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I believe the way we are going to effectuate the most effective genuine change is by de-ptsing ourselves. Several mechanisms are wielded by Miscavology to keep the sheep in the pen and to keep the more adventurous ones in fear of straying too far. The most common weapon is the disconnect card. It is used to keep people in a state of terror of losing their family, friends and livelihoods. Many on-line, or at least in good standing, public and former staff have reached out for advice on how to keep pursuing the truth without losing one or more of what they consider integral parts of their communities. As more appear and more are made aware of fellow independent minded folk in their vicinities little communities are forming. The effects of the support independent Scientologists give to one another are remarkable personally, on the family dynamic, and in terms of business networking.

While watching these successes begin to unfold, it occurred to me that if the process of forming communities were aided and a form of coordination amongst neighboring and even distant similar communities began – however informally – the de-ptsing could expand exponentially with little effort. The ripple effects of independent thinking Scientologists connecting are immeasurable.

Some inquiring minds have also been asking, but what of my Bridge? Well, for starters I have found the case gain being attained by independent Scientologists simply connecting up with one another and validating one another’s gains that were were suppressed under Miscavology are spectacular. Escaping from the suppression and Reverse Scientology practiced in Miscavology tends to rehab every ability you once thought you had attained but were convinced by reges, recruiters, E/Os acting for reges, execs acting as reges, etc were canceled due to your “out ethics” for failing to mortgage your home or drain your retirement account to fill DM’s coffers.

If you want to continue with formal auditing, I know there are some fine independent auditors whose dance cards are not full. I bet there are many more because I haven’t even really explored the free zone much.

But more fundamentally, the communities that independent minded Scientologists are so fearful of being expelled from are deviating more and more from the Aims of Scientology as promulgated by LRH. Those communities are becoming increasingly tolerant of and thus encouraging of insanity and criminality (particularly financial criminality). They are being leaned on hard to continue to contribute to the “wars” that Miscavige is so fond of declaring. Honest beings in those communities have long since been stripped of any rights. The able are increasingly being made to suffer rather than prosper, and when one manages to somehow reach greater heights, he or she is pressured to become a pimping cog in the financial irregularity machine.

So, let’s examine what we mean by community. What is a community? What kind of community do real Scientologists want? What are the benefits of sharing an ethical, sane community?

Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers begins with a chapter about a small town in Pennsylvania named Roseto. It was named after the village its Italian-American inhabitants’ ancestors had emigrated from during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Sometime in the 1950’s a guest speaker at a local medical conference, Dr. Stewart Wolf, happened to notice that there was an extremely low incidence of heart failure in Roseto. Wolf investigated for years to determine how this small burg could apparently beat what was then a nationwide epidemic.

Using every medical and scientific investigative means Wolf – with the aid of other doctors and a sociologist (John Bruhn) – failed to find a single physical common denominator that explained Rosetans’ longevity. They seemed to drink, smoke and eat fatty foods just as often as most other Americans.


What Wolf began to realize was that the secret of Roseto wasn’t diet or exercise or genes or location. It had to be Roseto itself. As Bruhn and Wolf walked around the town, they figured out why. They looked at how the Rosetans visited one another, stopping to chat in Italian on the street, say, or cooking for one another in their backyards. They learned about the extended family clans that underlay the town’s social structure. They saw how many homes had three generations living under one roof, and how much respect grandparents commanded. They went to mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel and saw the unifying and calming effect of the church. They counted twenty-two separate civic organizations in a town of just under two thousand people. They picked up on the particular egalitarian ethos of the community, which discouraged the wealthy from flaunting their success and helped the unsuccessful obscure their failures.”

Wolf and Bruhn went on to discuss their findings at medical conferences across the country, “about the mysterious and magical benefits of people stopping to talk to one another on the street, and of having three generations under one roof. Living a long life, the conventional wisdom at the time said, depended to a great extent on who we were – that is, our genes. It depended on the decisions we made – on what we chose to eat, and how much we chose to exercise, and how effectively we were treated by the medical system. No one was used to thinking in terms of community.

Communication, great social activity, love and respect for family, attending a church that has a “unifying and calming effect”? Imagine that. Kind of sounds like a firm foundation for “A civilization without insanity, without criminals, and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights…”

Maybe we should stop being so confounded worried about being expelled from immoral, rapidly declining communities and start getting busy building ones in which we can be happy and of which we can be proud.

Eva and DM – Part III

A couple years ago DM was holding court in the presence of some Scientology Celebrities. Little did he know that one of them was not your garden variety Kool Aid drinking fawner. This particular woman is a friendly, sassy and savvy individual. Her beingness – at least back in the day – could be described as insouciant. She also wields a pretty awesome bullshit detector.

Well, the celebrity happened to see Lou affecionately pat DM on the butt, thinking that she was not being watched. Having a high level of integrity, the celebrity did precisely what LRH policy calls for in such a circumstance. She wrote a knowledge report on what she witnessed.

Not being the prudish type, perhaps she was motivated by care for the survival of International Scientology. After all, LRH had this to say on the subject:

It is interesting that a review of faltering orgs that got into trouble in their areas each one had a bad sex entanglement high on staff.

A review of actions of orgs and attacks over the last fifteen years makes it stand out sharply that an org which is mixed up sexually in the higher echelons will not be effective, will have low statistics and can’t defend itself on the public front.

Such are not attacked for loose sexual relations. They are just too decayed to do a good job of defense or follow policy. So they become subject to attack.”

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 3 MARCH 1966 (OEC Vol 7 page 690)

The celebrity’s ethical vigilance was rewarded in much the same manner Shelly’s was, only tailored for a public Scientologist. She was ordered to Flag for behavior modification. At her own expense she was treated to sec checking and ethics handlings to find out why she was “critical of COB.” The end phenomena was to admit there must be something wrong with her to have had that perception. I invite folks to read T Paine’s Mechanisms of Miscavige at if you haven’t done so already. Think again if you doubt mind control is being practiced by Miscavige to cover his crimes and create unthinking loyalty.

Had the celebrity’s accurate perceptions  been heeded rather than suppressed, they might have been used to put period to DM’s commission of the out ethics activities that LRH says outright wrecks organizations when practiced at the top.

An unimpeachable witness has subsequently disclosed that not only were Shelly and the celebrity perceptive in suspecting that DM was engaging in Out Ethics activity, he was doing it in ostentatious style, courtesy of his buddy Tom Cruise.

On long flights aboard Cruise’s personal jet, DM and Lou would retire for hours on end to Tom’s bedroom cabin, a cabin that is outfitted only for the purpose of lying upon the bed.

We have no proof what went on behind the bedroom cabin door. But, I credit the perceptions of Shelly Miscavige (who suffered greatly for deciding to cease ignoring outpoints and situations), and the celebrity Scientologist (who was coerced to pay for the privilege of the implanting of doubt of her own perceptions), and my other witnesses who have supplied the remainder of the testimony for this series.

Perhaps the saddest, and most telling, part of this story is that Lou used to be a quite likable, friendly and ethical individual. Many people will remember her as that. For that reason, we are all hoping she will wake up and escape before hunkering down in the bunker with Miscavige.

Peace to all of you – and there were many – who had your thoughts (or rather, Miscavige’s interpretations and embellishments of your thoughts) on the 2D broadcast in a fashion so as to belittle, invalidate and make you all feel less.

Remember what a wise man once wrote: “Basically, if sometimes clouded over with the not-so-pale cast of bad experience, your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.”

Eva, Manuela, and Dave – Part II

I learned from credible sources what occurred after I left RTC in 04. Quite  contrary to Miscavige’s minions’ recent sworn declarations, no ‘renaissance’ occurred. Instead, Miscavige’s Medievel ways barrelled out of control. He became increasingly despotic and violent. He had three of the four doors of the Hole fitted with bars and padlocked them shut – with 24/7 security manning the only remaining unbolted egress. Miscavige created a complete culture of violence, grooving in a Hole I/C (In Charge) to instigate violence, then busting him and then doing the same with a succession of Hole I/Cs. Even Russ Bellin, former CO CST, who recently sanctimoniously swore under the pains and penalties of perjury that I was a violent lunatic for breaking his titanium watch, became a particularly brutal and sadistic Hole I/C.

Miscavige took to drinking hard liquor every night. A close friend of mine was invited on a number occasions to join him, and listen to his increasingly non-sequitor, drunken, and lengthy soliloquies about how virtually everybody was out to get him.

During this period Shelly confided in my friend that she was terrified because she thought Dave was “going Type III.” She lamented how he would sometimes walk around mumbling, then periodically shouting, “Shelly, where is the gold buried?” She swore she had no idea what gold DM was referring to.

The more Shelly seperated herself out from DM’s valence, the more he distanced himself from her and confided in his troika of adoring associates, Laurisse (Lou) Stuckenbrock (for many years COB’s Communicator), Jenny Devocht Linsen (Hole I/C, currently D/CO CMO INT for WDC), and Angie Blankenship (COB Programs Ops, Hole I/C, and currently WDC for Ideal Orgs). DM became so close with the troika Shelly suspected that he was going out 2D (having an affair in Scientologese) with at least Lou.

When Shelly’s suspicions became obvious to DM, she was taken off post, disconnected from DM and put under intensive behavior control to attempt to ruin her self-esteem and create self-doubts about her perceptions. There has been much speculation as to where the program was and is being executed. I do not know of her whereabouts.

At the infamous April 15 Denver meeting, DM’s personal attorney Yingling offered to produce to Mike Rinder anyone from the Int base he might want to talk to. In a follow up call that same day Mike chose Shelly. Yingling stammered, saying that she couldn’t do that, did not know of Shelly’s whereabouts and hadn’t seen her for some time. As Mike pressed her to disclose Shelly’s location, Yingling slipped into non-sequitor, “Tommy is sitting right next to me.”

DM has been clearly put on notice that a strong network of Shelly’s friends on the outside are watching with vigilence which increases the likelihood of her being treated with some measure of decency.

(watch tomorrow for part III)

Eva Braun replaces Manuela Saenz – Part 1 in a three part series

For the many years that I knew Shelly Miscavige, she was obsessed with fulfilling the role of Manuela Saenz to DM’s Simon Bolivar. It was a hauntingly out of valence life. Shelly made close associates of DM read biographies of Bolivar and Saenz. Shelly made all of RTC read such, instructing that they all ought to be playing the role of Saenz in one form or another. She even had certain celebrities reading her books implying they ought to be treating DM like Bolivar.

While Shelly could be extremely ruthless, just as the rest of us in the inner circle could be and were, her attempts to be Manuela were not all for the bad. I saw Shelly on a number of occasions object to Miscavige physically beating people, when it got out of hand. She was the only one who could get away with that.  Had she not been there and said not loudly but firmly “Dave” while DM was psychotically kicking and/or punching somebody already down on the floor, I am sure there would have been some ER cases on DM’s hands. I attribute the lack of more physical disabilities incurred by staff to Shelly in that regard.

Toward the end of my career, Shelly sometimes came by my office after a particularly brutal DM espisode, plop down in the chair in front of my desk, and look up to me and say wistfully, “what are we going to do?” Because of the atmosphere of terror instilled prohibiting any sign of disaffection, I’d reply with an equally wistful, “hell, I don’t know.” Those little mutual shoulder shrugging moments – while signally ineffective – told me that Shelly was not DM, and even though I had once suspected it, she was not a source of his violent psychosis.

(look for Part II tomorrow)

Independent Scientologists Community

I am confident that my friends who saw me evolve over the past couple years will attest that what I posted in February on my little web page was true. Particularly, the following description outlining my intentions and objectives:

A lot of folks seem to be suffering from the inculcated idea that once they depart or cease to slavishly follow every arbitrary dictate they automatically forfeit any spiritual gains they may have attained along the road. Natively conscientious as most beings are, such an evaluation can begin a pernicious dwindlng spiral of self-invalidation and unhappiness. I understand this phenomenon and the internal dichotomies extant within the organization that bring it about. In the process of reversing the decline in myself and in others certain lessons were learned that might be of some assistance to those who have experienced the same.

I offer a simple program of rehabilitation of previously recognized abilities and education on universal truths and principles of spiritual growth. I do not offer a substitute for Scientology nor am in competition with the Church. I am only offering to share all the skills I have learned – from a wide variety of sources – to help those in need who once formally participated in Scientology but who now hold no hope nor intention of ever seeking help from the Church.”

I was on no mission to replace the Church or even the Church leadership. It was purely an offer to help those who had made the determination that they would never again seek help from the Church of Scientology; for whatever reason.

Within days of that posting I caught wind of Miscavige efforts to pull the plug on that offer of help. Church informants reported on some of those who initially reached out to me. Those people were intercepted and offered large incentives to turn on me, turn over all communications with me, and to return under the control of the Church. When I did not attempt to compete for those souls, adhering to my word that I wasn’t interested in those even harboring a desire to remain under the control of Miscavige’s outfit, Miscavige had OSA send informants to try to infiltrate my home and life.

What I had posted was not a threat in any way, shape or form to Miscavige’s fiefdom. It was never intended to be competion. I meant what I explicitly stated about the category of people I was reaching out to. People that the Miscavige regime had zero interest in, other than apparently, in keeping in a dormant, sleeping, effect state.

His reaction confirmed what I believed to be true about Miscavige: the very concept of anyone helping someone – particularly for no motive other than purely the desire to help one’s fellows – was so abhorrent to him it caused irrational impulses to stop and destroy. “Helping others is an activity which drives the antisocial personality nearly berserk.” – LRH

Since that time a lot of water has passed under the Bridge. That includes a lot of Miscavige generated toxic waste. That also includes a lot of pure, clean and beautiful outpouring of theta from folks who fit the exact description set forth in the italicized text above.

Several people have challenged me to demonstrate that I am able to take over Miscavige’s position or to create an organization mirroring his. I do not have any desire to do either. Some people have criticized me of irresponsibility for exposing the truth about Miscavige’s church without offering all the bells and whistles of Church membership they find comforting or necessary. People who are in it for the bells and whistles probably ought to stay parked right where they are. Ultimately, they will be served nothing but bells and whistles.

I have learned quite a lot since February. First, there are far more people who consider themselves Scientologists, or at least use what they learned from Scientology in their every day lives, who fit the description of having no intention of ever again being affiliated with the Church than I initially thought was possible. Second, many of those people fear retribution if they publicly discuss their feelings on the subject. Third, many of those people lead unhappy lives because they miss the ability to share community with others of similar philosophic disposition; a subset of that group, may have also suffered financially by having to cut ties with business networks they nurtured for many years. Fourth, some portion of that public are ill physically and spiritually because they have dwindled down to apathy and below and found refuge with the only ex-Church member forums that have existed – ones that make anonymity and hiding a virtue, and make criticism an end, rather than a means to achieve any improved state of affairs.

When I started blogging more and more people contacted me about helping them to reverse the spiral they found themselves on. In order to cope with such an overwhelming number of individuals, I began simply connecting former Church members up with similar thinking ones in proximity to one another. Lo and behold, such people began to report to me truly phenomenal phenomena. Here is a list of the types of things they have reported more than once:

  1. A rehabilitation of states attained in Scientology by simply having someone acknowledge with reality what he or she has been through.

  2. An enhancement in states attained through Scientology by now receiving regular acknowledgment of theta phenomena that up to that point they had no one to share with who could truly understand and appreciate it. Sadly, many folks have reported being invalidated by Scientology public and staff for such origins when they were affiliated with the Church.

  3. Feeling de-pts’d by virtue of feeling some strength in numbers – even if the increase went from one to two – and all that comes with that.

  4. Physical disabilities healing. Not a bit surprising to me. In the Church’s “Freedom” magazine in response to the St Pete Times Truth Rundown series, my former wife attributed a long list of physical problems I had the year I left the SO. It was one of the few relatively accurate statements of that scandal sheet. All of those ailments rapidly resolved upon my cutting all connection to the SP.

  5. Great artistic, career, and or business opportunities suddenly appearing, attributed by people reporting them to beginning to socially network again with newly discovered friends sharing their philosophy.

  6. The increase in frequency of OT perceptics and abilities.

I don’t have ultimate answers to questions of how to set up widespread, uniform delivery of the tech, nor how to administer whatever form that might some day take. I don’t even purport to have the background, training or experience to answer such questions.

I do know that I have been working on an Ethics paradigm – sometimes referred to as Ethics Program Number One. I do know that I have seen many people rise from apathy and below to 4.0 and above on the Tone Scale as they become de-PTSed from Miscavige’s Church. Most of those people never received a formal session nor even had the opportunity (yet) to meet in person. The several I have met in person tend to confirm my estimate that most folks reporting incredible gains by handling the suppression in their lives are not exaggerating.

I am of the view that those phenomena listed as 1-6 above have been suppressed in Miscavige’s Church. I do not have the slightest hesitation in continuing to facilitate more free, independent Scientologists experiencing what appears to be the miracles attainable with the subject when studied in the fashion Hubbard originally advised it be done. That is with a keen, critical, and independent mind. That increases the ability to as-is. Isn’t that what the entire aim of the subject is, to increase people’s ability to as-is?

Having operated with this viewpoint, I have been pleasantly surprised to learn of another natural, positive byproduct of as-ising lies with truth and making it safe for the well intentioned to congregate and share ideas. I have learned that there are a number of very capable folks who are approaching the subjects of tech and admin in the same fashion I have tried to approach Ethics. They are not motivated by money. They are not motivated by fame. They are motivated purely by making it possible for others to experience gains similar to their own.

I believe that the behavioralism, twisted moralism, materialism and induced fear of disclosure of confidences practiced as standard operating procedure in Miscavige’s church are the reverse of Scientology. Those practices increase mental mass, and convince a person he needs to become a slave in order to become free. All too often, rather than increase one’s ability to as-is, it results in people who specialize in creating mental mass for others (guilt, fears, self-invalidation, and for those who have been to Int for any substantial period, actual text book engrams).

People who have simply exercised their abilities to be there and comfortably confront when faced with Church intimidation tactics – and not allowed themselves to be drawn into flash fights and the resultant creation of ridges – have as-is’d the invaders. That has happened most frequently when the person being targeted by the Church has the comfort of knowing he has people who are behind him or her with unconditional love. It is quite remarkable.

I am fairly certain that if a decent percentage of independent Scientologists stand up, identify themselves, and freely associate with like-minded friends in the light of day at least three things will happen:

    a. Many individual lives will regain meaning. Many more lives still will reap the gains from each of us who independently and freely use Scientology with no other motivation than to help others reach higher states of beingness.

    b. Scientology (the subject and community) will experience a renaissance within society at large.

    c. Miscavige’s church will be forced to either radically reform by reversing its suppressive operating basis or face its inevitable demise (note the intransitive is used; it is not because of anything that you or I will do to it that will cause it other than being their comfortably – it will be a self-inflicted fate).

At this point, at this Ethics stage,  I am advocating  that independent thinking Scientologists think hard about being proud of exercising their independence. That they make themselves known and use the title “Scientologist” without shame or embarrassment. That they create community with other independent Scientologists and make it that much safer for those people to get their strength up and flourish. To the extent we tip toe around imaginary egg shells, we are PTS. We cripple our own ability to as-is. If we walk tall, we rehabilitate one another’s abilities to as-is. The Lord knows that this world could use some more of that.

Winds of change

The way real change will be effectuated is by more and more people standing up  and expressing their views.   The internet is being most effectively used by those who employ its tools to network and activate folks. Cyberworld lurkers – who create or live in alternate universes – are an ineffective anachronism.  In the Scientology world, they are Miscavige’s dream as he relishes inducing fear and anonymity is a hallmark of fear.

Miscavige specializes in marginalizing dissent or free-thinking people. First by threat of declare, then by declare, then by manipulating “disconnect” employment, and then making menacing noise with investigations and the like.  It is all bark and no bite. If one understands the mechanics of suppression, he or she will recognize it is all an attempt to drive people’s anchor points in, make them afraid, and make them PTS. Ultimately, DM would like to drive every independent Scientologist into a dark closet,  cowering as he or she types ineffectual, profanity-laced protestations in the dark.

There are plans afoot to facilitate real Scientologists coming out of those closets and creating a safe environment for one another.  The What Your Fees Buy series on this blog reveals something not yet mentioned.  That is, DM can’t even distract his biggest obsession. There is no possible way he can touch people in many locations across the world deciding they aren’t going to be PTS to him anymore, they aren’t going to fly below the radar, they don’t have to hide in order to survive.

To stand and communicate one’s convictions and defend the rights of other friends to do the same is the remedy for Miscavige’s brand of terrorism.  It can make one feel healthier and more whole. If enough people follow your lead, it will lead to the end of the Scientology reign of terror.

Please start thinking about this.

The church of Regology

Please see the email below from the OT Ambassador I/C Int to all OT Ambassadors. Note the outpoints. That “War is Over” event was Miscavige’s “I did it all” propaganda. His egoism knows no bounds. “This was the monumental turning point for the church and was the point that ensured we have a church.” Quite the contrary, once exemption was attained Miscavige decided HE had a church to have his own way with.

OT Ambassadors, whose original stated purpose was to drive people on up to OT, have apparently been reduced to being IAS reges. Did you know there was not a single justification for the continuance of the IAS as an entity after October 1993 and exemption? It was founded for the purpose of ensuring Scientology could withstand the IRS. This personal hobby horse of Miscavige’s had accumulated somewhere on the order of three quarters of a billion dollars by 2005. He forbade it disbursing anything but minimal funds for handling attacks. And yet that is precisely what the money was donated for handling. Now they have FCS’s and OT VIIIs – sixteen years after the fact of its irrelevance – diverting donations for services to move people up the Bridge to send to Miscavige’s slush fund.

Notice how the OT Ambassadors are to “organize the call-in” and are instructed to “so let’s get with the Field Control Sec and be in coordination on this.” DM cross ordering Div 6 by way of public converted into reges for his personal slush fund. It doesn’t get much darker than that.

September 21st, 2009


Graduation this week is going to be incredibly special as all orgs on the  planet are going to watch the IAS Victory – the  IAS 1993 “War is Over” Event. This was the monumental turning point for the church and was the point that ensured we have a church.  You have all been issued new quotas for the IAS to be completed before the October 15th IAS International Event.   You are to fund raise for your quota after this event.

You are to organize the call-in and get everyone in the field in for this
event. It will do a lot to revitalize the field for sure.

So lets get with the Field Control Sec and be in coordination on this.

I need to know you are gathering the troupes so write me back that this is underway!!!

This is the most exciting time ever ever in the church.

I am expecting excellent results.

Ml, Maggie OT Ambassador I/C Int