Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

Winds of change

The way real change will be effectuated is by more and more people standing up  and expressing their views.   The internet is being most effectively used by those who employ its tools to network and activate folks. Cyberworld lurkers – who create or live in alternate universes – are an ineffective anachronism.  In the Scientology world, they are Miscavige’s dream as he relishes inducing fear and anonymity is a hallmark of fear.

Miscavige specializes in marginalizing dissent or free-thinking people. First by threat of declare, then by declare, then by manipulating “disconnect” employment, and then making menacing noise with investigations and the like.  It is all bark and no bite. If one understands the mechanics of suppression, he or she will recognize it is all an attempt to drive people’s anchor points in, make them afraid, and make them PTS. Ultimately, DM would like to drive every independent Scientologist into a dark closet,  cowering as he or she types ineffectual, profanity-laced protestations in the dark.

There are plans afoot to facilitate real Scientologists coming out of those closets and creating a safe environment for one another.  The What Your Fees Buy series on this blog reveals something not yet mentioned.  That is, DM can’t even distract his biggest obsession. There is no possible way he can touch people in many locations across the world deciding they aren’t going to be PTS to him anymore, they aren’t going to fly below the radar, they don’t have to hide in order to survive.

To stand and communicate one’s convictions and defend the rights of other friends to do the same is the remedy for Miscavige’s brand of terrorism.  It can make one feel healthier and more whole. If enough people follow your lead, it will lead to the end of the Scientology reign of terror.

Please start thinking about this.