Leah Remini and her gang

Please see my take on season two of Leah Remini’s Anti-Scientology Cult act:

  1. Three Trick Ponies
  2. Think for Yourself
  3. Snow White
  4. Rinder on Religion
  5. Rinder on Narconon
  6. Scientology Tax Exemption
  7. Remini’s Rinder: Scientology Helps
  8. Mike Rinder on Tony Ortega
  9. Anti-Scientology Cult Censorship
  10. ASC Rationalization
  11. Remini Brainwashing Rundown
  12. Reality TV Acting
  13. Remini’s Suicide Rap
  14. Scientology and Doctors
  15. Passive-Aggressive Treatment
  16. Vanityland
  17. Vanityland II
  18. Paul Haggis Hypocrisy
  19. Ventriloquist Dummies
  20. More Rinder Acting
  21. Backpage Tony Ortega

10 responses to “Leah Remini and her gang

  1. This is sure to bring about a new wave of panic in the PR Troika camp.

    (The three profiteers – PR Troika – Tony Ortega, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder.)

    And based on information posted at various points along the way, I have concluded there is an “Intelligence Troika” right behind them:

    Karen de la Carriere (hostess of more than one “shmooze cruise” attended by prominent Indy tech practitioners – self-confessed Defense Intelligence Agency career operative – known buyer of Tony Ortega articles…)

    -and her “husband” –

    Jeffrey Augustine (self-promoting, admitted high-ranking Knights Templar Freemason, who I have reports was recruiting for freemasonry in the field while pretending to be “re-organizing” Independent Scientology and posting right here about that very thing, when Marty was first hosting this site with his articles)


    (you thought I was going to say “Mike Rinder” – didn’t you? – who is “expert” in Intelligence since he was its Intelligence Bureaux (OSA) chief for over 24 years – but No – he’s only doing PR and working for the buck – he’s probably thinking he can wash his hands of the folks he’s involved himself with…)

    -it is-

    Tony Ortega – involved in the Backpage scandal with the Village Voice and given protection against arrest and prosecution, flanked by a mystery lawyer/handler, Scott Pilutik. Tony with many early-career years not very credibly accounted for in his bio, was involved in past jobs that gaslighted victims of government programs, and so is almost certainly a “Mockingbird” (CIA assets planted in the media) reporter, representing interests of those who fear being found out, the real truth about the intelligence career of L. Ron Hubbard (so Hubbard is continually bashed as a “liar” in the face of emerging evidence that he operated under cover for British and U.S. Navy Intelligence), and thus, involvement of government from the very beginning, particularly in the fraudulent aspects of Scientology.

    Yes, I know. Mixing Intelligence and PR – he comes up in both Troikas. That is what a journalist does. The PR part is his cover. But he does not mix Intelligence and PR in his carefully contrived articles. His Intelligence comes from the volunteers that lap up the spotlight and have been convinced through classic (you could even say, “on-policy”) PR manipulation, that it is their mission to forward this (“Indy OSA”) operation “for the greatest good” – of getting rid of Scientology altogether (an altogether impossible mission and that is why they’ve raged against the Second Amendment).

    Quite fascinating to see how their tactics changed when they figured out Marty wasn’t coming on board. Then they turned to the classic pot-calls-kettle-black when they accused him at first through rumor lines and then openly, of having “sold out” to the church (they have no explanation whatsoever for the remaining David Miscavige articles incriminating the guy in everything from “gross out-tech” to murder).

    And so (and quite to Karen’s advantage), there emerges a strange commonality of interest between those dedicated to destroying Scientology utterly (with special emphasis on truly Independent – i.e. “squirrel” – practitioners) and the “Class VIII” Hubbard Scientologists who hit the roof when Marty changed direction at the end of 2012.

    Completely and strangely, utterly silent on the Leah Remini take-down of the subject-as-much-as-church, these VIIIs have turned sideways to lash out at unaffiliated and unconventional practitioners (“cost him his job” – as they tried going after Marty in 2013) in a compulsive-minded witch-hunt for “getting in ethics and tech” with nary a word about those in their ranks who have actually ripped people off, and who have happily closed ranks to operate as another cartel holding secret levels (“for the safety of the rest of us”).

    And all it may have taken Karen would have been one foolish, opinion-leader Class VIII who would have taken the bait of secret “Ls” data and training, to simply link-up with the Black PR already underway against Marty and now against other (actual) Independents, with infiltrated, older operations still delivering secret upper levels (on up to the 50th degree).

  2. Excellent video series, Marty. The Aftermath Season 2 episodes had me cringing on pretty much every point you make. Thanks for articulating these things so well and raising awareness.

  3. I’ve been a declared SP since 1994 and dead-filed since 2008. Regardless of my standing with the Church of Scientology, I know Marty Rathbun is speaking the honest truth while Leah Remini and her colleagues are doing nothing more than spreading bigoted and emotionally slanted propaganda on their scripted reality show.

  4. I have only seen a few trailers of the series. I did not watch a single episode. The interesting points to bring up, and I am glad you did, illustrate a selfishness. A pure “self” ishness. That is dangerous in any segment of society. Full consideration for self, zero consideration for others. Cloaked under an umbrella of “concern”. You might as well say, religious cloaking.

    The issue I take with this current cult called the anti-Scientology movement is that they are all very aware Scientologists do not speak to the press and distance themselves from antagonistic elements. So they can get on social media or other media channels and present any story they can create for their own purposes, and the people they target will not fight back. It is a form of bullying so unjust it might as well be called rape. Pure sadism.

    And the only person that has addressed them, you, then causes a further selfish sense to attack your wife from left field, it exactly how these people purely selfish one do the math. Anything that has been done to them is too vile for public consumption. Anything they are doing to the masses who sit charmed and misinformed through T.V.screens, (mass implanting), is a selfish pleasure and justifiable.

    There is no sense of duty, honor, morals, integrity, fairness, truth or responsibility in this theater they are creating. The purpose is to disturb and profit. To generate chaos and ill will. All the stuff of Hades and demons. The essentials in Dante’s Inferno. Limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery.

    All unfurled on the red carpet and advertised as concern, heroism, and humanity. Without a thread of true aesthetics holding it together. Just a revision of Dog The Bounty Hunter with Leah taking the lead role.

    True poverty is when you can no longer afford to care about the people you cohabitate with on this Earth. They cater to that poverty and make it grow. Endorsing the idea of cannibalism between people of a society as a necessary evil.

    There is an underbelly of society, and they are firmly franchised in it.

    Fortunately, that is where an only small percentage devotes their lives. The rest effort daily to remain distanced from it. Viewing it as certain purgatory.

  5. Some folks seem so enthralled that Mike Rinder and Leah Remini have appeared on television. Those two with Tony Ortega have gone so the effect of their own creation. It is Hollywood so it must be true.

    Hollywood was built on a platform to give people dreams. Leah Remini , and crew wormed their way in and managed to use the platform to send people to bed with nightmares.

    And the thing that spectators do not get when they watch television is that actors and actress’ depend on people like us, that have lead different and meaningful lives, to have someone else write about us, so they have any role at role at all. Then they try to copy us, to receive the applause for the lives we have lived.

  6. Last spring when you first started doing these videos I was opposed to them. But with the passage time and a new perspective I see the value in what you are doing Marty. Exposing hypocrisy is always a good thing. Season 2 of Remini’s show is quite nauseating. I couldn’t finish it.

    She and Rinder both lost me when they endorsed Ortega’s lie that Scientologists believe in pedophilia because of that one taken out of context line toward the end of the book Dianetics. (Of course Leah actually said it on camera.) Rinder should especially be ashamed of himself because he’s in a position to really know that this is total bullshit. But the riches gained has driven out his capacity for shame I suppose.

    And I learned from your vids that Jeff Augustine was actually never in Scn. I thought he was. Figures now that I think about it. Interesting that he’s an admitted high-ranking Freemason. It’s also interesting to me that Lawrence Wright is a long time member of the Council on Foreign Relations. A very agenda driven political group if there ever was one. And I’m being polite.

  7. THIS IS ROYALTY , you fucking billiomairs

  8. What horseshit. You mad they were string enough to not turn back . And the connectors are even worse . Some even commenting without hav8ng seen the show. I pray karma visits you.

  9. You said one thing once to me on this blog that made me know you were a good man, a deccent man and a man worthy of respect.

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