$30 Million Cover Up

Apparently a simple, hour-long deposition taken of me last week is beginning to create quite the tempest in Tampa, Florida.  Click headline below for link:

Federal suit: Scientologist spent $30 mil to cover up death of Lisa McPherson


deposition of marty rathbun

UPDATE: 11/17/12 A.M.  Tony Ortega weighs in, Scientology Accused of Spending Millions To Influence Florida Judges

UPDATE: 11/17/12 P.M. Radar Online Coverage.

UPDATE: 11/17/12 P.M. : Scientology Inc Motion to Strike including Bizarre Whining about being an alleged victim of extortion:  Motion to Strike by Scientology Inc

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  2. Oh, what goes around comes around. I’m assuming this is what you were referring to last week when you told me on the phone that you had to deliver a swift kick in the nuts to Miscavige, lol. This is the greatest.

  3. Time to grab the popcorn…

  4. Holy shit! The Miscarriages eyes will really be bulging this weekend……….guess that’s what happens when you get a swift kick in the Davey’s.
    It must reeeaaaly suck to be him!

  5. Please pass the popcorn, this going to be good! Looks like the “long hot summer” is turning into a turkey roast for David Miscavige. And, guess who the turkey is…. Ha! It’s about time.

  6. Speaking of money spent, I do hope those so happy with your web site have noticed the donation button and some of your expenses have been recovered. Again, thanks for all you do. That was a labor of love.

  7. Mark,
    The force is with you.

  8. 30 mil of the Church’s resources so David Miscavige would not be put in the position of responsibility or wrong doing in a public arena. He spent 30 mil so he could not be busted for out tech. From the sociopathic traits:

    2. GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH — a grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Sociopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.

    4. PATHOLOGICAL LYING — can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.

    5. CONNING AND MANIPULATIVENESS- the use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.

    6. LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT — a lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, coldhearted, and un empathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.

    7. SHALLOW AFFECT — emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.

    8. CALLOUSNESS and LACK OF EMPATHY — a lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.

    9. PARASITIC LIFESTYLE — an intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.

    10. POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.

    14. IMPULSIVITY — the occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated and lack reflection or planning; inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; a lack of deliberation without considering the consequences; foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.

    15. IRRESPONSIBILITY — repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.

    16. FAILURE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OWN ACTIONS — a failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions reflected in low conscientiousness, an absence of dutifulness, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.

    20. CRIMINAL VERSATILITY — a diversity of types of criminal offenses, regardless if the person has been arrested or convicted for them; taking great pride at getting away with crimes.

  9. Someone else already said “holy shit”. That says it.

    Is there going to be full video of the deposition?

  10. Bailiff, slap his pee pee.

  11. Just finished reading the deposition. I’d imagine POB has too.

    Question to dave: How many pairs of disposable diapers (I’m a BIG Boy Now! brand) have you gone through this evening, you sawed-off criminal lunatic? Have a memorable weekend……….

  12. Scientology and in particular David Miscavige is more criminal than I could have ever imagined. I wish I could say that I had never associated myself with it.

  13. Criminal conspiracy to obstruct Justice. Nice. Is David having another bad day?

  14. Marty: THANK YOU!!! You made my day, week, month and year!! Just absolutely beautiful!! You are delivering the effective blows into David Miscavige’s balls … and I am sure he is slurping the SCOTCH …more like guzzling it!

    From my heart – thank you so very much Sir!!

  15. Way to go Marty!
    You never cease to impress me. Doing the right thing over and over again. It must get tiresome and at some point I really hope that McTinygrubbyfists gets his just deserts.

  16. I just read the article and the full deposition. Very powerful stuff there, Marty. Kudos to you for putting that 2×4 right between DM’s eyes. He’ll probably melt his copper grounding rods after reading this.

  17. Stokin’ that big fire!
    Nice work…and a fascinating read!

  18. I remember very well the whole episode/s. It was well covered daily in ARS.

    I wondered on more than one occasion when the ‘other side’ would show its cards.

    I bet this is only the first shoe falling …

  19. Question: Does Scn have a snowball’s chance in hell of erasing your testimony?

  20. Marty, I think you are going to push DM over the edge. This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

  21. Anonymous Confused Person

    “…he characterized that he was going to win him over with his charisma, but I think he really won her over with his dollars.”*


    */Your/ dollars, actually.

  22. I find it amazing how the galaxy’s worst SP can be so effective in totally running your show OSA?

    Marty Rathbun is going to single handedly take down the cult of Scientology.


  23. Wow!

    The deposition is fascinating. I’m a little tickled by a couple typos (populous instead of populace, C Organization instead of Sea Organization, etc.) — all homophones. The major wow is the chilling content — the detailed revelations.

    Though we’ve been hearing various parts of this, it is not in the public record under oath, and includes evidence of official wrong doing of the most grievous nature. I had always wondered what pressure lead the coroner to change her report in the McPherson case. Now the details are coming to light. I expect this will get very big.

  24. Pardon — I of course meant to write “it is now in the public record under oath.”

  25. Yes, thanks Marty.

  26. Sabine Waterkamp

    This is going to be very enjoyable to watch!
    Thank you Marty for all you do!

  27. Thank you Marty for Integrity demonstrated.

    Thank you Marty for taking responsibility.

    Thank you Marty for being devoted to the Truth.

    Thank you Marty for your reformation: it has led others to their own.

    Thank you for experiencing willingly things you yourself have caused others to experience. Those black ops idiocies.

    I honor you for what you are doing. You are working it out as a good man.

  28. Holy shit indeed Marty! This is a very auspicious start to the weekend (unless you’re little Davey). The cult is dead. Game over, the independents won.

  29. I know the majority of you have no idea really of what this tragedy was really all about; most of you would not have been allowed to look at it.

    Well, here it is.

    It was about a young lady, a devoted Scientologist, who lost her life at a time when she should have been celebrating it.

    We knew back then that DM was involved in her case supervision; he even appeared in court on occasion; he wasn’t looking very happy.

    We knew the CofS was doing it’s dirty tricks to get justice turned on it’s head. I can’t possibly tell you how frustrating, how upsetting it was to watch these worms get away with it.

    Now we know how they did it. I guess we always knew how they did it, but now we KNOW how they did it.

    Now maybe justice may come calling.

    Thanks Marty.

    Another video on the events that lead up to her death.

  30. Oops

  31. KABOOMMM!!!
    Bravo Marty!

  32. CAUTION! The video I just linked you all too has photos of Lisa after her body died. They are upsetting.

  33. Dave, the rust on your falsely imagined impenetrable gilded cage is crumbling your ecclesiastical fantasy.

    To see the crystal ball to your future, simply call into your field of awareness all of the families: children, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, friends etc. that you have caused to pain to in the name of helping the planet (did I just say helping the planet……… Sorry, I meant holding onto power)

    Your fantasy fortress of unassailability is being scaled by the undaunted armies of your own dark deeds: the balancing mathematics of cause and effect that is assuming the warring shapes of all those whom you have wronged.

    They have breached the gate and they are headed to the throne.

    Let it go brother, let it go

  34. Read the deposition. Oh my goodness!

  35. Per the news article Wally Pope has filed a motion for the cult to have Marty’s testimony thrown out. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I guess he hasn’t learned that when you lie down with dogs you get up with flies.

    Hang in there Ken Dandar! After Marty’s testimony there should be quite a few people reaching for the Valium, Scotch and whatever else they can think of to calm some very frazzled nerves.

  36. There is an Addendum correction deposition at page 55!

  37. martyrathbun09

    Anything is possible in that cesspool of corruption. Except erasure from this here record (this blog and the rest of cyberspace) is unattainable. I predicted they’d go for excluding. Their only other alternative is cross examining me – which they don’t have anyone man enough to assay, irrespective of their bottomless money pit.

  38. Marie-Joe DePhillips

    Marty you’re amazing!!! That took a lot of guts! Thanks a million you have all my admiration!

  39. Hi Marty. I was there in ’95. I was very busy as an FSM at Flag. One evening I was standing at the cashier talking to the cashier and a short fat women (the so called Nurse) or MLO came with Lisa into the Hour Glass canteen. Lisa looked very much out of it. The MLO said to her, ‘See you’r e at Flag.” She then walked her out of the canteen. I turned to the cashier and asked ” What’s up with her?” He said, “She was in an accident.” I thought then why isn’t she in a hospital? The rest is history. When I read all of the depositions I was shocked at the way they handled her. All they had to do was follow the policy on ill people and she’d be alive today. That stupid idiot Dr. Minkoff prescribing valium over the phone without examining her? WTF!

  40. Geeze Christ! Obviously suppressed to death! Just goes to show how far some staff will go to prove the customer is always wrong and cover up the out tech . This, in the name of “love” for L. Ron Hubbard? Held under arrest and eaten by cockroaches? No liquids for five days? Anyone else would have called 911 DAYS before she arrived in that condition and had an ambulance over there! Dysfunctional, totally dysfunctional people “making it go right” “following orders” and dramatizing wild stupidity! The “Friendliest Place in the World” has now become the house of horrors! SPOOKY! Look at the mind fucking games they tried to run on the Barnes when they noticed something was wrong:

  41. No wonder the Real Estate in Clearwater has crashed and the town has become a ghost town! Creepy Transylvania! 30 mil to explain a dead body? That = someone is not willing to tell the truth! It doesn’t cost anything to tell the truth! How much was spent on Mary Sue Hubbard’s trial? Didn’t she just plead guilty? Take responsibility and admit cause?
    Here is David spending 30 mil and denying everything. All to cover his ass and I bet not one dime came from his own bank account. Has anyone in OSA assigned him a condition of liability yet or are you all just focused on spending another 30 million to make Marty go away? You are ALL in TREASON and CONFUSION! I am assigning anyone working for OSA all the way down to volunteers TREASON and / or CONFUSION. You did not assign it to David. You inherited it yourself! I assigned him treason when I left! You guys are protecting and defending that murky sociopath instead of making clears and OTs. You are in a lower condition to all of Scientology and mankind. How did you go so far off purpose? Your value in this arena is in a minus range. You are doing a dis service to every Scientologist and the people you share this Earth with.

  42. Thank you Marty for making this information available to those who cared for Lisa McPherson

  43. DM may be going down but I’m sure he’ll take as many staff, SO and public down with him as he can. It sucks to be DM but it also sucks to be around and/or associated with him.

  44. Tom,
    This report just in from Hemet:
    “unusual run on disposable diapers at local Wal-Mart store prompts emergency runs to greater LA for back up supplies.”

  45. Benjamin Cisco

    Way to go Marty! You’re doing the right thing.

  46. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    I also read the deposition. Miscavige’s endless summer of hell has been extended.

  47. He will be reaching for the ‘disposable diapers’ this weekend after a call to housekeeping for emergency pick up of soiled shorts.

  48. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Never thought I’d say this but….


    You musta blown a fuse on your Tanning Bed cuz you’re looking pale buddy!

    Just when you thought it’d be a quiet cloud covered ride into 2013….. BAMMMMMMM Clear Skies and Pure Sunshine!

    Thank You Marty!

    — Jackson

  49. Oh my don’t tell me you actually told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You have high grade tempered ball barings, good for you.

    But wait, have you heard about GAT 2 supa sekret briefing…?

  50. I’m sure they’ll spend at least $100m to make tis go away, just have to catch em at it. Also that level of spend surely has to leave some trace although financial records are never usually kept more than 12 years. :/

  51. Golden Age of Tech 2, Lisa McPherson 2. Will be interesting to see how they play out.

  52. PreferToBeAnon2

    In addition to the obvious deposition we all can’t wait to see, I’d like to see Tom Cruise deposed on his role in the shmooze-assist. Turning on that stage light would send all them little critters scampering. The brighter the light, the more powerful the disinfectant.

  53. These must be very exciting times for the IAS…another unwarrented attack upon the savior of $cientology and hand picked successor of LRH himself and his Church…Emergancy funds are required NOW from all dedicated $cientologists to defend the spiritual future salvation of the entire universe…yes, sell your house, your car, your business, and the clothes off your back and DONATE now…failure to fork over the funds now is itself a Suppressive Act…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, COMPLY WITH COMMAND INTENTION…………OR, OR, Or, Or, or, or……..wake up throw the vicous weasel out……….

  54. I read this deposition line for line on this Friday night, and it was worth it. Thanks Marty was a bit confused by your blogs this week, but now I understand. Cheers

  55. PreferToBeAnon2

    And keep shining Marty! Good job!

  56. Great Marty!

    It’s time for David Miscavige to do a “Christopher Skase” and run as fast as those little legs will carry him.

    Find a country that will accept you and doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US. Uganda or Nigeria come to mind 😉

    Phil de Fontenay

  57. Marty – Thank You. Really. That’s all I can say.

  58. Thanks Oracle, what I really need more than money is for people to dedicate 5, 10, or 20 serious hours writing reviews on every Scientology product or service they’ve personally consumed. We already have 380 reviews, but need hundreds more now. And already we are on page 2 of Google for the term “scientology reviews” which is incredible — after one week. It took months for Scientology-cult.com to do the same thing we just did in a week! That is some fierce results, but we urgently need more. Please, everyone, decide to set aside some time and do it.

    Regarding Marty’s post, I hope people will read Marty’s deposition and take it as HATTING on how DM-brand counter intelligence programs are done. Maybe it will become more clear just how DM operates with people HIRED to dish out negative “impressions” against his enemies and thereby obstruct justice and influence events. DM had Joan Wood’s own lawyer working against her! There are no limits to the dirty tricks. So the next time they hear someone saying how Marty or Mike or Dan Koon or Karen or me or YOU is _____ (insert negative impression)… dig it that you are listening to an OSA attack line. Notice who is forwarding the line. Confront what they are actually doing. There is no need to be unconscious to the methods in use against us. If you are simply willing to pay the price of freedom — constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back — these attack lines stick out like sore thumbs.

    Once again, my sincere condolences to Lisa McPherson’s family. I met Lisa in 1981 at a Halloween Party put on by the Dallas Mission. It is up to us to make sure her death was not in vain.

  59. Brian, Single Handedly is the word. Marty shows extraordinary courage, ethics level and No Fear in this….

  60. This is chilling indeed to follow the kind of sneaky infiltration and manipulation but I am GLAD to know about it because it is the truth.
    Thanks a million Marty for standing REAL tall!

    What I still can’t get over is the fact that DM, a failed auditor due to his violence towards a pc in session, who never did a C/S course, was getting away with C/Sing Lisa Mc Phearson case without as much as being given a black eye or other deterrent from the proper tech terminals. Talk about PTSness and non-confront, oh my God. Yup, Mecca of Scientology!

  61. Marty – THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart. If you need any help, (testimony), you know how to reach me.

  62. Li'll bit of stuff

    Yep, TO, and per Marty’s relaying of info, in his WIWWS,
    “(Hubbard)…concluding that the anti-social personality was incapable of cure, since the anti-social personality was certain there was nothing wrong with himself,…” (page. 82.)

  63. Amazingly well done Marty, thanks a ton ! great that you are rocking the boat!!

  64. Thank you for doing this, Marty!

    (Never thought I’d write this…)

  65. It seems that years and years of close collaboration with $cientology Inc is going to backfire on those of the law profession who assisted the corporation to camouflage its unlawful and/or unethical business.
    Those who collaborate with a criminal corporation are tainted goods. They will regret the day they started working for the corporation. Hopefully all the millions of dollars they ‘earned’ will go down the drain when they have to appear in court some day.
    This at least is a consolation for all those who suffered and are still suffering from the wrongdoings of this corporation.
    Mr. Rathbun: I admire your courage.

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  67. iRoger From Switzerland Thought

    Thank you !

  68. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty! Really hits me hard when seeing the depravity of
    this as-yet-unquarantined-madman-at-large, at work!
    The capacity to confront EVIL of this scale, is difficult
    indeed, even for the most hardened investigator, I’m sure.
    Cranking UP (that confront) is something you have had
    to do –by the container load–which has, to DM’s horror,
    just made you stronger than ever.
    As 2012 draws to a close, there can be no doubt who is
    going to win the marathon–(hint: it ain’t gonna be the
    impatient guy, fueling himself on imported whiskey!)

  69. The exposure of this issue on Mc Pheerson is of importance and correctly so . I support Rathburn with this .
    Hopefully in its full perspective and that he gets any one else with evidence per facts and witnesses to back him.
    But then it comes to a BUT and a BIG BUT .IF those that back
    David Miscaviage and who are keeping him where he is agree case .
    One would ask if their legal mind concious gets disturbed and hindance the real story and at what price.
    What evidence has been left / changed and needs to be known hense its cover to expose its truth, and the real why.
    Then if David Miscaviage would once again get away with it.
    My comment is By evidence so far his crimes don’t seem to be taken seriously
    One would have to ask why not ? Is it allways about Ones Position of Power and its abuse of it, and MONEY. / Which in todays world as it is,Its a very unethical world even by those within authority.
    It all seems at the cost of others, and not those committing crimes.AND THATS A BIG major flaw

    Good luck. and well done/

  70. The wording case after agree was a misprint excuse me/

  71. Thank you.

    “So there are cowboys in white hats and cowboys in black hats. And the cowboys in the grey hats are too sick to be in the game.”
    You DEFINITELY are a cowboy in white hat!!!!
    The rest of this quote is for the grey hats that are still PTS to DM, inside the “church”. WAKE UP!

  73. All I can say is, “WOW.” I don’t always agree with you but now I have to respect you. -Bob Peterson.

  74. They’ll try anything BUT cross examining you. They’re scared to death of your answers.
    I can’t imagine Pope’s request to have your testimony nuked will stand a chance. It’s explosive testimony. What I can imagine is somewhere, right now, on the state and/or federal level, are thoughts about conducting an investigation. Some need to be very concerned about such an investigation. Possible indictments and disbarment/s coming down the road is what they’re ultimately afraid of.

  75. 🙂

  76. Respect.


  77. Marty,

    As the COFH during that time, I can tell you that the entire experience will never be forgotten by me. JDV was “in-charge” of the cabana guest room that was used to keep Lisa with security keeping the place locked down. My staff and I were all ordered not to go near the room but I saw all the traffic going in and out knew it was bad. I remember the late night order to sanitize the room the day she died. I had to get a team in there working overnight to get the room cleaned. I have to say that I did not feel very clean doing it…..that is for sure. You could smell and feel the fear and guilt of everyone involved. It is hard to understand how to many stood by and let this cover up happen. Every exec in CW knew what was going on and no one did a thing to push back.

    So thanks for having the balls to push back and take responsibility for this crime. We all owe you that.


  78. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for speaking up Greg.

  79. Greg — Nice to see you adding your voice here. Hope life is good for you. Mike

  80. Hi Oracle;

    The Fort Harrison was renamed ‘Fort Homicide’ by those who were tracking the whole tragedy.

    As a note, the death of LIsa was not the first or only death at Fort Homicide.

  81. Precisely JM.



  82. Can you believe this: There is a brand called Cruisers Diapers by Pampers. I speak not from experience! I saw an ad on TV.

  83. Is there going to be any problem with a statutes of limitation angle?

  84. So many emotions, so few words. Truth is the only antiseptic. I worked with Dandar because I saw he was duty and justice motivated, and I am glad that you (from the ‘other side’) recognized that as well. I am very proud and thankful that you and Dandar has finally gotten this on the record. Perhaps there will be justice for Lisa after all.

    Thank you Marty…..

  85. Also, there is another death on this same case, that of Lisa’s mother. It was Lisa’s mother who initiated the wrongful death case, and so was fair gamed by OSA. She was hounded, and shortly thereafter died. I’ve always considered that Lisa’s mother was literally hounded to death.

  86. Fasanating deposition Marty. Its mindblowing, how much you can withstand, post COS, while sustaining and producing. Its scary! Very Well Done!

  87. I don’t think Marthy would issue or take this step without certainty
    and He wouldn’t fear if all is supported evidence with witnessess of the truth. thats for certain.

  88. I truly believe that Marty’s blog and his books will become essential texts used by Universities; it is a great contribution to history.

  89. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Christmas coming early. Happy happy happy.
    😀 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  90. Marty, I read your deposition. You are a man of integrity, and I salute you on
    having the courage to come forward with the truth concerning Lisa McPherson’s death at the Flag Land Base. Mr. Miscavige your last supporting
    karma is near the end, and your role in Lisa’s death will be told in court.

    R factor: when the C of S claims that no money was involved or exchanged with Banner Headlines, its the opposite. When a judge proclaims in court that this has nothing to do with Scientology (Rex Fowler) It has everything to do wth Scientology !

  92. “Summer of hell”? Don’t forget he started the New Year fresh with Debbie Cook’s email. And it has continued to worsen from there. I’m starting to think the Mayan calendar story is true – 2012 may be the end – at least for David Miscavige.

  93. Extremely well done, Marty !!!!!

  94. The story is now linked on the Drudge Report. Gazillions of hits now guaranteed.

  95. Nicely done Oracle….
    Like Dragnet…”Just the facts …just the facts ma’am.”

  96. Thanks for what you have done to shine the light on this despicable crime.
    I can’t think of anyone who sets a better example of what a real Scientologist is.

  97. Drudge is now linking the story.

  98. …” It is hard to understand how to many stood by and let this cover up happen. Every exec in CW knew what was going on and no one did a thing to push back.” Greg

    That is what everyone wants to know, boggles the mind. Concentrated security completely devoid of compassion, remind of anything. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to observe and understand basic needs like, uhhh… water. To me it was intentional severe neglect resulting in death if not premeditated murder and the order/s came from somewhere, and I think we know where.

    And yes, thanks for speaking out Greg.

  99. Doubtless they’ll be a few people with reputations at risk but that also means more people wanting it hushed up.

    Dandar will likely be offer free pass on the money the church is trying to collect. Black PR will be used against Marty and both will be subjected to a campaign of continued harassment. No idea what adding judges and lawyers in to the mix brings but I wonder if both might invest in some Kevlar; if anything happens to either of them I’ll be very suspicious, even if they just catch the flu a day or so before a court date.

  100. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Last intel I got from East Grinstead was that he was still bunkered down at Saint Hill. Oh dear. Not very safe here.

  101. I got out one year ago – and YES – that is exactly what it is like. Command Intention Slappy McSavage is expecting you to give him EVERYTHING you have and the atmosphere in that CULT is horrifying. The staff members are losing their minds and acting so strange! No new public coming in at all!! Truly Idle Morgues!

    Now it all makes sense!! Perfect sense!! thanks to all of you who have the courage to speak out and tell the truth!! THANK YOU!

  102. I was reading some books on interpersonal relationships and the description of a “JERK,” has many of the above characteristics.

  103. It DEPENDS! on how much he can get in donations to pay lawyers to stave off the inevitable.

  104. I was just going to say that too. It hit the DRUDGE REPORT. Big time!!

  105. I’m not sure, but isn’t that DM in the court at 1;51 of the report?

  106. Whoa…..in the news business, that’s called having ‘legs’. This is now guaranteed to go viral. There’s no anti-viral antidote for it, either. The church’s lawyers will trot out the usual boilerplate denials and recriminations, but this is gonna stick like crazy glue to DM.

    “Out, out, damn spot!”

  107. At the beginning of this video there is the initial ‘LMT’. This is the initial of the Lisa McPherson Trust, a group of concerned people who wanted justice for Lisa. It was founded by Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks if I recall correctly.

    The LMT has a very lengthy history for any who are interested in what it was like back in the days of the …. CRITICS … people who drove OSA mad because they simply wouldn’t stop or go away.

  108. What My Donations Buy…. expensive cover-ups.

    Remember Watergate, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

  109. Marty,
    Thank you very much! You’re still da man!
    Blew some charge on the whole mystery of that time period in Clearwater.

  110. Li'll bit of stuff

    Oooooooh! loookie, we have a coupl’a “haters” jumping
    on the dislike button, KOOL! (- Aid, aids the condition along,

  111. Li'll bit of stuff

    Haters, knock yourselves out on the dislike button…

  112. For this news to hit the DRUDGE REPORT this soon, indicates a major shit storm in the making.
    http://www.drudgereport.com Columin 1 about four articles down.

  113. In the 1.1 world of david miscavige and scientology inc. and lawyers, it’s so refreshing to see an uptone person simply stating the facts with calm and candor.

    What a shock it must be for all of them when someone merely spills the beans regardless of personal danger.

    They are all spinning, lying, hiding, third partying, colluding, conniving and obfuscating.

    Then you come along and just say what it is.

    So many LFBD’s on this side of the truth. So many Dirty Needles on that side of the withhold.

    Thanks again Marty.

  114. Thwart Garrison would be more appropriate.

  115. thwart/THwôrt/
    Prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.

    garrison n. A military post, especially one that is permanently established. The troops stationed at a military post.

  116. Good one. So true too.

  117. Intention is cause right?

  118. Looks like you pushing back and taking responsibility too Greg. Good for you and thanks for speaking up.

  119. Laughter!

  120. Anon.onyourside

    Marty, you have more guts than anyone I have ever encountered. I know what cults are like, and I could not do what you are doing. Bravo!

    I haven’t read the motion to exclude, but assuming they are arguing that your testimony is biased or untruthful, that would be a good reason to get Miscavige’s testimony on his version of events, since he was directing the operation as your only boss. It is clear that Miscavige cannot see past the moment, and he keeps making the same mistake. That mistake is unintentionally broadcasting his strategies, lies, and hatred throughout the world on the internet through lawsuits, motions to exclude, harassment and surveillance of you, etc. He’s sort of like an evil Charlie Brown kicking the football that Lucy keeps snatching away. He is never going to get to “kick that football” or obtain the other results that he seeks. Good work!

  121. Hey David, You spent 30 mil to “handle” this? Obviously you didn’t spend enough Dave! Does it look “handled” to you? Dave, you can’t “handle” the truth! For real! Keep trying Mr. Big Stuff! Hey big spender, keep spending. It’s ALL YOURS to spend on whatever whimsical adventures you choose! Make that paper fly! Maybe ONE DAY someone will be ordered by one of YOUR SENIORS to tell the truth! You know who your seniors are don’t you Dave? Here is a map to the Org Board ABOVE YOU David:


  122. Good luck! Sam’s got it, again. 😉

  123. Heather Robillard

    O.K. Steve, I understand what is needed and wanted. I have put in at least 6 reviews so far today and working on more.

  124. This is citizen status one Dave. I suggest you get through it A.S.A.P. with star rate check outs.


  125. Bar the gates.

  126. “Cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth with carrion men, groaning for burial”

  127. Hi Greg, Great to hear from you. When you say JDV, you mean Jon De Vries? He was up at Int — a total moron who was such an ass even David Miscavige hated him.

  128. And to you OSA staff and volunteers, I know how you spread your legs anytime you get near an authority figure. I suggest you get hatted too! Plenty of seniors above DM to propitiate to!

  129. Appropriate…and clever.

  130. CommunicatorIC

    Radar Online: Scientology Accused Of Spending $30 Million To Cover Up Wrongful Death Of Follower


  131. Just to name another one, one of the Ostertag’s drowned there. I think it was Andreas.

  132. Anon.onyourside

    Ok, I read the Motion to Strike your testimony ( among other issues) and now I know that the CoS, through its attorneys, is in essence saying your testimony is being used for the purpose of harassing them, and that the CoS reads this blog. Good to know that after four years of incredible harassment of your family by Miscavige and the CoS, they are now announcing to the world that you are harassing them and it is “scandalous.” (Their words about the content of your testimony and its use in the case.).

  133. martyrathbun09

    Share the motion to strike, howdoesitfeel@hushmail.com

  134. Where is David Miscavige?

  135. Yes… I noticed you and Oracle inspired some thumbs down today.

    Looks like you two are hitting a little too close to home for some people’s
    comfort zone.

    “Haters”…..they’re not that much fun.

  136. Li'll bit of stuff

    K, they’re quite “sick” people actually! Uh oh,
    guess what happens next?

  137. martyrathbun09

    UPDATE: 11/17/12 P.M. Radar Online Coverage.

    UPDATE: 11/17/12 P.M. : Scientology Inc Motion to Strike including Bizarre Whining about being an alleged victim of extortion: Motion to Strike by Scientology Inc

  138. And I say that not to discount your, mine, or anyone else who has stood up to fight against the dragon.

    I am really starting to lose all respect for people “in” watching this blog. You know how many stories I have heard about “this big OT8 from LA” or “an upstat OT” about to come out …. pleeeease

    We have people fucking dying here … we have people killing themselves … … we have people forced into bankruptcy by a fucking church ….

    When the shit goes down you how many people “in” are going to be saying “I knew all along but ,… ”

    I am a pretty forgiving person …. but that would be a hard one right there.

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Haters? Where have y’all crept under now? Do i have to overturn all these rocks to find
    your scaly presence? I’d just love collecting
    oddities. I can put you in a bottle and give
    you to my grandson. He finds your kind just
    fascinating! What makes you “tick” and all.

  140. Unmasking The Sociopathic Style

    “If you confront them with their behavior you will get lost pretty quickly in the confrontation and they will turn it back on you.”


    How typical.

  141. He doesn’t even know where he is.

  142. I didn’t much like this post as it contains an unexplained acronym, and is hard to follow.

    It starts off with an agreement to an earlier poster, but the reader would have to scroll back to work out what was being agreed to.

    The content of the message is fine, but it is written in an overly-casual style that impedes its delivery.

  143. FYI, I couldn’t click through on an update link here, so I went to the links in the update section at bottom of the original posting above.

  144. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Let us not get overboard here.
    “…..they hear someone saying how Marty or Mike or Dan Koon or Karen or me or YOU is _____ (insert negative impression)… dig it that you are listening to an OSA attack line.”
    That is the mechanism used plenty in the COS to stifle any independent thinking and achieve obedience, thus being a cornerstone of the cult. Anybody trying to state a factual verifiable observation about DM in the CO$ will find that out.
    Independent Scientology is far better and higher on the tone scale than that.
    The only sane approach is to use actual data and correct observations and not being influenced by preconceived notions about identities.
    The truth is Marty manages to an almost unbelievable ratio of being more right than wrong. It almost feels like he is challenging Logic 6: Absolutes are unobtainable. He is extremely effective and puts himself on the line for the purpose. That is based on data and actual observations, not on authority say so. That is why he has my support and greatest admiration.
    Blanket denunciation of differing viewpoints as “OSA attack line” just because certain identities are involved, without any reference to factual data and correct observations is just another form of applied insanity as it is practiced in the CO$.
    So let us stay a few levels above that.

  145. For people who want know what does a motion to strike mean:

  146. I have contacted a friend tonight and asked him to help AND I am writing some more reviews myself tonight and tomorrow.

  147. Too bad that Bob Minton is not alive to see this. We tried hard at the LMT to get justice for Lisa but the deck was stacked against us; still, the fight was worth it. I gave up long ago on seeing any sort of justice for this needless death and the resulting cover-up. But maybe this suit will make Little Davy sweat a bit, he is a coward when it comes to himself being in a court room. -Bob Peterson.

  148. You make me laugh Tony!
    I knewed that one of your bomb video would follow my comment. 🙂

  149. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Awesome!
    I love this kind of tempest!
    Great work!

  150. It is getting pretty damn serious in the implant stations… There is no fundraising game anymore!
    New trained regges for IAS and idle morgues.
    Better be there lurkers!!!

  151. Mark,
    You are right.
    Try “Similar overts of their own” to what David Miscavage (full name only for rating purposes) has been and is doing.
    It is a powerful mechanism preventing people from changing their lives and coming clean. There is more of course.

  152. Sorry… my previous comment was 1.1… I apologize!
    : (

  153. The Church is the victim of Marty! I guess that 180 siege was a plea for mercy?

  154. Bob,
    That could very well be and looks like it (in the middle, slightly to the right).

  155. Anon.onyourside
    Please do share here the link for the “Motion to Strike” so we can have a good laugh…..

  156. Single handedly? Oh my!

  157. Oh GOD! It is MUCH worse than we could have imagined! MUCH MUCH worse! James Byrnes is now David’s P.R. man to the public! He is advertised to speak at main event! Mike! For the love of God you have been replaced by James Byrnes! David Miscavige has gone into dementia, stage lV dementia!

  158. For those of you that do not know or have not met James, he is the man DM sends in on ethics missions to terrorize Sea Org Members. Here is a fine rendition of James in action:

  159. Pingback: Scientology Inc spent $30 mil to cover up death of Lisa McPherson

  160. martyrathbun09

    It is linked in the post now

  161. Marty, I feel your testimony is not going away. There is a lot more integrity in Federal Court than in the kakameimi courts of Pinellas County.

  162. Marty’s deposition and testimony will be backed up by Mike R.’s depo and testimony. That will help bolster attorney Dandar’s fight against the COS’s wanting to get Marty’s deposition/testimony excluded and Marty not able to testify. The COS will certainly try or they will fold and settle like they did in Debbie Cook’s trial. I bet that is what they do in this case as well. They do not want Marty on that witness stand.

  163. I will add more. 🙂

  164. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    The more dogs the better, Dan.

  165. Wow Marty! I just finished reading everything. Wow, wow, wow! What a kick in the nuts you have landed.
    Thank you for everything you do,

  166. The RCS tells their memeber not to look, and now they are trying to tell the judiciary not to look! How predictable and telling of their fear of truth. They have no other means of dealing with it other than to NOT LOOK. I sincerely hope the judiciary does not fall for this. I have also not been more motivated to sue the IAS for money back. Not only to get it back for me, but also to get it away from them. They have no responsibilty (R) and no knowledge (K) of what to do with money – they should not have control (C).

    Marty – I add my thanks to you!

  167. Ah yes the classic “The eye witnesses are harassing us” defence. It’d be scandalous if this actual worked, dispite the outrage if it did I wouldn’t be entirely surprised. I have little faith in the justice system when it comes to the Lisa McPherson case what with all the scandalous things that have happened before.

  168. I think he means Jenny DeVocht (Jenny Linsen) who was in the CMO at the FSO at that time.

  169. ‘C Organization’ – does the stenographer mean: Con Organization?

  170. Caution = go for me. I always do the thing that scares me. This was disturbing. But I showed the video to someone in my home tonight that is a million miles away from this culture. I wanted to see if I was over reacting. This person was BLOWN AWAY! They could NOT BELIEVE IT! Shocked! This just totally violated their reality! They could not believe someone was able to make this incident O.K. legally within a community in the United States! I would have to describe the reaction as FLABBERGHASTED. Disbelief.

  171. Laughter! Very bright and witty!

  172. You underestimate yourself. That was 2FF! Not 1.1 at all. That is really what it comes down to now. It is way off the CDEI scale and stuck in the enforcement band. Extortion.

  173. It seems obvious now why Miscavige has spent so much money, time and effort to take Marty out. He knows too much!

  174. Isn’t Tom Cruise also still in England?

  175. If Tom Cruise is surpose to be bunkered down at St Hill as your questioning? then why is he there? This seems a bit bizzar to be honest?

  176. Brian – There! Now you did it: You really brought the correct picture home in your comment.

    Even if we (those who are here and speaking/taking action now) knew all about this situation those many years ago, would we have done anything? Or would we have “forgiven?”

    It’s actually a moot point because many of us had no idea about such things going on and there was obviously a huge cover-up. That’s very hard to not only know about, but forgive! But now, with more data known, we can actually do something about it.

    You bring up several examples that folks who are in can view to more properly evaluate their position. Your examples are outpoints, defined as: “Anything that detracts from potential survival in any situation,
    dangerous or routine, is an out-point.” (FO2471)

    Thank you for your no nonsense comment. I wholeheartedly concur as I’ve been through the “We have people fucking dying here” part of your comment myself.

    I believe forgiveness was dropped out quite some years ago as a practice within the corp church. We, however, can retain it as part of our beliefs. Please don’t ever quit being a forgiving person.

  177. I knew Lisa…not well, but i had many conversations with her in social settings, and she struck me as a really sweet and unpretentious person. Though being “upstat” and doing major services at Flag she never copped the better-than-tho attitude of so many of the Clearwater posers.
    After she died, it struck me as rather odd that Flag and execs at other local orgs seemed rather unconcerned about her and her fate. Afterall, she was well known within the community being one of Benetta Slaughters main crew.
    It is a very sad commentary on what many of those folks really cared about. Perhaps some of them where just to PTP’d with DM’s frantic ass-coving and otherwise would have been decent caring human beings. But it sure didnt come off that way.

  178. When I was growing up I spent long absences with out books. I could listen to the radio. And that formed me in terms of hope. When I heard, “A hard rain’s gonna fall” by Bob Dylan I felt he was a messenger from the Gods. Maybe I was stoned when I heard it. I imagined star wars. In the end it just turns out it was the people who fell into doubt, and fell in a river flowing south. The surrender was too easy and now when I scream , “let’s get out”, they wave me good by like a split second dream. That was the hard, hard, hard rain that fell.


  179. Tom finally decided to make good on his promise to leave the US if Bush got re-elected.

  180. He got some faces to slap over there!

  181. JUDGE: We will now read to the court the sworn deposition of Marty Rathbun–
    DM: Your honor I object! This testimony totally incrimates me!
    JUDGE: Sir, I will have no upaid outbursts in my court! Act civilized! Have your peoples’ people contact my peoples’ people and your concerns will be addressed!
    DM: Errrrr, exactly my point your honor.
    JUDGE: Very good. Well, its nearly 10:30 am now and its time for my regular Friday six-hour lunch, so these proceedings will be ajourned until the 31st of the month after next………..

  182. I’m thinkin that would be the brand of choice for Der Furer……….he would only clean his shorts with Cruises brand. I’d say that the Monday afternoon stock price on that company will go exponential!

  183. I have heard that he was there and there was an odor of poo all over the place!

  184. There is an OSA attack line. Many of them. Waky waky! Identities are real. What the hell does authority have to do with this? PLENTY. Read “the sociopath next door”. There is plenty of evidence ! Steve is not insane. What the fuck are you talking about? “Let’s stay a few levels above..” Go fuck yourself Gerhard. You are A=Aing this , not me. I got it perfectly well. There is no authority figure here. These are associated terminals. What a boatload of wrong items and wrong indications. Paying a toll to Marty while you throw a power of his under the bus and you think you got over? Your path to success means walking over the stupid. Even YOU said there are no absolutes. Do we all seem absolutely stupid? Was this your best? There are no absolutes right?

  185. Yes he does. It also explains why he has people stalking Marty. He is trying to find something to discredit him. Unfortunately for dm the only things his PIs are able to fish is the fish that Marty catches in the channel.

  186. As the conflict of being more right to being more wrong escalates between the Cof$ and those of us who have pointed out all outpoints for years now… exasperation escalates, too. I think Brian spoke his heart and I do agree on this. One cannot bury the truth if one does look at a situation. The biggest outpoint is Scientologists don’t look anymore! How is that? Fear of expulsion maybe?

  187. Stupid mother fucker. This is OLD MAGIC. You are in last century. This is OLD.

  188. Li'll bit of stuff

    Good one,Wendy! Do please post your e-mail addy.

  189. Woke up and found this article on Drudge this morning. Way to go Mr Rathbun. Kick Ass!!!! 🙂

  190. Wow, Marty. This is a devastating indictment of the slimey, underhanded tactics the C of S uses in order to influence outcomes.

    Thank you for standing up and doing what is right, Marty. You are the “Point Man” – putting your ass on the line for the rest of us, in the battle to get in ethics on the Church of Scientology.

  191. The good news is that his best days are far far in the past. There is no such thing as a good day for him or anyone else connected to the CO$.

  192. The “tactics “are completely justified in the C of S.-In fact they are not even tactics to them, they are the “price of freedom”.

    Any amount of your money, any amount of your time, any amount of discomfort you may have to suffer are all fair-game because they are busy saving this sector of the universe and we are too stupid to acknowledge the star high goals and help.

    If people have to be ruined or killed in the attempt then so be it. There are no crimes while operating under this kind of thinking…it just the greatest good.

  193. Steve,
    “And already we are on page 2 of Google for the term “scientology reviews” which is incredible — after one week.”
    I have ~ scientology reviews ~ on the first page, position 8 in SERPs.
    I am thinking of writing some reviews on books/lectures with my broken english. You think that’s OK? 😛

  194. Good Call, TO.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Indie Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  195. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Oracle, your tirades miss the point and your religious fever is misplaced.
    I made a point about principles and not identities I thought my post made this clear.
    I threw certain lines of thinking and actions under the bus, because that is where they belong. Study LRH and you will find him doing the same over and over in so many different words.
    If somebody has critical thoughts about David Miscavige and that is bad so he/she needs to pay a hundred grand for sec checking until he/she ceases to have those thoughts or the blanket accusation of forwarding OSA lines just because of saying critical about certain identities is coming from the same line of thinking.
    Now LRH says this:
    “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”
    My differences with the CO$ is not with people, it is with their actions and the facts that the church has abandoned the core principles of Scientology and replaced it with a cult.
    This is about deeds, principles, facts and observable actions, not about identities.
    The founding fathers of the United States of America made a very smart move. They broke with the tradition pledging allegiances to kings and rulers, and instead to a set of principles as laid out in the constitution.
    And that is my point here. Independent Scientologist should have allegiance to the principles of Scientology not identities.
    So get the twist out of your knickers already.

  196. KFrancis,
    You are an idiot. Its all about the MONEY, the lavish lifestyle
    The perverted mess that Miscavige has created will not save
    anyone or anything. “The Ends Justify the Means” does not work
    Hitler discovered that killing Jews and many others .Look up WW 2 you Clown.
    D.M. gets his jollys ripping of the future of Mankind, makes him feel safe,
    Do the Math,thats what I advocate. Discover on your own turf.
    Fair enough ?

  197. Still doesn;’t aswer why Crusie is at St hill bunkered down? and I assume mean Obama not Bush

  198. “And that is my point here. Independent Scientologist should have allegiance to the principles of Scientology not identities.”
    Good point!

  199. When I first arrived at PAC Base in July, 1991 to do my EPF (again) for ASHO Foundation, he was there doing just that. He was on a garrison Ethics Mission in the CLO and had a weird post title of Sea Org Staff Officer or some such.

    This jerk had us mustering on the top of the Parking Structure and doing military close order drills and suchlike bullshit.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    Indie 500 #99

  200. Li'll bit of stuff

    Very revealing and compassionate account, Moonshot.
    Thank you for sharing with us, the real, naive and trusting
    Lisa, that you got to relate to, if so briefly. I cannot help
    but think of her, as i would my own daughters, of which I
    have two. No amount of reflecting on the past, or what if’s,
    can bring her back, or ever extinguish the burning desire
    for retribution against the key perpetrator of the horrors
    committed against her.
    Thank you,
    Durban, South Africa.

  201. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Not Cruise – Miscavige. Cruise is in filming in London and then reportedly contracted for a new film which will be shot on location in Scotland.

  202. Li'll bit of stuff

    Whoaaah Tango my bro! K was only painting the perspective from the “cold chrome steel” thinking
    of the church of mind control and it’s creator, DM!
    Not meant to have been taken literally, I’m certain!
    (Mebbe not too fair then?)
    Peace bro’

  203. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hater/s! ……be quiet…be still…just for a few seconds!
    Good!… now, turn around ……slowly!… see nothing?

    Of course! …you won’t!….but I’m WITH YOU, never
    the less. Feel that slight breath on the back of your
    neck? Yes, I’m with you–watching you! Just know it!

  204. Tango.. I get how you misunderstood my post.

    Li’l bit of stuff below got my meaning….from the churches point of view.

    No offence taken.

  205. One of the things I think gets overlooked in all this legal mumbo jumbo is the TRUTH. As in what really was the cause of death of Lisa, and who really was responsible.

    From what I’ve read from some of Marty’s earlier posts on this subject, it seems very clear that it was the Church through both out-Tech and improper medical care. And without that truth completely revealed and taken responsibility for, more deaths will occur in the name of Scientology. That is the real tragedy!

    Lisa was not the first, and she will not be the last…

  206. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Sam, nice to “see” you again, if infrequently.
    Not the same without your powerful postings.
    And you’re right, perhaps Santa bringeth good tidings!

  207. Thanks for the clarification re Cruise . This is certaintly quite different to the previous blog messages that refer to bunkered down at St Hill .

  208. Reblogged this on 31 Factors and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  209. The purpose behind your first words was to stop Steve. The purpose behind your later words is to stop Me. You can word smith it any way you want. And I don’t mind your counter effort. But I do not think Steve deserved your loud and noisy protest read / reprimand / ser fac. There was good intention and good purpose behind his words. You are efforting at “knocking out” and presenting it as “contributing to”.

  210. Also known as “casting spells”.

  211. Gerhard Waterkamp

    You are still hung up on identies. My point was about principles.
    I do not know what causes your outrage, and out of proportion reaction. But I object you reading intentions into my words that are not there. What I have to say is contained in my posts.
    Your interpretations and your words and statements speak for you, not me.
    That is all there is to say.

  212. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Typo Correction: You are still hung up on identities…..

  213. You are right. There is policy and tech that cover situations like Lisa’s. All they had to do was APPLY IT!

  214. Game rules: If you make three attempts to log in on someone’s case and you still have not managed to restimulate, you must wait 24 hours, then try again. 🙂

  215. Try back again later. 🙂

  216. From Hard Rain, 3rd verse:

    “…..I heard one hundred drummers whose hands were a-blazin’
    I heard ten thousand whisperin’ and nobody listenin’
    I heard one person starve, I heard many people laughin’
    Heard the song of a poet who died in the gutter
    Heard the sound of a clown who cried in the alley
    And it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard
    And it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.”

  217. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Hey, no case on post(ing):-)

  218. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Did you file a police report?

  219. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Completely. I’m quite bemused as to how you confused one with the other. My communication was quite clear.

  220. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Police report?

  221. No. I was told she was in the so called able hands of an alleged nurse and Doctor Minkoff which (sadly) turned out later to be horrible and tragic.

  222. You data was fine and thankyou for clarity/ It was the bunkered at sthill that wasen’t clear. and now it is Thanks .

  223. Don’t say to the (water)spring you will never drink it’s water

    Chinese Proverd

  224. The Motion to Strike Marty’s deposition has this typical DM/OSA twist: Marty’s blog is characterized as “anti-Scientology”.

    “Defendant Pope is already well-aware of Rathbun’s allegations
    because Rathbun has published them in his
    anti-Scientology blog and elsewhere.”

    It seems they are all aboard with A=Aing Scientology and the Church and reversing reality about Marty’s blog.

  225. I do hope you return to native state. Purposes to harm and suppress are born of political and financial ambitions. When doing a doubt formula and given the short list, “harm attack or suppress”, I added to the list something that was more in alignment with my nature. My item was not on that list. It is a rather short list of choices.

  226. The Complaint was amended to include Davey as a defendant. Is he going to show up and try to rebut Marty?

  227. Pingback: Judge Schaeffer Rejected Miscavige | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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