The Rest of the Story

From the outset we have represented that at Casablanca we are about the practice of repair, remediation, reconciliation, sane and integrated Scientology progress, graduation and transcendence of and beyond the Scientology experience.

We don’t solicit ‘success stories’ at Casablanca.  My view is that they have been used in the past as a cult positive reinforcement mechanism.   When you audit and coach toward ability – rather than simply release – folks attain abilities through applying what they gain in auditing toward life.   To pin someone down to a statement of result after only subjective, contemplative practice in some ways can act to constrain and limit the potential gains.  In some cases it can set them up for losses since their immediate seemingly miraculous releases don’t seem translatable into abilities in life (in a stat push environment that is often enforced).

We have, however,  maintained a book in our guest apartment where visiting former church members – and those new to Scientology –  stay when they visit.  The book serves the purpose of giving folks a completely voluntary feedback communication line.  I have never published words from the book because for the past several years the church of Scientology has run a propaganda operation against anyone who has expressed success or equanimity restored at Casablanca.  Since we moved into our new quarters near San Antonio that is not of concern because the church has no means for determining who visits us.

I have decided to publish some entries from our guest book now for a couple of reasons. One, we have been at it for so long and so consistently that we have dozens of notes that can’t possibly be traced as to identity (provided I leave out dates). Two, the church has expended so many millions in attempting to destroy our reputation and credibility (and been echo’d by their agents in the field), I want to share what is that we do in the words of those we do it with for balancing the record purposes.

From the Casablanca guest book:

As I write this note, a deep and profound love flows through my body and condenses into my ink and onto the page.  And here it remains in the physical universe as a gift for you both to revisit time and again.  Thank you both for your warm hospitality and abundant theta and for helping to mend the last remnant of a heart that was broken and is now fully healed…there is magic in the world and in this special place, where special beings come and go, the magic is nurtured and cared for and it grows – as it shall continue to grow and fill the whole world and every being in it.

Words cannot describe how I feel towards Marty and Mosey.  But, I can only say that they are devoting and dedicating every moment of their life to help others, like me, to do better as a thetan.  Thank you, Marty my brother and friend for applying standard LRH and helping me to regain my abilities and my self worth.  Mosey, you are one of the most beautiful kind souls I have met in my lifetimes.  Thank you for everything you do.  We are so lucky to have you as our true friend. 

I had (many) years of auditing at the C of S, but nothing like what I had in the last 5 days with Marty.  Marty’s C/Sing is spot on and his auditing is AMAZING!!!!!  

Sometimes less is more.  Sometimes small is big. Sometimes enough is abundance.  Sometimes simple is profound.  These are those times. With heartfelt gratitude and love.

As the week here in Casablanca with you is coming to an end, a new era begins for me.  An era of ‘I’ve got my life back and now the world has to deal with me directly; and no longer vias around me’   I came with a shy hope to sort matters out and now, as I’m parting, I’m at total peace.  What an amazing week it was!! 


I have spent 2 weeks in Heaven.  I am not a ‘religious’ person in the conventional sense of the word, but I have to say Marty and Mosey are like 2 angels in human form who were sent to guide my way on this journey.  Every wish I had has been granted with such love,tolerance and understanding that nothing could ever top this.  They have taken the ‘granting of beingness’ to a new level.  They epitomize what ‘family’ should be but even more than that.  All I can say is that I hope others can experience what I have.  I love you both (also Chiquita and even Cat !) and wish that  you achieve all your own dreams – you deserve them!


Thank you for taking care of me with such obvious intention to help me find the answers I needed.  Thank you for restoring my Bridge, for restoring my willingness to believe my own thoughts, for teaching me.    Thank you for the most penetrating auditing I have ever received.   Thank you for the expansion I feel, for the huge new understanding I have of myself and of life itself, and thank you for putting together pieces of myself that I thought were lost for this life and maybe forever.


In the past decade I have been to the Freewinds and Flag and I must say my experience here in this simple Casablanca far surpasses all the glitz and glamour of Freewinds and Flag in service, convenience and of course ARC.  I arrived here feeling like this was my last stop before the graveyard. I’m going home feeling a renewed zest for life.

Thank you so much for your hospitality and caring. Session after session the wins kept getting bigger.  I am not afraid to live any more or face the future thanks to your superior auditing. You and Mosey will always have a place in my heart and home.

This has been an experience of a lifetime – I’ve gotten more case gain in four days of auditing – than the entire time in Scientology (decades).  To say I am thankful is such an understatement.  This has been a life saver – an awakening – which opens up a whole new game.

My rediscovery here of the real Scientology has been nothing short of wondrous…Your purpose of bringing LRH’s tech and its workability to the personal level where I believe it was always meant to be has made a huge difference in my life.

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  1. Marty and Mosey, that’s just a drop in the bucket of wins and successes! I have also at different times mentioned how incredibly standard and precise the application of LRH is with you guys!

  2. I second everything said by those who wrote in the guest book, most of which is more poetic and better stated than I could have put it. Both Christie and I have experienced the immense care, real help and wonderful friendship and love that comes through association with Marty and Mosey. And the best counseling I have ever had. Period.

  3. Marty and Mosey. Thank you for doing what you do. You are making a big positive difference in the lives of so many. And there is nothing, nothing, that can equal that. Nothing. Your blessed. And you know it. Happy for you and all those who come in contact with you.

  4. That is what it is all about! That part of Scientology that needs to be preserved.

  5. Marty, I utterly agree with your assessment of the enforced Success Story as a “cult positive reinforcement mechanism.” I also share your observation of the distinct difference between auditing toward release and auditing toward ability. I recall many a time not wanting to write a Success Story and knowing I had to. Sometimes I would just draw a picture, such as the 3rd-grader’s rendition of the sun shining, so that I did not have to be specific and have my ENFORCED ORIGINATION published in some propaganda rag.

    I recall one time going to the examiner while I was on staff because I had just had a major, mind-blowing realization after some repair cycle. My (paraphrased) origination: “I just realized that I have never been so profoundly miserable in my whole life as I have been while on staff! I need to get back to my own purpose in life, not what someone else says my purpose ought to be.” Of course, my needle was floating, and the poor examiner, bless his heart, had to tell me so. The examiner (John) was also a musician, and knew that my life revolved around making music. At a break a few minutes later, John tried to talk some sense into me about how you can still be a musician while clearing the planet… I listened, acknowledged, and realized that the poor bastard was probably suffering just as much as I was. I suspect his needle was not floating, but I felt it was more appropriate to thank him for his insights. Poor bastard…

    Anyway, back to present time and your successes with the wonderful folks who have the good sense and opportunity to avail themselves of your gifts!!

    These excerpts make me so happy for you, knowing that this is part of what you love doing – helping people. I love to learn about how you are making such a profound difference in so many people’s lives. Even though I am a couple thousand miles away, I often feel I could reach right through the computer screen and hug you, Mosey, Chiquita and Tinkerbell.

    I love that this beauty is happening and thriving despite the wrath and threats of Eternal Damnation from the Church. Blessings to you and yours, Marty. 😀


  6. Joe Pendleton

    Spectacular results Marty and Mosey! Your presence and activities have made an impact, that’s for sure, a positive and valuable impact that has increased the happiness in other peoples’ lives.

  7. Tom Gallagher


    Perhaps I shouldn’t share this publicly, though perhaps others will benefit from this long and possibly convoluted question.

    I have found the greatest burden in my life is the notion of having been a past life , oh shit, do I say, Scientologist/Dianeticist?

    I do have happy memories of Ron through the late 40’s in LA and all of the mind blowing (literally) stuff from the Phoenix , AZ period around 52 to three. Perhaps this underlies my expressed affection for Phil Spickler who was there at the time, but I don’t recall personally. He’s a lot younger.

    Marty, frankly, I believe you are one of very few who could help sort out these thoughts and outside evaluations. FLAG was a disaster and Class V Org auditors, the same.

    I’m content with my scene. Life’s good but of course it could be better.

    Confusion manifests with regards to the current “bridge to total freedom’.

    My confusion is where do I fit in or should I even care. Are you taking reservations for lunatics like me?

  8. Thank you. You help me with every note you send. I am grateful to have found your understanding as I have fallen thru this moment of space and time.when I am able I will deliver this thank you by more personal means.

    Sent from my iPad

  9. Coming to Casablanca was always like coming home. I sorted out a lot for myself with your help. But, what I appreciate most is the education I got on life. Sometimes I had a little trouble keeping up with you but, I did manage and in the end I always learned so much.
    I really feel my scope of life now is so much larger compared to before. Yet, I’m still happy to learn more. 🙂
    Thank you Marty and Mosey for helping me move up and on.

  10. Kathy (Reed, Bagley) Orem

    Lovely! Very inspiring.

  11. Wonderful, just wonderful. Good decision to show this. Good to witness such wins, arrows, truths. I remember Luis Garcia’s post on his visit to you, Marty, what a wonderful post, wonderful words of being. Had an immense impression on me as I was looking for signs of life outside the trap of CoS. Finding such words, was for me a fresh spring in the middle of the most cruel desert…and I knew then, that there is HOPE! Period..!
    Just a comment on “success stories”, I agree with you that as a “system” they can be misleading, even dangerous. But as a really free option, they are a must. Like compliments, when being real, self determined and coming from the heart. Makes me smile to remember, my last 5-6 success stories in my OT5 auditing, totally on my decisions, I was looking everywhere to find the form in which to write, could never find the damned forms, always hidden in some drawer…and I did find in the end, because I WANTED, I HAD to write them. All your stories here are just like that…things that HAD to be written, because so true, and so coming from the heart/soul.
    G R E A T S T U F F!

  12. Nice wins Marty and Mosey. Keep up the good work.

  13. Thank you both for your enduring commitments to help your fellow man and to make the world a better place to live in for all. The fruit of your efforts extend all the way to the Middle East and South Africa ! That is quite a reach! You have safe pointed Scientology beyond the walls of the Church, where our only real enemies lay. And made it possible not only for your guests to continue in a safe haven, but for the rest out here to open their doors and carry on freely with their interests and concerns and guests. That is something that nobody else was able to do before you two. The cream rises to the top. You are CLEARLY in favor with the Gods!

  14. Touche’! Marty & Mosey~

    How wonderful to see & hear how you’ve facilitated the “moving on up” of those of us fortunate enough to have been welcomed to your home.

    I can’t remember if I signed the guest book, as I was so blown away with what I experienced in the 5 short days there.

    However, I do remember waking in the middle of the night with the most profound feeling of love & understanding, plus a new found spiritual awakening! With tears teaming with love streaming down my face, I bolted out of bed at 2 am and started writing, so not to forget to tell Marty. In the morning, in session we discussed my cogs, and as such I can’t discuss them here, but suffice it to say, he is a superior being. And, if I might say, I believe his purpose is pure help.

    As I too had years of auditing, 1977-1998, but, never with such complete A-R-C. I never got answers to my copious questions….till with Marty. It was like telepathy-he knew what I was thinking before I knew. It was total understanding that catapulted me to new heights of awareness-that I can rehab at whim-such as now!

    And though I am certain no gratitude is sought by you (and more likely shunned), let me assure you that you both are held in the highest regard with the deepest gratitude.

  15. I look at all the theta flowing in and out of the Casablanca space and then I think of the Squirrel Busters just outside the door at time “doing it right”. It just makes me smile and laugh to think of my ever considering any kind of trek back to ANY Church of Scientology anywhere, and although some situations in life can persist, they don’t forever. 🙂 I really am a nice guy after all when you get to know me! 🙂

  16. I thumbed through that book while I visited–these aren’t even 1/2 of a percent of the raves and thanks and good wishes people wrote in there. How you two could keep doing that (with Mosey going Clear too, and training…) while all the other BS was going on is pretty amazing. I wrote my thanks in there but no harm in saying it again….You are the ones with the island of sanity.

  17. And another thing. I used to think of myself as a worthless little piece of s**t because I had no alternative knowledge to what the Church of Scientology was dishing out to me as my “road out” or “Bridge to Total Freedom”. Do people really see the harm that this church causes people? Do people really know the dangers this church poses to society at large? Anyone can be confused into believing a dastardly church member and live to regret it even! But, many things have changed over the last few years and the Church of Scientology’s attacks are not really unexpected any more but pretty much anticipated. I say thank you to Ron for making the truth available. But it is people like Marty and Mosey and others, that really duplicate what being duped by this organization can mean and help you to not only find the road out, but the armor of knowledge that will guard you for lifetimes to come. 🙂

  18. Thanks for posting these Marty and thanks for your care too Mosey. It’s about time to get some these wins of your application of tech and straighten around those who would think integration has something to do with squirreling. Very nice post. Hell, after 2 years of destim and from reading your blog I may even show up in Casablanca one of these days 🙂

  19. A very theta (spiritual) post. I guess It would be clumsy to do so but just reading your blog it is clear that just the blog alone has produced enormous realizations for most of us and these statements put together would be hundreds!
    I said a few weeks ago, I don’t ‘need’ auditing now (after reading your blog for 3 years and 1/2 of the recommended reading list). That would not be OK if I were to state that while in the Church.
    It is a nice success/win and it is very OK 🙂
    Thanks for all that you both do and are doing.

  20. Sounds like you’re one hell of an auditor. I love reading this kind of stuff.

  21. Snoopy's Uncle

    Thank you for writing this one and for what you are doing. I feel these things genuine.

    The topic of success stories is quite interesting. In the CoS, publishing of the SS has become “state-of-the art marketing tool” so that now the SS are re-written for such purposes and many are simply fabricated to push buttons somebody supposes need to be pushed. And from that we can easily see how far it has gone.

    Anyway, didn’t want to compare your achievements by pointing to negative things in the CoS because these two are different worlds.

  22. My experience at Casablanca has been true spiritual gains filled with love. Thank you Marty & Mosey! Love,

  23. Beautiful! i love the way you’re doing this, leaving it up to the individual to originate. You’re both doing an extraordinary job and I wish you much peace and well being. I hope to visit some day. 🙂

  24. A good auditing session is like magic. Yesterday (before this blog post had been written) for some reason, I don’t know what, I imagined myself across the auditing table from Marty. And just getting the picture of having him there in front of me, fully receptive and accepting of whatever communication, was enough for me to feel I had been heard and understood, and had a session – without even having spoken. 🙂 That was like magic.

  25. Marty,

    One of the reasons I felt drowning in the Sea Org was an overdose of auditing. In my view, auditing, when applied to the benefit of the recipient can be miraculous, but wouldn’t one after a certain point want to just live it out?

    I’ll be perfectly honest, I used to crave for sessions. Was it in part because I felt I was interesting, that I considered my case was somehow very interesting? I know that to be the case. Today is different, I am so not interesting, that I’ll dare say despite a threat of a loss of eternity – it is not true for me that I’m supposedly at risk for not moving ahead with auditing. It is just me now, myself and others will have to deal with it. What IS interesting to me is that soon after I left Casablanca, you know there was an attempt to undo me, apparently I was no longer “handleable”. I find THAT very interesting and wouldn’t relinquish the experience for anything !

    Marty, sometime ago I think I hacked into your secret, what makes you ….you. I’ll put it like this, and this applies especially well when we talk about councelling. You have a rare gift, a knack, to patiently hold up a “mirror” for the the person to take a good look, get all relaxed about it. Absent all evaluation, honest looking become possible and eventually one can walk away happy. Seen enough now. The mirror for me has lost it’s magnet, like a polar shift, life is now the magnet. I welcome it.

    Million thanks to Marty and Mosey for opening your home for this purpose.

  26. Thank you for posting these Marty. More please.

  27. Nice success stories Marty.
    I agree that solicited success stories can be a bad thing.
    I enjoyed my time at Casablanca awhile back. It was about a year after I resigned from the cult. It was great getting auditing in a peaceful environment with no regges and be able to explore my own universe outside of the cult. Thanks again.

  28. Amazing.
    Thank you for sharing.

  29. Gayle Smith aka TroubleShooter

    These beautiful writings you’ve shared for all
    make the judging and criticisms seem so small.

    The heartfelt words from your travelling fellows
    pours water on the ember that won’t flame by such bellows.

    With a smile on my face and a heart that soars
    I recognize the gentleness that comes from a man that roars.

    The repetition that you shared in these words of such gratitude
    quash the attempts of those judgments and uninformed platitudes.

    No efforts by you or those by any another
    will my recognition for what you’ve given back ever smother.

    A true spiritual hunger that shares what he’s learned
    will understand that life is not just what you’ve earned
    by the harm or the ideas of failure and betrayal
    but by the work that’s been done to make it right.
    Love, Gayle

  30. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
    ― Maya Angelou

  31. Marty, what wonderful volunteered statements by your guests at Casablanca! It truly shows what auditing, done without evaluation, invalidation, AND the granting of beingness, can do for a person! It makes me want to jump in the car and come RIGHT NOW! It would only take me an hour to get there!

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful wins, and here’s hoping you, Mosey, Chiquita, the cat and your current guests, had a wonderful 4th of July! Every year on Independence Day I reflect on the past year, and it is true, we are moving on up a little higher! Thank you and Mosey so much for all that you have done for me, and all that you do for others. My gratitude would be hard to express in words.

  32. When I received a call from “John Flinch” (my hobson jobson) from “FreeDumb” magazine a while back, his main line of questioning was “Why haven’t you gone back?” (to Casablanca).

    My response: “He’s that good. You have no appreciation for the power of simplicity.”

    And you know, he has kind of inspired me in a new unit of time….:)

    Rock on…

  33. Great courageous post Tom! Hurray for lunatics! We are many and I have successfully handled quite a few. There’s a great little bulletin….pardon the paraphrase…..that the pc/preot’s ability to confront is directly proportional, to the degree that they feel safe. As a review auditor, I realized that this was the best tool I had, the door to the magic of real auditing. Absolutely zero eval. IMHO no matter how you sort things out… fit in perfectly, just as you are.

  34. Bravo!Great job!

  35. Wow Gayle. Beautiful.

    Marty and Mosey. Very Well Done indeed. Brilliant stuff.

  36. Marty, You said: “ My view is that they have been used in the past as a cult positive reinforcement mechanism.”
    Yes, I agree. They have become symbol of the cult virus. I think perhaps because of the obsessive importance placed on statistics and success stories were one of the statistics.
    I understand attention on statistics can be good but for crying out load every HOUR!
    I remember when Kerry Gleason showed up and took over the Captains Office for a few days. I was the Dissemination Secretary and I had to run up the 4 flights of stairs to the Captains office to change the erasable marker board to the current Gross Income figure even if it only changed a few dollars!
    Wrong order of importance. I came to dread executives from management showing up because it always was a distraction to getting my job done to do my part in clearing the planet.
    Seems the virus did come from ‘over the rainbow’.
    I appreciate the better understanding what was the source and it’s symptoms since it seems to have taken a hold for a long long time.

    I continue to go back to the thought ‘what if it simply remained a science?’. KSW could have been a valid part of a technique without being spread to the rest of the Admin policies. In fact, most of the rest would not have been needed. I mean like do we really need a PL to tell us how to water plants and wash the car? And each Mission holder or group holder could study up on business management if they needed to. I could have learned finance by studying David Ramsey or some others.
    Couldn’t we each have had it be a religion for ourselves if we wanted or if it turned out that way for ourselves and it still remained a science of the mind?
    Then we would have the real scientific results cataloged and in world view. We would not have needed dissemination so much. The magazines, journalist and scientists would have been the word of mouth.
    Thank you for all you have uncovered and are doing to pick this spiraling out of control system apart to its components.

  37. Thanks for posting these comments, Marty. Success Stories, like so many other things within Scientology, started out with the right intent and slowly became warped into something ugly and ill-fitting. I like what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it. Granting beingness is powerful and a technology, onto itself. I’m happy to see you and Mosey practicing it so well! Good luck on your continued journey.

    “Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”
    ― Joseph Campbell

  38. Marty, if you feel as though you are helping people and they are getting something out of it Great. I was never in yet I think have watched and read. You Mosey keep living your life the sane ones of this insanity called life are happy for you.

  39. What is greatness? What you, Marty & Mosey are creating in real Life!

  40. Man, damn girl. I felt that clear over here.

  41. Very interesting Kirsi.

  42. Jean-François Genest

    😀 Great feedback! Thank you for sharing.
    Plus, once again, you have this uncanny ability to identify an outpoint, help me as-is charge, and gain further understanding. My needle floats! Thank you, Sir! 🙂 Θ

    In the ©hurch, I was questioned/interrogated EACH time, SEVERAL times, because I did not feel the NEED to write a Success Story after F/N and VGIs at the examiner. It made me feel inhibited, untrusted, and wrongly-indicated that I might have ulterior motives. I didn’t have any. The gains I obtained were subjective. I was happy. I had greater understanding. End of cycle.

    I was always coaxed/coerced into writing one. It turns out that coercing/forcing someone to write a SS is purely ENFORCED communication, isn’t it?

    [ Plus, it just dawned on me that yes, it WAS a statistic reported and analyzed every week, thus pushed to go up and up, ↑ Highest Ever for LRH, etc. ]

  43. Sapere Aude

    These are the types of feelings, emotions, wins and realizations I would like all to see. All in the direction of a human being more self directed in their own life. Not what others want them to think, do or say – what the person, as a unique individual human being, feels. I believe this is what all of us became involved in the subject or scientology for. I wish for all to be able to experience this – as well as move on up in all aspects of their own life.

    This dream has been expressed by so many in so wide a variety of ways. I will close with this statement:

    “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”
    – TS Eliot

    The dream always includes knowing our true self and I see this written in the stories of those who have traveled and moved on up a little higher. Just thinking of this puts a smile on my face. Thanks guys. (and gals)

  44. Interesting – how would he know whether you had been back to see Marty again or not, again ? And whether you had or not is his business, how ?


    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  45. Daniel Victor

    Very good statement, Brian. You hit the nail right on the head!
    Now the question comes up: Which other parts of Scientology need to be preserved.
    I see Scientology like a Fugu fish. There are delicious parts which are beneficial and others which are (highly) toxic.
    As many people have died after eating Fugu it has the reputation to be dangerous. Consequentially, people are warned not to eat that fish. In Switzerland it is forbidden to serve it in restaurants.

    For gourmets Fugu it is a delicacy. They enjoy the fish which is prepared by a specially licensed chef who exactly knows which parts of the fish are dangerous and how to prepare the edible ones.

    Obviously Marty is a chef who not only has all the knowledge about the Fugu fish but also knows how to prepare and serve it perfectly, in a very pleasant atmosphere.

    Marty, I wish you would classify our fish into three categories:
    A – edible and delicious
    B – edibile and delicious – but dangerous if prepared not correctly
    C – (severely) toxic

    Yes, different chefs will provide different recommendations (and they are welcome to do so). However, I feel that you are a very trusted chef by many. So please let us know your evaluations.

    I feel sure that this approach will bring more clarity to the complex subject of Scientology than repeatedly discussing about this and that of LRH’ heritage which appears or is toxic.

    One more remark:
    Scientology is a product of LRH’s mind. And surely it is worthwhile to include LRH when contemplating about Scientology.
    But when it comes to evaluating which ‘tools’ from Scientology can be helpful if properly applied and which are not LRH can and should be left out of the inspection.
    Whatever philosophers, psychologists, artists and scientists have created in the past: the only thing that counts today is the value of what they have created. And this value has nothing to do with the question if the creator had been a saint or a villain.
    Yes, finding out the truth about LRH is fine. But results have nothing to do with the validity of the different parts of Ron’s heritage.

  46. I visited with Marty when he was still at Ingleside. It was a wonderful week. His auditing was superb. Then Marty came to visit in Los Angeles to help me through the death of my son Alexander. It was the best auditing of my life. I really did come through it. I look forward to my visit to Marty again in a couple of months. I second Mike Rinder, best counseling I ever had.

  47. I read these entries you published and loved them instantly. I was also sorely reminded of the times when I “had” to write success stories which felt forced, and sounded as much. And when I read the wins in the various mags, mine never matched up. They were never mind-blowing. I wanted mind-blowing.

    Now I read these wins and I think, “Those people are whole. I want to be whole like that.” Perhaps I will someday, even though I am out-qualled.

    I’m reminded of a Jim Henson movie I saw as a kid, “Labyrinth.” In it, Sarah Williams is lured into the labyrinth to get her baby brother back from the goblin king, who does his best to trap and stall her. It’s a race against time, and if she fails to find her brother before time is up, the goblin king will keep him. She finds her brother and faces the king in the end, and her final words to him are, “You have no power over me.” He gave up after that. I struggled with that ending for years, wondering if it was really that simple. Now I feel like Marty has helped me out of the labyrinth and shown me that the goblin king indeed has no power over me. Looking at those stories, there’s bright sunshine ahead.

    Thanks for safe-pointing, Marty and Mosey, especially where I live. And thanks to everyone else who goes unnamed. From the movie “I AM” I understood it really is the actions of many that makes a difference. Thank you.

  48. I agree with Mike R and Karen #1, Marty is without a doubt the best auditor I’ve ever had. And beyond that, he and Mosey create a wonderful space in which to be. Can’t wait to see them again.

    Love to all,

  49. Marty I borrow the words from a very wise person to acknowledge your evolution as a spiritual being.

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

    ― Dr. Seuss, Happy Birthday to You!


  50. [Standing ovation] 🙂

  51. Marty you have always been here for anyone at anytime with no judgement. You have been willing to put yourself on the line to help so many with no expectations. You are a true friend. You and Mosey made so much possible for so many. Thank you,love Carol

  52. Jean-François Genest

    Dear Letting go,
    “out-qualed” is now CANCELLED ! No more “out-qualifications”.
    You ARE “qualified” to receive auditing. Go !
    START !!!

  53. Jean-François Genest

    Hi Cat Daddy! Good to see you again.
    You know, once in a while, I would like to read YOUR OWN WORDS instead of quotes, quotes, quotes. 😉

  54. Beautiful post and a beautiful quote.

  55. Greetings Jean-Francois, what an developement it is onhere. Oftentimes something that begins as a good idea solidifies into something nasty overtime. So Marty followed hubbards advice and looked from himself not constrained by KSW.

  56. Daniel Victor

    Marty – as I had directly addressed you with a request I had hoped for a direct reaction from you.
    Unfortunately there is none.
    When I thought of directly asking you again it right away came into my mind what you’d answer: “Read my books and you’ll know my answer!”
    Any advice how to motivate you to let us know what you think about my view and proposal?

  57. martyrathbun09

    I don’t know what you are referring to; send it again.

  58. Karen, I am so glad that you got some auditing — I was very concerned for you when that happened to your son; I know that I would have been devastated beyond description, and I was praying that someone would help you through that horrific event.

    Thank you Marty for doing that; Karen is such a dear and valuable person and friend for all of us in this community, and though I thanked you above in my last post for the help you have given to me and others, I want to thank you very specifically for helping Karen, through what had to have been the most difficult and devastating event of her life. Another one of the unsung ways in which you have assisted us to survive in a more hopeful way, to move on up a little higher, and to keep on truckin’ on, down life’s most treacherous highways. Wow, you just never cease to amaze me!

    Sincerely and with utmost affinity,
    Catherine Von Ach
    Austin, Tx

  59. Daniel Victor

    I am referring to my above post in which I mentioned the Fugu fish: (“Marty, I wish you would classify our fish …”)

  60. I found this blog as a Scientology watcher. After reading this post and all the comments, I have to say, I am very intrigued by the process.

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