Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 10

15 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 10

  1. Baker's hotline

    I sent several emails to Tony asking him to explain the sex trafficking accusations. He has been silenced by his former employer. He took a payout. Anyone who questions him about it will be considered his enemy. If he is subpoenaed he will plead the fifth and Backpage will cover his legal fees. Seriously, he just lives to fight for justice.

  2. Since there is so much wild speculation as to Marty’s purposes, I found a comment I had posted nine months ago (Sept 2016) which Marty replied to and stated very plainly his purpose with regard to the ASC. I get that it’s still his purpose.
    marildi | September 20, 2016 at 5:50 pm | Reply
    Perhaps Scientology is a microcosm through which we can better view and understand the macrocosm of the world. Not just with respect to the organization of Scientology but its philosophy and tech. So far, it seems that way to me.

    Mark C. Rathbun | September 20, 2016 at 7:47 pm | Reply
    Yeah – I was going to refer Michael to my only post in November 2015 “When Distraction Becomes Destructive.” Everything that I have published since is in response to an incredible chain of events that post kicked off in the paranoid minds of ASC royalty. The main reason I even bother with the housekeeping is that I hope it might show some exactly what you noted in your comment.

  3. Homeless Beach Bum

    Hey, it is great posting comments here. There are so many sheep comments on other blogs. They drown each other. Who reads them? Nobody but 3-4 sheep! Lol, lol, lol… Lol-lol-lol – hehehe – hahahaha- bwahahaha!

    One question, is that true that David Miscavige wasn’t at INT for four years? Sheep farmer Tony Ortega says so.

    Did anyone ever see DM in Los Angeles? If he is there for 4 years does he have an invisibility cloak?

    Who runs INT now?

  4. Homeless Beach Bum

    Dang! Dirty world it is! Payout! Any idea how much he got?

    Ortega has a donation button on his blog. Rinder too. I keep my eyes open for them while standing in the soup kitchen line…

    He published a letter from judge Wittemore to Scientologists. Letter says it is confidential and he published it on his blog. Jail for Ortega?

  5. “Seriously, he just lives to fight for justice.”

    You make it sound like he is the victim.

    Does he think the children sold into prostitution deserve any justice?

    Oh, but he took a payout, so he has to keep quiet. That’s very convenient. Maybe if we’re all quiet about it, it will all just go away.

  6. Let me get this straight. Ortega fights for the First Amendment rights of sex traffickers and pedophile pimps while railing against the First Amendment rights of religions, particularly the one with the E-mater? Okay, I get it.

    By the way, if a person takes the Fifth and chooses to remain silent in a criminal proceeding, before a grand jury, for example, that person will likely be held in contempt of court and spend up to 18 months behind bars or until he/she decides to cooperate.

    Must have taken a boatload of money to cover that risk. And, from the perspective of the payor(s), the secrets Ortega agreed to bury must be incredibly damning – and/or involve some powerful people.

  7. Let there be light:

    As I walk through the shadow of death
    I know that I ain’t got much time left
    And they don’t really wanna see the good in me
    Ain’t satisfied until they see the fool in me
    [And I] I know my business, so my sins great
    [And I] I thank the hood for all the love they gave
    [And I] Forgive ’em all, they did they best to hate
    Oh, let there be light

    Life is what you make it:

    Make history before you go
    F the misery, you po we gettin doe
    Except the dollars other reasons why I’m living yo (why?)
    Time is viable
    Low and behold the young, black, and powerful
    Got to eat yo, everyday my sons feet grow
    You wack and cheap with the doe, my heat could blow
    Payin doctors when I’m born, a preacher when I’m buried
    That’s why cash is needed for my kids to inherit
    Gotta pay just for living, tax life is a business
    If you catch a bad deal, watch your life deminish
    Deals made by God and the Devil, and we in it
    Pawns in the game, can’t complain or say shit
    Just strap up and hold on, hope for the best
    prepare for the worse, no fears no nothing on earth
    No tears if I’m dumped in a hearse, I won’t be the first
    Nor the last N%^*er, let’s get this cash N %^*er.

    Thanks nas for keeping it real.
    People are people so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully?

    Why is it when people are being true to their beliefs there are always people that will drop to the level of toxic behavior. Although I do not understand why you would not take up the problems in a more personal manner. At least with the ones that are and or were considered friends. Each person must be true to their beliefs and In the end the only person that has to live with their actions is the individual himself.

  8. The letter, filed to the court, is now a matter of public record. The instructions contained within the letter, mandates that the recipients maintain the confidentiality in both their receipt of the letter and their response to the judge.

  9. Things are still wild and wooly over at Mike’s “Marty’s Meltdown” thread of comments. I have now been dubbed “iamtroll”, and Thetaclear posted the complete falsehood that Geir banned /suspended me from his blog multiple times, which never happened. He may have me confused with that other “V” guy who posted there, or maybe his own mind was damaged by scientology, as he claims the minds of others were. So many of the posts over there are just knee-jerk, with no thought put into them. Stream of ego consciousness.
    Anyway, in trying to research something another poster claimed she found online, I did come across this from npr:

  10. The synchronicity here is that Back Page Tony got his start with the Phoenix New Times and then went to the Village Voice both owned by Michael Lacey and James Larkin who are coconspirators with Carl Ferre in pedophillia.

    Proving that it is a small world after all.

  11. Your use of the word sheep to describe hundreds (if not more) posters on other blogs is frankly offensive. And to then say there are three or four of them is to defy reality.

  12. The Oracle

    “Marty’s meltdown”? If Marty doesn’t say anything, he has “been silenced by his Church”. If he does say something, he is having a “meltdown”. The gaslighting is thick.

  13. The Oracle

    I like that phrase “Backpage Tony”. If you mention his past though, you are “attacking” him. He does nothing but focuses people’s attention on “the past”. But he apparently does not have one. = Tony Ortega is the only true Clear.

  14. I’ve read somewhere you’re writing a book on Back Page Tony and his swarm of spiritual locust and assorted parasites.

    I think it’s great!


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