The IAS Fraud Rolls On

See the latest email promotion from the IAS (International Association of Scientologists):

From: IAS Administrations <> Date: August 14, 2012 12:33:22 AM EDT To:############ Subject: RECORD NUMBERS OF PEOPLE VISIT SCIENTOLOGY.ORG WEEKLY


The biggest dissemination campaign in Scientology history is funded by IAS grants. Internet ads run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where a person lives, or what time zone he is in, he can click on an ad and go directly to and learn about our religion. He can also meet Scientologists in any of hundreds of video interviews, tour a Church of Scientology, and be introduced to LRH in the online chronology of his life. Even more, visitors can learn to apply Scientology themselves through the Tools for Life courses available free online.

Up to a million people a week visit which is translated into 16 languages, from Chinese to Norwegian and from Portuguese to Russian.

People come to the site from nearly every country of Earth and stay to find out about Scientology. Visitors to the Scientology site far exceed the industry average both in terms of the amount of time they spend there and the number of pages of material they view…

Of course it goes on to say that the above is what one’s donations to IAS buy and demands…you guessed it, more money.

But wait a second.  Review the graph below from Alexa blog web monitoring service for ‘reach’ of the site.

The one week spike at the beginning of July does represent somewhere in the neighborhood of a million hits.  Once, ever, they had about a million hits in a week.   Remember what week that was?   TomKat divorce viral madness week.  I know because we got over 750,000 hits on this site that same week.   As you can see from their graph, the rest of the weeks their hits are in a comparatively miniscule range – as it has been for years.

Now, let’s take up their next claim:  the Scientology site far exceeds the industry average … in terms of the number of pages of material they view…  Please see Alexablog’s comparison of this site (brown: compared to theirs (blue: for recent page views per visitor.

Granted, they have exceeded me.  But, it is far from ‘far exceed[ing]’, even this humble site, let alone the millions of sites that far exceed their own number of page views per visitor.

Finally, let’s take up this claim: the Scientology site far exceeds the industry average in terms of the amount of time they spend there

Really?  Check out the Alexablog comparison between this site and theirs in terms of amount of time the average visitor stays:

David Miscavige’s IAS continues to make outright and knowing false and misleading representations in pursuit of the almighty buck.   If anyone has other, black and white evidence as I have presented here of similar fraudulent fundraising representations made by the IAS, please provide it to me by email.  I know some folks who intend to do something effective about this.

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  1. If you’ll forgive the vulgarity, I think “time on shite” is more accurate in this case. 😉 My own blog comprises around six years of canine-based wee-mails – but even I’D be embarrassed by those stats!

    All this accounts for in real terms is further proof (if proof were needed) that most journalists around the world these days do all their “research” online instead of by the more traditional methods.

    IEG x

  2. I can’t see the IAS email.

  3. Please post any successful actions on getting your IAS donations refunded as well. I am all ready to join in a class action suit. I have had all of this I can take. We can’t even find an old Dianetics paperback in a used bookstore around here anymore, let alone a Walmart display or anything approaching effective advertising. This has been FRAUD – pure and simple.

  4. I just did a comparison on with Even the Mormons have higher stats than I would think this would be a similar “industry” to compare.

  5. Cool! This IAS email, by focusing on the Internet, practically encourages folks to go online and Google for “scientology”, which of course will lead them to look at and read other sites, like your blog, Marty

  6. The Mormons even have a facebook page of 558,564 likes. and 46K+ are currently talking about it. Now those are impressive stats which you can’t argue with. Where is the facebook page for Church of Scientology since they are marketing geniuses and have so many followers?

  7. It sucks to be a shyster.

  8. There’s a difference between the purpose of Marty’s website and the CO$ website. Marty is here to inform people about the perversion of Scientology by DM. If you consider the number of Scientologists that must be reading his blogs, the effect must be incredible. I would assume the most import stat for the CO$ website would be first service starts. I don’t care how many people go to your website, how nice your buildings are, how many events you have, etc., if you can’t sit down with a person one on one and be a terminal that allows the person to originate you won’t get results. DM has destroyed the things that actually work to get people on lines and no matter how much effort he puts in other areas he will continue to be stuck with contracting orgs and missions.

  9. Tom Gallagher

    Tom Gallagher sent this Note: Keyboard still stuck from the last coffee/nasal snort situation……….

  10. It’s the section in italics in the post….

  11. martyrathbun09

    “Even”? Mormanism is so far more widespread than Scientology that they are in utterly different leagues of magnitude. Not comparable in the slightest.

  12. Yeah, its going to be a looooong time before there is an openly Scientologist Presidential candidate or US Senator….

  13. Theo Sismanides

    Marty this is good data to have. I can give some more data from Twitter. On the word Scientology and how often it is twitted on Twitter. I have Echelon, an app, I downloaded today on my computer and you can search words twitted and how often.

    Scientology as of right now gets not even 1 Tweet per minute (0.97),

    Tom Cruise gets between 7 to 10 every minute (!!!),

    Obama gets between 60 to 70 per minute and right now

    MC Harvey gets between 30 to 70 (lol !!),

    the word Catholic gets between 16 to 20 tweets,

    Jew gets 11 to 13 tweets per minute and the word

    Scientologist cannot even get above 0.0.

    Another look from the Twitter World.

  14. Yes, the golden time was when Sonny Bono could get away with it. Shows how much Mr. David Miscavige has totally screwed up Scientology’s reputation.

  15. threefeetback

    In the corporate world, a few billion is SMALL peanuts.

  16. The pageviews per user stat is misleading. Coming into this blog, you usually go to the latest post, so one or two page views max. is structured to force people to continually click through to see how GREAAAAT Mr. David Miscavige is.

  17. threefeetback

    In the Independent Field, there are plenty of individuals of sufficient caliber if not tainted by a negative view of Scn.

  18. threefeetback

    apples to apples: Mormon religion/subject, Scientology religion/subject

  19. Rory Medford

    DM= Mr. Liar
    DM = Mr. Fraudster
    DM = Mr. Twister

    all in all he is just a smoke and mirror guy with just a handful of blind supporters, the supporters have money but they too will run out

  20. threefeetback

    orders of magnitude: Mormons — 10s, (or is it 100s?) of billions of wealth, Scientology Inc — a few billions of wealth, and one pip-squeak.

  21. 🙂 Laughing…still.

  22. threefeetback

    That guy never misses a chance to push his own dismal statistics.

  23. I don’t know who the “Tom” up above is, but it wasn’t me. For additional evidence of this fraud upon the public, check out the regional traffic metrics (be sure to click “More”) Looks like they had a surge from India, which is known to sell “click services” to the highest bidder, just for astroturf campaigns like this.

    Oooh that smell……

  24. People come to the site from nearly every country of Earth and stay to find out about Scientology. Visitors to the Scientology site far exceed the industry average both in terms of the amount of time they spend there and the number of pages of material they view… Who is kidding who???

    The IAS is perhaps one of the biggest frauds going!

  25. Paul,
    “I would assume the most import stat for the CO$ website would be first service starts.”

    Of course you would, but there’s your gargantuan mis-take. You see, in Dave’s Stat Management it’s more like “number of persons who make typestrokes on there computers that include the letter ‘s'”. You see? This is thinking BIG!!!

    Dave is so frikkin’ “OT” we have NO idea. He merely thinks something and voila, there it is, exceptin’ for the SPs who unmock it before it exists.

    Dang those frikkin’ SPs!!!! (Many of whom, apparently, post on this here blog.)

  26. P.S. “there” computers may APPEAR to be a mis-take too. But, it isn’t. If a computer is “there” it counts on this stat.

  27. Theo,
    Well, there again, you have to look past the false obvious and see the real stat.

    OK, here it is: Dave is a Twit. Soooo, EVERY Twitter post is in fact FOR Dave.

    You see, his stats are out of this universe.

  28. “Visitors to the Scientology site far exceed the industry average” …

    How is it that they openly refer to themselves as being industrial, when they talk out of the other side of their mouth to claim religious status when it suits them? Is this a simple freudian slip or is it pure stupidity?

  29. There is another aspect to this Internet scene — check out the website design for Edmonton org:
    Compare this to the Pasadena org: I haven’t checked but undoubtedly every org on the planet has the same website scheme.

    Notice that most of the informational links are hosted on Wouldn’t this have the effect of inflating the number of visits to

    I don’t know when they changed this — Pasadena’s website wasn’t like this a year ago anyway.

  30. threefeetback

    With billions of undelivered services/obligations, Scientology Inc. is technically insolvent. Plus, the pip-squeak’s misuse of “donations” makes him eligible for criminal prosecution.

  31. So that spike was bought in order to present a high number. I want to join the class action.

  32. I think the biggest fraud was Reed Slatkin, who stole $800 million from Scientologists with the full blessing of the Co$dm.

  33. martyrathbun09

  34. threefeetback


  35. How about the Nation of Islam as an ‘industry’ comparison? NOI’s worldwide membership numbers are lower or equivalent to Co$. From the NOI wiki: “In the early 21st century, the core membership of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam was estimated at between 10,000 and 50,000 ..”

    Album of Alexa stat graphs comparing with

  36. I remember wishing I had the money to invest. It was a shock to find out that I wan lucky. Many had to pay back their ROI.

  37. “Dang those frikkin’ SPs!!!! (Many of whom, apparently, post on this here blog.)”

    SP: Abbrev. Context-sensitive. Meaning in the above context: Social Personality.
    Source: Contemporary Unabridged Unofficial Scientology Dictionary.

  38. Good point!

  39. I just recently talked to someone within who is on these lines who briefed me on what is going on. They established an Internet unit to put a bunch of things on the Internet. A lot of intro courses,OCA, sites for all Orgs. They are trying to establish Virtual Orgs. This is the exact wording that was used by the person briefing me. I was told that LA org already has this line implemented and whoever comes to the org via this line one fore one sign up for service. That is a lie for sure.
    And of course the purpose of the briefing was to get money to the IAS who sponsors this Internet BS.
    “Virtual Orgs” LRH could be so proud – not

  40. TheWidowDenk

    I know this topic is about stats, but I have an issue with positioning:

    This is the positioning in the email:
    1 learn about our religion
    2 meet Scientologists
    3 tour a Church of Scientology
    4 be introduced to LRH in the online chronology of his life
    5 can learn to apply Scientology through the Tools for Life courses available free online

    I would have made this the positioning:

    “He can click on (something) to be introduced to LRH and learn about Scientology.” Period.

  41. Jethro Bodine

    My favorite Howard Becker IAS event quote:

    “For every thousand dollars you donate to the IAS, we take out a psych.”

    My favorite Michael Roberts IAS event quote:

    “I don’t see ‘SOLVENCY” on the Grade Chart.”

    My favorite Jeff Pomerantz IAS event quote:

    “Does anyone remember me from my Dynasty?”

  42. Jethro Bodine

    BTW, since we’re on the subject of RCS frauds, this has to be one of the cheesiest “fundraising” videos for Idle Orgs that I’ve ever seen. Bowling for dollars must be fun compared to making money “the old-fashioned way”. Do these people have any idea how ridiculous they must look like to those outside the cult? I don’t see “smackdown” in the admin dictionary.

  43. It looks like is the official Latter Day Saints (Mormon) website — and leaves in the dust. Even during the TomKat divorce news.

  44. I had always thought that my donations to the IAS were going to promote and protect the scientology religion. All 20K of it. Over the past year and a half I’ve become aware that there may have been fraud regarding what my donations were being used for.

    Does anyone else feel that way?

    How many people who also feel that way would it take to entice a shark lawyer to instigate a class action suit for fraud?

    I certainly feel defrauded.

  45. 🙂

    Not sure if they should be nicknamed Three Stooges or Three Blind Mice or Three Men One Cup…

  46. “You can get a much better fee—I tell you as auditors quite frankly – it’s… it’s much easier to get a great deal of money out of somebody who’s on a down spiral into becoming MEST than it is to get money out of somebody who is going on an up spiral toward becoming theta.” – LRH

    (from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #15 “The Logics, Infinity Valued Logic”, given on 4 Dec. 1952)

  47. I would also be interested in info or class action suit for IAS donation refund.

  48. Reed Slatkin was promoted by many Scientologists as a good place to invest money. The advertised return was amazing. I called his office and asked some general questions about how he was able to produce such returns…..astute analysis of companies? or what? The answers I received did not add up. The minimum investment was 30K. I declined the “opportunity”. This person had told me that regs were recommending Slatkin as a way to generate lots of money to pay for their Bridge. Apparently many people who invested with Slatkin did so for this reason, and many of the earlier investors generated lots of money which they then donated to the COS. When the SEC lowered the boom on his operation, Slatkin was “excommunicated”. I do not believe that the COS was ever required to return any of these donations to Slatkin’s investment funds.
    The Scientologist who recommended him to me later lamented to me about how much money he had lost when the sh*t hit the fan. So, it was a win-win proposition for “some” people and a lose-lose proposition for “others”.
    If anyone needs to contact Reed, his current address as of 2010 is: Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution, Lompoc, California.

  49. How about… 3 ring circus…or 3 strikes, you’re out!

  50. Hapexamendios

    And nowadays it wouldn’t take long for the press to connect the dots and realize that they could easily be blackmailed by Miscavige Inc. (do what we say or be disconnected from your family). Look what they said about JFK and the Pope, except that in this case it would be an accurate representation of what could, and probably would, happen.

    From this perspective the Germans weren’t entirely wrong to take the stance on Scientologists in government that they did.

  51. Hapexamendios

    True dat!

  52. Joe Pendleton

    I have to admit that I’m pretty happy and pleased with myself for maxing out at $5,000 to the IAS (sponser at the time). I had my own shore story to the IAS vultures who patrolled LRH Way (never lied to them, just told them an “acceptable truth” to make them think I had no money available). I only let Michael Roberts get me in a closed room with his video player once, and I think he was distracted that day. Never met Becker, though he milked a good friend of mine dry over a year with his incessant phone calls (friend eventually became a patron, borrowing it all on credit cards).

  53. threefeetback

    The Fraud Industry keeps a low profile and does not ordinarily maintain obvious websites; putting Scn Inc on top of their game, online.

  54. Hapexamendios

    I offer for comparison that Little Davey Miscavige’s Facebook page only has 133 likes. And those were probably all cowed Int Base prisoners!

    His reaction:

  55. Yvonne Schick

    In about 2002, I did the PDC course. I was listening to new CD’s that had been released (I’m embarrassed to say the “Gold Plated” edition). Because I like to write notes in the margins or underline key quotes, I was using transcripts from the 1978 cassette release. This particular quote had been dropped between the two editions. Isn’t that interesting. I don’t know if it is in the basics edition.

  56. 3 bags full…….. 🙂 this is fun.

  57. Hapexamendios

    I remember back in the early to mid 90’s Howard Becker stating that his big plan was to default on all of his outstanding loans for Bridge and IAS when he died and stick it to the banks. Even at the time I thought that was a pretty fucked up idea.

  58. ok…last one, I promise…3 bean salad. 🙂

  59. Great performance. The very best back-up singers. RIP Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  60. Li'll bit of stuff

    This is always horrible. More horrible still for the guy who
    used to bug the hell out of my family, by phoning up to 12
    times a day trying to get me to come in for a chat, or make
    a “small” dono. to the IAS.. This was around 1990, and
    the guy behaved like a real stalker, even in those early
    days.It eventually backfired. He was murdered in cold blood!

  61. 😆 I read your mind! LMAO

  62. Me too.

  63. You sure that’s not for some roller derby girls?

  64. ROFL!

  65. Dammit Jim, you made me pee my pants again! LOL!

  66. Li'll bit of stuff

    To ALL readers of this blog……..One thing I’d like to make
    ………………..perfectly CLEAR———–myself!

    Another, is that it would never have occurred within the Ponzi
    operation masquerading as a “church,” that of DM’s CO$!

    Yet another, is that by following and applying LRH’s basic
    philosophy, and rigorous references to a now tattered, battered,
    old original green copy of 0-8, the book of basics, has enabled
    me to make remarkable progress toward that goal. Those
    AXIOMS, which I refer to on a daily basis, form the core of
    understanding the entire woof & warp of existence, of not only
    the “minds” of most, but more importantly, how to maximise the
    use of the entire Scn toolbox, across the broad spectrum.
    Having a great life partner, my class V auditor wife, Dorothy,
    is also a huge plus, when dealing with issues technically!

    And one more thing, for good measure.

    Since joining Marty’s wonderfully liberating blog, some 11 months
    ago, the education received across such a broad front has been
    extremely sobering, and put so many puzzles & mysteries to
    rest, once and for all. Being amongst such capable & enlightened
    souls, has another simple empowering effect! It rubs off on you!

    Life is just SO GOOD again–as an INDEPENDENT Scientologist.

    Thank you, one and all, I’m most grateful.


  67. threefeetback

    Next, the beast will be wiping hard drives and calling them “Clear.”

  68. Here’s the official corporate Church of Scientology Facebook page …

    Compare Mormons and Church of Scientology’s ability to disseminate :

    (as of 8/15/2012 10:42 PM Pacific)

    Church of Scientology Likes: 1,476
    Mormon Likes: 570,430

    Church of Scientology “talking about it”: 30 people (NOT a typo)
    Mormon Church “talking about it”: 49,367 people

    Link to Mormon Facebook page …

  69. I was shocked and saddened to learn recently that my friend Dan Jacobs was directly involved in this scheme – not as a hopeful investor but as an accomplice, who ultimately gave up the goods on Slatkin.


  70. One can buy Facebook “Likes”, Youtube Subscribers, and Google +1’s, and “visitor clicks” from all day long. These kind of stats are easy to fake.

  71. one of those who see

    More evidence that Miscavige has turned the Church of Scientology into McDonald’s. It may work for McDonald’s, but rote, cookie cutter Scientology – no thank you.

  72. The Church of Scientology’s Facebook page started in August 2010.

    The “fastest growing religion on Earth” to date has gotten an average of only 2 Facebook “Likes” each day.

    1476 Likes / 730 days = 2.02 Likes a day

  73. one of those who see

    Anyone else get the OT Summit Mag? They actually write the following: “A new Release is made every 10 minutes, and someone attains the glory of Clear every 5 hours.” What????!!!! How can they report that? What does it actually mean? I just got the CC Int Mag – no clears made. And the AO/ASHO mags are not reporting thousands of Clears made. Maybe these Clears are being made off planet. That must be it.

    Mike, Mary – seriously, how can they justify reporting a stat like that?

  74. It IS fraud.

    Something CAN be done about it!

  75. I have $22,000 of Unused money at Flag. I have drafted a letter… does anyone here have any insight as to how I should send it? Email? US snail mail with certification from post office? Shall I have a Notary Presentment included? Do I need an attorney by my side?

    Any insight would be helpful.

    Should I send a copy to Tony Ortega? If they withhold, shall I send a copy of info to the IRS? Attorney General?

    Again… any insight is welcome.

  76. The stat that dm really keeps track of is # of kisses on dms butt.

  77. Thomas Schäfer

    I’m ready to join the club (if any possible from Germany…)

  78. I donated a lot less to the IAS, and we know that many others have donated a lot more for the same purpose. I don’t know what kind of a pot it would take to get a class action going, but if there is a shark in the legal ocean who can really win, I’m in, Les!
    The IAS is a money-motivated, stat-pushing, false status dispensing fraud. Any auditor helping others to improve their life has more status as a Scientologist than someone who has merely donated money. The COS used to be oriented primarily towards helping people live better lives, not taking all their money and creating personal insolvency for others. A lifetime membership in the old Hubbard Association of Scientologists (HASI) used to cost $75, and an annual membership cost $15. Miscavige has morphed the COS into something that LRH would barely recognize.

  79. The IAS is playing hardball on returning donations, I have taken various actions – continuing to PT – but so far I concluded that I am simply not dangerous enough to get my fraudulently taken donations back, since the only individuals I know who did get them back had more dirty laundry on Co$ to air than I did. Class action MAY work but there’s no evidence yet of that. Part of a letter I got regarding this from a local (UK) solicitor states in part:

    “Almost all of the cases that I ran were money reclaim cases. I was successful because the one thing that Scientology will never do is to deny that it is a religion. Where anyone in England gives money to a religious body there is a presumption that it was given under undue influence and must be repaid. The onus falls on the religion to prove that the gift was voluntary, and as most Scientology “donations” are “regged” I never encountered a case where they could prove this, or even tried to very hard. Nevertheless I am sure that there are some instances where a Scientologist does hand over money both knowingly and willingly, and in such a case it would not be recoverable.

    This presumption of undue influence for religious donations exists precisely because it is impossible to prove by any standard that would be recognised in a Courtroom that religious services “work”. For example, many people donate money to the Catholic Church to pay for a mass for the dead. Theoretically this is supposed to improve the prospects of the deceased’s soul passing through purgatory and into heaven, but it is impossible to prove whether that works or not and many people (including me) would view the entire practice as a fraudulent means of getting money out of the gullible. I take the same view about the entire system of Scientology’s claims, but I would accept that if necessary Scientology could point to various examples of “success” for their techniques in much of the same way that various religions seek to justify their claims.

    However, from your email I think the main problem that you would face is the length of time that appears to have passed since you handed over your money. There is a pretty much hard and fast rule in English law that any claim to recover money must be made within 6 years of the money being handed over and if I am reading your email correctly it seems that the money you are looking to recover was paid longer ago than that. I would be pessimistic about your chances of success for that reason alone”.

    The evidence of actual fraud would have to be very strong IMHO since every “donation” is accompanied with a statement that one is making the donation voluntarily and understands it is non-refundable.Some one with very deep pockets would need to test this, and sadly that isn’t me!

  80. Back in 2009,I had a sea org guy arrive at my door step asking for money,a donation,so he asked me for my help to go to darwin,to help withAboriginal the alcohol
    problem.i said how much funding did you get from the I A S ?HE said $50.00.
    Isaid i could not go with him to darwin.but i did give him a couple of hundred
    dollers,no receipt,so where dos the money go!the I A S IS A FRAUD ALRIGHT.

  81. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, Jimbo, I didn’t think of it like that. Wow… that’s really OT!

  82. Two or three hundred people should be more than enough to initiate a class action.

    A class action will have many desirable effects. We will be able to establish where the money goes, who benefits from it, how it is spent, in which offshore accounts the money is being kept, who are the accountants, who signs the checks and the bank transfers, etc. It would all come out in the open.

    Of course, DM will fight back using OUR donations, but hey, that’s a small price to pay for exposing the IAS as a ruthless, greedy, money-grabbing mafia.

    All we need is a law firm that will determine whether or not we have a case.

  83. a wealth of information here, just look:

  84. Hi DW,
    My suggestion is that you send it as regular mail, certified mail, and by email. I wouldn’t suggest a Notary Presentmen. You might want to cc: it to an attorney and the House Ways and Means Committee.

    When I got a refund about a year and a half ago, my general rule of thumb was to increase the pressure if they delayed or ignored comm. It took me a year, but I did successfully get a large five-figure refund back. Drop me an email, and I’ll send you my step by step process (offer is open to anyone else too). mesamarg @ earthlink . net

  85. Hapexamendios

    David St Lawrence (Old Auditor) has posted some advice on this at his blog:

  86. How about 33% for the lawyers; 33% to reimburse donors; 33% goes into a legal defense fund to fend off any future attacks from miscavige or his cronies and defend against attacks on indy’s application of the tech outside of his implant station?

  87. threefeetback

    With that tanning bed, the number of wrinkles on his face and butt is straight up and vertical.

  88. You’re right, I was trying to be logical. My mistake.

  89. The show was, “One Life to Live!”

  90. Calvin,
    I’m a reader of this blog, so I am taking this opportunity to recommend, in line with what you’ve mentioned on the Axioms this:

    Study the 9th ACC/The Solution to Entrapment, followed by Dianetics 55 and then the Unification Congress lectures. Then, the Phoenix Lectures.

    These are the music to the words of the Axioms, and composed in such an incredible symphony complete with “jazz improvisation” and the invitation to participate that, well, I can’t say enough about these materials.

    He cracks it all, from the very beginning of “the first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint”, right up through the space needed to have comm, the barriers required to ‘not-know’, the posing of terminals to get time, (the foundation material on GPMs), how MEST came about as memory, how facsimiles operate, a time track is composed, how time impinges on theta (answering a question he had in 51 in the R&D lectures), how the Second Postulate persists and on and on. From this material you can extrapolate any process, and really get the VIII tapes when he exhorts the actual basics.

    This is as OT as it gets, these materials. A handbook for a being in this agreed upon set of Axioms founding this whole darn thing.

    Good stuff.

  91. Scotty,
    Bang on ref!!! Exactly. Drive them down scale with Dave Tech, and as MEST beings they are completely hung up in flows, energy, matter, space and time.

    Free them with Standard Tech and yikes!!!! They won’t pay, and pay, and pay.

    Hung in energy, reacting according to Newton’s Laws, quantum uncertainties, banging around at the wish and whim of some scary “hidden influence” free thetan. Oh my, can’t have that now can we Dave.

    Too late.


  92. Mike Rinder – Shame on you for even knowing about that last reference! (Shame on me as well, I suppose. :p )

  93. I am honestly not being facitious here.
    Take a copy of Debbie Cooks email and a video copy of her testimony down to Flag and ask to see the chaplain. Tell him you want a refund and have no intention of ever doing those services. Tell him you want him to read the letter and then turn on the video. Get a cheap, portable DVD player so you can just clik it on.
    Tell him you want the refund NOW! And that you will be happy to hand route it through the lines.
    Have a friend outside on speed dial for protection.
    Carry a minature tape recorder and record everything.
    Try not to laugh too much at their stuttering.

  94. In the United States, the Statute of Limitations for “fraud”, which in California, at least is four years if I recall correctly, runs from the date of the DISCOVERY of the fraud, not the fraudulent act itself.

    So, if you were suckered by fraud into donating money, in, say, 2000, and did not uncover the fraud until, say, 1/1/2010, you have until 12/31/2013 to sue the fraudfeasor.

    And, it is arguable that if the fraudfeasor continues to assert in public that they are acting lawfully, and did not trick anyone, then you could argue that the statute of limitations does not start to run until the fraud is admitted.

    So, if I were advising someone who committed fraud, I’d recommend that they admit, offer a bunch of ‘mea-culpas’ to lull their victims to sleep, and hope that their victims are to pussilanimous to sue before the 4 year period runs out. — You’d be surprised how many people miss the deadlines to sue imposed by the Statute of Limitations.

    On the other hand, if I were advising someone who was defrauded, I’d recommend that they get moving.

  95. threefeetback

    The thought of this kind of organized activity is what makes it necessary for the pipsqueak to use lots of whiskey to pass out at night.

  96. Alex Castillo(long term certified SP}


    This is all a very funny and 21st Century computerized society news, but what in the hell has the Number of Hits Per Second in Twitter, Facebook, etc have to do with Number of People Released from their Problems or Number of People who are now much more happy with their lives and their relationships? Am I being thick because I don’t understand this silly game? For any new person reading this thread without previous knowledge of what this is really about, this becomes a battle consisting in Who gets the most hits on their internet sites, and the real purpose gets missed. Why not widely publicize Number of Satisfied PCs WHO ARE NOW HAPPIER THAN BEFORE from both quarters: Church of Scientology vs Independent Scientologists? In fact, who gives a flying fuck about the number of hits on websites when the whole bloody thing is about FREEING BEINGS? Popularity means SHIT. The POSITIVE RESULTS FROM THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF SCIENTOLOGY MEANS EVERYTHING. AARRGH!!



  97. Barry Van Sickle

    It does not matter how you send it. Tne usual response is to send you a form that will require much effort and expense to complete. The typical rely basically says that they will not consider your claim until you complete and submit a form. Full completion of the form will require that you travel to Flag and get several persons affiliated with each Flag entity you have money on account with to sign off on your request.

    I do not know of anyone who actually went to Flag and tried to get the signatures on the forms. Of course, the reasonable fear is that this would be just the first step in a process that is designed to discourage and prevent a return of funds supposedly held on deposit.

    I am not suggesting this and am not working on it, however, I have this fantasy where a large group of persons seeking a return of funds on deposit show up a Flag, try to play the game, and expose it for the fraud it is.

  98. Battlefield Earth and the current scene

    I was a fan of science fiction; I loved the book “Battlefield Earth” by LRH.
    When it was issued in the eighties, it was said by staff members that it was an allegory of Scientology, the hero Johnny Goodboy Tyler representing LRH. And indeed we discover at the end of the saga that the psychlos invaders were implanted to commit evil, and that the real rulers behind the scene were intergalactic bankers. Johnny liberated mankind from the oppressors.

    At some point of the novel, Johnny destroys the main base of the invaders and mankind is free from slavery! That is the equivalent of Scientology freeing man from its mental chains. A first government of men is installed with Johnny being the chief of the whole planet. That is the equivalent of the International Management. The capital is Denver, U.S.A.

    But Johnny is unhappy: his goal was to destroy the mother planet of the psychlo invaders, but he is not sure it worked. Mankind is still under a big threat! So Johnny must absolutely get the secret of teleportation, the invaders’ main weapon. But there is a problem: when psychlo survivors are interrogated in order to get the secret, they commit suicide as they are implanted to do so.

    So Johnny develops a brilliant plan: he goes into hiding in Africa, he leaves the government in the hands of Brown Limper, the chief of his tribe, because Brown had good relationships with Terl, a psychlo survivor. Terl knows all about teleportation. The plan is to give Terl some freedom and let him build a teleportation ring without committing suicide. In the meantime, Brown Limper is ruling the planet.

    But Brown Limper is quite an SP: he has other SPs as friends, he is persecuting the ones who liberated the planet in the first place, he is very busy building decorated buildings, selecting costumes, printing money with his face on it … In brief, he seems very similar to DM (who declared SPs the students of the original SHSBC, whose main products are ideal buildings, who designed new costumes for the Sea Org, who is printing his face in many places …)

    But the members of his tribe discover his true character. They leave the old village. Some day Brown realizes that there is almost nobody left in his government and that he his just ruling a band of mercenaries.

    Did LRH have a premonition of what was going to occur in Scientology? Anyway he described it with accuracy. Official Scientology has now a suppressive management, when the true spirit of Scientology is outside.

    But a question remains: did LRH forecast the SP management, and did he have a purpose to let it occur?

  99. Alex Castillo(long term certified SP}

    And YES!!! Absolutely, there are enough of you ladies and gents to start a SERIOUS Class action suit against the fraudulent activities of David Miscavige’s IAS. Go for it guys!#


  100. The more recent “policy” is to inform the person that they are not “eligible” to do the Routing Form because they have been declared and are therefore not allowed to see the Chaplain as their “only terminal” is the IJC.

  101. threefeetback

    Yep, no EASY way out of the reactive mind, group think.

  102. Jim, thanks for the recommendations and thanks for your ongoing contributions. Very helpful.

  103. When I sent my original refund request to the AOLA, I sent it certified mail. It was not accepted. I resent it snail mail and it did arrive. After that, I started pushing ceaselessly, calling numerous terminals almost daily leaving messages. From inception to completion, I believe the cycle only took a few months. I’d love to get my membership money back from the IAS, that is for sure.

  104. ROFL at his reaction! I especially like clicking on his “friend activity” tab. It says, appropriately, “no friend activity found.”


  105. Martin – have you asked this solicitor what the chances of success are if the basis for suing is that you/we gave money willingly for particular purposes and now find (very recently) that (per Debbie Cooke’s email), the money is being being stockpiled in an account and we have reason to believe we have been defrauded? Truly this is what got me infuriated. In some jurisdictions – the date of the prescription period ( time period defined by the statute of limitations) starts from the day you became aware of a possible fraud. Might be interesting to at least look at some of the Bernie Madoff litigation. He defrauded people over many years. I cannot imagine that people would be non suited because of the lapse of time. I am not saying the solicitor is wrong – I don’t know – just saying it might be worth asking/considering.

    If that was the basis of a class action, we could ask the RCS and IAS in the discovery process for the details of what has been collected, what has been spent and on what. Possibly get money back and exposing the fraud in one fell swoop. Perhaps we could even invite the IRS (or whatever you call them in the UK) to be a party to the action. They lose out on whatever is tax exempt.

    Note to OSA / IAS I hope you are reading this! Give people their money back!

  106. What the current state of affairs has done is that we have found we can no longer trustingly rely on someone to run the show and get it right. We could always rely on Ron before to set things right. Those days are gone and we have to grow up and get smart and think for ourselves and do for ourselves. Maybe Ron intended it that way – some of his writings would tend to support that idea. In any case, there is no “deus ex machina” and it’s up to us now.

    Where was it – RJ #? – where he says something like “I have borne this burden too long alone. You share it with me now.” I like to think that somewhere he is keeping tabs on how we are doing.

  107. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for the goods, jim

  108. Mr. Pseudonym:

    “Battlefield Earth” is a Science Fiction novel, as is the Mission: Earth series. There is no issue of any kind from Ron Hubbard saying he is going to issue Scientology Tech or Admin via allegorical works of fiction.

    “But a question remains: did LRH forecast the SP management, and did he have a purpose to let it occur?”

    This answer to that question is both irrelevant and unknowable. Also, it’s a complex question fallacy in that you simply presume Hubbard “let it occur”.

    It looks to me like you are either trying to create a Mystery Sandwich or Black PR Ron Hubbard or both.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

    P.S. – Scientology Tech applies to Ron Hubbard *exactly the same as everyone else*. The answer to how he “let it happen” is contained therein.

  109. Really?
    That’s what they are now doing?

    Creepier and creepier.

  110. I think one of the liabilities of a status-based system (e.g. Patron Glorious Maximus or OT15) is that people stop looking beyond the status. Some time ago I was introduced to a person by a long-time Scnist, and the first thing I was told was that this person donated one million dollars to the IAS. When I asked what they did for a living I was told they were a “consultant”. In speaking with this person I had to pull strings to find out exactly what they did. Some time later I learned this individual turned out to be a con artist and was running a long con.
    All anyone saw was the status. Couple that with the fact that Kool-Aid drinking Scnists have forfeited their powers of observation in order to survive in RCS, and you have a perfect environment for a scam artist or con man.
    Impressed by shiny gem-studded trophies awarded to “upstat” members of their group, RCS Scnists are an easy mark.
    I don’t know what Slatkin’s IAS status was, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a high “honor” status.
    David Miscavige is the granddaddy of them all, having designed and created the IAS with its status-based membership.

  111. Good point.

  112. WN
    Ditto, ready to join a class action suit.

  113. Hello everyone, I´ve been trying to get a refund from the IAS as well. I´m in for any class action. I´m in the UK and when I spoke to the IAS St Hill regarding this, they told me to send a written request to the IAS in the US, which I did. But of course my request has gone unanswered. That means then that all donations go to the US? regardless if one donates in UK or any other country. Hence I should be able to participate in any class action taken against this fraud, and so a couple of my friends in Italy. Let me know because I can´t wait to stop this.

  114. I go to the official Scientology site from time to time, just to check out the BS. I’ll bet a significant number of their hits are from “car-wreck/rubberneckers” like me.

    Off-topic, but of interest: a new video is up on YouTube today; well-done and worth watching. English subtitles available on bottom right of video. It is from Germany and deals with the death of OTVIII Biggie Reichert.

  115. The Flag Staff College on Franklin Street in Clearwater is now an empty lot grazed to the ground in preparation for ‘L.Ron Hubbard Hall?

  116. That’s a good comparison

  117. Maribel, I think this may be the address you are looking for:
    IAS Administrations West Us
    1311 North New Hampshire Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027
    (323) 644-3555

  118. Ahahahah! This is a good “3′ back” view, +1!

  119. Speaking of the IAS, I would support a class action for the following reason:
    In 1988 my wife donated about $1,500 to the IAS. The money never made it to the IAS in England. The representative kept the entire amount.
    How did I find out? Well, I called the IAS in England and they had no record of her donation. The representative was gone and all of our letters were never answered.

    May all honest representatives be well and happy!
    George M. White

  120. I would have it sent in the form of a subpoena via a uniformed sheriff. The cause of action would be breach of fiduciary duty. If the COS is going to act like a bank, then you should treat them like a bank. I think a judge would like that argument. You wouldn’t need a class action, you’d just need to file on your own.

  121. M. Hobson:
    I agree that LRH’ novels cannot be used as references for tech and admin. However he presented many of his ideas in “Battlefield Earth” and “Mission Earth”.

    For example:
    – The characteristics of SPs
    – The role of bankers in 4th dynamic suppression
    – The use of implants and hypnosis
    – The harmful influence of psychiatrists and journalists
    – The way to have peace between America and Russia: America is controlling the weapons of Russia and vice versa: that sounds strange, but that comes directly from “An History of Man”.
    – How to perform good translations: by making reverse translations to compare with the original. That is the way translations units actually work in Scientology.
    – and much more

    There is also a presentation of all the tools that can be used to control people:
    – Leverage
    – Blackmail
    – The use of symbols to control crowds
    – Putting a little bit of truth in a big lie, to make people believe in the lie
    – A whole set of spying techniques

    Knowing the above is useful to detect these situations in real life.

    For example the ideal orgs are the symbols that are used to make scientologists believe that there is a real expansion.

    I don’t have a particular agenda, other that pointing the similarities between the novels and Scientology, and to know whether that is incidental or done with a purpose.

  122. Dear Picanin – I’m so glad we’re getting this subject discussed. As one who has donated a SUBSTANTIAL amount, anything I can get back would be an awesome win!!!!

    But wait! I have a stupid ass status with Planetary Dissem, why aren’t we opening that subject too? Have they done anything with Planetary Dissem to justify that regging?

  123. Contact Barry von Sickle or Graham and they can direct you to the right lawyers/solicitors

  124. Can we sue David Miscavige directly for fraude being the CEO of the IAS ?

  125. It seems like at some point the IAS reges and speakers at events quit saying specifically what the money was needed for. I remember in the 90s and maybe some in the early 00s they used to say we need money for this campaign or that program, but I bet at some point either there wasnt anything specific to give or they were ordered to not give any specifics on what the money was “needed” for.

  126. I used to wonder, back when I was on staff, or later going to events- WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE?

    If 15,000,000,000,000 people sought out for solutions in life and read every page on the site where are they?
    Why didn’t any of them come in?
    Is there no address or way for them to contact an org or something?
    How come there is only two public in Div 6 and they are people who have been around for 20 years- ex-staff and “OT’s”?

    I think someone might want to check the site to see if it’s working correctly.
    Maybe the “contact us” button is broke.

  127. If anybody organizes a Class-Action against the CO$ or IAS PLEASE post details as to how to attach to the suit!!!

  128. To Simple: I believe it is RJ #67.

  129. IAS has a bank acount at a bank on the Island of Curacau, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland, the low countries)

  130. Thomas Schäfer

    You’re right, if I remember well, the IAS-implant-sessions in the 00s went like “Well, that’s how they are eating up babies over there in bulgravia, now get out your creditcards…”. No specifics given. But hey, these guys were SO, right? The toughest and most ethical core of the most ethical group in the world. So would they ever lie to you?????

  131. Sounds right. I’ll have to dig it out.

  132. To Cat Daddy, you said: “Contact Barry von Sickle or Graham and they can direct you to the right lawyers/solicitors”. Is this comm for me? I don´t know who they are. How can I contact them?

  133. Well Ive completed D55 (incredible) and the Phoenix Lectures, went exterior on the latter driving down the Alcan (-: !! Now you’ve peeked my interest in the 9th ACC and Unification. Have to have a go at those.

    Thanks JL !

  134. With ref to the refund sit and IAS fraud…What we should do is to have one on the lawyers who read this blog point us to a well-read national Lawyers publication and several people pitch-in, and not a lot of money if a lot of readers throw-in, and take ads out soliciting for a bare-knuckled, street fighting lawyer, him or her, who has a set of balls to take on a class-action case like this/these. There’s plenty of OT ability in and around this site. Some advertizing plus all our postulates and I’m SURE there’s a lawyer out there who would take the case. We just haven’t stumbled on them yet! Can you imagine, old-school, F. Lee Bailey or Gloria Alred vs. McGarbage!
    Shall we play a game???

  135. Shall we move ourselves over to slight gentle cause?

  136. Freedom Fighter

    I totally feel that I was defrauded . . . to the tune of $40,000.00.

  137. Yes it is interesting, Yvonne. Because of the damage David Miscavige has done to the works of Scientology, a full investigation and recovery of LRH’s original works is needed to discover the dropped out, omitted words, altered words, and added words to both his text and audio. I believe this will be a major undertaking and overhaul.

  138. Great work on exposing that factoid! If you look at the numerous dispatches that Marty has posted from DM circa early 2000’s, you see he’s always going on about the Churche’s Internet marketing presence. I guess those Facebook numbers are pretty self evident of the “Clueless” leading the “Blind.”

  139. Transporter,
    Regarding a class action suit my concern is that with that type of complaint the money goes to the lawyers and the first plaintiff. The rest get pennies on the dollar. Is there a way for a large group to sue not as a class action, but listing out the many plaintiffs? Perhaps Clearwater Lawyer (who has posted here before) could tell us how that works or if it would even work.

  140. I always wondered about Michael Roberts. Did he get a commission on his regging? Because he sure worked it hard. It was hard to say no to Rooster.

  141. Sunshine Disinfects

    Thank you Grace. This is terrifying. My heart goes out to Biggie and her family.
    Lisa McPherson, Rex Fowler other tragedies in the RCS. Thank goodness standard tech that actually produces some amazing results is available outside the grip of the cult where Reverse Scientology is not practiced.

  142. Pat: Could very well be an option! Let’s see if we get any other feedback on this. My think on this is from State Of Man where LRH says, “Well why haven’t you done something about it!”

  143. CD, I have wonderd this myself. But is he the CEO of the IAS? I do think DM may be vulnerable through the IAS. Here is a repost:


    Here is some information about the
    disclosure requirements for NPOs (Non-Proift Organizations) in the USA. There are 3 links included for more information. The quote is from the introduction of one of the sites, and I have edited the post for brevity:

    “A surprising number of nonprofit organization administrators don’t realize that federal law requires most tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to allow public inspection of their recent federal annual information returns (e.g. IRS Form 990 and Form 990 Schedule A) and their application for tax-exempt status (e.g. IRS Form 1023 or 1024), along with nearly all associated material. Furthermore, the public access requirements have been significantly expanded, requiring that copies of these be provided upon request unless the organization makes these documents widely available. “Widely available” currently means publication of these documents on the World Wide Web in an acceptable format.

    The new rules promise a critical change in the accountability of public charities and other tax-exempt organizations to the U.S. tax-payers, who are ultimately supposed to benefit from the preferential tax
    treatment given to exempt organizations. Tax-exempt organizations will generally be required to make easily available to the public many details of their finances and operations that may not be included in their regular annual reports.

    The federal annual information returns and application for tax-exempt status are not substitutes for an annual report or an accounting audit, as they were primarily devised only to aid the IRS in determining if
    an organization qualifies for tax exemption. Nevertheless, these documents serve as valuable resources for members of the public who wish to examine a nonprofit organization’s financial and operational activities, by demanding a relatively consistent structure to the presentation of certain critical information, and by instituting a legal requirement for accurate financial data that is publicly available. A fairly clear picture of an organization’s finances and operations should be rendered by its IRS returns and application for exempt status together with an annual report and the financial statements usually accompanying it.”

    OK, who has ever seen an Annual Report sent out by the IAS? Who has ever thought to ask for one? Non-profit organization accountability is specified by law.

    Investment organizations like TIAA-CREF or Credit Unions automatically send out annual information to their participants.
    Fundraising organizations for any cause are required to keep records and make them available to anyone who asks.

    You can do “due diligence’ on any organization you are even thinking about contributing to, even before you give them a cent.

    Have you ever seen an IAS Annual Statement? Do you know of anyone who has? Do you even know of anyone who asked for one? Were they provided with one by the IAS? What was the IAS response?

    Here are the top 3 Google results for “Disclosure requirements for NPOs”

    1. NPO Public Disclosure Regulations Site
    NPO Public Disclosure Site … Furthermore, the public access requirements have been significantly expanded,
    requiring that copies of these be provided upon … – Cached – Similar

    2. FAQs About the Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements
    Sep 10, 2010 … Charities & Non-Profits Topics … In general, what public disclosure requirements apply to
    tax-exempt organizations? ……=96430,00.html – Cached – Similar

    3. Exempt Organization Public Disclosure Requirements
    In general, exempt organizations must make available for public inspection certain annual returns and
    applications for exemption, and must provide copies of … – Cached – Similar

    I believe the cult management is very vulnerable through the IAS, and possibly the other “donation”
    programs, but the IAS is key. Because, it is the oldest and most likely to be provable a scam and a fraud.
    Probably 90% of the money the IAS has raised since 1984 has not been used for the programs they promised us they would use it for.

    If every interested party (and that can be anyone, donor/member or not, as well as anyone who donated), were to demand annual reports going back to 1985 from the IAS, and also file complaints of even the
    suspicion of fraud, to governmental agencies, wouldn’t that have considerable impact? And possibly it’s own “viral” effect?

    News reports of an investigation into the IAS would unavoidably be seen by currently “in” staff and public.

    My point is that when hundreds or even possibly thousands of people ask the IAS and the other “donations” programs (Idle Orgs, Superpower, Library Campaigns, etc) for their information, and at the same time hold press conferences and get the media involved, as well as filing reports with the government agencies responsible for oversight of NPOs, it can have an effect.

  144. I got a few up my sleeve, Jimmy!

  145. plainoldthetan

    About five years ago SMI sent boilerplate websites to all missions to expedite and ease their presence on the web. Could explain the uniformity you’re seeing.

  146. plainoldthetan

    You’re right, Penny. Church policy says the receptionist cannot sign for certified mail. But with the USPS you have the option to get a delivery notification or tracking sticker put on it, and when the tracking number shows up on the USPS web site, all you have to do is print that page and put it in your “stuff I need to give my lawyer” file. The receptionist doesn’t have to sign for it that way. Bwahahahahahaha.

  147. plainoldthetan

    Yep. That’s what’s happening. The routing form says you have to have an ARC break session and since you’re declared, you’re not allowed to have a session. One giant DM f-you.

  148. plainoldthetan

    Aha! Chris, you’ve uncovered the lie in the “one for one, every person who came in to LA Org using the virtual org model signed up for service”. If six people showed up over the last six months and were signed up, the statement would not be a falsehood. It would just be a statement intended to mislead people. So it would be a lie.

  149. Theo Sismanides

    we can find ways to be “bad” or “dirty”… lemme think…

  150. TheWidowDenk

    When I was regged after Dr Denk’s death in November 2004, Howard Becker told me the funds were needed because “COB has a really big situation.” LOL

  151. Over the time period on the graphs Marty’s blog gets about 1 3/4 page views per visitor while CoS gets 2 1/2 per visitor. Each visitor spends about 5 1/2 min on Marty’s site and about 3 1/2 on CoS. This means that they are spending about 30 sec per page on the CoS site and about 3 min per page on Marty’s site.

    What does this mean? This might be what is going through the mind of the viewer….
    CoS – “What a load of ***. I wonder if the next page is better? Oh, another load of ***. Let’s look at another page….no, can’t be bothered.”

    Marty – “Just want to do a catchup on Marty’s latest news. Wow, that’s great. How interesting. I think I’ll look at the comments too.”

  152. ON a class action lawsuit I think starting a petition in California
    or wherever D.M. s official address is would get the ball rolling.
    Submit to Attorney General. Go visit the ACLU office in L.A.
    get refered to a Pro Bono Lawyer who is willing to take on the IAS.

    Be picky on Legal representations.

    The Cof S had an attorney that was a Beach comber in Hawaii on major cases. This was ridiculous as he was so off the beaten path and his interest was near non existance. Being a beach bum was more interesting.

    ACLU I give high marks.

  153. Hap, this is obviously not Miscavige’s real Facebook page, if indeed he has one at all.
    1. The name is misspelled as “Miscavage”.
    2. The bio text is from Wikipedia, and contains many negative allegations against David Miscavige which DM would never have on his own real Facebook page.

    But, I like this clever jape!

  154. Maybe one of the few true things Howard Becker has ever said….

  155. hear no evil, see no evil, speak much evil? (3 monkeys)

  156. I wonder what happened with the policy “handle it with Scientology”?

  157. Realize that churches and religious organizations are a specific form of tax-exempt charitable organization with different rules and requirements than other exempt organizations.

  158. Captain Non-Sequitur

    you know in regular world colleges and universities and schools and fraternities, why you have some of the halls lined with pictures of the past members.

    Where are the pictures of all the past members of one’s local org or mission or sea org person? That helped to make scientology what it is today with all the great expansion that it has experienced?

  159. “All anyone saw was the status. Couple that with the fact that Kool-Aid drinking Scnists have forfeited their powers of observation in order to survive in RCS, and you have a perfect environment for a scam artist or con man.”

    Apparently there is a LOT of pressure on people to who are on or wish to go onto OT Levels to acquire these false “statuses” by means of financial contribution as a covert, out-tech, “prerequisite” for receiving these services. Some people don’t confront that this is out tech, “go along with the flow” and violate their own integrity. Some handle the pressure better than others. Some not so well. Rex Fowler, the OTVII-VIII murderer, is a prime example of the latter:

  160. Barry Van Sickle

    The last sentence of Mr. Rathbun’s blog suggests that he has lawyers working on a possible IAS case. A law firm working with Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder on an IAS case would be an interesting development. I await their next move.

    Timing is important. A couple of years ago I tried to get several law firms interested in an IAS case. The general response from law firms was that it would be more work and risk than reward. Also, I had trouble finding clients who would fully commit to the case.

    This may have changed due to the current state affairs concerning Scientology.The blogs, media coverage and factual exposure of DM’s Scientology may have changed the playing field for an IAS suit.

    That being said, the nature of the legal business and process has not changed that much. The class action firms do not take much risk and expect huge fees. The IAS suit will not be a street fight. It will be a battle of attrition fought with huge piles of paper, discovery motions and depositions that seem to never end. The major battle of any such IAS case may be the fight over IAS financial recods. Where does that money go?

    The IAS has claimed that it is not subject to suit here. I am not sure about payments made in other countries but payments made here were presumably made to the US Trust. Under the IRS agreement, the IAS agreed to set up a US Trust for those who wished to deduct IAS contributions from US taxable income. The trust is registered in California as the ” US I A S Members Trust”. The address is listed at 1311 N New Hampshire Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027.

    The IRS agreement contains terms that seem to require that the US IAS Members Trust maintain bank accounts in this country and keep members trust money in those accounts. There is hope–perhaps.

    The talk here is mostly about getting money back. the hot issues of the day are fraud, class actions and statute of limitation issues. Those are pertient issues. For obvious reasons, I am not going addess those issues in any detail here. I will comment that my investigation and legal research suggested to me that one possible outcome of an IAS fraud, accounting, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of statute case brought in California courts would be that the court would impose a ” constructive trust” over the funds held by IAS. The money would not necessarily be returned to former trust menbers who “donated”. I am not opining that would happen, but it is a possibility under trust law and this is supposedly a trust.

    The imposition of an equitable or constructive trust would be a win but not what most expect and a class action would not be necessary for that result.

  161. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, 2 likes a day!!! what an expansion!!!!

  162. Oh man! Gloria Alred. I hate her guts. She’s perfect. We need to include some women who when bankrupt because of IAS regges. Gloria will jump right in there.

  163. Jim, You have made a bouncing comeback on the blog recently outstanding. Glad to see you 2 cents worth here. Meanwhile NHL Training Camp is nearing us. Hope Nova Scotia is treating you well.

  164. Thanks Tango 23.

  165. Alex — you are right – but seriously, take a deep breath, hold it for a moment and then let it out. At the point where we all get very serious about this, we are sinking down to the levels where DM dwells. Scientology tech works and we know it. Unfortunately DM and Corp Scn don’t even apply basic marketing and promotion, as they are squirrels and don’t have the results. That is the point.

    Regardless — DM is King Twit.

  166. And that is how we get virtual preclears, virtual Clears, virtual OTs and virtual IAS patrons.

    Next they can introduce avatars, so that people can choose an identity that can be the preclear, Clear or OT, and different fashion outfits for that identity to wear? OMG…. the mind boggles at the opportunities…

    It takes it all to a WHOLE new level! Maybe that is what OT 9 and 10 are really about!

    How clever Davey! My suggestion is that your avatar is a vulture that feeds on the dying, destroyed or decomposing carcasses of parishioners.

    Yes — just perfect!

  167. 3 little pigs running wee, wee, wee, all the way home

  168. Joe Pendleton

    Did he get a commission? Well, let me put it this way …… is the Pope still Catholic? Have you seen Roberts in any acting roles in the past 20 years?

  169. I believe you, Mike. I think it is time for folks to work to bring some accountability to the world of religious organizational fundraising also. They need to be accountable under the law, at least to their own members and ex-members. There is no reason they should be exempt from accountability. Even Catholic priests don’t have “diplomatic immunity” when they molest children. Neither should any religious organization have immunity from scrutiny and accountability. If they do, it is just an invitation to defraud their publics. And in fact some leaders of other religious organizations have been caught in their misappropriation of funds, for example.

    It seems to me the problem here lies in the political influence DM and the CoS has, in some local areas and in Washington DC. Witness the FBI investigation into the CoS that was squelched last year.

    It will take a lot of public pressure to bring about a change. And I can only commend and thank you, Marty, and others who bring public pressure to bear on the CoS and David Miscavige.

  170. One major issue with any trust is “commingling of funds”. If DM or anyone else involved can be shown to use or have used IAS funds for any personal use or any purpose other than the published goals of the IAS, he could be impeached and the trust can be broken.

  171. I think the issue I have in mind is actually called “inurement”.

  172. Li'll bit of stuff

    Great observations, Jane—-likely spot on too!

  173. Reblogged this on My LRH.

  174. Barry Van Sickle

    Inurement to DM would probably be remedied by court orders designed to prevent further inurement. That in itself would probably not suffice to break the trust. Perhaps that is why the focus of this posting was ” fraudulent fundraising representations”. That is the type of evidence requested. That is the type of claim that could lead to refunds to defrauded donors.

  175. Hapexamendios

    Yeah I just couldn’t resist poking fun at the little feller. I recall seeing an official fan page for him at one point but I guess it was taken down.

  176. There will never be a “virtual IAS patron”, especially if it doesn’t involve giving the Co$ real money. 🙂

  177. There was a fire that pretty well destroyed that building a couple of years ago.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  178. Sorry, I forgot to provide links to news reports:

  179. In my country you could be sued for being effectively leading even if you are not formaly in charge.

  180. Hey Hap, watch your step! Remember what DM did to Australia? It’s captured on this leaked video…..

  181. Wise Barry is Wise.

    Sue people in Holland !



    be glad the church of scientology lost in my country The Netherlands on this.

  183. What’s unconstitutional? The First Amendment?

    No need to yell CD….

    Reality is what it is. It doesnt make it different to think it SHOULD be different.

  184. He may actually have a point “equal protection under the law” may apply.

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