Remedy of Black Dianetics – Coming Soon

Front cover:

Description: The first critical treatment of Scientology that seeks to identify and correct what is wrong with it rather than to merely expose or advocate against the subject. A handbook for former, current and prospective members. The book can help to heal any damage done by misuse while rehabilitating any positives derived from Scientology. The book also serves to proof up an individual against being harmed by misapplication of Scientology in the future.  As the first simple, accurate description of the philosophy from its introductory to its most advanced levels, the book will inform those interested in Scientology as no other available work has.

Back cover:

227 responses to “Remedy of Black Dianetics – Coming Soon

  1. Awesome Marty!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omigod. The cover cracked me up.

    Can’t wait, Marty! You just keep delivering…..

  3. Marty, great cover, front and back (if these are the front and back covers). The front cover photo perfectly communicates “what is wrong with Scientology” – bunch of unreasoning haters engaged in (gratuitous and stupid) activity with no purpose other than to enturbulate.

  4. Marty — This is the “Come On” campaign to beat all. Do you have Jeff H, Steve H, Peter C, Dan K, Carrie C, Bill D and the rest of the Marketing All Stars doing a campaign for you????

    I will be the first — and not the last I am sure — to ask the burning question: WHEN???????

  5. Theo Sismanides

    The front Cover… Smashing and… impinging! Waiting for the book to come out!

  6. The contrast between the photo on the front cover and the photo on the back cover says it all.

  7. Perfect! I love this.
    I bet Nurse Ratched is breathing a sigh of relief for not being in the picture…but at the same time, she is holding her breath about what’s inside on the other pages.

  8. Firebreathing Frog

    I can’t wait to put my hand on this one, will be a good read for the holiday.
    The amount of charges this book is going to blow will be felt from galaxies away.
    Well done Mr Rathbun.

  9. Great Marty, I’m in line for all your books and handbooks. Allender will be synonymous with Black Dianetics, perhaps he should collect ad revenue from GoPro video cameras as a walking billboard!

  10. I know better


    Oh my God the cover says it all. I will personally buy copies for each of these 3 schleps on the cover when they go for sale and you can mail them to them….and a few other terminals I know as well.

    As LRH said, “books make booms!”

  11. The front cover is an excellent example of what is wrong with Scientology. Humorous at first glance, yet seriously sad in reality.

  12. Claudio Lugli

    Bravo Marty!!!!!!!!
    The picture you choose shows with no doubts the adverse effects of Reverse Scn
    And no one can argue to the contrary
    If those nuts call themselves “Scientologists” there better be a remedy for it……

    Claudio & Renata

  13. George M. White

    Excellent target marketing

    George M. White

  14. Holy smokes batman, perfection !! … my initial reaction !

    The front cover couldn’t be better imo, impressive. Impinging ! Allender will be (soon if not already) rolling over in his stupified, or as Rinder would say… “clubbed seal” sense on his own PR stage. Caught on film, busted, and put out front cover an official publication for all to see. I can’t wait for his reaction(s).

    Mucho kudo’s to you and your editors, and your art director… . VVWD !!

  15. That’s a really good cover. Talk about payback for all the trouble they gave you. can t wait to read it.

  16. Jane Parker White.

    You have such a great sense of humour, to take your epic moments of adversity – and return the flow from whence it came. Brilliant & funny.

  17. Bruce Pratt


    (Now I am getting the affliction of the now generation. I want my copy NOW.)

  18. I was going to ps: the same thing… talk about fair game retribution ! Love it !

  19. one of those who see

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! Can’t wait!! You are the coolest, Marty!

  20. The front cover is a story in itself. I’m sure the book will be very revealing.

  21. Marty – perfect front cover and back. I, also, can’t wait.
    Chris Baer

  22. WhhhhoooooW……..Allender the very best example for Black Dark Dianetics…what a great demo kit these guys on the cover……………can’t wait

  23. HannibalTheFirst

    Marty, you made my day. The front cover really cracked me up. It communicates better than 1000 words the title of your book. Congratulations and thanks for the laugh. Can’t wait to get the book in my hands. Thanks for all you do.

  24. I love it -The Three Evil Stooges !!!

  25. Bravo Marty. Will it be available on Kindle?

  26. Ah, the 3 alienating aliens on the cover … absolutely priceless.

    I have checked quite a number of revealing books on Co$, by former members, reporters, government officials, concerned citizens etc. Seems you have created a new brand of dealing with the glaring outpoints of Co$, Marty. Congratulations !

  27. NICE Marty!!!!! love it. I want a signed copy!!!

  28. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Marty, this cover is brilliant. I’m looking forward to reading my autographed copy as soon as it’s available.

  29. Hapexamendios

    That cover rocks! That’s probably the most positive thing that’s ever come from those 3 goofy bastards.

  30. Awesome front cover! Bring on the (sinister) clowns, the world is waiting.

  31. Phil Bruemmer

    This blows charge!
    Now, how can I get this book?

    By the way, you look great there.
    Allender & Co. look absolutely horrible.
    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

  32. Roger Thought (LO)

    rofl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. … what a great demo kit………………… LOL

  34. Compare the front cover pic to Marty’s back cover photo. I mean, do these guys look like freak-o-zoids or what?

  35. Marty,
    Healing Through Understanding—- way to go!!!
    How about including a link to The Car Wash just for some ‘cool’ entertainment……

  36. I’ve been asking for a year or so now. At least he’s getting us this for an intorduction to the big book he’s been working on.
    And Mike… when can we expect a book from you? 😉

  37. A suitable and telling cover. What better way to say loudly what is wrong with Scientology than by using real life examples such as this one?

    I hope John Allender is proud of his “Accomplishments”. In the future, how will he make up the damage for his part in bringing Scientology to ridicule as a consequence of his demeaning and ludicrous behaviors put on display for the world to see at the behest of its current leader?

    A fool on a fools errand on a good day.

    I suspect the rest of the book is just as good. They say you can’t judge a book by it cover but you can say this is a telling cover.


  39. Thanks for sharing front and back cover of your up coming book.
    When is it due out and due to be on sale within the UK

  40. Fabulous, Marty.

    I expect there will be an official book signing in a couple of weeks?

    The back cover is what you look like when you DON’T go into the implant station that the guys on the front cover are visiting regularly.

  41. Tony Dephillips

    Friggin amazing Marty!
    The layout looks fantastic.
    The lunatics on the cover will go down in history! Lol!!
    It is the Indie version of “What is Scientology “. Lol!

  42. For a split second I was puzzled thinking that I was on the wrong site, till I realized that Allender & Co are on the front cover of your book and then was cracking up.
    Perfect image for the title!

  43. When I ask Allender to sign a copy I promise to post the video here.

  44. Firebreathing Frog

    Come on, don’t blame Allender and his boys, they for will for sure contribute to this masterpiece by showing what real black Dianetics can do right on the front cover.

    To Allender: you little escapade to Texas will help getting the truth about Miscavige craziness. Well done man.

  45. In this case, a book cover is worth a thousand words.

  46. Laughter!

  47. Imagine if this could be produced like some of those children’s books. And one could push Allender’s face and hear his voice! “Come on Marty, you got anything to say?” “You can’t even defend yourself on this can you?”

  48. Indie-saurus-rex

    And yes, also very excited about this book!

  49. Tory Christman

    That is one perfect cover!!! OSA always manages to prove what we who are out say about them, every SINGLE time. 🙂

  50. The dwarf will blow a gasket over that cover picture. Epic backfire! I see many sec-checks in their futures.
    I bet camera-boy is thanking his lucky stars that his face is mostly hidden. And the one on the right, he looks he’s from Planet of the Apes.

  51. Can’t wait to get copies of your book! The photo on the front is perfect.

  52. Marty, I would buy that book – and judging the book by its cover, it promises to be a page turner!

  53. The Squirrel Busters have done a good job of busting themselves. That’s correct target.

  54. I just noticed those guys have “GoPro” cameras on their heads. These are usually used by extreme sports participants- not stalkers of former CoS members. Those GoPro’s aren’t cheap. Just shows they haven’t spared any expense for their harrasment activities.

  55. And if one holds the button down, it chant’s:

    “Come on Marty, you got anything to say?”
    “Come on Marty, you got anything to say?”
    “Come on Marty, you got anything to say?”

  56. Re the front cover – do you need a release form to use someone’s likeness like that?

  57. This is a good idea, it will definitely appeal to some people who would otherwise ignore merely critical books and anything that can be used to encourage Scientologists to examine and consider how to fix some of the many negatives about CofS is very welcome. Thanks!

  58. Did you use the cloud background and the font on purpose? It looks like the Church’s publications. You may want to re-consider this. Unless that’s what you intended.

    I can’t wait to read what is inside.

  59. Dolphin Play

    ¸¸.•´¯`» ツ BIG SMILE! ¸¸.•´¯`» ☺ シ !! (°⌣°)

  60. Talk about poetic justice!!

  61. Excellent !!!!
    FRONT COVER …..What happens when you continue to sample the Koolaid.

    REAR COVER …..What happens when you climb out of the rabbit hole!

  62. martyrathbun09

    Later this month- and yes, in UK.

  63. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, but might be a couple weeks.

  64. Marty, your book is a first. Well done for being able to take a step back
    and put order into the confusion, not just point out the confusion that the “church” of Scientology has become.

  65. OMG, LOL, they look like Goldfish in an aquarium, hahaha, I guess you were right when you told John Allender you were about to make him famous.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Will post order link this coming week most likely.

  67. LOL! Can’t wait to see that.

  68. That picture and video has been on youtube for a very long time now. If they had a beef with being seen like that they would have done something about it by now. Plus, they used it themselves. When you allow yourself to be videoed and put on the internet, and then you do it yourself you lose the right to say “hey you can’t use that”. Pubic Domain.

  69. They provided a release when they stood on his deck with cameras on their heads. Kind of hard to object to using your image under such circumstances….

  70. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book. Waiting, and wondering if you will sign books Marty.

  71. The cover says it all. If a guy that has gotten to the top that Co$dm has to offer (at great expense no doubt), looks like that… Wow! you almost don’t need the text.

  72. Wonderful Marty. Can’t wait to get my hands on it….

  73. Very good, I look forward to the book.
    You just couldn’t “set up” the photo for the cover – life has its own way of presenting itself in the bizzar – remarkable image!!

  74. Marty,
    Nice picture of you, too!

  75. Li'll bit of stuff

    Aghast! Gobsmacked! Incredulous! Marty , that the highest
    power in the church of scientology; DM, could hand to you, on
    a (golden) platter— the sword with which to execute him!!!!!

    Now THAT, is what I would call STUPIDITY OF MAGNITUDE!

    Take a bow marketing team, editors, Dan & Russell, advisors
    and support staff, and master “BUSTER” of “squirrel busters”
    “prison break survivor” of the “church” of scientology, (now turned healing specialist), ice- cool, laser sharp author,
    ……………………….Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun……………………………..

    David Miscavige…….your “empire” built upon your cruel deceit, cunning and ruthless exploitation of hundreds of thousands of trusting scientologists across the world,over the past 30 years, is about to “implode” upon you, finally bringing you to your knees.
    where you DESERVE TO BE. You alone, have, by you own hand,
    chosen Mark “Marty” Rathbun, as your executioner!

    Kneel before him, and accept your fate, failing which, it shall be
    enforced upon you!
    …………thusly, READ ALL ABOUT IT—–WORLD!!!

    Congrats, Marty, victory is assured with this Valuable Final
    Product…… THE ENDING of the tyrant’s reign of brutaliy.

    Calvin B. Duffield

  76. Marty, great cover. Es Perfecto!! I’m going to order few copies of this book for my family and my self.

  77. Oh, by the way. John, if you are reading this? From an onlookers point of view, it looks like Marty did an excellent job defending himself. Where have you disappeared to by the way?

    And, it looks like he did have something to say. It looks like he even had a LOT to say! Thanks for the prompters! I am looking forward to reading the book!

  78. Perfect! Can’t wait.

  79. By the way, I was in the car yesterday and what comes on the radio but the Car Wash song. My first thought was of the now classic video. Just hearing the song makes me laugh.

  80. If Mike ever writes a book, and i would say its 50/50 at best, my guess it will be years from now. Give it 2 or 3 more years.

  81. Thanks for giving me some breathing room John…. 🙂

  82. Of course I along with so many other Independent Scientologists took one look at that cover and burst out laughing when I saw one of the biggest fools of radicaldom had elected himself poster boy for what is wrong with the Church of Scientology. How fitting. And what a great example of an evil intention backfiring on the user — John Allender set out to damage your reputation and ended up destroying his own. It just goes to show you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t stop him from putting a camera on his head and diving into the La Brea Tar Pits.

    I think this is going to be an incredibly valuable contribution won by force of sheer hard work on the part of yourself and Mosey and through your generous effort to help so many.

  83. Marty, the picture is iconic. Should be poster size and on billboards and storefront windows of bookstores everywhere. They look like such a-holes. What a gift they gave you. As the saying goes; thank you for making my point. Looking forward to a great and illuminating read.

  84. Tom Gallagher

    Oh hell…

    Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

    Enjoy your single-malt tonight pob. There’s been a reverse “coup de dwarf”.

    I really look forward to the read Marty. Sure beats 10K per intensive.

  85. People — take this cover and start putting on the facebook wall of people still in. This is so impinging it can and will wake them up … Hello Sir — we know who blew from Int recently … You are finished ….

  86. Haha, the cover, the cover!

    Boy do they look Iike idiots.

    Marty, I hope you get to do the rounds of all the TV shows. If your PR people are good, you’ll get tired of airports. This story is essential.

    Davey, yeeeeeiks, you must be flipping out. It’s happening!

  87. Marty,
    For an additonal premium can we get you to sign it?

  88. Thank you, Tom!
    This never gets old for me! 🙂

  89. The cover……the ….cover….

  90. Tom Gallagher

    By the way Marty, Daffy Dave says, “You’re despicable!! ”

  91. +1

  92. Mike and Marty, both

    Really look forward to your books!

    The more senior ex leader book memoirs and hindsight and positive suggestions about it all, the better, I feel.

    Who better to talk about official Scientology, than ex leaders who’ve had some time to think about their lives there.

    Even though I’m not a Scientologist, I think in LRH solutions to the admin side of the movement, and I hope to heck your book is so good it becomes such a temptation that existing official Scientologists just can’t resist sneaking a look at it.

    I’d even wager that business people near Flag and near the complex, would be willing to have your book on display in their shop windows to offer the truth to the people near the main hubs of Scientology.

    Thanks so much for being in communication widely!

  93. PAYBACK!!! How sweet it is!

  94. Ronnie Bell

    I think the blue sky and clouds on the cover is entirely appropriate, because it has always been an apt metaphor for the real Scientology. It’s a very good contrast to the ‘squirrel busters’ photo below it, which depicts the real Church of DMonology.

  95. +1
    The book cover. The crowning moment of DM stupidity and vindictiveness
    “turn over you pc folders…”
    All captured in the bizarre, unnatural, wacko lunacy impersonating a “Church” for tax free benefits while running a business on STATS,STATS,STATS, and MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.
    I’ll be buying plenty of copies to pass around.

  96. Rock ‘n’ roll! You, and “we”, have as much or more right to the free exercise of our religion (free from harassment of any kind) as those in the infamous Co$ have. Somehow the “squirrel-busters” (whatever that means) look much more deserving of the term “buster” (as in “Hey, buster!”) than they did before they (with “new” OT ability, perhaps) landed on the cover of your book. And somehow, they look a lot more, well … stupid. I guess I really shouldn’t say things like that, I mean, I really don’t believe it’s necessary to beat somebody when they’re so obviously down (as in “out!” or “KO’ed!” or, heck, I’ll let the pro’s discuss parrots, and the shopkeep defend his position that the parrot is “resting”. “Ah, yes, the Norwegian blues! Beautiful plumage!”

    It sucks to be a “squirrel-buster”.

  97. Ronnie Bell

    Echoing others’ sentiments here, Marty. The front and rear covers of your book are powerful editorial statements all on their own. If someone only duplicates those, and goes no further, their understanding of what’s gone wrong in organized Scientology will have increased tremendously.

    As far as marketing goes, those covers really set the ‘hook’. After seeing them, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Awesome job, my friend!

  98. Ah do believe Marty once remarked, “I have him right where I want him.”

  99. LOL! Love the idea of the children’s book”… push Allender’s face and hear his voice!”

  100. I actually thought it was Microsoft’s Windows and I’d logged onto the wrong page somehow.

  101. Of course, the Co$ would probably like to copyright and trademark the sky, if anyone could be convinced to be that stupid. I understand the Co$ tried to trademark the word “freedom”?

  102. Congrats, Marty. Another blow to the little guy and another win for those who stand tall in virtue and are dedicated to helping their fellow man. Love you for all you do.

  103. The front cover is “before” liberation; the back cover is “after” liberation. A simple question of black and white.

  104. Michael Fairman

    And awaaaaaay we go!

    My order fingers are ready.

  105. Marty,
    You are definitely wearing your hat beautifully as the head of IG Network “an Independent investigatory and policing body whose funtion is to keep Scientology working by ensuring the pure and ethical use of Dianetics and Scientilogy technology”.
    You and Mosey are delivering stellar standard products (Lower grade charts ,Clears & OTs) on a daily basis.
    You are both an amazing POWER couple! Much Love,

  106. I tend to react over the top on things I truly like and truly dislike, some of you may have noticed… yea I know, sometimes my bad. But this, THIS… is cool as hell in so many freakin’ ways! Can’t get enough of it. Bring it on Mark Rathbun.

    This is going to have a huge effect, HUGE. Misca-bitch is going through solid brick walls about now… gotta love it.

  107. Right on, right on, right on, me brotha!

  108. My first set-back this morning was commenting about just the cover. I back tracked for a moment if anyone would get what I thought… “you cant read a book by its cover… bla bla.” I instantly concluded bullshit to myself… lol. I stand by the Cover is fan=freakin=tastic.

  109. The crowning moment of DM stupidity and vindictiveness
    “turn over you pc folders…” now depicted on the book cover.
    I’ll be buying plenty of copies to pass around.

  110. Indie-saurus-rex

    As an aside but completely related to this post and every other post on this blog, I wish to point out the degradation-into-utter-ridiculousness-and-hilarity occurring at one of the ‘fake’ blog sites DM and OSA are trying to trick people into thinking are actually the official Marty Rathbun site (i.e. this one!).

    I haven’t looked at one of those impostor blogs for a while and way back when I last visited one, the slanderous arguments against Marty, while completely off-base, were at least made to sound like a reasonable argument… convincing enough, anyway, to strike fear into the heart of a kool-aid drinker.

    However, the latest article on this site (don’t want to give the url as it will drive traffic toward it) was posted just a few days ago by, supposedly, someone named Vince Fletcher. The wording though, sounds like it was written by DM:

    “Nothing that a blind man couldn’t see. Marty Rathbun is renown in the Scientology community…”.


    “Marty Rathbun has no record of training in Scientology or helping people with it.”

    From the sentence fragments and the way “renown” is used, from my perspective, reek of Miscavige, which is interesting because if it is written by DM or at least fine-tooth-combed by DM, then what we’re seeing is a good indication that he’s further losing his grip – sliding even deeper into insanity. The whole post is filled with jibber-jabber, generalities and non-sequiters.

    The best part though, is the statement made that “Marty Rathbun has no record of training in Scientology or helping people with it.”

    How DM thinks this can be stated publicly and be considered as reasonable is beyond me. Even if Miscavige destroyed the records of Marty’s training and even if he redacted Marty’s certifications, it is still widely known that Marty has audited high-profile parishioners, such as Tom Cruise.

    Which leads me to my final point/question: Statements like this are exactly what DM needs to keep producing to continue sinking his own ship. If Tom Cruise was to read such a statement, it would (or should) slam into his own experience and reality with the force of a freight train. Tom certainly knows he was helped and audited by Marty.

    And this, by far, is the best part of observing a suppressive person like DM. For all the evil he outflows and all the worry, concern and hurt that occur to those around him, I can rest easy knowing that a putrid SP will always, inevitably, drag his or herself under. They can’t help it.

    Good luck DM!

  111. I would love it if Mosey could sign it as well. She may not have contributed to it directly but I’ll bet it was made possible by her constant support. Behind every great man, and all that. I think, through this blog, a lot of us have come to love Mosey even those who’ve never met her.

    The rock behind the hard-case!

  112. The exact quote I left on my computer screen the morning I blew from Animal Farm. Love that film.

  113. Marty,
    I am shocked! Couldn’t you at least have shaved for the promo shot?
    ……But never mind. As with all things, it’s what’s inside that counts. 🙂

    And just one more question: WHEN will the book be available ??????

  114. John Allender & Co. probably never understood that there is an unwritten corollary to the Simon Bolivar PL, namely that if the “power” you support loses then some of the shit from the shit storm when he goes down is going to stick to you. I doubt Jenny Linson DeVocht, Lisa Schroer or Barbara Ruiz (or all those RTC inspectors who were 18 when DM got his hands on them) will read this, which is unfortunate, because they are going to be blindsided one day and won’t know what hit them. From the comment above about recent blows from Animal Farm (Gold/Int), people there know what the score is, though.

  115. Very exciting! Great cover, great picture of you. Can’t wait to read it and to see the ripple effects.

  116. Its funny that you thought of the Batman analogy. I was thinking “Avengers” with Marty being a cross between Thor and Iron Man. He withstood their attacks like he wore a suit of Armor and this Book is gonna be the “Hammer” baby.

  117. and book tour to follow, right?

  118. John Allender said ‘come on marty make me famous ‘ , with his picture on the front cover of Marty’s book he will become famous .
    To be a famous meat body .is the top of the bridge in David Miscavige’s squirrel church ,

  119. Woo Hoo! Best news I’ve heard this week. Might just order a few for a little local Libraries Campaign!

  120. plainoldthetan

    Hey, Davey…..

  121. Fantastic cover! Description is compelling! I will be reading your new book the moment it is available.

  122. What is wrong with Scientology could be said to be…what is wrong with America. How’s this? Simple. If the sub-title is a clue, and explains successfully to understanding the impossible picture. You will have it: The ability to raise the dead. (Checkmate Dave! Because that is not only doable, it’s a trusted done.)
    When Powers-That-Be loose there goon-squads, it’s pretty much over, the World over. Standard Tech really…
    Marty, you are here. And you are comunicating…Very well done!!

  123. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    I think putting The Squirrel Busters as representatives of the church on the front cover of your book is a stroke of genius. They look so stupid and downstat, it´s unbelievable! I bet they smell too. Wish there had been a sound button, so people could hear how unintelligent they sound. And the one on the left is supposed to be an OT8? – The highest level of spiritual enlightenment. – And this is how he chooses to “save the planet”? That´s really spooky! Scared me away right there!

  124. Avery Johnson

    Go Marty, Go!
    Kick David Miscavige’s ass to the end of the block!
    Exposing his lies for what they are is FACT!

  125. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    Oh, and by the way, you look great on that picture, Marty! And I wouldn´t be frightened to receive auditing from you, despite the fact that you are so uneducated and incompetent – as the “church” claims.

  126. Mat, this was an awesome observation. I have been seeing it this way for some time myself. Marty has become the stable datum in the confusion on this third dynamic episode. I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to see someone else say it! This is the truth. Truth is an amazing high when you work through the violence of the lies . Lies are violence in themselves.

  127. 2 f*ckin funny!!

  128. I Google Marty’s site every morning. Exactly six days ago there was a massive internet struggle to force him down three pages on the search engine. I do not know how many volunteers they used to do that but obviously not more than the manpower I had to sit for hours and push the stat back over. I had my fucking lawn people moved into the house and set up on computers. If you ever Google Marty Rathbun again and all you see is Church web sites PLEASE Google the name 30 times! Anyway what does this tell us? They are foreworking a flap that is about to hit the internet.

  129. What a lot of people are not getting is that this revolution is a Feeling thing.

  130. And get over the broken heart and form yourselves into a new beginning.

  131. and would anyone really want to claim copyright for that photo? I think not.

  132. Well, Marty could claim copyright protection on HIS photo…. He took it after all.

  133. TheWidowDenk

    Congratulations Marty! This is great news about the book! I love the cover front and back. Will remove the cover whilst reading so at to not get distracted from the text. I hope you have planned a very high print run … believe it will be needed. Rachel

  134. Is it me or are these guys looking like Gartenzwerge?

  135. HCOPL 15 Sept. 1981 page 830 OEC Vol. 1.

  136. Lol!!
    We could start doing book booths too.

  137. Philadelphia

    A good tactic, would be to buy numerous books and place in the car windows parked at all Class V orgs around the world.

    You have to realize David Miscaviage and Scientology, Inc. will NOT black PR this book. In fact, they will go to great lengths to never mention it. Mentioning the book sends Miscaviage into a near psychotic rage. I recently heard of one such episode.

    To all Anon’s, Indies, Critics, Ex — buy many copies of this book, mail to orgs, drop on the front door of orgs, mail to SO members, leave them at the busniesses of OT 8’s, drop them at the Starbucks at Flag, This is the manifesto …..

  138. I’m not sure if I can say that I like the front cover from a purely aesthetic point of all the goof-balls with cameras on their heads, but it does communicate. It will definitely grab someone’s attention. I’m thinking that the book may actually help expand Scientology. From my experience all the false PR and soulless corporate marketing while denying or alter-ising the truth is one of the main things repelling people away from the organization. People can sense the b.s. and the very obvious fact that the CofS does not look anything like a church or a religion. That was practically the number one concern I heard from people when I tried to disseminate. And I believe what’s even more important is that Marty is exercising his God given right to communicate and “no agency less than God” can take it away from him.

    If someone with knowledge and experience can point out what is wrong with the organization while emphasizing the benefits of Scientology practice and belief, I think that will only benefit.

  139. Indie-saurus-rex

    Yes, I noticed that as well. What a waste of time and effort on the part of the Co$

  140. What a ugly faces … this picture tells you instantly what is wrong with Scn. These people are just evil or terribly brainwashed, or both. In any case they ar stupid. They could be casted rightaway for a horror movie. No, of course! They are already part of a horror movie: their own.

  141. Marty, I hope there aren’t legal issues with using someone’s picture without consent. Have you checked?

  142. I never thought of that before, Dan. Good observation. “We were just following orders,” doesn’t cut it when you commit crimes.

    Ask yourself this question, dear OSA bot or miscavige apologist; is there anyone dave wouldn’t throw under the bus to cover his own ass?

    Here’s a new process I just made up (an Esto Drill).
    1. Clay demo each of the points of the Creed of the Church of Scientology.
    2. Now, clay demo what you are doing.
    3. Now, clay demo where the orders came from and who gave the orders.

  143. The one on the right, Is that Santa Claus on LSD ?
    Log this in “That ” mini cameras mounted on reversed baseball caps
    will forever after be a symbol of total failure of the wearer.
    The beginning of Miscavigegate.
    Its a very powerful picture

  144. I agree. This is a powerful picture. The Squirrel Busters there at Marty’s house is ground zero for the future of Scientology.

  145. It is always a joy to see the good guys winning and growing.

  146. I’m still laughing after seeing the cover! Excellent idea for the covers. Can’t wait to get your book.

  147. FCDC Class of 74

    Sorry I had to chuckle at the knuckleheads on your porch. Yes the positive nature of humor will pull in the curious. I hope it pulls out the koolaid drinkers so to clean them up and set them on the original path. Can’t wait for the link. thanks Bill

  148. … here too, still going off on it.


  149. martyrathbun09

    Bring it.

  150. Joining all the people above in a collective ROFL – the absolutely perfect cover! :))

  151. Weak troll is weak.

  152. Rory Medford

    Its just a matter of time before the bottom falls out

  153. I google “moving on up” every morning, sometimes more than once a day.

    Now I have addded searching for “What is wrong with Scientology” on Amazon.

  154. Li'll bit of stuff

    Little davey, tell you what, just hand back the ten billion odd
    dollars, that you’ve ripped out of parishioners pockets, over
    the last 30 odd years, pay direct compensation to the survivors
    of your little Auschwitz, scrap your Miscavology trash in a
    symbolic making of amends to LRH, and do a steps a – e
    program to every single Scientologist that you have wronged
    since your disaster bound little plan took root in your little pea
    brain all those years ago.

    You can do this via the attorneys that will be appointed for you
    by the state, while sitting in your solitary little cell.You see,
    unless you do this, I believe your little empire and assets
    could be seized and ultimately sold off to make restitution
    for the tidal wave of damages claims which will follow in your

    If you decline this offer, we have accepted an invitation on your
    behalf, to share a cell with Bubba, who has some wonderful
    ideas on how to give you experiences and thrills, that only Bubba could have thought of, which will make YOUR own
    experience in incarceration, one you will never forget.

    I’m pretty certain that you will be reassured by that supremely
    comforting old adage; “ ye sow….so shall ye reap!!!” ”

    Pleasant dreams, li’ll davey.

  155. Not everyone could afford to buy a lot of books , however flyers or leaflets could be used to advertise Marty’s book . Put them in car windows , letterboxes and post them to members of the miscavige squirrel church .
    I would be willing to give out flyers advertising Marty’s book for free .

  156. It’s a very short beard….. popular now, you know? Marty looks cool, inside AND out!

  157. And can you imagine receiving auditing from such an entity????%&^ Oh my freakin GOD!!!!!!

    How about this for a Friday afternoon concept……. a free ARC X session given by David Miscavige. I would venture that he cannot even operate an e-meter.

  158. This is a repetitive process done to a full EP which will produce exteriorization from the CO$ with full perception and abilities regained!

  159. WAW! ROTFL! 🙂

    What a great cover.
    Those apes on the front cover just get out from the zoo.

    You look great, like a happy wise man.

    Thank you!
    Great work.
    Great communication.

  160. Sadly they have little else to do. There are no bodies in the shop, no PCs, no nuthin …….just utility bills and mouths to feed. So the last ditch effort is to kick boards under the door knobs to try and stem the tide on the internet……….. good luck with that OSA bots, trolls and of course …the runt!

  161. Book signing events could be held on the street in front of each ideal ORG!

    Could bring a Van load to Gelman Hot Springs and do a round of golf with der Fuehrer between signings………I hear he likes to cozy up to the celebs!

  162. Sorting out what was wrong and what was/is right in Scientology is a personal ongoing process. I am awaiting the book with great interest.

  163. if you are making an accusation, then you realize where the burden of proof lies…

  164. moneca ryane

    Yea for Kindle will order. Congrats and the cover speaks volumes having multiple messages. Invasive nut cakes scrutiny meant to introvert an individual, all delivered by people from some kind of bad science fiction something or other. Thanks for yet another huge laugh.

  165. Yep Dan, that one is a classic!

  166. Awesome!! Great process!
    Now this would be an example of using Scientology to fit a situation.

    It shows a person who can think with the tech.

    Now the cult would have you believe that this is squirreling. If you get fixated into the idea that using the tech is squirreling then IMHO you are just falling into the hands of the trickery of the cult of misscabbage.

  167. The cover is like a third dynamic right item Marty! LFBD F/N VGIS.

  168. Allender and team are the poster boys for what is wrong with Scientology. There is not a person alive who can look at the picture and say: “Yep! That’s the correct way to do it! That’ll bust their asses!” And if this pic wasn’t enough, the subsequence months of idiocy is sure to close the deal.

    What these idiots did was so incredibly stupid, wrong, and, well, silly, that there is no rational defense for it.

    What these people did during the months of the Siege of Casablanca did more to damage the image of Scientology than pretty much any other thing I can think of. Snow White, while wrong, was at least bad-ass. The squirrel busted campaign was incredibly… insane.

    The two idiots up front are what passes in Mr. David Miscavige’s world as “OT 8″‘s. They are the supreme product of the what Mr. David Miscavige has done to Scientology over the last 30 years. And there is NO doubt about it, there is NO denying it, that these people are incredibly stupid.

    What truly amazes me is that Allender has not been declared. This is absolute proof that Miscavige approved of these actions, and in fact was conducting them. Imagine going off the reservation and doing something like this back in 1977. My God!

    I love that you are using this for the cover! You own the rights to the best evidence that exists of how the Church of Scientology has failed. It communicates the whole freaking thing so well!

  169. Very very well done on working the Big G, T.O.!

  170. LTC Forever

    How did you guys figure cw was a troll? I thought of the same issue myself. I just assumed Marty would have done his homework on the issue especially given that he spent countless hours handling legal issues for CofS. I know for production companies and corporation, all the legal mumbo jumbo is a big issue. I remember I was asked to sign “release” forms even when being in the audience in some TV shows in LA. I do think it would be funny however if one of those persons on the photo came out and complained: “Hey. You can’t use that! That’s me on the picture!” – that would definitely generate some “positive” publicity for that person.

    Actually, I just realized I’m sure journalist in gossip type magazines don’t ask for permission to use unwarranted photos of celebrities so there must be no issues with using other people’s photos.

  171. Me too…Me too!

  172. I wonder if anyone in the south bay will see this cover and wake up as a result?

  173. If you have ever studied the Esto Series including all of the tapes, it would be a totally valid handling to remedy a staff member who constantly accepts illegal orders from a moronic senior or his mother, or a lunatic.

  174. Yep, in fact weak troll is so weak we should confiscate one of his l’s. Now he is weak trol.

  175. LOL- I’ll buy many more copies on site if this takes place. :>)

  176. Agreed Tony. RJ 68 really says it all and I enjoyed listening to it again after all these years.

    It brought back memories of being on the SHSBC back in the day when there were 100s on course at the same time. Practical began at 2:00PM and drilling TRs with that many folks was a gas……..TR 0 bullbait was especially intense.

    Back then the training was done for use in LIFE!!! These days the Koolaid consumers don’t have a clue on how to get a life!!! Marty’s book will help with that!

  177. Gosh, how could they manage to look so dumb? Miscavige must be in total anger. I think this picture will be used by major newspapers. And Tom Cruise will be asham! I would like to see that with my own eyes.
    So good choice, Marty!
    What is wrong with scientology? Them and their boss!

  178. Yea wouldn’t that be a treat to see Karen B. … many old timers here. We’re in the So Bay, shoot a comm if you wish. EM is on my pic.

  179. When someone’s ONLY comment about the publication of this book is “I hope you have legal OK to use their images” you can assume he isnt trying to accomplish anything with his comment other than to create introversion and doubt in Marty’s mind (fail)… Nobody other than a troll would bother with that.

  180. It has occurred to me that what we are up against here with the cult and it’s reversed application of the tech as engineered by (as staffers and drinkers refer to him ….) Mr. Miscaviage is nothing short of an addiction. They are addicted to desiring approval for their actions.

    So what does it take for an addict to decide to change? Something major happening in their life for sure. I’d say the book qualifies………… if they see it!

  181. “What truly amazes me is that Allender has not been declared. This is absolute proof that Miscavige approved of these actions, and in fact was conducting them.” Nice point.

  182. Anger is pretty high toned for the runt. I’d say screaming in PAIN….or HATRED!

  183. great idea. will do.

  184. Great point GH!
    It does prove the dm approved of his actions.

  185. LTC Forever

    LOL Mike, I doubt it will be that easy to effect introversion in Marty especially in light of everything he has gone through already. I see what you are saying though. In my personal case, the thing that probably caused introversion the most was actually lack or no communication and no answer(s) with maybe a few enforced false indicators on top of it. What do you do about nothing? What do you do with no communication?

    You find this beautiful tech, you meet some people with whom you have the level of spiritual understanding you never before experienced (at least in this lifetime), you explode in dynamics and want to go out and spread the tech everywhere, and open a mission in your hometown, and get onto solving all the problems in the world, and finally become the powerful spiritual being you always knew you could be… – you get all this instant clarity, sense of power, direction, and liberation… and then after some time and through some not so easily understood experiences end up in a position of struggling to break this initial thrust in order to break the “alignment” with what you thought was the ultimate solution to all your problems across the dynamics but instead you only find yourself enslaved by it. Another wrong turn in the road?

    I truly hope that Marty’s book may become the breaking point of fixing the 3rd dynamic in Scientology. I would really love to see the day when the whole group at large is awakened where help and communication can again flow free and unrestrained.

  186. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, I’ve had an almost identical reaction to many of our
    regulars on the blog. I keep flipping back to your book’s
    front cover image, and I just crack up laughing every single
    time. Just too friggn’ brilliant, and be assured, you will be
    asked about it (the cover) countless prepare
    yourself! The “hook”will be effective beyond your wildest
    dreams, as I’m sure you have already realized, maestro!

    Coupled to your ( Mosey’s, pardon!) now hilariously funny
    ” scientology car wash” and your very own “goonsquad”
    documentary, now taking the above mentioned honours
    as your front cover image, you gotta give some credit
    to li’ll davey for these original concepts, I mean, he must
    have given these projects an extraordinary amount of
    HE & R and explosive dramatizations and rehearsals to
    get them——JUST PERFECT for you????(the irony!!)

    Again, I feel that down the line, you are going to FULLY appreciate, AND embrace the role of the comedians /
    satirists / cartoonists, who remind us that by being able laugh at “seriousness!” we then find that:

    ” Laughter is the BEST medicine” and has an important
    role to play in the objective of “Healing Through Under-

    Superb, delicious literary morsels, to whet our now ravenous
    appetites, mmmmm……can’t wait! Bring on the roast!!

    Calvin B. (ravenous!) Duffield

  187. Great to have this after the Debbie Cook outcome. Cant wait to get a copy!

  188. one of those who see

    Just thought of that picture of them in the little boat watching Marty and Mosey’s house. Still cracks me up.

  189. Hahaha! So right.
    Allender’s face comes to my mind and his stucked circuit: “C’mon Marty, you can’t do this, Marty….”

    At the other hand it would be very interesting if some of these gentelments would go before a judge admitting: “This is me on the picture at Marty’s home …”

  190. Angela LeMay

    Awesome book cover…loved it…laughter is my favorite therapy 🙂

  191. GH — You are absolutely correct. This insanity was directed by POB. Believe me, nobody is allowed to do ANYTHING concerning Marty without his express permission: though by now he has issued so many orders on what to do with Marty that there isnt anything left for anyone else to even dream up.

    Miscavige sat around and got a big kick out of this. Allender being run by Dave Lablow. Lablow reporting by the minute to OSA in LA. They in turn reporting by the hour to McShane and McShane providing regular updates to Dear Leader and then issuing orders on what they were to do next.

    Miscavige just KNEW that he had it all figured out. He was going to harass Marty until he did something to respond and then he would pounce and get him prosecuted for criminal charges and that would be the end of his credibility. This is 100% the strategy he came up with. Believe me, he was telling everyone “I know how to handle Marty.” It was a massive fail — when he finally paid local bigwigs to get some backwoods justice of the peace to bring charges for taking one of the goons sunglasses off, he was SURE he had finally succeeded. When that blew up in his face too, he no doubt started blaming all the “incompetents” and “SPs” around him for failing to execute his orders. Some OSA guys probably got busted. Lablow seems to be on an extended sabbatical now (with Tommy Davis perhaps?). So he was probably a casualty too.

    You know this was Miscavige’s strategy because he tried to get Marty prosecuted in LA (when Jim Lynch reached into our car and the door closed on his arm), and in Phoenix (when Lynch ran into Marty’s luggage) and with other phony reports filed in Corpus Christi, and most heinously with the Garden Grove police department to reopen a closed investigation into the death of his brother many years ago. And these are the ones we KNOW about. Who knows how many other attempts there were (you know when Ed Bryan was arrested and charged for illegally entering the Miami Convention Center to try to harass me and others, they tried to turn this into a case of me “abusing the elderly”).

    So, you are spot on.

    Miscavige not only sanctioned this insanity, he was the source of it. He has spread the blame around to underlings internally, but the funny thing is in the REAL world, this is now the positioning he has. Synanon had snakes in someone’s mailbox — the RCS (and Miscavige — who constantly equates himself with the Church as “Mr. Scientology”) is now positioned with the idiots with cameras on their heads.

    Couldnt happen to a nicer guy.

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  192. Damn- Now the prices on those squirrel Buster T- shirts are really going to skyrocket. I still want one.

  193. It goes to show you what an amateur hour production working for DM must be. Those silly camera hats. I mean, seriously. The tech does exist to have pinhole cameras that do not show, and can record secretly with good video quality. I mean, I know Marty would have suspected such if there were no video camera’s visible, but seriously, those things are just the dorkiest looking hats I have ever seen. Is there one person out there who knew the level of professionalism that LRH worked at, that would believe he would approve of such a tactic?

    I first didn’t like the book cover. But, then I remembered who sent those blue shirted baloon-heads to Marty’s house, and I instantly saw it as a stroke of genius.

    The ex camera man just passed his hat….albeit not down, but sideways and a little to the left of Ed Wood.

    Rock on, Independent Scientology.

  194. The “Squirrel Busters” borrowing the idea from the movie “Ghost Busters” was probably not a good idea for them.

    It’s was ridiculous and now it’s coming back to bite them in the ass.

  195. And if the session doesn’t go well DM will beat you!

  196. Transporter

    There was an article in Wednesday’s, 20 June 2012, edition of the Tampa Bay Times. Debbie has sold all her furniture, etc. and is moving to Guadalupe a French speaking Island.

  197. Absolutely love the front cover!!! What a contrast to the back cover… Your command of Ries and Trout’s 1981 seminal work: “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” is perfect.

    The front cover guys lost their minds with Black Dianetics, the back cover guy recovered using Scientology.

    Can’t wait to place my order and send a hard copy to some OT VII and OT VIII friends.

  198. If I recall from the video, this picture was taken on Maty’s porch. These guys were trespassing on Marty’s property. I would love to see them saying to a Texas judge: “Your honor, we were there to trespass and haras him, and he instead of shooting us with a gun, as is his legal right in Texas, shot us with a camera. Please punish him severely.”

  199. Ok Mike, you could be right, it could be a troll or it could be Allander himself.

    If I wrote a book with your picture on the front, that that be ok with you?

  200. They said they were a journalist crew doing a documentary in their video.

    But how many documentary crews act and dress the way they did?

  201. Great cover Marty! Insouciance!
    I love it!

  202. Yeah, go for it Tim Higgs. The church has published “Freedumb” mags and websites with my photos all over the place. So you would fit right in with them.

  203. I didn’t say I was going to do that, I was just posing a hypothetical question to you.

    I just curious of what legal response they could have in that type of case when it comes to using someone else’s picture. That’s all.

  204. JF, big posters with “Your IAS Donations At Work” on them, posted near orgs…….

  205. How many times do you think this hypothetical question needs to be asked?

    I was just giving you a hypothetical answer to your hypothetical question.

  206. Ronnie Bell

    PERFECT! 😉

  207. scilonschools

    Really looking forward to reading it Marty (will it be distrbuted in the UK)

    PS I like the proper use of the work ‘Critical’ what is Right & Wrong!!!

  208. I think it was co incident with the news about to hit the net of Debbies move. They probably thought Marty would do a spread. And anyone that Googles Debbie , well, I saw two choices before all I could see was “Marty Rathbun” all the way down on selections.

  209. My instant reaction to the image on the front cover of the book was “disbelief” and “you’ve got to be kidding,” even though I have followed this blog since its inception and am well aware that it is an authentic image!

    Images from “Dude, Where’s My Car” – the scenes of fervent cellophane wrapped culties come to mind. Stupid happiness and fervent obedience based on empty promises and threat of disconnection. Ridiculous, sad, and the exact opposite of what I sought by doing auditing – a photo essay that instantly communicates how far astray the corporate Church has gone.

    I love that the book offers an easing of the tension the picture conjures. Truly an awesome communication. And that’s not even the book yet!

  210. Yes, and I want to say that the patience and confront of you, Marty, Mosey, Christie and the front-lines guys supporting you was and is awesome. This was rope-a-dope on a grand scale.

    Sucks to be Miscavige, the biggest dope of all.

  211. The dorky video cam hats were icing on the cake. I just did a “mental photoshop” of the image to “remove” the cameras, and the expressions on Allender’s and whats-his-cuss’s mugs are classic Dumb and Dumber.

  212. I so loved this, I laughed so hard on this its not funny. Here we are, Laughing. its something to be said. The funny that hurts.

  213. Avery Johnson

    Oh, the irony.
    David Miscavige slow pitching the perfect Cover, the Story and even a hilarious Video for Marty to make a tell all book exposing just what a creep David Miscavige really is.

    I want my copy of this book signed by Marty, Mosey AND Chiquita!

    Avery Johnson

  214. Li'll bit of stuff

    That so, simplethetan? I must definitely
    consider moving us to Texas, then!

  215. Jean-Francois Genest

    Θ Awesome !

  216. Pingback: The Book Is Now Available | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  217. Or, this could be them as teenagers….

  218. Yeah – Beevis with a beard!
    “heh, heh, where’s your meter Marty – heh, heh”
    “Heh, heh, he said ‘meat-er’, heh, heh”
    “heh, heh, heh”

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