Diana Hubbard Horwich

Several people who frequent this blog have asked about Diana Hubbard Horwich’s (L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter) attitude toward Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige.   The following excepts from a written debrief of the 2003 Maiden Voyage events on the Freewinds gives a real time account that I find to be very accurate in terms of what I observed Diana’s attitude toward Miscavige to be continuously between 1982 and 2004 as I witnessed the two interact.   This report is dated 24 June 2003 and was written by another person many have asked about here, Karen Hollander.

Maiden Voyage 2003 Events Crew Debrief by Karen Hollander:

Another thing came up during that afternoon.  Diana had been working with ED CC Paris who then wrote an acceptance speech for the St. Hill size award.  Diana and Gail reviewed it and thought it was good but too long (about 4 minutes). In it, the ED had acknowledged and thanked COB and RTC for removing arbitraries and for the direction Alain received, stating this was why they were finally able to achieve St. Hill size.  Gail had been working on reducing the length of the acceptance speech and making some edits.  She asked Diana if it was OK to have this part in his acceptance speech, and Diana was adamant it should be deleted as she felt “it would create a hidden data line”. COB Asst investigated and questioned Diana on this and Diana admitted she took this out.  Diana had it thoroughly justified. After that Diana remained on C deck and off of the Management night and production of any other events.  This whole incident created further enturbulation during the event evolution.

It was shortly after this (just before dinner time) that the CO GOLD sent IMPR to the bilges due to the Hill 10s (flaps) that were being created by the IMPR office.  So at this point, both Diana and IMPR were off the production of the MV events and remained off the production lines for the rest of the cruise (what they worked on is noted later)…

…At first, they had Diana in to assist them but I later saw Diana and she told me that COB came into the C deck conference room and when he saw her there, he asked the Execs why they were using her.  She told me that she immediately walked out of the room. I was shocked and asked how she could just walk out of a room when COB was discussing her. She stated that she didn’t want to remain because she didn’t want to be “yelled at” and I told her this was BPR and that she should have been there and confronted what he had to say so she could start changing.  She disagreed.  I went and spoke to the Execs and from ED Int’s perspective, COB didn’t want her in the room so it was correct she left.   

Later in the afternoon I went to the cabin to retrieve a note pad and saw that IMPR was there resting on her bed. She told me that she had gotten heat exhaustion in the bilges and the engineers were concerned about her and had her lie down. They also notified the MLO to check on her as they were concerned she had heat exhaustion.  IMPR told me that the CO Gold had disapproved her request to come back on the lines so she was going to see the MLO to handle how she felt physically.

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  1. Sorry if everyone else knows this, but what is IMPR?
    “CO GOLD sent IMPR to the bilges”

  2. martyrathbun09

    Int Management PR. Mike can probably fill us in on who that was at the time, unless the revolving door at the time swung so fast as to make that recounting impossible.

  3. Int Management PR — held by various people including Jean Michel Wargniez and Karen Hollander most recently.

  4. Sorry to bother you again, but what is BPR?
    “She stated that she didn’t want to remain because she didn’t want to be “yelled at” and I told her this was BPR and that she should have been there and confronted what he had to say so she could start changing.”

  5. That must be horrible – having to endure such constant stupidity and abuse from the gangster-midget who stole your father’s legacy. Day after day, year after year, of quiet, miserable desperation.

  6. Alexis de Tocqueville

    For the curious who visit this blog but are somehow not yet totally convinced your so-called church is off the rails, the above is per usual for MV week aboard the Freakwinds. Everything is a flap of epic proportions punishable by humiliation and physical duress in of all places the engine room of a half-century old cruise ship, where it is insafe for the person, the engine room crew, and you while you unwittingly sip Martinelli’s sparkling cider above decks amd hope for a glimpse of or a chin wag with ‘Dave’.

  7. I think at the time of this incident, it might have been Gail Armstrong holding IMPR, though it could have been Karen Hollander (though Donatella also held the post at some point when everyone else had been busted,,,,)

  8. Marty — what a microcosm of the world under Miscavige…. I can imagine how all hell broke loose when Alain Frank Rosenberg practiced his acceptance speech and it didnt have a mention of “COB” in it. This is the biggest crime in the universe…. And God forbid, it was even worse than he left it out — someone had the temerity, the unhandled Ev Purps, the SP characteristics to tell him not to include it in his speech. Oi vey!

    For this, nothing short of total obliteration would be acceptable. And what is even more sickening is that the sycophants who were around no doubt clucked their shocked and amazed disapproval that anyone could be that CI to have “black PR’ed COB” like that!

    Jesus, this brings back terrible nightmares…. I don’t think I missed the bilges for the last 5 MVs I attended. I became an Engine Room expert!

    Miscavige is a vain and sadistic little prick. He treated women with the same disdain as men.

  9. BPR = BLack PR

  10. It looks like Diana may be ready to join us sometime soon. Now, that would be something – the Commodore’s daughter leaving DM’s puzzle factory and joining us.

    Sure beats overheating in the bildge of the Freewinds while a madman runs your dad’s legacy into the mud.

  11. First Principle

    Anyone know if Karen is still on staff, on lines, or outta there?

  12. I would second Mike Rinder but a lot more colloquially: the world we left behind was completely f…ed–totally. I read it all now and I can’t believe I and all of endured it for so long. Now we are out and good riddance except lots of good people are left there and Diana is definitely one of them.

  13. I remember her at a friends studio when she was recording her album. They where doing sythn tracks with this guy named Michael. Me and my friend where only in our early 20’s and she was having fun.
    We were a little intimidated but that was our own fault.
    She was a beautiful spokeswoman and packed an event.
    She seemed like royalty but in a good way.

    May the Hubbard family find closure.

    May the truth be told damn it!

  14. This poem was published in Advance! magazine issue 45, March/April 1977.
    Back then her married name was Diana Hubbard Horwich. I think she may have been thinking about her dad, whose health I believe was at a low point at the time. But I’m just guessing on no data except for date coincidence.

    Here’s to you, Diana. Your voice is not lost.


    The night casts silence
    And darkness hides fate
    Here is death’s stillness
    And life hung in wait
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    And blindness is his mate.

    When the time cometh
    Beck’ning truth will show
    Dreams thread all that’s real
    You alone shall know
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    And it’s time you must go.

    Time and space mingle
    You challenge the stream
    For in all shadows
    You think to catch the dream
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    Haven’t you looked and seen?

    You made the blindness
    For sight stabs pain
    You knew all along
    Disowned pieces of game
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    Breaking from slumbers lain.

    Thrilling future’s song
    Flowing on the brim
    I heard just your voice
    In the shaking dim.
    Destiny’s a wave my friend
    You cast him and you rode him.

  15. Diana was also a musical artist, and some of her music can still be found online. Here’s one link I used to find some of her music. It’s kind of a search site:


  16. David Miscavige-
    You cannot kill us.

    We will not be dissuaded.

    We are irrevocable.

  17. According to my information source in Sweden this is Ron’s Daughter Diana Hubbard on Face Book, and she has at least one independent Scientologist on her friend list namely; the Swedish Ing-Marie Lundberg, and Marty Rathbun is on Lundberg’s list too!

  18. Thanks Marty, where can someone find more like this?

  19. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    excepts / excerpts

  20. Li'll bit of stuff

    Centurion, you raise a very valid point, and therefore
    how many others will start to surface, when li’ll davey
    has been chased off his throne???
    Interesting times to follow Marty’s new book release,
    THAT, you can put your bottom dollar on!!

  21. Just a thought I can’t put aside for the moment.
    When I look at Scn Inc. from an organizational and social point of view, it really starts to look as a company run like a maffia corporation. There are so many parallels. A sociopath capo di tutti capi, of whom everybody is afraid and who has absolute power. Who rules by intimidation, physical and mental agression or downright terrorism. If you are disgraced by him, you get banned to the Hole (concentration camp) or the engineroom and get physically and mentally abused.
    The army of consiglieri’s to keep him away from the law and to help him to get the law on his side. His family are the staffmembers who execute his every whim, blackmailed as they are because of their future (the bridge). This is all underground. Above the ground, customers are buying the services, having no idea what is going on beneath. Or, if they have suspicions, closing an eye because of their future/bridge. The bridge being sold as ultimate ‘protection’. And of course the omerta! The family is absolutely forbidden to communicate in any way with outsiders who know what is going on.
    Enemies of this maffia are bullied, intimidated, terrorised or chased by lawsuits to finish them off financially and/or get banned to a far away island.
    The only thing this maffia has not yet done is murder. At least I think …
    It is more than time that the USA justice starts a thorough examination of this new kind of maffia. I wonder whether this kind of maffia would stand a chance in Europe, where we have a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

  22. I can still see the album cover. Dianna Hubbard, so beautiful, that red hair. It was 1980. Amazing piano. If she came back and spoke out, wow. What a musical talent. And LRH’s daughter, come back to us Dianna.

  23. morelivesthanacat

    Don’t let the most chilling aspect of this go unremarked….

    This “debrief” (and it’s excerpted from, evidently, a much longer diatribe), is an example of what comprises the greatest percentage of the bulk of traffic on int management lines…lengthy reports on EACH OTHER.

    Written by a so-called “senior exec” after an event, it gets the handy “debrief” label.

    Written by others they’re usually called “knowledge reports”, or “things that shouldn’t be”.

    They are almost always quite lengthy.

    They almost always have direct mention of “COB” or inferences of His Holiness (“Command Intention”), or as Google would prefer to know him by–David Miscavige.

    They are always written by confirmed or wanna be COB (David Miscavige) brown shirts.

    There are thousands, if not 10s of thousands of these reports.

    And they ALWAYS get acted upon by and always incompetently, because the Gold level Ethics Officers are incompetent to begin with (that’s an RTC qualification for this post at GOLD) and the levels above that–CMO GOLD, CMO Int, RTC internal and external security ((if such still exist) are dedicated to the protection of falsehoods and the destruction of self-determinism and honor anyway.

    So here’s where we now add 10s of thousands of hours of sec checking, OW write-ups, meter checks, etc., to the daily routine of most Int Base staff members–or at least the ones still supposedly “on post” and not digging holes or cleaning out swamps somewhere, on the RPF, etc.

    I mention “always acted upon”, because as many should know, according to LRH ethics policy, ethics reports are not generally acted upon, and particularly and especially when a person’s stats are up. The reports simply accumulate in the files until such point (based on statistics) an ethics investigation is warranted–unless the report is of very serious in nature, in which case an ethics officer would be wise to confirm the report.

    And, of course, any report mentioning COB (David Miscavige) is treated as extremely serious….

    And most staff don’t have the time and wouldn’t bother to write a report that didn’t have something to do with COB anyway.

    For all these reports are CYA (“cover your a**) reports.

    It’s all about PERSONAL SURVIVAL in the brave new world where one little man seemingly holds power over (no, not your eternity–that’s WAAY too far in the future) your ability to eat something other than rice and beans and to go to your own bed that night.

    Hopefully some of the former Int guys will jump in and confirm that I’m not only NOT exaggerating,
    but giving you a very mild idea of what it was like at Int.

    And that was over 10 years ago.

  24. Li'll bit of stuff

    Please do appreciate THIS, when trying to understand the mind of a criminal. ( BTW, lurkers, doubters and li’ll trolls,it’s true, my wife Dorothy, really did do a six year stint as a Criminon counsellor, where she got to grips with all the gory details confided to her in the course of her counselling, She also happened to be the first NED Class V auditor trained in Durban Org, circa mid 70’s) certainly helps too, when one is able to confront
    and just grant 100 % beingness to what is!)

    >>The make / break point, when a person BECOMES a
    criminal, is WHEN they lose their self respect! One needs
    duplicate & understand this in its entirety & simplicity.

    THEN,…………….anything ( I mean ANYTHING) goes!!

    The whole point to the Criminon Program, developed
    by Ron Hubbard, is, for the “criminal” to be able to
    earn back his/her self respect, under their OWN self
    determinism, and therefore eschew the former compulsive behaviour to harm others.
    By statistics alone, it has a success rate of around
    80 %, so there you have it.

    Impossible, to implement such a remedy, of course,
    in the case of the heavily insane, dramatizing S.P.,
    represented by li’ll davey and his thoroughly mind-
    controlled, programmed DMbots.

    Calvin B. Duffield.

  25. Does anyone know if Miscavige has had any processing? Has anyone seen or heard of anyone that has audited him?
    I have only had very basic training, but I read something recently about Power Processes, how they can crack an SP case. It described how Power Processes can get a person into a much better state of observation of present time. I assume with a better observation that a better differentiation ability comes into play and A=A=A is taken down a few notches.
    The Coward Miscavige, I had a little day dream about winding back the clock to 82, and LRH walking in out of blue, and just knocking Miscavige “the f**k” out. I know he’d probably just 8c him into the right handling, but dreams are free 😉

  26. …”She told me that she had gotten heat exhaustion in the bilges and the engineers were concerned about her and had her lie down.”…

    Article 5 :”No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

    David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, has sent regularly staff for punishment in the engine room of the Freewinds to do hard labor. During these people were being condemned to hart labor and subjected to abuses (to torture or to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment), he was talking some decks above about the freedom the Church of Scientology is bringing to the world, conveying the impression that he is a fierce advocate of freedom and a fighter for Human Rights and also praising CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights, an Organization under the patronage of the Church of Scientology) to the Scientologists who were gathering from all over the word. During theses staff were subjected to these punishments and Human Rights violations, he was also enjoying his leisure time (for example going on diving excursions and fine dining).
    It was also common practice for his underlings and the people working in the personnel office to administer the same treatment and punishment to subordinates.

  27. Mike, If you look at the writing Hubbard has about opposition terminals, it is fascinating. In a nutshell, anyone who stands in between you and goal.
    People assume an op term has to be an overt aggressor. But the truth is, the most dangerous op terms come in the form of “friends”. Family members that warn you not to go there. Sexy chicks that make you late for work. Charismatic guys that get you to move out of your apartment. Friendly store clerks that sell you substitutes. It goes on and on. This is a fascinating piece of information. When you really look at it and understand what an op term can do on your lines. Here is DM. Cloaked in a facade of “religious leader”. I think he imported the term into Scientology nomenclature because that term was not around when Hubbard was on the lines. But his habit of cross ordering, stopping people from success, unmocking the bridge, putting barriers on the bridge, etc etc. He seems to be in a constant and compulsive op term modus operandi. This in itself is an indicator of confusion. A leader is supposed to make sure everyone wins. Hubbard says in Scientology everybody wins. This is the game where everybody wins. DM ensures he sets everyone up for a loss. Even the people close to him delegated some power are set up losses they do not even see. Loss of integrity. Loss of freedom. Loss of freedom of speech. He managed to become the biggest op term that ever hit Hubbard’s lines. Look what he has done to Scientology and Hubbards friends and name. And he managed inherit the power from Hubbard at the same time, although very covertly. Anyone that Hubbard has lifted up, Miscavige has torn down. I can’t imagine anyone having an honest chance in that guys company.

  28. PS: and the Captain of the Freewinds, Mike Napier, who is condoning and approving all these abuses, is an accessory to David Miscavige´s Human Rights violations.

  29. And look at all of the op terms to Hubbard DM has created. The people on ESMB don’t even know they are in HARMONY with David Miscavige!
    The smoke and mirrors……….

  30. Where is Diana these days?

  31. Correction: Captain Mike Napier is not only an accessory to the abuses but a perpetrator as he has legally the command over the Ship and is responsible for what is happening there. Security, who is directly under his command is following the orders and overseeing and forcing these abuses.

  32. The last time I saw Diana was at a New Years Event at the Shrine in LA (2007?). She seemed guarded and isolated in her thoughts, just kind of standing in one place looking around and not conversing with anyone. What a sad fate to be marginalized thus by Miscavige.

    This disgusting little troll (Miscavige) is offensive to the dignity of any honorable being. I worked with IMPR Jean Michel on several Int events over the years at Flag, the Freewinds and in LA. This guy would kill himself to put on a spectacular event for the dwarf yet always seemed to be under pressure. He wasn’t allowed to “have” what he was creating.

    I was also always puzzled by and concerned with the bilge cleaning assignments so casually and callously handed down by Miscavige. Some people are overwhelmed by the heat and the noisy, dirty environment they encounter in the bilges of a ship’s engine room. After a couple of scary incidents of heat prostration (nausea, vomiting, disorientation, etc.), the E/R personnel adopted a firm policy to always closely monitor anyone assigned to the bilges for signs of heat exhaustion and get them relief if they started to show any symptoms. Heat exhaustion is not something to fuck around with. It can lead to serious brain injury or even death if precautions against it are not taken.

    Guys like Mike Rinder though, they just soak up the heat like an alligator and enjoy the work as a welcome break from the depredations of the diminutive douchebag.

  33. Yup, the best one could get from Miscavige is the portmanteau status of “frenemy”.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the informative post Scott.

  35. Exactly correct, Karola. This type of punishment is a human rights abuse are “cruel, inhuman or degrading” – and Mike Napier is definitely an accessory to Miscavige’s crimes as well as perpetrating and perpetuating them himself.

  36. I have to agree with that comment .
    Its utterly appauling and makes me sick to think Diana is treated like this . understanding this was a another ones remarks on what see, and told .
    I just hope whilst Diana being there and if she gets a chance to have a visit from a any one from outside ( if that happens) she gets given respect . Wonder if we will ever get the truth.. She holds that information at least until that time comes know one will no the daily operations and what she has to deal with on a daily basis .One questions the state of her daugther Roanne and is she. Assuming she is there also.

  37. Jane Parker White.

    She does not have to ‘endure’ – she can leave.

  38. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    Marty & Mike,

    The conceptual obvious result one has after reading Karens “report” is PIE FACE”.

    Karen’s compulsion to please little nut sack oozes from this report. The only Scientology remotely used by Mrs. Pie Face are S.O post titles.

    As for the lovely Diana, I love the fact she still kicks David Miscavige in the happy sack any chance she gets.

    — Jackson

  39. Just goes to show Alain Frank Rosenburg who I know very well has had some standard from when I saw him and worked with him
    He did show the highest respect to the Hubbard Family regardless , of COB but of course it was before the position of DM now.
    It gives a glimer of where his respect maintains If thats possible agmonst this man man controlling anything and everything.in his mist.
    He will make it difficult for Alain Frank know doubt. But DM does not pay for that CC to maintain there Alain does.

  40. Thanks Scott. Spot on observations about JM and Diana.

    And thanks for the complement. I always felt at home in the E/R. Never met a vindictive person there in all my years. They treated everyone with respect, though they were ordered to treat anyone assigned to the bilges like a piece of shit on the bottom of their shoe. It’s an interesting observation that the more competent someone is, especially in dealing with MEST (and the Freewinds E/R crew are beyond competent) the more secure they are in their ability to hold their position in space and be able to grant beingness to others. I cannot say the work was pleasant, it was deliberately intended to be as degrading as possible (I learned to literally take a bath in fuel oil in order to get the surface crap off and then use degreaser and then soap and still stink for days….), but it was made more palatable by the camaraderie and care of the snipes. It’s a world all of its own and you are right, many times I welcomed the respite. In Miscavige’s mind, the humiliation of being “busted” and made to clean up shit was a terrible threat, but that was because his world revolved around his status. Didnt bother me. Didnt bother Guillaume or Heber either. It frustrated the hell out of him….

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  41. Misha, the number of talented people that DM has squashed is loooooooong. Barry Stein, talented musician and architect; Rick Cruzen, talented musician and brilliant technician; Peter Schless, composer and superb musician; Jeff Hawkins, top marketing guy; those four just off the top of my head could have contributed so much to the expansion of Scientology. DM, however, has a dread of anyone who is capable and around him, they all get squashed or at least rendered null. Capable executives like Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre, squash! This one, squash! That one, squash! Anyone with talent he cannot abide for reasons best unknown only to himself but the evidence is all around for everyone to see.

  42. Thank you for that Oracle! What an accurate assessment. I’d never looked at it from that point of view.

  43. Mike thanks for clearing that that was a big MU for me

  44. Still there. Still drinking the KoolAid. But a less aware, less willing to fight back and more introverted than the last time you saw her. Or the last time I saw her. It’s the inevitable EP of being at the Int Base. The product of that place is unwell and unhappy human beings incapable of exerting any self-determinism.

  45. And add Diana to the list. She easily could have taken over from LRH when he passed away and been a superb head of the religion. Intelligent, dignified, the complete opposite of DM’s aggressive fake macho use 10X the force needed personality. He has kept her squashed for years but I understand there is no longer any reason for her to stay, so maybe we will hear from her soon.

  46. Obviously Miscavige never got the data in Study tape 5, “Evaluation of information”.

    He also needs to read “Brave New World Revisited” – also by Huxley.

  47. Oracle — spot on.

    BTW, Miscavige invented the term “ecclesiastic leader of the Scientology religion” to describe himself. That has sort of morphed into “leader of the religion” and then “religious leader”.

    Soon headed for “anointed one” (he already assumed the mantle of “Pope” and has been working on creating the falsehood that he was hand chosen by LRH).

    Thereafter followed by “infallible one.”

    And finally, “God.”

    He is already there in his mind — just waiting for the clubbed seals to catch up.

  48. Yes, 100% accurate. Probably gotten much more extreme since late 2003 when I did the Highway 74 Rundown to EP.

  49. Scott,

    Your comments regarding Diana reminded me of what happened to Mary Sue. Marty wrote a blog post two years ago called “Suppression of family starting with L. Ron Hubbard”. Since it shows pattern of treatment to everyone in Hubbard’s family, it is fitting to re-post the link.


  50. I gave him a review session in 1978 when he was on OT III. Nothing remarkable about it, though I did make a mistake and David Mayo wrote a cram on me.

  51. I was at a dinner at a friends house A couple of years ago. I believe his name is Trevor but nonetheless Diana son was also There.
    When I inquired about his view point the only thing he said was my bridges fully handlled if i want it. I dont want it. Not under this leadership. I see what my grandma was treated and I know what my mom goes through daily. I dont want to discuss the topic anymore… It makes me angry and sad. So please drop it.
    So i did. I may not have his name right. But his responce i recall verbatim

  52. TheWidowDenk

    Diana is a beautiful lady and LRH’s daughter. Isn’t it amazing we can recognize the rightness of the being? Isn’t it also amazing we can grant her every right to be, do and have? We, having found freedom, offer freedom.

  53. Yeah Mike. Its so funny that Miscavige considers cleaning “THE BILGES” such an unconfrontable task when guys like you are just like, “No problem!” and get on with the work.

    Not only that, but we also found that most people who were assigned to clean the bilges did an excellent job of it, really conscientiously taking care to get a real and valuable product even under the hot, sweaty, nasty and smelly conditions.

    I know what you mean about the cleanup, that Heavy Fuel Oil and bilge sludge soaks into your skin. When I was the Main Engine Mechanic and Engine Technician I would always ask Karry “Hey, what do I smell like?” She would smell me, roll her eyes and say, “HFO” (Heavy Fuel Oil).

    Purif retread, anyone?

  54. Funny Mike, I just realized BPR was not even a separate abbreviation in the 80s and early 90s, was not used that commonly as to need to be reduced to a three letter acronym.

  55. Yes, that cycle with Mary Sue is infuriating to say the least. It’s funny that Miscavige is so hung up on the subject of “Out-2D”. He personally is anti-2D.

    If we as Scientologists would metaphorically rather have you dead than incapable, Miscavige would just literally rather have you dead – and that’s the difference between him and us.

  56. Yo 🙂

  57. Thanks Dan,

    Does the Highway 74 Rundown refer to the “Pines to Palms Scenic Byway” in SoCal? What does the rundown consist of?

  58. I doubt many here have read “The Tribulation” series of books, a fictional portrayal of the “end of days.” It was interesting. But most fascinating is how all the stories I here about DM seem to mirror the anti-Christ character in the books! The vanity, the unreasonableness, the harshness toward others. It’s really quite remarkable. Makes me wonder if the authors didn’t know a little something about Davey. LOL!

  59. It’s kind of funny that black PR is only three syllables

  60. In all the moves and all the MEST coming into and out of my life since the early 80’s the only things I have now that I had then is my original copies of LRH books and the original record album, Lifetimes, by Diana. I keep vowing to buy a damn record player so I can hear it again.

    I hope she gets out of that suppressive environment soon. I hope to hear her play again.

  61. Jane Parker White.

    Marty – this snippet of information you made available about Dianna Hubbard, is one more indication of ‘what’ is wrong with ‘Scientology’.
    She seems to have been well admired and loved. But where is the LOVE’?

    And, where is “the Age of Love’ – (that we are supposedly living in) – ever made visible – by the ‘Religious Leader & his obeying followers’ of the Scientology Enterprise’s production of the ‘Truman Show’? Most bona fide religions state in one form or another the essence of the Supreme Being / 8-th dynamic as: – ‘God is Love.’

    To expand on authentic and genuine nature of religion, this is a tiny glimpse at ‘how’ the Director of the Truman Show – must have considered the word ‘love’ only to be a four-letter word – offensive in nature to boot…. By making a comparison of two different versions of ‘The Study Tapes’ – in this case the 1982 and 1987 versions – listen to the 1987 tape – but read from the 1982 transcript, of the original LRH lecture given at Saint Hill Manor on 18 August 1966. I quote below, the last paragraph of a much longer deleted section:

    LRH: “Well, the age we’re in, by the way, the age we started, by the way, already has been named. This might also be an interesting side note to you; – it’s the Age of Love.

    There was the Age of Reason, and the Age of Science, and the age of a lot of other things; but 2500 years ago, why, Guatama Siddhartha said that in 2500 years – the Age of Love would begin in the West, and this is an interesting prediction because – the first thing clears start talking about is love, you know; it’s very interesting. Of course nobody ever made this before, so how was he to know? But anyway, this is supposed to be the Age of Love. No longer the Age of Reason – thank God!”
    End of quote – (emphasis mine).

    Why would RTC delete this interesting prediction of a ‘new age’ to be started in our lifetime and LRH’s observation that this is ‘The age of Love’ ? Where is the love?

  62. God, I really hope for a prison break from the Hubbard family and all the old timers.
    Someone must be on the inside to get them help.
    To let them know they don’t have to live like that.

    That nobody can steal your eternity.

    That being free is not being disloyal.

    Seeing her picture then and knowing what’s going on now is extremely troubling in my mind.

    Very sad indeed.

  63. Dan, why was she staying (if you can say)? Is Roanne still there?

  64. Gern Gaschoen

    Re: “God”

    This is something I have always wondered about DM, actually since the moment I first met him personally: has he gone mad from looking at the OT8+ materials pre-prep?

    I believe he’s not qualified to guard these materials, and never was.

  65. The first time I saw Diana was at a packed event in Boston in 1971. She was absolutely radiant – I practically exteriorized watching her. What a contrast to these recent events!

  66. Correction – the date was 1973.

  67. Gern Gaschoen

    I have met Diana and had a few very nice comm cycles with her over the years. She is definitely one of those beings you want on your side, whatever game you’re playing.

    However, I think she will need some de-stim time once the DM shock troop/recovery-battalion is done trying to recover her.

    Also, I wonder if the Independent Field will in fact have the KSW required to ally her to the cause, alas. (Not trolling, serious point.) The Independent Movement (I’d prefer to just call it Hatted FSM’s) may not really have what it takes for Diana to feel appropriate in the effort to get Scientology applied. More likely she will stay ‘in’ the Church during the pending apocalypse, and try to keep the lines in order, somehow, among those still wearing their Sea Org hats.

    I hope we find the answer out, one day, either way, and that my concerns are un-founded.

  68. Gern Gaschoen


  69. Well said Oracle. I must thank you for your comments a couple of weeks ago concerning the GPM phenomena regarding slave & freedom as end words. I just happened to be studying into the subtleness of how a GPM forms at that time – it isn’t so much a look at life and considerations about it, it is life impinging and it is what the mind is doing. You don’t observe a GPM, it is living life for or instead of you. Your comments were appreciated.
    Something else made sense about PTSness tied into it as well. An SPs valence once adopted has as part of it an opposition to the terminal who adopted it. Very much hidden but the intention to self harm is very much part of the package so as to appease the winning valence. The Miscavige effect is so ingrained it even gets trained auditors to alter the tech and destroy their own Bridge and that of others & all the while believe they are doing the right thing.
    It also sucks to be connected to Miscavige.

  70. Gern Gaschoen

    It is INCOMM which gives COB such iron control over these reporting lines. All of this traffic is on the wire, searchable, and used to maintain control over remote terminals.

    The Duke of Chug has, alas, wrested control of the very tool LRH left behind to prevent his influence. I know INCOMM terminals are reading this message: REMEMBER, SEA ORG MEMBER, LRH PLACED INCOMM OUTSIDE CHURCH MANAGEMENT FOR A REASON.

  71. “Highway 74 Rundown to EP” – Awesome!

  72. Oh, he did OT levels at a young age. He has no excuses then. He’s attained knowing cause of being an a**hole.

  73. I met Diana at Flag when I was on staff there – she signed my Liability condition that was assigned when I did my little trip to Daytona. I had to get half +1 (a majority) of the base to sign my Liability.

    I was 16. She was stately, beautiful, and gracious.

  74. That said, I think it’s important to remember that Diana has never been the same since she was abruptly hauled off her Bureau 6 post back in the early 80’s. God knows what she was put through then, gang-bang sec checks being the then-current activity to overwhelm staff and public into submision. Having correponded with her before and after this event, I can say for certain that she was never the same – a shell of her formr self and quite depresed ( as others have noted as well). So I don’t consider her there of her own free will, the way we know free will.

    I had the pleasure of working with her and with Suzette on different projects / missions. Unlike Suzette, who jumped ship long ago, Diana lost her spunk many years ago and may well be hanging on because that is what she was made to believe she is obligated to do.

    I hope one day she wakes up enough to exit the cult. Or at lease the Sea Org to start.There she will find the freedom offered by life outside of Scientology. And friends who will accept her unconditionally.

  75. Brian Culkin

    I told the OSA director Maddie Hooper once over the phone when I was trying to get my refund that I looked forward to coming back to Flag and doing my BC one day …

    “I don’t think you understand Brian, if you get your money back you’re an SP and you can’t train here”

    “No, my dear, I don’t think you understand, because once Miscaviage is gone all of the declares will be null and void and it won’t be a big deal”

    She actually laughed out loyd when I said that … I think she secretly wants that to happen 🙂

  76. Beautifully stated Jane! Makes my day;-)

  77. The fairy tale of DM being hand picked by LRH has been circulating for years.

  78. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, the snipes were great. Did all my auditor training drills with them.

  79. martyrathbun09

    I would pay to hear a recording of that call.

  80. Miscavige doesn’t know what love is. He thinks it’s sex.

  81. A lot of Kool-Aid drinking crims to be rehabbed in the coming years…

  82. Thanks for the data. I realized the versions I have are the edited ones. Better than nothing, but a disappointment I paid a lot of good bucks for.

  83. What do you mean, “ally her to the cause”? What cause? The cause of freely applying standard tech for benefit of the PC? The cause of standardly training an auditor so he/she can really duplicate the basics of auditing and deliver the tech standardly, for the PCs gain? The cause of ensuring that the tech never again becomes monopolized by a suppressive jack ass?
    I’m taking this as a personal insult.
    There are squirrels in the “independent movement.”
    There are squirrels in the “church.”
    There are good auditors and C/Ss, there are mediocre auditors and C/Ss,
    there are PTS auditors and C/Ss, there are suppressive auditors and C/Ss.
    And there are idiot spectators sitting in their arm chairs refusing to take any real responsibility while pontificating opinions which have no basis in fact.
    Pick up an emeter and learn how to use it, dude. Put the time in to become really good at it.
    Les Warren
    Graduate class V, OEC/FEBC, DSEC, NOTs completion and a just little ticked off right now at your inane comment.

  84. You Know Who

    Well, this is interesting. It makes me curious, however, as to why Diana Hubbard did not speak up all those years that Herr Miscavige had her Mother, Mary Sue Hubbard, under house arrest … not a mile from Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, in her own house in the Los Feliz area. Mary Sue was not even allowed to go out in public by herself … always ‘escorted’ by a dutiful Sea Org member even to a shopping mall, who prevented her from having much, if any, comm with anyone. Even Mary Sue’s own grandchildren were not allowed to see her without interference. And there, Mary Sue died in November of 2002, of breast cancer, at the age of 71 … her last real input to Scientology having been over 20 years earlier. There are all sorts of stories of how Herr Miscavige managed to cow Mary Sue to the point that she gave up her rights to Hubbard’s copyrights. I’m not concerned with those stories here. What concerns me is why did Mary Sue’s family allow Herr Miscavige to pervert Hubbard’s works?

  85. In the “About” section of this “Diana Hubbard”, it says:

    “I love Jesus! I have 4 children,5 grandchildren,6 great grandchildren, . Oh, and 5 chihuahuas.”

    My guess? Not our Diana.

  86. Li'll bit of stuff

    ” We, having found freedom, offer freedom. ”
    Love that, Rachel ….so simple and so true!
    ML, Calvin

  87. HE hasnt gone mad by looking at any materials. He is mad because of his evil purposes. OT materials don’t create SPs. You got it the wrong way round Gern.

  88. For the same reasons everyone else does (see earlier post “Why We Stay” https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/why-we-stay-by-mike-rinder/).

    Much as some would like to anoint Diana as some super being because of her genes, it’s just not the way thetans work. Diana is a tremendously capable person, and very theta and creative. She had a famous father (many have found this a handicap rather than an advantage) but she still puts her pants on one leg at a time. Diana is well trained administratively and high case level. She isnt a superwoman. There are a LOT of very competent, trained and theta people at the top of Scientology. These days they are acting like cowed lemmings, beaten into submission and going along with insanities that they have convinced themselves are necessary. Sadly, Diana is one of them. Suzette and Arthur both left long ago…

  89. Sea Org definition of Black PR:

    An inconvenient truth, especially one that sheds light on the criminality and insanity within the organization.

  90. Yeah – since this Freewinds incident, Miscavige has had 9 more years to cave her in.

  91. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice going,TO! Just keep pulling on the thread that
    makes up the fabric of li’ll davey’s karate suit. At this
    rate there wont be very much left to cover his sorry
    little ass, and just makes it easier to see him for what
    he really consists of ……just a whole lot of bullshit,
    really, and not much else.

  92. Yes, I remember my first night at Flag, up on the roof, one could see and hear her playing the piano through a penthouse window; it was magical. A true princess and artist, incredibly theta and beautiful. No, such a being will not bear being yelled at by the likes of an evil dwarf, and it angers one to think of her in the dark bilges. I hope she will one day break free of his thrall…

  93. That’s a great post Mike. I posted it also on Scientology-cult (I wrote up a response to Marty’s post, but it was too lengthy to post here so I just turned it into an article over there). Many people have a tendency to elevate someone famous and put them on a pedestal. Treatment like that would be sure to make Diana respond with her trademark, “I think I’m going to throw up.” She joked, laughed or got angry like any normal person does.

    Although she will always be royalty to the Scientology world, she wanted to be treated like the normal person and judged on her own merits which were, and hopefully still are, considerable.

    On the old Survival Rundown (which was spectacular — I hope someone will revive the check sheet) there was a process that developed the ability to fully confront two things at the same time — a valuable skill, especially for driving when you want to track the car behind you and the car in front of you at the same time. Interacting well with celebrities also puts that skill to good use. As you said, every person puts their pants on one leg at a time.

    No thetan is really above any other thetan. We all have the same ticket into this place, we all have the same abilities to postulate and thus affect the outcome of events. The universe, being defined as “an agreed-upon illusion” requires equal agreement from king and coal miner alike. When it comes to thetans, the playing field is technically level, at least on a one-on-one basis.

    On a broader scale however, it is not so level. It’s basically a bunch of unaware beings who “think” on a wholly reactive basis (spreading death) vs. a few awake and aware beings who are apt to think more creatively, i.e. on the basis of spreading goodness and help.

    The trick is in the definition of the universe being “an agreed-upon illusion.” The silver lining is that such an agreement has to be, by definition, unanimous or else there is no “agreement.” Thus anyone can refuse to agree and force something to change. But that is not always as simple as it looks. For most people the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. One has to first take responsibility for being fully in agreement with the way things are and even for WANTING things to be that way. To scale those heights you have to be a good climber. The walls go straight up and those walls are made of responsibility. Yet LRH says exactly how to do it. This is all just basic Scientology tech that anyone should know.

    Surely there is no Scientologist who has not read the words, “the universe is an agreed-upon illusion.” But what does that mean?

    That’s why full communication requires both duplication and understanding. People at the Int base (not including Diana) call themselves Scientologists but they don’t really understand it.

    If anyone wants to read more about Diana, they can read my article which I wrote last night to supplement Marty’s great article and the wonderful comments.

  94. Perhaps an adjustment of the Morgast Pendragon peom might suit here: “I thought she had come as a blessing,yet later found out she had already been as the devil”

  95. Possibly the Michael that was working on her album at the time was her friend Mickey (Michael) McMeel. He had been the drummer with Three Dog Night many years earlier. Here’s what I found online currently – not sure of his Scn status: http://innercityslickers.com

    Diana always carried herself with tremendous elegance and grace.

    But, under that facade used to beat the heart of a lion(ess) … I’m sure it beats a bit less strongly these days after years of suppression.

    However, as we all know — once out from under suppression, we revive!

    It’s heartbreaking to me to think of Diana cowed and nullified.

    In the end, however, it appears to be the causes and conditions that must come together that propel a person to make their dash to freedom.

    And, as sad as I might be, perhaps some never will. I’m hoping that Diana though is one of them to make that dash.


  96. I don’t believe LRH was ill back in 1977 —

    However, the poem could have been in memory of her brother Quentin, who passed in 1975 or so.

    She was extremely close to Quentin.


  97. I am sure Marty will cover this in his book……at least I am very hopeful he will. Many of us came into Scientology long after LRH left, and the events surrounding his death and the disposition of MSH are still very unclear.

  98. Gern Gaschoen

    I won’t ack your personal eval of me, personally – I certainly am not targetting you in my observation – I just don’t think that Diana will take very well to leaving the Church and going ‘Independent’.

    I’m of the opinion that SHE (this has nothing to do with: you) will not be content operating in a field where Orgs are not being run per LRH: with the Sea Org delivering OT levels, management exec strata, and so on. That DM has ruined the scene does not in any way discount the fact that, per standard Scientology, there are supposed to be Missions, Class IV/V Orgs, AO’s, SH’s, CLO’s, a FOLO, Flag Land Base, and so on.

    As far as I know so far, there are no standard LRH Orgs in the Independent Scene: please feel free to correct me on that one. I know that there may be some groups attempting to deliver Scientology standardly, with an HCO, a Qual, a proper Div VII and so on .. but if they are actually full-blown Orgs we’re talking about, I’d love to know about them and see their stats ..

  99. Gern Gaschoen

    I guess you are right Mr. Rinder. Evil Purposes on the part of DM are definitely a statistically viable conclusion.

  100. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yes, Scott, while alone—-and with himself!

  101. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep, a whole lot, Scott!

  102. Mike, understood, but Dan Koon says above “I understand there is no longer any reason for her to stay”. That’s what I was asking about.

  103. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nothing extroverts better than good old H/Duty
    mest work, or being in the boxing/fighting ring,
    or chucking around the heavy iron in the gym,
    eh, Marty???

  104. Errol Sayin

    Marty, I intend to buy your book and review it and write about it and try to get it into as many hands as possible. The chilling expressions of the “busters” will cause objective readers to ask “what is really going on here?”
    I really hope that more and more people in the church will get the message,
    but I think you realize that an SP as devious as Miscavige will take a lot
    of people down with him.
    Winston Churchill quoted the bible to people unwilling to confront Hitler in
    October 1938: “Thou are weighed in the balance and found wanting.”
    The people that put aside any pretentions of decency to harrass you made moral justifications to themselves. They aren’t much different from the Chamberlain supporter who wanted “peace with honor”. The Book of
    Daniel might be a good lesson for them:

    26: This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.

    27: TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

    Churchill’s speech to the House of Commons (http://www.churchill-society-london.org.uk/Munich.html) might be another.

    Verse 26 applies to DM directly.

  105. +1 Diana should have walked out of the C deck Conference and off the gangway as well!

  106. Extremely well put LDW.

  107. She looks nothing like LRH’s daughter with red hair – the Diana Hubbard pictured on the mag above!

  108. Perhaps Dan is talking about the Highway 79 rundown, of exiting the gate and heading off towards the sunset on the highway which runs through it.

  109. My guess is that Diana elected to stay until the bitter end if need be, in the role of what Robert Heinlein called a “fair witness”, in his novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”. I think she felt it was her duty to stay and confront whatever was done to her dad’s creation. And perhaps to the extent she was able, to light one candle.

  110. I never saw Diana but purchased a record album she recorded in the 70’s. I can’t recall the title but it was like sunshine on the cover. I used to play it often, it was so beautiful and I enjoyed a tremendous amount of theta, love and peace from her music and words. It’s been packed away for many years and someday I’ll retrieve it.

  111. State Highway 74, aka Gilman Springs Road, bisected the Animal Farm property. At WHQ we called it the Highway 79 Rundown. The commands at the time were: 1) Go out on Highway 79. 2) Start running. 3) Keep on running. The Highway 74 Rundown was an updated and faster version which included a bicycle.

  112. I don’t actually see that NOT happening.

  113. Uh-oh. Maddie’s toast.

  114. “As far as I know so far, there are no standard LRH Orgs in the Independent Scene”

    You “know about” the Independent movement. You do not know. If you did know, you would know there are standard orgs in the Independent Movement.

    It was fair of you to qualify your statement with “as far as I know”.

  115. Is that how you got out? LOL!

  116. It breaks my heart to read these stories of Mike in the bilges, Diana humiliated. What David Miscavige has done to the gifted immortals. Yes, there are many among us that I see as immortals. I could make a long list of truly exceptional people I have known in the Sea Org and in the Scientology arena. Gifted, OT, competent, sane, magical unusual immortal people that would be part of any renaissance on this planet or any other one. DM has devalued and degraded everything and everyone he has reached out and touched. Masked it all behind a “love for Hubbard”. Know people by their actions.

    If there is anyone on this planet that despises L.R.H. is it David Miscavige.

  117. George M. White

    Excellent post. In the Theravada tradition, we use the Pali word “Metta” which translates as loving-kindness. It can also be translated as ‘friendship’.
    Actually, you gave me a great idea because Miscavige could be quickly handled if only he would listen to some wisdom. Now I am working on getting his attention!

    Much Metta,
    George M. White

  118. There are no standard orgs anywhere anymore…it’s a fact…a few delusional people think such…so what do you do about any hope of crossing that bridge over the deep chasm of aberration?

    Connect up with those who were standardly trained and standardly deliver. (no 3 swings, etc.), those who’d know know they are not infallible and help each other to correct any technical deviations. IMO you have a better chance of getting over that bridge than in the current establishment (would never have dared to say that yrs ago). Instead of spending all your money on those ridiculous donations you will be paying for your loved ones to cross over that chasm, the hope of which is non-existent currently unless you are fabulously rich, or delusional that you are, and go grossly in debt “knowing” that by doing so somehow mysteriously the gods will shine on you and make all right as the Reg’s say it’s so. good luck on the debt now with the economic/credit crunch.

    That being said, we’re back on the bridge and winning fabulously, so know it’s possible w/o all the bullshit. It was a leap of faith and it’s working and I believe this is what LRH hoped for. Otherwise why would those underground lockers be created to preserve the writings in the event of catastrophe? Well catastrophe has happened and that is DM, but fortunately the underground lockers are everywhere and we can dig it up and apply the tech and it is happening daily and in ever growing numbers as we speak. Godspeed friends.

  119. Steve, I hope you don’t mind my posting this little teaser from your concluding section about Diana. Hopefully it will encourage folks to go read the whole thing! If anyone still needs encouragement.

    “In the worst-case scenario where captors are using Scientology to suppress, entrap and coerce you toward death, you can freely lie to them and the meter will FN. When you need it to read on something that is not charged, it will read.”

  120. Because everyone else is too stupid and incompetent he has to do it hisself. :-/ =)

  121. Mike Hobson

    Well now, isn’t that just a peachy keen effort to black PR Diana Hubbard and the rest of “Mary Sue’s family”.

    I’m going to give you 4 points out of a possible 5.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  122. Yes, she is competent. She did a great eval back in the mid 70’s regarding acknowledging people who helped in SoCo (now Able network) and she also acked public for contributing in the way they could do best. It was amazing to see such granting of beingness from an upper org evaluation. Of course, she wasn’t being nice, it was based on actualy stats of where the public was coming from, and of course, it was mainly the fsm network (not expensive commericials, which we didn’t have anyway). Instead of the mindset that only staff were helping (as a staff we liked to hear that, but it wasn’t totally true) and everyone else was ‘not helping’.

    Still, I see what Gern is trying to say – Diana grew up in the SO and no matter what, she probably thinks that keeping the organization afloat and keeping all the dirt inside, is the way to go. What experience does she have outside anyway? Suzette was always the more daring one so it makes sense that she would get pissed and leave. However, she isn’t exactly blogging or writing anything to forward other’s independence from the church either. I think that she would consider that an enemy line, even though she knows DM is bent. If she is speaking or writing against the church then I don’t know about it.
    Diana can be blindsighted, as ptsness is an equal opportunity condition. On the other hand, she may be thinking that he will fall eventually, and the church will continue forward. I’m willing to bet that she thinks abandoning the church, no matter how nutty, would be crossing purpose with what her dad/ commander, would have wanted. However, I don’t know what she is doing on the inside to put things right…from what I have read on this blog, that sounds like an impossible task unless someone simply picked the little monkey up and tossed him in a ‘special hole’ and threw water on him…maybe he would melt like the wicked witch of the west!

  123. I am very happy to read that Diana held her ground. Of all the people being held at Int I suspect she is one of the most carefully watched.

    David Lingenfelter

  124. Damn she’s a hottie


  125. No one can say it like you do friend.
    David Lingenfelter

  126. Steve,

    Thank you for your write-up!!


  127. Mike,

    Diana came back to Int in late ’86…about the same time as Arthur left. Why in the world would she dive into this cesspool…especially after her mother, her and her siblings had been stripped of their inheritance? I can only assume she had a plan…I sincerely hope she survives! (I truly wish her and her daughter well!!!)


  128. Yes, and got out on Highway 74 on a Bicycle! Good job Dan on describing you blow.

  129. Mike Hobson

    What makes you so sure about that ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  130. Mike Hobson

    From a couple of reports I’ve had from persons who knew D.M. and/or his family, he was already quite mad even before he was brought into Scientology.

    After slapping a female PC *in session* on the Class IV Internship, I cannot imagine how he could possibly have been accepted into the CMO. *WHO* put that evil little fuckwit on Ron Hubbard’s lines ? I surely would like to know that.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  131. Mike Hobson

    Boys and Girls, we seem to have quite an up-tick on the level of negative PR lines against Diana and against the Indies in comments posted on this article. I can’t imagine who could possibly be the source of that, can you ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  132. Hi Mike, I was on the Service lines of DM on the Ship at that time. It was a big flap that Alain did not mention COB, in fact, we had the whole dinning room where he ate decorated with a French theme, ( as you know he would come and eat there after the events, very extravagent food,) George Iron came in there very panicky and told us we had to take down ALL the french decorations as COB hated France and Alain. This came about because he did not thank DM in his speach!!! It was a big no, no, so of course we had to take all of the French decor down and quicky come up with something else.

    When DM came in to eat he was nattering about the French and Alain non stop.

  133. Why did you, You Know Who?

  134. You maybe right, WH. I was thinking it was1977 that David Mayo was rushed to California to audit LRH because LRH was ill, but it was Sept 1978. But maybe Diana foresaw something? Or, it could have been Quentin she was writing to/about, as you say. Such a strong and personal vision…..

  135. When I read those comments, about the lack of “standard orgs” outside, I have to laugh. It is inside the CoS that there are no standard orgs. Outside, well I think of Marty and Mosey and many others out here delivering standard auditing and training and I think “Which would you rather have? The letter of LRH without the spirit, or the spirit of LRH?” Where were the standard orgs in 1950? We have more than that now, to work with. I hope Diana sees and gets out here! When I read those comments about “standard orgs”, I think of this song from the 1960s:

  136. Her dad was going or gone, and I think she felt she had a duty no-one else could carry out. I hope she somehow sees that the CoS is beyond redemption, and walks. Without contact with the outside world, it is hard to see the CoS’ true state. She may not know just how bad off the CoS really is. Being at Int seems to be a bit like being in North Korea, information control is the order of the day everyday – here’s a fresh story about that:

  137. +1. Very troubling and sad indeed, Brian.

  138. Gern Gaschoen

    I’d like to know more. Why don’t you fill in the details?

  139. The Grimm Reaper?

  140. Under Radar

    “And finally, “God.”

    Love it, Mike!

  141. V — thanks for further confirmation of the vanity and insanity of POB.

    What an unhappy life to live. Hating everyone. Convinced they are all out to get you…. No amount of hand tailored silk pajamas or beluga caviar omelets will change that.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  142. Gern Gaschoen

    I think you are conflating Auditors with Orgs. Marty and Mosey may well be Standard Auditors, but there is no Standard Org behind them. Yet.

    I’m willing to admit that there are more standard-tech Auditors in the field than in the Church.

    But a lone Auditor does not an Org make, and without an Org, Bridge progress, for all, is limited.

  143. Gern — I think you are conflating individual Bridge progress with clearing civilization. No doubt it requires some form of organization to accomplish clearing on a large scale. Individual progress simply requires a standard auditor/supervisor/CS.

  144. Pingback: Diana Hubbard Horwich | Der Treffpunkt

  145. eileenclark101

    This is brilliant.

  146. “The methods of handling others could be assigned to three general categories. The highest category would be one of enhancement, where the individual seeks by example and good reasoning to lift the level of those around him to the point where they will partake of the projects of living with him.”

    “The second category would be that of punishment drive, or domination. Here the individual uses alarm, threats and the general promise of pain unless compliance is given by the others around him.”

    “The third category is that of nullification, wherein the individual seeks to minimize individuals.”
    “This category would rather see a man sick than well, because sick men are less dangerous than well men, according to the ‘thinking’ that takes place on this band.”
    L. Ron Hubbard, Science of Survival

  147. Li'll bit of stuff

    Gern, how about this? This independent
    movement, though seemingly fragmented,
    in actuality, consists of the very Best
    AUTHENTIC version (digest that properly
    for a moment, before reading on,) of LRH
    Scn’gists, vs. Miscavige kool-aid drinking
    “orgs” and his ” clubbed seal producing”
    IDLE Morgues. Granted, Gern, on appearances, they get the nod as “Orgs”

    Here’s the rub. In actuality, they are just
    a massive rip-off Ponzi operation, financed
    by the well intending, yet totally oblivious,
    mind controlled, milked,clubbed seals.

    Why does it need to be spelled out for you?

    READ the blog, GET the import. Get aboard
    or GET lost.

  148. Li'll bit of stuff

    Misha, really good to see you surface ( I Know,
    buried under the workload & all!) Echo your
    sentiments completely. Makes one want to
    assemble the “stormtroopers” and just rip right
    in for the rescue, doesn’t it?

    In reality,that would be one hellava big moment,
    hey? Like when rescuing those tortured souls from
    the nazi concentration camps, except that this
    is in “FREE” America…HAH!..Bad call. Very bad!

    Calvin B.Duffield

  149. Li'll bit of stuff

    Les, ticked off you are fully entitled to be!
    So am I! Inane comment, is putting it mildly!
    Some, (like Gern, here) just aren’t willing to
    do that little bit of “reading between the lines.”
    never mind reading the “31 factors” (header)

    Of course there’s none of the so called “orgs”
    ( or missions, for that matter!) li’l davey the
    mobster bulldozed them out of the way, to
    replace them with his real estate planned
    Ponzi operation, simultaneously crushing any/
    all opposition / resistance to his “empire dream”

    Orgs are built with hard working, standardly
    delivering, on source , auditors, c/s and tech/
    admin,personnel just as yourself, and all the
    others with their noses to the grind stone!
    The Mest ( org/s ) are of secondary importance.
    This is all per totally standard LRH policy.

    What a totally clumsy, unthinking insult, by Gern.

    Calvin B.Duffield

  150. Then theoretically he went Clear, to be allowed to do OTIII? Makes me wonder if he actually went Clear. Particularly if he flunked and did not complete his Academy levels training, as I’ve read. If he failed to complete his Academy training, could he have done his Solo course anyway? Or did he supposedly go Clear on Dianetics?

    There are so many gaps in his bio….

  151. It is possible LRH himself took DM on as a Messenger as an act of charity. Being around LRH’s theta may have destimulated DM enough that he seemed savageable.

    There are reports in the book “HelterSkelter” that even Charles Manson mellowed out and became, for awhile, more rational as a result of being in contact with and doing some study of scientology materials. If I recall correctly, Manson was in prison at the time.

  152. You Know Who

    Careful there sport. The finger points both ways. This is exactly the kind of response one would get inside the corporate “Church of Scientology”.

  153. He would be what LRH referred to as a “cleared cannibal”!

    But he is a bettter example of a “dick head” as yvonne likes to refer to him.
    I’m in complete agreement with both!

  154. I honestly don’t think he is a “Cleared” anything! Any evidence to the contrary? If he got onto OTIII somehow, does not prove to me he went Clear.

  155. Mike Hobson

    Mr. Pseudonomous Coward, trying to run PR games against *me* ain’t gonna fool anyone here.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientoloigst

  156. Mike Hobson

    It is also possible the moon is made of green cheese. If you don’t have any actual facts about the matter of how Miscavige became a Commodore’s Messenger, your random speculation is not helping.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  157. Mike Hobson

    … By Darth Midget himself, yes.

  158. Mike Hobson

    “iamvalkov” you have *zero* firsthand personal knowledge of Diana Hubbard, isn’t that true ? Your remarks are just more bullshit.

  159. Just for the record:

    Fuck COB.

    There. That was most enjoyable.

  160. Pingback: 1 madman, 2.5 wives, 7 children, 2.5% out of control, not a single cure? | Arrowhead, Brainwashing, Church of Scientology, Deception

  161. How does one get in touch with Diana?? I worked under her for years closely in the public division at Flag – and would like to communicate with her – any info?

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