Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 22


19 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 22

  1. Aftermath last night was a JOKE – what a scam. No doubt in my mind that very soon Tony, Leah and Mike will be begging for donations under the guise of “hiring an attorney” to “take down Scientology” , of which much funds will be recycled back to them.

  2. morelivesthanacat

    I think the only thing Mike fessed to/apologized about was the incident with
    John Sweeney. Of course, practically the whole world saw that video…

  3. Day late and a millions dollars short, Marty.

  4. LOL – is that what you’d say to Mike Rinder if he ever revealed the who and the how that he performed ops on in the field that are *still running* ???

  5. Yeah I remember Rinder’s blubbering mea culpa for triggering that allegedly battle hardened war correspondent Sweeney.

    Personally I thought the whole thing was staged and choreographed prior to Sweeney’s eruption. Fake News at its best. Just like Aftermath.

    Yet as Marty says I’ve never seen him apologize to any of the others he targeted with his various Freakout like ops such as Tom Klemesrud or David Mayo or anyone else.

    The GO for the most part targeted the US Government while Rinder and OSA seemed to relish going after critics which was probably easier than filing endless FOIA requests and taking Federal Agencies to court.

    In my humble opinion he took the all the worst aspects of the GO and incorporated them into OSA omitting Branch 5 (Intelligence) which is why I called them GO Lite meaning having the same vindictiveness but with half the intelligence 🙂

  6. Thought I would leave this memo for the newly minted “Catholic” Leah Remini.

    Proverbs Chapter 6

    16 These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him:
    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
    19 A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    Could one of her fans buy her the book?

  7. A “NO-AGENT” is someone who is done with the war, who is ready and willing to speak the truth about either side in order to minimize further damage and protracted war (also known as a bona-fide “whistleblower”). This is a being of conscience working to reclaim his/her humanity and allegiance to the truth.

    A “DOUBLE-AGENT” (Mike Rinder) is either too greedy or too frightened (or both) to reveal anything that would put him in a bad light and cut off the money and attention flows.

    He won’t tell about the private investigators and OSA programs and damaging, family-busting actions and the undercover OSA agents he had/has going in the field. So he’s not really against the church then, is he?

    And of course he won’t talk about Karen de la Carriere buying articles and influence and running the ASC agenda on the field for lord knows what. Nor about the Remini show hypocrisy. Not as long as the money and attention is flowing…

    And funny how Tony and Karen and the rest of the ASC accuse Marty of doing exactly what they are doing through Mike Rinder and other “for hire” and deeply cynical and irresponsible characters.


    Letting those operations (on Arnie Lerma, the McClaughry family and who knows how many others) keep on running unexposed, is exactly what the Remini series is *pretending* to be all about.

  8. It was interesting that the legal “cliffhanger” from last season played out exactly how you said it would.

  9. When it comes to revealing black ops it is never too late. Rinder should have and didn’t. Now others will.

  10. Do, and Don’t are most elementary struggles.

  11. Rinder in the gang like to forward this pretense that they are “whistle blowers” which is a total sham. The only thing they are blowing is smoke.

  12. Thanx crypto Dan for being totally obscure and meaningless.

    As far as I’m concerned. You are as much responsible for the out tech rampant in the Organization as Miscavige since you as the I/C of RTRC altered the original policies and bulletins such as claiming BTBs and BPLs that Ron probably never saw were upgraded to “HCOBs” and “PLs” by his order over a year after his passing.

    How did he give such an order? By telepathy? The same claim Cappy Bill makes for Excalibur.

    Also you were the one who devised that bunch of Squirrelly “drills” known as the “Golden Age of Tech” in total violation of the PL Drills Allowed.

    I believe the reason you defend Rinder is that you are two peas of the same pod. (See my earlier comment on Rinder)

  13. Hello. I see that my message is still awaiting moderation. That is good because, upon reflection, I should have qualified what I said. To be more accurate, I should have said that the allegation of child rape within the Church of Scientology is not funny. Regarding the paraphrased quote of LRH, I do find it troubling in the context of how it was presented.

    I responded more out of passion, less out of reason. If possible, may I have that message, and thus one, deleted, please?

  14. I don’t know if I’d say that’s the only thing they are blowing, but still, you made me laugh with that one.

  15. Now, now, no knocking telepathy. But, yea, I agree. NO telepathy was engaged in to come up with inventing and altering what Dan Koon and crew did.

    That said, I doubt ANY of these people even knows how to actually DO telepathy well at either sending or receiving, let alone be competent enough at it to receive and carry out a complex detailed order on the level required to change (or invent) everything they did. (and I include Captain Bill in that.)

    Then there’s the fact that Hubbard wasn’t exactly what I’d call a master at it either. You do notice there is absolutely NO training whatsoever on this supposedly “OT” ability, despite the fact that is not only an integral part of the procedures of almost every one of the OT levels, it is actually stated at least once in the Nots materials that it is REQUIRED.

    I’m sure that was just an accidental oversight to omit any study or training whatsoever on the subject for the last 61 years.

  16. Tom Klemesrud

    Hopefully Rinder’s rogue follies will be outed in some big way–like the premier of Scientology TV. Have Ingram tell about Mike’s Miss Bloodybutt operation; get Linda Hamel to tell of Mike’s involvement in it, and how Rinder sabotaged my job at ABC through at least two middle managers on the Prospect and Talmadge lot. I would even appear on the SCN-TV channel for a little payback to Rinder’s lurid blood sex crime assaults..

  17. Tom Klemesrud

    And it will make Remini, Ortega, and ABC Networks look like opportunistic fools who will do anything to people for a buck.

  18. Actually I’m not slighting telepathy or any other psychic or OT ability but Church policy clearly states if it isn’t written it isn’t true.

    So far Koon and Company AKA RTRC have never once shown any reason why certain policies and HCOBs were altered.

    Remember back in the old days Ron or who ever else canceled or revised an issue clearly stated why it was revised or canceled and clearly showed any revisions in script and deletions as eclipses.

    Not only that but the original which was canceled or revised was still preserved in mimeo archives.

    The BOTWO squirrels AKA Koon and Company threw all that out the window when they issued the more recent Tech and OEC vols.

    Then they compounded that felony by concocting a bunch of squirrelly “drills” to (mis) train auditors with.

    As far as goes. Originally the original OT VII dealt specifically with that subject and also the ability to project one’s intention.

    Funny as in strange how that level is omitted from the current line up of the Grade Chart currently being offered by the Church.

    Yet this level would probably reduce the time taken on NOTs which in many cases has become endless.

    Anyway that is neither here no there since what we are dealing with is a bunch of lying liars or as Marty calls them “the troika” who want the state to intervene in the area of Religion by spreading disinformation and black propaganda.

    As far as the technology of Scientology that is something better sorted out by Scientologists not some Government entity.

  19. I wish you the best Tom. In exposing these charlatans. If you need any help or moral support just contact me via ARCHANGEL88 (AT)HUSHMAIL(DOT) COM

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