Heads Up – Jim Lynch Let Loose

David Miscavige has come up with a ‘solution’ for no longer being able to spy on my wife and me electronically. see  Scientology Spies and Going Mobile.

Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA, dirty tricks and propaganda wing of Scientology Inc.) has wound up failed journalist, turned Scientology Inc. gumshoe, Jim Lynch and granted him an unlimited expense account to harass my wife and me from a distance.   Lynch is zig zagging the U.S. by airplane dropping in on our friends and relatives spewing a litany of criminal-mind (the criminal – in this case David Miscavige – accuses others of that which he himself is doing) allegations against me.  The randomness and distances of his routes betray a financial mindedness of a sick Saudi prince.   Some church.

If you know Monique or me very well there is a good chance you’ll be seeing Lynch unannounced.  We would appreciate it if you would record any conversation you may have with Lynch should he show up to your home or office (for evidentiary purposes).   Feel free to share your views about the nature of his boss (Miscavige) and Lynch’s activities should he contact you.   Otherwise, you are also free to tell him to get a life and get off your property.

Jim Lynch - Scientology Inc. operative

Jim Lynch – Scientology Inc. operative

223 responses to “Heads Up – Jim Lynch Let Loose

  1. The reactive nature of the “Pope'” behavior becomes more and more flagrantly obvious as time moves on.

  2. Send him to Canada. We have winds, snow and maple syrup to welcome him. The smiles are free up here.

  3. Luis posted a YT on Lynch and vicious spreading of lies about drug use last year. This guy is doing the same thing and expecting different results?

  4. Lynch, isn’t he the creep in cheap shoes?

  5. Whoever sold Jim Lynch that suit had a real sense of humor. It looks like it came off the rack at Kmart.

    DM’s circle of amateur night investigators can be seen coming a mile away.

  6. Just looking at Lynch’s photo, this guy reeks like some kind of anaerobic swamp scum that had never seen daylight until it got stuck to my boots. If you’ve ever hiked in a swamp you’ll know what I’m talking about. It especially galls me that he often poses as a reporter for Freedom Magazine, which actually had some journalistic credibility back in the day.

    As usual for the Demonic Midget this campaign is bound to backfire, with anyone who has reality on Marty and what he’s been doing (and going through) lately.

  7. you must have a case on these Nazis, they is no way cant see through this, but its ok let them pile it up, dont be the effect in anyway, you are winning by evidence and silence.
    keep trucking my friend
    arc darren may

  8. Shall I just post my address here ? Come on by man…we don’t play by your rules

  9. Anononyourside

    This is Miscavige, a day late and a dollar short. Lawrence Wright’s book is going to hit the stores in two or three weeks. Jena Miscavige’s book will shortly follow. Tony O. has been writing about the church daily for years. Your books are selling well. People are leaving the church weekly. The Indies movement is growing. There are at least two documentaries coming out soon. And so on, and so on. What does Miscavige do to stop his church from disintegrating? He sends a has been journalist in a polyester suit to “investigate” you by spilling lies. Oh, and he buys Mike Rinder’s garbage.

  10. If ever there was evidence of Miscavige’s desperation it is bringing Jim “Bozo the Clown” Lynch out of mothballs to hit the road with his Dennis the Menace act.

    Last I saw of Lynch he was slinking away trying to avoid being arrested with his partner in crime Ed Bryan in Miami…. And he was nowhere to be found when the Sheriff’s subsequently tried to serve him.

    I guess things are really looking grim in Pyongyang… Dave is frantically pacing his bunker, all the cats have been kicked, every minion has been slapped and sent to the Hole, the garbage delivery has been fully inspected, the videocam feed monitors sit black and silent, the whiskey bottles are empty and Tom has gone off to bed….

    He thinks to himself: “I know, that Jim Lynch was my kind of guy — sharp dresser, quick witted, intelligent and not too tall….”

    “LOU — get Lynch back on the job. I can’t watch Marty any more, but at least I can get some video of his friends. Tell Lynch if he doesnt get some good footage he will be back to sucking cock on Hollywood Blvd. And that’s a personal promise from me.”

  11. Lynch I said it before and will say it again YOU ARE A LOSER!!!!!!
    DM you are showing the world your stats are DOWN. If you think this is
    going to change you are one stupid, ignorant f–K!

  12. The intensity of the efforts to harass you (Marty and Monique) are proportional to the desperation inside CoS, Inc.

    I hope that despite this you are able to enjoy this season in which much of the civilized world seeks to exhale and find peace.

  13. Did someone say Grinch? Oh…Lynch. Hard to tell the difference sometimes. Seasons Greetings to all.

  14. McLunatic is such a failure and a loser.

    POB can’t even succeed at being a universally acknowledged SP.

    Jim Lynch on the other hand is cut from the same cloth as his “little boss hog”.

    Both are a sorry excuse for what we term a ‘human being’. They are opportunistic scum. It’s sickening.

    As a side note to DM and you degraded members of his entourage: As a reminder, one reaps what one sows. I’ll guarantee your asses will burn individually as well as collectively in something that resembles ‘hell’ sooner than later.

    By the way, have a nice holiday, Dave, you feeble, wet-brained, dwarf and asthmatic lunatic. It’s so weird that you can’t create a new future because you’re so stuck in the past. Literally.

    Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to move up a little higher.

  15. The mind of Miscavige. You nail it every time.

  16. Marty,

    Setting Jim Lynch loose on the Private Investigator front is about like setting Gary Soter loose on the legal front instead of Monique Yingling or Kendrick Moxon — recall just how ably Soter assisted the plaintiff’s legal team in the Debbie Cook case earlier this year.

    While I’m sorry that Lynch is harassing your friends and family, I don’t know if you should be glad or be angry that Miscavige thinks you are not worthy of the A or B team talent… unless, of course, there is no more A or B team and this is all they have left.

  17. KMart is too good for people like that.

  18. OMG, Mike! You should try your and at screen writing!

  19. Lynch is a fricken lying son of a b_____ and coward of the worst sorts! Luis’s son did a great job of TR-3ing the coward to name is his sources and Lynch soon backed off seeing that he was incapable of intimidating him, ha! It’s amazing to note the low toned snaky scum DM uses to do his dirty work, it reflects directly on the type of people they are and will forever be part of their branding. Think of that you idiots…you are working for a man who made a man lick the bathroom floor for 30 minutes as punishment for protesting against the beatings at Int Managment…THIS IS WHO YOU ARE AIDING AND ABETTING!!!!! AND THUS YOU SHALL BE BRANDED!!!!

  20. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! How do get him to visit me? This could be fun!

  21. Wow…that was….pathetic!

    He sure seems to squirm when the camera is pointed at him. Typical journalist.

  22. Just an observation: You can dress a turd in an Armani suit and he’s still going to be a turd. Miscavige is an illustration of this principle.
    I guess this is how these guys like to celebrate the Holiday Season. I think that we should write a little ditty and maybe do a video to document these activities. Here’s an idea:

    “On the fifth day of Christmas, Miscavige gave himself….
    “The Golden Age of Bling”, (re-do all courses!)
    “Four calling birds, (Allende & fellow purps)
    “Three hench men, (hulking enforcers & bodyguards)
    Two turds in gloves, (Lynch & fellow purps)
    “And a camera in a fake pear tree” (Mike’s street cam)

    And remember, it’s Christmas. If people come to your door to harrass you, offer them some cocoa, and if that doesn’t warm them up, call the cops. Police officers don’t like people doing this kind of stuff to others at Christmas time when they have to work and would rather be home with their families.

  23. John — You just handed Monique the biggest insult of her life. Calling her a whore would be less disgusting to her than putting her into the same category with Moxon.

    As for resources — Miscavige has two types left at his disposal:

    1. Those who will charge him exorbitant rates and do little or nothing. These are the high priced lawyers he hires like Marmaro or Dreixler. They are smarter than he is and know they can take his money as he will “buy prestige” by association (he thinks) — but these guys will not do anything that will harm their reputation to keep in favor with him. When they eventually tell him to pound sand, he just moves on to another firm and finds another big name that will soak him for a $50G retainer and $1250 an hour billings. This is the “A” Team so to speak. Though if they truly were the A Team they would be preventing some of Miscavige’s lunatic nutshots….

    2. Those who are too stupid or to desperate to know better — or straight whores who will do anything for money (the true whores are normally not very smart). These are the Jim Lynches and Fred the Garbage collectors of the world. They are truly “B” (or “F”) Team.

    He isnt going to be getting anyone wroth anything to do his bidding.

    The only other category of resource he has is the KoolAid Addict — these guys are robots. But as we have seen, they get wound up and sent off and they make the Keystone Kops look like a well-oiled regiment of crack troops.

    It sucks to be Miscavige — pretty much alone in his bunker in Pyongyang.

  24. Stalking by Proxy.
    Sending someone to an Ex Sea Org member’s place to harass.
    Unlimited budget.
    This is where parishioner’s extorted money is allocated to.
    This is where the money goes.
    To act out the mental breakdown of a “Religious leader.”
    Revenge Stalking is a very methodical crime to ruin someone’s social life, lose their job, and drive them out of town and out of their mind.
    But the only person acting out of their mind is Miscavige.
    The fixation is disturbing
    Because Miscavige has a huge ego, and believes that the world revolves around him, he thinks he has the RIGHT to act out and spend the Public’s money to act out hatred for a former Sea Org Member no longer under his control.
    It is revenge stalking by proxy. An operative sent to outer comm lines.
    Miscavige may truly be in a full blown mental breakdown to carry on like this.
    The Fiscal Cliff in Scientology Inc is the depravity of its leader letting the world see that Scientology dirty tricks, malice and retaliation are all alive and well in real time.

  25. Yes. It’s also known as the God Complex. He actually thinks he is a god. Very mentally ill he is.

  26. Well, I think anyone he comes in contact with will support you base on his presence. This man is so greasy and creepy and literally oozes slime I cant imagine anyone would take him seriously. Maybe they nod a few times until he’s done talking and then are glad to see him gone so they can give everything a good spray of Lysol.

  27. OH Cripe, that is funny! Now I’m gonna be up all night working on lyrics to help out!

  28. I am still in denial that this behavior – stalking, attempts to intimidate, buying silence, and no doubt worse – can be legal in the USA.

    It seems the CofS has become a new Mafia, only somehow so protected that it can now engage in its dirty tricks right out in the open, flagrantly, for all to see. With no apparent consequence, legally at least.

    Sure, more are leaving every day, and fewer joining.

    Yet one still hears stories of individuals with massive wealth, flowing money and power to this little monster, while also praising him to the skies and talking about what a “great guy” he is. Talk about “enabling”.

    I don’t know, i sort of feel like I woke up on a really strange new planet.

    Can nothing be done legally to stop this man’s reign of terror?

  29. Awesome Mike, you should do a Documentary Film on the mind of a total whack, do it “Narrative Style”.

  30. I have a pet chimp…just sayin.

  31. Hollywood Blvd is where Miscavige fell in love with Lynch in the first place.

  32. You nailed it Mike. Lawyers like this – and I use the term only in it’s most derogatory sense (as opposed to an Attorney at Law) are only on one side – each other’s.

    After them, the only bottom-feeders (like Jim Lynch) left have no moral compass whatsoever. And even if they did, it would undoubtedly be skewed by the Monomaniacal Magnetic Monopole of Moronic Mass that is Miscavige.

    Hey Dave. Have some alliteration, fuckface!

  33. Coincidence or synchronicity?

    He looks like the rat I already posted about spying Nueva Casablanca. (MaBű | December 3, 2012 at 7:58 pm | https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/nueva-casablanca/#comment-242260)

  34. Only DM has custom made in England $4,000 shoes.

  35. Believe it. For quite a number of people in the US, it is FAR later than they think. This recent article in The Atlantic gives a perspective on where lawmaker’s “think” is as regards the Fifth Amendment.

  36. What’s it like knowing DM better than he knows himself? I can hear him now, “That C%^KS&CK*& Rinder… GET ANOTHER DAMN CAMERA IN THAT F&CK*&G BIRD HOUSE NOW!”

    In the immortal words of Mr. Rinder….”it sucks to be Miscavige!” (originally quoted way back when but EVEN more applicable today!)

  37. He came by my place. Frankly, I have a lot less charge on him than people that pretend to be my ally while they pull the rug out from under my feet.

    He asked me some questions.

    I was appalled that David would be setting this elderly man up for law suits for Tortious Interference. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tortious_interference

    They don’t care how they are using him or about throwing him under the bus. He is actually in the same place were and isn’t even aware he is being pimped by “Freedom Magazine” and David Miscavige. Standing out in the cold I was worried about him getting sick on these assignments. Or getting hurt.

    David, and OSA, you are really sick hiding behind behind this senior citizen and sending him out to do your dirty work. Is nothing Holy to you people anymore? Have you lost all dignity and self respect? Shame on you. There are gang members in San Diego and people doing hard time in San Quentin that have more dignity than to use this man like this. You make me sick! You “OT’s” hiding behind a fragile elderly person like this. How utterly disgusting. How utterly disgusting. What’s going to happen if someone yells at him and he has a heart attack? You stupid fucking pussys hiding behind fences at the Int base. You pussys, all of you.

    David you are a coward. You never hit anyone that is not supposed to not hit back. You never hit anyone with out security gueards around you.
    If you want to intimidate me you get your fucking ass over here and do it yourself you fucking pussy! Little bitch! Scared little bully pimping a senior citizen. You are disgusting. I don’t want your messengers. I am sick of you hiding behind women and senior citizens. You repelling little COWARD! COWARD!

    Stupid little coward. I bet if I smacked you, you would cry like a baby.

    I have stopped short of using hard magic on you until now. But you pushed me over the line on this one David. I know you don’t believe in OT abilities because you are surrounded with cowed and ill associates.
    But you will believe in magic in very short order.

  38. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, absolutely f—ing hilarious! And if none of these
    bits of sagely advice pan out for him, he seriously needs
    to go back onto a ‘cock’-tail of anabolic steroids, ‘growth”
    hormone, and anti-depressants! This rapidly advancing
    geriatric is seriously slipping! Good God, he may even
    have to book himself in to an advanced frail care center
    soon, at the rate he’s deteriorating! Oh well, he always
    felt he was destined for fame and recognition. Perhaps
    we could call in Guiness’s World Records, to interview
    him for;–“The World Record for the Most Overts ever
    committed by a single “human” being!”

    They might disqualify him though, on the simple basis
    that ” he could’t possibly be human!”

    Oh, well! Ho -hum….another “dick” tater hits the skids!

  39. Pathetic.

  40. Regular Dog, formerly Underdog

    Yes. Jim Lynch needs to report in and give evidence that he has handled his scuffed up shoes from a couple of years ago. I think Mike Rinder even offered to buy him some shoes at one point. Someone needed to get some film footage evidence that Jim has handled this.

  41. Mike,
    There is nothing quite as satisfying as having a good belly laugh with friends at Christmas. Thanks for the great humor!

    And that sucking activity that the Pope will be undertaking on Hollywood Blvd will probably be his own!

  42. Li'll bit of stuff

    My kind of guy, Paul. Nothin’ quite like meeting a harasser
    on, shall we say, more “open” terms?

  43. May the lynches of the world slither away into oblivion taking along their evil boss as they go. Sorry they even exist. Bringing our focus back….and ….

    In the spirit of the season, here is a favorite poem, apropos for now. I salute all who protest. May 2013 be a year of effective change toward a higher state.

    “To sin by silence, when we should protest,
    Makes cowards out of men. The human race
    Has climbed on protest. Had no voice been raised
    Against injustice, ignorance, and lust,
    The inquisition yet would serve the law,
    And guillotines decide our least disputes.
    The few who dare, must speak and speak again
    To right the wrongs of many. Speech, thank God,
    No vested power in this great day and land
    Can gag or throttle. Press and voice may cry
    Loud disapproval of existing ills;
    May criticise oppression and condemn
    The lawlessness of wealth-protecting laws
    That let the children and childbearers toil
    To purchase ease for idle millionaires.

    Therefore I do protest against the boast
    Of independence in this mighty land.
    Call no chain strong, which holds one rusted link.
    Call no land free, that holds one fettered slave.
    Until the manacled slim wrists of babes
    Are loosed to toss in childish sport and glee,
    Until the mother bears no burden, save
    The precious one beneath her heart, until
    God’s soil is rescued from the clutch of greed
    And given back to labor, let no man
    Call this the land of freedom.”
    ELLA WHEELER WILCOX, “Protest,” Poems of Problems, pp. 154–55 (1914).

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  44. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, “dick,” you can be sure of a mass visitation by
    the Indies, as you wax lyrical, in your dementia, while
    screaming at your wheel-chair pusher. You will seen
    as just another piece of Scn curiosa, and regarded
    with scorn for always thinking that you “know best!”

    Thanks, dave! Thanks for a whole shitload of Dev-T!
    All your efforts just come down to this? All “your asset$”
    seized by court order, and you put away in an asylum
    for the criminally insane? $ucks by orders of magnitude,

    You totally flunked the most basic purpose of LRH:
    You just can’t DUPLICATE, man. Flunked big time!!

    The purpose was / is “…to help OTHERS,” you stupid
    F–k! You have just garnered yet another stellar status
    achievement award meritorious …this time for the:
    “Greatest Little Asshole In Scientology History.”

    Un-f–king believable!

  45. Greatest curse I ever heard: “May your life be filled with lawyers.”

  46. Hey David, Did you know that once you have provided shelter for someone in California for a certain amount of days, you have to give them a 30 day notice when you want them to vacate? That’s right Dave, you are accountable for every staff member you have thrown out on the street without a 30 DAY NOTICE. If you want anyone else to leave, a 30 day notice is required. You have violated fair housing laws for years.

    Hey David, I guess nobody has explained “gift tax” to you? Turns out you have not paid gift tax David. That is straight up tax evasion. Even your chef has been gifted to you, by yourself of course, from the Church. Not to mention all of the rest. Don’t try to hide it, it is in your name. You Owe MILLIONS to the I.R.S.! You have also avoided taxes. Criminal!

    Hey David, Did you know you sucked your buddy Tom Cruise into gift tax evasion also? A 250,000.00 party gift aboard the Freewinds? Sea Org Labor. Tennis courts and all the rest? That’s a gift David. Yep! Ya sucked old Tom into some real shit with the I.R.S. too David! Made him look like a criminal too!

    You wanna get nit picky about what is going on at MY house?

    I’m straight with man David, I mean the U.S. government.

    YOU on the other hand, you have not been straight with the man David.

    And they are coming to get you David. They ARE out to get you.

    Hey! Mr Lynch! What is David paying you to stalk and harass? I have someone willing to pay three times what you are getting now, to report on your life with Freedom Magazine! Let’s talk money! You know how to reach me! If you forgot, don’t worry. I know how to reach you. You will pull out of this alright Mr. Lynch! You are being offered a higher paying job, that’s all. Hard times, gotta go where the money is good and people are straight with the man.

  47. Mike,
    You are so damn GOOD at Being Miscavige that one of these days I think you may as-is his valence and it will disappear from the face of the earth. All that will be left is a faint stench which a little more sunshine can then disinfect.

  48. Are Dave’s personal earnings public record? If he truly is worth upwards of 50 million or whatever, it would be really worth posting in itself. Bankrupting his minions while stashing his millions.

  49. Very thanks dear Sinar for sharing this vid.

    I’m happy that for the repetitive question on “what are your sources?”.

    Just I think it would be even better to ask him too why he can’t answer the questions? why he needs to be so general? I mean to put really its attention on him, on his own hidden intentions and trick. To completely reverse the flux and being him interrogate and the viewers could clearly point them.


  50. It’s a sorry state of affairs when decent churchbots have a management that shamelessly shits all over TWTH. The HRD is supposed to handle “any reservations about keeping the precept[s]”* but clearly this is lost on DM, OSA and all those doing their bidding. Whatever happened to setting a good example? Or treating others as you would want to be treated?

    “[It] is a fact that tragedy and unhappiness occur when the points are violated…” — LRH, HCOB 16 January 1984RA Issue I, HRD Series 1RA, The Happiness Rundown

    Any churchies out there want to comment? These violations are occurring in your name afterall.

    *HCOB 17 January 1984, HRD Series 2, Happiness Rundown Basics.

  51. Off topic – again – sorry but this is important…

    The Cult has been denied – again – the right in the UK to hold legally binding marriages in a Corp Scn chapel. The cult’s lawyer, Peter Hodkin, has been using his own daughter as a guinea pig to test the waters and try and obtain religious recognition by the back door. By allowing weddings to be recognised in Scn Inc “Churches” they would have been able to argue that also entitiles them to tax breaks and other perks – such as not having to comply with Data Access requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

    So Peter, if you’re reading this – carry on with my Data Access request – I am looking forward to receiving, among other things, my SP declare! Happy Christmas!


  52. Hey! David! What about BREECH OF CONTRACT? You guys convinced me to pay off a Freeloader debt SIX YEARS after YOU BREECHED contract with ME! I was supposed to get 2 1/2 houirs of study every day, part of my contract! The DAY I was not provided with that, contract was BREECHED and made NULL and VOID. Every Sea Org member’s contract has been made NULL and VOID by YOUR Failure to deliver! I want my Sea Org “freeloader debt” money BACK! You scammed me! I did not know contract law! Has anyone else here paid off their “Freeloaders” debt? Why? Did YOU breech contract, or did the CHURCH? Did the Church make your contract an invalid one by not delivering?


  53. Hey David, How is it working out for you to be an SP on my lines? Working out good David? The SP business is getting harder and harder right? Incorrect estimation of force David! You are not suppressing all of us hard enough? What is your fucking problem David? Are you failing at suppression also? Get your ass over here and give it a little more effort David. I don’t FEEL SUPPRESSED YET David! I don”t feel suppressed YET OSA! Is this the best you’ve got? Is this the best you can do? WTF?

  54. HaHa! Love the monkey video and quite to the point.

  55. How about I become a suppressive on YOUR lines David? I am not above becoming a suppressive person, I can get real fucking suppressive very fucking fast. I am wholly willing to become one big fucking SP on your lines real fast. You send someone else up on my front porch five feet from my kids and you are going to know what a fucking SP is. You will be praying for the IRS to come bail you out.

  56. Lynch looks like just another disgusting slimeball.

    David Miscavige, Ecclesiastical Leader For Life of The Church of Reactivity & Chairman of the Board of the Religious Terrorist Center, Supreme Psychopath and Top Dog.

    You got one thing right Dave, everyone is either out to get you or is just waiting for the day it happens.
    Even, and especially, your lawyers and your closest aides.
    They’re all just waiting for you to stumble.
    (which you are doing Dave. You are really fucking up these days.)

    You gotta keep on doing what you’re doing Dave, or the wolves will take you down.
    They’ll be grinning at your screams as they tear your intestines out.
    They’ll be grinning while eating, and thinking, “It really does suck to be Miscavige”.
    It’s sad – everyone will rejoice at your demise, but you already know that don’t you?

  57. Publius,
    ditto. I don’t understand how it is perfectly legal to video people and spy on them…cameras in bird houses, garbage, following them… …intimidation…Any lawyers out there?? Is is just that you have to call the police while they are in the act or what? Isn’t a video of them harassing someone enough?

  58. Exemplary handling on those unnamed sources indeed. This is all anyone else needs to do. If they try to get people stirred up with lies like this they are really at the bottom of the barrel. Such pathetic attempts are very reassuring. Perhaps the unlimited funds are not so unlimited.
    Oh, and the suit = Kevin Constner/Body Guard …. wannabe?

  59. I was recently reading through the Youth For Human Rights booklet that I got from the church back when I was part of this group.
    Page 36 of the booklet;
    “Universal Declaration Of Human Rights”
    “Article 12”
    “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”
    I wonder if the OSA people have ever read this?

  60. From: David “Biggest Being in the Universe” Miscavige
    To: Jim Lynch
    Super Fucking Urgent
    Yo Cocksucker!
    Lose the Italian mobster suit and go knocking on doors in a Santa outfit. It’s Christmas time, you numskull! Be real! Tell the fuckers that if they come up with the goods on Marty, you’ll fill their Xmas stockings with a nice hefty check.
    I want 30 testimonies by Thursday 2 PM. And by the way, don’t try to screw me, you pathetic SP piece of shit. The Frequent Flyer Points are MINE!!!
    ML Dave

    And here’s my personal message to Jim Lynch, the greedy lawyers, the Sea Org and the Kool-Aid Drinkers:

    Merry Christmas!

  61. Marty, If this is the most DM can do to you these days, I’d say you’re winning.

  62. yeah what is happening to get this stopped legally?
    Can’t you get them for private harrassment? For God sake.

  63. Keep up the great work Martin!
    Merry Christmas!

  64. Make um some good ole squirrel stew and biscuits. GIve um a real Texas howdy. I wonder what his neigbors think of him in Florida? TR0

  65. Wow, David Miscavige has let loose the Village Idiot on us. What to do? He’s a caricature of his own name and a bad one at that complete with false teeth, false smile and false pretenses.

  66. This is Miscavige’s new Golden Age of Harassment Tech. This Lynch is some loser. For all those visited by him, keep your video cameras at hands reach. We are in for some golden moments of unintentional hilarity.

  67. DM is the laughing stock of EVERY community in america

  68. Oracle I love the idea of going magic on Miscavage!

    Given that it’s Christmas time I am imagining a 3D mock up of Ebenezer Scrooge showing up in Dave’s private bedroom on Christmas Eve and routing him through a vision of Christmas future.

    Dave, a dark ride through the black waters of the River Styx on a ghost ship that carries you straight through the yawning gates of hell isn’t any way to spend a Christmas.

  69. What an ass.

  70. Jim Lynch is trying his best to be a clever 1.1. But he’s actually doing a much better propitiation. Could really use a good hard TRs course.

    I think I agree with Oracle. It’s really not very nice of davey to send such a weak-knee, elderly guy out to confront real thetans.

  71. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    One wonders what DM´s status is in the IAS and The Idle Orgs? HOW much did HE contribute? Or is he above contributing?

  72. Hello Richard Lloyd-Roberts, you posted similar threats of violence in the Indie Scientologist Facebook channel. Leave the violence to Darth Midget and the Church of Black Scientology, please.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  73. Mr Lynch – welcome to the free world. Better keep your guard up or some reality may seep past DM’s programming and/or money. Oh, I just felt a shudder! DM is concerned about your allegiance and those of your support crew. Be careful.


  74. I’m not a lawyer (thank God) but we all know about Restraining Orders issued by courts to protect people from harassment. As I understand it, a judge can order someone to stay a specific distance away from the intended target of the harassment.

    Somebody please explain, is there a reason these orders can’t be issued against a criminal organization, especially one that masquerades as a “religion”?

    In the 40s & 50s, public officials, including judges, were intimidated by the Mafia. It took Bob Kennedy and a few other courageous public officials to take them on and eventually bring them to heel (see “The Enemy Within”).

    We may eventually be compelled to find someone in DC with the cojones of an RFK in order to bring this Miscavige monstrosity to justice.

  75. TO: on a roll

  76. Mike, to be honest, I am at a loss trying to evaluate this individual and his actions, because nothing he does to “get rid of the enemy” makes sense. It’s almost like he’s a rich, spoilt, sociopathic kid with a BB gun shooting at Tigers, Elephants and Rhinos with intent to kill and then throwing tantrums when his targets just laugh at him, piss, fart and shit in front of him and then go about their business. I can’t even rate him as an SP because real SPs, in order to perform their “duties” require some degree of intelligence, they are usually devious and can usually be dangerous. But David Miscavige is not intelligent,and certainly not devious nor dangerous when you consider all his previous actions to “destroy Mike and Marty, and Mosey, and Chiquita and their friends”, and now his latest deployment of Loser Extraordinaire Jim Lynch, whom I am sure, just by looking at him, has VERY BAD BREATH. The bird house “surveillance” is so stupid it defies belief! The garbage collection does not make sense, especially when recorded by the target. I cannot make sense of this, please help!!


  77. This guy Lynch is lynching himself by his own inadequacy and failure to finish a conceptual thought. Plus his confront sucks! If this this the kind of reporting that freedom mag looks for, no wonder the articles are infantile in content!

  78. And False Beingness. It sucks to be working for Demented Management.

  79. …you will believe in magic in very short order.


  80. Li'll bit of stuff

    In fact, dear “dick”, Is is only fitting that one now gives
    full recognition to those amazing, dedicated, (in)effectual,
    (un)intelligent, bandits…er.,pardon me, band of (stal)warts
    serving your (ig)noble “cause!” Of course, I’m referring to
    none other than OSA ( Order (of) Scientology Assholes !)
    (no relation to the original intelligence OSA corp., BTW!)

    It used to be said, (by LRH) that, with certain Auditing Actions,
    one’s I.Q. would go up by so many points per audited hour.

    That, thanks to your perversions and crushing of rights of
    others, has now been COMPLETELY reversed! I.Q’s have
    plummeted across the board, for anyone still in / working
    for CO$! How could it possibly be otherwise, under the “guidance” of such a demented, twisted, bitter apostate
    such as yourself?

    As Marty has borne the brunt of your extreme hatred, and
    you have continued to attempt to harass him, his loved
    ones and friends, with the most appalling acts of cowardice
    imaginable, it should be quite clear to you, by now:

    You’re brand of sociopathic insanity is completely without
    any known cure. Suggestion; F—k off while you still can!

    Remember how you vindictively, coldly , intimidated an
    ailing, old man (LRH), into believing “they” were watching
    him, and coming for him?? Yes, we now know all about it!!

    Well, “dick,” the pendulum has now swung ‘your’ way!
    Now it’s finally time to experience first hand, what it was
    like for the ol’ man!


  81. “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”
    I wonder if the OSA people have ever read this?

    Are you kidding me, these people DON’T READ and CAN’t DUPLICATE

  82. Mr. Lynch,

    My name is Mike Laws, your COS handlers know me and where I live and work, recently confirming such with PIs who directly made their presence known.

    I am a good friend of Mosey, very good friend actually, as much as giving her away at her wedding. Mosey, feel free to confirm. I like Mosey a lot, probably even a little more than Marty (no offense Marty).

    Please come and visit me. I will schedule a whole day with you if you give me some advance warning. Your handlers have both my email address and phone numbers.

    Looking forward to your visit.

    Mike Laws

  83. “99% of lawyers give the rest of us a bad name” Stephen Wright.

  84. Dan. An excellent quote.

  85. Here Mr. Lynch, to help with your “research”!

    Shit Scientologists say to normal people:

    Shit Scientologists Say – To Each Other

  86. Thank you Mike. I am sure Mr. Lynch has some VERY interesting stories. He actually has a rather illustrious background. I don’t think he realizes his value in terms of HIS story working for Freedom Magazine. He can see for himself we on this side of the fence are not a bad sort. He has GOT to be wondering by now what the hell “Freedom Magazine” is really all about. This will recoil on the Church . Injustice always recoils. The way they are using him and what they are using him for is injustice. Watch this recoil! Snap! Pop! Bang! This is going to be VERY interesting.

  87. Well that plan backfired, Luis’s son handled him like swatting a fly, classic!

    Thanks for posting Sinar.

  88. I believe he is at “Must Be Contributed To” on that scale(there is a relevant scale in the 0-8 book), not at being a contributor himself. He contributes nothing, he must be contributed to.

  89. TO — Lynch isnt wondering about Freedumb Magazine. He knows full well — he has “written” a number of pieces for Freedumb.

    The only thing he is wondering about is when his next check is arriving so he can get some new shoes.

    He truly IS a DB. I have had numerous encounters with him. Absolutely nobody home. An animated gathering of MEST particles in a bad suit.

  90. Yes, David Miscavige is a coward, a major coward, one of the world’s biggest cowards ever, beating up people surrounded by an entourage who give him the security of knowing the person he is beating up cannot fight back. Or ordering others to do the beating for him.
    David Miscavige is also incompetent and do-less. All the accomplishments he claims, or so-called products he shows at events are never the result of any real work he ever did, but instead were the work of other people who actually work while he fucks off, consuming only, producing nothing of value. Meanwhile he calls all the people that actually do any work SPs.
    David Miscavige is a pathetic fraud who always depends on someone else for everything. Couldn’t survive very long on his own in the real world. David Miscavige is the world’s biggest leech.
    Coward, Fraud, Incompetent, Leech.

  91. Merry Christmas to you Tony, It’s already panning out to be a great one in the Padfield household!

  92. Yo Ronnie, BOOYAH!


  93. Mike Rinder,

    Back to the birdhouse, I have questions you may or may not wish to answer, however I will ask them regardless:

    1) When was the birdhouse erected?

  94. Can’t wait to see this year’s New Years Event. Right now at the Int Base, aka Pyongyang West, it is all-nighters for one and all, no Christmas (again) and round the clock entheta as the speeches get torched (again) by McShorty, which then requires Cine to run around like heads with their chickens cut off for days reshooting and reediting videos, requiring new exploding stat graphs and window dressing. People are running up and back from Building 50 with submissions only to learn that McShithead has stormed down to the Editing bay on his motorcycle with his little slave Lou in tow to watch yet another Gary Wiese fuck-up on an event video edit. If anyone wants to see a madhouse, a true madhouse, spend a few hours parked along Highway 79 about 100 yards west of the main guard booth and you will witness the nuthouse from the movie King of Hearts in all its glory. Except this isn’t a movie. This is real life and it goes on 6 times a year and has been going on for nearly 20 years. It is no fun, not even for Mr. Slappy himself, though it justifies the dramatization of his base nature at a higher volume because of the deadlines. Anyone who had to live through one or many of those, count your lucky stars tonight (Mike, Steve, me and many more). Watching the video that comes out after the event should be a real hoot given that Mr. Only One himself will be doing it over his Highest Ever Continuous Missed Withhold phenomena. Now that is one stat that truly is straight up and vertical.

  95. OOPs, wrong button. Here is the rest:

    2) Who is the property owner who allowed the birdhouse to be built in his/her property?

    3) Did he/she know the birdhouse was a covert surveillance method?

    4) If he/she knows what the
    birdhouse was for, is he/she an OSA recruit or
    was/he/she duped into some kind of “save the birds” scheme cooked up by David Miscavige operatives?

    5) The birdhouse which has been used to illegaly spy on your house is on a property that belongs to someone who is your street neighbour.

    6)The neighbour who allowed the birdhouse/surveillance spot is either an unsuspecting victim of David Miscavige’s ridiculous and illegal antics, or he/she is in on the effort to surveil you.
    Can you tell?


  96. Y’all please forgive me for my posting mistakes i.e double posting. It’s the weekend Gin and Tonic plus old age. I’m sure you can all understand shat! LOL. But the questions are genuine.


  97. One of those who see

    Another battle plan from Miscavige that communicates loud and clear that the Church of Scientology and it’s leader are paranoid, insane, control freaks. If not restrained by some glimmer of PR control, DM and crew would be screaming from the rooftops “WE MUST ENSLAVE THEM TO FREE THEM!!!!!” “WE MUST STOP COMMUNICATION IN ORDER TO REHABILITATE COMMUNICATION!”

    Well done Miscavige on one hell of a dramatization.

  98. One of those who see

    An animated gathering of MEST particles in a bad suit. – Had to repost this line. Perfect!!!

  99. Very good questions to ask ?
    Well who ever the property belongs must have known its going
    to be installed. I would think they would be blind to that
    The bird box is out of place and theirs no birds step that
    is normally outside for the birds to comeand get its food
    which is an outpoint and makes it stand out as not for its normal

  100. I add to the posting of the Bird Box I should have said I wouldn’t think
    the property owner wouldn’t known about this, Its just so outpointy
    and would wonder if he she is likely to be employed if not
    was paid to have that put exactly there. .

  101. CommunicatorIC

    Starring in the “Shit Scientologists Say” video series: Mike Rinder, Michael Fairman, Joy Graysen, Jenna Miscavige Hill, Tiziano Lugli, Jamie (Sorrentini) Lugli, Marc Headley, Luis Garcia and Tory Christman.

    Short links:

    Shit Scientologists Say – To Each Other

    Shit Scientologists Say – To Normal People

  102. I’d like to take that motion that comes in, and use it to win. I would like nothing better than to see his adorable face on the cover of the New Yorker. A 25 page expose on how the Church, who mistrusts all media, uses their own media resources to spread false reports, and harm attack and suppress others. I would like to know who he takes his marching orders from, and how those orders are given and with what purpose he is sent out to do “research”. That guy has more integrity and theta than the people that are running him, I am sure of that. I wonder what kind of Christmas bonus he got from “Freedom Magazine” this year? He could be doing MUCH, MUCH better! I was in the Sea Org and never got a Christmas bonus, or even a card from DM. The CofS is notorious for being the number 1 WORST employer in the United States! If they have him in a contract they probably managed fraud to get it, God knows what they have told him! To me, he just seems like a great big carrot Freedom Magazine is dangling in front of my face!

  103. Laughter! Happy Holidays Alex!

  104. The elderly gentleman and his wife who own the house where the birdhouse was installed said they were told that it was a special birdhouse containing sonic devices to keep birds off the screen around their pool. They claim to have known nothing about the camera inside. It is possible that they fell for this story, and they maintained it when interview by the media. It is possible that this is true and they were simply duped — though it is a little hard to believe after he informed me he was the head of security for Sotheby’s in New York before he retired, and because the day after the video was posted he called to say he had consulted his attorney who told him to take “whatever it was” down and when he had gone to do so, nothing was in the birdhouse — he accused me of stealing it and said he would call the police if it was not returned to him by 5pm. I told him not to wait and to go ahead and call right away…. Nothing came of that, but the birdhouse was taken down altogether today…

    More information may be forthcoming, but I don’t want to upset those people any further, whether they were complicit or unwittingly used, it doesnt matter as there is no doubt the video feed from the camera was going straight to the Pyongyang bunker.

    But one absolutely certain result of this is a street full of irate neighbors — every one of whom wishes to see the end of Corporate Scientology.

    Jim Lynch had better not show up here. He may not make it out of the cul de sac with all his body parts intact. They have not taken too kindly to the idea that they and their children have been surveilled by Miscavology….

  105. Mike,
    While the subject did you notice how the footage was delivered from the camera?
    Was it some standalone system with wireless setup or hooked to the home’s internet? Could be a telling clue.

  106. Interesting update Rinder. I asked in Marty’s earlier post (your videos) – where those cable feeds could be going – one would think certainly not down or under the street. I wouldn’t give this guy a very long leash.

  107. No, the cable was buried. I would bet it went into the internet system of the house.

  108. He has no leash at all. He has made enemies of everyone on the street. They are waiting for him to provide an apology….

  109. Exactly, and Mr. Clean had direct, or certainly indirect access.

  110. D.M. giving Bird houses a Bad name.

  111. He threatened to call the police on you? If he has been profiting off your image he has some explaining to do. He might have been getting 2 grand a month profit off your images. You have something on him, or he would not have permitted you to destroy his property. Upset over the missing camera? That is telling.

  112. Did you know your IQ only has to be at 125 to be qualified to be staff at the Int Base if you are a woman? Don’t know what it is for a man. Madonna’s IQ is 140. Hillary Clinton’s IQ is 140. Heads of entertainment and state to be dominated by the Int Base some day? Maybe they need to redo the math on that? I mean, maybe it’s an issue that people that are more intelligent might not accept your invitations at world domination?

  113. Maybe your IQ should be at , at least 135 to figure that out?

  114. To have recognized this micro “trojan horse” immediately for what it was shows that you are truly in DM’s head. You “get” him.

    Conversely, I got duped momentarily when I clicked onto the wrong ” Move On Up a Little Higher” site just now. I did not know that DM has a an “evil twin” ” Move On Up a Little Higher” site set up that even has the same logo, photo and layouts of the real site. It exclusively drips with venom for Marty. Is everyone else aware of this site?

  115. All I saw someone do was unplug it.

  116. Love to hear how that turns out…

  117. chris cloutier

    i believe it cannot be ABOVE 130../

  118. Boy Dan, you got that right in true rolling thunder style. Working on those lines was like living in a large commercial dryer at a laundromat. How odd some people never seem to wake up to the insanity.


  119. Li'll bit of stuff

    TO, Scott Campbell once posted an interesting chart,
    showing comparisons, between individuals of various
    professions. It would be even more interesting to see
    actual results of controlled (double blind that is!)
    psychometric testing of CO$ vs.INDIE Scns.

    Now THAT may certainly be an evaluation worth ‘hooting’
    about, don’t you think?

  120. Li'll bit of stuff

    Teddy, the usual vomit expunged from the debased
    cogs, and springs housed in li’ll david’s cranium!

    It just reeks (as vomit does) of absolute venom, as you
    say! Worth a look, just for supplementary evidence of
    just how far this cretin has descended into sociopathic

  121. Hey David, I am still awaiting for Volume 8 of the Research and Discovery Series to come out! Afraid it isn’t going to match 1 through 7 too well though, as those are about 20 years old now! Perhaps you can make them with a “distressed” look so they match the others?

  122. That would indicate that the home owner was in on it. Considering his background he would have been suspicious why the birds need net.

  123. For sure!

  124. I don’t know the back story or who Richard Lloyd-Roberts is, but I have to agree with Mike here and would add that I’ve read a lot of this blog and postings here since the beginning and I cannot recall anything along the lines of a serious threat of violence, or anything of the sort.
    I know the “Church” (I feel like I have to use quotation marks now to imply sarcasm) would LOVE to, and has tried to pin violence on Anonymous and I’m not going to defend them. I am not Anonymous and I dont support of even pay attention to them.
    I don’t know exactly what an “Indy” is yet, but if it were up to me to define it, one of the things in common would be a more intellectual approach to things. I feel like most of the people posting here are probably among the least likely people on earth to beat someone with a hammer, unless it was in self defense or something.

  125. Unlike those under the spell of the DeMented one we are free to look.
    I’ve seen it. It gave me some LOLs and this is the Movie I could best describe their mentality with:

    Anyone seen the movie?

  126. That’s fantastic Mike!! Great handling!!

  127. This seems like a strange video to me, Theta Bop. I kept trying to find humor in Adolph Hitler extorting the world to support human rights, but it kind of escaped me. Would you explain the nature of this personal message, its hypothetical source, and what effect it might hypothetically have on Jim Lynch, et al. I honestly don’t get it.

  128. HaHaHaHa!!! those videos are funny!

  129. Thetabop,
    Wonderful video, thanks.
    Wouldn’t it be great if the church would give some REAL help when disaster hits like Hurricane Sandy…just 100,000 dono to help those that lost homes where the insurance won’t pay etc. More than that gets raised at one IAS event. How about the vets, who get nothing from the government but a ‘hey, thanks for serving and here is a flag”.
    Just recently an IAS even took in 330,000 in one night. The church PR would change and although I have reason to oppose the organization (obviously), I have no reason to degrade LRH and the tech in the public eye. Imagine if the church just started giving out the bucks to help others…

  130. Sorry I couldn’t help it:
    “Do birds browse?” LOL

  131. Yingling takes orders from Miscavige.

    Moxon takes orders from Miscavige.

    How are they not in the same category?

  132. The camera’s power supply cable and the blue Ethernet cable must connect to equipment inside the house, to an Internet router that connects to AC power and to the cable TV or telephone service. Someone has to pay every month for the electricity and the Internet access. Nobody would be dumb enough to believe that a bird scaring gizmo (that faces away from the house, doesn’t move or make noise, and doesn’t disturb the birds in any way) would need a 24×7 Internet connection.

  133. Might be fun to send a DMCA takedown notice to that other site’s hosting provider, and make them take down any photos for which Marty and Mosey own the copyrights, like the “Moving On Up” bird.

  134. I don’t think I was incorrect about his prior illustrious career, unless I found the wrong man on Linkedin, it seems at one time he was on top of his game:

    James Lynch
    Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
    West Palm Beach, Florida Area Public Relations and Communications

    Chicago Sun Times
    2006 – 2008 (2 years)

    Editor in Chief
    American Media Inc.
    Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Publishing industry
    2002 – 2004 (2 years)

    Deputy Editor
    Globe Communications
    1995 – 1999 (4 years)

    Executive Editor
    New York Daily News
    Privately Held; 1001-5000 employees; Newspapers industry
    1993 – 1994 (1 year)

    Managing Editor
    New York Post
    Public Company; 501-1000 employees; NWS; Publishing industry
    1991 – 1993 (2 years)


    College of the Holy Cross
    B.A., Philosophy/Arabic Studies, European Literature
    1970 – 1974

    Activities and Societies: Intramural boxing
    Fordham University
    Graduate studies/Philosophy


    There is a large gap from 1971 to 1991. Perhaps he had some other career?

    Anyway, it goes help, first of all. The Church is not going to help him. They may use him, but they are not going to help him. A willingness to assist him will just put you at cause over him. See HELP FACTOR in the tech dictionary. “The willingness to assist. This also has to do with cause — what can the individual cause? An organization which cannot help anybody will have a tendency to fail.”

    I know he is a loose cannon right now. He is being used an an instrument to harm attack and suppress others. The Church is actually using him and prompting him to commit more overts and transgressions against people. This is so anti religious and indicative of their nature.

    I only suggest he is a loose cannon and able to be used like this because he needs help. If he returns here, I would like to bring him in my house and sit him down and find out what, (besides the Church of Scientology) is ruining his life. He must have a very interesting story.

  135. Three little birds.

  136. A message to DM.
    “you can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time”

  137. Hey David, I know you are very busy. But the people that were sold OT8 and 9 and 10 packages 20 years ago, well, some of them are getting beyond the point of being able to do OT9 and 10. Maybe we should have delivered that before selling them super power? Because now, there are billions of dollars on credit! The Church has borrowed from them! This has to be delivered at some point wouldn’t you think? After decades? These are like unpaid loans. It is making me uncomfortable the amount of the money the Church has borrowed from it’s members. I don’t know how much the Church OWES on YOUR behalf!

  138. It just seems if you are in the affluence you declare, and the Church is too, these bills could be paid off?

  139. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey TO, congrats on the new Gravitar! Just love it!

  140. Oops, I tried to give you a thumb up, but I’m on my phone with its little screen and I hit thumbs down.

  141. Marty, you may want to to reconsider the ‘Heads Up’ in the blog title; anyone who walks with their heads up will miss the little turd.

  142. Thanks for passing this on, Martin.

    Are you going to send a copy of Debbie Cooks testimony in the Texas courtroom along to the supreme court so they can be accurately informed as to the religious nature of david miscavige and the hierarchy of the church of david???

  143. Exactly

  144. Spot on Carol.

    IAS…..Illiterate Arrogant $cientologists

    OSA….Operatives for $cientologys’ Annihilation

  145. Didn’t Davey make a promise about having the Super Power Building opened by the end of this year?

  146. It’s from Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”. Read all about it at the following link:


    Read the User Reviews and buy the DVD. The movie is a masterpiece.

    Happy holidays!

  147. The damage done to Scientology is rather incalculable when compared to WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. To top it off, the dEmON hat yet to reimburse the ‘Church’ for his fraudulent perks and embezzlement.

  148. First Rule,
    Yes, I’ve seen it many times. It is one of my favorite movies. With its black humor it ominously describes a future where Black Dianetics is rampant. Not unlike Dear leader’s wet dream for world domination.

    Mr. DB David Miscavige ideal scene for a Cleared Planet:

    A police controlled society, where everyone is a criminal, none have any rights, and where the Church of Scientology has total power over the lives and death of its denizens.

  149. Yes Jewel, it’s a great video.

    Problem with the church is that it isn’t a church, it’s a business.

    The OEC volumes are all about how to run a business – the LRH way. There is good stuff here and there like the data series, but it has nothing to do with religion. Anyone calling the OEC volumes “scriptures” has a screw lose. The Co$ has demonstrated that you can enslave people using the OEC volumes.

    I wonder what LRH’s intention really was when he wrote all the policies?

    He certainly was a complex dude.

    Doctor Ron and Mister Hubbard… The flexible mind and the despotic mind.

    An interesting dichotomy.

  150. Standup comedy is calling your name!!

  151. Lovin it!

  152. TO, don’t know how black magic would work as an OT as
    if truly an OT you would be way up the tone scale. However,
    per recorded instances (by a professor, no less, in the 1950’s)
    the Kahunas, of which he actually met one, in Hawaii, he
    gave a detailed account of how they could make someone
    sick at a distance. The sick guy actually was dying by loosing
    all his feelings starting from the toes on up. But before it entered
    the vital organs he got off a serious overt and the Kahuna took
    off the “spell”. Well, LRH explains all that in the overt-motivator-
    sequence and confessional procedure, plus of course the cherry
    on the top; FPRD. David you should try it sometime! It is called;
    “reversal of the downward spiral”. Suggest you do it before TO
    starts to boil the brew.

  153. Marty and Mike,
    Seems to me if I was having your problems I would solicit allies in every corner possible. There are divisions outside of the Corporate Scientology that have common goals as you. I would overlook the difference and align the common goals. There is much more power in a large Group. That would give big some back off to the Corporation. You might be surprised. Tim Roland

  154. His missed-withhold phenomena (threats) are consistent with various damn liars we have known who were also pathetic, morally-bankrupt cowards unfit for the company of pigs.

  155. Dear Oracle,
    You are so correct. As the OT 8’s who paid for OT 9 and 10 die off you dont have to sweat polishing the floors of an HGC that does not exist.
    The Super Power Hookum machines is fodder for E Bay that UFO zealots
    will snap up, pennys on the dollar. The Super Power Building should become a Shiners Hospital. All theSea Org staff at FLB would need is wear a Red Fezz with a tassle.

  156. Tim Roland TR0

    The original LRH Tech and Bridge has been available outside of the formal Church for over 30 years. It is not the altered Golden Age of Tech. I know because I have completed it. The cost is much less than the RTC Church and a person does not have all the stops that the Church puts on the upper levels. There are no ISA donations, or constant sec checks.
    This is not new news and the RTC and DM knows this. Tim Roland

  157. Teddy, I found that myself last week. It is an exact duplicate of Marty’s site. I also was wondering if others were aware of it.

  158. Mike, have you spoken to the property owners and made them aware about who they were dealing with and also let them know that their internet was not secure with this cable tapping in to their house?

  159. Not only was he profiting from your image, he was complacent in stalking you and everyone else on your street. Tell him you talked to your attorney, and he might be hearing from him soon, along with law enforcement. If he didn’t know what was really in it, how did he know there was a camera to be missing? I bet that DM sent someone to remove it then told the old man that he would be responsible for it.

  160. Hey David, Week ending stats in P.R.?

    Freedom Magazine sends domestic terrorists to harass a man who was just honored to receive the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. “Meritorious Award.” !

    Freedom Magazine sends domestic terrorists to a man’s house that is developing security software for U.S. Gov Air Force!

    Is that what Ron would do? Is THAT WHAT RON WOULD DO? I don’t THINK SO! Of course, you aren’t anywhere near doing what Ron would do, are you? You cancelled the certs of auditors he trained and declared him an overt product maker! LAUGHTER! You are a JOKER!

    A person who is fond of joking.
    A foolish or inept person.

    Having some issues? Abracadabra Mother F***er!

  161. Hey David, the X wives club! They um,….you know they um,,turned out to be a little wobbly and um….ended up testifying before a grand jury right David?

  162. At one point he promised to abide by the auditor’s code too.

  163. Miscavige is trying to hit Marty & Mosey where they live, their Peeps. He knows how much they really love and care for their Peeps.
    Us Peeps are a lot stronger and smarter than we used to be.
    This is going to backfire in the absolute worst way possible.
    Will most of the targets will be teenagers and women, I wonder?

  164. TO, it is 125 based on the Scn IQ test, which is a very idiot simple IQ test. Fox News viewers could score 100 on that one. One year, 2002, I believe, DM wanted to figure out just who and what he was attempting to deal with on the Int base so he had the main production people tested with a real IQ test. Most of the people who tested highest were soon no longer in the S.O. After the testing period we were sitting in a meeting in one of the CMO Int conference rooms before The Hole was founded and DM was talking about the test results. He named some people who scored highest, among them Jeff Hawkins, Erick Geisler and myself. Then he proceeded to ask, “And do you know who scored the highest on the base? Jenny (Linson Devocht, aka “The Black Widow).” He said this with a completely straight face, and though none of us ever mentioned it, we knew right that moment that DM was full of shit. Jenny Linson! She of course was DM’s chief enabler at the time and so he was trying to pump her up. In truth, she probably scored in the same range as Lisa Schroer and Henning Bentdick, who DM later said were idiots. True story. The truth about the Scn IQ test is that anyone with two flinty brain cells to rub together is all but assured of scoring at least 140-145 and many people max it out at 155.

  165. Mike, your analysis makes total sense. I know exactly how the big firms work. They will take lots of money, and do nothing that will jeopardize them in any way. Nor will they let you do something like that.

    I do not know how good is Yingling, but for a $1M a year, I am sure she is willing to be an awfull lawyer.

  166. Very nicely said TO.
    (Hi, what happened to your great pictures on your comments?)

  167. I truly believe that dm is already ailing. I expect that he will not survive much longer.

  168. Think that went out the window with a right hook

  169. DAVID! You asshole! Don’t you know anything about ethics conditions? It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be in affluence! You CAN NOT PAY off all your BILLS! You OWE THOUSANDS of people OT9, OT10, and Super Power! What condition is the Church REALLY in David?

  170. You are not even PREPARED TO DELIVER!

  171. Conan, I’m glad to see others like it too. I like it almost as much as Dark City. Almost …

  172. No physical violence please. (By all means defend yourself and family and pets and property as a duty)

    Just as ESMB was a response to OSA Corp,

    Just as the Freezoners and Independents was a neccessary response to RTC Corp.

    Just as Anonymous was a neccessary response to David Miscavige Inc.

    We are now launching the necessary response to Freedom Magazine. A publication addressing domestic terrorism. Hopefully, we will get a bill passed through Congress called “The Miscavige” bill. We have TONS of documented evidence.

    Just keep the cameras rolling and the conversations recorded. And expect that shortly, people will be able to obtain restraining orders against churchs, cults, and corporations that have a history of domestic terrorism!

  173. Nice to see you contributing here Tim!

  174. Two questions:

    1). I don’t know you or the missus. Is there a way to still get a visit?
    2). There’s a woman who blogs about your doppelgänger. Will she be getting a visit too?

    A positive answer to either could provide Mr. Lynch with hours of fun/distraction.

  175. This is what happens when you HAVE to HAVE before you can DO.

    You had to have the Freewinds before you would give up “OT8” in various versions.

    You had to have the Super Power Building.

    You had to have the donations and payments. The MEMBERS delivered! The Scientologists DELIVERED.

    YOU are NOT prepared to deliver. The buildings are empty! The Ship is EMPTY! You don’t even HAVE an OT9 and 10 to deliver! It was a FALSE REPORT! You quit making auditors decades ago! What half witted Scientologist is supposed to believe you are in affluence? The ones that do, can not think with ethics conditions or are not at conditions (clear) on the character awareness chart! DUH!

    Affluence? FOR REAL? “unprecedented expansion” means affluence. You are LYING! OBVIOUSLY! It is right there to think with. People can SEE it. You say it yourself, you send out flyers admitting it! You are not prepared to deliver! “We need ___________ before we can deliver ______! Staff before Super Power now. You need staff before you can deliver. You announce this shit and then claim to be in affluence? You must be CONFUSED about the ethics conditions and formulas. In a BIG WAY! The Flag Land Base is floating on LOANS. They OWE more than they have. The Freewinds Owes more than it has. And you have set in a debt it can NEVER pay. It owes thousands of people OT9 and 10, which does not exist!

    From the Church’s web site:

    At the Helm of Scientology’s Explosive Growth

    David Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion. From his position as Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center (RTC), Mr. Miscavige bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the standard and pure application of L. Ron Hubbard’s technologies and Keeping Scientology Working.

    Explosive growth means affluence. What aren’t you getting David about the affluence formula? You are either lying or confused. And YOU bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring standard and pure?

    “Explosive growth” ? In square feet? Where is YOUR MIND?

    You DON”T GET EXPLOSIVE GROWTH when you are not even prepared to deliver! Can’t you think with conditions of existence?

    We are not going to act stupid just because you sent Jim Lynch to town!

  176. Does anyone else see this Jim Lynch character resembling Mr. Burns from the Simpson series? Here’s an example:

    HaHaHa………. This is POB’s fast flow hiring in your face!

  177. Yes, by the end of this year – no – wait – it was last year – or was it the year before? No, it was the year before that – wait it was the year before THAT year – or maybe a couple of years before that, it was supposed to open……

  178. Thanks for the explanation. I would find it hard to believe Jenny Linson scored high. DM probably used the tests to get rid of the people that scored high. Jenny Linson was far too low toned and hysterical to be intelligent. A walking talking ser fac if I ever saw one. Now I believe, another sociopath. I think many intelligent people gravitate to Scientology, along with other sorts. A lot of brilliant people.

  179. The only thing missing from the comments there is an occasional “Baaa”.

  180. Lars, perhaps you have seen illustrations of magics pointing at a person or an object, with some type of energy traveling from their finger to another person? Many people take this to mean the magic is emitting something. In fact, if you point at someone and do not ridge they can pull from you. You just have to be willing to let them be at cause with their flows. David Miscavige is on such a motivator flow, that anyone who points in his direction can be cleansed of negative energy. If everyone on this forum just pointed to his exact location twice day, and surrendered for a minute, he would vacuum off a lot negative forces. It is more or less like getting a thetan teeth cleaning. Or, like dropping off some dirty laundry for someone else to clean. You are simply permitting someone to pull from you. It is just that most thetans prefer to handle their own laundry. As far as I am concerned. whatever he stirs up is free to move in with him.

  181. That is not black magic by the way. It is getting in harmony with people that must be contributed to, and giving a little donation.

  182. I think of it as, shape shifting.

  183. The False Claims Act is a law that rewards whistleblowers who come forward to report fraud against the government. The whistleblower may receive a large financial reward based on the amount of money the government recovers. The False Claims Act and related statutes also provide protection to legitimate whistleblowers that face retaliation from their employer or Church or Trustee because they reported fraud or improper conduct to government agencies. Cha Ching Cha Ching! Who Needs LOTS of MONEY? LOTS! LOTS! MILLIONS! Don’t forget to donate 10% to Marty’s blog when payday comes!


  184. Li'll bit of stuff

    So very right too, Valkov! Unless one wants to consider
    including the validity of contributions such as;

    1) the re-implementation of slave labor!
    2) the global annihilation of the reputation of Scn!
    3) the global ridicule of Scn!
    4) the collapsing and removal of viable orgs & missions!
    5) the reversing of the effectiveness / workability of Scn!
    6) the “only” goal of “Scn”- being to con huge sums of money!
    7) playing along with those who want to see Scn destroyed!
    8) the removal of those in power who really delivered Scn!
    9) establishing operating conditions of criminality in Scn.
    10) the replacement of “Ethics” – with punitive “sec-checks!”

    Perhaps, there just MAY be OTHERS, he is contributing to?


  185. Li'll bit of stuff

    BTW, Why no action on the part of “the authorities”?
    via the petitions, pleas and overwhelming evidence
    brought to light against this modern day “ponzi-man?”
    …..One only needest to connecteth the dots, here…..

    Barack? oh yes! We watcheth you too!

  186. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

    OSA = Obscene Scientology Assholes

  187. I watched both of these and had to laugh. I still say a lot of those statements like “make it go right” and “I really got that” … I loved being a Scientologist with quirky lingo and all. It just got shit on and completely ruined by the current ridiculous leadership of DM and minions.

  188. David Miscavige won’t send anyone after you since you are one of his favorites who attacks LRH, his technology and Marty. People like you are flowing power to Miscavige and are no threat to him. Very sad, but it is the truth.

  189. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, good lyrics for Christmas! Let all chant now in the church their new Christmas carols.

  190. Alex,

    It’s spheres of influence.

    To you, Mike, Marty and many others the actions witnessed are comical and, like you say, hardly the work of a true SP. But that is out here looking back.

    Imagine the crumpled, trapped, lost souls who are receiving, passing on and then executing these “comical” instructions.

    While we shake our heads they are nodding theirs. Fervently.

    Just because we are no longer in the sheep pen doesn’t mean the wolf is any less dangerous to the remaining sheep.

    If the concept of an SP is a truth worth studying I think DM is very much a poster boy for the subject and not to be underestimated.

  191. Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people. R.I.P. (Rise in Persona) Alan Hubbard. Who I loved and love, very well.

  192. Dear Marty and frends
    Went to Melbourne to fair well my mum in hospital ,my mum past away peacefully in my arms peacefully.i was in Melbourne for ten days,my mum changed her home number three times,but some how the church of Scientology ,kept ringing ,harassing my mum and talking about me.my mum
    Forgives them,and tould me not to worry about o.s.a.i arrived back to q.l.d back home,checked mail ,no mail,a car out side my property for 4 hours,I confronted the car driver,speed,of done a u turn and took off again,and waving at me while I was taking the cars number plate number.everyday for about 3 months I have been stalked,all becourse I refuse to sign my freedoms away.

  193. Li'll bit of stuff

    Dan thanks very much for sharing just what a cold
    chrome steel “heart” your ex boss was fitted with! (By which I am led to imagine, this pumped the synthetic hydraulic fluid thru’ his internal working “parts.”(cogs, spindles, cams, springs, push-rods, worm-drives, master & slave cylinders etc,etc.))

    Don’t you think it’s amazing though, how real familiarity
    can spill over into high “affinity” nick names for even
    non human ( even robotic, or reptilian ) entities, such
    as R2-D2 or “godzilla” respectively???

    Is it any wonder then, that DM has become “Demon”

    Or, with a true Scn’s discipline for clearing the origin/s of words, often back to their Latin roots, you may find
    an earlier incarnation of the one, who featured in your
    post , as having said of the other; “Ego ad declaro Jenniferris Linsonnus, sum lucidus alius stella in via lactea est alius exalio me.”

    Roughly, translated, this would be; ” I,(Demon), hereby
    declare Jenny Linson, to be the brightest other star in
    the galaxy–After ME!”

    (with sincere apologies to academics of Latin studies!!)

    Calvin (ius) !!

  194. Cancelling the certs of AUDITORs that LRH trained…
    That pretty well says it all.

  195. Does COB SUCK?

  196. Jean-François Genest

    🙂 Yes, I will bring him on a tour of the 5 Federal prisons we have here in Kingston, Ontario. After that, when he farts, the only sound you’ll hear will be whispers of air → whooooooooo 😉

  197. The DeMon seems to have preferred copper rods to pull in some laundry from the devil.

  198. Jean-François Genest

    ♫ You’re a mean one, Mis-cavidge ♫

  199. Hope you can update us on the Garbage man who was selling your garbage to a P.I. Seems like he should lose his job over that one.

  200. Li'll bit of stuff

    Eric, You did what you needed to do to give your
    wonderful mum a reassuring send off, making it
    so much easier to let the ailing body end cycle.
    I’m sure she appreciates everything you did for
    her, and will let you know, if not having done so
    already! As for the wretched oxygen thieves that
    harassed you, I can only suggest that you see
    them for what they are, mind controlled DM’bots,
    no longer possessed by themselves, only DM!
    Basically, just Ignore, as in TR-O bullbaited!
    Both you and your mum WILL triumph over this,
    You’ll see!

    ML & ARC,
    Durban, South Africa.

  201. Hey! I resent the slam on the IQs of the Fox News watchers! I (and I’m sure many others who occasionally post here) are avid viewers of Fox.

    Are you telling me that those who watch the likes of Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos are any brighter?

    I don’t think so!

    But since the opinion comes from you, good buddy, I won’t push the point – I’ll just chalk it off to too many years spent in the People’s Republic!

  202. Jean-François Genest

    They forgot my favorite Int Base Staff Expression:
    “Knock off your f***ing CI !!!!”
    C I = (counter-intention)

  203. Li'll bit of stuff

    Come to think of it, fellow Indies, you do realize, I’m sure, That there will obviously be a NEW connotation to the Roman term “A.D.” (After Christ)

    In Scientology terms, (at least) “A.D” will come to mean _____ ______!!

    That one was just for you, TO!

  204. Fox News viewers could score 100 on that one.

    Dan, that sort of partisan comment does nothing but cause needless ill will, and is added-inapplicable to the conversation at hand. We’re never all going to agree on politics, but we sure can start a ruckus by pushing those buttons.

  205. Please can you tell me where’s written that LRH auditors
    trained by him that their certs are cancelled?

  206. May the red carpet roll out for your mum wherever she next going. Sorry about the stalking. I would keep a journal about it if I were you, noting the days visits times etc. It may be important evidence someday. The New Year will bring a fresh start and provide other pleasures and joys for you.

  207. This ‘elderly gentleman’ sounds like the type of guy that the midget would be naturally attracted to.
    1)claimed innocence
    2)background in ‘security’
    3)accuses others of what he has done

    is he short in stature, dim in wit with only a pretense of a smile?

  208. Elderly or not, I don’t beleive they don’t know about it
    or wouldn’t want to query why the devices were put there
    suddenlyand a bird gage which is not neccessry for them
    that story is just not beleiveable sorry.

  209. I would think the same.

  210. Thank you very much,I have been recording and have taken then to the police,next stage is a restraint order,thank you very much for your kind words

  211. Truth,

    You have made a politically incorrect/correct statement. I agree DM will not go after you Paul.

  212. High Crime Report on David Miscavige and Int Base Staff

    David has housed and fed Tom Cruise at the Int Base at Org expense.

    Flag Order 2772 Non SO Members in SO quarters states:

    “None SO members may not be housed or fed at Org Expense.”

    “It is a high crime for for a CO to violate these non SO Member policies”.

    David Miscavige also employs HIMSELF as a highly paid executive of the CofS while also pretending to be a Sea Org Member for additional perks and to get them to cover his legal fees.

    These qualify as financial irregularities.

  213. Love it!
    Subject: “Why are you asking all these questions?”
    Experimenter: “How the hell should I know – it’s double blind?”

  214. The Oracle. I just have to tell you that this thread was one of the most enjoyable, educating and stimulating discourses because of your “on a roll.”
    Thank you for such lively, energetic, sincere words and thoughts.
    Btw, I like your picture, like “I’m watchin’ you mf”

  215. Oracle, I’ll try replying again. I want to thank you for making this thread the most interesting and educating one for me. I really enjoyed reading all you had to say and love how you say it.
    Btw, I like your picture, it’s like “I’m watching you …..”

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