Remini, Rinder, and Ortega


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  1. Let them keep rolling out the drama. 2018 is going to be a very interesting year, especially since Homeland Security has joined with the F.B.I. on the Backpage Investigation.

    This is not the rumor, you practically have to hide in a closet not to know about it. It is coast to coast news.

    Leah Remini is publicly ridiculing people for protesting about Ortega and fair gaming the I.R.S. saying they don’t “have balls” while parked in bed financially and in other ways with criminals. Openly attacking and taunting law enforcement. It has all been cataloged.

    The more they talk and write and wallow in injustice, the better it is going to be in the final draft. Because this is truly film worthy. Marty, I am only glad they were given all of this rope to hang themselves.

    Leah recently tweeted, “What are Tony Ortega’s crimes?” She herself sees nothing criminal about profiting from the sale of homeless children as sex slaves and displaced women for six years!

    After two seasons of exploiting victims for pay, with no police reports and self admittedly not vetting a single one of them, she also has the audacity to tweet about Ortega, “Where are the police reports?”

    There is a Senate investigation report and she is asking for a police report.

    Laughter! His victims are waiting for his coroner’s report. You do realize in many countries Tony Ortega’s crimes would be a death sentence? Some people think this is uncivilized but how civilized are we when we permit well-fed college-educated men to live off the misery of women and homeless children? Leah Remin doesn’t even think it is criminal. Look out how they both make their living now, profiting off the misery of others. Running a new kind of organized religion called Victimology.

    The longer they keep it going the better. Because of injustice and bad faith recoiling.

  2. Leah Remin has a criminal mind also. She has a long history of criminal activity and even brags about it in her book. She has joined a group of criminals, those are her people, (and you don’t know the half of it) and now she is doing everything she can to harm attack and suppress law enforcement.

    Anyway, it is all within her human rights.

    Let’s see how it all works out for her.

  3. The most abject poverty in this world is when you can no longer afford to care about the people in front of you. Or around you. That gutter is a glue and climbing out of it is a long shot, only because I never say “never”.

  4. And this is a tricky thing about getting into mental dynamics and doing the math. When you are trying to handle someone’s reactive mind, (because that was YOUR item), and all the while their criminal mind is making a battleplan about how to take you out.

  5. Hey Oracle could you please post some juicy excepts from Leah Remini’s book where she exposes her criminality. Her association with known Pedophile enabler Backpage Tony Ortega and Mike (“the ends justify the means”) Rinder sort of place her in a criminal class but if you could provide us with any other evidence of her lack of a moral compass that would be helpful as well.

    BTW props to you for keeping your integrity intact by exposing the clunkers they may or may not call souls in the ASC. I also watched the hit video from the guy who claims he was raped as a minor. The major illogic was that before this he was crying what were obvious crocodile tears over being smacked by an adult when he was a course supervisor when he was a minor.

    One would think that an actual rape would take precedence over the above incident. Yet it seems he only popped this story of being raped after you stirred the pot here.

    As if you or anybody else other than the perpetrator and actual witnesses could have done anything about it at the time if it actually occurred . It seems you like Ron or Mary Sue or anyone else who rises to any level in the Scientology Organization get blamed for everything that happens at its lowest levels.

  6. The fools, if they persist, will tank their whole operation under the weight of their lies.

    Much as the church did when they rolled out Tommy Davis and egregiously violated Hubbard public relations policies (which contrary to popular belief do not endorse yelling, swearing or lying). Mike Rinder was right there and had every opportunity to learn from that (ironically, it was supposedly part of what drove him to flee the organization).

    It’s because people steeped in crime and profiting from it, just don’t know when to shut up.

  7. The machinations of these mental midgets is a source of much amusement to some. To see Ortega struggle with Mission Earth or early LRH material on the 2d is just classic ‘criminal mind’ material. And the missing ingredient is personal responsibility. But the irony is delicious.

    Here is another example of biting satire: The late Leonard Cohen was an early Scngst. As a meditation on responsibility, put yourself in the frame of mind to say “When they said, repent…..I wondered what they meant?:

  8. “The fools, if they persist, will tank their whole operation under the weight of their lies.”

    I think that’s the point. Sort of a “Any real exposure of Scientology always fails in the end because everyone is corrupt” lesson, so to speak. They’re really transparent sometimes.

  9. Leah actually figured out how to embezzle from the Church as she worked there as a “volunteer” when she was an early teen. But you should read her book if you are curious. She brags about it early on. Earlier she had some scam going on as a child with leg warmers. She was an early natural criminal.

    Listen, she didn’t finish high school and she thinks she knows more about law and government than people with college degrees working for the government. Her problem with social intercourse is lack of education. But her job has always been an actor (professional liar).

    The problem with all conflict these days seem to be lack of education. People think there is such a thing as “free healthcare”. Medical school is not free and doctors cannot work for free but this is what it comes to when we stop teaching economics in school. People actually think “free health care” is being taken away from them right now, and do not have a clue that money was actually taken from someone else (they didn’t mind that) to pay for the “free” healthcare they had. Ignorance sometimes looks like insanity.

    The problem I have Leah is that she uses people’s lack of education about Scientology, along with Ortega who presents himself as an “expert”, to mislead, confuse, and further stupify people for exposure and profit. The world’s oldest profession isn’t prostitution, it is politics. Her and Ortega and crew seem to rely on ancient marketplace methods to survive. She doesn’t have any problem blasting out half-truths, lies and false information to millions of television viewers under the banner of “concern”. But she does lie for a living and always has. It’s her niche. It is funny when it is not at other’s expense. Her presentations about Scientology are carefully calculated to restimulate people. And reduce their ARC for the world and put them into an enemy condition towards Scientologists. That is the product. And she doesn’t mind being financially rewarded for it.

    I have no idea what you are talking about with the “hit video rape” incident. But honestly so much false information is spread I wouldn’t bother to try to catch up. Along with misinforming others and inventing enemies, they not only do it to the uninformed and curious, they do it to each other.

  10. I just read Brian Cranston’s autobiography. I was amazed to find out he was involved in Scientology. Many people came and went, took what they were curious about and moved on. Not everyone became steeped in it. The majority did not. This is the problem I have with two former fanatics joining up with one total ignorant to present “Scientology” to the world.

    The evil is when you present yourself as an “educator” while grossly misleading and misinforming people. That’s as treasonous as it gets.

    I see people like Jeffrey Augustine spraying the Internet with statements like , “Scientology killed my wife’s son”.

    This guy presents himself as an academic yet he can’t read a coroner’s report? The death was an overdose with methadone and other drugs. It was even a possible suicide. It states right on the police report from one witness that he had a history of “over medicating”. Yet here is Jeff out working hard to restimulate people and create ill will across the planet.

    I ask you, what is academic about that? This is the service he provides. Restimulation.

    Some people have gone totally into the purpose of a reactive mind. They are restimulators. The purpose is to generate ill will and invent enemies.

    I have no idea how they ever got involved in Scientology and became “Scientology Royalty”. But they have found their niche and at least, found out who they really are and what their purpose is.

    Isn’t that something to be grateful for?

  11. Beyond that, I used to think through communication things could be sorted out and an understanding brought about that would = goodwill between people.

    I was wrong. As long as you move forward to bring understanding to the table and civility. Others will also continue to mock up the ill will and confusion. It doesn’t just happen because of misunderstanding. Some people are born to mock up enemies, ill will, false information and restimulation. And they can mock it up faster than you can untangle it. It is being mocked up. As a purpose in life.

  12. Trying to clean up after them is like having a territorial dog in your home that pisses in one corner. You think if you wipe it up once it’s going to end?

    The problem with some celebrities that hit a success plateau and then find themselves unemployed, is that the sudden lack of attention strikes them as a form of “neglect”. They are being neglected. And like naughty children neglected, they become juvenile delinquents.

    A guy in Australia arrested for child molestation just gave as his excuse that he was “feeling neglected”.

  13. And Tony Ortega is the pied piper of juvenile delinquents that feel neglected.

  14. And I suspect they will keep it up until some Scientologist has hung himself because he was bullied. Which means, they will keep it up forever.

  15. Because Scientologists disconnect.

  16. The word embezzle implies more than simply “to steal.” When a person embezzles, he or she takes advantage of an employer’s trust for personal gain.

  17. From bullies. In saner, healthier, cleaner, more humane methods than hanging themselves.

  18. They’ve already come close, actually.

    To be fair, this wasn’t played out on the Bunker (though some of the same adherants were involved), but a very nice fellow got unfairly accused and attacked on a forum, and a very nice person went way out of their way to offer assistance and that kind of thing was averted.

    There has been at least one suicide around, these last years, to be sure. And yes, disconnection played its nasty role, but so did the deliberately generated ill-will which continually worked against the re-building of community out of the confusion.

  19. Had to do with hoarding and cashing food vouchers she was trusted with.

  20. Hilarious! Tony Ortega tweeting about F.B.I. files on others right now. He should call up the F.B.I. and ask them to send him the file they have in him.

    Filmworthy. Truly filmworthy. You can’t make this stuff up.

  21. Mike or Virginia ?
    I guess it does not really matter, as you two seem to agree on the the color of LRH’s hat.
    I beg to differ, whitest hat around, IMHO !
    Hopefully just temporary color blindness, because apart from that, you are doing some important
    research, and again IMHO, are digging in the right direction…

  22. Now that I come to think of it there was a suicide after a bout of bullying from the Bunker on a fellow. They actually celebrated at the Brunker. Tony bragged about it and used it for a scoop.

  23. The Duggan Family has had the worse of it. Mainly the kids. Ortega and cult dug up his adoption info and sprayed it all over the internet. Can you imagine what that kid’s life might have been like with his schoolmates that have accessed the Internet? His friends as-as the years have gone by? This kind of child privacy violation is akin to rape.

    I thought the crowd over there was rough until I saw this. Then I slowly realized they were sadists. Wallowing in sadism. When you derive your pleasure from violating children this way you are really sitting at the underbelly of depravity.

  24. Then, after stalking and bullying a child and terrorizing his family, Ortega sits at his computer last week and tries to elicit sympathy because a private investigator contacted his wife. Can you believe this sh_t?

    The WORST of his tribe are his followers that join him in cannibalizing their own children by attacking Scientologists when their own children are Scientologists. Then scream that THEY are victims because their children hide from them.

    There are inmates parked on Rikers Island doing life sentences that would never dream of being that brutal. This kind of social intercourse defines mental illness at it’s worse because here, they invent victims and the victims are their own children. This is a long way from mental wellness.

    And who has become the most generous patron of this madness?

    Leah Remini.

  25. When you have sadistic disregard for your own child, you do not have an issue with Tony Ortega’s sadistic regard for children being sold for sex on the Internet.

    His patrons really do have their own and similar issues.

  26. They think if they wipe out the Scientologist population nobody will be able to do the math. The twisted irony is, they would have to wipe out the field of psychiatry and mental health to escape definition.

  27. And frankly I have no idea why executives at the Church of Scientology who know about items, wrong items, wrong whos, a CORRECTION, would engage in these street fights and social fights with the madness. Someone could have learned from Paulette Cooper debacle. IT IS NOT ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY. IT IS ABOUT SADISM. Take a lesson from psychiatry. They don’t get it wrong all of the time. These people are down int he trenches with it 24/7 decade after decade. The CoS won’t allow it in the front door (they think). When you respond to it, you validate that it is about Scientology. And you do a disservice to every Scientologist on the planet. This is all about sadism. Has nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology. Or Scientologists. Get a right item for once!

  28. If you had the right item this would have blown years ago. Doesn’t anyone ever get it? Why do you take up “Scientology” as the item when it is not the item? “Scientology” is the wrong item being given to everyone from both sides. A PERSON is always the item, a WHO. And if that person is a sadist, SADISM is the item. How hard does this math have to be?

  29. If they weren’t attacking Scientologists they would be attacking someone else. This is a pleasure for them.

    Before Tony Ortega went after Scientologists he went after law enforcement, Muslims, and children (“underaged prostitutes”). Did any of them get down and tangle with that pest? No. Ortega was viewed as a vicious journalist humiliating, degrading, and abusing people for a pay check. They KNEW it was not about THEM. Thier job, religion or personal life.

    He only stuck on ethnic cleansing of the Scientologists because they started to agree with him, that is was about Scientology, and fight back.

    If the Church of Scientology closed its front doors tomorrow do you think they would rest in peace? This is not going to happen throughout their eternity. It is a purpose. They will quickly move onto a new target. Leah Remini has already suggested she wants to go onto Jehovahs Witness next.

    This is how the Church of Scientology mocks it up. It agrees that it is all about Scientology, and contributes to perpetuating the wrong item in society. At the expense people curious about Scientology. And there will be found a why behind that too. Probably to justify the I.A.S. begging for money.

    Maybe you just have to not belong to either group to be able to see this madness.

    And that is why I trust Marty Rathbun.

    He never ever once, made it about “Scientology” and “Scientologists”, when it was not. Regardless of the millions of times, someone tried to force that him as the item.

    He always has the right item.

  30. Everyone else is tripping.

  31. Like a hippie on two tabs of orange sunshine.

  32. And Hubbard’s part in this was qualifying “sadism” as a “tone level”. It can be. But it is also a PURPOSE that builds an IDENTITY on top of it. Sadist. That is a full blown identity. And if you try to take it down things will become violent. Because you are actually trying to unmock someone.

  33. For a sadist, “Sadist” is the BE. Before the “DO and HAVE”. So to ask them to stop being sadists, when they are constantly stuck in pleasure moments from sadism, is like trying to take heroin away from a junkie. It is an addictive pleasure they can not escape from.

    Serious black magic spell. Nothing to do with Scientology.

  34. The ONLY thing the Church of Scientology should have said in a response to Leah Remini was, “This has nothing to do with Scientology and everything to do with Leah Remini’s career. For further clarification, you would need to contact her agent.”

    Because that was the simple truth!

  35. But apparently, the C of S can’t rise above its own reactive mind.

  36. And the sadists know they can restimulate it. So, it’s a free for all.

  37. Even that, has nothing to do with Scientology or Scientologists. It is just common aberrated anti symbiotic social intercourse.

  38. Marty I have to confess that you are right.

  39. William S Burroughs was another former Scientologist and like many so called “Independent Scientologists” today his main beef was with the Organization itself and not the subject.

    Again like many former members he moved on to other things instead of getting stuck in an upset.

    The problem with Remini and her ilk is that they’d rather profit from their “victimhood”. In other words they are professional “victims” which in my opinion are worse than mere welfare cases since they like the Military Industrial Complex promote warfare. A lower level of warfare between various sects or as they call them “cults” and society.

  40. Clarifying the comment I made about Paulette Cooper. Because some small group of sadists alter ised one earlier I made and set up a website/blog to wallow in sadism based on their own lie. Sadistic disregard for my child putting in an application at the time for film school at a Jewish academy.

    In Paulette Cooper’s book “The Incredibly Ms Lovely”, she says she spent years as a hobby attacking Scientologists through any media source available to her.

    When there was a street brawl and she took a payout (still undisclosed).

    Did she rest in peace? Nope! It was that thrill of attacking. This is what I am talking about with the sadism.

    She wrote several books and Tony Ortega is not a writer of books. He isn’t a writer at all. He worked as a journalist or editor. Or as a front man for Mike Lacey.

    Cooper had agreed it was settled with Scientologists when she took the check on the table and left.

    How long was she able to rest in peace before she contacted Tony Ortega?

    I do not believe for a minute he wrote the book. He may have edited it. She was on the road again though. Right along with Tony to invent enemies and continued to attack. With pleasure.

    This is why I am saying, it isn’t about Scientology or Scientologists. Even the book published under Tony’s name has nothing to do with Scientology. NOTHING! It has to do with her and a few Scientologists who’s job it was to deal with that. Not the Scientologist nation. 99.999% who didn’t have a clue and had no part.

    I don’t agree with the way it was handled. But it had nothing to do with me or anyone I knew or know.

    I don’t even know if Hubbard was a Scientologist.

    Jesus wasn’t a Christian.

  41. Is Tony Ortega a “Bunkerite”? No.

  42. I read Hymn of Asia and it didn’t sound to me like Hubbard was identifying as a Scientologist.

  43. From my own research Paulette Cooper’s legal battle against the Church was funded by the American Family Foundation an anti-sect or cult organization started by a RC Priest and then taken over by various CIA assets such as the usual suspects i.e. Jolly West, Margaret Singer and Martin Orne all former Mk Ultra of which Harvard was a hot bed of activity related to this program which just happens to be the University that Cooper held a tenure as an associate professor of *guess what?* Psychology before striking out on her own and writing the poorly written book the Scandal of Scientology where she claims to be a “journalist” yet there is no record of her going to any school of journalism or even taking a course on the subject.

    Even funnier as in strange is that even though there were several books written that were highly critical of Scientology including one written by William S Burroughs she seems to be the only person during that period who the GO seems to have gone after which ironically brought her fame and fortune as a “victim” or martyr of Scientology and led to her sainthood in the Anti Scientology Cult.

    In other words if it wasn’t for Scientology. PC would be a bitter no name nobody living on a Professor’s salary.

    Paulette Cooper is just one piece of the puzzle in the CoIntelPro operation known as “Operation Snow White” that was used to justify the infiltration and the eventual destruction of the Church of Scientology and replacing it with the “Government Approved” version currently nominally headed by David Miscavige who according to Nightline and the Tampa Bay FKA St. Petersburg Times assumed the role in the late ’80’s despite the fact there is no Church policy or directive granting Miscavige succession.

  44. Thanks. Sorry for the delay in responding.

  45. Oracle “The WORST of his tribe are his followers that join him in cannibalizing their own children by attacking Scientologists when their own children are Scientologists. Then scream that THEY are victims because their children hide from them. ”

    You’re talking about Michelle and her natterblog site. Yeah, shes a vicious little thing. SO impressed with her own unworthiness that she insists on trying to make others over in her own image. She created that site to attack Me, and Alanzo, then moved on to you (that was particularly vicious what she did there) then back to me, then back to Alanzo…you get the idea. She’s so far down the pit of shamefulness that I don’t even think a ladder will help her out even if she could con someone into being kind enough to offer her one. She should go become a Catholic like Leah. They always have a need for broken, shameful people to feel useful.

  46. How many who post here have been called Scientologists or “still Scientologists” or “like Scientologists” or “might as well be scientologists” – who are NOT scientologists?

    Raising my hand – just got called that by a fricking plant in the Ex-Moonie community, of all places.

    Since when did anyone who disagrees become a Scientologist? Is this the new word to replace COMMUNIST with?


  47. “I don’t even know if Hubbard was a Scientologist.

    Jesus wasn’t a Christian.”

    That’s actually not a joke, even though you had me falling out of my chair laughing about it.

    I don’t think they were!

  48. Oracle. Oops. Put the wrong quote in my response where I talk about Michelle. I meant to put this there:

    “Because some small group of sadists alter ised one earlier I made and set up a website/blog to wallow in sadism based on their own lie.”

  49. “Marty I have to confess that you are right.” I said , I might have as wrong as L Ron Hubbard thinking he was right.

    I guess it depends on what information you have at wich point in time; But you were still righ about showboat Tony Ortega;

    Eminem – River (Lyrics) ft. Ed Sheeran

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