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Scientific proof II

Understandably, after reading “Scientific proof that Scientology works” a number of folks seem to be of the view that DM’s psychiatric evaluation of me might have merit.  And, thankfully, some are  communicating their thoughts in a civil manner. Some good thoughts too.

If you read all LRH books and listened to most lecture series from 1950 through 1964 (including SHSBC) and you audited many people for many intensives and you walked the  walk (lived what you learned in an ethical fashion) instead of wore a religion you didn’t fully understand as an emblem and defended every word of it even when you had no idea what it was you were defending, the outrageous claim I made about Chrsitakis’ findings wouldn’t sound so whack.

After all, if one really understood and applied the core philosophic principals of Scientology he/she would understand and see that beings emit wavelengths and communications travel on those waves, and that ALL one learned is designed to raise a person on the tone scale so that the waves they emit more closely resemble theta (spirit) , and having experienced  that  one can graduate above waves (which are part of the physical universe) and communicate directly through thought with other beings.  And when you walk that walk – as opposed to just talking the talk – and experience it for yourself you are experiencing something that is immeasurable by science.

So when Christakis “proves” that beings can effect the mood (tone level) of beings at a distance and that there are measurable statistics which indicate beings can effect others at a third degree of separation – a real Scientologists might take it as a validation of what he/she has been experiencing for years and sometimes even decades.

Fact of that matter is someone who has certainty that he has been out of his head – and, admittedly, most (me included) have had far less dramatic or significant  experiences than say an Ingo Swann or Hal Puthoff have claimed – he looks at the world in an entirely different way. Just as Logical Mind implies those who believe they have lived before and will live again are flat earthers, those who have witnessed such for themselves consider one-lifers to be dead in the head flat earthers.

Like it or not – that is the way real Scientologists think.  Because they are willing to think critically and concede that there are policies within Scientology that detract from that way of thinking and living – and quite frankly IMHO if applied make this state of being and understanding unattainable if applied literally (e.g. fair game, disconnect, super aggressive attacks at critics, crush regging etc) – they are able to attain the fruits of the core philosophic principals of the subject (technology) itself.

From a true Scientologist’s perspective it is ridiculous to try to make Scientology prove itself through science, when science does not recognize the soul, spirit or as we like to call it, thetan.  We are looking at the universe from an entirely different perspective and foundation.  It is not something we consider worth argument because 0ne side is arguing about the apples the other sees as oranges.

Scientologists who have practiced for long marvel at how as science evolves it seems to validate Scientology – without ever mentioning it or acknowledging it.  Their view is that ultimately science has to validate Scientology (whether it mentions it or not) because it will not unlock the most fundamental secrets of the universe until itself discovers and acknowledges the spirit.

Some of the more unorthodox, but nonetheless most brilliant, minds of science who help push the scientific envelope to open new vistas sound a lot like Hubbard during his Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.  One example is Dr. John Hagelin, quantum physicist, who maintains the physical universe was created by THOUGHT.  His quest for ultimate answers lead him to the Vedic Hymns;  the same source Hubbard acknowledged as his point of departure on developing Scientology. Another physicist is Dr. Andrei Linde of Stanford University who is credited by the scientific community as having all manner of credibility on theories of how the universe was created. Listen to him for a spell and you might start thinking  Hubbard sounds conservative and tame by comparison.

I am not attempting to convert or preach. Instead, I am making an earnest attempt to get folks to understand the mind of a sincere and conscientious Scientologist.  I am finding out there are more of them than most people would suspect. I have received an enormous amount of communication from “on-line” public who are like minded and who are grappling with the moral dilemma of how to take a stand – without losing their families, friends and jobs.

To illustrate how far the Church has reversed itself from its philosophical roots, realize Miscavige’s first impulse when he reads this post will likely be to strut around the office ranting to his inner circle, “look, this nut case is theetie-wheetie.”   Miscavige disdains any hint of someone experiencing “OT phenomena” like telepathic communications (which real Scientologists will tell you they experience on almost a daily basis, provided they are living their lives ethically), third degree of separation influences, even extended exteriorizations.  Any talk of such is mowed down ruthlessly by DM much like the hard core anti-Scientologists. DM has redefined OT as a gang of thugs in SO uniforms cornering some well-heeled Scientologist, intimidating him into believing Miscavige’s cathedrals prove he is greater than Hubbard, and coercing the guy to take a second mortgage on his home to contribute to the cause.

Real Scientologists reject that brand of “Scientology”, which I call “Miscavology.”  Because they have organized their lives around the Church structure , Scientology schools, and long-time business ventures with other Church members, their disconnection from the the Reverse Scientology Church is very difficult and sensitive and takes thought and time. To the degree they are bombarded with attacks on their most intimate spiritual experiences and understandings, they are further driven back to the monster that suppresses them. And that is how Miscavige thrives and continues the protection racket.

Let’s switch to history for a moment. Many writers have made a very convincing case that most wars, and thus most human caused death, have been been waged in the name of religion – most notably Christianity and Islam.  The Bible and the Koran could be argued to be the cause of a great deal of human suffering throughout history. Do we ban those books, do we burn them? Do we prohibit the practices of those religions and attack and belittle the “brainwashed” who practice them?  I reckon that such an approach would wind you up with nothing more than more terrorism and more wars.  Personally, I have met a number of very fine folks since I have left Scientology who consider themselves devoted to Christianity and Islam.  They are peaceful and considerate and ethical people . They are non-violent and if you accused them of being otherwise because of their total conviction in the truths they find within the Bible or the Koran, they’d look at you like you were nuts. If you kept subjecting them to such criticism they would eventually decide not to communicate with you and to not accept communication from you.

This blog is intended as a refuge for those making the transition from Miscavology to the real world.

Finally, another music recommendation, this one with a money back guarantee. Download G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition). The lyrics are included below, but you need to listen to how it is performed – music and lyric – to fully get it. Listen to it several times over. If you get nothing from it, write me with your name and address and I’ll refund you the .99 you put out for downloading it – or whatever Napster charges these days. If Common doesn’t get to you, Cee-Lo will.

After bein’ 25 you know just trying to survive in the world
Bout to have a little boy or baby girl. Who knows?
Anyway just when you start gettin that little age and experience to you
You start thinkin about stuff…tryin to make the right moves
So bust it out this is what I was thinkin check it

Yo the education of the Lon chicka Lonnie Lynn (Common’s father)
Began, began with time
Bein my bloodline is one with the divine
In time brotha, you will discover the light
Some say that God is Black and the Devil’s White
Well, the Devil is wrong and God is what’s right
I fight, with myself in the ring of doubt and fear
The rain ain’t gone, but I can still see clear
As a child, given religion with no answer to why
Just told believe in Jesus cuz for me he did die
Curiosity killed the catechism
Understanding and wisdom became the rhythm that I played to
And became a slave to master self
A rich man is one with knowledge, happiness and his health
My mind had dealt with the books of Zen, Tao the lessons
Koran and the Bible, to me they all vital
And got truth within ’em, gotta read them boys
You just can’t skim ’em, different branches of belief
But one root that stem ’em, but people of the venom try to trim ’em
And use religion as an emblem
When it should be a natural way of life
Who am I or they to say to whom you pray ain’t right
That’s who got you doin right and got you this far
Whether you say “in Jesus name” or Hum do Allah
Long as you know it’s a bein’ that’s supreme to you
You let that show towards others in the things you do
Cuz when the trumpets blowin, 24 elders surround the throne
Only 144,000 gon get home
Only 144,000 gon get home
Only 144,000 gon get it baby

Chorus Cee-Lo:
I’ve lived and I’ve learned
I have taken and I’ve earned
I have laughed, I’ve cried
I have failed and I have tried
Sunshine, pouring rain
found joy through all my pain
I just wanna be happy with being me

Let me voice my concern
So many of my fellow brothers have given themselves a title
That their actions didn’t earn
Our ignorance is in the same breath as our innocence
Subconciously, seeking to find an impressionable mind to convince
I’ve finally come to the realization why Black people in the worse place
Cuz it’s hard to correct yourself when you don’t know
Who you are in the first place
So I try to find the clue in you
But evidently, White folks know more Black history than we do
Why’re we bein’ lied to? I ain’t know our history was purposely hidden
Damn, somethin’ in me wanna know who I am
So I began my search, my journey started in church
It gave my heartache relief when I started to understand belief
Hustlin was like a gift spent my share of time in the streets
Taught me survival from this evil I’m just gonna have to deal with
And I felt like a fool when I tried to learn it in school
It almost seemed like a rehearsal when the only
Science and math are universal
Takin elder advice, read the Bible, the Koran
Searched scrolls from the Hebrew Israelites
Hold on, this ain’t right, Jesus wasn’t White
Some leads were granted with insight
and it’s all in the plan, but it took me some time to overstand
He still created with the imperfection of man
So, with followin’ I disagree
By no means have I forgotten or forgiven what’s been done to me but
I do know the Devil ain’t no White man, the Devil’s a spiritual mind
That’s color blind, there’s evil White folk and evil niggas
You gon surely find there’s no positivity without negativity
But one side you gonna have to choose
Any chance to speak I refuse to misuse
So how can you call yourself God when you let a worldly possession
become an obsession and the way you write your rhymes and
Can’t follow your lesson
If a seed’s sown, you make sure it’s known, you make sure it’s grown
If you God, then save your own, don’t mentally enslave your own
If you God, then save your own, don’t mentally enslave your own
If you God, then save your own, don’t mentally enslave your own

Well, I’ve lived and I’ve learned
I’ve taken and I’ve earned
I have laughed, I have cried
I failed and I have tried
Sunshine, pourin rain
I found joy through my pain
Just wanna be happy…bein me
Bein me