Anti Scientology Cult (ASC) 2020


As noted in many posts and video links on this blog over the years, the behavior of the Mike Rinder/Tony Ortega/Karen De La Carriere klan is not much different than what it accuses Scientology of. It is beginning to look like much of what had been shared here was understatement. Former ASC members are now speaking out and have revealed the following standard operating ASC practices:

  • Regularly engages in “censorship” of members.
  • Dictates to members “what to post, how to word it and to say.”
  • Coaches members on how to run effective smear campaigns on enemies – providing made up particulars the members never witnessed along with instructions for the members to pretend they did.
  • Punishes members for showing the slightest sign of decency or honesty concerning perceived enemies. De-humanization is unconditional policy.
  • Gaslights non-conformist members, attempting to make them feel insane.
  • When they’ve got members on the verge, they ‘salvage them’ with ‘Scientology auditing’ costing several thousand dollars.
  • Practices mental health without a license and when a member wants help as a result of ASC practices, they are warned to stay away from licensed therapists.
  • Encourages members to victim rank one another so that hierarchical lines of control stay firm.
  • Viciously utilizes disconnection to isolate, muzzle and even attempt to ruin those who fail to toe the ASC line. “Disconnect is alive and well.”
  • Primary covert operations are run by a “narcissist and sociopath.”
  • When the going gets tough, ASC leadership sics the PIs on those in non-compliance with their arbitrary dictates. Like the Scientology Guardian’s office of old, ASC resorts to self-help running its own member PIs.
  • Requires members to conceal source of unlawful or unethical Private Investigator ops.
  • Launches “Fair Game” attacks on critics.


It is not me saying this. These are the words of former ASC members who are trying to put their lives back together while fending off relentless ASC attacks. You can read and hear about it at the following links:


  • Steve Mango videos


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Exposing ASC Counter-attack Tactics

  • Corey Andrews’ blog


Noisy Investigator Jeffrey Augustine: (


Karen De La Carriere – Tribalism:


Interactions with Mike Rinder:


Karen Pressley on Rinder and his sugar mommy:


Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection:


  • Alanzo’s blog

ASC’s Black Ops Chief:

Jeffrey Augustine PI:

Karen De La Carriere – Censor:

Leah Remini/Mike Rinder Dead Agent Capers:

You may notice in perusing their material that none of them have retired from ‘activism’. They have simply removed themselves from the pernicious Anti-Scientology Cult. That they have been systematically targeted for ‘dead-agenting’ and other ops is a stinging corroboration that ASC is indeed a destructive cult.

Much of what I have read and listened to on these sites rings true for several reasons.

First, I once assisted someone who asked for my help in recovering from an experience with ASC financier/ops chief Karen De La Carriere. The events outlined in Mr. Mango’s videos are corroborated in spades by the person who earlier contacted me. It would appear that De La Carriere and her boy Jeffrey Augustine have established a clear pattern of practice in abuse. As far as the Fair Game retribution tactics of the ASC klan Mango exposes, it aligns with my own experience, see e.g., and, and

Second, my family has directly experienced the fruits of Augustine’s ‘private investigator coordination’ activities (long before the boy was licensed as detailed in Alanzo’s blog). Those activities – buttressed by Augustine’s, De La Carriere’s, Rinder’s and Ortega’s patented embellishment and cult-hysteria tactics – were integral in causing Ray Jeffrey to launch his ill-conceived and ill-fated lawsuit against my family.

Third, the words of Mike Rinder, as published by Mr. Andrews, speak for themselves. Andrews has spotted the two-faced, self-contradictory, self-serving, backstabbing, and arrogant nature of those words.

By way of example, Rinder states of his sugar mommy Karen De La Carriere:

“She has a big ego and likes to be the center of attention.”

“She doesn’t always get everything right”

“She is more about having titillating information and quotes than being 100% accurate.”

“not all of her information is always 100% accurately worded or presented.”

“I know she is overboard on this and treats any perceived slight as an attempt to kill her.”

These are damning statements about himself and Leah Remini and their Aftermath production when you consider the words of Karen Pressley published on Andrews’ blog: “K has long been a go-to person for leah and Mike to help coordinate people coming in the show and also for doing media” Not to mention the hypocrisy in that Rinder’s words describe himself and his other sugar mommy Leah Remini to a tee.

Yet, in the same thread Rinder says none of that matters because:

“Don’t be concerned. You can trust her intent”

“There is no issue with Karen’s intent.”

“She is as loyal and dedicated to the cause as anyone.”

In other words, when you commit the crime, but you toe the ASC line, you’ll never do any time. A principle indicia of a cult: It’s us vs them and anything goes if you are with us and against them. Unfortunately for most, that is only true for the ASC privileged – it didn’t work out that way for Mango, Andrews, and Alanzo. That is because they committed the most unpardonable sin in a tightly controlled, hierarchical cult – they questioned authority.

Incidentally, note Rinder’s words to Andrews when he seeks a simple answer to a reasonable question: “Think you are entitled to answer just because you ask?”  As Andrews correctly notes, in other words “you don’t have the fucking rank.”

Finally, Rinder reveals why he subjects himself to such cognitive dissonance:

“My policy is to avoid making enemies if possible. You never know when someone might end up in a position where you need their help.”

In other words, a friend who satisfies his need (read $) is a friend indeed. From day one Rinder was in the Scientology-bashing business for one reason, a steady paycheck. He will allow for – and even contribute to – the ruining of characters and lives as long as it serves to reinforce the gravy train for himself. For a concise history of Rinder in that regard, please review this video:

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