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Eva, Manuela, and Dave – Part II

I learned from credible sources what occurred after I left RTC in 04. Quite  contrary to Miscavige’s minions’ recent sworn declarations, no ‘renaissance’ occurred. Instead, Miscavige’s Medievel ways barrelled out of control. He became increasingly despotic and violent. He had three of the four doors of the Hole fitted with bars and padlocked them shut – with 24/7 security manning the only remaining unbolted egress. Miscavige created a complete culture of violence, grooving in a Hole I/C (In Charge) to instigate violence, then busting him and then doing the same with a succession of Hole I/Cs. Even Russ Bellin, former CO CST, who recently sanctimoniously swore under the pains and penalties of perjury that I was a violent lunatic for breaking his titanium watch, became a particularly brutal and sadistic Hole I/C.

Miscavige took to drinking hard liquor every night. A close friend of mine was invited on a number occasions to join him, and listen to his increasingly non-sequitor, drunken, and lengthy soliloquies about how virtually everybody was out to get him.

During this period Shelly confided in my friend that she was terrified because she thought Dave was “going Type III.” She lamented how he would sometimes walk around mumbling, then periodically shouting, “Shelly, where is the gold buried?” She swore she had no idea what gold DM was referring to.

The more Shelly seperated herself out from DM’s valence, the more he distanced himself from her and confided in his troika of adoring associates, Laurisse (Lou) Stuckenbrock (for many years COB’s Communicator), Jenny Devocht Linsen (Hole I/C, currently D/CO CMO INT for WDC), and Angie Blankenship (COB Programs Ops, Hole I/C, and currently WDC for Ideal Orgs). DM became so close with the troika Shelly suspected that he was going out 2D (having an affair in Scientologese) with at least Lou.

When Shelly’s suspicions became obvious to DM, she was taken off post, disconnected from DM and put under intensive behavior control to attempt to ruin her self-esteem and create self-doubts about her perceptions. There has been much speculation as to where the program was and is being executed. I do not know of her whereabouts.

At the infamous April 15 Denver meeting, DM’s personal attorney Yingling offered to produce to Mike Rinder anyone from the Int base he might want to talk to. In a follow up call that same day Mike chose Shelly. Yingling stammered, saying that she couldn’t do that, did not know of Shelly’s whereabouts and hadn’t seen her for some time. As Mike pressed her to disclose Shelly’s location, Yingling slipped into non-sequitor, “Tommy is sitting right next to me.”

DM has been clearly put on notice that a strong network of Shelly’s friends on the outside are watching with vigilence which increases the likelihood of her being treated with some measure of decency.

(watch tomorrow for part III)