Kindle Edition Available of What Is Wrong With Scientology

The Kindle edition is now available at Amazon Books, at What Is Wrong With Scientology? Kindle Edition.  The whole introduction and part of Chapter One is available at this link.

In the meantime, Haydn James happened to stop by the other day and I gave him my proof copy which he finished and sent me his feedback on.  He agreed to sharing it with you.

Haydn James’ Review of What is Wrong With Scientology?

Finished reading your book. As an experienced Scientologist, I
wondered: what will I get out of reading it? The answer? A great
deal, a very great deal.

For me it answered a number of unanswered questions, but most of
all (and having finished reading the book I know you will love
this) it confirmed for me that my current spiritual journey and
purpose to help others is as it should be. Not because you, Hubbard
or anyone else told me so or because my views happen to coincide
with yours but because I know it to be true for myself. And that is
incredibly liberating.

I told you when I visited you and Mosey that I have never been
happier. That wasn’t quite true, I am all the happier for having
read your book.

I would have finished reading it sooner but I made the mistake of
putting it down to grab some food, at which point Lucy picked it
up, started reading and wouldn’t give it back. She loved it and
thought it brilliant!

Since I have now read the proof you kindly provided, I thought it
only fair that I also buy it, which I have done and posted a
review. I describe it as “A unique book on Scientology”. And it is.
But I also believe you are the Tom Paine of Scientology. I believe
this book will be to the subject of Scientology and Scientologists
what Common Sense was to the American people and their ultimate
freedom. Just as Tom Paine discussed and destroyed the validity of
willingly giving up ones freedom to an uncontrollable entity known as
“royalty”, you discuss and destroy any notion that one should
become a slave to a subject and organization designed to free
people. Like Paine’s tract “Common Sense”, the truth in your book
is unmistakable and unavoidable.

In a word … brilliant.


Print Edition is still available at, What Is Wrong With Scientology? Print Edition

152 responses to “Kindle Edition Available of What Is Wrong With Scientology

  1. Woo hoo ! Just bought my Kindle copy and am starting it as we speak.

  2. Very impressive review, thanks Haydn. I wanted to read it right now, so ordered my Kindle copy and now have it. I have read more books on Kindle recently as it is much more convenient doing so when there is a slot of time here and there and not having to lug a book around.

  3. one of those who see

    Thank you Haydn. I’m looking forward to reading my copy when it arrives. Looks like we are going in the right direction. Haydn regarding the book: “…you discuss and destroy any notion that one should
    become a slave to a subject and organization designed to free

  4. And gotta love that price: $17.76. Like the old days when LRH books were oddly priced because they were going up each month and then soon became priced out of reach for nearly everyone. I will bet Marty’s book stays there forever. If he ever does have to raise it, I hope it goes to $20.01.

  5. Just got it. Now I don’t need to wait for the paper to arrive.

  6. By the way, I can see every chapter igniting discussions around the ‘net as well as Animal Farm in one bunker, at least. The chapter that tore my scalp off was the one on the OT Levels. Talk about brilliant.

  7. LOL. Follow the link, see a sponsered link for Self Analysis from BridgePubs.
    Wonder if they will forward the book commissions? 😉

  8. Richard Royce

    I can’t wait to get my paper book! I’m just an old old fashioned guy and I’ll probably get a Kindle when I’m 80 (nine more years to go!)


  9. Phil de Fontenay

    Just got the Kindle version for my iPad ~ Bewdiful!!! 🙂
    Great job on the launch of your book Marty. I am sure things are hectic on your part but looks very smooth from here 🙂

    Review on Kindle will come in a day or so

    Phil de Fontenay

  10. Got the Kindle version as well as the paperback. Want to read it on the tube on my way to work! Marty, can I send my paperback version to you to have it signed?

  11. Li'll bit of stuff

    Super, succinct, appreciation Haydn. This will fuel the clamour
    to get hands on the book with even MORE interest.

  12. Sooo cool! Just bought the Kindle edition and can’t wait to start reading it.

  13. ThetaPotata

    Coolio – I bought my copy! It did link it to a separate copy of the book (the main copy is still saying there is no Kindle version yet, I would think the Amazon folks will get that fixed for you.) Thanks Marty you made the time target that you proposed with days to spare!

  14. Just downloaded the Kindle version, converted to .epub, and now have it on my B&N Nook. So, for anyone who doesn’t already know this, a free program called Calibre will convert between the publishers’ various formats so you can read it on any device you have. I’d be happy to help if you run into any problems, but it’s pretty straight forward and there’s a good deal of info on the web. Can’t wait to read this!

  15. I can see already Haydn’s review is going to be very accurate for many including myself. The deconstruction and explanation of what Black Dianetics or Reverse Scientology actually is in practice has been discussed at length on this blog, sometimes brilliantly, sometimes in a more haphazard way. But a complete tome on the matter is very very welcome indeed. Can’t wait for the book. Many thanks Marty for, in the great English tradition, immortalised in WWII posters, Keeping Calm and Carrying On. Geir observed recently that there is a level above the 4 Conditions of Exchange which is simply just giving, without thought of exchange in any form. You seem to exemplify this idea. Must drive DM nuts.

  16. Marty, this is a New York Minute.

    In a New York minute…
    Everything can change
    In a New York minute…
    Things can get a little strange
    In a New York minute…
    Everything can change
    In a New York minute…

  17. Thank you for the New York minutes.

  18. You amplify a New York minute in this theater.

  19. Marty, went to the link, the book is still not for sale 😦

  20. put it on my wish list though 🙂

  21. martyrathbun09

    It is now.

  22. martyrathbun09

    It is working now – plenty of people are getting them.

  23. martyrathbun09


  24. Brian Culkin

    Getting kindle version today … really looking forward to this … read the introduction this morning and loved it …

  25. Question: does this book put some of the responsibility on Ron?

  26. Richard, if you want you can download Kindle for your computer from Amazon (free) and read Kindle books on your computer. You don’t have to own a Kindle.

  27. The link and download worked perfectly.
    Off to my Cloud Reader…
    Happy reading to all,
    Vic K.

  28. FCDC Class of 74

    Not a kindle guy maybe later, but I have purchased the printed word. Marty would it be easier to get a copy straight from you that was autographed? I’d be happy to purchase another. Bill

  29. TheWidowDenk

    Great idea about Kindle, Sinar! Also, if you are lugging a book around, someone can borrow it — like Lucy — and hold you up on finishing the book. Love the anecdote Haydn and nice going Lucy! Enjoy the Kindle copy Sinar.

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  31. Ah crap… didn’t mean to post the actual links.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Take note Les and other practitioners: Screen grab that page – vital evidence which I will explain in another post.

  33. I will read it Marty, and I will be as honest with you about it as I can be honest with myself.

  34. Page grabbed. I’ll wait for your post before giving details of some of the ramifications from my viewpoint.

    Footbullets-R-Us, indeed.

  35. Very well done Marty!

    I have a dear friend right now who is doing her/his Doubt Conditilon and is at the stage where he/she is seeking DA materials from the CofS in an honest attempt to get to the truth. So far, the CofS DAers can’t come up with anything on topic, usually just character assassinations, but nothing on the topics of Ideal Orgs, IAS money grabbing, etc. What the CofS doesn’t quite get, is that you can’t DA the truth.

    To read all his/her posts to me is shows just how deep the anquish is in the CofS these days. Very very deep. Trying hard to continue to believe in an Ideal when it is becoming more and more apparent that it is all a lie, the stable datums one has relied on for decades now being seen to be false …

    I’m planning on using your book to help them DA the CofSes failed DAing.



  36. martyrathbun09

    Hi! Probably can’t get to a post today. But, I think you get it. Intellectual property law is all about the offender creating confusion in the public mind by the alleged violator trying to associate with the property holder. Now, who is trying to associate with whom on these days (as reflected by the placement of their ads)? And Les, when you read the book you will see there can be no mistake whom I represent in those pages (the same movement you represent in everything you do an publish in Idaho). The conclusion is inescapable, CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY IS ATTEMPTING TO ASSOCIATE ITSELF WITH INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY, DESPITE OUR VERY BEST EFFORTS TO DISASSOCIATE FROM IT!

  37. Same is true for those who have an iPad or iPhone (although that wouldn’t be that much fun — too tiny). Just download the kindle app for free and when you buy the kindle edition it will almost instantly download to your iPad.

  38. Has there ever been a more solid admission of failure? It’s like an old-time horror movie where an evil woman turns into a rotting carcass then wants a hug before as it goes into it’s death throws.

  39. Bob,
    Your comment says it all so simply!
    “What the CofS doesn’t quite get, is that you can’t DA the truth.”

    I suppose I continue to be appalled ( more than appalled – flabbergasted …that doesn’t do it for me either) that beings that have studied LRH cannot understand some of his most basic concepts, especially about a truth. A truth just IS. Doing a DA on a truth is simply CREATING A LIE!

    HELLO dumb fuck Miscabbiage and minions!!! Wake the fuck up and smell the TRUTH!!!
    OK …..rant is over ….for now!

  40. I successfully resisted buying the kindle version this morning as I had purchased the paperback edition the first few minutes it was announced; hoping it would be in my mail box today.

    Alas, not yet. So — undaunted, I bought the kindle edition!!! Which I intend reading later in the day.

    To this end — I’d like to post something from one of the more realized beings alive today — Thich Naht Hanh – Vietnamese Zen Buddhist, 86 years old. It is said he convinced MLK to oppose the Vietnam War.

    “We have great fear inside ourselves. We are afraid of everything–of our death, of being alone, of change. Fear is born from our concepts regarding life, death, being, and nonbeing. If we are able to get rid of all these concepts by touching the reality within ourselves, then nonfear will be there and the greatest relief will become possible.”
    ~Thich Nhat Hanh

    I believe what Marty is doing again and again is showing the truth of what IS — and in doing that helping to eliminate that fear born of concepts and enabling us to touch the reality within ourselves. Which is called: Theta


  41. Absolutely!!!!!

    Not only that, they have just given us license to put our “sponsored links” wherever we choose.

    Miscavige has been riding on your coat tails, and the coat tails of many other intelligent indivuals for his entire life. Free ride is over Dave.

  42. martyrathbun09

    Well put, Sir.

  43. Firebreathing Frog

    Come on Marty.
    Because of your work in exposing the difference between the “church” and real Scientology philosophy, there is more people calling themself Scientologists today that has ever been.
    Not surprising the Co$ trying to count them in.

    By the way, do you have translation organized for the French edition?
    Or would you like someone take care of this?

  44. LOL !!!! I really got that picture…….. The Co$ …..a rotting evil carcass!!!

    Makes ya wanna give em a hug doesn’t it !!!! They are the friendliest people on earth and they just want to help……whine/snivel ……”why are you guys so mean to us?”

  45. Marty,

    Very apt observation.

    I was recently pondering the irony of the inversion that is occurring in the world of Scientology. Independent Scientologists are increasingly out in the world, making the true story of the real accomplishments of Scientology known. It is Independent Scientologists who have become the spokespeople for Scientology. The RCS cannot muster a spokesperson these days. But even their most “important” accomplishments, the opening of Miscavige’s “Ideal Orgs” are held behind 10 foot fences with security guards and massive measures to prevent access by anyone outside the inner sanctum of bussed in clubbed seals that wait with baited breath for the hallowed words of Dear Leader. I wonder whether ANYONE there ever gives a thought to the fact that while he stands on his apple box making pronouncements about how this “new church” will be a central gathering point for “the community” and will bring the invaluable technology to this part of the world and that “everyone is welcome, we are open every day” — nobody is ALLOWED to even enter the dedication ceremony presided over by POB…. Someone at the Phoenix “opening” of the “new” church (attended mostly by people from California) who was standing ACROSS the street, was hustled away by the rented police because he was not showing the appropriate deference to Dear Leader as he was talking on his cell phone while Dear Leader was reading Shermanspeak(r) from his teleprompter.

    And this is the exact sort of thing you dissect in your book.

    I just finished reading it. It was so refreshing to read because it is neither a corporate Scientology stringing together of “LRH quotes” in order to “prove” the perfection of everything that occurs, nor an ignorant bashing by a “critic” who understands little to nothing and thus decides there is nothing of value in the subject at all. It truly is the “Great Middle Path.”

    Your observations, based on experience and a willingness to THINK (something entirely lacking in the two extremes above) are thought provoking and reveal and explain a lot of truths that may not be so apparent at first glance. I was extremely impressed by your description of Scientology — without the artificial strictures of “avoiding verbal tech” you captured so much of the subject in so little space that this will be the single reference I use in future for people who want to know the answer to “What Is Scientology?”

    And there are many other things that you analyze so rationally — TRs, Metering, the Grades, PTS/SP etc etc that this is a book that everyone who is a Scientologist of any type should read. It might enlighten those still in the bubble of the RCS. It will clear up things for those who have felt there is something wrong but couldnt put their finger on it. It will enlighten those who have broken from the RCS and likely bring them case gain just through the correct indications. And for those who have departed the subject altogether, and thus consider themselves “Ex-Scientologists” it may explain or clarify their upsets or failed purposes.

    Certainly this is an incredible valuable addition to the subject. The time and effort you, Dan and Russ put into it should be widely acknowledged and appreciated. I doubt there is anyone else who could have made this possible.

  46. Good words. The “truth” shall set you free. As I continue my own journey (currently on the original OT levels) and as I see the last vestiges of fear erased from my own universe…forever, I can’t help but smile.
    If I were the only auditor on this planet, it would only take me about two billion years to clear everyone here. Knowing that I am not alone by a long shot, and that many others are also playing this game wherein everyone wins, we can probably do the job in less than a million years. A mere drop in the bucket.
    Once that’s done, I think I’ll play baseball.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Mike. As long as it serves to differentiate the subject from the organization to some degree it is at least a step in the right direction.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Yes, please email me if you have some resource on French translation.

  49. It accomplishes that in SPADES Marty. And it serves to isolate where the subject has gone off the rails – both with respect to the underlying policies of LRH that facilitated the destruction and to some extent how and why Miscavige has driven a stake in the heart of the organization, turning it into a true cult being run by a true psychopath (SP).

  50. martyrathbun09

    I got center field.

  51. LOL- Dan yu Da man. :>)

  52. Dibs on Catcher….

  53. martyrathbun09

    Ok, Yogi.

  54. Received the hard copy book this morning and love it. Your description of the Bridge is the clearest I’ve read. There are going to be a lot of lighter and brighter people around thanks to you!

  55. Oh heck — I don’t know anything about baseball. My parents were European so never had baseball growing up. Now it’s just too late:)

    How about? Encouragement from the bleachers with occasional heckling depending on whose up?


  56. Firebreathing Frog

    Yes, good translators resources.
    We’ll make sure it will be as good.
    Where should I email you?

  57. Perfect WH!

    I think you would be better with the encouragement than the heckling though…. 🙂

    We should probably reserve the heckling spot for Sam 🙂

  58. Terry — I agree with you 100%.

    The RCS “What Is Scientology?” $125 30lb tome has been replaced by 13 1/2 pages of a paperback book by the true experts in the subject.

  59. What the CofS doesn’t quite get, is that you can’t DA the truth.

    Quote of the day, Bob. That is a brilliant observation.

    The church has now fallen to claiming that something moved, when it did not. That is the mechanical definition of a lie. The more they resort to doing this, the more good people leave their flock.

    The only way out for them, is through, which of course means telling the truth, and honestly applying the Ethics Conditions to reform themselves. That will never happen, as long as the mad dictator remains in place, enforcing his psychotic case upon the entire organization.

    As-isness for that group will never occur, until each group member is allowed to Look.

  60. I think a lot of ads (or sponsored links) are keyword based and popup based on the content that your looking at. So the c of s ads may not be nefarious. But I’m sure there will be some attacks coming. Make sure there’s ammo in the Bazooka and don’t forget your helmet!

  61. And to confuse the opposing team — Sam and I can occasionally swap positions.


  62. I just finished reading the first chapter: “What is Scientology?” I had a great win. Since I first came to Scientology I was told not to explain it, but sell books. Here is an incident I want to convey.

    In 1987 my cousin and her husband and children came to visit us. They drove 20 hours straight. When they arrived, my cousin’s husband who is an MD and like many MDs a very solid guy, wanted me to explain Scientology to him. He insisted to do it right then even though he skipped a night. I decided to “commit an overt” and explain to him.

    We spent over one hour and a half, and I went through it like Marty does in the book. The guy became animated and up tone. Then he asked: “So is happiness what you sell?” I wanted to say that it was not that simple, but instead I checked myself and said: “Yes.” To which he responded: “I want in.” My cousin asked him “So what is Scientology?” to which he told her it was about achieving happiness. She said: “So it’s like Psychology.” to which he said: “Except these people know what they are doing?”

    I recommended to him to go to his local org and get a Dianetics Seminar and workshop. That way he can immediately experience giving and receiving auditing. He was really happy and hopeful.

    Next, he went to the local org and was put in the reg ringer. He left never to come back.

    The bottom line, Marty is right. We need to communicate with people about Scientology. Not just sell them a book or follow some robotic procedure.

    I cannot wait for the next chapter. I have a PC who used to be very intimately connected to dm. I told him to read the book before we continue. I believe he will experience great relief.

  63. ST — Agree with you 100%. You are going to find a LOT in this book. Simple explanations of the subject from a technical perspective, describing what things are and why (like TR’s and Objectives, Grades and Disconnection) and how they have been perverted. It’s a work of great intelligence and insight.

  64. And that begs the question………..who is next up to the plate? !!!

  65. Mike, Thank for the ack. I wish a private communication with you. Can you send my your email?

  66. Firebreathing Frog

    So much truth in here.
    So much communication, bringing affinity and understanding of the subject.

    “It is fascinating that blackmail and punishment are the keynotes of all dark operations.
    What would happen if these two commodities no longer existed?
    What would happen if all men were free enough to speak?
    Then and only then, would you have freedom.

    “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.”


  67. See your gmail

  68. Richard Royce

    Big sigh of relief!

  69. I think you are right Marty. Like the Borg, they are trying to subsume Independents as a part of themselves, in the public’s mind; along the same lines, a few months ago, our house here got a Flag brochure headlined “RON’S ORG”. I thought, now they’re trying to make public think Flag is the “Ron’e Org” that is referenced on the Internet.

    May they choke on their efforts to swallow all that’s happening out here!

  70. Hey Marty, is the book available in hardback?

  71. martyrathbun09

    No, went straight to paperback.

  72. Or $19.84, perhaps?

  73. Marty, just purchased the WWS book kindle version on Amazon. The 1-click purchase went smoothly and had the book downloaded onto my device within moments. Thank you for getting it out on kindle so quickly and also for the excellent price. I look forward to reading it……….

  74. No limited editions that are bound in leather and cost $5,000.??
    Marty, didn’t you learn anything while inside the cult? 🙂

  75. Great news. Got it on my iPad now!

  76. Thanks to the Print on Demand Services I will have my Hard Copy shipped to Germany within 3 days.
    World Wide Dissemination made easy these days…!
    Wake up Miscavige. You really don’t understand the “inter-nut”, do you?

  77. Wow, my copy arrived in the mail today…that was really fast!

  78. Tom Gallagher


    I sense and perceive that what is wrong with ‘Scientology’ is also that which is wrong with planet earth and our co-inhabitant psychos like POB and his ultimate primary controllers, i.e., money changers.

    I’ll suggest we brace ourselves. A purge is ensue. A word to the wise: Enjoy, but never-the-less, prepare to hunker down.

    The sociopaths in charge forgot how they too would even survive. Let’s rise above it.

  79. plainoldthetan

    Really. A leatherbound copy would look great on my bookshelf that has non-LRH Scientology publications. Like from Peter Gillham and Ruth Minshull. Oh! I forgot. I’m not allowed to buy books about Scientology not personally written by LRH. Unless they’re a $720 biographical encyclopedia. Or the Scientology Handbook. Or What Is Scientology? Or he Ceremonies book.

  80. I am doing same Marty. Can you send me address to

  81. Li'll bit of stuff

    Who cares? Still think theta tennis
    the best thing since the COB circus
    started to burn down!!!

  82. Marty: I only started reading about an hour ago or so. Am working on the 2nd chapter and am simply amazed.

    The simplicity with which you have sorted through this miasma of confusion called Scientology Inc. is truly impressive.

    As a OT VIII, practicing buddhist I am simply amazed at the distortion between what LRH honestly intended and what it became.

    I just might line up for some review one of these days in the not too distant future. Perhaps when you finish what book tour I’m hoping you will do.

    Love and thanks,

  83. Li'll bit of stuff

    Now you’re talking!!!!………… POT!!!!

  84. Marty,

    So Well Done on your book. I got the Kindle version this morning and
    am about 1/2 way through. You did a great job of laying it all out in an easy to understand way (easy mainly for the non Sci readers). I appreciate the lack of any of your own upset with all that has happened bleeding through in your writing.

    Unlike reading this blog for the last couple of years, reading and assimilating everything all from one book is making me both happy and very sad. Happy that I recognized the BS early on, and so sad that things like 200-600 hours of Objectives and 3 swing F/Ns are causing such destruction.

    Keep writing Marty.

  85. Captain Bob

    all you have to do is buy from Marty the rights, like his copyright and trademark “Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun” , then lets say you bought them there trademarks and copyrights, why now you as the buyer (new owner), call yourself “RTC”. Thus now you can alter the book and passages in it, whatever. You get to run the show, Marty says this……….so you follow along, see.

    You are set for life selling “based on the works of “Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun”. But you don’t even have to say “based on the works”. And none are the wiser.

  86. Yo, POT, you forgot to mention COBs Dissemination Toolkit with 1,5 h Verbal-Tech (Shermanspeak(R)) on DVD, packaged as “This is Scientology”.

  87. I second that Ronnie. Fantastic quote — “You can’t DA the truth.”

  88. Avery Johnson

    Received my copy in the mail today, Thank You. I, for one, am impressed
    that you haven’t taken to selling leather bound, gold gilded editions for $7,500.00 dollars each.
    This proves you are a class act.*

    * David Miscavige could learn from your humanity.


  89. “What is Scientology,” aptly nicknamed “WIS,” along with the Scientology Handbook (an abomination of the old Volunteer Minister Handbook which was excellent and useful) are the two most useless and f’ed up books of Miscavige’s entire era since he enforced his profoundly idiotic “clay demo” labels on every horrible illustration which really win first place for the worst in history. And if that wasn’t enough, he f’ed up the text by having Towlie… I mean Danny Sherman who is even worse, write the text.

    The only difference between Towlie and Danny Sherman is instead of advising the boys to “don’t forget to bring a towel” wherever they are going, Danny Sherman advises complicated mutant grammar like “given that…” and “for all that’s been said in the name of…” and “but that’s not to say that…” and “when you add it all up, that is what we call ‘Operation ___.'”

    In other words, Danny Sherman is basically addicted to the word “that.” Check it out. It’s in everything he writes.

  90. LDW, This is only my second post, I need to remain quiet for now. The first was for protection of this group.
    This post is for the soul/heart – You said “If I were the only auditor on this planet, it would only take me about two billion years to clear everyone here” I thought that myself and asked the CS, back in the old days, to just let me know so I could brace myself for the task :)) Hugs !

  91. Good one Tony. In 1990 I was horrified and even sickened to learn that the price of a hardback Dianetics book in South American and Eastern Block countries was the equivalent of the average worker’s monthly income. This came about due to unfair exchange rates, VAT taxes, shipping, and price gouging by the Church.

    I proposed new pricing to handle the situation calling it horrific and suppressive and was immediately sent to ethics by DM for “degrading the tech.” I then told my ex-wife Sue, an MAA, that the problem with the Int base was the senior execs are intentionally misapplying ethics to create fear and intimidation. And was promptly sent to the RPF for 11 months.

    $5000 for a book is no joke.

  92. Message to webmaster.

    Please fix this bad weblink:

    BOGROLL’s ■ My Rediscover Scientology blog
    Current bad address:
    Correct address:

  93. martyrathbun09

    You are always welcome here WH.

  94. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Fixed.

  95. Thanks Marty. And I confess … I skipped to the last 2 chapters (patience isn’t yet a very viable virtue of mine) and am even more amazed.

    You close with a quote that became my mantra over 12 years ago — which only recently has become clearer in my mind as to how to accomplish it.

    That review will no doubt help tremendously. Really looking forward to it and thank you for the welcome.


  96. one of those who see

    Steve, what a soldier of light you are!

  97. My copy arrived today. I look forward to reading it.

    Today seems like full circle for the Squirrell Busters. I remember the day they first showed up at your door Marty. Now they are on display as mascots for what the entire civilized world frowns on.

  98. Marty, I’ve been reading the book. So far (Chapter 9) I’m finding that you are satisfactorily addressing and handling everything that has ever bugged me about my experiences in Scientology, all the way back to the beginning. What a service you have provided. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you so much.

  99. You paid dearly Steve.
    I think I can speak for everyone, that we owe you a debt of gratitude. You and all the other Sea Org members who have dared to walk the talk.
    I salute you my friend.

  100. Marty and all, there ‘s a wild-and-wooly comment thread going on under one of the “reviews” posted before the books were even shipped or the Kindle version was available, in the Reviews section at Marty’s book site on Amazon.

    This “review” was not a review at all, but apparently a pre-emptive strike at Marty’s credibility, characterizing Marty as a “Recovering Cult Member.” (who has a long way to go to actually ‘recover’, according to the poster of this review.)

    There appear to be 2 principal posters along this line ( ‘racecar’ and ‘Vinnie’); they sound like hard-line ESMB-type(OSA?) “anticult activists”, who furthermore say it’s not pore ole Miscavige’s fault, it’s all Hubbard from the get-go.

    Interestingly enough, our old friend Wayne Froemke is right in there taking these guys on and rebutting their arguments. He’s definitely getting his licks in on them, too!

    At this point it would probably be good for anyone who has actually read the book to go and post a review, and perhaps contribute to any comment thread that seems worthwhile contributing to. There is a comment thread under each review. Some of the reviews have no comments under them. The longest thread is under the negative fake review:

  101. Rory Medford


    You should start doing book signing events or book tours.

  102. The first 24 hours after the kindle release it was not possible to buy it from Europe, at least not from my country. You could see the kindle version of the book but it said not available. And the price didn’t show. The next day – same link – it worked! So if you experienced this as well get back and get you copy now! 🙂

  103. Read through the confessionals chapter. For me reading the book is like doing a solo session. I intend to write a full report when done.

    Thanks Marty

  104. Congrats, Dan, you hooked me!

  105. Thanks for the kindle version!!
    Kindle for iPhone is quite handy!
    Just started to read your book. 
    Facinating quotes regarding Black Dianetics and how that is in full use today. I would love to listen to the lectures from 1950/1952 you mentioned. Can you please let us know the titles of those? Thanks

  106. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, thanks for getting the kindle edition out. Just got mine this morning. Was going to wait until I finished the book to make any comment. But I can’t restrain myself (ha). The whole book is EXTREMELY well written by the way, but my favorite chapter so far is the one I just finished, which is on Objectives. I don’t think it can be explained much better how auditing, which is FOR the person getting auditing’s benefit, can be used for an opposite purpose (though I’m guessing you may even make a better case when you get to sec checking).

    * I’m not gonna get all “I’m more worthy than you are” about being an experienced auditor when other staff may not have been able to get trained, but I think you make a great point about Miscavige and RTC folks who place themselves at the top of the “tech chain” and yet are no event accomplished auditors themselves. How the heck does that make any sense at ALL?????? And trained CS’s go along with them!!!!!!!!!! Amazing how many “experts” there are in Scientology (ABOUT Scientology) and yet have never become tried and true auditors in the very tech that is the bedrock of the philosophy.

  107. Joe Pendleton

    Meant “not even accomplished auditors” (not “no event accomplished..”). Excuse me for severe typo.

  108. Rita Wagner

    I orderd my paperback yesterday on and will have it tomorrow!! Only one more day 🙂

  109. Rita Wagner the german link

  110. Marty,

    I was wondering if you could describe, in detail, what an average “day in the life” of the Inspector General was like back when you held the post.


  111. You guys are building a better bridge. It is really happening.

  112. eric alexandrou

    hello just bought the book marty thank you.

  113. You Know Who

    Yea! We bought three copies of the hard cover book, and two Kindle versions. I love the Kindle version … which, by the way, I read on my iPad AND my iPhone AND my PC (as I do not own a Kindle), and Kindle keeps me synced as to which page I read last.

    I haven’t read enough to comment on the substance of the whole book, but I have read enough to say that, other than William Manchester, who is my very favorite author, I can think of no writer who has a more fluid, a more comprehensible writing style. To me, from my personal point of view, it is that very approachable, non-confrontational, melifluous (if you will) style of writing which is soooooooooo appealing.

    You have created, truly, a work of art, through your manner of expression.

    And, once I’ve read through the book, I suspect, I’ll have the same to say about the substance of it.


  114. eric alexandrou

    im posting from queensland,australia im new to computers my son is helping,getting used to it im getting their thou.i joined staff in melbourne way
    back in 1986 for about 2 years my auditor was mick fay,and my cs was leane fay,had fantastic wins,did the lower levels finnished objectives,in sydney did the ccrd rundown im not clear.felt great,i also worked for mick fay
    but i left the org to make money have a family ,but kept in comm i made my home and was free dept.the year 2000 i lost my wife got killed on the way to work.she was stuck in the body so i applyed what i learned in scieontology,to help her it 2 boys aged 6 and 7 needed help to ,too young for auditing,i had tuders from the org to help them,i took out a laon of 35,000 for me to run out the inccident the loss of my wife,i got sec checked,but the auditor would say i have a floating needle.i was tould to do dianatics 2 times,other courses 2 times,no twin for purif,from 35000 my account drop to 10,000 still no audting ,oh 5500 for the ias membership on top off the 35000,the staff overworked no pay ,no public just me in course no word clearer,nothing,i walked away thinking it was me that is the problem,the org is dead im so upset about this money is no problem i saved my home ,although i was a stone throw away of moving to flag with my teen boys joining the sea org never mine about 100s of phone calls a week for donations and had everything i own to the sea org,to all the staff at the brisbane org i love you all,i still have hope one day things will be good again,thakyou marty and everyone else for giving people like me hope for a change to wake up

  115. eric alexandrou

    i feel like the convoy clip

  116. Hello Eric,
    thank you for sharing your story with us.
    You bring tears to my eyes and I wish you well and I hope things in your live will change for the better soon.
    Kind regards and lots of ARC,

  117. Just ordered my copy this morning! Looking forward to every chapter…..I’m sure I will be blowing charge all the way through. Thanks Marty!

  118. ……a convey indeed Eric! The UPS and FedEx trucks are probably lined up at the Amazon shipping dock ten trucks deep loading the books for distribution around the world!

  119. “still have hope one day things will be good again”.

    Thank you Eric.

  120. Marty,
    I got my Kindle edition last night. Firstly I have to say it is very well written. I was very impressed with the precise and non misemotional way that you present things. Its factual and its real. If anyone has been in or around Scientology for more than 24 hours they are going to have experienced the outpoints that you highlight. As a 12 year Scientologist I see ALL of them.
    A big blow down for me was the Objectives and Ethics sections. I was programmed to redo my objectives after having completed them twice already and the party line at Flag is that some people have to do at least 500 hours. OMG I was even told that by buying the ACC’s we would be given the cognitions that we were supposed to have and they would come easier to us. Talk about feeding a PC a cog! On the ethics section I had major wins. While in the SO it seemed that almost every day there were dozens of staff members dragged into ethics for something or another and between my wife and I at the time we were no exeption. The reason: “talking about how our day went”. It was considered “out ethics” and 2d’s should not converse about post.

    Marty you have inspired me to declare my independence publicly (already done but just in my head) and I’ll do a write up on a blog or letter to you telling my story. You are going to open a lot of eyes with this book. WELL DONE.

  121. Hi Everyone,

    I just did an Amazon review and am sharing it here:

    “While there have been other books that relate some of the general concepts within Scientology as it’s excesses and excuses are sorted through, none have come even close to the level of detail and overall comprehension of the subject brought forward by Mr. Rathbun.

    He not only points to the current regime and how it has reversed Scientology, and it’s spiritual benefits, but clearly links some of these egregious abuses to flaws within the subject, introduced by Ron Hubbard himself. This is valuable on all fronts and but one measure of the quality of the book’s content and authenticity.

    Finally, Rathbun makes important distinctions between the corporate entities known collectively as The Church of Scientology, and the spiritual technology (or applied religious philosophy, if you will) and independent field which is gradually gathering around the subject and working to return it to it’s original, beneficial purpose.

    Bravo, Mr. Rathbun; can’t wait for the next opus!”

    Again, happy reading to all,
    Vic K.

  122. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Looking forward to your announcement.

  123. Well thanks Tony, but I don’t see it as any kind of debt because I walked into the trap myself. I’m glad I did because now the knowledge I learned has given me the ability to help effectively. But it was surreal at the time trying to grasp that the DMSMH book prices — our front line of dissemination — were intentionally being set far above anyone’s ability to purchase the book in those countries. Even in America the price of DMSMH hardback was $38. Who’s going to pay that? Was insane. So there was no real intention to disseminate or help anyone. That meant basically that Scientology was in the hands of an SP.

    Within 24 hours of that realization I became physically ill (went PTS) because the enormity of the situation was so shocking and I had no idea what to do or how to solve it by myself. As far as I knew, out of the hundreds of people at the Int base, no one else knew what I knew. It was so much evil to comprehend all at once, with so many bad repercussions on all dynamics, my thinking locked up. Everything started to crash in on me. LRH says evil is the most difficult thing to confront and it is.

    I had so many unanswered questions. Why? How was this possible? I was trapped. I would have left the Sea Org after getting assigned to the RPF except for my wife whom was still in the trap without knowing it. I was really torn. What should I do? For her sake, I freed myself from the bullshit RPF assignment by using the ethics conditions — not doing the RPF “program” — and I made it back to the Int base. Of course all my friends were there in CMU. I think there were probably times for all of us when momentarily we saw what the truth was.

    In 1994 things started to really improve because I was able to gain control of marketing creatively for the next three years and move Scientology into a positive direction — but DM stopped that in late 1997. I tried countless times to enlighten my wife but each time she refused to listen or just reported me to Ethics.

    In the end, I realized there was a way to get free but the price high: give up everything, wife, friends, career, everything. I realized also there was no other way out because in 13 years I’d already tried every other way. Paying that price set me free and eventually made it possible for me to do something about the situation.

  124. History in the Making, Kindle has so much reach
    for the entire Planet.

  125. “You Can’t DA The Truth” – Bob, I am borrowing that for my own blog post! It is so true.

  126. Just noticed that while the paperback edition has good reviews on Amazon, there is only ONE review so far for the Kindle edition – and it’s a one-star invalidation. Time for some Kindle-version readers to step up and be heard!

  127. eric alexandrou

    thankyou k frances im well and happy and my two boys alex and andrew are well and happy too,and A.R.C TO YOU TOO

  128. TroubleShooter

    I’m waiting impatiently for my copies of the book to arrive in the mail today! These posts from readers are making my anticipation grow. I look forward to reading it and to meeting you Marty.

  129. I’m right there with you! Mine is coming tomorrow also. On the edge of my seat!

  130. Yea “Vinnie” seems to be a real piece of work. Uninformed keyboard commando highly critical sweeping generalities anything Scientology and probably hasn’t even read the book.

  131. eric alexandrou


  132. eric alexandrou

  133. Hello Eric,
    I can see the confusion COBs New Management creates and I understand that.
    You can see many people, as yourself, has recognized it and you will find a lot of data here on the blog and in the book you ordered.
    This will give you further explanation of how things went wrong and its effects on Scientology.

    All best,

  134. Steve, I really do hope your book comes out soon. With your personal experiences, all the firsthand accounts you managed to assemble at, your incredible writing ability … and your deep understanding of the true fundamentals of Scientology … a book from you would be momentous.

  135. Ronnie Bell

    Dittos on that!

  136. Amazing Steve.
    I guess what I mean about owing you and others a debt of gratitude is that a select few were playing the game for real. A select few were living up to trying to follow the truth and still keep their integrity in. Those few helped to forward some workable tech into the future and are protecting it now.
    I DO thank you and a few others that I know for all that you/they have done and are doing. I am not trying to be melodramatic, I really feel that way.
    I would like to see a book from you too. I think it would be great.

  137. Yes, readers of the Kindle edition might go post some reviews there. And ask Vinnie if he has read Marty’s book yet…. 🙂

  138. Rita Wagner

    Yess, I got it, I’m reading – not available today 🙂

  139. Pingback: Scientology Completions at Casablanca | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  140. Firebreathing Frog, I’ve talked openly about being a Scientologist more in the last couple of years than I ever did before. Good point.

  141. Marty and Mike. I couldn’t agree more. The book does such a good job of explaining what the philosophy is all about and how the organization has gone awry. It took a lot of things I was already thinking and put them out there in front of me where I could view the data and evaluate for myself. And Marty, it does a wonderful job of differentiating the subject from the organization, tech from policy.

  142. Li'll bit of stuff

    Steve, reading this, you have spared us the fullness of your ordeal, but not the impact!

    Your tortured situation, really had one rational
    solution… the one you chose…the RIGHT one.

    Thanks for leading by brave example, and by
    using your talents so effectively, potently, and
    with your wicked sense of humour.

    You inspire me, man!!


  143. Tony,

    Don’t know if remember me. I started out at The Mission Of Adams Avenue. JC Hughes was the Mission Holder at the time.

    When it became time to go for your Class 4 Internship I had to go to the local Org (The San Diego Org). The Org moved around a lot in those days as well as Adams Ave.

    I think I helped Adams Ave. move 3 times and The SD Org about 3 times also.

    I remember you at Flag at the Sandcastle in the “Pre-OT” waiting lounge waiting a long time for a Session.

    Hope you get the message.


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  145. I look at your life historically, in the big decades’ long patterns of Scientology history

    You are an ARC Break Auditor, unappreciated, plus free speaker outer.

    I wish we could download our brains to yours, so you had our views, but no matter.

    You’re doing good bigtime longrange Marty!


  146. I’ve started your book, I’ve gone into nitpick history minutia nitpicker mode, but I just can NOT fault you Marty.

    Marty, your going public, your doing what you’ve done these last 4 years, can’t thank you enough!

    So, publicly, thank YOU, Marty Rathbun!

  147. I’ll only nitpick you, should you NOT continue telling history, firsthand history, as you choose to tell it.

    I’m for us acting in the highest principled fashion, and Precept 20, the sub section about people striving to act in the highest principled ways, that to me is the best we can do.

    I’ll only nitpick you Marty in the context of your greatest pluspoints, and always remind anyone who listens to my opinions, that going public by ex senior leaders, is always a good thing.

    And to me, that you went public Marty, and that you seemingly plan to be public the rest of your life, that to me, is the all time passing grade, from me, despite any nitpicking I do of your or Hubbard’s writings/ideas.

    No matter your “agenda”, the world is much wiser than most of us will ever learn, so I trust just by going public, and continuing to be public, that you will do the subject of Scientology good in changing any bad there is in the Scientology official movement.

    You did the right thing going public, and that is just really the C of the ARC triangle, and I am so thankful many ex senior members speak freely on your blog here!

    Can’t thank you and all the others enough!

    Chuck Beatty

  148. As illogical as my next piece of advice will sound, I advise those who love Marty and like overall what Marty’s helping push forward, to please “audit” Marty.

    Karen Jentzsch Delacarriere, please be Marty’s Case Supervisor, and of all the independents, I’ve heard the best kudos for Trey Lotz, but whoever Marty wants to “audit” Marty, I’d consider it an honor were Marty to ask me to audit him!

    He probably could use a session, and I imagine no one’s thought of that, or if they have, then kudos to whoever is auditing Marty!

    (I’m still an atheist, non believer in the tech, but I know that love and respect and empathy is the bottom line why auditing works, and those that love Marty and ARE really the best of the “old LRH trained vintage” who love Marty, please give him a session from time to time!)

    end of completely “brainwashed” Hubbard thinking mindset, that I admittedly can fall into. (But I do think, at moments, LRH was doing all of what he did, all because he loved people, and if that is really true, then good for LRH.)

  149. ToWalkEyesOpen

    Hi Tara and very thanks for your proposal. If a french translation available, could you say it here where we can buy? Cheer.

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