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How Miscavige Plans to “Clear the Planet”

by Mike Rinder

Here is the latest poster put out by the RCS (copyrighted to CSI who are apparently now the main fundraisers for the IAS).

It consists entirely of a quote from Chairman Mao that perhaps is more candid than he intended.  He clearly delineates HIS strategy for planetary clearing. It doesn’t involve training or auditing or Grade Charts or anything so messy and difficult that would require actual DELIVERY.

The “IAS” is going to “Clear The Planet” — hip hip hooray for the IAS. Hip hip hooray for “Chairman of the Bored” of Scientology Inc. (inclusive of the IAS and  every other entity that is part of the big ball of wax that rolls around under his thumb like an oversized booger).

Remember the days when Scientology was about what L. Ron Hubbard said? And even later when Miscavige at least pretended that was the case?

Well, here it is in big, bold, colorful letters: the pretense has dropped and the thin veneer of the facade has come down (to paraphrase Dan Sherman).

The IAS Fraud Rolls On

See the latest email promotion from the IAS (International Association of Scientologists):

From: IAS Administrations <desiree@iasmembership.org> Date: August 14, 2012 12:33:22 AM EDT To:############ Subject: RECORD NUMBERS OF PEOPLE VISIT SCIENTOLOGY.ORG WEEKLY


The biggest dissemination campaign in Scientology history is funded by IAS grants. Internet ads run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where a person lives, or what time zone he is in, he can click on an ad and go directly to scientology.org and learn about our religion. He can also meet Scientologists in any of hundreds of video interviews, tour a Church of Scientology, and be introduced to LRH in the online chronology of his life. Even more, visitors can learn to apply Scientology themselves through the Tools for Life courses available free online.

Up to a million people a week visit scientology.org which is translated into 16 languages, from Chinese to Norwegian and from Portuguese to Russian.

People come to the site from nearly every country of Earth and stay to find out about Scientology. Visitors to the Scientology site far exceed the industry average both in terms of the amount of time they spend there and the number of pages of material they view…

Of course it goes on to say that the above is what one’s donations to IAS buy and demands…you guessed it, more money.

But wait a second.  Review the graph below from Alexa blog web monitoring service for ‘reach’ of the Scientology.org site.

The one week spike at the beginning of July does represent somewhere in the neighborhood of a million hits.  Once, ever, they had about a million hits in a week.   Remember what week that was?   TomKat divorce viral madness week.  I know because we got over 750,000 hits on this site that same week.   As you can see from their graph, the rest of the weeks their hits are in a comparatively miniscule range – as it has been for years.

Now, let’s take up their next claim:  the Scientology site far exceeds the industry average … in terms of the number of pages of material they view…  Please see Alexablog’s comparison of this site (brown: markrathbun.wordpress.com) compared to theirs (blue: scientology.org) for recent page views per visitor.

Granted, they have exceeded me.  But, it is far from ‘far exceed[ing]’, even this humble site, let alone the millions of sites that far exceed their own number of page views per visitor.

Finally, let’s take up this claim: the Scientology site far exceeds the industry average in terms of the amount of time they spend there

Really?  Check out the Alexablog comparison between this site and theirs in terms of amount of time the average visitor stays:

David Miscavige’s IAS continues to make outright and knowing false and misleading representations in pursuit of the almighty buck.   If anyone has other, black and white evidence as I have presented here of similar fraudulent fundraising representations made by the IAS, please provide it to me by email.  I know some folks who intend to do something effective about this.

Allender and Miscavige: Peas in a Botox, Roids Pod

Please see this.  It is a an utterly racist, xenophobic, sexist, political statement by David Miscavige and his dysfunctional Scientology Inc.

Now, I ask you, is the following a more accurate, rational, sane positioning for this fellow?  I won’t condemn you if you disagree.  Please express your true feeling on this one.  John Allender has perfectly snapped terminals with his demigod David Miscavige.

If you lack reality on the latter, go here and read, and I suggest it will make perfect sense:

What Is Wrong With Scientology?

“Courageous”?  “Hero”? :   https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/car-wash/

Miscavige Birthday Con Part II

Just when you thought the LRH Birthday couldn’t be more degraded by David Miscavige.

In the event you consider my use of the term con or my linking of David Miscavige as the master of the con are over-reaching, please review the following:

The Hijacking of the International Association of Scientologists

International Association of Shills