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Eva and DM – Part III

A couple years ago DM was holding court in the presence of some Scientology Celebrities. Little did he know that one of them was not your garden variety Kool Aid drinking fawner. This particular woman is a friendly, sassy and savvy individual. Her beingness – at least back in the day – could be described as insouciant. She also wields a pretty awesome bullshit detector.

Well, the celebrity happened to see Lou affecionately pat DM on the butt, thinking that she was not being watched. Having a high level of integrity, the celebrity did precisely what LRH policy calls for in such a circumstance. She wrote a knowledge report on what she witnessed.

Not being the prudish type, perhaps she was motivated by care for the survival of International Scientology. After all, LRH had this to say on the subject:

It is interesting that a review of faltering orgs that got into trouble in their areas each one had a bad sex entanglement high on staff.

A review of actions of orgs and attacks over the last fifteen years makes it stand out sharply that an org which is mixed up sexually in the higher echelons will not be effective, will have low statistics and can’t defend itself on the public front.

Such are not attacked for loose sexual relations. They are just too decayed to do a good job of defense or follow policy. So they become subject to attack.”

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 3 MARCH 1966 (OEC Vol 7 page 690)

The celebrity’s ethical vigilance was rewarded in much the same manner Shelly’s was, only tailored for a public Scientologist. She was ordered to Flag for behavior modification. At her own expense she was treated to sec checking and ethics handlings to find out why she was “critical of COB.” The end phenomena was to admit there must be something wrong with her to have had that perception. I invite folks to read T Paine’s Mechanisms of Miscavige at http://www.scientology-cult.com/mechanisms-of-miscavige.html if you haven’t done so already. Think again if you doubt mind control is being practiced by Miscavige to cover his crimes and create unthinking loyalty.

Had the celebrity’s accurate perceptions  been heeded rather than suppressed, they might have been used to put period to DM’s commission of the out ethics activities that LRH says outright wrecks organizations when practiced at the top.

An unimpeachable witness has subsequently disclosed that not only were Shelly and the celebrity perceptive in suspecting that DM was engaging in Out Ethics activity, he was doing it in ostentatious style, courtesy of his buddy Tom Cruise.

On long flights aboard Cruise’s personal jet, DM and Lou would retire for hours on end to Tom’s bedroom cabin, a cabin that is outfitted only for the purpose of lying upon the bed.

We have no proof what went on behind the bedroom cabin door. But, I credit the perceptions of Shelly Miscavige (who suffered greatly for deciding to cease ignoring outpoints and situations), and the celebrity Scientologist (who was coerced to pay for the privilege of the implanting of doubt of her own perceptions), and my other witnesses who have supplied the remainder of the testimony for this series.

Perhaps the saddest, and most telling, part of this story is that Lou used to be a quite likable, friendly and ethical individual. Many people will remember her as that. For that reason, we are all hoping she will wake up and escape before hunkering down in the bunker with Miscavige.

Peace to all of you – and there were many – who had your thoughts (or rather, Miscavige’s interpretations and embellishments of your thoughts) on the 2D broadcast in a fashion so as to belittle, invalidate and make you all feel less.

Remember what a wise man once wrote: “Basically, if sometimes clouded over with the not-so-pale cast of bad experience, your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.”