Intention and Healing

From The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart:

The Love Study indicates a number of profound suggestions about the nature of intention.  Sending a directed thought seems to generate palpable energy; whenever one of Radin’s senders sent a healing intention, many subtle aspects of the receiver’s body became activated, as though he or she had received a miniscule electric shock.  It seemed to be a kind of activating awareness, as though the receiver body had felt or heard the healing signal.

There had even been an element of anticipation in the receiver; some of the physiological reactions recorded suggested that the receiver had felt the partner’s healing intention before he had even sent it.

People appear to receive healing deep in their bodies by being retuned to the more coherent energy of the healer’s intention.  During healing, it could be that the ‘orderly’ energy of the well person entrains and ‘re-orders’ the sick.

In order to have the most powerful effect, a healer or sender needs to become ‘ordered’ on some subatomic level, mentally and emotionally.  The Love Study demonstrates that certain conditions and mental states make our intention especially powerful and ourselves more ordered, and that these states can be achieved with training.  The success of the basic training program that Radin, Schlitz, and Stone assembled suggests that attention, belief, motivation, and compassion are important for intention to work, but there are probably other conditions that intensify its effects.

I needed, for instance, to find out how we can loosen our psychological boundaries  It was becoming clear to me that when we send intention, in a manner of speaking, we have to ‘become’ the other. 

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  1. “…attention, belief, motivation, and compassion are important for intention to work, but there are probably other conditions that intensify its effects.”
    Awesome. I have been practicing compassion, along with some others of these. My intentions are definitely having a positive effect. For me, it rehabs the incredible gains I made spiritually from auditor training, auditing others and my own personal gains from auditing processes. These are gains I never really got to “experience” while in Cof$. Always, there were great gains, huge realizations, feelings of oneness with my fellow beings, but never was I given a chance to experience that fully and of course, it was NEVER enough, even in THAT unit of time.
    Thank you for this post. What a rehab.

  2. Awesome. This is a validation and rehab for me, too. The gains of negative processing (deleting charge) pose a question of havingness – what to take its place? The answer is here in “attention, motivation, compassion”… and one might add to that further, by cultivation of one’s favorites of the other virtues listed out in The Way to Happiness.

  3. Li'll bit of stuff

    This is a dynamic activity indeed, Marty! There is just so much to
    be learned on the micro, or even atomic particle level, that we
    would all do well to heed the discoveries of this nature.

    You touched on the topic of “The Hidden Messages in Water” by
    Masaru Emoto, just recently. Even a cursory read through
    that material, conveys much the same message that you have
    covered in the above topic. Namely Intentions (consisting of a
    given set of “vibes”}–be it love, healing,or anger/hate, are in some
    as yet unconfirmed manner, communicated from the sender to
    the recipient, be it within a complex mechanism, such as man,
    via “sixth sense,” or animals, ie, birds, fish or dogs, demonstrably the recipients of “vibes” of impending disasters, such as a tsunami,
    or earthquake, or flash floods, impending cyclones, etc.

    Not to mention the responses at the micro-cellular (water)or atomic levels.

    Interestingly, Scn AXIOM 28, discovered and formulated by LRH, in its most basic components, — showed that “INTENTION” is fundamental to the success of each cycle of communication.

    We are indeed blessed by the advent of fresh revelations such as your above topic, especially in regard to HEALING!

    Thank you for your constant readiness, to explore “outside the box.”
    We are indeed indebted to you in bringing together the rich diversity of knowledge and points of view, ever expanding our levels of ARC/KRC.


  4. Beautiful! It’s time for me to do another round of 0-9.

  5. Is sometimes wonder how you come up with this great stuff, Marty.
    Though there is nothing really new in the above quote, it validates the concepts of ARC, comm-formula and its parts and how a being affects his surroundings and fellow man depending on his tone-level and motif in life.


  6. martyrathbun09

    Great, concise correlation.

  7. “It was becoming clear to me that when we send intention, in a manner of speaking, we have to ‘become’ the other.” Lynn McTaggert

    As a long time reader and someone who comments frequently, this most recent book excerpt from Marty struck quite a cord with me.

    I believe most of those who frequent and comment on this blog agree that David Miscavige is the cause of the demise of the church. Debates go on about whether some of the kernels of his tyranny might have come from LRH BUT by and large we all seem to agree that its dm at the helm of the train wreck called — Corporate Scientology.

    AND YET … I’m would be very surprised if few come up with the POSSIBILITY that we “become” dm in sending HEALING intention to this very fractured man.

    The primary raison d’être of this blog is to expose the abuses of dm and be a place of HEALING for those harmed by his practices.

    What BETTER community to be the place of experiment, if you will, to start to send healing intention TO dm so that slowly slowly some deep change can occur.

    I’m not asking that he fling open the gates of his created hell at Hemet; however, I think IF we could see in the coming year substantial change by some walking out of the Hole, without escaping … perhaps our experiment has worked.

    BTW — in the preface to Lynn McTaggart’s book she mentions that intention has been a key part of Buddhism … for centuries.

    One of the practices that I involve myself is Tonglen — “giving and taking”
    google and read tonglen meditation on wikipedia – good introduction.

    Tonglen reverses what we usually think of intention. Usually we intend good things for OURSELVES, we intend for OURSELVES not to suffer.

    The reversal is taking IN the suffering of others, and sending OUT happiness to that person. Perhaps if we could TAKE IN dms suffering and send OUT happiness — he just MIGHT start to become alive again.

    Thanks Marty for sharing the books and quotes which you must find inspiring with your readers.


  8. I love this topic!

    Most folks here know who and why I am.

    I was pulled over, flat to the ground, by my dogs last Friday in a local park. Injured my right foot. Did the medical/X-ray gig, no breaks. Advice = ten days to fully heal.

    Want to help speed that up?

    Thanks! L, Rachel

  9. “In order to have the most powerful effect, a healer or sender needs to become ‘ordered’ on some subatomic level, mentally and emotionally.”

    “THE FIRST ACT of the auditor concerns himself. He assesses the task rather than the pre-clear and assesses the matter within himself. He establishes whether or not he desires the pre-clear to become established under the pre-clear’s own center of control…” (APA)

    We are not the molders of men into our own acceptable image, we are liberators of men so they may create what they wish. After many many long eons of implanting thetans into obedience, we are now undoing the magic spell. It really is a lot more fun to create a group with high-toned encouragement than with Pain, Drugs, Hypnosis.

    It is my intention that all true auditors in the Co$ will find their way to independence so they may remain true.

  10. Li'll bit of stuff

    “I needed, for instance to find out how we can loosen our psychological boundaries. It became clear to me, that when
    we send an intention, in a manner of speaking. we have
    “become” the other.

    The irony of this is, contained (once again) in Scn AXIOM 28:
    “Communication is the consideration and action of impelling
    an impulse, or particle, from a source point, across a distance
    to a receipt point, with the INTENTION of bringing into being,
    at the receipt point, a DUPLICATION and understanding of
    that which emanated from the SOURCE point.” (caps added
    for topic relevance)……………….hence “become” the other?

    This whole concept of “becoming” the other, is incidentally
    thoroughly covered in a booklet by LRH called “Dynamics
    And The Tone Scale”(booklet 29 of the Professional Course)
    New Edition 1980.

    If you are not yet familiar with this 30 page booklet, I think you
    are in for a pleasant surprise, as it happens to provide a very
    satisfactory answer to the top quoted paragraph.

  11. Particles, particles….
    ” Factor 29. In the opinion of the viewpoint, any beingness, any
    thing, is better than no thing, any effect is better than no effect,
    any universe better than no universe, any particle better than no
    particle, but the particle of admiration is best of all.” LRH

  12. I’ve definitely done a lot of soul searching in regards to both Scn and some of the assumptions taken as fact within the technology that haven’t been fully critiqued by the members of both corporate and Indies.

    But, I do think, about what LRH said in regards to units of thought, postulates, considerations, etc. as being units of energy that interact, modify, and exist independently of their source was way, way ahead of its time. And I truly believe in my heart, the mainstream, academic scientific community will validate this … one day. They probably won’t give credit to LRH — but still — I think this was a brilliant idea and revolutionary in many ways.

  13. Li'll bit of stuff

    Profound thought indeed Christine! Going on the basic
    assumption (per LRH) –that “man is basically good”
    The way this would probably pan out, as we Scns might
    interpret it —would come via the mechanism of “pulling
    in a motivator/s” –that is – the being stopping himself,( at
    least on a sub-conscious level) from committing any further transgressions against others, per some form of
    (self caused) punishment.

    It is now becoming increasingly evident that is exactly
    how things are developing in the present life of DM.


  14. martyrathbun09

    We’re on it.

  15. Well said.

    And it seems there is scientific evidence for healing:

  16. May I tell you about Cheryl?

    Cheryl was my mentor on the Briefing Course in the 1990’s. She became a very good friend.

    When GAT came in, I went off the BC and lost touch with Cheryl. I believe she later went off the BC and was called a “blown student.”

    Cheryl and I renewed contact some years later when Dr Denk was on call and received her call for medical help. After he helped her, she asked to speak with me. It seems she now had lung cancer.

    Our friendship was immediately renewed and we stayed in close touch through the end of her life. She was not being helped with her condition through ASHO because she was on ethics lines. So, I did a 10 Aug on the telephone with her to huge cognition, wrote it up and got it into an ASHO staff member’s hands. Then I was told she was an “illegal pc.” Good grief.

    Cheryl and I stayed in really good touch but she would never see me or let me help her out with stuff like laundry. That’s ok, I wanted her to call the shots due to her condition. Saner heads eventually pevailed at ASHO and she was addressed as a person should be with what she had going on.

    Yet, even without physical contact with Cheryl, but for talking on the telephone frequently, I lived her circumstances and condition. There was not a moment in time when she was not on my mind and part of my life.

    I was madder than heck when I found out Cheryl had passed away at home without my ever having seen her. Until … she came around to say goodbye to me. That experience remains with me to this day as part and parcel of my beliefs. It was fantastically profound.

    When I complained to her that I never got to give her a hug goodbye, she said, “A thetan doesn’t need a hug.” And, with that, she was gone but never, ever forgotten.

  17. Us too FGR! MCSJ

  18. Amen to that! 100%.

  19. Darn memory lapse!

    I was assigned to assist Cheryl in leaving this life with some special steps by the case supervisor at ASHO. She passed away before I could do that. That’s why I was mad, because I felt she was being sent into the “great unknown” without the special steps.

    Now, read my comment again if you wish. Cheryl left in fine condition.

  20. Get a partner and ‘practice’ the Anti-Q&A drill (where you cause someone to ‘put that ashtray on my knee’, by nothing but intention. LRH wrote this, I believe, principally for managers to be able to get their people to do things.

    But, it is a miraculous drill and results in the most amazing abilities.

    Try it. You’ll like it.

  21. Understood. When you are open to communication with beings, you communicate with beings, especially good friends and loved ones. I have had the misfortune of having good friends and family die on me, but on the other hand, I know that some of them have reached out. Then, they went on their way. It was profound for me. I am glad that you were able to visit with Cheryl one last time.


  22. This is a one of those non-Scientology sources that explain a portion of Scientology and why it works. Scientology is a technical subject, and clinical in its descriptions and processes. Ron waxes poetic in some of his writings, but Scientology is a methodical approach to applying Affinity/Love, Reality, and Communication (with its components, which includes, of course, intention) to help other people do better in life. Personally, I feel it is clinical to a fault. Dying is “dropping the body.” People who are distressed and freaked out are “Type III” or “PTS” in some other way. People who lose their jobs or get injured “pulled it in.”

    There is a huge “disconnect” (to use the modern vernacular) between the idea of “you are responsible for your condition” and the whole rest of Scientology, which exists to help people improve their condition. Of course you are responsible, ultimately, for your condition. But to stand lording it up over a dying child in the Sudan and telling her that “she pulled it in!” (hypothetical, but you know some people who would do this, right?) is insane. Sure, maybe as a being she “pulled it in.” So what? Help the girl, for crying out loud!

    My point is that this writing is true – and you can easily see from this the foundation of auditing and one reason why it works. Ron put it down in technical terms. This is in non-technical terms. I have seen parallels in lots of other sources that help to round out or flesh out what Ron wrote. It is all good, in my book, as knowledge is greater than any one label.

  23. Great topic. And what can be done for an individual can likewise be done for an entire group on the very doorstep of death. Hence the clean positive OT intention infusing the group with theta and endowing it with life. I wonder if there might be any groups around getting that kind of treatment?
    On another note, the number of reviews and number of listings today uncrossed for the first time. So now we have more reviews than listings. Upwards and onwards!

  24. “Granting of Beingness and Duplication are the same order of magnitude as Healing” – LRH (scurrying to find the taped lecture this was from.)

  25. Reading Lynne’s material reminded me that LRH data has filter into areas of society that needs it. For example has anyone else seen some nursing books, specifically ones used at East Tennessee State University, if not I can attest to a form of TR’s that are taught out of the book. I do not think LRH’s ego is such that he needs to be acked for this. Now Yatrus on the other hand, well he is not here but some of his followers are.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Concept is covered in spades in the lecture “The Granting of Beingness.”

  27. The world begins with TR0… one of the best EPs ever.

  28. Li'll bit of stuff

    Lovely spoonful of pure SANITY! Thank you Les!
    It is good to hear what you are saying, and saying
    it without withholding the accompanying ARC!
    Continued success as you take and guide others
    on their journey to full freedom and awareness.

  29. Perfect sense, and a great topic Marty. This is most likely why the original OT levels were arranged as they are. OT 6 rehabilitates one’s ability to influence the universes of others, per the older grade charts. A huge step. Original OT 7, the part done AFTER OT 6, rehabilitates one’s ability to project intention. I believe one has to actually open the comm line with ARC and then use intention to achieve understanding between the two.

  30. It is my intention that all true auditors in the Co$ will find their way to independence so they may remain true.
    Well said, and I may add:
    I also hope that all the auditors invalidated from DM trough the GAT installment may find their way to independence and rehabilitate their confidence in their ability to deliver Scientology. It’s all in the state of mind (read: group-think).
    The worst of Miscavige’s crimes is the constant willingness to invalidate Auditors.

    I see you Miscavige.

  31. Marty~~
    Love these nuggets which expand ability to think outside the box.
    Fed-up with tunnel vision and huge enforcement to my thinking and reading only within the tunnel, have been suffocated with such think for 35 years. Opening up new realms of thought and challenging fixed thought form is my new journey.

  32. David Miscavige is going to freak out when he see this Marty. He’ll think all the Indies are getting together to mind-control him with beams. I can see him sitting there with his tin foil hat and holding his earthing rods ~lol

    We can see you Dave!

  33. It’s done!

  34. Hello Marty, this is to let you know that just recently I have been reading your blog but before that I had joined the Freezonorg forum on Yahoo and I only made sporadic postings. However recently a couple of Freezoners started to promote the “workability” of auditing over Skype. Frankly I found this quite disturbing; at the same time I read several critical postings and attacks on Steve Hall and yourself I decided to lay out what the Freezoners should be doing i.e. catch on with your lead and stop squirreling. A few days later I found myself kicked out from the forum without any warning. I found out after sending an e-mail that Terril Park “unsubscride” me not because of my views about Skype auditing but because I “attacked” the FZ. I thought I would share this with you as an example of “Un-FreeZoneness”. – John

  35. If he thinks that then he would be right …………again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beam me up a little higher Scotty………..need to get that beam angle on Hemet correct………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh………now we have you in the cross hairs little Davey boy. I perceive much gnashing of teeth and odd expletives pouring forth from the bunker………must be truly poopy to be you.

  36. Rachel, thanks for sharing this moving story. I’m very certain that your thoughts and intentions toward Cheryl made her end of life and passing that much easier. And the proof of that was her goodbye to you!

  37. Brian Thoms Lambert

    Beautiful Karen

  38. This video shows something very important about how to make our postulates work. If we postulate something is going to happen, we are caught in an endless “will happen”. Even if we postulate it will happen (very) soon (or immediately), we are still caught in an endless “will happen”. The healers were chanting “it already happened”.

    Suggestion for people who are trying to help L, Rachel TheWidowDenk: (try to) send her your love and postulates of “already healthy”.

    (I have my doubts about the only 3 minutes healing, but that is beside the point).

  39. I say we all chant/postulate for Dave, so he wakes up free of Asthma or whatever bugs his body, also free of his mental/spiritual concerns, so he comes clean and reforms the church in some really sensible ways and LRH will smile at us all from target 2 and say VWD telepathically! LFBD, F/N.
    Than all of us proceed clearing the planet to EP. Sarcastic, I know. And I anticipate enough LRH references to give DM no hope, unless he gets his own ethics in, etc. On a serious note, I think Dave likes his money.

  40. No matter the perspective, opinion, experience, belief, conviction, knowledge – beware of 3P. My viewpoint.

  41. With the first Solo NOTs completions in the mid-eighties, the New OT7s were reporting magical abilities such as Remote Healing, in public events as well as in private registration cycles.

    That was one more reason for me to do the OT levels and I bought the full OT7 package. But the best I could do was NED completion.

    Later I have seen OT7s becoming very ill, or having serious troubles in their business, so I thought that all these magical things were delusions or lies.

    Today it seems that the CoS does not advertise anymore these magical abilities.

    But my dreams and hopes are not dead, and I still consider as possible to develop healing abilities. I have had several experiences where simply praying for the healing of someone apparently had some effect.

    On a more modest level, just being uptone and kind might help people around be healthier.

  42. It’s the very least I can do.
    As you “other half” said many times to me and others in so many words, “Well, there you go. …..Yeeeeeah, you’re fine”. 🙂

  43. Thanks for putting our attention on the First Act, Les.
    It is one of those basics in the process of auditing that, like OT TRO is so simple that its importance can be easily be overlooked. Thanks for reminding me.

  44. … and beware of trolling. The topic is: “Intention and Healing”
    What comes to my mind regarding this topic is also:
    Characteristics of a social personality: “The friends and associates of a social personality tend to be well, happy and of good morale. A truly social personality quite often produces betterment in health or fortune by his mere presence on the scene.”
    (Contrary to the Characteristics of an antisocial personality: “Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding.”)

  45. In the early 70’s there was an article in one of the major periodicals in
    US which at one point described some Russian research on faith healing,
    wherein photographs were taken of energy flows around the faith healer
    when he was in a normal state compared to the special photographs when
    he was in the process of “laying hands” on the subject who was to be
    healed. Amazing results; the flows were 10 times expanded and enveloped
    the subject.

  46. You made some very good points. In fact I strongly suspect ONE person that has been the cause of this, I won’t name it until I have sufficient proofs but some back channels comms are starting to unravel it. (I realized this was the wrong topic to write this on but I could not find easily another proper thread for this – I apologize for that).

  47. What a wonderful being he was and is.

  48. Hi Rachel,
    There was a book, “The Huna System” – I think, about the Hawaiian
    Kahunas who could heal people laying on the hands and even do it
    on a distance. There was a Hawaiian Scientologist on ASHO lines in
    the beginning 70’s who had the ability to do it using his hands (solid
    commline) when he was young but he stopped doing it when people
    came to him from all over the island and he did not like all the attn.

    Even Christianity has the “I pray for you” but then again they do not
    have the postulate of past, present and future worked out.

    You definitely have my postulate of a healed right foot.

  49. Foot followup:

    What a wonderful day I had yesterday. Really fun …

    So, here’s the outcome to the foot story, but I’ll have to backtrack a bit.

    About two weeks ago I snagged my daughter into shopping with me for clothes for my son’s upcoming wedding. We spent hours on the task, which was hilariously described by my daughter as, “Like trying to dress a nun.” (Right, no cleavage, high neckline, nothing tight on the top or the bottom, nothing form-fitting, nothing too short, nothing bright or flashy.)

    We did OK with the clothes shopping but then I started worrying about the shoes. It’s not like I don’t have twenty pairs of shoes already! I don’t need a new pair of shoes; all I need to do is pick out a pair or two for the wedding. Two is best so I can change my mind. I should be able to do that.

    But, no, I had to injure my foot so I couldn’t go shoes shopping.

    I wasn’t the least bit affected by the insurance scam I detected my dentist was running or the many months in arrears of a tenant’s rent. Nope, it was the shoes. Now handled.

    Thanks for the theta power! All is well. L, Rachel

  50. With regard to ” John Smiths” post above he was quoting anti Freezone sentiments mostly it seems in a copy of Steve Halls comments. Probably not realising this issue had been resolved with Steve’s withdrawal and apology for such comments.

    Looks like he wants to cause trouble.

  51. Thanks for your nice comm and explanation.

  52. Not true at all, it shows you have not even read the thread but perhaps only listened to the 3P of someone in FZorg who is very skilled in this “tech”. The fact that I said Steve Hall was right didn’t mean I was quoting or commenting on his earlier Facebook article. I was expressing my opinion specifically on the Skype auditing. If you care to go back you will see two postings from two different well known FZers who talked gorgeously about the “effectiveness” of Skype auditing. This is really what got me going and you have considered THAT an attack on the FZ as you have clearly stated in the e-mail to me. You didn’t even care to send me a warning, which I found it quite outrageous. So I think you should re-name your group as “ClosedZone” it would be more truthful.

  53. Thelma Moss, a psychologist at UCLA, was working with Kirilian photography at the time and published photos of auras surrounding the hands of healers. I don’t know what happened to her research. She left UCLA.

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