Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 12

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  1. The essence of the debate about the value of Scientology will now be quietly turned over to the religious scholars.

  2. Very comfortable now in rejecting anyone who says that the discussion of the theoretical issues of the Scientology religion is of no value.

  3. Here’s a book all those people could use – “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”, The author is Byron Katie, in real life married to Stephen Mitchell, of spiritual classics translation fame – Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te King, and more.

    “The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of an effect”, right?

  4. “Truth and getting it right has no meaning to them. Ratings, popularity and money is all they care about.” Wow.

  5. I wonder what Karen de la Carriere paid to “own Tony Ortega and own Mike Rinder”. I do see her name mentioned over 1680 times on Ortega’s blog and about 70 times on Rinder’s blog.

  6. Hi val!
    I read about these people but never picked up the book. It sounds interesting. I ran into one of my old enemies last week and he sure did have his story. He was expressing his hatred for all religions to me with a very loud voice. After talking with him, I listened to some of the video material out in the anti-Scientology movement. I get the impression that most of it is based on the same hatred of religion. The hype has the underlying tone of bias without objectivity. Like I would like to hear Walter Cronkite talk about religion again.

  7. Hello George !

    I think you might appreciate Byron Katie, who is female, inspite of the name. She was a successful real estate broker, married with some children when she went into a very deep prolonged depression, a real “dark night” After she lost everything, she had a spontaneous experience of enlightenment, out of which sprang what she calls “the Work”. It’s also commonly called “the 4 questions”.
    Up until then, she had never been into any self-improvement, meditation, or anything like that. Her first book is titled “”Loving What Is”, and she has a good audiobook titled “Your Inner Awakening: 4 questions that will transform your life”. She has applied and taught this 4 questions method to probably thousands of people.
    In the audiobook she describes the experience itself in her own words and it is fascinating. In her books there are a lot of transcripts of actual sessions with people, applying the questions.
    Well, enough said. Enjoy.

  8. Leah says she is giving “voice” to those that have no voice. The people that have no voice are the Scientologists she is attacking. They do not have the platform to respond or defend themselves as they do not speak to the press. They are all taking advantage of the people that have no “voice”. The discrimination is thick. It’s not like she couldn’t dig up people from any Church that had challenged and setbacks. Situations within groups that went wrong for them. And they focus wholly on the negative. She could be doing the same thing with the Catholic Church. It is a form of bullying to slander a group over and over that has no way to fight back.

    As far as people not being other people’s children or parents, neither Leah Remini or her husband claim the children from Angelo’s first marriage on any of the Wiki pages or bios on the Internet. Only the one with Leah. Maybe they should start claiming their own children.

    Karen de la Carriere seems to think a wrong who is better than a “know who?”. Assigning me to anyone posting out here under any alias that becomes a mystery. Indicating to people I don’t have the nerve to claim my own thoughts and ideas. Her own son grew up homeless and without parents. Left on Church nannies to raise is management housing while she was “living like a Queen”. When she did leave the Church, she offloaded him in a boarding school where he sat parked until recruiters came to claim him. She has also never been honest about the conditions in which she left the Church financially. Very wealthy.

    The thing I don’t get about these people, the majority of them lived like high-ranking royalty and or celebrities while involved with the Church. Leah came in as homeless with her family in Florida, and they relied on the Scientology community for support. Housing, work, support. Karen, Mike, Ron, lived like royalty with status, higher pay, nannies, stewards. Leah lived as a celebrity for 90% of the time she was involved. None of them speak for the average person involved in Scientology and they are complaining the loudest. And still, assume positions as “supreme beings” in a theater of critics. Ortega defines himself as an expert and has no idea of what most people experience.

    I used to think it was wrong the people involved could not speak to the press. Considering all the years I’ve wasted my breath, it’s for the best.

    It is kind of you Marty, to give voice to the ones that really do not have a voice.

    I keep reading the announcements you do it for the money. As if you shouldn’t fight back or speak out because you have some integrity. I would be willing to give my hard drive to anyone that could move the suppression from these critics off my back, and no one would have to pay me a dime. I don’t like bullies. And I know you don’t either. I have reams of pages of false reports and slander in my inbox forwarded to me daily. 90% of it back stabbing in “secret” areas.

    Jeffrey Augustine takes great pleasure to degrading and humiliating people. He is stuck in sadism. Repelling. His lies on the Internet that Karen’s son passed away from disconnection are anywhere you care to look. Her son passed away from a drug overdose and methadone was part of it. He was dealing with drug addiction and if he left a suicide note, it would have been destroyed.

    Ortega has a list of disconnects on his forum. But anyone who questions him or disagrees is banned and he has the entire group disconnect from them, every time he does it. He is so converting it. When questioned for his involvement launching an International sex trafficking syndicate, he claimed to be first amendment extremist. Then devotes years to attacking people for their freedom to explore religion. No need to even try to harm his followers and supporters. Every day between Ortega and Karen they are being loaded with wrong who’s, wrong whys, wrong whats, half-truths, wrong items, and being driven slowly mad as they grovel.

    I read Hubbard’s theory that Earth is a prison planet. I have come to my own conclusion it is a holding cell for the criminally insane. And some of us are here to ensure the entire planet isn’t destroyed by them while trying to find out where they really are.

    Thanks for giving voice to those that have none. Happy Independence Day. You are one of the few people I know who should be celebrating. Lion Heart.

  9. I looked up Byron Katie in wiki and then went to her website which was linked there. Her epiphany seems similar to that of Eckhart Tolle. The featured video on the website was “I’m Afraid of Trump” which was definitely not what I thought it was going to be – lol

  10. From what I understand Scientology; Aftermath is one of A&E’s most popular programs which makes me thankful that we live in a Constitutional Republic where religious freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution and not by the “masses”.

  11. Thanks Richard. I’ve never been to her website. I’ll have to check out that video !

  12. The Oracle

    Wonder why she has been asserting that Monique took a payout? Ask her how much money she left the Sea Org with. And where it came from.

  13. OK, I looked at the site and watched part of the video. Marildi also commented that her story, her insights, seemed similar to Tolle’s. I have read a little Tolle, but what attracted me to Katie is the same thing that attracted me to Scientology – the promise of a practical, systematic methods(s) of changing one’s state of being. As far as I know, Tolle does not teach this. The video is typical Katie – she leads someone, in this case a whole audience, through applying “the 4 questions” and thus “doing the Work.” I find that admirable. Can you imagine Tony or his sycophants doing the Work? Marvelous!

  14. She also has a short video on the site called “Accidental Death” in which she works with a woman who lost her adult daughter in a car accident. Well worth watching.

  15. The Oracle

    Speaking of Karen de la Carriere’s song and dance:

    From ESMB


    4th July 2017, 09:00 PM #238
    Karen#1 Karen#1 is offline
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    Feb 2010
    Los Angeles

    That I *EVER* *EVER tried in any way to influence Marty’s blog or offered him money to influence his blog is complete and absolute OSA Fantasy.


    Well then Karen, I must have fantasized your attempts to influence his blog. I must have hallucinated this exchange:

    09/24/16 at 3:59 PM

    When I reached out to make peace I had midunderstood you. I thought Marty had deleted the hate site on me with the wild accusations of funding this and that which Alanzo fantasizes.
    He did not take down or delete anything.

    hmmmmm, that does not sound to me like you have not” *EVER* *EVER tried in any way to influence Marty’s blog”. This is the tip of the iceberg.

    The point is you are lying to everyone on ESMB while George Layton applauds you with, “Thanks Karen, for setting the record straight.”

    While pointing to Marty as dishonest.

    Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Of the insanity going on in these halls. Karen, you do not care about truth or justice. For you, it is all about domination. And fortunately, you have found a group of people that take pleasure in being dominated by you. Happy for you, happy for them.

    But for the record I want it known that is was you, that started the entire rumor that Monique took a payout. After YOU were instrumental in creating the conflict between Monique and Ray Jeffries.

    But you have never disclosed your payout have you Karen? Why don’t you explain to everyone how you spent 30 plus years in the Church, living like “A queen” by your own words. And then left with such a bloody fortune? I want you to talk to the people about your payout. Yours came from a criminal enterprise. And so did Tony’s. You both lined your pockets with profit from victims. Reed Slatkin and Backpage.

    And you have both been on a rampage trying to convince the world Monique is like you.

    She is not. Marty is not. You are mistaking people for fair game, that are not fair game. It is not OSA creating all of the conflicts out here. It is you, and Tony Ortega.

    You can fool some of the people some of the time. All of the people some of the time. Not all of the people all of the time.

    When you can not win a battle honestly, you do not have a rightous cause.

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