Scientology Inc. Phoenix Fraud

David Miscavige is apparently so out of touch that he thought that sending me his absurd, hype-ridden press release on the Phoenix Idle Morgue would have some sort of impingement on me.  OSA sent it directly to me.

Its text comes right out of the blocks with a misleading representation.  That is, it more than implies that the Phoenix organization has more than 1,500 active participating members.  In a photo of the scene its caption reads “1,500 Scientologists and their friends”; while the press release text calls it “1,500 Scientologists, friends and dignitaries.”

Of course, Dave and OSA did not bother to mention in their press release, nor in the email to me, where they got the several hundred shills to bark approval at Miscavige’s every shermanisn in Phoenix.  From the streets of LA, a seven hour drive from Phoenix.  What follows is only one of many slick promo pieces they sent out in advance of the event recruiting LA area Scientologists for an all-nighter shilling expedition to Phoenix:

Memo to Tony Ortega and his network of ‘indie’ papers in Orange County, Phoenix and LA:  This is the answer to your repeated rherotical question,”how does Miscavige attract civic leaders to his over-the-top-hyped events to pimp his outfit?”   Local adults equals votes equals money, etc.

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  1. Damn, I missed it! For only $60 I could have spent a grueling 22 hours, partly crammed on a bus and partly sitting in a hard chair in the 106-degree Phoenix sun. But it would have been worth it to help create the false appearance that the Phoenix Ideal Org was more than a handful of remaining desperate staff and squashed public.

  2. Wow, we used to have to stuff 8 people in a 12 year old car to make it to these events. Now you get a cushy bus with movies and even a bathroom! Woot!

  3. Dang! They’re just a couple of miles away! Soooo sorry I missed the big event. Well, I’m sure it was a grand-sham success.

  4. We in Germany have the so called (translated verbatim in you language as I think you do not have something comparable in the US) „coffee tour“. The promo is that you either go by bus to a famous sight seeing location or you won in the lottery and what you won will be given to you at a location you are driven to by bus. Usually elderly people do this rides and therefore a free cake and coffee is included (hence coffee tour). The ride and cake and coffee is very cheap. BUT… this in only a sales tour. Once arrived at the restaurant you have a 5 hour or even longer sales presentation where they try to sell those elderly cheap things with a high prize. A blanket for 500 or 1000 bucks. (anti rheumatism) The 14 hour bus ride for 60 bucks is a bit similar to that. The ride is cheap but then you are put into a sales orgy. Or the 7 hours (times 2) are used heavily to sell something.

  5. That is quite an incredible bunch of smoke and mirrors and jumping through hoops to keep up David Miscavige PR of Idle Orgs being successful!

    One would have to be a hardened Kool Aid quaff-er to lay down money to waste time and money on an overnight trip to hear Sherman-speak? It really goes to show that wasting a half of a weekend, shaking and baking in the intense heat of the Az desert, to contribute to big lies is really more important than going to course or receiving auditing as a parishioner in Scn Inc.

  6. And best of all, getting to hear the hypnotic blather of teleprompter Sherman-Speak delivered in person by the Runt-in-a-Tux,

    Oops, I forgot. I’m on a list of people to not invite whenever Mr. Pope-on-a-Box is speaking.

  7. Unbelievable and pathetic on multiple fronts:

    1) That the cult would people to pay their own bus fare to spend hours on a bus to get to an event to sit in the sweltering sun to make the cult look good, then spend hours sitting around, and then take an all-night bus ride back to LA. By the way, the “4:00 – freshen up and eat” does not imply that the cult is supplying the food; bet they’re not. If you need me to show up for your benefit, you should at least pay the bus fare.

    2) If they’re charging $60 for the bus, why not let people stay at a cheap local hotel (there’s a La Quinta a mile away with rooms for $50 a night) before heading back the next day? Does the $60 bus fare clean out the budget that some of the staffers were able to save up for the last few weeks on their $50 a week salary? A lot of the folks likely to attend are getting on in years, and a 16-hour bus ride and hours in the desert sun is probably not that healthy.

    3) The cult is so doubtful of the ability to pack ’em in for this event that they are implying that they are only renting one bus, in other words, they’re only expecting about 40 people. Out of the thousands of Scientologists in the LA area, the cult thinks it can only get a couple dozen to sign up for this sweltering death march, even with threats of unlimited sec checks and ethics probes? You’d think in the old days they could have filled a couple dozen buses, easy.

    4) I’m sure that the OSA nitwits that sent you this note are high-fiving themselves, imagining that you’re reeling in some sort of shock from such massive, in-your-face impingement. They’ve fallen a long ways to a pathetic shadow of themselves over the course of just a year if this is their best shot at “impingement,” when you compare this latest to having guys with cameras on their heads show up at your door.

    Sad. Just sad.

  8. Dave is going to have to put up or shut up. Either there are OT levels above OT 8, or there are not. If there are not, nobody has any reason to continue to put up with his BS. The rest of the Bridge is available elsewhere. And by this time, we all know that LRH isn’t coming back to “fix everything”.

    The con is just about over.

  9. YooHoo! You get to sit on a bus for fourteen hours, smelling peoples’ poop, with nothing to eat, and in the end standing in 105 degree heat. Only $60! Count me in!

  10. Marty,

    There is more to this scam.

    1. It was not just buses. The majority of the cars parked for the “Grand Opening” of the “new” org had California plates! This is information from someone who was there.

    2. While they tout 1500 attendees, that person counted/estimated 400. No doubt they tell the politicians there are thousands of votes, but in reality, they may be able to scratch together 50 on a really good day.

    3. The timing of this, OC and Denver (and the “re-opening” of the “Grand Opening” of the “new” Buffalo failed org) indicates some serious flaps happening at Int/Gold. The Maiden Voyage was SUPPOSED to happen in early June (6th). Traditionally, it has been pushed to mid-June. Now it has been pushed to July. POB could not show up at the MV without some videos of “openings” of “new” orgs as this is his only “proof” of expansion. You can bet there are some beaten down people in the Int Landlord office for not “meeting their TMs” and thus “embarrassing” Dear Leader and “making him look bad.”

    4. I commented earlier about the irony of these “Grand Openings” that is apparently lost on the clubbed seals who drive for hours to be there (and you know if they didnt get enough suckers to fill the bus(es) there were SO members press ganged into duty). Miscavige delivers his Shermanspeak blah-blah sing-songs at each of these, and in it he typically says something like “this is center for the community”, “everyone is welcome, 7 days a week,” “our help is your help,” “we are an integral part of _____,” etc etc etc. Meanwhile, at the “Grand Opening” of their supposed showcase, they erect tall fences to keep everyone OUT, including the media. There isnt another church or community group that would dream of excluding people like that.

    5. Everyone on the outside knows this is a complete sham. These orgs are dying (if not dead). I was just informed that the elevators in Berlin org no longer work as they cannot pay the maintenance contract on them, and that the phones are shut off. Tampa isnt paying their staff. Rome is completely empty, so too is Madrid (who also held a “grand re-opening” of their “new” org — presided over by the IAS!!!). And it goes on and on. What IS amazing is how POB can keep the charade going. I wonder how long it will last….

    It sucks to be Miscavige.

  11. Good points, Mike.
    How long did Bernie Madoff keep his scam going? Or Reed Slatkin?
    Similar con-artists.
    House of cards.
    Must stay dry.
    Looks like rain.

  12. What I am wondering about is these poor ships asked to pay for a service they are providing dm. Are they really so blind?

  13. Mike – Great points. I think the way Miscavige keeps it going is that he is good at one thing: instilling fear. He has everyone inside terrified of looking or communicating. Their single source of information is his PR and they will literally run away from anyone who attempts to break through and show them the truth, or even suggest that there is more to the story. And even the ones who know there is more, are so convinced that their “eternity” is on the line, that they just can’t risk even a tiny peek. I think that’s the bottomless pit most people inside the cult are stuck in. The rest: a minority of cronies of the criminal who like things just the way they are.

  14. Wow, Marty. OSA trying to PR you!! Incredible.

  15. You’d think that they are high school graduates going on a trip to Disneyland, not going to a cookie-cutter event in….Phoenix. Why bother? The event is closed to the real public and when the buses load and leave, the staff are left with an empty building.

  16. Hope some folks get photos and write ups over to the idle org website.

    Meanwhile, in Denver, more glowing but false reports by another church PR who never read the reference about never using lies in PR:

    From the Denver Post
    “Church spokeswoman Erin Banks said Denver-area Scientologists number 10,000, and the church puts global membership in the millions and growing. Scholars say the numbers are exaggerated, and a 2008 survey identified 25,000 U.S. Scientologists and a church in decline.”

    Of course, “real scientologists” don’t read those entheta, wog newspapers, so they’ll never catch the outpoint.

  17. Is it just me, or is dm becoming pathetic in his efforts? If he would have spent $10,000 (which is nothing for him) he could have had several buses with standing room only. All he needed to do was give two free meals (one sandwich and one apple per person per meal).

    Or trying to sell away from Marty at for MORE money than Marty charges. How stupid can one get?

    Are we going to see a collapse of Co$dm in the next year or so? Was the Debbie Cook letter the last straw to break his failing mental health?

  18. There is an old 50s photo of the first Pheonix staffers with LRH stood in the middle available somewhere.
    I wonder if OSA could furnish the picture and name the staffers.

  19. Thanks for this info, Mike. As far as how POB is keeping the charade going, all the clubbed seals that I personally know continue NOT because they support David Miscavige in any way, but because they fear the loss of their jobs, their 2Ds, and their friends if they show or voice any disagreements. So they keep the charade going. If David Miscavige along with his OSA ops truly believe otherwise, they should all give each other a severe reality adjustment and come up to present time. Fear is what is running this show.

  20. 2012…
    And the damn “Internut” stuff, you know…

  21. one of those who see

    Yep. Well you answered a question. I know a Sea Org Member in Hollywood who went to that event and came back early on Sunday. I was wondering if they flew him or if he went by bus. Looks like he was on that trip.

  22. George: They do this sort of thing in the US too. Here, they are often sales presentations for vacation homes, particularly “time share” homes where you only get to use the place for a week or two per year. They invite you for a weekend (and sometimes this involves free plane tickets).

    It is free as long as you agree to sit through the sales presentation, but they say that part only in small print at the bottom of the form where you sign up. If you don’t go to the sales presentation, they charge your credit card a lot of money for the value of the free trip.

    People are getting a lot smarter about such things so they are not as common as they used to be. And of course with the bad economy, people aren’t looking to buy vacation homes as much as they were a few years ago. Especially not “time share” ones, which are usually worthless in a bad economy.

  23. Hapexamendios

    So these patsies had to pay for the privilege of helping to pad and fake the local attendance stats? That’s funny on some level but really sad.

    It’s really sad that they have done this for nearly every ideal org opening that I’ve been aware of for the past year or so. I’ve received numerous requests to do this for several openings (none of which were even remotely close to me).

  24. Les — yeah, that was a good one. 10,000 “members” in Denver!! The Denver org hasn’t had more than 5 people in it for at least a decade — maybe back to the 70’s…

    Literally, there are more ex-SO and Independent Scientologists in Denver than there are “members’ in the org.

  25. There are seven floors in the Berlin Idle Org building. I bet those whose offices are on the top floor will be told that the elevator service contract was cancelled for their own good — walking up and down stairs all day saves the cost of a gym membership and keeps them in tip top shape. Being able to save money so easily makes those 40 Euros a week go much further!

  26. Simple,
    Read Marty’s book and you’ll get your answer to the levels above OT8 question. I just finished it and besides expertly conveying the truth about Scientology vs Scientology Inc., it has opened my eyes to areas of livingness that I’ve not looked at previously. Just a tremendous accomplishment on your part, Marty!


  27. This is just magnificent. The birthplace of Scientology was renovated and Miscavige managed to fill up an entire bus to tell the world We Stand Tall a-waiting in line for that restroom. If he can get an entire bus of people wanting to see LRH’s home and the birthplace of Scientology, just think what he can do when he re-re-re-re opens Denver or re-re-re-re-re opens Buffalo? Right?!? I’m thinking a whole taxi of people!!!

    By my calculation (buses aren’t the fastest means of transportation) if they left on Saturday 23 June, they should arrive on Saturday 30 June just in time to eat, clean up and get the swirling chicken feathers out of their hair.

  28. LOL!

    This is too much!

    Not only does he fleece the faithful for every penny to buy these white elephant buildings, but then expects them to travel 7 hours by bus (each way!) for the privilege of making up the numbers so that it appears this is ‘yet another big, booming org’ and then – charges them for the privilege!


    How stupid are these people?

    Oh, I forgot. I used to be one…

  29. By the way, at the “Grand” opening of the Idle Dallas Morgue Miscavige announced their number of trained and processed as 2,500. The actual figure was 560 and dwindling fast — that’s after being present in Dallas for nearly 40 years they’ve got 560 people including staff. And that number didn’t even say who was active vs. who was already out but under the radar.

  30. You Know Who

    Well, I disagree — with the emphasis you put on “OT levels above OT8”. The Corporate Church does not even offer the “lower Bridge” — and this is the real crime, as the “bottom of the Bridge” (that below OT I), when delivered correctly, delivers astounding benefits.

    It IS true that there is no reason to continue to put up with this BS. But, to my mind the perversion and destruction of effective Self-Analysis and Dianetic auditing is far, far, far and away the first thing justifies hanging Miscavige up by his heels (figuratively, of course.)

  31. Hapexamendios

    I just about fell out of my chair the other day when I read that claim for 10,000 members in the Denver-area. She’s got some gall making such a blatantly false claim like that (I wonder if she was trained by Karen Pouw). 10,000 worldwide sounds more plausible.

  32. It’s possible that DM is having OSA send you stuff like this because he is doing himself in. He has elected you his ethics officer because he sees you’re the only man who can handle it. Just a theory.

  33. With the delay of the Maiden Voyage events, it appears the scam-magician Miscavige, is finding it harder and harder to pull the rabbit out of the hat!
    I can’t even begin to imagine the wrath the people at the Int base are having to endure with this “delay”!

  34. The hard sell. The endless fees. Something that once seemed a good idea but ended up being a worthless, irritating pile of crap. Yep, the CoS is definitely the timeshare of religion.

  35. Max,
    Finished the book already. Just bull baiting Dave.

    And yes, it is a tremendous accomplishment. It will be helpful to all of us.

    Marty, didn’t LRH talk somewhere about OT levels “fully researched and in unissued note form” or something like that? Maybe in 339R?

  36. Mother of Grendel

    I wonder if they’re still including Rex Fowler in that count.

  37. Sorry, but all those original staffers were declared. One of the unstated Suppressive Acts is to have worked directly with LRH.

  38. Oh gosh, golly, gee! I can’t believe I missed such a FABULOUS event.
    This is another indicator that Davey is spinning downward. May even want to be sure someone is there to fix him when he finally crashes and has nowhere else to turn.

    Be flattered, Marty! This is a subconcscience admittence that you are right, he is wrong, and just exactlly how desperate Davey really is!


  39. dear dm miscavige if your reading this , or osa we need help here at the brisbane org please help we are dead,we died 3 times 3 orgs no money ,i saved it once,but i have yo look after my 2 boys now ,please im begging you help us,ron said australia will be the first cleared coutry,forget the buses and the bullshit,would you help the brisbane or please you no what we need?

  40. eileenclark101

    My educated guess is that there have not been 1500 active parishioners living in the Phoenix field at one time, ever. At least not since LRH lived there and people came from all around to his lectures and classes. Even then there probably were not 1500 who lived and worked there and regularly attended courses and auditing. And that was at a time when “miracles” were occurring. Ain’t no miracles happening in Phoenix these days, except for the Independent Scientologists who live and deliver there.

    OSA has some on the ground trained bots there in Phx, helped by Richard Haworth I am sure, they have been very busy creating this scam. Can’t say I think that is anything to be proud of. Used to be called an overt product or false stat or just simply a lie. Now, we simply call it foot bullets. Must have some crashing misunderstoods in the PR Series. A good scrubbing with the help of a standard ethics officer and word clearer would fix them right up.

  41. one of those who see

    There would have been one way to make the trip worth it. LISTEN TO THE PHOENIX LECTURES WHILE ON THE BUS. Get to Phoenix, skip the ridiculous, boring event and have a nice dinner in town. Because, really who cares about the building. Get back on bus, check in with Marty’s blog for another dose of theta (LRH being the first dose) and get some sleep.

  42. Yeah well, if truth is the actual time, place, form, and event. If you are a Kool Aid drinker and not allowed to look at, then what are you dealing with.

    A few weeks ago I met with a Scientologist who is a celebrity in another country. I very gently pointed out a few facts to him. He confided in me that he had a feeling about it a while now. He said: “I decided I am never going to Flag again.”

    I feel that the sheep are starting to see the light.

  43. Your humble servant

    John P.,

    They believe it is their fault because they are not dedicated enough and are too out-ethics to make it go right and get “command intention” carried out and persuade the whole community that they should give up all their time and money to help David Miscavige (i.e., go up the Bridge and “go OT”, although we know that is a Bridge to nowhere in the current, corporate Church of Scientology). They believe that if they would just work harder, be more ethical, and give more, and persuade other staff members and public to do so, things will turn around and the org will have enough money to fix the elevators. Never mind that they are already working in the org 60 hours a week for no pay while they moonlight on other jobs to live.

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Max for a quick tour. Looking forward to getting
    the book, soon.

  45. I really have to take exception to your numbers re Denver. I was on staff for an extended period in Denver and we were never a booming Org but people got trained and audited and the place got decimated in 1985-1989 with SO missions ripping the place apart with their faulty evals and psychotic ethics and justice. As far as I am concerned the SO was the most destructive entity in Scn.
    As far as 10,000, that is a joke.

  46. Yeah right, I am sure that most of them are Declared.

  47. And don’t forget that for $60, you get all this AND you can be the first in line to purchase yet another leather bound edition of Dianetics – this time with the brand new Phoenix Morgue embossed in fake gold on the back. WOO-HOO! Sure to be a collector’s item stored in your local library! Collect them all while supplies last! YEE-HAW!!

  48. huii, it’s even worse than the “Butterfahrt” George talked about.

  49. Your humble servant


    That is a truly excellent theory. The criminal always seeks out truth and integrity on someone else’s part to correct the badness he cannot correct himself. Unfortunately, that effort is usually too twisted to be realized or is otherwise betrayed. But it is the impulse of a psychotic being who is basically good, like DM. Of course, in his case it’s pretty deep, deep down. Just look at the crimes. I needn’t enumerate them here. The major ones number in the dozens, not the least of which is effectively denying the real and very much needed benefits of actual Scientology to the people of earth for the past 30 or so years. The apparency of help but then a stab in the back betrayal

  50. NOT A JOKE

    I got it from uplines that the Phoenix Org was a museum
    to show what an ideal org mock up was to new Scientologists.
    Also that of the money raised from fund raiser events, one third went to D.M. coffers for Limos to go beat staff up, lavish food around the clock, scuba diving with T.C.,in general wasting money at large.

    I am in a cold sweat for GAT 2

  51. plainoldthetan

    Mike: I’d like to add a couple points we got from our underground reporters over at possiblyhelpfuladvice:

    6. The windows of the Phoenix Idle Org were covered on the inside with brown butcher’s paper so the attendees could not see inside the building. It was reported that contractor trucks and construction dumpsters were outside the building as late as Friday evening. Conclusion: Phoenix Org wasn’t ready for a grand opening.

    7. The day of the Phoenix Grand Opening they were still sending out e-mails begging and pleading for “volunteers” to help with the files part of the project. Conclusion: Phoenix Org wasn’t ready for a grand opening.

    So holding the event was the biggest lie of all and further Miscavige fraud. It hasn’t been “Grand Opened” so much as an event was held.

    P.S. Our reporters estimated 500. WHich is closer to the 400 report you got than the 1500 report being tossed around by OSA. Reminds me of the real head count from the “million man march” being 400,000. (wikipedia)

  52. Mr. Rinder,
    I wonder what ‘movies’ were played on that bus ride?
    Yes DM always had to have more vertical something to show. By now it must be a real bitch to make something more superlative that it was last time when it didn’t exist in the first place.
    “It sucks to be Miscaviage”; but it must be a real Lubyanka at Int now-a-days. I think DM got some of his ideas, including some sec check questions, from reading Solzhenitsyn’s accounts of the Gulag.

    David Lingenfelter

  53. OMG

  54. Looks to me like the last desperate acts of a dying institution …

  55. lookingin — what do you take exception to? You place the decimation at 89. I said more than a decade or perhaps back to the 70’s… Or were you objecting to the statement that there are more ex-SO and independents in Denver than in the org?

  56. happybaby89

    Also. CLO EUS and the LA are orgs probably spent thousands of hours contacting people and pressuring them to go to Phoenix. At this point the Staff members of the Scientology organizations spend probably less than 5% of their time delivering actual services.

  57. happybaby89

    Correction. After thinking about it it would be more like 1-2%. And most of that is sec checks.

  58. Mike, It was the number of no more than five people in it. Unless I am completely mininformed, i don’t beleive it got that bad (I am no longer in Denver, but in touch with numerous folks). And I would have to say if it was broadly known how many under the radar is flying in Denver, along with those openly out, it would be a shock to those still flying in the clouds.
    As a sidenote, the ED’s and D/ED’s in Denver are busy doing Call-In for IAS donos. This is a duplicate of other “ideal” execs regging for IAS while they can’t pay for utilities.
    Thanks for your response.

  59. Have fun trying to flatten that bullbait 🙂

  60. Calvin, you will love it.
    BTW new email for you or anyone else that wants to contact me.

  61. Indie-saurus-rex

    This type of campaign (to drum up a crowd) occurred with the opening of the Seattle Ideal Org as well. For nearly a month before hand, Scientologists were solicited from around Oregon and British Columbia to ‘hop a bus’ and experience the grand opening.

  62. Ronnie Bell

    Now, now. Miscabbage is only trying to flourish and prosper in the face of so much evil suppression from us SPs, don’tcha know. Up statistics on concrete and drywall is at least a start, isn’t it?

  63. Yeah,, and the ED of the BattleCreek Michigan org has been sending out emails inviting all and sundry to make a “road trip” to Buffalo for the “Grand Opening” and “Rededication” of the Buffalo org on June30th….

    But, no bus provided, in this case.

    It’s sad. Battle Creek has some really nice people on their staff.

  64. lookingin — OK, appreciate you clarifying. I went to Denver “org” when I was living there which was about 3 years ago. Someone went in to buy a Dianetics book. There was someone sort of manning reception and when the person said they wanted to buy a book, that person called “the ED” to help as he “handled booksales”. There were no public visible and no other staff. This was at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Might have been a fluke encounter, but I doubt it, having spoken to other former Denver org public.

    And yes, those poor souls who remain there fighting what they believe is the good fight — ie Clear the Planet’s bank accounts — would be dismayed to learn how many ex-staff and public have seen the light as they toil away in the dark.

  65. happyb: that is probably an average, but the majority of staff are FULL TIME either a) regging for ideal org/IAS “donations”, b) trying to sell books or c) doing “call-in” for “events” to accomplish a) and b).

  66. How hot will it be in that place when they can’t afford A/C?

  67. George (Do we know each other?)

    In Texas our butterfaht is oil well investment. Uninformed and ignorant magically always seem to get dry holes!

  68. That’s why RTC is on the 12th floor of the HGB building in Hollywood, Ronnie. Their stats are so high, they have graph paper running up the fire escape to the 12th floor.
    I wonder when they’re planning a re-dedication, Ideal Org, “grande opening” of THAT building? He probably hadn’t thought of it yet. I shouldn’t have given him any ideas.
    Marty, if Dave does that… grand re-opening of the HGB, we’re going! 🙂

  69. happybaby89

    I was thinking in average as well.

  70. You also almost certainly missed vulture-culture IAS regges having at it for the full 22 hours on the bus. I can almost hear it now “Hey Guys! Let’s make a game of this!!! Let’s make this the $ Million Bus!!! Who’s going to start us off…” (apologies if this restims any nausea and/or stomach cramps).

  71. Ronnie Bell

    Man, just the thought of renovating the HGB brings back memories of pure hell. I, and about a hundred other Scientologist construction pros (and a battalion of conscripted S.O. members) did the original renovation of that place in 1988. That project was so engramic that they nearly had to break my arm to get me to sign up for the next one.

    Little did any of us know at the time, that the project was being intentionally made insane and engramic from ‘somewhere’ high up the org board.

    Planning and design was so far behind on the HGB project that I (a lowly specifications and take-offs guy) was forced to write the door schedule and design the keyway system for the whole building. That’s 500 doors. For a time there, if you needed access to anyplace in that building, you had to see me, because I held all the keys.

  72. Ronnie Bell

    Clear the Planet’s bank accounts

    Damn, if that ain’t the absolute truth of the matter, Mike. Good ‘un, mate.

  73. # of ARC Xen public: Screaming affluence, Highest Ever!!!
    # of refund requests: Screaming affluence, Highest Ever!!!
    # of refund requests denied: Screaming affluence, Highest Ever!!!
    #of bypassed F/Ns by auditors: Graph goes all the way to the moon.
    Gee, what an upstat

  74. And there are robo-phone calls featuring Jim Meskiman cracking jokes and inviting you to the Buffalo grand-re-opening.

  75. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    The Hobbit
    Life’s Too Short





    Talk about co-opting a term – sheesh!

  77. Marty act on it and get some people free. Funny that we do not have these contemplations in the country I live in. We believe nobody is better than us even if he or she earns a shipload of cash.

  78. OSA directly sends skullduggery promo of Phoenix Ideal Org to Marty Rathbun
    As in Alice in Wonderland
    “Curiouser and Curiouser”

    Let us not forget the talent used to raise the funds ~~

  79. No,

    Top Gun, Battlefield Earth, Battlefield Earth again. And Top Gun one more time.

  80. Hmm … maybe you should have gone …

  81. Forever Lurker


    I’m not a regular on this board, so maybe cut me a tiny bit of slack. I’ve done both side of the Bridge nearly all the way up, including the original OT levels in the 70’s, which I loved. I thought that was the best part of the Bridge. The wins really stuck with me ever since.

    Do the upper OT levels exist as described in 339R or not? Yes, what are the facts about this comment? With respect, Marty, why doesn’t anyone answer this directly?

    I wasn’t ever able to get an honest answer about this from anyone in the SO for decades. Literally. And I did ask time and again. I finally threw in the towel many years ago, during the GAT period, when I clearly saw that GAT was a money play more than anything else.

    Two years ago, someone from Flag came to my house after my 16-year absence from the Bridge and Flag. This person put me on a conference call with two top executives from the SO/Flag. One of the topics I brought up was where were the upper OT levels? It’s impossible that they would take 20-30 years to release. I can only assume they don’t exist. I asked directly.

    Long answer short: They in essence told me I should “recalibrate” (my word) my expectations. Deflection: They offered and guaranteed me a waiting Class 9 and two free intensives anytime I want to pick up the phone (probably because I projected the image of being a financial “whale” and they anticipated a big score at the end of the road.)

    No, they did not admit to knowing anything about any upper OT levels. They tried to deflect the subject with me. Reading them, I could feel they viewed my question as “enemy line,” and might have said as much to me. Please! I view my question as intelligent and a very obvious one to ask. What normal buyers of a service would ask out in the real world.

    In fact, OT8 friends of mine who have been on the ship in the last two years have been briefed and told that any statements made in the past about upper OT levels were simply rumors and no “official” statements of any type have been made by the RTC. Period. End of discussion. (Any more on that or would you like another sec check?)

    I have the RTC written clarification about this somewhere.

    Many people who got into Scientology in the late 60’s and early 70’s were promised quite a lot. Many of us gave up having children, buying houses, persuing more profitable careers, putting off saving for retirement . . . probably most of the people on this board. We’ve all sacrificed our entire lifetimes for the promises of OT8 (per the early 70’s grade chart) and then later OT9-15 levels. What’s the back story?

    Why doesn’t anyone ever shoot straight about this? This isn’t too much to ask.

    Certainly there are people on the board here who could answer directly and honestly about this. I feel we’re all owed that much after chasing after the dangling “upper OT level” carrot for so long.

    I hope you don’t see this post as an effort to upset. It’s not. It’s a question any intelligent, thoughtful person would ask, should ask.

    It’s the question that the rest of intelligent and curious people from here on out in this world will ask when they find out about the sometimes hyperbolic promises of LRH and Scientology that have been made in the past.

    Not having an answer, they will go to the blogs, which will be more than happy to “fill the vacuum” with rather negative and definitive (in their eyes) answers.

    I want others to have the wins I had on the Bridge. I just don’t want to lie to them or over-inflate their expectations.

    What about this?

    Forever Lurker

  82. martyrathbun09

    This under the radar business is rather absurd when one considers that you speak sooth and that it is the same story across the world. It is like the fear of the shadows syndrome.

  83. martyrathbun09

    It is rather simple. I give a thoroughly direct answer to your question my book. Compare what I have done and said for the past three years to your report above and it likely ought to sort out for you quite nicely. Nothing else I can add to the equation.

  84. Is it possible that someone at OSA sent this to you because they knew you’d do something with it, and they’re sick of COB’s lies?

  85. Forever Lurker

    Fair enough. In that case I’ll get the book.

    Thank you,

    Forever Lurker

  86. Cindy — Highly unlikely. I got one too. They get told to “promote our expansion, it caves the SPs in” and that’s the only “expansion” they have so that’s what they promote. And I guess they don’t notice that it doesnt cave us in — they get told it does, so they just keep doing it. 🙂

  87. Bruce Pratt

    And oh, how about the it sucks to be, but I gotta, really gotta be me, David Miscavige, promise of 1 idle org, oh wait, *he* promised 1 Ideal Org, per month throughout 2012. He did this at the NY event. Silly and suppressive him.

    Now, it looks like he’s trying to make it *look* like he’s keeping that promise, not that the clubbed seals care really, by exaggeration of what is a premature, perhaps, lie in his case. Oh, his case. The epitome of “It really sucks to be me, but not just yet sort of thing.”

    Sorry, about to start a rant.

  88. Scientology Inc. is a business. And, businesses make buildings. Buildings do not make businesses. This is where David Miscavige’s Ponzi scheme breaks down: running a small service business in a giant building (50,000 sq ft that should really be 1,000 sq ft) might make him look big, but it will kill off the meager earnings of the small service business. Staff are left to beg public for money in exchange for…. well, nothing: the IAS

    Only thing left in the end is pretense.

  89. Thanks for the story Ronnie! I can only imagine the hell that one, but I gotta say I love these historical 1st hand accounts from everyone who’s been there done that… derive more factual goings on from this blog in 6mos. than 30 years in Co$ kept on a need to know basis.

  90. Robert Earle

    MikeR as long as a member is defined as anyone who ever bought something from the org (book,etc) for which the org still has an active address then the number 10,000 is pretty much on the mark. The datum “in Denver” is not. A good number live somewhere else . Historically the Denver org ratio of book buyers to service buyers was about 5 to 1 . So 2000 former service buyers is something close . But many of them live elsewhere as well. Then narrow it down to currently active and the number heads toward your 5 . So the 10,000 number is the number in cf with addresses somewhere in the US not in any way the number of members in Denver . It’s off by about 99%.
    To give a more accurate picture. The Grand opening of the Denver Forming Org in June 1974 had an event which had 500 attendees . I know because I was the event i/c and I counted the heads. None were bussed in. Having worked on staff in Denver off and on up to 2000, I know it was difficult to get as many as 200 to events in the 90s. I would quess to get 100 at this time is tough. This is a more correct picture of actual “members in Denver”. as well as it’s contraction.

  91. I used to go to jokes websites to read/watch them.
    Now, I just come to Marti’s blog … 🙂

  92. Good call Robert.

  93. Thanks Robert. Useful, first hand info.

  94. Eyes wide shut?

  95. Sunshine Disinfects

    Bwaaaaaahaaaahaaaha!!!. Very funny………., but also tragic for Rex Fowler……OT7 yet in jail for murder

  96. Interesting figures Mike, along with the delay of the MV. 4-500 (I’m being generous) to 1500 claimed is about 1/3 or a factor of 3 inflated and lied about.
    Then again perhaps the MV will only have 1/3rds of the usual attendees coming, which also puts a delay on Dave’s vacation – perhaps more people will need to be air bussed there as well?

  97. What the heck was that ?
    My God, Karen, I would actually send them money if they would promise to destroy that video! 🙂

  98. Nah, much more likely it was a repeat of the Basics Release, or that IAS event where Tom Cruise got the Maximus Gluteus award.

  99. Translated the promo says this:

    We need bodies.
    22 hours on the f***king road for 60.00.
    Pay to get your own ass there and back.
    Pick up the transport tab.
    Report for muster at 5:00 p.m. sharp.
    Seven hour wait on the street then before you can sit your ass back down on the bus.
    Such a deal.

  100. Then they could count it as a stat.

  101. Yawn!…

  102. Another theory could be that some in OSA want to get rid of the king.

  103. Miscavige thinks that a “statistic” well falsified is a product. Seriously.
    A lie well told = a product.
    That’s why he considers himself so productive.
    It makes sense in his crazy mind.

  104. Gee, I guess they don’t want to cave me in.They are so kind. I was dried up within months of resigning, first phone calls, emails, then local and out of state mail, with Freewinds to be the last. I would guess they found out that I shared all with the internet and they dried up my fun! But I’m not caved in over it, to be sure, plus my mailman is friendly to me again.

  105. Eyes Wide Shut 🙂

  106. Gern Gaschoen

    To be fair, any trained Scientologist who spent more than 3 seconds with Reed Slatkin saw through his scam right away. He was always a seething mass of O/W’s. I’m not surprised that most of the OT’s that were on his lines had terrible WDAH stats.

  107. Mike Hobson

    I heard a tale once about just *one* HGB project disaster:

    It seems that some unqualified, untrained idiot pulled the mains disconnect without first performing a proper staged shutdown of very high horsepower chiller fans on the roof, resulting in a high voltage high current spike which blew up quite a bit of brand new wiring runs.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  108. Li'll bit of stuff

    R2-D2 ?

  109. Li'll bit of stuff

    YES indeed Marty! Sad thing is, that it’s
    needing a massive quantity of TR-3
    before people just get it! (duplicate!)
    I trust, your book obviates ALL this!
    ALWAYS, sincerely, Calvin

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks Ronnie, for yet another salvo of TRUTH,
    aimed at the “nerve centre” of mr. mudguts (MEST)!
    That there’s literally tens of thousands of missiles
    of similar content, being prepared / yet to be realized,
    heading his way, make for quite the spectacle to come.
    “…as ye sow….so shall ye reap!” …guess he’s kinda
    stuck with this now.
    ….really sucks to be Miscavige, NOW, more than ever!

  111. Joe Pendleton

    Does anyone know when “Battlefield Earth 2” is coming out?

  112. Joe Pendleton

    At least getting on the “source bus” was not mandatory.

  113. Joe Pendleton

    You didn’t have to get on a routing form with a stop at the IAS reg when you got on the source bus, did you? Cause then the doors shut and Michael Roberts gets real close, already tasting his commission. Yeah, right … 60 bucks (a bargain) to get ON the bus for the round trip, but hey baby, there’s a LOT of time between getting on the bus and then getting off almost 24 hours later on LRH way. (is your driver’s license collected at the door of the bus? uhm ….. for ….. uhm ….”safekeeping” …uhm … yeah)

  114. ROFLMAO!

  115. Your humble servant

    Good observation, Mat

  116. martyrathbun09

    You nailed it Mat.

  117. Ronnie Bell

    Yowch! That must have happened after the main crew was off the project and the building had been turned over to HGB Estates. First I’ve heard of this.

  118. Ronnie Bell

    You’re welcome, Ronnie. We public guys who worked on the church renos projects throughout the 90s saw quite a lot that ordinary public didn’t see. It was a bit like serving on the front lines in a long, protracted war. War stories abound in our group.

  119. In Dallas, for a while they were shipping in staff from other orgs to train as Book One auditors and supervisors. That really padded the stats. These folks were trained up, fired back home and the place really “calmed down”.

    According to plan, the Dallas Org is slowly dying. So many years of hard-working people striving to Clear the city and planet. My hope is that my old friends will see the light.

  120. The real life version is underway as we speak!

  121. Hallo Mike,
    no, we do not know each other. Maybe. I know roundabout 1000 Scientologists (ex or non ex Scientologist) and be known to maybe double that number. After I left not one tried to communicate with me after I left. If you would type in my real full name into google search I would be within the first 10 of search results. So that I cannot be found is not the reason. Might be that all those I knew and have spoken to do not like to communicate with me for whatever reason. (exclude the basic book calls) So no need for me to reveal my real name here.

  122. “This under the radar business is rather absurd…”

    Couldn’t agree more.

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