Ronn Stacy aka Alaska Ronn


My Story ~ My life within and without the church of scientology

by  Ronn Stacy, ‘Alaska Ronn’


It’s hard to know where to begin, and yea, long story.

I’ll start with a brief history pre- Scientology.  Drugs, Inc.  Youth gone awry, as too many  of us went 60’s & 70’s.  I did enjoy some of it, although who can remember why?  Spiritual enlightenment… Nirvana?  For me it became a spiritual quest in fact, Timothy Leary, Tibetan Book of the Dead, et al.  Several weeks of 1973, age 19, in and out of the likes of psychiatric reality, at the hands of family who were trying to save me from the drug culture.  Bless their hearts.  It took months, but I eventually realized the game, that the only way out was admitting they were right and I was wrong.

The whole affair was short lived but unfortunately necessary to tell the rest of my story.

That bit of life, far behind, thanks in no small way to L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries, the Reactive Mind, the Purification Rundown, Scientology Drug Rundown and further rehab with Scientology studies and auditing.  I realized in an auditing session many years later, looking all this over, I was indeed fully responsible for that situation and my condition.  To me it was never that big of a deal except that I knew I had to come clean and deal with it before moving onwards as a Scientologist.

To be fair to myself, it wasn’t all just drugs and rock & roll.  I was quite able and productive, had become a Gov. certified weldor by age 18.  And for 7 years worked at such lofty positions as a weldor for the Naval shipyard in Pascagoula, putting together quarters (ships are built in quarters) of war ships the size of large office buildings, or welding locomotive frames and helicopter rides to offshore platforms in the Gulf.

Home from one of those young life adventures, a close friend handed me a copy of DMSMH by LRH.  Mid 70’s. I read enough to realize it was the road I had been looking for.  I realized about then too that peyote & naked hippie chicks did not equate to Nirvana; though at times close… what can I say.

So I threw away my flower power and found Scientology.  No Mission near me, so I found more LRH books in libraries, Dianetics 55, Science of Survival, The History of Man (right down my alley at that time…lol ).

By 1978 I had thought up a getaway, away from dead-end friends, the military of all things.  I figured it would get me away from the scene I had grown up around and put some structure and discipline in my life – my actual thoughts at the time.

During my induction in Chicago, the US Army gave me a choice, between MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) or choose your overseas destination.  Prior to the naked butt induction stations I had discovered Alaska was considered an overseas tour and that was my choice to the desk clerk, as I’m standing half-undressed he checked the box for “Alaska” and in the same sweep checks, “Infantry”.  Hooah!

Several very hot Kentucky summer weeks later, 27 mile hikes, crawling in mud, throwing hand grenades, a 60lb pack and after more advanced training, I found myself dropping out of a helicopter on a remote snow covered bitter cold mountain top in the Chugach Range, Alaska.  It was mid February , 1980.  At least I was back to good condition and finally getting somewhere in life… arctic survival training!


Later on that same year I found the Mission in Anchorage.  After walking around the block, contemplating, I walked in the front door.  My life within Scientology began, late 1980.  I did the Comm Course, then Book One, etc..  I became a local celebrity of sorts auditing a new person through her birth engram, and then blowing a local dentist through a chronic migraine, gone.  Scientology was changing my life, and between my studies and the work-a-day discipline of the US Army, I was surely gaining new ground.

A few months later (still Army for another 2 years) I joined Staff, early 81’.  The bookstore was in total disarray and not very well stocked.  I instant hatted as BSO, SS 0, I & II right off and a little later read through Big League Sales, by Les Dane.

I started selling books, a lot of books, reading and applying every LRH policy on book sales I could get my hands on and managed the book accounts and built up the stock with organized displays in short order.   Several months later I was promoted to PES.  Sometime late 81’ I took earned leave from the Army and went to FLAG for a Les Dane seminar, with Les himself no less!  Les recited the great story how Ron had called him to ok his book for the Church.  I still hadn’t had auditing by this point.

I completed several other services from 81 – 82’ at the Mission, as much as I could beg borrow and steal as a staff member.

Got my Life Repair auditing a year or so later, Student Hat, M-1, ITSE Crs., and sometime early 82’ finally started Bridge auditing ~ still full time Army.

Routing out my military obligation in July 1982, Honorable Discharge, with honors, including the Army Achievement Medal, I thought long and hard about re-upping but had become convinced my immortality was with the Church.

Leaving the military is remarkably similar to CSI leaving and leaves incidentally, including interrogations dependent clearances, medicos, registars (recruiters)… although sans sec checks.  Routing out of the military was then more or less hassle free though, a check list of station sign offs, except for one last butch haircut mandatory.

Shortly after I found myself at ASHO for The Hubbard Registar & Salemanship Course.  Full time training for about 2 months then, berthing with Sea Org at the complex with a half dozen snoring per small room.  No furniture, stuffing my suitcase under my bunk and eating cheese on white bread for lunch – at least it was free.

I graduated with an internship of sorts, regging for ASHO and LADay, and with honors from the CO ASHO.  I forget her name, but remember she was impressed I had got a new public to leave his Rolex watch with me while he went to get cash for his first course… .

Back to Anchorage, trained now to get Div 6 booming, more books sold, bodies in the shop, new starts continued all-time highs for a few months.  The small course room was packed.  The issue became keeping them, lost it seemed best known to God.  Where are all my new starts?  I’m not doing this for nothing!  So I went to Seattle to train as a Course Supervisor.

I want to shift for a moment and tell something of the transients we had in Alaska during the ‘80’s.

Several from those beginnings today still hold Executive posts inside the Church, a few went on to the Sea Org, and some are now interestingly enough, in the Independent Field.  A few more Indies remain nameless not yet in the open.  I can tell you there weren’t many mundane characters, we were there at the time on the same terms battling the forces of evil from all sides (including each other at times) to get Scientology into one of the more remote populations on the planet.

The players:

Bob Hamilton, original OTVII, E.D. the first Scientologist I ever met and Mission Holder during the 80’s, completed NOTS early 80’s.  Now PES at the Seattle Morgue last I heard.  I no longer hear from him after I told him recently he needed to wake up, though not in so few words.

Jerry Racheff, OTIII at the time (early 80’s), now OTVIII.  We became friends during those years, and even lived together during some harder times in Alaska.  Jerry is now the E.D. San Francisco FDN.

Jan Racheff – Silber, went to do her training through CL IV at FLAG early 80’s.  We were on staff together for several years in Alaska first half the 80’s.   Jan went on to become the E.D. of Mountain View Org. and moved on to marry Marc Silber.

Pat Parodi and Nancy Parodi, both OTVIII I believe and last I knew were still FSMing in the LA area.  I heard Nancy finished CLVI.  She was on staff in Alaska when I joined, Pat came up from LA in the early 80’s.  They moved on to LA mid 80’s.

Forrest Crane, OTIV, CLVIII  Forrest and I were on staff early 80’s, he audited my Grade I, then in ’83 thereabouts went to ASHO/AOLA to finish his training through CLVIII C/S.  He left contracted Mission staff and held his ground against joining other Orgs and years later made it, on his own dime no less, and came back to Anchorage in 1990 as a Permanent CLVIII to audit for the Mission – and did so beyond his 5 year contract.  After finishing his contract, he was excited about starting a field practice, but shortly came the Golden Age of Tech and his certs were no longer valid ??? and that he must retrain GAT, including all the new prerequisites – enforced by none other than Heir Miscavige… on down and across the entire field of Permanent Auditors.

Mario Robles and Holly Robles  They came up to the Mission early ‘80’s as tech and ethics terminals.  Mario audited my HRD.  I’ve lost track of these terminals. Last I knew, circa 2002, Holly was in Las Vegas working with OSA and they were separated.

Rey Robles (brother to Mario).   Ray was also at the Anchorage Mission for a while, maybe a year or two.  He is now auditing in the Freezone, apparently has been since 1990 according to internet news.  His stories are easily found on the internet but we haven’t been in comm since Anchorage.

Lynn McDaniels.  My 2D in the early 80’s.  Mostly I remember she wrote a lot of KR’s on me.  Last time I saw her she was OSA, late 90’s.

Bill Pinton, Clear, Grad V, came up from Seattle to replace the Robles’ as our auditor.  After his contract Bill and his new wife moved back to Seattle, circa 89/90.  Bill and I smoked a lot of ciggies together and talked cars and conspiracy theories.  I lost track of them too but I understand they had at least one child and Bill died of cancer sometime in the 90’s – I only found out years later.

Anyways, 1983’ish, the Mission was not without trouble by now.  Forrest had left to do his training, and not long after we held a BOI on the E.D. due to some flagrant out finance he had swindled from the field, lied about and had made some unauthorized transfers of Mission and Public monies to get his NOTS clean up.  Many were pissed.  I remember Jerry Racheff was hoodwinked out of thousands.  During the BOI Nancy Parodi questioned whether he was even a thetan !!  Times were tough in Alaska, lol !

In 84’ we were graced by Jeanne Bogvad, CO LAD.  She had come to Anchorage to promote the newly released FPRD.  Just what I needed I was sold, after all I had been stalled after GDII for a few months by then!  I flew to LA that summer.

This was the first time my eligibility for auditing came into any serious question.  Jeanne told the DofP to have me sign a waiver and audit him, he was an upstat staff member!  Her words.  And that was the end of any further discussion about it.

And for the first time went exterior as a thetan… life changing floating TA.

It was also around this time the ED had returned from FLAG for a “clean up of Mayo NOTS”, and just that suddenly I couldn’t stand to be around the guy.  Couldn’t stand it. So enturbulating I routed off staff on an LOA a short time later.

Nearing the end of this year off I negotiated a new lease for a sweet building on a highly trafficked intersection mid-town Anchorage to get us out of this “body shop” – the Mission had moved above an auto body shop south of town (long story) in the middle of nowhere.  This was prime location, large (to us) but it was empty, no partitions, no offices.

I caught some heavy flack for it, but I didn’t care nor agree, hell I was going to be regging the money anyway and without any other consideration about it, we had to move away from this body shop!

A week or two after I organized an evening event in the new space.  Almost all the field showed up, also excited you could tell.  We hadn’t moved yet and so they sat on the floor as I spoke, but they were into it.

Realize we’re not talking a 50,000sf behemoth Morgue, we were moving from about 1200sf above an auto body shop to about 4,500sf, consisting of two large empty rooms.  To us it was huge, to me, it was ideal  – pun intended.

Basically I just gave everyone a locational tour, and passed around some mocked up floor plans I had drawn up with pencil and told them we needed their help.  It didn’t have to be nothing fancy, but that we needed offices, partitions built, we need a course room and we needed auditing rooms…  Moments later, one of our field, a builder/developer, offered to supply all the materials and labor!  Just like that we had it going on!  Others donated furniture, more desks, tables, their time. I built bookshelves and mocked up the reception area.  True to his word Dave Pennington, Clear, L’s, had the materials delivered and his crews arrived and built the offices and we had an Ideal Mission in a matter of a few weeks.  I would love to hear how Dave is if anyone knows.  Last I knew he had left the Church early-90’s after finishing his L’s.

And BOOM perhaps for the first time, we did, far better than ever before (or since).  Before I finished my contract and finally left in the summer of ‘88 to FLAG to train, and straighten out my cycle at CCLA we went from 5-6 staff up to 26 staff and I continued regging for both Div6 and Div2 and ran the promo lines and the Div6 staff and events and recruited more staff and our Tech was delivering training and auditing and sending public on up the lines as we were supposed to, Seattle, to LA, FLAG, etc.  The Mission I left summer of 88’ was doing very well and held a lot of promise for Anchorage.

As to filling in the rest of the story, I went off to CCLA in Sep 87’, paid through NED.

The first day in the HGC at CCLA I was declared an illegal PC and told to train, and just that abrupt. That former life degradation I had long since risen above hitting me in the face all over again, smashing.

What could I do?  I couldn’t fight an LRH HCOPL even though I questioned in my own mind even back then who had re-written it.  LRH had been gone for a year and a half and I just couldn’t believe LRH would allow this to happen were he here.

My next course per the CS was Pro TR’s so I decided to do what I was told, I stayed and trained.  I finished all the theory and was ready to start the TR’s and then just as abruptly was informed that I couldn’t do TR’s, determined by the CS because I was mid a major auditing action………… WTF???  !!!  Just like that, in a matter of a few weeks, after 6 years as a dedicated executive staff member, STOPPED on BOTH sides of the Bridge.  Try thinking with that.

Back to Alaska.

I finished my contract in Anchorage, recruited a replacement, packed my car, stuffed some cash in the glove box and drove to FLAG, 6000 miles, solo, summer of 88’.


I was at FLAG less than 2 weeks when Jan Racheff heard I was there and found me and wanted us to drive cross country to Mountain View, CA and be an FSM for her new group- Mtv Mission.  She had just come off the Maiden Voyage OTVIII.  After only a few weeks I wasn’t warming up to the Florida heat anyway… so that’s what we did.

And that’s what I did for the next two years full time, mostly 7 days a weeks, during which my Petition for auditing was denied and again told to train… train on what?  No one seemed to have an answer save a loose conversation I finally had with Joy at Steven’s Creek.  She called bullshit not able to do my TR’s and let me finish my course, then Level 0, Ethics Specialist, another round of ITSE, Exec Status I, Personal Org Board Mini Crs (remember that one?), Reg cramming to end all, etc.  After 2 years full time so called “FSM”, 7 days a week most weeks, although not officially staff, as the Reg for MTV I was told by a Sea Org Mission early 90’ I couldn’t hold a post as I wasn’t legal for staff.  What? I had only 5x’d the Mountain View Mission GI from a previous $200k a year to $1M a year, along with some help from key FSM’s, including one on this blog I’ll let name himself.  That same year MTV became a CLV Org.

Anyway I really said fuck it this time, your loss, and I went back to Anchorage mid 1990 to try and make up for lost time… and to make some sense of it all.

A few weeks after arriving in Anchorage the Mountain View GI had dropped significantly and I was ordered back for a BoI !  lol   It was an easy handle though, my reply was simply, no, I wasn’t coming for a Board of Investigation, but rather would request a Comm Ev at AO to disclose all the facts.  I got a call the next day from Marc Silber, that the BoI had been withdrawn.

Forrest Crane, 1990, also just back to Alaska as a new CLVIII and so we got together to pull in the field and clean up cycles and get the Mission going again.  Again some great successes, and we pulled the Mission out of a financial hole with Ethics and Tech.  After several months I eventually began doing less, couldn’t hold a post and started to live my life instead, and I eventually abandoned the “unauthorized” help flow altogether.  During the rest of the 90’s I just did courses here and there as public.

The Anchorage Mission eventually shrank to 3 or 4 contracted staff, and now 1 today.

I personally felt for Forrest struggling as he did as a CLVIII, and we talked about it many times back then, no income, few or no PC’s, little or no pay after all those years training and promises, and then he couldn’t audit in the field because of GAT requirements.  Wild shit.

In roughly 2003 I was informed by the LA Day Tours Reg, Steve Drabin, that I should send up my petition again  as most were being approved now… so I did.  This time I received a letter from Senior CS Int (??) of an “approved program” that will get me back on the Bridge and that my TE was 50hrs.

What, excited, somewhat, but hopeful again?  Not really… but what the hey, one last attempt.


So I rode my Harley from Eagle River, AK to LA Day late summer of 2004, 3500 miles solo.  I had left a couple years of taxes with my accountant in Anchorage to get caught up while I was gone (already paid several thousand in, just not filed yet).  First I routed onto the PTS/SP course  (more Ethics… but of course…) then days later finally got onto my testing and DofP and was excited to finally get back in the chair, only to be told later I couldn’t do my program until my taxes were handled.  Are you kidding me??? I’m the one dealing with this, and I am dealing with it, not you!

Nope, no enchilada, no sause.

A couple days later I was pulled out of the course room by the LAOrg EO and told I couldn’t be on course either, and apparently according to the DSA, I couldn’t even be on the premises!!  LOL

Fuck all, back to Alaska.

April of 2006 I switched Orgs, this time to SFO, my old buddy from Alaska, Jerry Racheff.  My taxes handled now (imagine that) and I started my “Senior CS Int official program”.  50hrs SF Org… So then what?  20+ years off the cans I was given a CLIV intern half my age, himself just off a drug rehab program at Narconon – my luck, and my “program” turned out nothing more than what we all know now as designer Sec Checks.

– are you fricken kidding me ?

After 20 years of no auditing, no repair lists, no proper indications, no Bridge progress now I’m running sec checks on the most ridiculous squirrel questions imaginable – based around those few months of my life in 1973.  Grinding as all hell.  Then came the question; “Have you ever lied to the Senior CS Int?”  “Uh… … no.”  But apparently no 3 swing FN (little did I know at the time), so hours and hours and hours around that.  Finally, I came up with an answer, fact that I had not disclosed every single detail of my life during those few months 30+ years ago, minute by minute by moment, during hours and days I was forced to look 33 years earlier I didn’t do while writing up my petition.  Now, suddenly, I had lied to the Senior CS Int. … which of course gets written up… bad I figure, but… it gets even better.

Then finally came the KR’s and Ethics review, then conditions, then false data stripping on the 2D (of course)… but then, comes the heavy near daily (several times a week at my work) ongoing threat of a Type B declare because of an unhandled traffic incident 7 years earlier.  Are you kidding me?  Nope, Type B golden rod sitting on his desk…

I was ordered under threat of declare to immediately fly back to Washington State and turn myself in! The EO said he was protecting the Church, and that if it was him, he’d fly straight up there and turn himself in right now.  I asked, “What, you think the Seattle Sheriff is going to show up at the San Francisco Org over an unhandled traffic situation?”  I got no response but a blank stare.

It had finally become embarrassing enough, and so I told the EO not only no, but hell no, that I was entitled to legal representation, and that’s exactly what I did and shortly after which, a few weeks later an old attorney buddy had the case dismissed.  DONE.  Still, in the interim, I got calls nearly every day, threatening to issue a Type B Declare if I didn’t get this handled immediately.  Jerry Racheff made his EO hold off is the only reason it didn’t happen.  I had paid $12,000 for a program that turned just nutty as hell.

A few weeks after it was all handled as I had explained it would be from the beginning, the EO started calling me for new release book sales, events and Ideal Org raffle tickets, again, weekly.   Now I guess we’re supposed to be buddies.

I routed off vowing never to go back.  I could hardly think anyway by then and for the first time in 30 years I didn’t feel I had control over my future.

I did eventually go back onlines at Mountain View and finished a few Basics, although more than burned out by then.  After half dozen courses I looked around one day and realized this is NOT what I want to be doing.  I became finally fed up, looking all this over again and what it was going to take to get up the Bridge.  More and more prerequisites had developed over the years, and it had been a long while since I could no longer simply route onto Level I, much less get any auditing.

I walked away, July 2009.


I had come to the conclusion I really didn’t want to do these books, again in many cases, in the course room, ahead of all else, especially after half my answers were yellow tagged. I understood my answers, even to some of the dumb ass questions!

So I came to terms I wasn’t going to make it up the Bridge this lifetime and haven’t been back.  By mid- 2011, I finally had to tell my wife I wasn’t going back.  No interest, not what I signed up for, sorry not fun anymore…  I had withheld this from her because she is Clear, preps complete and had her OT Levels paid for at Saint Hill.  Surprisingly, she understood!

And then… for both of us, there was Debbie’s letter.  Forrest and I had been in comm for years about much of this, and he pointed us to Marty’s site… the rest as they say, is history.

In this short order of one year I now have the top Standard Tech auditors on the planet willing to audit me, and I can only continue to look forward to many new on source friends for the first time in 30 years.

An old friend once told me – if it weren’t for the Church we’d both be OTVIII by now!

And that brings me to the final point of my lone wolf story, and one that is rarely mentioned within or without Scientology.  The large untold numbers of simply discarded souls declared Illegal PC by the Church of Scientology, and the countless indignations so many are put through in their sincere attempt to find the truth and be helped, to help and finally “allowed” to go up the Bridge.

Perhaps however, it is as Karen #1 told me almost a year ago now, that I was actually lucky to have avoided most of it.

I leave references to yourselves, many have already been quoted herein, and I’m sure you’ve thought of a few of your own.

A year on I’m still coming to terms with this new responsibility.  No organization to shy away from is quite fascinating.  I’ve come to terms with one thing for sure, I have no doubt who my friends are, or may yet be, as well as who are not.

My friends are my family and friends whose love and support is unconditional, vise-versa and those who can know and apply the legacy of LRH, it’s correct application the spiritual technology left for us to discover the truth within for ourselves.

Ronn Stacy, “Alaska Ronn”

Independent Scientologist




232 responses to “Ronn Stacy aka Alaska Ronn

  1. A story well told and all too familar.

  2. Ronn, Wow, I’d say you had been through more than your fair share!!! I have enjoyed your posts on this blog and I am truly happy you are out!!!!
    I personally know that 2013 is going to be a wonderful year for you and all of us! I love your pictures, thanks for posting them and I especially love the one with you and your dog!!! Happiness, peace, joy and love Ronn!!

  3. Nice story Ronn.
    It is always shocking to hear how dumb the organization can be. I was just saying to a friend the other day that if the “church” wasn’t a monopoly and if there were thousands of Indie centers , the “illegal pc” thing wouldn’t be a very big issue. I don’t think there would be very many illegal pc’s.
    I joined the Navy at 17 to get away from my druggie friends too, so I have a lot of “R” on that , as well as many Scientology injustices.
    I was the Chaplain for awhile at Seattle Org and knew Bob Hamilton when he came down from Alaska to be the PES. He is a nice guy. He went to Flag and got a bunch of auditing and while there the MAA’s got him to buy several large book packages that he had to store in his basement. He apparantely didn’t like to complain and wants to be a good boy so he is still there doing the lords work.
    Anyways, welcome to the jungle….

  4. Rosalie Hamilton

    Ronn, I, too, have that best auditor on the planet, and I want to assure your life, as LRH intended it, is just beginning. Welcome to real Scientology, what we were looking for in the first place. Well done on finding it.

  5. Alaska Ron,
    Very interesting story of your life in Scientology. You have made a great decision to join the independent movement. My story with scientology was
    during the 1973-1989 time period so I can duplicate your intentions during
    the social movements. If you are ever again in South Florida, please contact
    us and bring that beautiful dog.
    George M. White

  6. Excellent story Ronn, welcome to the other side where it is a lot brighter, funner and free of the Bullshit. Your list of players are all too familiar. My wife got started at Anchorage Mission just before you and knew many of them as well.

  7. Brenda Stokes

    Alaska Ronn,

    ‘Thanks for the insight into your life, I understand you better now, I like you.

  8. Ronn, Now that you have the church out of the way you should have no problem going up the bridge. Pretty funny when you think about it.

  9. Good story Ron. The future is here in the Independent field. I was pretty much in the same frame of mind as you. i.e. not going to make it up the bridge this lifetime. Now I’m complete on Nots, finished 3 L’s and am a studying fool, completely unencumbered by the insane arbitraries of the CoS, their cockeyed view of ethics and alterations of the Tech.

    Life is great out here. Hoping much of the same for you.


  10. Looking 4 Myself

    I never cease to be amazed at how different it was in the church before it was taken over by sociopathic types at the top.I didn’t find Scientology until the early 90’s and the church at that time was unrecognizable from what it once was.If it wasn’t for people like you telling what it was like before DM and what I have learned about the philosophy since I decided to part with the CO$ I probably would have written Scientology off as a scam.
    Here’s wishing that the next couple of years for you in the Independent field more than makes up for the decades of frustration and stops that the church made you endure.

  11. Anononyourside

    Ronn, thank you for telling your amazing story and for having the courage to do so. I can only conclude after reading it, and the other stories that Marty has put on this blog, that the Church of Scientology has devised tests that, over the last three decades, are for the sole purpose of driving out those individuals who would challenge the church. Why would a church drive away members at a time when it claims it is seeking to grow? Perhaps because the church has another agenda. Perhaps this unstated agenda has to do with large amounts of cash flow unregulated by the IRS, empty expensive buildings throughout the world, large numbers of unquestioning, mindless staff, terrorization (or attempted terrorization) of any member or ex-member that asks questions, especially those asking to see the accounting books, and lawsuits brought and dropped by the church the moment it becomes clear that financial records may be sought. What does all of the above suggest? I can only speculate……

  12. Ronn,

    Thank you for your very personal story. It aligns with what I (and many others) got at Co$. Like me (and I am sure many others) you were willing to give your life to Co$ only to be betrayed repeatedly.

    The good thing is that now you can really move up the Bridge and get real Scientology and real auditing and training. Nobody here is going to deny you that.

    I wish you all the best.

  13. PS
    Your dog is beautiful.

  14. Reading stories like Ron’s on this blog, and talking to some of my fellow Outies (a group that includes Exes and Indies), I am repeatedly amazed by two things. The first thing is the enormous amount of talent and make-it-go-right ability that has been attracted to Scientology and then subsequently blown off by the suppression and/or sheer craziness. Ron is a good example of that. A raw-meat, hippie drug case walks in off the street and before getting any auditing whatsoever, booms the Anchorage Mission. Any sane organization would jump through hoops of fire to hang onto a guy like that.

    Which brings up the second thing, and that is just the amazing level of bat-shit crazy that some staff members manifest to keep others off the Bridge and keep them from succeeding on their posts. There must be a secret KSFW policy letter somewhere that these folks use, Keeping Scientology From Working.

    And Ron, I thoroughly enjoyed your story. On top of everything else, you’re a damn fine writer.

  15. Thank you Rosalie, nice comments.

  16. TY for the ack Simple.

  17. Thanks Carol, mutual admiration.

  18. Thanks for the added info Tony, interesting.

  19. Wow, thank you George, it will be an honor.

  20. Yet another fascinating incredulous story. Enjoyed reading it as well as some of your other comments so thanks for sharing and all the best with the rest of your progress now – you’ve more than earned it by all accounts. Cool pics too! Is that not a fox?.

  21. Yvonne Schick

    Ronn, Thank you for a beautifully written announcement. You have my respect and admiration for all that you have done to help others and for all that you have endured yet brought yourself through shining at the end. Enjoy your ride in the light of truth and warmth of real friends.

  22. Snoopy's Uncle

    There is one interesting point which is common to many stories similar to yours, Ron. It is the unbelievable insistence of some that something is a solution while a) it doesn’t produce desired effect in reasonable amount of time and or b) the individual thus being handled is either demonstrating negative indicators or directly protests. In my view that is very often lack of training or lack of experience combined with lack of ability to observe. Logically, this is to be expected on lover levels of the hierarchy, but to be workable, it must never happen at the top as the top should be acting as qual for the lover levels. That would be an ideal scene and that having well established would be remedy for any technical outpoints. I will not go further into giving explanations why it is so and so and why qual has been replaced with blanket CSing and excessive drilling, much already been said here. Wishing you the best in your quest for spiritual freedom.

  23. Fantastic write-up, AR! Having gotten in in 1970, and having been staff at missions and orgs for over 25 of those years, I can relate to your wonderfully detailed comments very much. Extremely well done, being persistent and finally hooking up with the right people. Welcome back to the land of the living!!

  24. Ronn
    What a journey !
    Really good write up.
    Even though I knew most of it, I still shake my head in disbelief.
    Current Illegal pcs:
    1) Fleeting thought of suicide when 16 years old.
    2) Dreamed (that’s right a DREAM) of visiting ghosts
    3) Good telepathic comm with a dearly departed
    and so on.
    Ronn, you escaped draconian relentless Reg cycles and the torture
    of waiting for the “rhythmic” 3 needle swing of the needle.
    Never more has the culture of Scientology enforced one to withold.
    +++++Nowhere in the Scientology culture are you permitted to voice any kind of discontent on the increasingly Gestapo like tactics to extort your money, act adversarial to your resistance and clobber you for not attending “Int events” or “Study the Basics.”
    Now the other side of the coin, is how the “Church” has monetized the very witholds they enforce the creation of !
    I have been speaking to some OT VIIS who had to report their masterbations in session at $850 an hour, and each withold of each masterbation took 2-3 hours to get a floating needle on the Emeter.
    This Church makes money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ off your confession of masterbation !
    $3000 at a time !

  25. What kind is he?

  26. It’s amazing the number of hoops you tried
    to jump through and the church kept pushing you down again and again. Now you can finally move UP the bridge and achieve why you got involved in Scientology to begin with. It’s wonderful to have you and Natahlie as friends.

  27. Reading your wonderful adventure story, hanging on every turn, and the barriers in your way you overcame time after time, after time, and what you have achieved nonetheless, I find any words I could write less than able to express my sheer admiration for you as a being.

    DM’s pernicious influence has spread and permeated the group to such an extent it is apparent it rejects life at almost every hand. It is on a succumb and completely inverted to the original ethic, rationale and purpose of the subject of Scientology.

    It refuses able beings and you sure are one!

    I think Karen #1 is right, you are lucky, WE are lucky, your path avoided the remaining onslaught of Reverse Scientology that “DM Tech” represents.

    Thank you Alaska Ronn, for the Dynamic you have in spades.

  28. sadly this reads a lot like Vances book;

    all the guy ever wanted to do was be an auditor, $650,000 later he was blocked from auditing AND training, seriously where are you meant to go after that? and they wonder why there are more out than in?

    this story really hit a nerve with me, i have a connection to anchorage and how their never ending emergency cycle in the 80’s affected me back in l.a. but that’s all in the past, alledgedly.

  29. Now THAT is straight up and vertical!

  30. Ronn: Fantastic write up. Incredible loyalty and persistence. So happy for you that you are now receiving the auditing you dreamed about.

    Have a wonderful 2013.


  31. Wow, Ronn! Sure gives your comments a lot of credibility!

  32. martyrathbun09

  33. Hi Ronn! I thanks you so much for your testimony and for the nice and greet creations you made in your early days in Scientology, before CoS made its possible to stopped you. I wish sincerely you could now enjoy again your way toward your spiritual freedom and that all the help and positive contributions you’ve made, would come to you back as much as the good you gave to us. ML IdealGoal.

  34. Well you guys already know I think you are both a trip, but thank you sir. And this story of Betsy in Alaska, are you kidding me? We must talk soon… 🙂

  35. Thank you Brenda :–)

  36. Seattle's Angel

    Tony, this is a bit of an understatement here on the amount of book packages he bought. Not sure where the photo is that I took, but he had about 40 boxes of congress lectures in a basement.

    I can also attest that Bob was not the ideal person at one point in Alaska (my significant other was on lines there) but I think he more or less got out of whatever valence that was when he came to Seattle.

    Seattle Org is back down to about 30 staff (in Day anyway). It’s HCO is almost wholly vacant now. The SO influence (networks) combined with some old timers that need to be retired are keeping things messed up.
    So things aren’t looking up for Seattle. 30 staff in a 5 story building? Tons of people onto Leaving Staff R/F’s as the 2.5 year contracts are all coming due about now. Many just wonder off because most of them don’t get through the R/F (it’s insanely “stoppy”, go figure right?). The hype SO Mission that “manned up” the org for the Grand Opening a couple of years ago recruited from the same field that went 15 million into debt to get the dumb building. And where are they now? Making the next overt product that Miscavige will gloat about in one of his hyperbole events.

    Oh …. if people only followed a little HCO PL and not these know-best Management derived unusual solutions.

    Welcome to freedom from Church tyranny Mr. Alaska Ronn.

  37. Ya, funny indeed. Thanks Paul.

  38. Hello Ronn,

    thank you for telling your story.
    Amazing. I am so glad you’re out and in session again.

    I love your dog. 😛

  39. +1
    What IdealGoal said.

  40. Thank you Marty. Beautiful song. Beautiful message.

  41. Here’s my best guess: Finnish Spitz – except for the tail 🙂

  42. Alaska Ron,
    Incredible story. Good things are ahead .
    Currahee and Hooyah Alaska Ron !

  43. Ronn,
    Thank you very much for sharing your story. It is amazing how many stops you ran into despite of being an upstat producer on your posts.

    It seems to create new acronyms such as CoS = church of stops and other plain insanities. These stops were actually some kind of blessing in a way to avoid Miscavology. It clears up the reason for the Alaska Ronn handle which I wondered about.

  44. Jim, you just absolutely killed me, and now Marty with this. I can’t even control myself. I love you guys so much. I was going to systematically ack everyone, but Belgian is hopping, and we need to move on.

  45. Ronn, I enjoyed reading of your journey. I dont usually read all the long ones. But i read yours. Thanks. Congratulations. Dress warm. Nice dog.

  46. I really enjoyed reading your story Ronn!

  47. Really well told, Ronn! Thanks for sharing. The CoS’ not-so-new motto – “Making the able less able”, or perhaps “You can’t get there from here.”

  48. Hey Ronn,
    The details are different but the result from the CofMiscavige is always the same. No bridge progress at ridiculous prices. We could swap stories and comiserate or just forget all that BS and move on up to a higher level. I wish you success and if you find yourself in western Washington again you should come by and stay with us. Great story teller. Loved reading it. We can be friends I am sure. Hoping you continue to reach all your goals.

  49. sheesh, i didnt know that link was going to come out GIANT. i guess that’s just how AMAZON does it, lol.

  50. Thank you dear K, you dare far past most, and you know better as well, and they will not mess with you either because they know not to …

  51. Victoria, good grief. Find an escape besides Marty’s blog, good lord.

  52. I apologize, wrong indication Victoria, please let me know.

  53. Wow, Welcome out into the SUNSHINE!!! You bring back a lot of memories….Owen & Elaine Kelly were the Mission holders in Anch, when I was FSM’d on lines by Bob Hamilton (12/1/77). Becky Racheff & her sister (?) were auditors and Jerry Racheff was the Sup in Elaine’s 2 story house, the basement was converted to the Mission space. I was told to quit smoking the doobies, lol, never looked back. Was blown out by the old style Comm Crse and some Auditing I got. I remember a guy that was FSMing up there at the time – Carlton Edwards, is he still sucking the lolly pops? He was a smart guy, so hope not. I don’t know the entire story behind the Kelly’s (I left in 1979 to join staff at SEAF) but heard they got declared, my guess is they were objecting to gross mishandlings of Mission holders circa 1981 and the same lies were told to me about them (squirreling in Arizona) as are now being told about us and hundreds of others who’ve left. It’s all about the protests against the gross mishandlings/off policy/out tech by David Miscaviage & Co., and now we are “squirreling” away getting standard auditing that I would never be able get in the CofM, god have mercy on those poor souls that do. What a journey you’ve had and kudos to your accomplishments! Looking forward to meeting you and your wife at the next Indie party, SF is just a skip and hop away!

  54. Here’s a possible match. This is a Korean Jindo dog:

    It’s one of the few foxy-looking breeds with a straight tail. Apparently there is also a New Guinea dog that is similar.

  55. Third row down, 4th photo from the left.

  56. Gern Gaschoen

    If your buddy wants to offload some LRH materials, let him know there’s a market for it in the Independent Scientology scene. It sure beats having the materials sitting in some basement.

    Also, welcome out, and welcome to a sane scene. If there is one thing we’ve learned about the Independent Scientology movement lately, is that Free Scientology is a GREAT THING!

    And I mean ‘free’ in all senses of the world, truly completely. Being able to apply the tech with each other out here in the world, free of financial and tyrannical restraint, is an amazing thing ..

  57. Theo Sismanides

    Wonderful… Ronn! What a story… what a life!!! I am happy we are together now! Great on moving up on the Bridge on the stuck…. lol…. side of it because of the church!

  58. Wow… I had read that the S.O. members were constantly being disciplined and RPF’d for masturbation but I didn’t know they’d apply the same twisted standard to people on OT VII. It’s like a modern day version of the Sadomasochistic practice of whipping oneself (self flagellation.) You pay for the right to be demeaned and made to feel you’ve done something terrible for something as inconsequential as masturbation. I think I’m going to go listen to Cindy Lauper’s song “She Bop” now…

  59. Great that now you have a chance to go free. I have another friend who was an illegal PC who left the tiny Church back in 05 who today is on OT V. Leave the tiny Cult and go free. It was a trap. Well done.

  60. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh but did over the masturbing part, my God….WARNING TO ALL KOOL-AIDERS – DON’T DO IT – IT’LL COST YOU $3000 A POP – NOW IS THAT LITTLE PLEASURE REALLY WORTH THAT MUCH?! (joke). (Couldn’t help myself 😉 )

  61. I loved this one.
    What a wonderful song and message.
    Thanks, Vic

  62. Thanks Ronn,

    Yep. I know Bob Hamilton. I got into Scn in ’89 in Seattle at age 21 and got out at age 42, about the same month you did in ’09.

    He’s a very nice guy.

    Totally blind, and far too namby-pamby, if not reasonably suppressive, but……a nice guy.

    I’m glad you had the chance to comm with him, anyway.

    Take care and thanks for your comm.


  63. Thanks for the update Seattle’s angel. We knew it was bad, but that sounds horrible.
    Would you be willing to contact me?

  64. Thank-you Ronn.
    Like so many others, I was absorbed by your story.
    And I’m grateful you’ve finally begun to receive what you were seeking.
    ml, Vic

  65. Yvonne Schick

    Thanks for the song. That is the way I like to study my philosophy. 🙂

  66. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Ronn for the story of your life.

    I’m once again shaking my head to the point of getting whiplash. This alleged ‘church’ under it’s current management/engagement is utterly antithetical to its original intent.

    That said, I wish you the best new year! Again, thanks for sharing this.

    It goes to show that Scientology, Inc., as directed by the sawed-off lunatic, kills spirituality and the pursuit thereof.

  67. Christ, hours later and you guy still floor me. Brothers from another muther.

  68. Love it, ty Mirari.

  69. ty Christine, always enjoy you too.

  70. Thanks Bob, amazing how comm brings out folk. …

  71. One of those who see

    Ronn, Thank you so much for your write up. Your story. i am so happy that you are here among us in freedom. A friend of mine passed away recently. A wonderful lady who was a dedicated Scientologist and also an illegal PC. Was never even allowed to do the Purif. Horrible. Although I wasn’t illegal, i also had things in my past that would constantly come up and i would be questioned about. I hated it. And lately from my observation there are more stops on people getting on and moving up the bridge in the Church. Even Notaries needed because of thoughts a person had. People, not illegal, not able to get auditing in one Org or another and not even told why.

    If you get a chance, you should listen to one of the AAC lectures – #9 called No Illegal PCs and you can hear David Mayo’s view point on this. The Advanced Ability Center that he opened in the 80’s accepted illegal pcs. That lecture really keyed me out. So theta. Happy New Year to you!

    Here’s the link to find it:

  72. Who am I speaking to?

  73. Thank you Anonymous, that was heavy enough.

  74. Interesting Bryan, thank you much.

  75. Hmm, always appreciate originations. ML.

  76. ROFLMAO!!!

  77. I know this comm comes across as odd, it does to me too. Hard to change things up sometimes herein. :–) [Marty… lol]

  78. Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Thank you for that, Ronn! 2013 will be the best ever. I know it. 😀

  79. OMFG, Ronn. Your story baffles the mind. I remember when I was first getting involved in Scn around 1989-90, and I met so many people who had been on-lines for years and who were not getting anywhere for any number of reasons – and it looked like I was going to be among them. I thought joining staff would ensure that I would get up the Bridge, but once I signed that contract and began to get to know my new colleagues I discovered that there were staff members who had spent entire careers without going up the bridge or training.

    I’m so glad to be out of that environment. I am so glad you are out now, and that we have this wonderful independant community – a community that is also willing to communicate freely with exes, antis, and nons as openly as indies.

    Bless your heart, Ronn. I am glad you and your wife are here. And if you find yourself on your Harley in the Yellowstone region of Montana, be sure to let me know! I’ll get my Sportster fired up and show you some of the great rides around here!


  80. PS. Ronn, as Karen#1 said, I too am grateful that I just never could bring myself to get onto OT levels inside Cof$, even after comping OT Preps twice. It’s amazing how simple getting LRH tech is OUTSIDE that Godforsaken place!

  81. I’ve always considered you blessed me Sinar, and I still do.

  82. Thank you Lucy, I’ve enjoyed you too and you should post more girl !!

  83. Thank you so much for your thoughts One of those who see. I do get it. I’ve seen many of your comments and originations here on Marty’s site, and I would only say to come out yourself and say more. You will not be wrong.

  84. Hi Ronn,
    What a story, what persistence and I REALLY like your style.
    Write some more, you definitely got talent!
    It’s great to have you out here and I love your Alaskan Environment.
    I should come up and look into this addiction of mine for Alaska!
    May 2013 become the very best year for you in terms of Bridge progress.

  85. Indeed just a skip and hop away, and your story was so cool Betsy, just a skip and hop away girl. ML :–)


    Thank you for your write up and more thank you for all the dedication and effort you put to the cause of helping others and making a better world.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts both here and in the fb group. I’m glad you are a part of the growing group of wonderful people wanting to move ahead and BE what they set out to BE, DO and HAVE when we found this Tech.

    I look forward to meeting you. As I said on that fb group fairly recently, you’re welcome to be a guest at our place in the CW area where we’ll have a party to celebrate your visit. All of us in the greater TPA Bay area love our excuses to have them!


    Pun intended??

  88. Thanks old friend. ML

  89. TY TS… good things happen to good folk.

  90. I dont know how to do a thumbs up here, but thumbs up!

  91. Fabulous write-up, Alaska. Thank you.

  92. He was Koty, the bird dog, no longer with me although he was for 15 1/2 years and rode over 10,000 miles with me. He was as big a fool as myself, and lived a very good life, and I miss him.

  93. Great write up Ronn. You are not alone. The Church of David Miscavige specializes in “stopping”. It is now called Scientology – the science of “stopping” the able! I too experienced nothing but STOPS and the Co$$ puts the stops there they expect you to overcome. It is insane – but what should we expect when run by a dictator that is only in it for the $ and perks…to DOMINATE others so he can feel bigger. Only, the Idle Morgue’s will be their ruin! Financially, they will not be able to sustain themselves.

    2013 will be the year the Idle Morgue’s start shutting down. I don’t think Miscavige will be attending their Grand closings though – he will blame the PSYCHS!

    Thanks for posting your story – you validated all of the insanity currently happening in the Cult of Miscavology!

  94. ……… sometimes it is worth that much, but I would never tell you that!


  95. TY T23, we want to know more about you too…

  96. Thank you so much Gayle.

  97. Wow, very nice ack Greta 🙂

  98. Nice, thank you for the welcome Nancy. It may happen, “who knows”.

  99. Thank you Aeolus for the comments and complement,

  100. TY Yvonne, you are here with us and I know many love that fact alone.

  101. Thanks BS, nope, not a fox.

  102. Thanks Snoopy. Me, I cant get into that much thought, but good onya for being able to.

  103. btw, if we go in session can you just laugh at my masturbation withholds, that would probably be the right indication……. :–) lol

  104. Honestly I see they can go on indefinitely ‘spiritually free’, as they have. It is not what we should have our attention on, rather moving ourselves and our friends onwards and upwards.

  105. Thanks for the postulate and origination Tara. May your 2013 be blessed as well.

  106. On the motorcycle? Did he ride with you on the motorcycle?! Whatever mode of transportation he rode, that is so sweet. Cute dog, great story. Welcome out of the insane asylum.

  107. KSFW! LOL! That’s hilarious and so spot on!

  108. Christ I can’t even talk… :–)

  109. That is messed up! It’s it’s own little Orwellian 1984 microcosm.

  110. You do not receive additional “honors” with an Honorable Discharge.

    The Army Achievement Medal is the lowest award you can receive for an accomplishment. Pretty much everyone in the Army does something that merits an Army Achievement Medal at some point. This is not a Kha Khan. Pumping it up like it actually means something is code for “I accomplished pretty much nothing in the Army.”

    I got the Army Achievement Medal for finishing in the top three of my AIT class. Big whoop.

    Trying to hype up your discharge and hype up your fruit salad reminds me of another group of people…gee, who might they be…oh, wait, now I know: the Sea Org.

    US Army, 1988 to 1992
    MOS 91S
    Honorable Discharge

  111. Thanks for postiing Lana.

  112. David Mayo had it right. Never will forget the day I came into the org to find that 10 page fantasy novel, his SP declare, at the reception desk. An early wake up call.

  113. Tough thetan, right there.

  114. Hey, watch out Tony, you’ll be getting sweet emails from Anne pretending to be Seattle Angel. ROFL

  115. Thanks for you story, Ronn. Bill Pinton was one of my auditors here in Seattle before he moved to Alaska. One session filled me with so much renewed ARC for him that we had to end off with the blowout. Turned out there’d been some upset many centuries ago that just blew away in the auditor-pc-ARC-keyout-processing situation. You and your wife are sure people we’d like to get to know here in the Northwest if you get down here again.

  116. Thanks Seattle. Interesting info from you too!

  117. Ronn, I’ve been going by Elliott Snow for quite a few years. I was born into a Russian family living in the Far East and was named Ilya Valkov when younger. I usually post as Valkov because I still feel that is who I basically am.

    I’m very pleased to meet you.

    If you found Koty in Alaska, it’s quite possible his origins were in Korea, as Korea is just a stone’s throw from Alaska relatively speaking and his ancestor could have come over on a Russian ship.

  118. Great story Ron. Thanks. Scientology ethics are just unbelievable sometimes. I remember when my sister had committed suicide (not a scio) and I was given a condition of “TREASON”…Why???…because what my sister had done was criminal and scientologists do not associate with criminals….By then I had seen so many stupid things in scientology it just did not surprise me. Luckily I can be quite fiery and it got withdrawn when I threatened to punch the shit of of the EO. Very un-ladylike especially for a C/S…lol

  119. Regular Dog formerly Underdog

    I find that so many introducing themselves here on this blog are giants. Giants in their ability to live life and make things go right. And continued willingness to do so over and over. Ronn, even though I’ve never meet you, after reading your write-up here, you are in that category to me. I hope to introduce myself someday.

  120. Dear Alaska Ronn
    You are a gentleman ,and a scholar ,man your good,all I see is respect in
    You,thank you for your story.
    Eric alexandrou ,Brisbane Australia

  121. Hello Ronn – thank you for sharing your story. Your tale is a perfect example that Radical Scientology just cannot keep a good man down.

  122. Lise: THIS is, I think, just about the most horrific thing I’ve heard. I was on staff at Flag at the time of my father’s suicide and the utter lack of compassion was astonishing. The Chaplain told me to get over it as he wasn’t his body …

    I’ve become hyper vigilant when someone mentions suicide. It’s an act that carries with it such extreme pain, I never take it lightly.

    I’m so sorry for your loss and wish you had beaten the shit out of the EO. Sometimes that’s the only way 🙂


  123. Ron,
    Great story. Well, not so great but you get what I mean. I think corporate Scn has devolved into 3 steps:
    1. get people in the door
    2. get their money
    3. find a way to make them “illegal”.
    I’m glad you found your way out and can now do your Bridge. Amazing when you think about it, that a person has to get out of Scn in order to do Scn. That’s a head twister.

  124. TheWidowDenk

    Yes, I agree! What I notice is “strength of character,” a quality I wish to acknowledge in Ronn.

  125. Ron,

    I loved your story. In some ways I am surprised as independent as you are you didn’t get hit harder ealier on. I think the only reaosn I survived for 30 years is that other thatn the SP staff everyone liked me and everyone knew from day one I was not going to be a fool for anyone. I also knew all along taht despite the incredible advances LRH had made and the wonderful people involved the Church as an organization couldn’t be trusted so I never totally bought in.

    D you still have the Harley FXR. I’ve had mine for 23 years. It realy rocks. I don’t want to put my email addresss on a public forum but if you can get my email address from Marty I woudl love to hear from you.
    Congratlutions again on your success in life.

  126. I wish I had seen it for what it was. Instead I grabbed a stool at the Kool Aide stand and downed a few pitchers. Dang, I sure didn’t go with my gut feelings!

  127. I don’t think the Illegal PC bulletin from 1976 was written by Ron. It was a GO issue. Earlier issue give the right to petition. You cannot just wipe out spiritual freedom from someone just like that. It’s full robotism.

  128. “There is one interesting point which is common to many stories similar to yours, Ron. It is the unbelievable insistence of some that something is a solution while a) it doesn’t produce desired effect in reasonable amount of time and or b) the individual thus being handled is either demonstrating negative indicators or directly protests.”

    Yea…and the auditing and C/Sing at Flag leaves the same bad taste in one’s mouth. Protests to a wrong program equals overts to those boys.

  129. Ronn,
    What a moving story you have. I’m very sorry for what you had to go through with this cult, really unjust.

    I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing your spiritual goals in the Independent field, god knows you deserve it!

  130. Enjoyed your story Ronn. I joined in to Scientology in the early seventies to get away from my druggie friends it worked by the way. Never joined staff but always stuck with LRH’s philosophy. I have a long way to go. ARC Bill Dupree

  131. Thanks Lynne, and yea Bill was a gem.

  132. Your 3 steps are exactly right. That is what they do.

  133. Tim Swanson AKA Ann Howe. The old monikers seem to just stick around. :>)

  134. Anononyourside

    I am so sorry both of you had to go through that. How ironic, the criminals in the CoS won’t associate with criminals.

  135. Crazy stuff, sorry about your sister, but good onya for holding your ground.

  136. Thanks for writing your story.
    I remember being in a tiny Alaskan village and mentioning Scientology to a local and she got all excited and said, “Oh that’s the place…” and told me the address of your mission. You guys did great work.
    Enjoy your auditing!

  137. Thanks RD, you flatter me, but we are in good company here for sure.

  138. So true Regular Dog. Marty said it earlier, something like the church has caused “the greatest destruction and waste of talent and competence in the modern era”. I have mis-quoted here, but the message is the same. Such giants and talented people indeed.

  139. Alaska Ron. Thank you for relaying your story.

    Interesting analogy about leaving the military and the church. The church screwed up big time. Well done on all that amazing and persistent help you gave others, year after year. 23 staff in the mission. That’s impressive indeed.

    Two things: What is “sause” ? Second: My buddy takes issue with the Harley. He tells me the BMW GS 1200 is the only one………:)

  140. So often what we judge to be “disaster” is actually personal triumph in the making. But it is up to us to write that final chapter which gives meaning to the otherwise meaningless events of previous chapters.

    So many of the people I have known who were not stopped as they “moved up the Bridge” in DM-ology are now corpses. I’m sure Ronn if you check it back, throughout it all you had a strong and resolute postulate for increased awareness and that postulate kept you safe since the Church delivers neither increased awareness nor Standard Tech. The CoS “Bridge” is actually a deep hole in the ground with sharp stakes at the bottom. I guess something inside you — being from Alaska — know a bear trap when you see one.

    Lots of people have likened CoS installations to implant stations delivering the latest David Miscavige® designer implants. And even thought they call it “Scientology” and dress up their entrances with 35-foot-tall golden columns and video walls of lifeless electrons enhanced by cosmetics, even zombies know you don’t belong inside their houses of the unholy. (David Miscavige wears make up by the way at his events).

    The product of the Church of Scientology is unconsciousness. Their VFP is suppressive people and DBs (degraded beings).

    Frankly, people like you are anti-matter to their operation. Great to have you on the team. You are a player.

  141. Sauce was a typo. Tell your buddy if I had to explain he wouldn’t understand… 😉

  142. … a reply to greenonwhite

  143. I don’t have a copy to hand but as I recall it was reissued in 87.

  144. Er, I didn’t think through that aka very well, did I? Just call me Paul next time ok? Not a fox? What is it? He/she’s gorgeous!.

  145. I left out that my father passed away while I was at CCLA, so I do understand that uncharacteristic out of place bizarre dazed lack of care.

  146. The Blind Men and the Elephant
    John Godfrey Saxe

    It was six men of Indostan
    To learning much inclined,
    Who went to see the Elephant
    (Though all of them were blind),
    That each by observation
    Might satisfy his mind.

    The First approached the Elephant,
    And happening to fall
    Against his broad and sturdy side,
    At once began to bawl:
    “God bless me! but the Elephant
    Is very like a WALL!”

    The Second, feeling of the tusk,
    Cried, “Ho, what have we here,
    So very round and smooth and sharp?
    To me ’tis mighty clear
    This wonder of an Elephant
    Is very like a SPEAR!”

    The Third approached the animal,
    And happening to take
    The squirming trunk within his hands,
    Thus boldly up and spake:
    “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
    Is very like a SNAKE!”

    The Fourth reached out an eager hand,
    And felt about the knee
    “What most this wondrous beast is like
    Is mighty plain,” quoth he:
    “‘Tis clear enough the Elephant
    Is very like a TREE!”

    The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
    Said: “E’en the blindest man
    Can tell what this resembles most;
    Deny the fact who can,
    This marvel of an Elephant
    Is very like a FAN!”

    The Sixth no sooner had begun
    About the beast to grope,
    Than seizing on the swinging tail
    That fell within his scope,
    “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
    Is very like a ROPE!”

    And so these men of Indostan
    Disputed loud and long,
    Each in his own opinion
    Exceeding stiff and strong,
    Though each was partly in the right,
    And all were in the wrong!

  147. Re: Illegal PCs.

    This is another squirrelly mess Miscavige’s “church” just couldn’t get right. Having been a Sea Org veteran, 20+ years in Scientology and done tens of thousands in various “donations” a Comm Ev saw fit to declare me an illegal PC in 1997 “due to his Father’s past employment”.

    My Father, Air Commodore FC Padfield was a senior officer in the RAF, a giant in the field of satellite communications as applied to military means, who did a lifetime’s work defending our country from actual military threats. So much so, he was awarded a CBE by the Queen – one of the proudest days of my life was watching him get his medal at Buckingham Palace. He was clearly never in “Intelligence” and had never heard the word “Scientology” before I got involved. His actual career history was made fully available to HCO when I joined staff FIFTEEN YEARS earlier in 1982.

    The reference being “applied” was the Illegal PCs HCOB. This was originally written 6 December 1976, revised 27 May 1980 and re-revised 18 October 1986. The revisions were not in script – meaning were “invisible” unless you had the original. The note under the heading was “This HCOB has been revised to clarify the definitions and categories of illegal PCs and to update the petition line in accordance the current org board”.

    Less then two years after that revision on 8 April 1988 a new version of the HCOB was issued with the note under the heading: “This HCOB was originally written by LRH in 1976. It was later revised to include additional LRH data, but at the same time several paragraphs of non-LRH data were incorrectly added by another. This revision removes the off-Source additions and includes further LRH data on institutional history. Revisions in script”.

    I have copies of both these HCOBs if anyone’s interested.

    However the deletions were not identified, amongst them this highly significant one: “…and persons with prior service in a high-security section of the government or armed forces…” So – according to the latest version (isn’t it interesting how the newest version is always the “really on-Source” one) – available since 1988 – “…and persons with prior service in a high-security section of the government or armed forces…” does not make one an illegal PC – (and being the offspring of such probably never did anyway). Yet 9 years later an “on-source” Comm Ev decided I was an illegal PC based on it.

    I have copies of both these HCOBs if anyone’s interested.

    However the deletions were not identified, amongst them this highly significant one: “…and persons with prior service in a high-security section of the government or armed forces…” So – according to the latest version (isn’t it interesting how the newest version is always the “really on-Source” one) – available since 1988 – “…and persons with prior service in a high-security section of the government or armed forces…” does not make one an illegal PC – (and being the offspring of such probably never did anyway). Yet 9 years later an “on-source” Comm Ev decided I was an illegal PC based on it.

    The other differences between these two bulletins is enlightening. For example the whole section below was apparently inserted “by another” and deleted in the newer version as not being LRH: “An unfortunate victim would not have to have been “committed” in order to be considered to have an extensive institutional or psychiatric history. The criminal suppressives who bludgeon people electronically and chemically often ask that their victims come in once a week for their “treatment” and then leave immediately, rather than commit them (which itself is an outpoint, because such swine enjoy viewing the shaky hand, the slobbering mouth and the terrorized eyes of their prey).” Pretty colourful stuff this “another” saw fit to insert.

    “Another” apparently also inserted this memorable line “These three categories of illegal PCs (and the very fact of having to label a pc illegal) may seem cold and cruel. That’s because it is”… “survival of the fourth dynamic depends largely on always considering the greatest good for the greatest number and never wavering from this.”

  148. Shoot, I just realized who you were!! :–))

  149. sorry for the double-inserted paragraph. Have to write in Word first then copy and paste.

    Sorry Ronn for also not acknowledging your incredible write-up. Really nicely said!

  150. Some of you have commented about the dog, so I thought I’d clear up any mystery. Often mistaken for, but not a fox, a Shiba-Inu. That pic is a few years old but I wanted to immortalize him amongst friends and as part of my life. He graced us for 15 1/2 years and most always even more stubborn than myself. He was one of the first few in country, yes he was an illegal alien :–)

  151. It’s very nice to meet the man behind the monicker. Thanks for writing this story about yourself.

  152. Anononyourside

    So, it appears that anyone in the military, government, or private industry who has been cleared to know government secrets is considered by the CoS to be an “illegal PC.” Gee, I am sure all the big shots Miscavige hopes to impress in D.C. would be thrilled to hear this.

  153. Les,
    Yes, the all-too-familiar “opinion” on a case (CS Series 55, where there is a list of wrong sources/opinions for CSing.)

  154. Well, I wanted to link Vances book, because they did the same thing to him. Blocked him on both sides of the bridge but managed to get tens of thousands for the IAS.

    Anchorage, grrrr. Matt Sells, better scientologist than human. Got nothing more to say about it.

  155. Sunshine Disinfects

    Lise I have always loved your insoucient attitude! You GO girl!

  156. Hello Martin,
    What ever happened to the following reference?



    A survey has revealed recently that when a person who has been institutionalized or shocked is given the right to be processed, in 70% of the cases the person did not arrange enough auditing to be helped.

    If one has spent a whole lifetime becoming aberrated, it is not reasonable to expect it to be all undone in an hour.

    Such persons often remain connected to people who have an interest in continuing them in an aberrated state. Such things make them difficult to handle as cases.

    I do not want to be placed in a position where I would be refusing help to anyone who needed it.

    The history of institutional and shock cases is that they can be helped but that they do not continue long enough in processing to be helped. They become subjected to pressure in their surroundings to end off processing.

    After causing considerable work by auditors, many such cases leave before anything effective can be done and ask for refunds which the organization is bound by its code to then make.

    Anyone with institutional or shock history would have to guarantee to continue in processing long enough to be helped and to waive any right to refund.
    It is not mandatory that either an organization or an auditor help them even when permission is granted.

    Help is a two-way flow. One has to help others to be helped himself.

    Our organizations have the only successful record in this field. However, they reserve the right to require cooperation.

    A petition from anyone with a shock or institutional record may be granted only with the stipulations that:
    1. They obtain the consent of an org and an auditor to help them;
    2. They continue in processing for enough time to actually be helped;
    3. They waive any right of refund;
    4. They follow instructions given by the org;
    5. That they do not attack any auditor, org or Scientology during or after processing and post a bond not to do so;
    6. That they help Scientology and help others;
    7. That they sign and have any guardian sign a document containing these stipulations.

    We can help those who have been injured in earlier practices. But it often takes a great deal of hard work on the part of the auditor and the organization.

    Such applicants are special cases and have to be handled as such.


    Historical data, no longer used?
    It sounds very different than the one you quoted.

  157. Christine,
    You’ve mentioned this cycle with your father before, and each time I think of it, it wrenches – the understanding, compassion, for the life of another being that was absent and in its place this other “thing”.

    Coincident with being declared by DM, my Dynamics in chaos, I arrived at the family home to find my younger brother stricken with AIDS and dying. In the midst of my own turmoil, there was this being wrapped in that nightmare and my family suffering the confusion.

    He was ashamed.

    Over the next two years of his slowly succumbing to this ravage, I tried to be there for him, and deal with the various attitudes towards the whole affair that were extant in the family, the local area and the larger sphere of the old town where I was working. (I worked in a night club, whose owner was not only a well known businessman, but whose son also had contracted this dreadful illness, and who could not reconcile this as the Catholic guilt the father felt ran up against his son’s situation. )

    In the end I was able to help my brother to peace at his death, and the prospect of a new life bright. I also went to the funeral of the businessman’s son, and consoled him the best I could.

    Some years later, another brother of mine, a poor soul in this life taking the bad breaks he endured lay down one day and passed away.

    The other day I was studying a tape, 23 Aug 55, Axiom 53: The Axiom of the Stable Datum and I came across the idea that in this game of living, there are two basic Stable Data – survive AND succumb. You can make a person insane by blocking their survival and inhibiting their choice of succumb. You won’t let them play the game and won’t let them choose to leave.

    Suicide is discussed in this lecture. What I took from it, is that a being has the right to his own life, his own sanity and the right to play or not play a game.

    I wept for my brothers. I tried to help them choose the next life and be able to deal with it better, whatever it is they decided to pursue. And now they have moved on. Me too, exhulting in the Joy of Creating they shared with me in that life and regained in passing to a new horizon.

    I sense you are a compassionate, caring, spunky, perservering being. Willing to speak your piece, and also able to assume many viewpoints in your graceful walk through this life.

    (Yes, to answer the question from the other day, my being a musician seems to spill over to the way I write. It’s a range from classical to funk, and all points in between. In that vein, this song by Herbie Hancock, with Annie Lennox, so parallelled my brother’s life, and death I wanted to share it with you. I heard my father say this to his son, ‘hush, hush, hush – may you go in peace’. It still makes me cry.)

  158. Excellent story Ronn…

  159. Joe Pendleton

    We’ve been presented with a number of these kind of horror stories, but I think Ronn’s story is particularly indicative of a certain cycle of action.

    The cycle of action of Scientology should be and very often was in the olden days: Person finds out about and becomes involved in Scientology, wins big, tells friends about Scientology, then they become involved in it, etc etc etc. And that’s how Scientology expanded hugely in the 60s and especially the 70s, fueled by groups like the Davis missions. I guess that was just “too easy.”

    Pretty much from the start of my involvement in 1970 I increasingly encountered what we might call “Scientologists inhumanity to Scientologists” (a variation on what we would discuss in high school in the mid 60s, man’s inhumanity to man).

    My org consisted of 130 or so staff members, probably biggest org in the world and a full academy at night, LOTS and lots of public. Just folks who wanted to increase their awareness with Scientology and help others do the same. The staff were all dedicated and very hard working. Miniscule counter intention. AND THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!! That’s all that was happening.

    Well, not really ALL. Because there was a present and very slowly increasing tendency in my org to “make things difficult for Scientologists to continue their training and processing.”

    Why? I’m not totally sure. My gut feeling is that it was LRH’s case problems. That for all his brilliance, LRH simply couldn’t leave the above cycle of action of expansion alone (the cycle he first wrote about in New Slant on Life). He himself had to add more challenges, LOTS of ctimes and penalties and roadblocks to just a person going from A – B. It’s simply a lie to say that he didn’t do this. Each PL or directive that made it harder to just DO Scientology or STAY on your post can be justified I guess as sensible in a void of context, but I’ll leave that to your individual readings of such.

    The proof of my statement above? I’ll just mention ONE “event” (and there were numerous others). The apalling, horrifice, ridiculous, stupid, counter productive, COMPLETELY Dev-T, production stopping (add some more adjectives as you wish) LIST ONE RS WITCH HUNT. Staff, mostly productive Sea Org personnel simply pulled off post and into the RPF or onto the streets for reasons “best known to God or MAAs.” Mid 1970s, WAY WAY before “DM.” All to get to folks who somehow were “out to get Ron (RD indicating evil ints towards LRH/Scientology).”??????? But the worst indicator of this whole nutso, crazy cycle was not just that LRH either ordered /allowed it (if Mary Sue ordered it, which I doubt), but that NO Scientologists actively opposed it. That’s how cowed folks were in the SEVENTIES in Scientology – all the “OTs”, to say nothing of the rest of us peons who didn’t even really know what was going on.

    And this ONE crazy, nutso, insane, completely paranoid cycle of action is very representative of Ronn of Alaska’s whole story. One productive, in ethics, interested, enthusiastic, passionate follower of Scientology ….. and ALL he wants to do is go up the grade chart himself and lend every ounce of his support to the group to get OTHERS into Scientology and ………. at EVERY opportunity where ANOTHER Scientologist can make life difficult for him or to TOTALLY stop him, that other Scientologist does so. ??????????????

    And yes, making life very, very difficult for a Scientologist who just wants to contribute and go up the bridge himself started in THE SIXTIES. We can only debate the specifice of LRH’s third dynamic case, but THAT it existed big time I think is obvious by what occured in the Scientology world.

    Very unfortunate, because the brilliance of auditing procedure and techniques also exists by themselves as LRH’s greatest products and contributions to others. And just LEFT FUCKING ALONE to progress, most people in Scientology would have happily done so.

    Happy ending for an individual like Ronn is that now if he wishes, he can do so in the Independant field.

    * I just want to add that the mostly “lifetime ban” for “illegal pcs” seemed sort of nuts and very “UN – Scientological” to me from the very first time I read it. That just from a person’s past (sometimes WAY past) they would be barred from auditing despite all other factors, including how they had responded to auditing before or all their 3D contributions, etc. Yes, you could CSW and that ALWAYS took fucking YEARS with numerous hoops to jump through (combined with a true degradation of the individual CSWing who was now a “second class citizen” in Scientology, reduced to a sort of propitiative begging to be “OK’d” as an allright person). Again, I guess the simple cycle of expansion was just too easy, maybe the game didn’t seem hard enough. Well, it “worked” cause the church’s expansion was eventually stopped completely and now the CoS will eventually die out over the next few decades. I think if he knew all this would happen and could do it differently, LRH would probably become a “conservative” and just “leave well enough alone”, let auditing work and people win and encourage affinity and caring, rather than dramatizations of the inquisition and other extremely unpleasant past events.

  160. The cult is nucking futs.

  161. Excellent point Steve!

  162. Very nice of you Steve, and yes, I demanded to know and improve myself and situations and threw off as much as I could in the way of that. A privilege to be on your team too sir!

  163. Tory Christman (Magoo)

    Congratulations, Alaska Ronn! WOW….how great is this for you? And for each of us who left before you….every single person who finally gets free is a true delight I’ve yet to find the words to fully express: It’s s/t along the lines of the joy kids feel right before Christmas+ delicious favorite foods+ the excitement of your best adventure…all wrapped in one, times 10. Does that kinda get it? 🙂 Also, recently I went to Alaska…and wow! What a gorgeous area. I wish you the best! Peace and *lots* of happiness, Tory/Magoo

  164. I knew Matt as well Victoria.

  165. Tory Christman (Magoo)

    Agreed, Carol!!

    I forgot I meant to wish you ALL a VERY Happy New Year in 2013!
    I think this is going to be a monumentally Fantastic year for ALL.
    And Davey boy? Remember: You can RUN but you CANNOT HIDE.
    🙂 Tory/Magoo

  166. You’re welcome, Ronn. And by complement I assume you mean “damn fine writer” and not “hippie drug case”. Or do I assume too much?

  167. Hi Ronn,

    Wow, That’s some story Ronn! Glad to see you’re smilin’ mug here on the “Big Board”. Keep at it and we’ll get through this transition period together.

  168. Thank you Jim. I’ve always been touched by your story of your brother – knowing how scientologists back in the day so stigmatized anyone with AIDS, I was happy that you were there for your brother and family.

    I asked and was given the OK by my step-mother to give the scientology funeral service — one of the lines in the service is “We do not contest your right to go away” — people came up to me after the service thanking me saying what a beautiful service it was.

    Through the years my perspective on suicide has changed. But that’s a topic for another time.

    Annie Lennox is one of my favorites. I can see why this still makes you cry. Thank you for taking the time to share you story.


  169. Hey, there you are! TY Tory :–)

  170. Good to know you, Ronn. Wow, what a story. It just shows to go you that Scientology is worth a lot when you look at all the BS we put up with to do it.

    By the way, the whole idea of “illegal PCs” is idiotic in my mind. I mean, who the cuss are we supposed to help? And, now that drugs are being consumed by a hell of a lot of people, it will be hard to find someone who is NOT “illegal.”
    I understand the reason for the policy – at least what the reason was back in the day. You don’t want some suicidal guy to come in, get a D of P, and then shoot himself. But now, that reason is all blown away. People are worried about org image, but we have the most incredible stupidity being spewed by the church, not the least of which is idiots with video-hats bothering people in Texas.

    I feels so cussing good to just slip out of the slime that the church has become.


  171. Nice Valkov, would love to hear more of your story too sometime. As to Koty, I posted more below for everyone.

  172. I thought you might;/

  173. TheWidowDenk

    Joe Pendleton — I’m not countering your comment, but I would like to add another perspective.

    I was on the L1 R/S project you mention in your comment. I believe it was in later 1970’s but the memory is not always so reliable on such things. I was non-SO, but contracted LA Day staff. Ray Mithoff was the CS and there were various other personnel involved.

    My hat was set-up auditor. If I recall correctly, the pc was “set up” when the CS Series 53 FN’d. I never had a staff member who didn’t enjoy the set up auditing! I well recall doing an Int Rundown and a PTS Rundown. The gains were there to be had through the set up actions.

    I had a couple other pc’s lined up on the side if I wasn’t doing set-up actions on the project, i.e. if I didn’t have a pc for a time slot. I recall one pc was an LA Day staff member, and another was from somewhere else and receiving her objectives.

    On the project, I had the opportunity to use a Mark VI emeter prototype. It was a super bright yellow, which I didn’t particularly care for. I believe it was around this time that it was discovered a pc could go Clear on Dianetics.

    Witch hunt? Perhaps. Am I guilty by association? Perhaps. But, I’ll never forget that auditor hat and the gains of the pc’s achieved through set up auditing. Rachel

  174. TheWidowDenk

    Darn – this comment should be up under Joe Pendleton’s comment.

  175. Damn, Jim. I wish I could play in a jam session with you. Thanks for sharing this story with us.


  176. Thanks Ronn. He’s a beauty! 🙂

  177. Ronn, can you email me privately? Holly Robles wants to get in comm with you! She is so happy that you are out! I would like to exchange your contact data with hers.

    ML, Anita Warren

  178. Thanks Steve. It would be cool to see your moniker as well… ;–)

  179. Joe Pendleton

    Ms. Denk – thanks for your comment. Sounds like you were just doing what auditors are SUPPOSED to do. I was certainly not referring to any auditor who was helping a pc handle any charge on the pc’s case. I was referring to the many accounts I have read on this blog of SO members summarily being pulled off their post and sent to the RPF or offloaded due a needle manifestation noted in a folder study, as well as the stress SO members went through non knowing who would be summoned at any given moment.

  180. Thanks for your write-up, Ronn and all my best wishes for your new life. It is a now-familiar tale, unfortunately, told with variations on the theme.

    Amazing how the influence of Debbie’s letter is still spreading.

    wishing everyone an outstanding New Year!

  181. Very well said by Tim and by Alaska Ron. The Bridge is outside if the RTC COS. It has been gone for sometime.
    Frank Davis

  182. Thanks for relaying that experience. What a bunch of crap. Well done on not accepting that condition. I had some friends get comm-eved for a guilt by association sort of thing as well. The local OSA person was pushing the whole thing, boy was she pissed when they were not found guilty. She tried to re-convene the comm ev with just the committee members that had their noses in her butt crack. The whole thing finally fell apart for being off policy.

  183. Yes Scott, keeping at it becomes the new challenge, and it’s a big one to face, but I’ll be damn to let the Tiny Hitler Bitch kill me.

  184. Thank you for the perspectives Mark. Yea illegal… I’ve looked at that around all manner of application. Conceptually one could understand the concept to protect the organization from Martians and Zombies, and of you were really worried, the FBI and CIA, but it never went the organization understood the concept, rather it became another major stop to be employed.

  185. @Seattle’s Angel
    do you currently know the auditors there? I know someone who has been in there and is in a q&a about doing services. The person needs to really do a good doubt formula as I have pointed out things and have suggested the Indies, and though she has seen and experienced considerable crap, she is still drawn to this org as opposed to where she worked earlier. So far, she likes the org and feels that the staff are full of ARC as opposed to phony ARC. No one is pushing her to do stuff. I can’t make up her mind for her, as I know people who are winning with their auditing other places. I am wondering if you know anything about the auditors there?

  186. Great post Joe, and very true. People were absolutely butchered with the entire List 1 R/S fiasco. I think an important part of our evolution is to be able to separate LRH’s own personal aberration from his genius. I saw some of that aberration in Diana who I worked with for many years at the Int base. None of this invalidates the workability of the tech. But it is vital to be able to separate the landmines from the good stuff.

  187. Yup and one other aspect is that LRH actually created a “Psych Repair List” to repair the damage from psychiatric “therapy.” The insanity is that the list was rarely used since most pcs who might need it were declared illegal pcs.

  188. @Karen,
    I read your post and I am still in shock…these are actual situations?? Seriously?? Hard to know whether to laugh or cry!

  189. @Joe
    HERE HERE, I CAN FULLY ATTEST TO THE EXCITEMENT AND WOW OF EVERYONE ON COURSE AND THE ORG BURSTING AT THE SEAMS…WITH BROKEN MEST AND SHEETROCK ROOMS…ALL REGGING WAS FOR THE BRIDGE…LIVE LECTURES (WHERE EVERYONE PURCHASED A BOOK AFTERWARD, THANK YOU THANK YOU), WHERE GETTING PEOPLE TO JOIN STAFF WAS EASY BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE FUN AND THE CONCEPT OF ARC WAS REAL…it was a moment, and to quote Ron, “…a brief breath…” And yes, with all his theta and intellectual brilliance, I believe his policies reflected his own case and ptsness…I mean he outed Mayo and allowed DM to be his one and only, even over Annie. Of course he was pts, he was hiding from the governments…and let us not forget the overts committed no matter how justified. What is true for the individual is true for the church. Motivators?
    Go to ethics and tell them that people are chasing you and infiltrating your family and your mother isn’t really your mother…LOL, they will tell you to do a type 3 handling…and if it is actually true, then “what did you do to pull in the motivators??? Organizationally, you can’t win.

  190. What a story – riveting in fact….such persistence and obviously a powerful being who played a big game….I wondered if big beings were and are a threat to the current organisation and that is why so many are out now.
    The best of luck to you Ronn – you certainly deserve it!

  191. Thank you so much for your story, Ronn.

    In 1995/6, when I was in RTC, I held the post that is responsible for all clearances and security checks for a short while. I well remember an illegal pc petition that came to me during that time (not yours, but some other poor soul!). The person concerned had been put on Ritalin as a kid and had been on it for 4 – 6 years. At the time of the petition they had been off the drug for more than 15 years and they were trying to get auditing. The whole thing puzzled me, as whilst a “psych history” deems someone an illegal PC (just one of several disqualifying points), to state that a child who had been on a dose of Ritalin from the age of 6 to when he was about 11 seemed a little over the top. He had never been institutionalized and he had never even met a psych! The Ritalin had been prescribed by his family doctor.

    Further, considering the thousands upon thousands of kids who are put onto this drug, across the world, surely if we deem that every one of them now has a ‘psych history” then we are going to eventually find that vast quantities of the public in coming years do not qualify for service.

    And, if we have the Purification Rundown, and also the Scientology Drug Rundown and also the OT Drug Rundown, then why the heck can’t some poor kid who has had this drug simply handle the effects through application of the tech and be permitted on up the Bridge?

    I could never think with it. I still don’t.

    For some it is very easy to sit in some high tower and deem that “so and so” is never qualified for service. I found it extremely unpalatable — and in 2001 when I had an accident with my eyes (since handled) — I for the first time had reality on what it is like to consider that you will never get to move up to OT. It is horrific and sends you into apathy.

    Most of us out here in the Indi field — when we were booted out, or refused service, or expelled, or bled till we were dry, or simply screwed over with Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology — came to the conclusion that it was over for this life. That the Bridge was now gone and that we would have to wait for next time. That idea alone leaves many to simply drop the entire subject and consider themselves no longer Scientologists.

    There was a drastic change in my attitude, tone, ability and intention when I found I COULD do the Bridge out here in the Indi field — a standard Bridge. And I CAN go OT. It changed my life. I had been a stalled Clear for more years than I would like to mention. I entered the SO as a Clear and left 17 years later as a Clear. In the last 18 months I got onto my OT levels and I am now co-auditing on NOTs. Simply incredible!

    It sickens me how many people have been told they cannot receive service for whatever dreamed up arbitraries, that are arbitraries.

    I am sure your Bridge progress in the next few years is going to add an even more devilish twinkle to your eyes! Thanks again for your story Ronn.

    Just love ya.

  192. Ronn, its been said a few times already…..that the RCS seems to know just how to push away the best of people – and you are one of them. While it defies logic, their loss is the Independents’ gain. What a story, what a life. You have persevered and won. That is courage defined! Thanks for your story.

  193. “We do not contest your right to go away”

    Thanks Christine for sharing yours too.

    ARC, Jim.

  194. TheWidowDenk

    Thank you!

  195. Seattle's Angel

    Well, whatever tech people are left, and there are a few, won’t be the problem. The problem is the Network terminals, Management’s cross orders, illegal orders and plain stupid orders. Next is the exec structure and the vulture culture regging. If she can stick to service lines and avoid the SO people and Execs she will be fine. The Execs may not be bad people but to survive in a CL5 org in this day requires a certain amount of self preservation attitudes and operating basis. If Seattle Org could disconnect from Management and get rid of a couple people it might revert and do alright. I won’t hold my breath though, since Miscavige owns the building.

  196. Dear Ronn Stacy aka Alaska Ronn,

    Re: 7.6 earthquake in Alaska and tsunami warnings.

    I hope you and your loved ones are OK.
    Please let us know your situation, as soon as you can.

  197. Ronn, thank you for telling your story so well. It is difficult when the people who are supposed to care about you and help you seem to have nothing better to do than mess with you and try to make you doubt yourself. I know you have helped others with this. Thank you!

  198. Seattle's Angel

    Worry not. I don’t believe Ann or her Invest Off Steve Bellingham comes onto these forums much if at all. I suspect it’s all done by OSA’s internet unit assigned to this, which probably comprises 90% or more of their work these days since Indies are more important to Miscavige than psychs, governments, etc. That’s not to say though that OSA doesn’t contact people via private message to try to infiltrate the comm cycle.

    OSA probably tabulates every post reply with a name and puts them together to see if they can piece all of the information in line to find out who is who. If anything, they summarize the data that they want the DSA to pull strings on and it comes down via secure telex for an area. For example, this posting is very specific to the region and state of Washington and Seattle so if it’s something they want her help with they will order it, otherwise she may never see it. With all of the information I gave they know I am close but they don’t have enough to go on at this point as that ship has many holes they would never have dreamed of.

  199. SA — spot on. You clearly have experience on these lines.

  200. I waited for last. What else would a good dear hunter do.. wait till its all quiet and see what the big world brings me 🙂
    Born in Sitka ’52 (oh there was these great stories from Ron about Alaska) to SO in 76 and way way beyond… don’t ya just love it !!!!
    Thanks for your story Alaska Ronn. I am Alaska Cece
    But under ‘cover’ 🙂

  201. Welcome Ronn, to your “Independence”! Your story is a true tale of Theta adventures 🙂 — May you never be the same and may you find the Truth you are looking for!

    Love and ARC,
    ΘTater/GaryLerner (a villager with torches for davey)

  202. Wow Lana, another moving, incredible story. As sad as it is (was), it’s touching and refreshing to know we’re not alone in correct think. Great to hear you’re moving again and big time it sounds! And yes, I’d like to get moving again soon too, clean up some of the mind numbing crap and onwards and upwards. Best of 2013 to ya!! ML, Ronn

  203. You and yours too Claire!

  204. Yea excellent point Steve. I had thought that was probably what my Senior CS program, little did I know. Instead I get a Sec Check probably designed by the little bitch himself…

  205. TY, I got your memo on FB too !!

  206. TY Alaska Cece 🙂 Yea it’s funny the stories of LRH in Alaska were so influential to us there.

  207. Thank you Wendy. The Indie field is where you will find Standard Scientology, who woulda thunk.

  208. Hi Ronn! Sorry for coming late like this, but reading again your testimony I get unsure of my first translation.

    When you’ve written: ” Finally, I came up with an answer, fact that I had not disclosed every single detail of my life during those few months 30+ years ago, minute by minute by moment, during hours and days I was forced to look 33 years earlier I didn’t do while writing up my petition. ”

    Did you mean they really make you remember each instant of you life! while processing you? I mean you’ve written “fact that I had not” and then you said “minute by minute by moment”. For me really you really remembered each instant of your life, as I read it. Did I miss the point?


  209. Koty the dog was a rare breed from Japan called a Shiba Inu. Cave drawings were discovered in Australia with similar dogs. They were a protected national treasure in Japan until the early 1990’s. Their primary use was to hunt wild boars. Koty was a little warrior with a heart of gold.He was more catlike than a dog- he slept on the backs of couches and in windows in the sunshine.

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