Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 17

33 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 17

  1. “Insight into character comes from listening intently to the spoken word. The physical person, their charisma, charm and dramatic flair is more often used to persuade audiences, as they use these stealth tools of disguise and deception.” –Maximillian Degenerez

  2. Wow, this installment is really stepping over the line. Right, Shelly Miscavige who was DM’s right hand ever since 1980 now wants to be stationed at the CSI facility in Big Bear full time. Shelly, who used to partake in all the perks that came with being married to the head of Scientology, the trips to St. Hill for IAS, the trips to MV each year, she has chosen to be away from all that and wants to be full time at Big Bear. Marty, I’m not buying this for a second. And I don’t believe you are either.

  3. Firstly — there WAS a culture wherein those who were NOT in the Sea Org did NOT have the rank to inquire about someone IN the Sea Org.

    For example, a dear Sea Org friend, when he arrived at INT for training embraced an old friend who had been both on the Apollo and then at the Flag Land Base. My friend went to the Int Base for higher training didn’t realize it was a “different” culture was sec checked and reduced in rank for “daring” to have the familiarity he felt he had.

    It’s important to remember — THE CULTURE and the times.

    Secondly: recently I was “indulging” in Amazon prime show “Enlightened” — pretty trite but had this one line that stopped my own mind and “story line” —

    The divorced husband, who became an alcoholic after the loss of their baby and her subsequent meltdown said to his divorced wife “Don’t try to save me”


    How many of us have tried to save someone? How many of us have tried to save a relationship.

    How many of us have failed at trying to SAVE someone? Or save a relationship?


    Bottom line to me — unless we each DO THE WORK on ourselves, inside and out — we’ve got zip hope.

    None of us are “supermen or superwomen” — we are human. Period.

    None of us are without shame. Without deep feelings of sorrow. Some have been more “horrible” than others. No one is without feelings. Sensations or attitudes.


    Ultimately it’s up to me how I decide to process the tragedies of my life.
    I’ve had my share of tragedies. Perhaps the only tragedy I cannot claim, thank goodness, is the loss of a child to death. BUT I’ve had 3 friends who have. One formerly in Scientology. Two have never been remotely connected. (all three lost young adult children)

    AND all three have their OWN belief regarding how/where/when they will see this child again. Whether or not their belief is TRUE, doesn’t matter. It’s how they can get up in the morning with such excruciating pain.

    Disconnection is NOT the same as the DEATH because there is always hope.

    There is always hope that THIS SEEMINGLY permanent condition, will be what ALL compounded conditions are — impermanent.


    I genuinely wish for all of us who have been personally affected by our Sea Org and/or Scientology experience to find within ourselves how to heal what was painful.

    How to recognize what we might have gained and what we might have lost. And to see that every single day we can either grow from our lives or cement into fixed pain and suffering.


  4. Not everyone wants to leave when some of the perks are cut short. She didn’t have those perks when she joined. Hubbard certainly didn’t provide them. Some people have other reasons for being involved. Since she has not made any announcements herself, anyone who cares to list about her is welcome to. And lists are made constantly and out lists are put on people.

    Why Leah showed up at a wedding with a man on her arm she removed from another family, demanding to know where someone’s wife is, is beyond me. Nobody asked her husband where his former wife was. But Leah, is suddenly the spouse police? Go look at her Wikipedia and her husbands Wikipedia and their public bios. They don’t even claim his two kids from his former marriage.

    Where is Tony Ortega’s wife Fatimah? She hasn’t been seen in public in several years. Leah doesn’t seem concerned about where she might be parked. Tony Ortega gets anywhere from 15% to 5% of his traffic from people Googling Shelly Miscavige. Check Alexa web ranking history. He has been pimping Shelly for years to boost his blog and his name. Shamelessly exploiting her.

    I could go on and on calling people out on their marital and familial issues. The fact is, it was someone’s idea to use Shelly Miscavige as fair game, a weapon. Just like it was someone’s idea to use the Duggan children as weapons and fair game. It’s bullying, gang stalking, and media stalking. And it is done by little thugs that take pleasure in humiliating others. Sadism.

  5. And the current policy in the ASC is that if you do not contribute it, the sadism. You must be working for OSA.

    The vast majority of the human population must be working for OSA then. Because the vast majority of the human population is repelled by bullies, thugs and people devoted to wallowing in sadism.

  6. Marty didn’t say Shelly chose to be stationed at the CSI facility in Big Bear; he said she wasn’t missing and that Rinder knew that, the key point being that Leah and Rinder schemed to make a big PR issue out a false situation. This is a significant disclosure that supports Marty’s theme for his video series, viz.: that the ASC crowd, led by a Troika, are creating and profiting off of a false anti-Scientology narrative.

    These revelations do not sanction or defend Miscavige and his harmful policies and practices as previously disclosed and reported on by Marty on this blog and elsewhere.

    I do take issue with a view expressed by Marty in this video clip, however. He said that Leah did not have the rank or right to know where Shelly was. I disagree.

    This surely is the policy position of Miscavige – and is how he runs the church. But the church is comprised of nonprofit religious corporations, which should be administered transparently for the benefit of its members.

    The fact that Shelly was no longer by Miscavige’s side and was, in fact, no longer part of the “inner sanctum” of international church management, and was instead stationed in an out-of-the-way facility that most Scientologists have not even heard of, was huge, important news that every Scientologist had a right to know and ask about.

    I applaud those who revealed the fact without necessarily supporting their means or motives for doing so.

    Miscavige could have avoided Leah’s and Rinder’s “Gotcha” plan by having been open and transparent in the first place. Who all are running the church and their post titles could have been and should be broad public information (BPI). And when a person in a high position is removed or transferred that fact should be communicated broadly to the membership through a PR statement.

    Had that happened with Shelly, Leah and Rinder would have had no story.

  7. Whether Marty is steping over some line or other here does not change the yellow tabloid, National Enquirer-like nature of the reporting done by Ortega etc. We don’t really know what Leah was doing buddying up to Shelley in the first place. Perhaps they were “friends”. One does not need “rank” to inquire about a friend or acquaintance and the status of her marriage, either. On the other hand, how much of a “friend” can someone in a high Sea Org position, and married to the Pope to boot, be? No one else who knew Shelley has reported anything much about what she was like, or reported being close to her at all. It is only clear she and DM had a falling out.

  8. kindredspirit

    You all should come to an event in Clearwater!

    It’s gonna be a night to remember🚗🚗🚗

  9. Dan,

    Personally I agree with Marty on this point.

    How is this any of Leah’s business?

    By the way was that a typo?

    According to the Sheriff’s report they found her alive and well at the “secret” CST facility at Twin Peaks.

  10. Sad. So many contradictions to things he has said in the past. In Marty’s post “Miscavige and Misogyny” (https://markrathbun.blog/2012/03/03/miscavige-and-misogyny/) he refers to DM sending his wife to a “gulag” and now what happened to Shelly is inconsequential?

  11. Wasting the police’s time as a media play is, in my opinion, pretty desperate. To knowingly do that, just to run your own ‘black PR campaign’? And they say Scientology is bad? Do any of these people possess mirrors?

  12. Maybe she was happy to get away from all that pressure? Or had a health problem? We don’t know, nor will we ever know. It’s not our business. The police said they saw and spoke with her and saw no reason to take further action.

  13. And Dan, how was Shelley DM’s “right hand” ? I thought Marty was. Or maybe he was DM’s “left hand’? And Marty ended wanting to get away from DM, didn’t he? Maybe Shelley had had enough of being close to “the great man” and trying to do the right thing in spite of him.

  14. Tony Ortega’s insanity.

    Tony Ortega once described Scientologists as a “Snitch Culture”. This was after he had been publishing knowledge reports daily for at least two years.

    He has been filing a daily knowledge reports for over four years now on his blog. But yesterday he filed a non-compliance report on Rinder and Remini (R&R).

    “We were also told that the Aftermath team would give us a public statement about it, but they never did.”

    He apparently published confidential information on his blog to keep his stats up, about a meet up in Florida. In order to keep up his street cred. But quickly shifted the blame to some unknown. Snitching.

    “Yesterday afternoon, while Rice was out of town, one of his employees sent that fiery message out to the Calvary congregation…..we published the message.

    It now appears that the dissemination of the letter caught A&E flatfooted, and the legal and logistical issues around a public forum in Clearwater quickly got out of hand.”

    The silver lining? He made a refund request and it was granted.

    “Thankfully, the Clearwater hotel we’d booked a room with let us cancel without penalty. So there’s at least a silver lining.”

    Which got me to thinking about Leah’s protests about dis connection and suppressive persons policy.

    She used the fact that Katie Holmes ditched Tom Cruise, and therefore must have been suppressive, to obtain a 325K refund.


  15. John Observer

    If you are in captivity, wouldn’t you cling to police begging them to take you with you?

    Michelle didn’t do any such thing, didn’t she?

  16. John Observer

    If people separate or divorce, they don’t spend much time anymore together, Dan.

  17. A feminist author shares sentiments quite close to Marty’s on what it’s like being “Fair Game” for an online troll mob: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/news-and-views/opinion/clementine-ford-this-is-the-personal-price-i-pay-for-speaking-out-online-20170713-gxaa6z.html

  18. Dan Koon: “Shelly, who used to partake in all the perks that came with being married to the head of Scientology, the trips to St. Hill for IAS, the trips to MV each year, she has chosen to be away from all that and wants to be full time at Big Bear.”

    Were perks the thing of interest to Shelly with respect to Scientology, regardless of anything else? Or is it possible that under certain circustances she would choose to live a nun-like existence for a cause she believed in?

  19. Where’s the contradiction? Remini filed a missing person report on Shelly Miscavige. Sheriff’s Department gave proof of life end of story. Whether Miscavige is misogynist is irrelevant and nothing but a straw man.

  20. Actually transferring to CST is a step higher on the Org Board than RTC.

    Maybe she had to sign an NDA.

  21. People change their views, as they live and learn. And some of them are wlling to admit it.

  22. Tony’s OODs (Orders Of The Day) 7/14/2017

    Sit around and list on Neil deGrasse Tyson. Someone you have never met and never will meet. Someone you don’t know and never will know. Spend the day listing on this guy and what might be going through his head.

    You know, it’s really sad. But I’ve got to move on.

  23. Agreed – what that article describes is similar to the “fair gaming” of Marty.

  24. Sge was married to DM. Was she in any “high position” in the Church? If so, what was it? I think she had status simply by being DM’s wife.

  25. That said, what’s great about Dan Koon is that he communicates – which in itself is a granting of beingness, regardless of the criticism. He’s critical in a way that is straightforward and doesn’t hold back, but at the same time is much less invalidative than no comm. Good to see.

  26. The problem I have with the current situations, and I feel I should communicate it myself, as others have been stepping in to describe me, and spreading false information faster than I could possibly address it, is this.

    In all of the controversy about “Scientology” in the last decade, save for the books, Marty published, and his blog, which has never crossed lines or been deceptive, there has not been one conversation about Scientology.

    Leah Remini’s specials do not address Scientology in any way shape or form, but she has the banner “SCIENTOLOGY” spread in screaming headlines across every television screen in America where people still have cable.

    Tony Ortega describes himself as a “Scientology expert” and he has never, ever been involved in Scientology. Could not possibly have a conversation about it.

    The people that support and endorse the road shows above, either never had a clue about Scientology, or understood it. Or, they understood it perfectly well and are using the concepts to destroy, mislead, confuse, and disable the minds of others through false information. Mainly by focusing on some fragment of a whole, so people can not do the math correctly.

    I have a problem with deception. And if the people of America had any idea how they were being deceived, they would have a problem with it also.

    Leah Remini cares about Shelly Miscavige? That is why Leah is devoted to creating enemies against her and her life’s work? Spare me. If I have to hear Leah degrade and devalue her mother one more time on a national television or the press, I think I will throw up.

    Is the Sea Organization a cult? Yes. Is the Sea Organization Scientology? No.

    People that were not taught to read, have no problem burning books. History is littered with events confirming this.

    Leah is selling herself off as a “concerned citizen”. Bullshit. She is selling a spectacle with total disregard for the people interested in self-improvement that have found Scientology useful. Who have NOT abused anyone and never would. And they far out number the others.

    She could have gone into the Catholic Church and dragged out some people who were suppressed and attack Catholicism. Or any other movement for that matter. Because people find themselves in places where they can use power to abuse others, just like Leah and Mike are doing right now.

    Leah says she is the voice for people that have none. The ones that have none are the Scientologists who do not manifest through the press. Those are the people with no voice in this. And she is using that rail road them into a culture where they only have enemies.

    I I do take responsibility for my part in summoning Leah up. I had no idea she would take the “Let’s burn down the whole village and roast smores” attitude.

    Most children out grow their use for parents. They do not return to the house to hang them and burn the house down. Because they have a sense that others might have a need for these people. Some sense of gratitude.

    Blanket wide discrimination against an entire culture is a prelude to ethnic cleansing. And as Trump rages on about Muslims, so do some others see this as an opening, and a social acceptance, of ethnic cleansing. A license to do some killing off of a segment of the population.

    What if everyone who finished kindergarten returned to burn the building down? We find there are people in our species willing to do that if they had some disregard for a teacher. With total disregard for anyone else that may care to want to learn how to count or read.

    In America, we live in a society where professional liars are highly rewarded and worshiped. Actors and fakers are masters at deception. Simple folk, the most honest and sincere, are absolutely fascinated with this magical ability. Because lying is extremely difficult for them. When they see a professional liar on television presenting a documentary, they are easily misled and misinformed.

    There are hundreds and thousands of people connected to Scientology through out the last half century that put Leah Remini’s wants and needs above their own. Every day. Some times for decades. With a purpose to add something beneficial to this world. Those people are never, ever mentioned or acknowledged in these ASC conversations out here.

    That is an injustice. And that is what I have a problem with. And this is not a “Scientology” thing at all. It is a humanity thing. I have a problem with anti humanity.

    I can see Marty’s viewpoint about Mike Rinder. He is choosing to support Leah Remini over his own children. In fact, he is supporting her to work against his own children’s interests. I have no idea why some folk find this procreative. Why anyone would think something is off with Marty because he notices it. And points it out.

    He has always said exactly what his on his mind and spoken up about injustice. When he says it about the Sea Organization, he is welcomed. If he says it about someone in the ASC, he is “insane”. Or he “sold out”. This is anti humanity at its worst.

    The cyber cult ASC people see only four types of people. In or out, for or against, Scientologists. The rest of the human race “doesn’t matter”.

    Marty made attempts to dislodge people from these fixed conditions when he encouraged people to “integrate, evolve, and transcend.” What we saw were people withdrawing, clustering up, devolving back into cult like structures and descending into ethnic cleansing groups.

    That is not on Mary Rathbun.

    The vast majority of the population will not contribute to ethnic cleansing, misleading and misinforming others, deliberate blindness, revenge motivation, wallowing in sadism, harming and hunting for pleasure, and destruction.

    Marty has INTEGRATED where others HAVE NOT. He is not doing anything that a responsible member of any community would do. If others do not seem to understand community responsibility, viewing from a position as a member of mankind, an extended view, that is not on Marty. He is addressing the dishonesty and he is being responsible. As a member of the human race. Not as a member of an ethnic cleansing group. Which he NEVER EVER signed on for. And neither did a handful of us that hit the front lines first and spoke up about the abuse in the Church. Ten years before Leah Remini checked out. Marty invested over three decades of his life in that theater. It is totally repelling to me that Leah is stamping on him on Twitter like he is a liability. He paved the road she is dancing down. And he doesn’t owe her anything. She used the Scientology group to think of Leah. He spent three decades serving others. She spent those decades serving herself or expecting to be served. Marty left because he had integrity. Leah left because someone questioned her rank.

  27. Good question, but as I knew her for 27 years I think she enjoyed her position right next to the head of the organization. As LRH wrote in Responsibilities of Leaders, the place next to the power is delicious but dangerous (paraphrased).

  28. Her post title was COB Assistant.
    That implies a pretty high post within the organization.

  29. Okay, thanks. I see where you were coming from based on your years-long observation. Actually, what you noted about power being “delicious but dangerous” could be the more likely explanation for why she changed her mind about being in the place next to power – if circumstances got more dangerous than delicious, and apparently they did.

  30. Quoting Hubbard to define Shelly Miscavige?

  31. At the end of the day, abuse must be stopped… Regardless where

  32. Define? Huh? Not following you.

  33. Do you have any evidence Shelley is being abused?

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