Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 23


28 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 23

  1. These “experts” they get on Aftermath are something else. Of course it’s par for the course when one’s intention is to misinform the public.

    As William Casey former DCI famously said:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Seems Aftermath is carrying on his legacy.

  2. It is so obvious what goes on in Scientology and it is missed. In essence, the religion is a “revolving door”. People such as myself get involved and stay in while the softer good technology is spread around. You know it as all of the practical things that help. Then the “candy” called auditing is spread around. I recall knowing close to 400 people. Four of them are still in the church. It took me 17 years to find the flaws in Scientology that led to my exit. I went to court to fight for Scientology in the 1990’s because I wanted a tax refund. By 1989, I knew that Hubbard was having his issues. But you look at the Photos from Taiwan and you see the faces of Scientology in the 1970’s in the United States. This is why the religion is so hard to take down especially for police and the lawyers. It actually morphs just like it says in all of the forbidden books.

  3. Reality never fazed cultists, pro or anti.

  4. Leah Remini throws the Cruise children under the bus today with media rants slandering their father as evil and diabolical. Because she wants to “expose abuse”. Laughter! I mean, she’s gone way around the bend. And she won’t be coming back.

  5. Leah Remini’s career options are parked right in the entertainment industry. While she envisions herself a valuable asset, she devalues the industry’s valuable assets. She has become a wailing liability to her own industry. To hell with the investors, producers and other entertainers who have to rely on work or livelihood connected to Tom Cruise. She is a loose cannon to her own peers.

    Made a note to Google her name in ten years and see how it all worked out for her.

  6. morelivesthanacat

    No comments yet? I just check your YouTube page. Most of the videos in this series have an average of 5000+ views currently. Some are 10s of thousands. Yet only a handful comment here. How telling.

  7. Thanks for the back story on Australia.

  8. “Made a note to Google her name in ten years and see how it all worked out for her.”

    Said by a person, who, keeping her identity anonymous, can hide, and looks forward to monitoring someone else’s public exposure.

  9. kindredspirit

    Love it.

  10. “Catholicism:The Aftermath”

  11. We can only imagine how Van Gogh survived with out Youtube likes. One can only imagine how John F. Kennedy was elected as president without Youtube likes. Clearly, they had no redeeming value. So, thank you for pointing this out. I will handle the Youtube likes.

  12. It is Leah’s choice to be publicly known. It is in fact her bread and butter. But you, what’s your investment in this issue?

  13. Laughter – Maybe scn caused me/us to forever investigate or experience the paranormal.

  14. Thirty years in Scientology and out and then ten years in Catholicism and out of that would make a good story line and keep the industry moving along. I don’t have ill will toward Leah. I blew scn in 1983 and never experienced the stupidities of the current incarnation of the CoS.

  15. IMO the public would have little interest in the history of scn. They would only look at it as it currently exists as presented in books and media.

  16. Timothy Hallinan

    Right, that’s why she was just cast in a starring role in Kevin James’s new series, “Kevin Can Wait.”

  17. I do not have the voice or identity to oppress the makeup artist, sound editor, wardrobe staff, catering staff, Director of Photography, Camera Operators, First Assistant Camera (1st AC, Focus Puller, Assistant Cameraman, B Camera), Loader (Film Loader, Digital Loader), Digital Imaging Technician (DIT),Steadicam Operator. Camera Production Assistant (Camera PA, Camera Intern, Camera Trainee), Director, Musical Director, Writer, Producer, Executive Producer, Investors, Second Unit Director, Production Assistance, Production Coordinator, assistants, location managers and their assistants,
    Line Producer, Production manager, Assistant Production Manager, Unit Manager, Location Scouts, Publicists, Script supervisors, Casting Director, Lighting Director, Grips, Editors, Lighting technicians, Boom Operator, Sound technician, Arts Director, Set Decorator, Set Dresser, Construction Coordinator, Carpenters, Painters, Laborers, Propmaster, Weapons master, Costume designers, Hairstylists, Special Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects crew, Colorist crew, Sound editor, Dialog editor, Music Supervisor, Recording Staff, and multitude of others that are currently working on Tom Cruise films and will not get their work seen or heard about as Leah Remini throws Tom Cruise under the bus with a declare and organizes boycotts to destroy his career. Full regard for self, zero regards for others.

    I am not the one monitoring anyone’s public exposure. Leah Remini is.

    I am only curious to see how that worked out for her.

    Since I do not matter, my name does not matter.

  18. It is Leah Remini’s CHOICE to have her name plastered anywhere it can fit, and her voice blaring through Fox News to millions of viewers issuing declares. No matter who is harmed.

    She can invent a billion enemies for Tom Cruise and it will not affect him one iota. He is wealthy and secure. Who it effects are the multitude that has to serve, labor, slave, and contribute to keeping a roof over their head.

    I know she did not attend high school but this is an AWARENESS OF CONDITIONS related to EMPATHY that does not require an education.

    And SHE depends on her bread and butter from these “fans”. And “watchers” of her drama.

    This is what happens when you give an unaware person POWER. They abuse it. The wallow in blind injustice.

    And she is doing EXACTLY what she complaining others are doing.

  19. And if you do not think 500 phone calls in the entertainment industry were made within the first hour of her Tom Cruise declare with investors trying to stop the bleeding, you need a course in economics. I am not the only one viewing her a loose cannon.

    If she thinks those people are going to invest in her now, she is dreaming.

    I will not be surprised if every project she is working on is cancelled within weeks.

  20. And she blames it all on “Scientology”.

  21. And for the record, nobody over here was standing in Leah’s way until she announced on Twitter to 550K followers that Marty had been “silenced by his Church”. She wanted to make him her whipping boy.

    He doesn’t look silence to me. She can’t dominate all of the people all of the time.

  22. She seems to take perverse pleasure in dominating and exploiting high-ranking Sea Org members. Either by running them or reducing them to victims on national television.

    Her boundary line was Marty Rathbun. She has hit a wall.

  23. The week before that she went after Elizabeth Moss trying to curse anyone connected to those projects. Do you see one other Hollywood actor or actress stalking and fair gaming someone else in the industry? Anyone? This is an industry that includes hundreds of thousands of people and their livelihood behind every one face you see on-screen. Including advertisers. Most people in the industry are aware of those values.

  24. No. She wasn’t “just cast” in “Kevin Can Wait”. That was a few weeks ago and she launched attacks and fair gamed on Elizabeth Moss and Tom Cruise in the last week. And I am saying I will see how that worked out for her. You have it all turned around that my meaning must be wrong because she got work after she started these tirades, and that is not how it was.

    I said I would Google her name up the road because I sure as hell wouldn’t devote a moment to listing about her future. I already know.

  25. You reap what you sow.

  26. It might turn into a foot bullet as was the case with Ivana Trump’s product line. Sales increased after someone suggested her product line be boycotted. Free advertising for Elizabeth Moss.

  27. It will turn into a foot bullet alright. When the only reason you have for publicly attacking someone and boycotting their career is that they explored Scientology, people can see how ignorant, petty and bigoted you are. Especially during a week when we have a dead body as a country because of this kind of mentality and hate. Leah Remini is the reason why celebrities have to have security and bodyguards.

  28. I hope Marty’s not deliberately mispronouncing Senator Xenophon’s name as “Xenophobe”…

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