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The FBI and Scientology Inc

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice published an interesting story on the spiking of the FBI investigation into David Miscavige, supreme leader of Scientology Inc’s human trafficking operation.

If someone wants to really understand how Scientology Inc is able to manipulate the highest levels of America’s most powerful law enforcement agency they should read the two references I suggested Tony read.

First, read Matt Taibbi’s epic story in Rolling Stone magazine, Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?    Taibbi’s expose of corporate corruption at the top of the US federal government is very accurate.  It has been going on for decades, and over three decades under the direction of David Miscavige I helped Scientology Inc perfect how to capitalize on that filth bucket.

Second, if you want a post-graduate level understanding read Lawrence Wright’s book The Looming Tower.   Wright was deservedly awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for this work.  His description of the political and money motivated systemic corruption of the FBI tracks on all four corners with what I observed in interfacing with them (and out-maneuvering them) over three decades.

Don’t get too worked up.  I’ve been saying it for three years and I’ll say it again. The solution to Scientology Inc is not ‘over there’; it is in the hands of Scientologists.   Independent Scientologists who take responsibility for the subject by proliferating its practice in a safe and sane manner.

Daniel Montalvo Cases Are Settled

references: Daniel Montalvo vs. Church of Scientology, et al, and Free Daniel Montalvo

Daniel Montalvo recently settled his lawsuits with Corporate Scientology entities.  The terms of the settlement were not particularly favorable to Daniel, but the settlement provides him: a)  protection from future liability for having taken computer hard drives with him when he left Corporate Scientology, and b) a little something to make his transition into outside life a bit easier.

When I originally posted about the lawsuits in early March 2011, I posted the following comment in response to a number of comments speculating how the suits would accomplish sweeping effects:

I have noted a number of comments speculating on strategies and potential outcomes. I think people should know that this case is Daniel Montalvo’s. His lawyer is a consumate, ethical professional. He is representing Daniel and ONLY Daniel. I am confident that he will do everything in his power to make his client whole ensuring he has the best chance possible for living a productive, fullfilling life. That is his obligation, no other. Whatever path this case takes the fact of it being brought, and hopefully the fact of it resulting in a wrong being justly remedied, will serve as benefit to the public at large and others similarly situated. Anything beyond that is of no concern to me. I would hope others will grant Daniel and his counsel that space and power of choice.

Daniel and his counsel did not consult with me about the settlement before entering into it as was their privilege.  They both felt that under the circumstances, and given the opponent they were facing, they did the right thing for Daniel at that juncture of the litigation.  What they ran into was precisely what Mike Rinder and I informed them they would prior to filing suit; something I don’t think either of them fully appreciated at that time. Nonetheless, having learned the circumstances after the fact, I believe Daniel was well served by his counsel Kit Winter.  Given the hand he was dealt Kit pulled off a minor miracle.

To those who donated to get Daniel out of jail and the charges against him dropped, your intention was fully accomplished.  Corporate Scientology officially dropped charges against Daniel.  To all of you, thank you very much, and very well done.

While Corporate Scientology expressly reserved the right to continue to come after me for something Daniel testified truthfully under oath that I had nothing to do with, you probably already know my response to that: “make my day.”

While Daniel handled his suit as I noted he should in the italicized passage above, he and Kit provided a great service to all of us. They kept the Corporate Scientology legal battalions pinned down for several months; obsessed with staving off Kit and Daniel’s advance made many other advances across the world possible.

Thanks to everybody who contributed, not just money but their time, their homes, their food, their vehicles, themselves.  You truly are appreciated.