to state that if I did not denounce everything about Scientology Anonymous would come after me – so be it.¬† In four years since leaving the Church I had never had a conversation so resembling the many thousands I’d had with Miscavige that I’d left to be free of.

While logged on and reviewing that message as well as several quite apparently forged in the name of Billy Lindstein (which Anonymous – we are legion – acknowledged he created on WWP ultimately – yet still denounces me as an “asshole” and much worse for not answering poor, non-existant Billy), and another two emails from people identifying themselves as Anonymous affiliated my computer contracted spyware and crashed.

If you renegades (more people identifying themselves as part of Anonymous have been civil to me than have not) only knew how badly you were harming your own cause and helping mine. Keep up the splendid work fellas.

Top Gun flies air cover for DM?

Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP

August 7, 2009

Marty Rathbun

PO Box 269

Ingleside, Texas 78362

Dear Mr. Rathbun:

I represent Tom Cruise. Apparently you have repeatedly announced to the public that you were Tom’s “auditor” at the Church of Scientology, and you have used that announcement, including Tom’s name, on your website to promote your business or profession.

This is not only a serious invasion of Tom’s privacy and a violation of the priest-penitent relationship, it is the unauthorized use of Tom’s name to promote a business or professional venture, which is a clear violation of Tom’s common law and statutory rights.

Just imagine a Catholic Priest leaving the Church and then trying to drum up business as a lay-therapist by advertising that he had been Frank Sinatra’s confessor. Most people would consider that disgusting and reprehensible. Yet, what you are doing is exactly the same.

It just shouldn’t be done Mr. Rathbun. So please stop.


Bertram Fields