Truth vs. Greed in Israel

Dani Lemberger and the Dror Life Improvement Center of Haifa Israel are the subject of a lengthy article in a major Isreali newspaper, Haifa Dror Center v. Corporate Excess.  (you need to register, free, to read the article)  I think the article very clearly demonstrates what is more valuable, truth (supplied in abundance by Dani of Dror) or money (all Scientology Inc. will share is a gaudy building and a Hollywood, phony event).  David Miscavige has spent upwards of $14 million on a building in Tel Aviv.  Not only does it not delivery anywhere near the quality of tech as the Dror Center, it cannot even match Dror’s quantity.

And on top of Dani and Tami and their dedicated staff blowing Miscavige and Scientology Inc. away on delivery (solely funded by donations made in exchange for services), when the media want to know about Scientology, they go to and publish Dani Lemberger while the Scientology Inc. org refuses to answer their simple questions.

Yet another country where Scientology Inc., despite throwing millions at the problem, is gone, non-existant, and irrelevant, while Independent Scientologists have picked up and carry on with Ron’s work admirably.

For more on the Lembergers and Haifa Dror Center see:

Israel Goes Independent

New Israeli Advanced Organization

72 responses to “Truth vs. Greed in Israel

  1. Israel today exemplifies all of Scientology tomorrow. Independent Scientology booming and CO$ going bust. I love it!!!

  2. Brian culkin

    And the worst transition of an organization transitioning traditional media marketing platforms into a social media, digitally based platform goes too ……


    Scientology, the worlds fastest growing religion, …… With 5000 Facebook likes.


  3. Great article. You can get around the sign-up requirement by going to Google news and entering “Scientology Tel Aviv”.

  4. We were in the NYC org this week. We went in as ” first time interested people” (but we have been scientologists for 40 years) just to see how they treat first time people.
    The only person who spoke to us was a 17 year old girl, who said ” Thsi is a self guided tour just push the video button and then go to the next panel.”
    There is zero live communication going on in these dead orgs. It was very odd. I wanted to get the hell out of there and did. No one is talking to anyone only video programs are doing the talking. Thank God there is scientology happening outside these hell holes.

  5. What a brilliant spotlight on the “success” of David Miscavige’s MEST program! Memo to Dave for IAS event speech: tell the flock that Israel is expanding! Real Scientology is available! Dror is open for business! No crush-selling, so 3-swing F/Ns, no re-doing Objectives over and over, no hard sell, no spiritual blackmail. Just Scientology! Tell ’em Dave, tell ’em!

  6. One is On Purpose. The other has a twisted purpose of providing PR camouflage for Miscavige. Comparing the two gives a pretty clear view of how off the rails the Church of Scientology is.

  7. Unbelievable.

  8. Wow! In NYC! In the late ’80s I went up there to learn to do OCA evals and did tons of body routing on the streets of Manhattan – a blast and very successful action, which of course took getting into communication WITH the person and giving a damn about them! Thanks for ruining a good thing, David Miscavige!

  9. David Miscavige has spent upwards of $14 million on a building in Tel Aviv. Not only does it not delivery anywhere near the quality of tech as the Dror Center, it cannot even match Dror’s quantity.
    Truth revealed! What your “donations” buy in the church of DM.

  10. Maurice, I still had to register to read the full story.

  11. ALL THOSE WORDS IN THE ARTICLE – 99.9% DEVOTED TO DANI & TAMI LEMBERGER! (there’s a stat for ya David Miscavige!)

  12. Their last name is “Lemberger,” not “Lamburger.” But reading this is making me hungry.

  13. Damn! I can’t spell it either. It’s LEMBERGER.

  14. Sorry, I’m on drugs. I spelled it right the first time. Gotta watch that weed.

  15. “These new organizations have expanded our operations greatly and are very active in their communities …this is the real story of Scientology, the story of its incredible expansion that we are experiencing under its global leadership. But this is only part of the story. On top of the creation of new organizations, as detailed above, we have also expanded our ability to respond to the growing demand for Scientology in the international sphere.”

    Very active doing what?

    Growing demand for Scientology? Really?

    How about responding to the growing demand by real scientologists who want to know why the “ecclisastical leader” of the scientology religion puts his senior execs in a garbage can with lesbo signs on them and has a hundred psycho staff screaming “what are your crimes.” Yep. Sounds like a real ecclesiastical leader to me.

    How about the growing demand to know just how much IAS money is being spent on Private Investigators to protect and defend david miscavige’s luxurious lifestyle?

    How about the growing demand to know just how many auditors are being trained and how many people are really making it up the bridge under der fuerher’s glorious leadership?

    What I do like is the growing demand by the press to hear from independent scientologists like Dani to explain what scientology really is. Well done to you guys for being there and really communicating.

  16. How much do intensives cost in the independent field?

  17. burnedbutnotbitter

    I’m Jewish,it’s Sukkot (harvest festival)and thank you for highlighting this article today. When I hear the words “concentration camp” connected with DM and the RPF, my hackles rise…

  18. 😉 and to quote “(solely funded by donations made in exchange for services)”

  19. Long cat is still long. Meaning these things never change

  20. Good yuntiff.

  21. Great point – as the Official CoS turns its back on the media, the media will simply turn to Independents for information. By the time CoS realise what they’ve lost, the Independents will be the sole source of information for a curious public.

    Having said that, CoS seem far more interested in current members (and income per member) than new recruits. Sad really, when you think of the lost opportunities for dissemination.

  22. Great read here: (sorry if this is the same as the one posted)

    Another family destroyed by Scientology told by a non Scientologists. Really lays out how it progressively occurred.

    A story of a mother abandoning her husband and her children for the CoS.

    “A culture will go by the boards if its basic building block, the family, is removed as a valid building block. So one can be fairly sure that he who destroys marriage destroys the civilization.” LRH

    Aaahhh, the DUKE himself, David Miscavige, working tirelessly to destroy families.

  23. The Dror Center is how it should be.
    However that is said in Hebrew I would like to know.

  24. It would be great to post some standard stats from Dror, such as WDAH.

  25. Great article Dani, Tami & those at Dror Center involved! The no-answers, lies of PR lines of the CoS/Cult realty empire doth speak loudly in comparison to the truth, being open and seeking of truth of Dani, Tami and the Independents at Dror Center!

    It’s actually a great contrast of dissemination of a spiritual philosophy as compared to a big mass of black PR and fancy Mest!

  26. martyrathbun09

    You want to move up the Bridge, go to Dror. You want ‘stats’, go to Scientology Inc.

  27. “Stats” from the Church don’t mean much IMO. What stats they do report have been proven to be false.

    And what is a “WDAH” in the Church? I don’t think you can get a WDAH in the Church. You have to go Indy get that.

  28. What a fascinating article. The reporter did an artful job of filling out the broad picture while still honing in on little details like Dani’s mannerisms of speech. He comes across as a very real, earnest and engaging person — which makes it all the more telling when the official COS spokesperson is only willing to issue this strangely unresponsive statement that is mostly about real estate. It seems to have struck the reporter as utterly bizarre.

    Anyway there’s an interesting pattern emerging here. Lots of reporters are interested in Scientology these days, which means they’re looking for someone to talk to. In Israel, the go-to person is Dani Lemberger. In the USA, it’s Marty Rathbun, among others.

    These same reporters would no doubt be DELIGHTED to talk to someone, anyone, on the other side, the “inside”. But there’s no one left to talk, or no one David trusts to do anything more than wave prepared and generic statements that (as the Haaretz reporter dryly notes) never address the specifics in question. If there’s a better way to ensure one-sided press coverage, I can’t think of it.

  29. Amazing Zen!! Thanks for the update.

  30. Hapexamendios

    Q:Very active doing what?
    A: Pillaging – Gotta get the funds for little davey’s next assembly-line McOrg franchise.

  31. That is my point exactly. You cannot get it form Co$. However, I believe there is a lot of it going on Dror and I am sure Dani keeps these stats. So, why not give us something to brag about?

    I know the stats are high at Dror. I know they are low in Tel Aviv. I tend to believe it has been like that for years. I am convinced that while under Co$, Dani could not point it out. Now he can.

  32. Quote from HAARETZ’s Breaking out of Scientology’s iron grip:
    “Former students are crossing to the other side of the street when they see them.”

    If I were on the other side of the street and see them, I’ll cross the street and ask for their autographs.

  33. Tango 23,

    “The Dror Center is how it should be”

    English –> Hebrew:
    “מרכז הדרור הוא איך זה צריך להיות”

    Hebrew –> English:
    “Liberty Center is how it should be”


  34. I have read about this family before. It rips my heart every time. How could a mother abandon her children like that.

    What I find exasperating is no matter it happens in the world. No matter which branch of Co$ it is. The response is always heartless and cynical. This people are refusing to use proper PR.

  35. Hapexamendios

    That’s a great point! Perhaps “HAAH” or “OTAH” would be more accurate for what you get in the corporate arena. That’s “half-assed auditing hours” or “out-tech auditing hours”. Now there’s a stat they can honestly report as being straight up and vertical!

  36. I’m sorry, no disrespect intended. But if you want the “stats” start auditng and report your own.
    Those of us who are auditing are not engaged in any “see I told you so” or “we’re better than you.”
    What we are doing is quite quietly simply getting the job done.

  37. Tom Gallagher

    Brian, a question. Seriously, 5,000?

    Doesn’t this indicate total meltdown of POB’s ‘virtual’ feudal slave-camp system?

    And at this point there’s nothing left but the spinning-pygmy-lunatic holding on to his Golden Age of Copper grounded rods?

    The few remaining clapping circus seals who have been sickeningly clubbed must be of a paid off variety. That or they never understood or sought out what the subject was in the first place.

    That’s my nickel.

  38. As in Alexandria after the renaissance, brought to an end by self promoters, David Miscavige has become obsessed with the old and codifying. This is what “the basics” was. A codification process. Because he has nothing fresh or new to offer. There have been no new ideas under his reign beyond his criticisms of Hubbard’s work, and re codifying Hubbard’s works. The creator has been replaced with a critic and codifier. With the rich history of Alexandria flowing through the hearts many of the people in the Middle East, I have no doubt they will survive, and so will the magic. Cheers to Dani and Tami!

  39. Each person/group has their own rate or form of exchange. You generally have to contact them to find out what it is. Here’s a good starting point:

  40. one of those who see


  41. The fact that David Miscavige refers to his critics as “bitter defrocked apostates” and he uses wealth force and false reports to suppress them, is enough evidence for me personally to recognize the man is totally out of present time, totally stuck in some former religion, and totally out of alignment with Scientology and the rest of the world. The Int Base has become a Christian Fundamentalist out post.

  42. That is between oneself and one’s practitioner of choice.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  43. It varies, but on average (and based only on what I’ve found so far), intensives for standard tech auditing in the Indie field cost roughly 20% of what Scn Inc. charges for reverse Scientology auditing.

  44. Do you know what’s most shocking about this story? The two different viewpoints. A regular family would find this story horrifying, but a dm-scientologist would find this perfectly acceptable and at the same time arrogantly decide the regular guy just doesn’t understand or is anti social.

  45. He is himself a bitter apostate about to be defrocked.

  46. You are, of course, correct. Co$ trains (brain washes) its followers to have no responsibility.

  47. Way to go Dani, Tami and staff at the Dror center! You guy’s are killin’ it.

    That fancy building the C of S owns will soon be nothing more than a “white elephant”.

  48. I don’t know what is the meaning of “dror” in Hebrew, however with “Perfect!”, I meant:
    “Dror Center” –> –> “Liberty Center”

  49. Now when the CofS compares itself to the Catholic Church , it may have some meaning. The Pope’s butler the only one trying to sort out the corruption at the top.–abc-news-topstories.html

  50. Great article! All the best to Dani, Tami, and the Drof staff.

    Another topic: On ebay tonight, I noticed that none of the ads for the 11 e-meters up for sale required that the buyer be a member in good standing of the Church of Scientology. When I checked a month ago, most of the ads posted this condition. Has anyone else noticed this?

  51. Typo, Dror staff.

  52. Jane Parker White.

    Your experience described above re ‘Ideal Orgs’ and their ‘electronic information stations’ – the lack of real staff giving real ARC-communication to real living and breathing people – and the ongoing acquisition of ‘ornate buildings’ – reminds me of what LRH said about ‘Theta Traps’

    He asks: “how can you trap a thetan?

    Then answers: “By curiosity, by giving him awards and prizes, by retractor screens, by mock-ups, by ornate buildings which he will enter unsuspectingly — to be electroniced down: by such means the thetan is reduced from knowing – to a colonist, a slave, a MEST body.

    All theta traps have one thing in common: They use electronic force to knock the thetan into forgetting, unto unknowingness, into effect.

    Their purpose is to rid the area of those nuisances, the thetans who cannot be policed, and gain personnel – always the former, not always the latter. ‘ (HOM, pp 71-72)

    This explains a lot to me about ‘ornate buildings, electronic devices, and staff willingly living under the dictatorship of ‘a police state’.

  53. Conversations must be opened before you can pull somebody into a game. A good leader inspires other to rewrite the future. David Misvavige is depriving people of conversation by installing videos for them to watch. Further, he takes away all power from the staff to inspire the person in front of them to rewrite their future.

    Given the first smidgen of power, he set out to wipe out the mission network. And then he penalized anyone with goal to open a mission with a 40,000.00 franchise fee.

    He is the greatest virus ever to descend on the Class lV Orgs. He is not a great leader, he is not a game maker, he is not an inspiration.

    There is no blank space for the Church to write a future. The space is clogged with incomplete cycles of action. All sorts of services sold and never delivered, all sorts of an ARC broken field, All sorts of out P.R. that never got handled beyond a denial. All sorts of enemies made instead of friends. Countless victims tower over the survivors.

    Marty and Mike, Karen and many others, encourage people to open conversations. Marty has made conversations possible that hitherto have not been possible. These are the beacon for inspiring people to rewrite the future. I have not heard one piece of problem from Germany since Marty returned. I have not heard one piece of problem from Ireland since Mike returned.

    I can see where this challenge to David Miscavige is the one he will not be able to rise above. He is out of favor with the Gods.

    Little by little, I watch the shift of rightness rise as usual.

    There is nobody else on Earth that is watching this current theater and understands these forces that will rewrite the future, as we do. We have teetered on the wall between a tsunami and a renaissance and understood it all.

    For that alone I am grateful. That we can see the shifts of justice move in behind us like an old friend come to take a stand where it rightfully belongs, is a blessing.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=190c3c85d32a41e8&biw=1920&bih=965

  54. Sorry, I am only a good translator. But even I stumble…

    Did not post the correct link for “little by little”.

  55. I think I disagree with you on this, Les. I think that publishing WDAHs and Auditors Made stats would be OK and a good thing, especially since LRH said that these are the most important stats there are and define why orgs exist. I’ve asked three orgs to tell me these stats and have been met with evasive answers or downright refusal. One even told me that this information was not for public issue!
    I know that you guys are not into bragging and are into really just producing products. When I visited you and Anita I SAW people co-auditing and people doing the purif. with my own eyes. And I was only there for a very short one day visit. And you were in the process of moving! By contrast when I visited a local “ideal org” I saw two state of the art saunas with no-one in them and no-one scheduled. I also saw a course room with about 6 people doing basic book courses and no-one doing tech training. I saw an HGC that had two people on their scheduling board for the next weekend and none for during the week. This was an “ideal” org in a good sized city. And I observed all this on a Wednesday evening right before “Thursday at 2” !
    To top it all off, you-all are delivering STANDARD tech and they are delivering whatever Miscavige dreams up.
    Hmmm, maybe that has something to do with your quantity stats. 🙂

    You guys are SHOWING people how it should be done.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with tooting your horn a little bit, guys.
    As the road runner said – “Beep-Beep !!” 🙂

  56. An observation: the word “fundamentalist”, as in Christian “fundamentalist”, has become a euphemism in modern usage.
    (euphemism- the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant)
    For instance, if Christian “fundamentalists” only preached what Jesus reportedly said, i.e., that one should “love thy neighbor as thyself”, there would be no problem. Instead, some preach ideas like killing other people in the name of Jesus and then call themselves “fundamentalists”. In fact they are Christian squirrels. They give real Christians who preach Jesus’s true reported message a bad name, just as David Miscavige has been giving Scientology and real Scientologists a bad name.
    He is not truly a fundamentalist who believes that “the traditional principles of a religion or set of beliefs should be maintained”.
    In fact, he is a rabid, renegade squirrel whose actions create ill repute for those principles in the minds of the public.

  57. Hm.. it worked yesterday w/o registration,
    not anymore.

  58. I somewhat disagree . I agree that it doesnt hurt to publish stats, although I’m not sure broad publication is needed such as on this site.
    I don’t think Les is doing what he is doing to “outdo” the Church. I think Les and Dani and Tami and everybody else delivering probably has the purpose to help people and deliver Scientology and competing with the Church is probably way, way down on the list of reasons why.

  59. Competing with Co$ – not important.
    Saving people from falling into the clutches of Co$ and having their life ruined – Extremely important.

  60. Dear T.G.
    The sad part it was one CMO messenger at Gold Base
    pushing the keyboard button 5,000 times.

  61. Dani Lemberger

    Thank you all very much for your kind words.
    I am willing to be frank, tell my story, got nothing to hide. Thanks to Ron’s marvellous Tech and tons of sec checking and FPRD.
    We have been delivering Standard Tech since 1992, WOW!!!, twenty years already. No reason to change successful actions, so that’s what we will keep on doing.
    We have added the OT levels, with the help to our many friends, because we obviously cannot send our public to the Church. But I discovered something interesting – there are many, many ARC-broken OT’s in Israel and world-wide. Some are already on our lines, more are inquiring about us. These guys will NEVER go back to the church. Have suffered there too long too much.
    Also, many people on the ‘lower’ Bridge see no point in making progress because they know that when they reach Clear they will have to go to church AO’s. That is something they dread – out-tech, abusive ‘eligibilities’, outrageous fund-raising, etc… . So for these too we are the solution.
    There’s lots of work for all of us.
    Thank you for the support. Luv ya, Dani

  62. You make us all proud !

  63. I actually saw him perform once 25th of August 1995 in a parc in The Hague. He rocked !

  64. JPW. Wow. What you said.

  65. Last line of article above posted by Oracle: Vatican sources say if Gabriele is found guilty he is almost certain to be pardoned by the pope.

    Imagine if you got 82 cartons of papers from CoM, do you think the “pope” of Scientology would forgive you?

    There the similarities between the Catholic Church and Church of Scientology end.

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