Don Schaul – Independent Scientologist

1. Letter to All Scientologists.

15 November 2012

From: Don Schaul

Ex- Qual Sec Malmo Ideal Org

Class V Auditor & C/S



Dear Scientologists and friends,

I am writing this letter to you after a long period of silence from my side. Most of you did not know what is happening with me or what am I doing in present time.

The following is my story. A part of you already know it. It is worth telling to those who are not familiar with it.

As of now, I am 18 years old only and I am a Class V Auditor & Case Supervisor (Validated). I have also completed many other courses, such as different OEC Courses, the Hubbard Data Series Evaluator’s Course, etc.

My passion with Scientology started already at the age of 6. A few years later I represented Scientology as a very young Human Rights activist which created huge outflow for Scientology, LRH and Human Rights in Israel. I appeared a few times on all three national TV channels in Israel. Most of you remember me as that little kid.

At the age of 12 I already knew that LRH’s tech was what I wanted to work with, in this life.

I convinced my parents and they allowed me to study and acquire Scientology training. I did most of it at the Johannesburg Org, South Africa.

At the age of 14, I was the youngest trained Case Supervisor on the planet.

I returned to Israel as soon as I completed my training. I started auditing my family and brought both my parents up the Bridge, all the way to New Era Dianetics.

When I returned to Israel, many staff tried to recruit me to be a staff member at the Tel Aviv Org. I refused as I wanted to audit my family so as to  maintain high exchange with them for all they’ve done for me.

When there was a big need to open the new Ideal Org in Malmo, Sweden, the pressure to join staff became very strenuous. What really tempted me to join, finally, was: 1. I could really contribute to the expansion of Scientology organizations as I always wanted, 2. I would be the Senior Case Supervisor, and 3. That all of my expenses would be taken care of by Malmo Org. Just to remind you – at that time I was still a minor and a foreigner in Sweden so I could not support myself financially, legally. The third point was the most crucial of all, as it concerned my immediate survival.

I joined staff when I received, in writing, a signed CSW, noting that the Org will take care of all of my expenses.

As I started working as a Senior C/S, it soon became clear to me that Malmo Org will not keep its promise to pay for all of my expenses. I had to get my parent’s financial support, again.

However my parents were not at their best financially, to say the least, and they had a hard time supporting me financially. Following that, I asked HCO Malmo to relieve me of my staff contract and let me return home.

My request hit a huge wall of resistance and their way to handle me was trying to ruthlessly change my mind and also give me an aggressive Sec Check that took about 11 intensives of auditing. In order to make it even harder, I was made to do humiliating jobs such as cleaning toilets in front of public and staff. I was threatened with SP declares, not to mention an insane lack of sleep situation I was put in.

I wrote up all that was happening with me to RTC, only to receive an “ack”, yet absolutely no action.

My parents were worried about my future in Scientology and so took the burden of paying for all my expenses for the rest of my contract. I gave up and decided to stay until my contract was finished.

I was later promoted to the post of Qualifications Secretary in Division 5. Acting on this post, I noticed the lack of application of the Tech, and many actions which were off-policy. I reported on whatever I saw. I have come to realize that almost every time I reported on such an action, the result I got was punishment and being sent to ‘Cramming’.

The attempts align with the actions of management took their toll, and in my turn I have put that pressure on other staff members.

I hereby apologize to those who have suffered from that pressure. This was off-policy and pure idiocy. I take full responsibility  for it.

Towards the end of my staff contract, I got onto the Staff Leaving Routing Form.

As part of that Routing Form I was supposed to receive a Staff Leaving Sec Check. I did not resist getting one, quite to the contrary – I demanded it over and over as to prevent the prolongation of my stay in Malmo. 3 months passed since I routed onto that Routing Form and I still did not get this Sec Check. The last day came but there was still no possibility of going in session – so I left the Org and returned home, to Israel.

HCO Cope Off Malmo, Mr. Dor Levi, was sent after me to Israel to bring me back to Malmo like I was some sort of a criminal. I did not agree to come back as I fulfilled my contract. The Org did not fulfill its part of the promise, to be precise. However, as I wanted to handle the situation, I flew to AOSH UK and got my Staff Leaving Sec Check in complete. To return to Malmo? No way!

Obviously, Management and Malmo Org did not like this.

From all I’ve seen and experienced myself, I came to the conclusion that something in our way of operation as Scientologists, Staff Members and Management, departed from LRH’s writings both Technically and Administratively.

For example, the Staff Leaving Routing Form does not state that you are supposed to Sec Check a Staff Member for 10 intensives because he wishes to leave, but it should be a maximum of 5 hours (Ref: HCO PL 28 March 1962, TERMINATION FORM).

As a Qualifications Secretary, I encountered a hidden data line when auditors and supervisors who came from Flag did not agree to talk about the “New Bridge” as they were made to sign a million-dollar bond.

Of course, all this creates the following –

A. A hidden data line opposing to LRH’s statement on the fact that there is none, and that all he discovers he also publishes. (Ref: HCO PL 16 April 1965, Issue I, KSW Series 22, “THE HIDDEN DATA LINE”), and;

B. Technical degrades with the label of “old”. KSW #1 is being placed in the beginning of every Scientology course pack for a reason. The Technical Degrades HCO PL states that labeling technology as “old” or “historical” is a High Crime.

More examples? There you go:

–         Staff member named E.P., received 11 intensives of Sec Checking. The Sec Check was stretched over a period of 3 years. Its purpose (stated on the program) was to “handle her illness”. This is a program that was under the supervision of the Senior C/S Europe, Mr. Alberto Bussolin. The program was delivered by Flag trained auditors V.R. and E.G.

Pc E.P. got well when the right program has been written and executed on her, by me.  When the Pc folder was seen at CLO EU, I received a Cramming Order stating that her Sec Check was “quickied”. (11 intensives)

–         Staff members who are prohibited from reading Pc folders regularly went into the HGC, looked at and read Pc folders, especially for recruitment purposes. If someone said in session that he is not an ‘IAS member’, session data was being used to make him donate. In this activity the following were involved: Mrs. Lucky Story (Malmo CMO Int Mission I/C), the rest of the Malmo CMO Int missionaires, Mrs. Anna Skibbe (Malmo recruitment project I/C), other recruiters and registrars, both from Malmo Org and from the Sea Org.

–         The Malmo CMO Int Mission I/C, Mrs. Lucky Story, used to stand in my office or in the Senior C/S’ office, with the ED, OES, the Dissem Sec and the folder page and read out loud Next C/Ses of staff and public Pcs. This happened at least 8 times. This data is confidential and is protected by ministerial confidence, by law. No one beside the auditor or the C/S have the right to have it.  We were also unable to say anything against her doing this.

–         Pc C.P. received her Grades at Flag – Grade O in 3 hours, Grade I in 2 hours, Grade II in 5 hours, Grade III in 2 hours and Grade IV in 4 hours. She did those Grades in 2011. I will not go into what was actually run, but any C/S or auditor could tell you certainly that those are Quickie Grades. LRH writes about Quickie Grades in HCOBs, and their damage to Pcs and Orgs.

–         Happy Clears who went to receive their CCRDs came back upset, sick and with obvious indicators of a wrong indication. There is also a hidden data line delivered on the subject of “past life Clears.” I have had at least 6 past life Clears on my lines in Malmo who were denied proper handling either by Flag, AOSH EU, AOSH UK or CLO EU. Quoting the words of the Saint Hill C/S AOSH EU: “Don’t send them for the CCRD, this is off-line”. They are not being allowed to attest to the State of Clear, period. They are simply put to redo the lower Grade Chart. This is a clear violation of C/S Series 123R, the CCRD Series, and many other HCOBs.

–         During the period of 3 years, there were only 2 auditors in training at the Malmo Org. The only auditor who was fully trained at Flag up to Class V Graduate, had to be sent back to Flag for retraining. The fact that Orgs are not able to train auditors, or that training takes a very long time is a very serious, gross out-point. Take an HGC Auditor from Tel Aviv Org – T.T., as an example – 4 years of training at AOSH EU and 10 more years at Flag only to return as a Grad V, FPRD Auditor!

–         An intern sent her session video to the Senior C/S FSO (who passed the video) and then to RTC for approval and final Internship pass. Her video was stuck at RTC for 3 months. It then came back with one ‘Flunk’, saying that she “did not end the session fast enough”, not referring her to any LRH reference nor sending her to Cramming. Needless to say that this intern blew from training for good.

–         Student P.B., on the Pro Metering Course, was called, along with the Senior C/S, to watch his final video submission on the big screens in the RTC office. This was done so that they could measure the size of the read with a ruler and determine whether it was a “Small Fall” or a “Fall” (different meter reads). Do properly trained auditors need to take so much time to determine the size of a read? Were these actions ever done by LRH?

–          On at least 20 different times – the overrun phenomena described in HCOBs, while running Objectives processes, were absolutely ignored on Pcs audited at Flag, AOSH EU or AOSH UK. In a lecture delivered by the Senior C/S Europe in the Senior C/S conference at AOSH EU in 2011, he said: “Objective processes are run with no regard to any overrun phenomena”, without referring to any LRH reference.

And the list goes on…

In light of the situations listed above and many more, I decided to do a standard Doubt Condition formula. This is because I have complete faith in LRH’s tech and in my strong willingness to support Scientology and its expansion. I have met with the Ethics Officer of Tel Aviv Org and the OSA representative of Tel Aviv Org, Mr. Sefi Fischler.

As part of this condition formula, one must acquire data with no prejudices and from any source possible: real data and real statistics.

When one tries to get the statistics of Scientology, he is being sent to watch events on video.

Unfortunately, if you will really try to go down and investigate real international figures and numbers of auditors made, the number of satisfied Preclears or the number of real active Scientologists from the data provided by those videos, all you will get is a headache. And no real data.

While investigating this as a Hubbard Data Series Evaluator, the thing that caught my attention was, sadly, the fact that those outpoints did not come from certain people in this or that Org, as I thought earlier – but that this is the way Management covertly operates, encourages and guides towards, in handling certain people and situations. As I’ve heard many times from the Malmo CMO Int Mission I/C, she and her mission was directly run by Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center – Mr. David Miscavige. I had to look no more to understand what the source is.

I received data from the Org along with threats of being SP declared if I do not disconnect from my friends. All of this occurs when the Church’s spokesmen assert at every chance that there’s no ‘Disconnection’ in Scientology. At certain times I decided to disconnect and at certain times I decided not to.

This is a normal thing when one is in the Condition of Doubt.

I spoke to my friends, investigated and checked with any possible means, as I wanted to see the whole picture and get out of this condition.

This step took me a long time as I realized that I have been living in the dark for a very long time. There were many things I had absolutely no clue about, or that were covered by false PR.

The Org had a big problem with the fact that I decided to look by myself on data that was not supplied by them. This is wrong as they could not show me a single reference where LRH prohibits checking up on data from different sources.

I am an upstat Scientologist, with a record of more than 4,000 Well Done Auditing Hours in the chair. Also, I did Case Supervision both at Orgs and in the field.

I decided to forward the aims of our group and did so since I was very young. I moved my whole family up the Grade Chart. I have made progress in Scientology since the youngest age possible and my purposes are similar to those of all the members of Scientology who believe in the Tech that will set mankind free.

I disagree with the fact that I cannot look at data for myself, decide for myself and believe in what is true for me. I came to Scientology in order to ‘know how to know’, to think freely and to break the chains of suppression on the freedom of thought. This is my elementary right. Furthermore, based on my training, I believe in my ability to examine data and choose sensibly what to do, without prejudices.

I believe that as a Scientologist, I have the responsibility to check on what is wrong, ask questions, get the chance to make a change, make that change, be open and be able to talk about it publicly. Please do remember that free communication is one of our elementary rights as human beings.

Remember: The End Phenomena of the Professional TRs Course and the End Phenomena of Expanded Grade O is being able to freely communicate to anyone on any subject, as uncomfortable as it may be, on all flows. This is supposed to be our virtue as Scientologists! The highest ability in this universe is the ability to communicate. Along with that we commit, as well, the most major “overt” that LRH speaks of – to be there and to communicate.

There you have a Doubt Condition – to communicate or not to?

I am an Auditor and a Case Supervisor and I will never stop being one. I will always continue to audit and move others up the Bridge, no matter what happens.

My decision is to do this in such a place where there’s no suppression on the freedom of speech or on the freedom of thought, and in which Standard Tech could be delivered. With no disturbance.

I implore you, as a Scientologist, to open your eyes.

Keeping Scientology Working is everyone’s job, and this job could never be owned by this or that management. Even though we all have word-cleared that HCO PL, we all sin in leaving its application to a “higher” body that will keep the Technology working for us.

This is the future of all of us. We have to make sure Scientology will continue to exist, cleared of false data and changes that are hard to recognize as individuals. We have to ensure that Scientology will be correctly delivered to us and to those around us.

Start looking for yourself.

Ignore the floods of false PR and ask for precise statistics.

A lot of confront is required – the confront of evil. It certainly is a hard thing to do, yet not impossible.

Take a step to a better future for us all.

Start communicating. We CAN create a change in the world of Scientology. It takes REAL Scientologists to do it.

Scientology and the CHURCH of Scientology are two different things.

I choose to be an Independent Scientologist. I am independent and free from suppression.

I am here to get you up the Bridge on both sides. I am going to work hard so that we will all have a Bridge to travel on.

I will be glad to answer any question and communicate with each and every one on the things that brought me to this decision.

Lots of ARC,

Don Schaul

Class V Auditor & Case  Supervisor (Validated)

Fully Hatted Qualifications Secretary (Gold Sealed)

Hubbard Data Series Evaluator

Independent Scientologist

2. Letter to Independent Scientologists.

14 November 2012

An open letter to all Scientologists from the former Qual Sec of Malmo “Ideal Org”

Hello everybody,

My name is Don Schaul. I am an Israeli, I’m 18 years old. In this lifetime I trained up to Class V C/S. I have been the youngest C/S on the planet at the age of 14. I have also been a staff member at the new building of Malmo Org in Sweden, as a fully hatted Qual Sec.

There is a little story that I’d like to share with you today. Many do not know it.

After getting trained at the ages of 12-13-14, all on my own, as a public, my biggest passion was to join staff and help the planet as much as I can with the tools I have just acquired.

I was recruited by two Sea Org members who toured around Europe on a mission to recruit for the new “Malmo Ideal Org” that was about to open.

As I was a minor, unable to support myself financially, I was promised (in writing) to have all my expenses covered by the Org while being on staff. This unfortunately did not happen and I had to lean on my parents (who were in Israel), to financially support me.

The first months in Malmo were indeed hard, I wanted to leave, but as I was the only C/S around I was being kept there on an HCO Sec Check at the CLO Europe which was 9 intensives long (!). At the end I gave in and somehow worked out a solution to stay there until my contract would be completed.

I have received a one man Qual Division when I came. When I left, I have expanded this Qual Division to 5 people and 10 more on the TTC (Technical Training Corps – In training for a Technical post such as Auditor, C/S, Supervisor, etc.).

I have used my time in that Org to get myself trained on Admin Tech as well. And that is when I started to open my eyes and see the glaring outpoints.

Malmo “Ideal” Org has been a dead Org since its opening.  This Org had its stat of “Bodies In the Shop” at 50 at almost all times throughout those 3 years, with no change.

This Org is being directly run by “CMO Int”. In one of many conversations with those CMO Int missionairs, I have been told that they have all been taken off post (and so is the rest of CMO Int) to be part of the ‘Ideal Org Unit’ and run all the Ideal Orgs on the planet.

As I have audited both of my parents on their entire Grade Chart up the New Era Dianetics, and wanted to continue with their auditing, I had to get them both to Malmo and audit them on my free time.

My mother, who has never experienced the vibe of the Church’s Management, came to Sweden for 3 weeks, left her job and was very stressed on time to get the auditing done and go back to Israel. As the CLO Mission I/C, Mrs. (un-) Lucky Story found out that my mother is coming to get “free auditing” from me, she decided to send me to CLO EU (which is near Malmo) for Cramming and take me “off the chair” as an auditor and C/S because she looked at a pc folder (!!!!) of my Pc and saw some “outpoint” (needless to say that Lucky is not trained in Tech and it’s absolutely none of her business to look at Pc folders).

My mother had to wait for 5 days until I got through “Ethics and Cramming” and could take her in session. She finally got in session and I managed to create a safe environment for her as much as I could.

While my mother was there she was also on course. As she wanted to leave back to Israel she wanted to rout out of the Org. She went to see the ED as part of this and while going to the ED (who was standing outside of the Academy), she saw Lucky shouting at the ED, telling her that she’s downstat. This was in front of all public in the class and in front of my mother. My mother was shocked. Lucky came later to my mom and said that she is sorry it was done in that forum. However, this kind of behavior by an Int Executive was shocking to her.

There were violations of Policy, Tech and Ethics Tech, left right and center, but I was able to do my best and keep producing as I have had another person in my Division who was thinking the same way I was – the Senior C/S, Phil Bruemmer.

We have fought together against suppression whilst on staff. It was much easier to do this when we were a team. However, we were being attacked over and over and over.

You can see some of the situations we have encountered in the reports attached. We have always ended on the top of things whether people decided to suppress us or not.

At the end of our contracts we have both left. You can see the story of Phil’s leave cycle at the attached report. I have simply disappeared when my contract ended as I knew nobody would EVER let me go.

I had to open my eyes and realize that all these outpoints that I see lead up to a very big WHY or a WHO. I realized that the fact that you can’t talk, you can’t question and you can’t look is NOT Scientology. And those are the characteristics of an implant.

At the moment I realized this, my world changed a 180 degrees and I started confronting.

The way the Church keeps people enslaved is by keeping them ignorant. And you do that by NOT training them. The bad thing is that even when the Church trains people, they get the training in an environment that they are not allowed to fully use what they have learned – and they cannot even see it! That is exactly what happened with all of my young “friends” who have trained as auditors within the Church. They are not auditors and needless to say, not real Scientologists.

So there is certainly a big future ahead of us. And as we are bringing real Scientology to the new generations of Earth, the most important thing to do is to TRAIN AUDITORS and give them the right to USE WHAT THEY HAVE LEARNED.

I might have been a little more perceptive as this is not my first Lifetime in Scientology and I was already highly trained before I took this body, but this only shows that training is what will protect you and keep you out of the traps of this world.

I am now declaring my independence of the suppressive group of the Church of Scientology and I am starting to do real Scientology as a free being. I see it my responsibility to bring Scientology to the new generation and into the future.

Lots of love,

Don Schaul

Class V C/S

Hubbard Data Series Evaluator

Fully Hatted Qualifications Secretary (Gold sealed)

3. Reports

Here are a few written reports which concern some of the situations I have encountered:

Some of the following reports were written by Phil Bruemmer, ex-Senior C/S Malmo and my junior as the Qual Sec. We were in those situations together.

  1. A Knowledge Report written by me on the only Flag Trained auditor in Malmo Org – Vince Racz. I sent him back to Flag for retraining after many, many more attempts to correct him.Per the Senior C/S Europe, Alberto Bussolin: “He is better than the Class IXs at AOSH EU”. I hope not…

2. Knowledge Report written by the Senior C/S on the LRH Comm Malmo, concerning her protecting that same Flag trained auditor from getting corrected. Their common agreement was that me and the Senior C/S “weren’t standard” because we are not “Flag trained”.

3. Another Knowledge Report on keeping the same flubby auditor in the auditing chair, written by the Senior C/S.

4. Knowledge Report written by me on the LRH Comm Malmo for condoning a severe injustice on me.

5. A report written by me concerning the misapplication of the EstO Tech. Note: There has been a long debate on this subject with the CMO Int Missionaires, terminals from CLO EU, etc. I have been Crammed on the subject, and was literally told in Cramming by the CTO EU Cram Off: “That is how it is being done today. I understand it’s not per the policy but there’s nothing much you can do about it”.

6. A report written by the Senior C/S, concerning the misapplication of the EstO Tech.

7. A Knowledge Report written by the Senior C/S concerning a squirrel Exec EstO (who was put on the post with the minimum training level of Staff Status II and BSM, by the CMO Int Mission).

8. An Evaluation done by me on Public Courses in Malmo Org. This should give a clear picture on the fact that only NEW programs are being pushed by management, forgetting the old. (The new Dianetics Rout Program over the rest of the “old” Public courses.) The Malmo CMO Int Mission I/C, Mrs. Lucky Story said on this eval: “It only fault-finds management and is a complete brush-off”. Well…

9. A Knowledge Report written by the Senior C/S concerning a 3rd Party situation in the HGC.

10. Knowledge Report written by the Senior C/S, concerning a scene in the HGC:

11. A’ Things That Shouldn’t Be Report’ written by me to RTC, a few days after leaving staff.

12. A Knowledge Report written by me as a Field Auditor, on privacy invasion, 3rd Party, and simple cruelty. It also shows the Churches views on the subject of homosexuality, which in my eyes has caused many Pcs, students and staff a great amount of suffer.

13. A report written by me to RTC on Phil Bruemmer’s SP declare. I have obviously received no answer on that one, yet I am still was at that time in “good standing” with the Church.

If you wish to share my letter with any of your friends in the Church or outside of it, here’s a link for you:

293 responses to “Don Schaul – Independent Scientologist

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  2. Aviv Bershadsky

    Very Well Done, Don!!! Welcome to the independent community. We love you, Aviv & your friends at Dror Center

  3. One Moment In Time

    Welcome Don. Your story speaks for itself and no praise from me will add to it or be needed. But I have to stay that to me you stand out in acrowd, even this one. There may be hope for this planet yet.

  4. Well done on your training, Don, as well as your purpose. We need thousands of more just like you. Welcome to the group of Scientologists who believe in KSW, and believe we need to Clear this planet.

  5. Thoughtful Peasant

    I have been following the Scientology debacle for more than three years now and have never made a public comment, being satisfied to lurk and watch. I am so happy to see that this very intelligent young man has had the ability to take a hard look at what has gone on within the “Church” and decided who the true Suppressives are. Kudos to his parents on supporting him. At 18 he is lucky that he has not been suppressed for many years and twisted up by the internal problems of the organization.
    To Marty, Mark, Magoo and many others who speak out and tell members to look and decide for yourselves, I salute you! Another success story!

  6. Don, holy cow, you are wise (and trained) far beyond your years. David Miscavige would have loved to have gotten his hands on you and had known of this young hotshot named Don Schaul, he no doubt would have tried. So, Lucky Story will probably in deep shit after DM reads your post. And you can be assured that he will read it.
    Congratulations on your Doubt formula and your decision to join the group that works for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
    One small correction to your otherwise excellent post: the “Malmö” Ideal Org is actually in an industrial suburb of Malmö called Arlöv.
    Back in the day, the Malmö Org was located right on the central square of the city, about 500 meters from the train station where thousands of people got on and off trains daily. The org was foot traffic heaven in those days. Now, you can’t even find it by asking locals. We visited the place in 2010 and two girls on the street had no idea what street we were looking for. It turned out it was a block away. So, to call the place the Malmö Org is very disingenuous on the org’s part.
    The fact there has been an Int mission there since at least 2010 also says something about the misapplication of mission tech, not to mention the intelligence of the I/C. Lucky Story is the epitome of the Sea Org members DM tries to cultivate: an untrained, unaudited kid who can be programmed to try to carry out his orders in her version of what she conceives to be DM’s “tough Sea Org member” valence.
    Your report about the state of the org seems to be a variance to my conversation last week with the D/FBO More, a S.O. member who said his name was J.J. He was up in Halmstad with the Dianetics tent trying to sell Dianetics books or even hand out fliers, without much luck from what I could tell.
    He told me that things are going just fine in Malmö. Of course, he did not offer any specifics. Something (your excellently written state of the org) tells me he was full of “skit” (pronounced “hweet”), as we say here in Sweden.
    Welcome to the independent field, Don.It is great to have tech terminals like you here getting the show on the road.

  7. Wow! 😀 Hello Don. Thank you for sharing this incredible and vital info. Welcome to the Independent Scientology world. I am just flabbergasted at how hard some people in Cof$ work at unmocking auditors and C/Ses. Unbelievable! Very well done on keeping your integrity and doing what you know is right, despite all the entheta thrown at you.
    I am particularly interested in what you said about past life Clears, because you know, so many Scientologists have passed away and come back to continue their spiritual quest with LRH tech. I know this is something David Miscavige abhors and would love to pretend does not exist and something he would like to suppress into non-existence. But the fact is, we come back…again and again. Only in the Independent field will Scientologists of any case level flourish and prosper and for many lifetimes to come.
    I’m truly grateful that you made it out whole and that you are such a guardian of the tech! Much love to you!

  8. Thank you for your work on and off staff and for these great write-ups, Don!
    Welcome back, again!
    Wonderful to see you going independent!
    As a declared Grad V, I know only too well of these painful situations which Indies endeavor to remedy!
    Much love, One Point Won

  9. Wow, Don! What a good writeup! It’s good to see that there are still people alive in the church who CAN see that something is wrong and who DO “vote with their feet!”
    Congratulations on finding the REAL Scientology, where maybe we do argue sometimes but we can communicate to handle disagreements, and NOBODY owns us! Again, WOW!

  10. Hello Don.
    All you wrote feels like truth. It communicates. I see you. And you’re a beatiful being.
    You’re an inspiration.
    All my love to you.

    “There is hope.”

  11. P.S.–I hope to meet your parents someday. They sound like terrific people!

  12. This is all very good information. The KR’s saved on google docs will not open and should be saved a different way so we can see them.

  13. Well done on your write-up and decisions! Please check the links to your reports as they would not open.There was a notice to verify the documents.

  14. Wayne Borean aka The Mad Hatter

    Just curious – do you have a version with the acronyms spelled out? To me much of this was a confusing mess, because I’m not a Scientologist.


  15. PreferToBeAnon2

    Great post indeed!
    Unfortunately, the links to all of the KRs and reports do not work. The error message says, “Sorry, we were unable to find the document at the original source. Verify that the document still exists.” I’m hoping it is just a web error and not OSA…

  16. It sickens me to the core to see how poorly your were treated, Don, but unfortunately, this type of craziness seems to be the rule, not the exception. What you have left on staff are a bunch of degraded beings who only act on insane orders. You did the best you could. Now onto better games! Welcome!

  17. I’m bewildered by this story, Mark. Here’s a young man who believes that Scientology teachings are important and is prepared to devote his life to furthering its philosophy.

    And at every step on the way he gets smashed down by the organization he is devoted to.

    The official Church of Scientology has betrayed L Ron Hubbard’s teachings and deserves no support..

    Don Schaul is a fine young fellow who will find his path in life outside the holders of the copyrights and marks of the Church.

    RTC’s new motto to replace the boring old KSW:
    DSOKRAAT (Destroying Scientology, One Knowledge Report At A Time)

    Andrew Robertson

  18. Thankyou for your write up Don Shaul .Your brave and strong and your giving an insite to the latest techincally situation which appears to be an up date of pure dishonest and evaluative procedure’s by the church Hopefully many will read this and wake up . Your family retain loyality to you and I hope they are ok. Those in doubt hopefully better read this.
    As we say in England “Wake up and smell the Roses ” Remove yourself.
    I hope this write gets on as many websites as possible and those who still remain in the half way mark in a state of doubt .

    One could suggest to read this a few times and start looking for your self
    Your not guilty by attempting to read/ and look and listen and inspect ,then ask yourself and any one else whats the greatest good for the greatest number of my dynamics remaining in this PTS evironment

    Your answers surely will arise sooner rather than later .Otherwise You remain PTS within if you don’t do some thing / and remove yourselves from suppression . .The question is Are you actually doing whats right for yourself / One should really step back and ask yourself. this.

  19. “The Force is strong with this one.”


  20. Don,Well done on your very detailed report. You have a bright future ahead of you. The viral spread of ignorance angers me. I see this perpetuated all the time. The propaganda is slick and on going. The biggest indication of corruption at the top is the flood of talented on source people who are leaving. I think when the new Bridge is released there will be a mass exodus which is long overdue. Thanks again for standing up to stupidity and tyranny.

  21. I have the same problem with the links. And I’d really love to read them …

  22. Don, thank you for this great and thorough write-up. You were able to express things in a succinct way, like this for example: “I realized that the fact that you can’t talk, you can’t question and you can’t look is NOT Scientology. And those are the characteristics of an implant.” Also, what you said about KSW being everyone’s responsibility is nicely put too. There isn’t a point on KSW that says “Just follow COB’s orders and you’re KSW”. Too many insiders are doing just that.

    With your training and courage you have a great life ahead of you. Well done!

  23. Don,

    it’s really great that you are out and don’t waste your time and talent, your patience and purpose on those traitors of LRH’s legacy any more.

    Thanks a lot for your report that will touch the hearts and minds of all those who have been tech trained.

    You wrote about a sec check, delivered over 3 years, with the purpose of ” handling an illness” ( which it didn’t handle, of course ). Geeeze – if LRH had read those worksheets he might have put this into a C/S series as an example on “how not to C/S”.

    However, there are already lots of examples in the C/S series that teach how do do it right and not do it wrong. These were written some 40 years ago ! LRH’s tech has become lost tech, never mind the red volumes …

    May you flourish & prosper on all dynamics now !

  24. It is horrible to see the criminality, alter-is, the zombies that are staff in the Corp. Church. and the suppression.
    One does not expect suppression to be inside a Scientology organization, and that makes it so unbelievable that many a good guy fall for it, or at least takes a lot of time to realize it, and get the hell out 🙂
    On the positive side, it is good to see the best Scientologists like Don Shaul and so many others, who walk away from the suppression and follow their integrity and real LRH Tech.
    What DM is left with are the like of John Allende – SWEET Karma!
    We are winning and fast, the snowball is already

  25. Way to go Don!!
    That was an incredible write-up and the Independent feild is lucky to have you as an addition.
    I always thought it was nuts the way people who ended their contracts were treated like they had some how screwed the organization over. Why not give them a party and thank them for what they did to help?? NO!!! The cult has to make it sooo serious. Well they blew off another great being and we got him !!! LoL!! Keep up the good work McTinygrubbyfists.

  26. Hi Don. What a breath of fresh air are you and your first two writeups! Breathe deeply of independence as we do. Welcome!

  27. The links are working fine for me, I’m using Google Chrome on Win7.

  28. I’m kinda lost for words, but you rock Don !! Very well done for confronting the situation and sticking to your guns. Man, you have a lot to look forward to, as does your Independent field !!

  29. Hello Don.

    With Technical training comes the ability to see outpoints when one has the data present.
    Whitout training it it a hard job being able to see the light.

    Auditors are Opinion Leaders among Scientologists.

    Your declaration is very appreciated.

    Every one of us exposing the truth is contributing on the de-enturbalation of the planet.

    As a Permanent Grad V auditor I salute you and VWD!

  30. Hey Wayne, unless somebody already explained those to you, just drop me a line to and I’ll put together a short glossary for you.

  31. Dear Aviv,
    Thank you so much!
    I am proud to be an Independent trained Scientologist. I am even more proud to be a part of a group of FREE individuals.

  32. Dear you,
    This really warms my heart. There certainly is hope for this planet – my mission is to open the training side of the bridge outside the corrupt Church I’ve been a part of, and TRAIN AUDITORS. This is the only guarantee of a future, anywhere. Thank you for being part of my team!

  33. Thank you so much 🙂

  34. Don, what you wrote was very real to me as I have similar experiences. You can’t make this stuff up. Now that I’m out, the future never looked so bright. It is great to be free of that suppression.

  35. First of all I would like to thank you for your comment.
    Secondly I would like to thank my parents. For being so supportive of me, at ANY time. Both back me uped, completely, all the way. They are truly the best.

  36. Welcome out my friend!
    I’d have commented sooner but I got caught up in a sentimental journey while reading all those old reports.
    You really upset the kool-aid addicts while trying to do the job as Ron would have wanted.
    You were and are golden.
    Lucky and the criminals that she put onto posts to ensure there would be no LRH in the org can eat skit.

    You are free now.
    Free to be, free to do and free to have Scientology.

  37. Dear Dan,
    I’m so happy to hear from you. We do know each other, from quite some time ago, but this is for another forum.
    (un)-Lucky Story is certainly what DM wants as his minion. A stupid, loud, annoying pig. Eating DMs skit. 🙂
    I do know J.J. I have even audited the guy. A dedicated kool-aid drinker. The truth is not his favorite subject.
    Thank you for your input.

    And hey, I am glad that you are a part of my group !


  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    Don, you really have what it takes, my man! Not just being able
    and the grand perpetrator, usurper, commandeer and destroyer
    of Scientology, david miscavige. Congratulations on exiting the
    asylum and now hopefully taking some time to decompress
    among huge numbers of stalwarts who really do get what you’ve
    been through, since many here have shared a similar horror story!

    Wonderful to have your obvious strength and resolve to continue
    to audit & C/S, and I’m sure you will have the PC’s lining up for
    services in no time.

    Durban, South Africa

  39. Dear Tara,
    Thank you so much !
    I’m I glad did come out it one piece – and even more – I came out as a lion and the only way to go is UP!

  40. Dear fellow auditor,
    Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  41. Dear Lynne!
    Thanks a lot.
    In actual fact there are MANY people within the Church these days that can see what’s going on. They are not the brave type, but…
    Let me tell you: I am VERY well connected with the European field via the internet, Facebook, etc.
    I wrote to MANY Scientologists online, Staff and SO Members.
    I wanna tell you that I have recieved SO MANY positive replies, especially from staff in Orgs, that I couldn’t believe it.
    We are not alone. They are not alone. Therefore we need more and more people coming out. The way to do this is work at it.

  42. They most certainly are! 🙂

  43. Dear you,
    You warmed my heart. Thank you SO much,

  44. Welcome Don…and thank you for your brilliant write-up. It’s inspiring to see another being of the genius class make his way to the truth and out of the C of S as run by the tiny fists of David Miscavage.

    I am going to get busy welding-up a bouquet of cold-chrome steel lilies so I can have them ready for the final funeral procession that is drawing nearer and nearer for the church.

  45. Thank you very much for sharing your story! I admire and respect you.

  46. Marianne NICAUD

    You’re VERY welcome in the theta group of independant!
    Marianne, France

  47. iRoger From Switzerland Thought

    Dear Don,

    Thank you very much for your story.
    You experienced in those 2-3 years things that me or other oldtimers here were experiencing for 30 years and more and had a hard time to finally understand !
    You did it in such short time. Well done !
    And you’re still so young and have a big future ahead of you to fulfill your goals.
    Looks like you were on staff in a nursery school and had to fight insane and idiotic actions.
    I’m very happy you kept your one sanity in those strange lands you were living.
    Be assured that in this world you’ll meet more great and sane people that aren’t Scientologists that you would ever have dreamt of. Also you’ll meet lots of Indie Scientologists which would never utter such idiotic or insane stuff you have been experiencing.

    Life is yours !

    If you ever need any help of whatever kind, let us know, don’t be shy. If ever you’ll travel in our country we have a room at your disposal and you would be welcomed as our guest !

    Live your life, enjoy it, continue to dream your dreams.
    and please report here from time to time about your actions.

  48. Well put. Indeed it is. He has no tolerance for the churches bullshit and suppression. Whatever he’s got, I wish we could bottle it. Its the antidote for Kool-aid.

  49. Donnnn,…..a warm warm welcome from us……. 🙂 🙂
    incredible write-up Don

  50. Dear Bob,
    Thanks. The reports should be available to you if you have a google account. They work for me as well as others….
    If they still do not work for you, email me at:
    and I will email them to you right away/

  51. Dear Richard,
    Thanks. The reports should be available to you if you have a google account. They work for me as well as others….
    If they still do not work for you, email me at:
    and I will email them to you right away.

  52. Dear you,
    Thanks. The reports should be available to you if you have a google account. They work for me as well as others….
    If they still do not work for you, email me at:
    and I will email them to you right away.

  53. Hey, you totally got it!
    Thank you.
    Love, Don

  54. You got that right. It has become a suppressive group.

  55. Absolutely. Thank you for your support English fellow.
    Love, Don

  56. You got that right.
    They are all waiting for that new “Bridge”.
    I was literally told by a staff member that if I’ll leave now, I will not have the benefit of the new “Grades”. Well….HUHHH

  57. Thank you so much!
    The fact you’ve noticed the most important parts of the write ups simply show me that you ARE a free being. and a Scientologist.
    Good luck to all of us.

  58. It may just as well be added onto C/S Series 115 😀
    Thanks for your support!

  59. “If it isn’t fun, it isn’t Scientology”.
    Thank you very much for your words, Izhar.

  60. Don. A terrific write up. And well done on your successes in your training and certainly your moving into the independent community of Scientologists. This is where real Scientology is practiced and your knowledge and skills are a welcomed inclusion.

    Tim S

  61. Awesome, Don. Really, really awesome. This is yet another example of how the “church” of Scientology is a lower-tones mockery of the real thing. It is almost like a parallel reverse universe. Good on you for popping out and ending up in the real universe!

  62. Hi again Don,

  63. Thanks a lot Tony!
    That is a VERY valid point. I always said that those who complete a staff contract and do not wish to stay should be awarded with a commendation at least, for the great help they did for mankind. But NO NO. They have to be treated like a piece of shit, because only this way they’ll wanna be back on staff 😀
    Sadistic mechanism in action.

  64. BTW, 11 intensives of sec-checks! THAT ALONE IS INSANE. That is 137 hours. Clean a clean, much? My GOD! AOLA did that for one intensive for me, and I have never been back (and for which they later apologized).


  65. Thank you!
    I do smell fresh air out here, in Haifa, Israel. 🙂

  66. Thank you!! Love, Don

  67. You got it, Roberto!
    We can observe.
    We are the auditors.

  68. Hey, ABSOLUTELY!
    Glad to be out.

  69. My best friend Phil!
    Without you, I wouldn’t have made it.
    We have fought together as a team in the middle of all the suppression. We learned the lesson of our lives together.
    I am proud to be in your group, and do SCIENTOLOGY.
    It realy is fun out here.

  70. Dear Calvin,
    Thank you so much!

  71. You’ve got some salt, boy.

  72. Thank you, Marianne!

  73. Dear friend,
    Thank you so much.
    Luckily, I have not let myself suck into the Church of Scientology world, even though I’ve been within in.
    I was not born to Scientologists parents, but rather brought then INTO Scientology myself.
    I kept in comm with my non-scientologist friends.
    I am now completing incomplete schooling towards academic studies, concurrent to my carreer as an auditor and C/S. I believe that we Scientologists should have education and reality on the society around us.


  75. Lol. It is a papallel negative universe. Glad I’m out!

  76. Don,

    Congratulations and welcome! It’s very good to have another very capable terminal among the Scientologists that have freed themselves. Israel is very fortunate to have you.

  77. I don’t get it. All of these fantastically trained auditors (would the most excellent Karen de la Carriere be interested in relocating to the fabulous East Coast?) and C/S’s declare independance on the other side of the world. Where are all the New York auditors? It’s dry as a bone over here. Would an impeccible, LRH-standard auditor / CS be interested in setting up shop here (heeyah)?

  78. Hey!
    Let me tell you an interesting story:
    While I decided, independently and off my program, to do the Data Series Evaluator’s Course, the CMO Int Mission I/C came to my office and yelled at me for doing this course instead of the “new” Line Hats (new courses that were produced by AVC Int in 2009, only for Ideal Orgs. They cover every part of the organization, briefly, in a chronological order. A phony replacement of the OEC).
    I decided I would still do that course.
    I finished the course and did the final Eval, as part of the checksheet requirement.
    That Eval was on the Div 6B Course Room (I attached it to the ‘reports section’ on my write up above). Per the checksheet of the course this is an Eval you do, and it is not supposed to be checked by he Sup, or anyone else – only you.
    My Eval somehow got to the hands of the CMO Int Mission I/C (Lucky). She decided it was “brush off” and was not “forwarding the existing programs from management”.
    She then ordered me to word clear the Data Series as I am “Full of False Data and Mis Us”.
    Poor girl…

  79. Don,
    Thanks very much for the very comprehensive screenshot of the Malmo/EU area and welcome to the Independents! Your complete write up surely adds to the complete picture of the off policy Ideal Orgs “strat” to begin with, followed by more unreal, off Source and unusual solutions to justify the entire Ponzi Miscavige scheme.

    It also makes it evident that those still in Scn Inc are to be kept unhatted and untrained as real knowledge of Tech and Admin is dangerous for DM and his RTC black shirts, specializing in their hidden data lines and squirrel skit. Good luck with your impeding service requirements and new life of spiritual independence – may you move on up higher!

  80. I did know Lucky (her parents, legal guardian, eventual husband etc.) years ago when she first started in CMOI as a really nice enthusiastic teenager and it is very shocking to read about this whole transformation of her beingness by Miscavigeology.

  81. Wow Don-BEAUTIFUL write-up. As a fellow tech terminal, it is horrifying as to what has happened to the tech. Tech CORRECTLY applied means: a safe environment to expand as a being to whatever desired heights.
    I’m sure the data eval course helped in your perceptions of the overwhelming outpoints. But, you also possess alot of personal integrity. Your parents sound wonderful-I would’ve loved to have taken mine up the bridge!
    A huge welcome to the Indie field!

  82. We have to keep communicating and exposing!

  83. Does this thing move?
    Oh, yea.


  84. Don — thanks for your wonderful and sad story. Wonderful in its specifics and straightforward recounting of facts, and especially wonderful that you didnt lose yourself in the insane world of the RCS. Sad because it is a perfect example of what is wrong with the RCS and how it so little resembles REAL Scientology.

    Like Dan Koon, I too know Lucky Story. A perfect DM Minion. Her ONLY claim to fame is that she will robotically do anything “COB” tells her to do, no matter how idiotic. It how she has been raised and indoctrinated since childhood.

    Be sure, the insanity of an underage person from Israel being “recruited” for Malmo with a “promise” of covering all your expenses is exactly that scenario in action. “COB” orders that “Malmo” Ideal Org is to be opened. Lucky is sent on Mission to “make it happen.” Part of that is to ensure there are adequate staff for the “Grand Opening”. Lucky then issues orders through CMO Europe and the CLO to get resources and there is no concern for the usual — “its a COB order” and that takes precedence over policy, good sense or sanity. Now, it would have made a LOT more sense to have put you in the “Tel Aviv IDeal Org”, but they blew that by doing the unusual. Now you are in neither.

    Probably the only thing that Lucky Story said that was accurate in the entire time she was in Malmo is that she WAS being run by Miscavige daily. This IS the sort of micromanaging he does as routine — because this is now “his” Ideal Org Strategy — of course “nobody else” can pull it off (because they are constrained by policy and some measure of good sense). So, he runs the “Missions” to get them ready for the “Grand Opening.” And all the while he berates those whose job it is (Action Bu Msn Ops) for “overworking him to death” and accuses them literally of “trying to kill him” (and those people are then subjected to many hours to “find their evil purposes against COB”).

    Glad to have you here.

  85. Thank you very much! The light will come from Israel! (Zion)

  86. Hey Danielle, how can I contact you?
    Please write to me on

  87. Don ~~
    What a remarkable story.
    It impinges more than ever when you state
    “I am 18 years old.”
    It seems like there is no person on staff whether Sea Org or staff contract that does not get clobbered extreme ABUSE ~~hard labor enforcement and a lot more ~~ whether 35 year veterans such as ~~Mike Rinder, Heber Jentzsch, Marc Yager at AOSHUK~~ or teenagers like yourself with the enforcement of mind numbing sec checks by the intensive “to find the crimes.”
    High Fives to you Don !

  88. Dear Sinar,
    Thank you very much for your words.
    Training is the answer to this whole GPM / implant situation.
    Lucky is simply a poor bitch, really. She needs Scientology.
    We’ll be here when she leaves.

  89. Thank you so much Ingrid!
    Auditing your parents certainly proves a very high communication level with them. They truly are amazing.

  90. PTBA
    The docs are there and are good but you need an account with Google to open them.
    It’s easy to get an account with Google.

  91. Dear Mike,
    You really did hit the point.
    Your input on the enture picture makes it clearer.
    It reminds me a time when both Lucky and Angie Blankenship (then “WDC Ideal Orgs”), got into my Qual Sec Office and spoke with me. I can’t forget Angie telling me: “you are so young and so trained. We will be able to use you in the Sea Org for many more years. Do you plan to be in CMO Int?”…
    Creepy people.

    Glad to be out and VERY alive.

  92. Dear Karen,
    Thank you so much. I’m very glad to hear from you.
    Yes – young staff are usually the most ignorant, even when trained, unfortunately.
    Some need to go through many things to get out of this implant they are in.
    It is part of our job to wake them up. This IS KSW.

  93. CMO Int Mission I/C (Lucky)…ordered me to word clear the Data Series as I am “Full of False Data and Mis Us”.

    Unbelievable. I’m sure Ms. Lucky has never done the Data Series Evaluator Course, and hasn’t got the faintest idea of what constitutes a proper eval. Like a good little Nazi, all she knows is that the report you produced conflicts with “command intention”, therefore you must have false data and MUs.

    Unthinking loyalty to the dictates of a ruthless dictator, and the willingness to overlook (and even thwart) the purposes, policies, and technology of Scientology, is what’s wrong with the church these days. It’s a sickness that is terminal, and which has metastasized throughout every limb and tentacle of that organization. I’m afraid the prognosis is death.

    Fortunately, the real tech lives free of that corrupt and rotten body, and is now flourishing across the world, thanks to auditors and C/Ses like yourself. Thank you for being here and communicating, Don.

  94. Still kind of amazed ….. “I am 18”

    Big props to you Don — hopefully you will inspire some young people to wake up and follow suit!!!

  95. Very true – An education, a real one, is incredibly important, and it is a shame how Scientologists have downplayed the idea of “wog” knowledge. This is hubris at its worst. Scientology is knowing how to know. If you just sit there potentially knowing how to know, but not actually doing it, what’s the point?

  96. Yes.
    We definitely kept each other going.
    Actually, now that I look at it, it took only 2 thetans to hold off hordes of undead from Malmö, CLO EU and Int.!
    We even managed to get a couple of products while fighting a constant battle for survival. (lol)
    Not only that, we even had some good laughs while doing it.
    I think being able to laugh is a key factor in our survival.

    It definitely is fun out here.
    I am soooo glad you are here.

  97. Gerlinde Mantey

    What a wonderful story in the middle of an insane environment! Great that you were consistent and fast in your decision and actions. Very well done and welcome amongst us Indies!

  98. Hi, shalom, welcome!

    Don, I am so glad that you are here and escaped the auditor-destruction-machinery of the beast (which is so afraid of free beings).
    “… I realized that the fact that you can’t talk, you can’t question and you can’t look is NOT Scientology. And those are the characteristics of an implant.” – Yes, that’s very true. I think one of the main problems was (is) the suppressed and cut communication when being inside with all its threats and disconnection. When communication is the universal solvent than the perversion and suppression of the communication with the reversed tech is the yawning chasm to hell.
    Thank you for your great write-up and all the best for you…! – Karola

  99. Don,
    What a BRIGHT light you are in that sea of out- Ethics, out-Tech and out-Admin that has and is still going on in the Co$s around the world.
    Wonderful to have you out and with us -a most warm welcome to you from another C/S!
    As a well trained auditor and C/S you could set up shop just about anywhere and do well salvaging those that have been harmed, not to mention the rest of humanity that needs help.
    Good luck to you out in the sunshine!

  100. Don — glad it helped fill in the picture a bit.

    Even someone like Angie finally had enough and took off. Though she took the hush money and has taken no responsibility for any of the crap that has been perpetrated under Miscavige. Lucky I dont think is smart enough to know when someone (COB) is pissing on her — He told her its raining and nothing would ever convince her otherwise.

  101. Welcome Don. Training auditors is a passion of my own too. I hope you do well with that.

    I have been out for about two months now and can tell you there is a process you will most likely go through. There are many arc x’s, problems and mwh that get suppressed and never taken up in the Church. Mutual out-rudiments ensure these things never get handled. As you re-establish your own values, these things gradually blow off. For me it’s a very exciting thing. It means that from now on, when we set a pc up for a major action, we can finally get the ruds in.

    I’m very, very glad you’re here and wish you every success.

    ps: If you are ever come over to Australia, we will look after you.

  102. Heather Robillard

    Wow. I a so glad to read your story, it will resonate well with all the young people that are looking at Scientology and trying to tell the difference between the Church of Scientology and Scientology as Ron intended it to be.

  103. Tony and Don — We had a staff member at LA Day in the early 1980’s who was a reg and had finished his contract. I was the HAS at the time and sure I tried to get him to sign up again. But, it was going to get nasty because he simply needed to go out and make some money. By that time he had a wife and child and he had moonlighted for quite some time. One day we sat down in the Ethics Office to try to bring about a resolution of this situation. I tried the usual recruitment techniques but he looked me square in the eye and said, “Doesn’t anyone ever say thank you?” At which point, I figuratively stepped back and thought to myself, “Yes, he definitely should be thanked for his contribution as a staff member.” Then I said, “Thank you” with pure intention and end of cycle. The person changed visibly before my eyes, and we were totally and completely done. He had finished his contract and had been thanked for his contribution. Never mind what happened to me after all this occurred lol.

  104. Thank you, Don, for staying true to LRH. And for your write-up of the disgraceful situation that you have confronted. You’re giving us all some good advice, especially the importance of communication.

  105. Fabulous write-up, Don. I guess miscavige’s PR folks will have a bit of trouble convincing the sheeple that “things are getting better since Marty was thrown out.”

    All of this happened in this life and you are still only 18????

    I hope you are going to write your memoires from last life time too. Should be a great story.


  106. Lucky Story? Any relation to Dick Story?

  107. Hey DM, you pitiful little stick, WTF happened? I thought you were getting rid of the old timers and replacing them with the young as they are much more easily controlled? So much for that strategy, a thetan is a thetan, they know DAVE, they KNOW and they know you! LOL, LOL, LOL

    Welcome out Don and VWD!

  108. Hi Rachel,
    I have heard this story over and over. People that finish their contract and then get put through the gauntlet trying to actually get permission to leave with the organizations blessing. There is such fanaticism in place at many orgs that it cannot be done. There is the sec checks and the idea that NOBODY EVER LEAVES without them having witholds!! BULLSHIT!!
    I was thinking about it today and tried to think of how this even helped the cult??? Does maintaining this hard line attitude help them?? No. They just continue to blow off good staff and then the ones that leave never want to come back. I guess the only “reasoning” I could see on “why” they may think this attitude has value is that they may think it puts the other staff in fear of what they can expect if they try this at some point. Maybe they thinks it slows the flood of staff wanting to leave? Who knows but it sure looks insane from this side of the fence.

  109. Hey Don! Way to go. Fabulous write up and getting exterior to Miscavige’s influence and messy masses is a good move. Good luck to you.

  110. Don, you are beautiful. One more brave soul to carry on.

  111. Dear Don,
    Very, very happy to see a good fellow back on the track, where we are free communicate!
    Seeing a beautiful being like you, out of the evil implant is a celebration for all of us!!!

    Enjoy your liberty!

    Eugene Francoeur

  112. What a great and interesting write up.. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. I can relate, to your mention of naiveness of minors/young people in the Sea Org. Alot of sea org children, were just instantly promoted to CMO and had no training or anything really and would just be running people in a “tough” valence.

    Alot of them (teenagers) chain smoked cigarettes and would just say: “We are not PTS” In other words, believing they were automatically immune to any lifestyle diseases.

  113. Dick and Mary are her in laws. She is married to Nathan Story, their son. Her father is Jeff Porter with an ex CMOI mother named Cirrus.

  114. Don,

    You are Über sane and on point. Thanks for revealing your destination!

    Mankind will prevail despite the sociopaths, like Miscarriage.

    Carry on! All of us…………

  115. Don, nothing could encouraging to me than to hear that someone your age in this life time is so accomplished and so focused on forwarding Scientology. I’m certain you will have a huge impact on the future success of Independent Scientology. It’s great to have you here.

  116. Tory Christman

    Thank you Thoughtful Peasant <<<<<love the nick, too!!!
    Also, congratulations to Don for waking up, leaving and being so thorough in your research and sharing it with all of us! That is HUGE. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL who have taken back your *own* lives. 🙂

    To those still suffering "in" the Cult….Bail While you Still Can. (I'm not kidding on that…way too many Scios have died while still "in" since I escaped out in July of 2000). Peace and love….Tory/Magoo

  117. The old “the org will cover the expenses and even put it in writing” trick (of course later your told the in-writing promise doesnt count as its “off-policy” and the org cant/wont honor it). I’ve seen that scam pulled in sea org orgs as well. Other recruitment lies as well. What does it say about Scn orgs that they have to blatantly lie to their recruits to get them to join? And it rarely turns out well, causing all kinds of problems for all involved.
    But the main thing I want to say to you Don is I greatly love and appreciate your love and loyalty to your parents. When i was on staff it really disheartend me the lengths to which manamgent went to suppress the First and Second dynamics of staff members.
    I had always thought that a correct and operative technology of the spirit would lead to greater love and power on these dynamics–not destroy them.
    Thank you for your communication.

  118. Just reading the reports and looking over the timeline. Basically what we have here is insanity. These stories are a lesson to all of us, and a warning about the limits of Scientology.

    To me, the most ironic and tragic thing about Scientology is that our stated goal is to get people sane, to help people improve their condition in life, and the lives overall. To help people truly find themselves. To help people remove false influences. To increase their abilities – abilities to communicate, to learn, to love, to grant beingness (i.e., to be tolerant). To allow people to lose their fears, to expunge irrationality and feeble-thinking. To reject the status quo ante, and to stand out among men and women. To be effective. To be generous and kind.

    And, yet, we have Mr. David Miscavige, his minions like Lucky Story (we all have our Lucky Stories. Mine was Bitty Blythe when I was at Flag at 17), and people within the church who voluntarily give up those very things they came into Scientology to be, do and have. We have fakery like IAS knights on their galloping steeds who yet crumble like pansies when they are confronted by the likes of Anon Orange and anyone who just talks to them. We have people who think it is cool to glow like they are enlightened who will drop long-standing friends in a heartbeat – and not only after a Comm Ev and proper justice cycle recommends an expulsion (which is still bad) but ON A RUMOR. On a comment that might be construed as “CI” (Counter Intention) or “Natter.”

    Here we are, the people who supposedly help people stop being victims, with a church full of victims. With a church full of scared people, or worse, holier-than-thou tyrants who sit in judgement and condemn people for not thinking “right” thoughts.

    It embarrasses me. But, more importantly, it pisses me off. NO ONE should have had to go through what Don here went through – and yet EVERY SINGLE STAFF MEMBER IN SCIENTOLOGY IS IN THE SAME BOAT. This is Malmo, for crying out loud. Imagine what it must be like in Buffalo, or Sacramento, or Seattle, or LA (“the model Ideal Org.” Barf!).

    Every Scientologist should recall the time they realized that Scientology was right for them, and why they felt that way. Rehab the win. And then come up to PT and see if why you got in is being done now.

    And then, realize that Scientology is alive, but not in the madhouse.

    I think the only explanation for what happened to the church is that we as Scientologists are touching fire, and it is raw, real stuff, and you can get burned. Badly. And it is too bad. But the way out is to pull out and get back to the basics of love.

  119. Li'll bit of stuff

    Phil, Always love this approach, personally! ……..Insouciance = SANITY!

  120. WOW,a powerful account
    Good on You Mate!

  121. Don,

    Congratulations and thank you for being an independent thinker and for getting out.

    I have a friend who had been on staff for years in Malmo, and I wonder if you would tell me anything you know about him. Would you please email me at


  122. Don, thanks for the awesome comm! Everyday just keeps getting better, and this has been a particularly uplifting one with your announcement!

  123. And, just remember, a true cowboy understands the whole track.

  124. Don,

    You are way ahead of your years. Thanks for speaking out!


  125. Li'll bit of stuff

    There you go, bro’

  126. Don, Wow. Fabulous write up!
    The Dror Center and the world are lucky to have you….
    Welcome to the Indie world.

  127. Thank You Don, for coming back.

  128. Don, really enlightening brief. Great to have you here!

  129. Hi Tony,

    You are quite correct. “The idea that NOBODY EVER LEAVES without them having withholds” is a false datum. Back in the “olden days” of which I speak, the security check on the Leaving Staff Routing Form was done to ensure the staff member left CLEAN. You know, he took a paper clip from the org kind of stuff. It was never intended to convince the staff member he should re-sign a contract. If, in the course of doing the steps on the routing form, the staff member decided to re-sign a contract, great!

    In further response to your comment, my personal opinion is personnel, staff, etc., is being run on a “must have,” “can’t have,” “enforced overt have” basis. This phenomenon is covered in the PTS materials and is not the least bit effective. Just look at what happened with Don!

  130. The cult lost another very valuable and shiny being. Imagine that? Well done sir! Thanks for everything you have done and for everything you intend to do!

  131. Hi Don,

    While I was very touched by an extremely well written account of your last few years in Malmo, I also could not believe what I was reading as I was getting through your reports. I was a staff member in Gothenburg org back in the 80’s and though there were certainly problems, reading your reports is like reading daily memos out of Bedlam… I knew Lucky personally and I can’t think of someone more untrained and unqualified to be running an organization… But she is 100% perfectly capable of parroting DM’s idiotic “command intention” into the org, so I guess that’s why she was the “perfect” candidate.

    She actually didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. She was sent there after being told (among all the rest of CMOI) to go out and do something useful in an actual org as punishment for all the %$#%&*$%#%$^@$%&^$# [imagined evil DM thinks everyone are doing to him at Int.] The simplicity is that DM knows that only the numbed and scared robots that he carefully created after years and years of gradual work, would be the only ones in the Scientology field who would be able to unquestionably enforce his ideas no matter how crazy.

    She also knows what’s waiting back home if she even as much as thinks otherwise, so in her own lonely universe she is put between a rock and a hard place. When she was a young teenager she may not have been the brightest, but certainly a fun and quite nice being to be around. Another proof that anything and anyone around DM get destroyed – utterly!

    So, I’m literally speechless. I have my own reality and experience from Int but I honestly had no idea it was this kookoo in the field, especially as it is about my home turf – less than 2 hours from where I grew up.

    It says something that you and Phil endured for 2 1/2 years. How does anyone live through that and still believe they are doing Scientology and everything is hunky dory?

    Well, I’m very glad you are here and that you simply did a proper Doubt and came to the conclusions you did. Your fabulous qualities can definitely be put to way better use in this community where we try to embrace the air and attitude of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology as he intended it.

    Though I gather you’ll be busy in the military for some years, if you ever come by Hong Kong you are always welcome here!

    Cheers, Ulf

  132. CommunicatorIC

    Don — Thank you for your letters, reports and communication here. Since you publicly published the link, I would like to publish here your Knowledge Report concerning the corporate Church of Scientology’s “views on the subject of homosexuality, which in [your] eyes has caused many Pcs, students and staff a great amount of suffer.” This is a VERY important document. I have already shared it with people who have expressed thanks and admiration for your refusal to ” take part in this suppression,” and determination to “expose the 1.1 attitude.”

    “Ethics Section CLO EU 23 June 2012
    Inspection Section CLO EU
    Ethics Section TAV
    Inspection Section TAV

    Yafit Baruch – Public

    Activation Officer I HELP EU
    CC: Int Justice Chief
    ED Int
    CO I HELP Int
    Cont Justice Chief EU
    Flag Data Files

    Don Schaul
    Class V C/S, Field Auditor


    I am hereby reporting the above terminals for gross violation of LRHs policy in handling individuals and for false reporting, rumor spreading and attempted black PR on myself.

    Yafit Baruch has been spreading a rumor on me that I am a homosexual.

    I am a Field Auditor in Israel.

    Currently inactive due to a handling that I do with my parents business (I am 18 years old and about to go into the army).

    For the last few months, Yafit Baruch, a Tel-Aviv Org public, tried to get auditing services from me. She has created lots of noise to get her Pc folders to me from Tel Aviv Org, so that she could start. After meeting her I have decided to not accept her on my lines as she is psychotic and an illegal Pc.

    In the meantime, she also started to hit on me (2D-wise) and told me that she has a “crush on me”, etc. From obvious reasons I didn’t want to go into any kind of a relationship with her (she is almost 40 years old, I am 18).

    She continuously 2D flowed me since until it got to a point that she SMSed me at 2:00am asking how am I doing and pretending to be my friend. I tried to get her off of me but to no success.

    One night she wrote me an SMS asking me why am I having gay friends and if there’s something I wish to tell her. I thought I would use this opportunity to get rid of her and told her that this is because “I am gay” and that “please don’t talk about it in public, that’s between us”. She was surprised but since then she apparently stopped sending me communications, I was pleased. This was 2 weeks ago.

    Since then I have received calls and e-mails from at least 15 people asking me if I were gay (those were Scientologists, staff members and SO members from Denmark, Sweden, UK and Israel).

    She has also called the Activation Officer I HELP EU, Tobias Kindlimann and allegedly told him that I sent her a picture of me “advertising a gay party” and a picture of me and “my new boyfriend”. Getting this off-line communication, Tobias started spreading the rumor to one field auditor in Israel (that I know of), and most probably the other people who called me who were from the DK – Sweden area (including a few SO members from CLO EU).

    He then wrote to me today asking if I were a homosexual and if I engage in any homosexual activities.

    For obvious reasons, to even put aside if this rumor is true or not, this is privacy invasion and a violation of HCO PL SECOND DYNAMIC RULES.

    It is also a violation of HCO PL CORRECT COMM and HCO PL INJUSTICE (for acting on one single report). It is a violation of the basic rules of Scientology and is simply a fascist tool being used on other Pc’s that I have audited (at least 5) who were for real, homosexual, and were suppressed in the same fashion within the Church.

    I refuse to take part in this suppression and I am determined to expose the 1.1 attitude with which this smear campaign was done.

    Don Schaul
    Class V C/S, Field Auditor’

  133. Well done Don on not allowing your reality to be compromised and your affinity to be alloyed. This is the mark of a REAL scientologist. I wonder how many other stories there is to tell, hundreds I suspect.

    Well the future is yours now Don. go for it!

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  135. Hey hey hey, I called first dibs in the name of New York.

  136. Don,

    Very happy to have you out here, in the real world of Scientology. Your story is truly amazing and it fully illustrates a simple fact: the church is dead. I have read some comments from people that still have some hope the church will reform. Your story clearly shows the level of corruption, cruelty, out-tech, out-policy, unusual solutions and just plain madness exercised by pretty much everyone in the “church.”

    How do you cure a body from within that is 98% riddled with cancer? You don’t. You can’t. You burn it and get another one. Thus the Independent movement. WE are the true reformation. WE are Scientology.


  137. Great expose’ on the actual scene, Don. As more and more people like you come out and boldly declare themselves independent, our field will continue to expand more and more.

    At the last Indie get-together I went to, over half of the guests were highly trained and successful auditors who are now delivering in the Indie field. If anyone has any doubts at to being able to get Standard Tech outside of the C of S, I’m here to tell you that it will be far more standard than any tech that you will get in the church of Miscavige.

  138. Reblogged this on My LRH and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)


    Don, I am not a Scientologist but I am a supporter of the Indie movement. I am appalled, but not surprised, at your treatment. Although you are clearly very mature, (and smart and brave), you signed contracts when you were underage. The law, in every industrialized country, considers underage people to be children, even when they are as mature as you were at 13.

    As is typical of Miscavige, he ignored the fact that he was illegally contracting with a child, and the fact that he was breaking numbers of child labor laws by enforcing the contract. He then made matters worse by failing to pay you. You had the ethics, strength, and loving family, to survive, but what about those children who don’t have family or strength? I think the first order of business has to be figuring out ways to protect children from Miscavige. Thank you for having the courage to tell your story.

  140. Dear friend,
    This certainly is a very important issue.
    When I brought it up and wrote that report, I have to say that I have recieved a big apology from the LRH Comm Tel Aviv. They did not know how to deal with me as I started raising my voice at the Org.
    However, staff and public within the Church do not know how to deal with such situations as they are fed with false data on the subject from different sources.
    They are stuck in some earlier century, exactly where Church and Inquisition are. This is simply bank dramatazation.
    We, as independent Scientologists, are however in Present Time, and only with us will EVERYONE get equal treatment of Scientology towards improved abilities.

  141. iRoger From Switzerland Thought

    You got it !!!!!
    Imagine the staff’s you were working with in Malmö having all a real education !
    It would have been quite more civilized !

  142. iRoger From Switzerland Thought

    Your eval was good, to the point !

  143. Don, you kind of remind me of myself back in the day. I was similarly a Grad IV Auditor (they called it that back then) when I was your age. Your story is compelling and those KR’s wow! Of course your KR’s to RTC just got thrown in the garbage as they have probably since around 1990, but still.

    Believe it or not I know Lucky Porter’s mom and dad. Cirrus her mom was actually a cheery person, but out of touch with reality. Jeff her father was the opposite. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have your parents support.

  144. Came out as a lion! Love it!

    Great to have you here Don. All the best to you in your life ahead.

  145. I wanna tell you that I have recieved SO MANY positive replies, especially from staff in Orgs, that I couldn’t believe it.

    Now THAT is music to my ears!

  146. I had a very similar experience after serving for 15 years in a Class V org. Multiple CLO seniors tried to handle me to sign another contract. After many months of this I finally got on a “Leaving Staff” routing form and got my sec check done. I also replaced myself with two people. A missionaire from the CLO came to the org on my final day there and ordered me to wrap up my hat turnovers and “get out”. I guess she felt I was contaminating the org with my toxic presence. I left that night with an overwhelming sense of relief that I was finally FREE of the crap I’d endured for so many years, and that I’d left in a clean and admirable way.

    But it certainly occurred to me that any sane organization would have at least thanked me for 15 years of grueling service!

  147. Hi Don,

    I was just thinking yesterday that it is imperative that young Scientologists get trained in the independent field and become Class VIIIs because this is the only way that Standard Tech, including standard application can be preserved for future generations…..
    And then I read your post today on Marty’s blog!
    Thank you for doing what you have done, and please continue!
    You, and young independent Scientologists like you, are the only hope for the future that Scientology has. So, my hope is that you keep on following your purpose as an auditor.

  148. Scientoblogger

    Thank you very much for your message, Don ! I know that you are a big Thetan ! You are the best ! 😉 VWD my friend !

  149. Great write-up GH. And I agree with you on “I think the only explanation for what happened to the church is that we as Scientologists are touching fire, and it is raw, real stuff, and you can get burned.”

    There is a common question that many non-Scientologists ask, when someone stays in the CoS for so many years, and then finally leaves. And that question is: why did you stay for so long?

    Your statement above goes to the core of the answer: Scientology — the subject — is the real deal. And THAT is why we stayed.

  150. Somehow I don’t think Don needs to decompress. He was never suppressed or affected by the insanity around him. His strength, intelligence and sense of humor seems to have kept him exterior to the nonsense. An astounding accomplishment at his young age.
    Don, you will never be a victim! Best wishes for an uneventful military service. I wish you well.

  151. Hi Don, congratulations on finding you way out of the maze! Reading your story, I was impressed with your story, your command of the English language and the way you’re expressing yourselve. However, from the point of view of a never-been-in critic I would also like to ask a question….

    Have you considered making reports to privacy and labor watchdogs in Sweden? I seems to me you stand a good chance of them taking action. And if they won’t, you can ask journalists/members of parliament to follow up with media articles and questions in parliament. I’ve succesfully done this in Holland and it seems to me things wouldn’t work all that different in Sweden.

    Personally, I think this could be worth the effort. I believe that in particular non-compliance penalties (ie very stiff penalty amounts set for any future violations of law) can be quite effective in helping cool-aid drinkers awake from their slumber. After all, this type of penalty creates cognitive dissonance every time they are about to violate a low. I am pretty confident you can get Swedish watchdogs to hand out this type of penalties if you would be willing to invest time in it.

  152. Amazing! So much done and so young!

    “My passion with Scientology started already at the age of 6.”

    How did it occur?

  153. Dude, you rock! We need more young people like you, youngsters who actually understand and apply the REAL tech, as opposed to all the illiterate and uneducated Hitler-Jugend kids who don’t know their arses from a hole in the ground and who have been taught only one thing: to bully the public into submission.

    It’s good to know that there aren’t only wrinklies contributing to this blog.

    You’re the future.

  154. Hey Don, This is just an amazing story of your history. You are a miracle! Thank you for not being blind and stupid. . Thank you for being elemental. Thank you for keeping it real. Some people, when they walk away from this kind of madness, they take it as though they are taking a life. The life they were as a Scientologist. You stand as you have always stood with out compromise and with out being changed in identity. That is power. We were running against the wind when we came in. The shelter at our backs came around to the front. The wind we met turned into a hunt. You are top of the forces. It is going to be alright. Thanks for being here and being you.

  155. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Welcome to freedom Don. May your person journey onwards lead you to whatever joy awaits you xxx

  156. That’s a huge understatement. Donny, we are making it.
    Thanks to you. And those who follow…

    Recently I gave out the classic “The Five Conditions” by LRH.

    Who doesn’t want to know what the Old Man has to say? After all these years…. the Public want to hear the Old Man for themselves!
    You understand? They want to judge for themselves. They can’t understand the Suppression.

    After all this time, if He had something to say; they want to hear it from HIM firsthand more then ever. As soon as I mention it, and Im good at that…they want to hear it! The public has heard of everyone. But not quite as well as LRH says it himself.

    “If he said this himself? Let’s hear it!” That’s basic good logic.

    They couldn’t be happier for the opportunity.

    Thank you my man. Truly, your Hat speaks like a hundred string Orchestra . It sings to the highest parts of Heaven. And reaches to the very ends of the Universe. He wasn’t counting on you to speak for himself, but he knew this…If you wear your Hat. (Which was His Hat) We would eventually all win.

    I think you have his Hat. And we are winning.

  157. With Marty’s post a bit ago “Intention and Healing” and with our newest Indie, Don, in mind and to

    honor him and wish safety for him in Israel … we could each send healing and peaceful intention to Israel AND to Palestine.

    Regardless of political views or other religious views – sending the intention for compassion and non-violence just might create a ripple of calm.

    Obviously hate hasn’t been able to dispel hate.


  158. Don, what an amazing story – you certainly had to tough it out! You say you are lucky to have your parents – I bet they think they are lucky to have you – well done on getting them up the bridge!

    Yet another very, very valuable being leaves the RCS and joins the independent field. You are a gift to us all.

    You are so young and so highly trained…..and more than that you are an OT Being, without a doubt! I see you also say it is not your first time as a scientologist – and this prompted a thought – imagine a few hundred years from now – many sane OT people like you around, with a wise head on young shoulders. Wow that is the playing field I would like to play future games on ! To me true happiness is a life without regrets (already got a bunch sadly), but I imagine a future where that just diminishes and disappears through training, auditing, becoming cause and expanding Beingness….keep going Don – you are already out in the front..

  159. Don, the one lesson I have learned in life and re-learned since reading your story is that “it doesn’t do any good to report outnesses in the church to people in the church”. This has been my rule of thumb since I was 18, so I really, really, want to validate you. 🙂 I am so happy to see you i could… :). Best, Lawrence

  160. Thank you very much, Margaret!

  161. Thanks you! 🙂 I tink so too.

  162. Dear you,
    Those are some clever words.
    We ALL wear the hat of bringing more and more sanity to this planet and universe by using Scientology.

  163. Hey Brian,
    Thank you! I WILL.

  164. Dear Gerline,
    Thank you very much!
    Speed of particle flow determines power. I try to use that in all aspects of my life. It seems to work so far.
    Love, Don

  165. Dear Karola,
    You got that right. Communication will be the only thing that will solve this catasrophe.

  166. Dear Greta,
    Thank you very much for your warm welcome!
    I think that most important of all is to bring NEW people into Scientology. Young people who will get trained and preserve the future of this wisdome. That is what I set for myself as a goal.
    Lots of love,

  167. Dear Steve,
    Thank you so much for your warm welcome!
    Fortunately I have gone through most of the process already a year ago, so my Pcs are already enjoying from honest, warm, friendly and standard auditing.
    VWD on breaking the chains of suppression and standing up for our rights!

  168. Dear Heather,
    The way to represent Scientology is as a Philosophy and not as a coorporate organization. People are VERY interested in mere Scientology!

  169. Dear Edward,
    Yes- communication is what will take the huge walls of suppression down, at any situation in life.

  170. Dear Les,
    You are very right. 🙂
    Most of the things I went through honestly did not happen this lifetime.
    I will publish a long write up on that one, one day. There is A LOT to be told.
    Lots of love,

  171. Thank you, Besty! 🙂
    Unfortunately Dave does take advantage of young ignorance…
    No wonder I was constantly invalidated for being so young yet trained. Lol.

  172. Dear you,
    Thank YOU!

  173. Dear friend,
    Thank you so much.

  174. Dear Eugene,
    Life is much nicer out of a group engram.
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  175. Hey you,
    Thank you.
    Yes… smoking has become an invariable part of training when you go to Flag as an Outer Org Trainee. Everyone come back as smokers. Probably a way to get SOME relief. What a shame.

  176. I’m probably misreading this, but I’m getting a 1.1 vibe from this comment.

  177. Dear Paul,
    Thank you so much.
    Independent Scientology IS the ONLY future of our religion anywhere. I will most definitely so as much impact as I can to forward our aims and goals towards a better future. The future of myself, my kids, grandsons and those after.

  178. Dear friend,
    Thank you!
    My family has always been my first priority (I’m a Jew, ya know…)
    I have never deserted them and never deserted me!

  179. Hi Don. You have strong integrity and are just plain awesome. Guys like you can’t be in the Church anymore. You have to be PTS, deny your knowingness, ignore obvious outpoints, be willing to accept out-tech, etc.
    You apparently werent willing to do those things.

  180. Hey, I wonder where Cowboy Poet is?

  181. Dear you,
    Wow. I love your comment.
    You ae very right.
    Many of the staff members who replied to my letter said the same thing. There certainly is an awakening process within the Church… It is slow but it is happening. I couldn’t believe how many good replies I got from insiders.

  182. Dear you, Thanks a lot!

  183. Mike R.,

    what a story ( no pun unintended ).

  184. Dear Dave,
    Thank you.
    I have also just emailed you.

  185. Extremely well written!! You are truly talented!
    Keep up the good work.

  186. Dear friend,
    Thank you so much!! The world of Scientology is changing day by day. 🙂

  187. Dear Bryan,
    Thank you very much!

  188. Thank you very much! I am lucky to be part of the Independent Scientology movement.

  189. Hi Emilie,

    Wow! You certainly communicated the above to the right folks.

    I believe you will be properly acknowledged for 15 years of service in a Class V org, for standardly completing the steps to leave staff, and for your newly found freedom.

    Well done!!

  190. Dear Doug,
    Thank YOU for being part of the only group that will win.

  191. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    Phil and Don,
    First to Phil, As I recall Phil you were one of the trainees who had gotten all the way through your Class VI internship of nearly so and had to go back to the course room as all the other VIs in your position did in order to begin the GAT runway which meant Pro TRs, Upper Indoc and the “Flag Only” metering program. You know I’ve found many of us Snr CSes trained during that time period who were not just targets for attack for what we could do but were full on TARGETTED when we returned to our orgs. Speaking for me I was set up by then Chief Student PC MAA Wanda Barcenas who didn’t even know me as she’d spent the all but the last two months of my time at Flag in the RPF. Which means her viewpoint came from someone else. I imagine she never suspected that the day would come that I would finally discover the evidence of her black PR campaign she began from before I even fired home. Even more unexpected for her was when I sat across from her in an HCO camera monitored interview room at Flag and confronted her on it. She ended the “interview” and ordered me to leave the base. Anyway Phil, you do know me and having gone through what you did just let me tell you I have lived through the times where Snr CSes became managements bitches or were blackballed. I was thrilled to see you winning on your OT levels progress in Isreal recently.

    Even more joyful was to see your Tech CS remain loyal to LRH with you by his side. Don, I intend every single day that the beautiful being that I trained up to take our Tech CS post finally stands up and says “NO, this is NOT LRH’s intentions and I will NOT succumb to the pressure nor condone what I see is going on here any longer.” You are quite a joy to have in this world young man. There is much about you that reminds me of my twins who like you pursued and excelled in Scn at an early age.

    Like you the more I gathered in my string pulling to find the sources of the attack I knew was occurring and then reported the worse things got. I fully viewed the attack as an effort to stop not me personally but to stop Snr CS functions and thereby collapse mu org AGAIN as it’s happened multiple times over the last two decades. I was able to conclude that the source was outside my org and in the S.O. You can imagine how much worse things got then eh?

    I am grateful for your story Don and that you read, duplicated and applied the LRH tech you did to the situation and concluded that you were not actually in LRH’s environment anymore and left. It’s made my day to know that you and Phil have come out of this and done so together. Shocking isn’t it to see how expendable tech resources are when we were all supposed to be working on the same team to do our parts to achieve the Aims of Scientology???

    My email Phil and Don is if you care to I would love to have you guys as friends.

    ml, Gayle Smith Snr CS Philadelphia (who lasted longer on that post than any Snr CS in the history of Philadelphia org which is meant to convey just how little care for the top tech terminal in an org I’ve learned their is. I just refused to believe that attacks and efforts to stop expansion would come from the top of the command channel. Suffice it to say I’ve been thoroughly disabused of that idea.

  192. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    so sory for the typohs abuv but I don’t think they interupted the thot two much. 😉

  193. Dear Ulf,
    First of all, thank you.
    It truely was a one-of-a-kind experience. LOL
    My and Phil survived for 2.5 years as we had EACH OTHER.
    Now, we were doing Scientology. We fought for it. That’s why they always tried to kill us. That is why every 3 months (literally) I would get a Court of Ethics and be sent to CLO EU for “Ethics” and “correction”. I simply disagreed, did WHATEVR I WANTED, helped fellow staff and public and stayed on source.
    Even when I went to AOSH UK in November 2011, when I already knew whats going on, was in comm with Phil when he’s already SP declared SMSing him from the AO, I got through my NED C/S Internship and fought for standard Tech. I wrote Crams on the entire Org almost, and got through the internship under “lovely” RTC!
    The only way to deal with anything in life, is to ATTCK. And communicate. The way is not to live in fear because you are using LRHs tech.

  194. Wow Don!!! So happy to have you with us! You are a fabulous example, so responsible and bright at your young age. Great write-up!!!

  195. Dear Michael,
    Thank you!
    There certainly are hundreds of stories to tell. But I’d rather look on the bringt future that’s ahead of as all and work hard to get there!

  196. Dear Louise,
    That’s exactly what my doubt was all about.
    When I decided to do the doubt condition with the Ethics Officer at Tel Aviv Org, she said I should do the A-E steps as I did a suppressive act by being in comm with Phil Bruemmer.
    I then woke her up and showed her some policy. I told her that this is OFF policy, as the A-E steps were designed for those already DECLARED SP. Did they declare me? no.
    I told her that they have 3 options: 1. to declare me, 2. to convene a Comm Ev to either clear up my name, or wrap it up with known reccomendations, or 3. simply let me do my condition.
    I insisted on doing my condition.
    She said she had to get an OK from IJC on that one.
    We were waiting for that awkward OK for three months and still did not get one.
    As part of my Ethics I said openly that I want to write up a report on Phil’s declare as it was an injustice. And I also said at the Org that I want to see if I will get a reply. (That reports is attached to my write up at the ‘reports section’, by the way.) I obviously never got a reply.
    I communicated on all my disagreements openly with terminals in the Org. I wanted to see if it was possible to make any change from within.
    This was obviously impossible. I was not really allowed to do my condition, and I saw, again, the same phsycho pattern.
    That’s when I decided that the ONLY way to reform the management of our religion, is from the outside.

  197. Dear Scott,
    Thank you.
    And you are absolutely right.
    The one thing that I believe is missing in the independent field is a stable, worldwide Qual Division. To keep people word cleared, crammed, corrected on ther own application of the Tech. I believe we don’t need another auditority, but rather a corrective body.
    All past civilizations failed due to the lack of Qual.
    That is also something I want to figure how to do, as an independent.
    Much love,

  198. Absolutely superb Don. Nice to see you carrying the purpose forward. My thanks.


  199. Dear Tara,
    Thank you!! 🙂

  200. Dear Mike,
    Thank you!
    My parents fully support me, as they always have.
    Now it is time to get rocking and rolling!

  201. Dear you,
    Being an auditor has been my biggest passion, ever.
    You are very correct on the Class VIII. Having been on the ship at an earlier life and having done that course, brought simplicity into the Tech and generally into my life.
    The plan is to get my fellow Scientologists out of the corruptive Church and get them trained. As well as training new, young auditors. That IS out future.

  202. Thank you very much, my friend! 🙂

  203. I made it through the reports!

    I must say the implementation of :

    Establishment Officer Series 16
    Hatting the Product Officer of the Division
    HCO PL 24 April 1972

    certainly got your org tied up in a knot.

    From my experience as both a HAS and an SSO (of many years ago), this implementation would have tied LA Day in knots as well. It certainly doesn’t lead to the products of an established org or qualified and trained staff members.

    One thing I noted in the two relevant reports, was no HAS on the routings and the SSO was mini-hatted only for 1 1/2 years. Yet there were Estos on post. I find this top-heavy posting of an org board very interesting.

    Of course, the wholesale implementation of Esto Series 16 is quite arbitrary as you state, Don.

  204. Dear Dave,
    Thank you!
    As much as I respect your viewpoint, let me enlighten you on my views concerning your suggestion.


    The guys in Malmo Org are in a VERY bad condition. They are under HEAVY supression that they don’t even notice. I personally don’t think that a drastic action such as a police, governmental or media attck will be the thing that will wake them up. As they are aberrated and untrained, all it will create is mere antagonism. I say that as I would have reacted to such a thing in the same way, once upon a time.

    Another reason I don’t want to do this is because this attack will only affect local staff members. NOT DM. Those staff are well intentioned. I do not want to add any more suppression on them than they already have.

    I also do not want to create even more smear campaigns in the MEDIA on the Church. That’s beause it smears the name of Scientology as well (what can you do… people have no idea and they connect those two).

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion though I appreciate your willingness to help!

    The only way to wake people up, is to communicate with your TRs and your Realirt factor well in.

    Love, Don

  205. Thank you!

    Well, it occured as my mom wanted to cahnge a direction in her life. She was a hospital nurse for 8 years and did not enjoy it. She heard from a friend who just started studying at the WISE center(who’s now indie too), , about the possibility of becoming a bussiness consultant.
    My mom started studying there. I got interested in what she was studying. She told me it’s about organizations and about communication. I immediately knew this was it, and kept nagging her to find me a place where I could go on course.

    She found the Dror Center (at that time, under the Church). I started Scientology there. Did all the training I could, went to the Org, etc. became a trained auditor and a C/S, moved my family up the Bridge, joined staff, etc.


  206. Dear Thetabop,
    Thank you!
    It is a good start…. but I’ll not be the only one… others will follow 🙂

  207. Dear Oracle, (I love your username)
    You really warmed my heart.
    I certainly am stronger than ever. I will never stop being an auditor. As soon as you’ve been TRAINED, you don’t forget. You will always be there for another.
    It’s time to get busy! There’s a big future to build and a planet to audit!

  208. Dear friends,
    Thank you! 🙂 I hope the same for you too.

  209. Dear Christine,

    Thank you for your blessings.
    Jewish people will always survive, like they did for the last 3,000 years.
    We are here, putting some sanity and stable datum into the midst of the Middle Eastern turmoil. One day, this, too, will resolve, through full spplication of standard Tech (see LRH’s logic 24).

    Love, Don

  210. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you so much.
    This will sure be a great playing ground…. only if we work hard at it. Society is being suppressed by the Elite and we have to do our jobs faster than ever. David Miscavige created a damage that will takes decades to repair. We cannot lose time.

  211. Dear Chris,
    Thank you! I sure wasn’t!

  212. Dear you, thank you! 🙂

  213. “this comment” being the one you wrote yourself, Mr. Mann ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  214. Dear you,
    You are absolutely right.
    Not only that, my parents NEVER SIGNED on that contract, and I was basically held there without their permission. when they asked the Org to send me back they were threatened with SP declares and I was threatened with disconnection. Stupid me for byuing it…. BUT – I’m glad I stayed and learned. I came out WAY stronger.

  215. Wow Emilie!
    That is exactly what I’m talking about.
    I thank you for your service. Not many people would endure that degree of insanity just to help people at no or little pay.

  216. Emilie, I would like to commend you for your help in clearing this planet! Being a staff member is a rough job. Not many make it, but you did.
    Very well done!

  217. one of those who see

    Dearest Don, What a great day for freedom!! Well done on your confront. Thank you, Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to free beings. Your reports are so vital for people to see. Those of us who have only been public or on staff for just a little while have had much less opportunity to see the amount of outpoints you were able to witness. Therefore when terminals like you report it is so important as it really sheds light on what is happening and how vast the out points. So a person who maybe just knows about his bad experience – because it is like the Soviet Union in the Church, no freedom of communication – can see that the outpoints reach far beyond what happened to him. This gives him certainty to get out of there and reach for the real bridge.

    Your are going to have a blast. And your capabilities with the tech will flourish! Oh boy are we lucky to have you among us!

  218. Dear Gayle,
    Wow, what a write up!
    By the way I have FULL AND COMPLETE REALITY on what you are saying.
    Here, however, Phil was the Senior C/S and I was his Qual Sec. I was not just a Tech C/S who’s busy protecting his own ass and doing his job – I was protecting the whole tech team under my belt. Me and Phil were attacked the most, obviously, as we were Scientologists.
    I would love to keep and comm with you and hear all you’ve been through. My email address is:

  219. Dear Califa,
    Thank you and you are right! I have never agreed to be suppressed,

  220. Yay! Hooray!
    Actually your comment makes me picture the whole situation resolved and people getting on with it, the upsets all a thing of the past and everyone prospering, cogniting, having fun!

  221. Dear Jim, Thank you!

  222. Thank you for your input on this, fellow Qual staff 🙂
    Hatting towards the OEC has simply been cancelled by DM in all Ideal Orgs as we are “waiting for the new OEC volumes to come out” (told by Lucky Story). All of this is done so that people remain ignorant. I refuse to!

  223. Thank you for sharing!

    I guess that for such a strong intention at a young age, that is necessary to have an earlier experience of the subject.
    As that is not a session, I hope I am free to evaluate 🙂

    Again Bravo!

    You write: “As part of this condition formula, one must acquire data with no prejudices and from any source possible: real data and real statistics.”

    In order to handle a condition of doubt, II found a partial answer by compiling completions lists for New OT6, 7, 8, from 1982 to 2011, as I consider these completions as the main valuable product of the CoS, not the income or the buildings.
    I posted a graph at:

    The condition is emergency over many years, this means danger.

  224. iRoger from Switzerland Thought

    Dear Don.

    I’m in awe about your intelligence, confront, strenght and understanding of the Situation and Technology of Scientology at your age !

    I know you’ll move things in a bigh way ! you’re doing all that what I was preaching on this blog !

    I just want to say:


    It was brilliant to choose Israel for your new body where the first Mission became independent and propably the first independent Org will be very soon !

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  225. Although, not a member, I ind quite a few similarities to abused persons. I myself lived in an abusive situation for nearly 20 years, and I had to leave 8 times before I finally left. You have no self worth, knocked down, degraded and afraid it takes awhile and help to finally get the courage to leave. I salute you and your courage.


    “Not only that, my parents NEVER SIGNED on that contract, and I was basically held there without their permission. when they asked the Org to send me back they were threatened with SP declares and I was threatened with disconnection.”

    Your reply makes me doubly angry at the arrogance of Miscavige and company to so brutally treat you, and your family, while ignoring all laws and ethics, and expecting that no one will challenge them, much less stop them. Well, they are going to be stopped. Your poise and courage added to the Independent movement makes that a done deal.

    In most countries, individuals who were harmed when they were underage have at least two years to bring legal action after they turn 18 (or whatever age is considered adult). No one should push you to do anything you do not feel comfortable with, (and I doubt you would allow that any way!), but when you are ready, I suggest that you contact the authorities and/or a lawyer about the actions taken against you.

    Thanks again for having the courage, saykhel, and chutzpah to tell your story!

  227. Li'll bit of stuff

    Psssst, Danielle,that really is okay by me, ’cause I’m
    a closet New Yorker through & through! So please–
    —go ahead—stake your claim quick!

  228. Na, na, na, let’s not take DM’s name in vain!

  229. Chris, I had a similar response. Not exactly sure why, but something is amiss with this person and his/her post.

  230. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Wendy,
    Did you read further up that Don did most of his training at
    Jo’burg Org? Hah! so now we can stake a li’ll claim to fame
    with the man! (also having S’efrican connections)( Bit like
    Shreff!) Hope we can get this latest news down the gullets
    of the poor un-dead Kool-Aiders! Mebbe just a couple of
    drops of the INDIE ANTIDOTE (original TRUE LRH Scn) may kick-in somehow, and spark the process of WTFU!
    TR-3 still one of the most effective, if neglected Scn Tools!

  231. I don’t think you are allowed to Doubt Conditions in the orgs any more, at least not Doubt Conditions relative to the CofS.

    I know of two personal friends who recently attempted to do honest Doubt Conditions about remaining or leaving; then realized they can’t do an honest Doubt Condition because they are not allowed to communicate. Every time they tried, it was rejected.

    That handled their doubts, and they both left.


  232. I can do a better 1.1 than that. That was a pre-coffee, coming up from below body death morning post that I would generally keep to myself.

  233. Hey Don, I completely understand where you are coming from re: antagonism. I also understand what you say about TRs being the best way to wake people up. And I agree that this should your first avenue of approach. So basically, I completely agree with your response. But still, I´d wish you would take a bit more time to try to understand my suggestion.

    What I wanted to get across is that you shouldn’t write off government action just like that as an instrument that you can use as a second avenue of approach. You use words such as blunt and dractic to desribe government action, but this need not to be the case if you approach this smartly.

    Please try to make sure you really understand what I am trying to say in the last paragraph in my initial response. I am talking about prospective fines, or non-compliance penalties, or whatever you want to call them, as there is no proper English term for them. It is by all means a very non drastic action, which I think alligns perfectly with the state of mind of people who are drinking the cool aid.

    Personally, I think this is an instrument that Indy´s are hugely underestimating as a way of helping kool aid drinkers to see the light and I would love to see some actual discussion on this.

    I also understand the dilemma to use media as a tool, in particular in Europe. However, I think you should let this go. First priority is to correct the abberations currently destroying Scientololgy. Second priority would be to take it from there. But that´s just my view and I can understand your reservations.


  234. Li'll bit of stuff

    Very well done, Peggy! And you are welcome to as much
    clarity on how to deal with your new situation, as this blog
    can and does provide.
    Sincerely hope you “get” the benefits shared here, by just
    so many, who have already healed / are healing.
    Durban, South Africa.

  235. LMAO
    Well, alright then, I’ll let you stand in line

  236. “I know this is something David Miscavige abhors and would love to pretend does not exist and something he would like to suppress into non-existence. ”

    13 years ago i was told by a staff member in the Scientology centre in Dublin that i would not be allowed to go up the bridge to total freedom in future lifetimes ,

  237. Hi C, I absolutely noticed that. I do hope that this news impinges on Joburg Day/Fdn …………… I think there are some still in who would not need a lot more persuading, if only they would LOOK!

  238. Emilie – yes, one would think that the same people who would sell you a course in communication, ethics and the principle of exchange and exchange in abundance and a simple ack, would AT LEAST say “thank you”. It takes nothing from them to do that – and you gave 15 years. That is shocking. So I am adding a huge thank you from me with all the others here posted !

  239. (I’l rephrase)

    Dear all,
    Our last topic was concerned with acute observation, balance and absence of ill will. Today we find our self on a polemic end with politic connotations.

    My concern is: At the end of the day, I find this entry quite disturbing. Young brilliance wasted and KRs on public dispaly at Google Docs.


  240. Ciao Don,
    I knew you before seeing you here.
    And this because of the remarkable stories that Phil (with his incredible sense of humor) was telling me on Malmo when visiting here and getting his NOTs.
    I’m soooooooo happy you are out of that spinbin, FREE.
    You have the chance now to get, deliver, experience and have fun with THE REAL SCIENTOLOGY!!!!!!!
    My experience was a bit different, I got the Real Thing….in 74 and on till the DM version came ….. but NOW back to the REAL THING, better, funnier greater than ever!!!
    Welcome in the Team my friend.

  241. Ah, yes, Angie Blankenship. What a piece of work she turned into under DM’s tutelage. Which just reminded me a of dream I had the other night: everybody at Int blew en masse. Was a pretty happy dream.

  242. Rachel, Tony, Don and Wendy,

    Thanks to all of you for your acknowledgements for my years of service. Even though it was seventeen years ago that I left staff, I appreciate your validations. Despite all the pressure and the bad times, my purpose kept me there until I could see that the future only looked bleaker than the present. And from all reports, that has indeed been true!

  243. Wow Dan, my dreams are usually that I have somehow been tricked into going back and I cannot get out, but what really upsets me is that I cannot believe I was so stupid…. I feel so relieved when I wake up!

  244. Ah -ha!
    Understood. From what I have read, even though it is permitted, it does NOT seem that you are in any dire need of a retread at this time! 🙂 You refer to yourself as a “Class V” CS. But if you have done the Class VIII course, you ARE a Class VIII. Changing bodies doesn’t change that!
    (No matter what the opinion of the RTC is on the subject)

  245. CommunicatorIC

    Don Schaul: “We, as independent Scientologists, are however in Present Time, and only with us will EVERYONE get equal treatment of Scientology towards improved abilities.”

    Don, thank you for your clear, unambiguous and powerful statement. I agree completely with your above analysis.

    Also, the reference in your KR to HCO PL SECOND DYNAMIC RULES was and is particularly apt.

    One of the things I greatly admire about Independent Scientology, and point others to, is the following clear, unambiguous statement of belief:

    “Anyone is free to practice Scientology regardless of race, color, creed, income bracket or sexual preference.”

    Finally, I will note that Marty wrote eloquently about this issue more than three years ago (see Blogger’s post script):

  246. TroubleShooter, Gayle

    yes ha ha my viewpoint is that the Tech CS was a more imp post than Qual Sec!!!! lol I guess that’s just because we never got one that amounted to a hill of beans! I’ll be in touch Don.

  247. That’s good news. People aren’t dumb – people love the tech and are willing to put up with a lot to work with it, but there are limits, and Miscavige has gone beyond them.

  248. This is outrageous! Thanks for your writeup and courage. Welcome out.

  249. Li'll bit of stuff

    Absolutely Don!!!! “SANITY–The computation of FUTURES” —-LRH ( definition from Dn AXIOM 164)

  250. Li'll bit of stuff

    True! Something else that is going to take some work,
    is to get the other Indies (S’efricans who have listed
    on Steve’s Indie 500 site–some I’m buddies with) to
    take up posting on Marty’s Blog MOUALH. For now,
    they have taken up services with Ron’s Org, seeing
    there is no other working facility currently in RSA.
    Looks like it’s just thee ‘n me making up the regulars,
    though I have sporadically seen a couple of posts from “Alan” in Jo’burg, and Justin Neff in Capetown.
    W, I’m sure you recognize where I’m going with this!

  251. Li'll bit of stuff

    Wendy, I also want to belatedly thank you for your
    origination, and feel positive that the “sit.” will be
    fully handled, once the old tried and trusted auditor/
    pc construct is re-established by way of future REAL help & protection, afforded by iNdependent Scientology.
    I have family related issues that I speculated may be
    majorly resolved, were I able to convince the party to
    take up the unconnected, elite services on offer, such
    as that by “Personal Oasis” auditor, Ingrid Smith,a lady, whom I respect and admire for her quiet, yet friendly
    approach and incredibly good blog manners and good
    comm cycles. ( Ingrid, you sold me completely, BTW!)

  252. Li'll bit of stuff

    Chris! One thing I have learned about MAH;
    His agenda is NOT about “HELP.”

  253. Can you please explain what you mean Li’LLBIT STUFF
    who do you mean by “They ” that has taken up services in Ron’s Org and what do you mean by MQUALH? and RSA is ?

  254. Lol. I dreamed similar stuff about CLO EU and Malmo. I guess the Int Base experience must be wayyyy beyond.

  255. That is absolutely correct. However, keep in mind that I posted the letter I wrote to KOOL-AID DRINKERS. There’s a way to do stuff when you deal with other realities. 🙂

  256. Dear Dave,
    Got what you mean. At the moment I won’t do it, but it is something to think about. Food for thought.

  257. Dear Curious,
    Thank you for sharing!
    This is important.

  258. Well, I can tell you that I have sent this email to all the Joburg Day/Fdn public that I know, and I did get some positive replies, especially from staff members who want more info.

  259. That’s right. And the fact that the OT Levels are online is exactly how “fantastic” RTC kept its promise of saving the Tech. This is a disgrace. Now the only real answer is to move forward.

  260. Dear Caudio!
    I heard a lot about you too from Phil and from Dani & Tami as well!
    Phil does have the greatest sense of humor in this world, I must say 😀
    I am VERY glad to be out, and now I am free to train others, audit and move UP the Bridge!
    Thank you for all your support, I am proud to be part of this group.

  261. I presume that originated from David Miscavige , it sounded like it was being planned that past life scientologists would not be allowed to do scientology in the future , i got very suspicious of the Church of Scientology back in the late nineties and then i started doing research on the internet .

  262. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sure hadley, and thanks for the interest. The indies
    concerned, are doing services offered (Ie. auditing )
    with Ron’s Org, as they happen to have auditing &
    training facilities up and running quite successfully
    here in South Africa, currently.
    MOUALH = Moving On Up A Little Higher (Marty’s blog)
    RSA = Republic of South Africa

  263. Don welcome to independent scientology .
    – Derek

  264. Li'll bit of stuff

    Atta boy Don! if ANYONE is capable of snapping their fingers, and saying; “wakey-wakey,” my guess is–
    –that would be you–especially via your e-mail & results.
    Love your speed of particle flow, man!
    Hey kool-aiders, it’s no longer unsafe to THINK or LOOK
    for yourself. Don Schaul is shining the light on the awful
    mind control, that has deceived and betrayed you for
    so very long! Time to take back your sense of knowing
    what’s right from what’s wrong! It’s actually very SIMPLE!
    ……………………….JUST LOOK!!!!!!!……………………………

  265. Dear Don Schaul,
    What goes on the internet stays on the internet.


  266. Laughter! I have had that dream too.

  267. Li'll bit of stuff

    Don, just have to say–your natural High ARC is just
    soooo refreshing—-and damned contagious too!
    Loved the entrance you have made, with such passion
    and resolute purpose! IMHO,you have already re-inspired
    many lurkers and doubters to get back / in, to the one
    activity that can offer true hope in understanding what it
    takes to create better,saner operating conditions on our
    threatened planetary existence –and that includes ALL
    our fellow earthlings who are suffering at the hands of “man.”
    As LRH beckons/ed “…It’s a star high goal…but I think it’s
    YOUR goal too!”

    Hope to meet you personally, in the near future, my friend,
    Love & ARC,

  268. Dear Derek,
    Thank you!

  269. Hi! Don. Thanks To Be Here And To Communicate, as You Do!

    Thanks A Lot For Keeping Your Integrity For The Greastest Benefit Of All Dynamics!

    And Welcome To A Much Alived Scientology! A Scientology Where You Are Much More Free To Communicate!


  270. …And could be: past live trained or Clears “of the old times” are very benefical for our present, because of having the reality of the workability of the original Tech? 😉 Like very old trained, and even LRH’s trained,like Karen 🙂

  271. Li'll bit of stuff


  272. Li'll bit of stuff

    Don, that is one cracker of a comment! Bang on!

  273. Dear friend,
    YOU GOT IT!!!!!!
    I am still in comm with MANY people from within the Church. Sea Org members, Staff and Public. WE ARE GOING TO UNITE, MAKE NOISE AND BREAK THE WALLS OF SUPPRESSION!!!!!!!

  274. Dear friend!
    Thank you and ABSOLUTELY! How did you know? 🙂
    I have trained with Karen and having trained under LRH, at that time, gave me the exact reality on what Scientology really is. Of course, there have always been outnesses – but we are all human beings striving for something better. Plain suppression and psychology instead of Scientology is something completely different.

  275. Hello Don,
    I would give 100x *thumbs up* if I could.
    And I am going to translate your above post into german language for placing at the German Independents Blog.

    Shalom aleichem.

  276. Post = Independence Announcements, this is.

  277. Don
    Good on you !!!
    All should have your attitude tell it straight, Certaintly I like your robust attitude . This letter of yours and your comments.
    It should be all over the place. Helping to expose truth to those inside and out and on the fence, and those that deny themselves to ask questions and find out . instead of maintaining and holding on to suppression ,REGARDLESS OF ONES FEARS .In the end it doesn’t help
    One self . Softly softl yapproach is long term and doesn’t by facts and evidence bring a result as its been attempted and to a degree failed
    You cannot carry on suppressing whats the real truth and not let people know.
    Certaintly exposing wind spread whats truth , no matter how many times over and forwarding it onwards so it gets known. inspite of suppression and opposing forces. One has to just by pass and make it known , And if your able to contact within do so and great . .
    DM will come down some where along the line.Either on own /or by a third line in the can be evil and get away only for so long when then that person becomes likely fiurthjer insane slip further up and go more nuts than he is and out of control , He then becomes an issue and a problem for those that control him in the end.He should ahve been out ages ago.
    A great pitty suppression and lies on the line prior to the illness of LRH
    Knowing LRH’s style andI myself witnessing removal of suppression .
    DM should have had a taste of LRH’s style of dealing with a nutter.
    and it would have applied to any one that was PTS to DM and
    the carries on.
    The LRH data Policy on Sps hasen’t been rea or read probaly or applied
    fully to those still being on fence / in between /half in / half out , dont know , Apply it by appliocation of handlings of suppressive nature and persons. LRH wouldn’t have stood for that and any one covering it up with him would have rolled with along with DM.

  278. typing got over me with typo errors / It should read wide spread/ / ” and where it reads thats person becomes likely it should read further/ and where it reads should hve should read / have/data on Sps should re means read/ might been a few more over all ,So sorry.


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