It’s Alright


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  1. Roger from Switzerland Thought

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Nice…;->

  3. It’s alright ,the simple things in life,is what I want in life,and its alright if I don’t have everything ,I’m happy with what I have in life.

  4. It’s Alright and this year is almost done πŸ™‚ . Let’s start wishing each other a very happy and prosperous new year for the indie movement .

  5. yes what I have I am grateful for many have littel and one should be
    grateful for what he / she has. HAPPY NEW YEAR IN.

  6. sorry little/ should it read/

  7. Hey everybody. Thanks for the hope you have shared with me 2012. If I did not have hope I could not have received, the Scienctology, it in good faith. I don’t wanna make a mystery. Why I have to move into a vacancy. I will be off the grid for awhile come 2013. Gotta work, gotta go to school, Gotta make some money, create some energy. Thank you for granting me a voice here. It was your gift, not mine. I have the utmost trust in you. I can even sleep at night, knowing what you will do.

  8. “Living In The Moment”

    If this life is one act
    Why do we lay all these traps?
    We put them right in our path
    When we just wanna be free

    I will not waste my days
    Making up all kinds of ways
    To worry about all the things
    That will not happen to me

    So I just let go of what I know I don’t know
    And I know I’ll only do this by
    Living in the moment
    Living our life
    Easy and breezy
    With peace in my mind
    With peace in my heart
    Peace in my soul
    Wherever I’m going, I’m already home
    Living in the moment

    I’m letting myself off the hook for things I’ve done
    I let my past go past
    And now I’m having more fun
    I’m letting go of the thoughts
    That do not make me strong
    And I believe this way can be the same for everyone

    And if I fall asleep
    I know you’ll be the one who’ll always remind me
    To live in the moment
    To live my life
    Easy and breezy
    With peace in my mind
    With peace in my heart
    Got peace in my soul
    Wherever I’m going, I’m already home

    I can’t walk through life facing backwards
    I have tried
    I tried more than once to just make sure
    And I was denied the future I’d been searching for
    But I spun around and hurt no more
    By living in the moment
    Living my life
    Easy and breezy
    With peace in my mind
    With peace in my heart
    Got peace in my soul
    Wherever I’m going, I’m already home

    – Jason Mraz

  9. Thanks for that , Marty. Great start to the day!

  10. Does anyone reconigize where this video was filmed at? It looks beautiful.

  11. Cool , nice location at Venice Beach .

  12. Great juxtaposition to the wind up of yesterday. Even Christine and Steve can agree on this. Love it.

  13. Love the video and song. Love Darius. Love the message it brings. Thank you for sharing it.

  14. Theo sismanides

    Life is a process! Learning to love and Be is a desired result!! Happy New Year to all!!!

  15. As we draw close to the New Year….. a shout-out to Ms.Debbie Cook whose open letter (email) was a gift that kept on giving all year long
    She’s alright!

  16. I love the voice and tone level and the message.
    Happy New Year to y’all.

  17. I agree that Debbie Cook’s message started 2012 with a bang and kept on banging against the Co$’s corruption. No matter what they try to do to silence her, it has already gone viral. Those who passed it on or admired it openly and got ‘judgmented’ for it showed themselves as the real Scientologists are in this playing field of ours.AND IT’S ALRIGHT!

  18. When I saw the picture and the caption I remembered my wife tekking me what CO CMO Ship told her after I left the ship after being diagnosed with AIDS. She told my wife “Bill will be alright.” What she meant was “Bill will be dead, but he will be fine as a being”. I did not realize at the time how lucky I was. 3 of the staff I knew well and who were in good health then are now dead; one hanged himself and the other 2 died from prostate cancer.

  19. linda mccarthy

    Love Darius. Saw Hootie and the Blowfish in Vegas.Terrific concert. He and Bruno know how to write, that’s for sure.

  20. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2013!

  21. After the hurly-burly of the last thread – which left me quite exhausted – this was the perfect epilogue, very theta. Thanks!

  22. Appreciation, oft overlooked and understated. Had to share.

  23. Talking of musical interludes – and apropos of nothing really – Santa spoiled me rotten with the DVD of Led Zep’s reunion concert at the O2 a few years back – this is just outrageously superb… (if you like that sort of thing)

  24. Venice Beach, California, USA

  25. Oracle,

    As the last thing you did in a comment on the previous post was to call Jim Logan’s Bona fides into question, before you go I have a few questions for you:

    How many Auditors have you trained?

    How many PC’s or Pre-OT’s have you audited?

    How many people have you truly helped become better as beings?

    I think it was a pretty low-blow, joking or not, to attempt to sully the reputation of a man such as Jim. I daresay his conceptual understanding of “knowing how to know” far surpasses a mere parroting of the writings of LRH. And he can and does actually use it to help others become better – as beings.

    Can you? Do you?

  26. martyrathbun09

    Except, Scott, she didn’t do that. I think you ought to watch who you go bird dogging for before you start shooting shots across the bows of others. End of this thread. Please comment on THIS post on threads here.

  27. Li'll bit of stuff

    Sheesh, you’re right Martin, that was a marathon,
    This “soul food ” is “Alright” to relax to , very theta!

  28. My mistake. You’re right. I assumed it was Oracle because of an earlier asserted association. If First Rule is a different person. Then My comment was addressed to that person.

  29. martyrathbun09

    No problem. That imbroglio got so heated I couldn’t keep up with it either.

  30. Was a great 2012 and here is to an even better 2013 to all of you dedicated lovers of help and humanity.

  31. It’s Allright to have a good time, yeah It’s allright.

  32. Great video Marty.

    The love of a good woman or man truly does make everything alright.

  33. A wonderful expression of love and gratitude.

  34. Oracle
    I have always appreciated your input on this blog and look forward to more, should you be so inclined. Meanwhile, may your ventures be fruitful and satisfying. Happy New Year Girl

  35. LOVED the tone level of this video and song and its sentiments.

    I too am grateful for what I have-and once again, I must thank Marty for the best auditing I’ve had in my 34 years in Scn. What really made a difference was his perfect TR’s, a very safe environment (created by he & Mosey), Marty’s genuine caring-hence duplication….but most unexpected was the way he brought about an understanding of the processes we were running, which in turn made me ‘be there & interested in my own case’, without hesitation! Again, something so vital but missed entirely in previous auditing at Co$, including Class XII auditing on L11 & 12!!!!

    I am forever grateful for you Marty & Mosey, my good friends Carol & Pat, my new friend Ingrid Smith and those of you who come here to contribute more understanding of what Scientology should have been and now is-in the Indie field.

    I postulate the best for us all each and every day.

    ML, Midge

  36. I am so happy for you guys and that you found your own paradise! It is great to have a stable home base from which to operate.

  37. I will miss your input and hope to catch you sometimes in the future. Good luck in all you need to do, as I can relate to that and need some changes too.

  38. Scott, It was not me posting as First Rule. That was a false report. I don’t have a problem owning my own originations. The IP addy from this poster started in another state. It is not even physically possible that I could have been posting under both names. This has been verified.

    To take up your origination, I am not a trained course supervisor. Although I have sold a lot of people courses so the course supervisor could have someone to train.

    I am a solo auditor. I would guestimate I have audited a few thousand p.c.’s solo auditing.

    I don’t know how many people I helped become better as beings. I have put a LOT of people on the bridge. I body routed hundreds of people into Missions in New York as a volunteer. I spent SIX years in the Sea Org with my only duty to get public paid and started onto their next bridge step. That would qualify as thousands I helped others become better, as beings. I have selectees from Nevada to Hungary on the Bridge. I have three people right here in my home I put on the bridge. I have made it possible for five L’s to be delivered to four people in the last year.

    I am not ashamed of myself. I am not selling anybody anything or taking money from people in this arena , in exchange for qualifications or credentials either. I think I am qualified to help and have helped.

    If you are curious about anything else, feel free to email me on FB.

    Happy New Year!

  39. P.S. I gave you a thumbs up for your origination. πŸ™‚

  40. This one’s for you Marty – moving on up a little higher!


    “Higher And Higher”

    Blasting, billowing, bursting forth
    With the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes
    Man with his flaming pyre
    Has conquered the wayward breezes
    Climbing to tranquility
    Far above the cloud
    Conceiving the heavens
    Clear of misty shroud

    Higher and higher
    Now we’ve learned to play with fire
    Go higher and higher and higher

    Vast vision must improve our sight
    Perhaps at last we’ll see and end
    To our own endless blight
    And the beginning of the free
    Climb to tranquility
    Finding it’s real worth
    Conceiving the heavens
    Florishing on earth

    Higher and higher
    Now we’ve learned to play with fire
    Go higher and higher and higher

    Happy New Year everyone!

  41. I picked up a book at the airport on Dec 23rd. It is called The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne.
    I highly recommend it, it is all about showing thanks, being grateful, postulates, counting your blessings. It cost me $14 full price.

    Shows you how many things to be grateful for. Health, relationships, money, nature, material possessions. I have had very special results from applying the data in just the last week.

    I bet cheaper on ebay.

    “Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty. ”
    Christian Science Hymnal

    All the best to all.

    Continuing my Grade 1 and onto 2 soon. Back in the chair Jan 13, 2013 for two more weeks.

    Toronto is delivering. πŸ™‚


  42. Every great man has a great woman next to them, and you have Mosey. We are glad to have you both in our lives. Happy New Year to you and everyone here posting. Much Love,

  43. Thanks Oracle,

    I know you personally and as a being and I do appreciate all that you have done and are doing to truly help others. I want you, your family and everyone you care about to Flourish and Prosper.

    My “assumed identities are not identical” outpoint was my bad on this. Email anonymizers, OSA influence, etc. leaves me unsure on these things. That being said, I don’t believe in coincidence and the fact that no one on that line of commentary jumped in to defend Jim was a huge outpoint to me. I resigned myself to just comment on responsibility trumping common reality as the answer.

    When you gave an apparent “sign off for now” on this post today, I took it as a bad indicator from you and decided to stick up for my buddy. I’m sorry if I was wrong in thinking First Rule was you.

    As the Independent Scientology movement continues to evolve, we now have the opportunity to get the true and original bridge as LRH intended. We need On-Source and In-Tech Training and Processing in order to do this. Qual is an absolutely essential function necessary to the success of this evolution.

    Jim Logan is out there bravely and capably wearing his hat as a Qual Consultant. He should be helped.

    The fact that he is being openly attacked on Marty’s blog is nothing more than an OSA attempt to nullify his effectiveness in the Indie Field.

    Thanks for the Happy New Year wishes. You guys have a great New Year too!

  44. I wish you all,the very best in everything you do!

  45. Music has been designated a universal language. It is true that every human culture has a musical tradition. The aesthetic organization of creation and perception of sound and silence seems to be the best we can do to describe the universality of music to humantity. It is a rather dull description. In this instance, word-language fails me.

    I just wish to communicate this:

  46. You’re a trip TO. πŸ™‚ Don’t go away.

  47. Marty,

    Great video with a great message. What’s an evil dictator to do when his arch enemy puts out positive videos such as this??? It’s not fair, I say!

    Happy new year to you and yours!

    Funny, I just had a conversation last week with my band about whatever happened to Hootie and the Blowfish and where Darius Rucker was these days.

    Now I know!


  48. Just for the record I don’t even really know what OSA is. I mean I know of it but I think people give too much credit for this entity and think that every conflict is caused by them. The conflict was caused by me and I take full responsibility for it. Any time anywhere any part of it. If you care to really know the truth please see my “Aftermath response on the previous post” so we keep this stuff there as Marty requested. If after reading that post you still think I am OSA …

    It’s Alright! πŸ™‚

    Happy new year to everyone!

  49. PS: You may have to wait a bit for that post to get through moderation as it is a longer one, but please read it.

  50. Just to make things clear, I am not First Rule.
    I have used my first and last name only on here for a couple of years since Martin Padfield started using only his first name.
    Sorry, but if you apply “you can be right” it could take the sting out, but the truth is. I only post as me.
    I’ll take down any counter poster with truth.
    Have at it.

    Happy New Year. ❀

  51. Mike Hobson. I read what you insinuated, and sorry wrong target.
    I follow my judgement, period.
    I own my mind, as best I can, and that will improve.
    I am not only bewildered, but saddened by being falsely accused.
    If you want to play games, I’ll play. But, as in the words of Bain, “It would be very painful… for you.”
    Just kidding, I increase my theta zone, not decrease.
    Peace and love.
    Happy New Year.

  52. Gonna miss your posts.
    Hope that you will make a “guest appearance” now and then.
    Wishing you a truly happy new year.

  53. And thank you, Scott, for standing up for Jim Logan. I would have too, but I missed whichever post attacked him. I have never met Jim personally, but I can tell that he is a Friend of Man as well as a Friend of LRH. By his many posts it is plain that he is a sincere Champion for Standard Tech. That’s enough for me.
    So, Happy New Year to All!

  54. Wonderful !!!!!!

  55. O.K. Scott, We’re good! As for, “When you gave an apparent β€œsign off for now” on this post today, I took it as a bad indicator from you ..”

    I did not want my vanishing motor mouth to be taken a bad indicator. I would much rather be here among the intellects and philosophers and the cafe society of Scientology exchanging ideas! But, I am off , on the road and on a contract, so I’m taking an L.O.A.. Replaced myself with four good people. One is a class Vl. One is an engineer. One is retired in grace and a sort of consistant student of philosophy, and the last is an auditor too, at least a class lV. All of them good Scientologists!

    Meanwhile, hope you guys get for a visit soon. XXOO May the red carpet roll out for you in 2013!

  56. Looks like Marty has named the theme
    For Two Thousand and Thirteen!
    So here’s still another “It’s All Right !”
    (It seems like years since it’s been clear)
    Here Comes the Sun……….

  57. I’ll miss you, Oracle. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, even the rants! Good luck and come back soon.

  58. It’s alright!

    We lost a few years with DM taking over and it was and is of course
    But then, what are a few years compared to the time we’ve been around!
    We have the tech and unlike the last 30 years where I had little hope, now I have…
    And I feel: It’s alright!

    Happy New year to everyone!

    Marcel Wenger

  59. Happy New Year to all and a properous and peaceful One

  60. No need to apologize for something you didn’t do,
    No explanation necessary for something that isn’t true,
    No reason to not survive and even have some fun, and
    Lo, we’ll BE together until the day is won!

    2013 WILL BE ALL RIGHT !!!
    For sure !!!

  62. Good call. Who is bird dogging.
    Slightly off subject, but I have had personal contact, through e-meter or fsm with enough field to call a fool.
    Hobson’s insinuation was a fool’s dig at gold.
    If you want to attack me, please be sure of your condition formula.
    My theta is inarguable.
    My honesty, over the ramparts.
    I wish the best… Please do not try to stop me.

  63. My good wishes to you both and your group
    Have a good Successful New Year with lots of fun aswell
    Sincerely Hadley

  64. This year started with a controversial communication with Debbie Cook’s e-mail and the last post stirred our collective consciousness it is only fitting we look ahead feeling alright. We will persevere. Why? We just know it. I thank all whose responses in Marty’s blog have felt alright because they know it is a safe terminal. So, Happy New Year all. ARC Bill Dupree

  65. On this anniversary of a very important point for me in my evolution as a Scientologist I share a deeply felt communication if you please, my poem to you: lv, Gayle

    On the eve before New Year’s
    I’m enjoying the view of the past year contemplating what I have

    2012 started with unequaled exuberance and
    as my faith in another was restored as it exposed a psychotic

    Last New Years eve will go down as the
    where my silence ended and overt attack of stupidity begun.

    Past the point when I’d concluded she was not who I
    an occurance ended my questioning mind of what I’d been taught.

    I’d learned of so much from those whose I’d always held
    but still she said nothing and for me there was no good reason why.

    How could someone I admired and in my heart held so dear
    be a victim of ignorance, greed or worse, degrading fear?

    The questions I had about her silence weighted heavy you
    as she was someone I believed was a lot like, well, me.

    As I sat with my friends on the night of this day one year
    something great and long hoped for made us turn off some show.

    My boyfriend Kirk slowly sat back his cell phone locked in his
    and he began speaking the most important
    words spoken that night.

    “I am emailing you as a friend and fellow
    Scientologist.” the email he read to us began
    and went on to verify stories of one powerfully psychotic man.

    She said “I served in the Sea Org at Flag for 29
    and the room filled with the tension that preceded the cheers.

    “17 of those years were as Captain
    Oh yes, hang on to you seats here’s the woman we know.

    “I am a trained auditor and C/S as well as on OEC, FEBC
    and DSEC.”
    Keep reading it clearly Kirk I feel life growing me.

    She used words like “dedicated”, “LRH technology” and
    She said that she knew it was worth fighting for.

    She had “very serious concerns about out-KSW” and went on to
    many details about what made her feel so strongly that way.

    She quoted LRH policy over and over to
    that it’s our duties as Scientologists to let everyone know.

    David Miscavige has grabbed a hat LRH never
    and in fact set up a structure to prevent before needing his grave.

    She made it easy for most to show that LRH tech was at
    and advised of the off-policy climate one simply not participate.

    She laid it all out making it easy to
    and then signed it “ARC, Debbie Cook”

    By the end of the email our bodies were wagging with
    She finally stepped up and spoke out about psychotic boy.

    Receiving that email last New Year’s Eve will go
    As the best New Year’s Eve when my feet found the ground.

    I’d been feeling the effects of questioning my choices in
    as the decades of sacrifice cut me deep like a knife.

    But the momentum of all that Marty and Mike and Steve had built
    Was given a jolt by her email that flowed over this cup.

    I grabbed my laptop and to facebook I
    to announce my support to her then many emails I sent.

    Like me hundreds and thousands forwarded her email
    as her words rallied a world-wide thunderous SHOUT.


    I had expected so much more from the trained and the
    and her email, it did, it restored faith in my teachers.

    LRH is the man who gave us something to
    to channel ourselves to be me and be you.

    I thank you Debbie from the bottom of my
    to be someone I thought you were from the start.

    To Marty and Mike and Steve and all who work to reverse
    This past year is a gem you helped me put in my jewel box of lessons.

    In 2012 I learned to be strong once
    and to all who helped that you are truly my friend.

    Happy New Year to you all. Let the number of friends
    I’ve made in 2012 pale in comparison to what is ahead
    this coming year. In such it will be a healthy, wealthy new year.


    Gayle Smith

  66. imbroglio… that’s a good one! :–)

  67. Oh my, wow wow wow !! Awesome Gayle, just awesome.

  68. Happy New Year everyone!!!!! it is going to be awesome!!!

  69. May we all have a wonderful new year — much thanks to everyone here for all our shared communication – hot, cold but never indifferent!!

    I hope you enjoy this little video by Alan Watts – (and I hope I embedded it correctly)

    And thank you Marty — never a dull moment at the casa πŸ™‚


  70. Marty, thanks for all you do. Mosey and Jim Logan and Steve “Thoughtful” and Mike Rinder and everyone else who contributes, thank you too. Happy New Year to all and may we move on up a lot higher in 2013.

  71. Very cool, Oracle,

    As for your motor mouth, I kinda did that over the last year or so too, you know – letting new people have their say and such. And I’m sure the cafe society will still be there when you get back.

    Good to hear that you’ve got a new gig. It’s good to take an LOA now and then as well. Well done on getting some good Scn friends to replace you.

    We might get over that way sometime in the New Year cause I’ve never walked on a red carpet (that I can recall) but I know you’d roll one out for us!

  72. Yup, Ol’ Jimmy’s the real deal. Enough for me too. Happy New Year!

  73. Great Gayle for bringing this up now at the end of the year.
    The circle is closing
    The Indie field is reaping what Debbie sowed.
    May there be ever more in 2013.
    And happy New Year to everybody while I am at it.

  74. Christine, beautiful, thanks for posting this. Happy New Year!!

  75. Fabulous, Gayle! Happy New Year to you my friend.

  76. Happy New Year to all!

  77. And to you too Carol. So glad to see you here from time to time …

  78. Windhorse, I have responded to one of your last posts on the previous thread by way of clarification on the “imbroglio”. Aye, ’twas, but while it raged I was taken up with other pursuits.

    I remain,
    Jim Logan πŸ™‚

  79. Terrific video πŸ™‚ Terrific Artist — I’m a new fan now! And most of all, terrific song!! Happy New Year Marty and Mosie!

  80. Happy New Year my friend! I look forward to working with this new year! lv,g

  81. Thank you Don! Happy New Year to you too!! btw, Don was a very close friend and fellow staff member of mine since ’85. He was who got me sent to Flag in the beginning of ’86 to do my first Flag training as a Cramming Officer. We lost touch years later and reunited as a result of this blog. He posted in his own name and as former Snr C/S Philadelphia, the same org I was Snr C/S of years later. A dear friend emailed me to ask me if I knew this person and the rest is history. Finding Don again was the finding of a very dear long lost friend where the time since last speaking just didn’t matter as it was like resuming the last conversation we had. I was jumping up and down when I was told Don had posted on the blog and got in touch with him within hours. Friends are lbetter than a cold drink on a sweat drenched day, a root beer float and hot popcorn during your favorite actors new movie or wings and pizza while watching the SuperBowl…Don, This year we get to see each other in person again, period!

  82. πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!! You were a source of light and hope at a very dark time – I feel blessed that we reunited at the precise time it was most needed. This year for sure!

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