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Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 6

Suppressed – The Hole and the FBI

Despite millions of dollars of legal threats, propaganda and creepy investigations directed to shudder them in to silence, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin of the Tampa Bay Times are still at it.   Their new series includes video interviews of Mike Rinder and John Brousseau as well as court footage of Debbie Cook. Not a lot of new revelations, however.  Clearly, though, another validation of the truth of the axiom, ‘if you lie it becomes part of your future, if you tell the truth it becomes part of your past.’

Suppressed: The Hole and the FBI

The FBI and Scientology Inc

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice published an interesting story on the spiking of the FBI investigation into David Miscavige, supreme leader of Scientology Inc’s human trafficking operation.

If someone wants to really understand how Scientology Inc is able to manipulate the highest levels of America’s most powerful law enforcement agency they should read the two references I suggested Tony read.

First, read Matt Taibbi’s epic story in Rolling Stone magazine, Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?    Taibbi’s expose of corporate corruption at the top of the US federal government is very accurate.  It has been going on for decades, and over three decades under the direction of David Miscavige I helped Scientology Inc perfect how to capitalize on that filth bucket.

Second, if you want a post-graduate level understanding read Lawrence Wright’s book The Looming Tower.   Wright was deservedly awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for this work.  His description of the political and money motivated systemic corruption of the FBI tracks on all four corners with what I observed in interfacing with them (and out-maneuvering them) over three decades.

Don’t get too worked up.  I’ve been saying it for three years and I’ll say it again. The solution to Scientology Inc is not ‘over there’; it is in the hands of Scientologists.   Independent Scientologists who take responsibility for the subject by proliferating its practice in a safe and sane manner.

Mat Pesch exposes 2nd DM PI – the silencer

New Image One of DM’s agents

Jeffery Woodcock

Owner of Comitatus Protection Services

(Comitatus definition: ‘an armed group of men attached to a leader’. ‘Lectric Law Library)

Private Investigator Dougherty & Dougherty Investigators, LLC

Private Investigator at Capital Research Bureau

On Thursday August 20 I attended to some work in St. Petersburg. That evening Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch and I had dinner downtown. After walking me to my hotel Mat and Amy drove back to Clearwater. Anyone who has been to downtown St Pete knows one needs a PHD in Traffic Science to get out of there. Mat drove around and around the maze of one way streets trying to get to the main street to Clearwater. Lo and behold, he noticed he was being followed by the same black cadillac with blacked out windows that surveilled he and Amy after their meeting with some reporters – incident recounted earlier on this blog.

Mat was able to record the plates this time – Florida B39-7TM.  Mat did some investigating. Turns out the vehicle is registered to a Jeffrey Woodcock, owner of Comitatus Protection Services LLC.

Mat was able to obtain a photo of Woodcock and provided it to me and a very credible witness who drove me to the Tampa airport the following afternoon. My witness pulled his vehicle up to the lone open curb space, which happened to be about forty yards short of the airline entrance I was headed to. As we pulled to the curb and I looked to my right, I saw Mr. Woodcock five feet from me straining to look at the airline entrance I was booked to enter.  When he turned to look into our car that pulled beside him, he found himself looking straight at me. Woodcock retreated too quickly to be orderly. He found a spot about thirty feet away, inside the terminal, where I saw him eyeing me and chatting nervously into a blue tooth, while he fumbled around with two boarding passes.

I phoned Mat for some particulars in anticipation of Mr. Woodcock accompanying me to Texas as Vinnie “the Weasel” Parco had done during my last east coast trip. I needed the info in order to call the D/A back home to arrange a welcoming party, knowing they don’t cotton to out of state PI’s doing business in Texas. I noticed Woodcock becoming progressively more nervous and finally he bolted.

The delay in reporting this was to give Mat a week to conduct an investigation of his own. He has uncovered an elaborate ring of “professionals” operating in Pinellas county at the behest of Miscavology. More particulars will follow soon.

Miscavige’s foot missiles are becoming legion. It is one thing to mess with a schlepper like me. It is quite another to fool with a man like Mat Pesch.  He’s been a close friend of mine since 1978. He’s the real deal. He scares the hell out of me, and I’m fearless.

Mat Pesch and Amy Scobee Subjected to Noisy Investigation?

Mat and Amy with friends during hard times on the third coast

Mat and Amy with friends during hard times on the third coast

Apparently Miscavige is getting desperate. Only one day after my report concerning a sloppy attempt to send an ex-con in on me, another couple that has spoken out against Miscavige’s abuses ran into what sounds like a noisy investigation. Back in the day when Miscavige had some competent staff, investigations were conducted for purposes of finding out information about attackers (conspiracies and the like).  If they got noisy and upset the subject of investigation Miscavige got a real thrill hearing the debrief.  That of course encouraged OSA to hire PI’s who were good at being loud (think Eugene M. Ingram out of Los Angeles, his Hawaiin shirts and red sports cars with gold rims).

The Church’s recent antics suggest either Miscavige has no staff who can investigate themselves out of paper bags or Miscavige is just “cutting to the chase” by ordering noisy, intimidation-purposed harassment.

This information is provided so that those who have stood up are aware of the characters and tactics that are being applied now. As long as you stay relatively alert there is nothing to fear in this chaos.

But alert you should stay, simply because of late the Church has made some fairly erratic and desperate moves on the PR front (e.g. Tommy Davis’ channeling of David Miscavige act). No telling what they might do on the intelligence front.

If you are not actively involved with the media this news should come as a relief. With Headley consuming Ingram and co’s time in L.A., Vinnie “the weasel” Parco lurking in South Texas, and these as yet unidentified goons in Tampa playing Keystone Cops,  Miscavige’s resources are about maxed out.

On Tuesday 21 July Mat Pesch and his wife Amy Scobee met with a couple of reporters at a restaurant in Tampa. They noticed a woman speaking a Baltic or Russian dialect mosey up and settle near their table.   She took copious notes and debriefed in a foreign language on her cell phone while Mat, Amy and the reporters spoke. The following is Mat’s account of what happened on their way back to Clearwater after the meeting:

“Amy and I were followed as we left the resturant. The restaurant is located on the Tampa side of the causeway. I drove out and due to the divider I couldn’t make a left toward Clearwater, but had to make a right toward Tampa. I had to get on a highway I didn’t want to be on, get off at the first exit and then hang a U turn. Basically I was driving like someone’s lost grandmother.

I noticed that a small black car with blacked out windows was following me through my erratic path. I drove over to the parking garage of the airport. In order to enter the parking garage you have to drive into a lane blocked by a mechanical arm, roll down your window and take a ticket at which point the arm lifts. The black car pulled into a lane to our right. The window dropped 5 inches when the driver realized we were looking to see who he was. He quickly put the window back up. He soon realized that he had no choice but to drop the window down to get the ticket, which he did.

I then drove up the ramp and turned the car to confront him on one of the levels. At that point he hesitated and then drove out the exit of the parking structure. I didn’t get any pictures or plate numbers. I was caught a bit by surprise but in the future I’ll carry this little video recorder I have that is about the size of a cell phone.”

Mat and Amy, thanks for the debrief. Stay alert and stay safe.