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Scientology Inc’s Lobbying Machine

Some commented on the posts of the last couple days on Scientology Inc’s Washington Lobbying apparatus that there did not seem to be much money involved.  Well, based on the work of the folks at Why We Protest and Karen #1 in just a few hours a different picture emerges.

As to Greg Mitchell,  see Secular Invasion of Washington , according to documentation available at Campaignmoney.com, between 2008 and the first quarter of 2011, he received $290,000 from Scientology Inc:

Here is a shot of Greg doing his best Bill Clinton Jr impression:

Greg "Little Bubba" Mitchell

As to Joe Grieboski, see Corporate Scientology Mercenary, and his Scientology Inc front group Institute  on Religion and Public Policy, check out this Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax for 2006:

Scn Inc Institute

Note, this form covers a time closer to form-up. You can bet that in later years quite a few more greenbacks made their way through its coffers.   Also note that David Miscavige’s personal attorney, Monique Yingling, is listed as a director along with Scientology Incers Luis Colon and Judy Cranford.

Vice president of the board is one Bill Walsh.  Walsh is the character that accompanied Yingling on Miscavige’s six man mission to Denver in April 2009.  Their target?  To shudder Mike Rinder into silence so as to spike the original St Pete Times series The Truth Rundown.  Result? Epic Fail.

Bill Walsh does little else than serve as a yes-man to David Miscavige.   In fact, he nods in agreement so much that Mike Rinder and I have referred to him as a very expensive bobbing-head doll.  With that in mind, consider this: Walsh was pulling in close to a 1/2 million dollars a year from Scientology Inc over multiple years.  As late as 2007, an Office of Special Affairs financial planning document referred to Walsh’s nearly 1/2 million dollar a year production as “spectator work.”

If a non-productive bobbing-head doll can pull in nearly 1/2 million dollars a year from Scn Inc, what do you suppose they are paying their heavy hitters?

Effective or not, do some math and recognize what your fees have really bought.

Corporate Scientology Mercenary – Joe Grieboski

Do you want to know how David Miscavige can imprison and torture dozens of people in the morning on any given day and the same afternoon receive reports how the US State Department is enraged over Human Rights violations against poor David and his cult?   In a word, MONEY.

For more than a decade this gentleman who touts himself as a Nobel peace prize candidate has been on Miscavige’s payroll covering up Miscaviges serial, continuous Human Rights violations.  He is but one of a team of mercenaries, including a number of former US Department of Justice lawyers, who receive thousands of dollars weekly to cover up for David Miscavige’s crimes.

Joseph K "Joe" Grieboski

Grieboski is well paid to run a front group called The Institute on Religion and Public Policy.    I use the term “front group” advisedly.  Here is how Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA, the propaganda and dirty tricks branch of corporate Scientology) refers to Joe’s “Institute”:

an identity he uses to ally individuals in the RCC and other major religions as well as political personalities.

(RCC of course is shorthand for the Roman Catholic Church)

Grieboski has laid in paid pitches for Corporate Scientology as late as twenty-one hours ago, defrauding the Huffington Post into believing they are dealing with a neutral “expert.”   In this piece entitled This Christmas Charities are in Crisis, Grieboski throws in this pitch for a corporate Scientology that may well be the most fraudulent abuser of charity status in America today:

As Americans, it is easy to take such fundamental rights for granted. The majority of us are sheltered from the daily horrors that affect Christians in China, Ahmadiyyas in Pakistan, Scientologists in Belgium and Muslims in France.

This of course forwards Miscavige’s multi-million dollar Human Rights propaganda campaign designed to divert attention from his own blatant, institutionalized Human Rights atrocities.

The Huffington Post, like many other media and officials who buy into Grieboski being some neutral expert, is unwittingly fattening Joe’s pocketbook. That is because for the past several years now Joe has been on a commission agreement with corporate Scientology.  For many years he received a flat rate retainer for pimping for Miscavige.  But, in 2007 corporate Scientology decided they would effectively make Joe a field staff member – getting paid for every close.

Here is the internal church of Scientology International program directing that Joe go onto a pay-per-product basis of employment.   Note how pervasive Joe’s lines of communication on behalf of David Miscavige’s Human Trafficking operation are.

January 29, 2007
Joe Grieboski (JG) operates the Institute on Religion and Public
Policy, an identity he uses to ally individuals in the RCC and other
major religions as well as political personalities. He contributed in
this manner to the handling of several situations in Europe.
However, he is not being run for product to ensure viability and
bean return for what he is being paid. He is on a flat rate that is
being changed to payment on a “by product” basis.
This program lays out needed production that he can generate in
exchange for funding from the Church. It must become clear to
him that if he does not get products, he will not get any more
funds from us.
To protect and advance religious freedom interests of Scientology
where threatened or blocked.
1. Get Joe Grieboski to utilize existing or develop new power
comm lines to resolve our major European situations.
2. Power commlines and OL allies in place to help open getting
Scientology into Muslim countries.
1. Assume full responsibility for Grieboski and accomplishing the
major targets.
2. Write projects for Grieboski that he can understand, agree
with and follow to accomplish useful VFPs and subproducts.3. Supply Grieboski with the policies on name/want/get, the
tech on compiling a subproduct list and the definition of
production and viability.
4. Groove in a weekly BP and report line with the guy, so he has
to work out what products he is going to get and then report
on what specifically he accomplished.
5. Work out a budget covering each of Grieboski’s projects and
get this approved by IRD and WDC OSA. This is the basis for
what is covered in the weekly FP (including the “beans” being
1. Maintain utmost efficiency by providing JG with easily
digestible information and documents about the sits he needs
to know about and ensure he understands the data and puts
it to use.
2. Never permit JG to overspend but enforce proper planning,
including financial planning, scheduling and production for
what is paid.
3. Keep JG aware that commensurate production of verifiable
VFPs must be present for our Treasury Authority to continue
financial outlay.
4. When JG does a trip overseas, e.g., have local OSA reps
meet with him at his arrival and brief him up on the PT scene.
Also have them meet with him at the end of each day to get
his immediate debrief and get him reoriented to the product
of the next day’s meetings.
1. If JG has additional ideas to improve the products he can get,
this should rapidly be cleared with CO OSAI and implemented.
OPERATING TARGETS1. Brief JG on the change in funding—that he is coming off that
flat rate but will be paid on a “by product” basis—and provide
him the list of projects and have him work out how he will
get these done.
2. PR to prepare a briefing pack for JG, which covers concisely
the official religious freedom violations, specifically (a) docs
about the general anti cult situation in Belgium (b) the recent
controversy concerning the “Scientology” building and (c) the
criminal case which has been pending since 10 years. Include
excerpts of EU Human Rights Court jurisprudence that show
the court’s standard for slow justice is seven years. (Any
other helpful data can be added if it really helps make the
3. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs or data immediately.
4. Get JG to obtain support from congressional allies (House and
Senate) in getting the Belgian, French and German
authorities to stop oppressive measures against minority
religions. (This support can be fairly loose, sufficient only to
allow him to drop names and state that a number of Senators
and Representatives are getting more and more concerned
about the situation.)
5. JG is to develop contacts to the top level of the RCC (as high
as he can get in their hierarchy) using the above data to
explain his reason for his concerns and for getting involved.
6. Get the RCC officials to agree that in the interest of religion
and religiosity in Belgium, a climate of tolerance should be
created and that they should use their influence to promote
such. (Any trip to Belgium would combine meetings with the
RCC and the government—see next section to make it costefficient.)
7. Have them formulate and articulate a plan of how they will
use their influence to preach tolerance and non-aggression with the rabid parliamentarians as well as the national
government, especially the justice sector (so as to help).
8. From the Institute on Religion and Public Policy, have JG
develop comm lines to the upper strata officials of the
Belgian national government, especially at a level from where
steps can be taken to end the arbitrary criminal investigation
into the CofS.
9. Using the examples from the prep pack and the clear and
present concern that exists in Washington about the situation,
get these officials to see that a continuation of the repressive
actions by rabid prosecutors or suppressive MPs is damaging
to Belgium’s image. Have them agree to take action to
change their policy, even if quietly, and reign in prosecutors
who have no case yet keep on “investigating.”
10. Put together a briefing pack that brings JG up to speed on the
scene in France—including the relapse of Mivilude back to the
“dark days” under Vivien—and which he can use (documents)
for his contacts with the French officials. The pack is to also
include the evidence on the capricious and outrageous
investigations pending against the CoS (e.g., since the 80s of
the last century).
11. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs and data immediately.
12. Have JG determine whom to contact in France who is in a
position to influence policy:
13. in the upper executive strata of the national government
a. in the national Senate
b. in the RCC
c. in the Protestant Church
14. Have him work out the exact plan and tactics for how he will
get to meet and ally each of these people.15. While JG is working out the specific actions, get DSA France
to verify that the people JG intends to meet are in fact
correct targets and not a waste of time, effort and money.
16. Get him to get the meetings set up in France (to coincide
with those in Belgium so he must not fly back-and-forth
17. In France, have him brief and ally these persons—using the
same approach as detailed for the meetings in Belgium—and
get their agreement to take specific action to effect policy
changes on the government’s and the legislature’s lines:
A. National Government
a. To reign in Miviludes
b. To stop harassment though bogus criminal invests
B. Senate Leaders
a. To stop the hate campaigns of specific MPs/Senators
C. RCC/Protestant Church
a. To use their influence with both the government and
the Senate to make the above targets happen.
18. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials,
Senate leaders and religious leaders, to stay in comm and
that they will tell him when they taken action and what they
19. Prepare the briefing pack on the current scene for minority
religions in Germany, including what occurred a couple of
weeks ago re Scientology Berlin, the OPC’s actions and any
entheta media statements by the likes of Beckman.
20. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs and data immediately. 21. Find out from DSA Germany who in the federal government
and the pertinent Germany states would be worthwhile for JG
to contact.
22. Have JG determine whom he can contact in the German
churches (RCC and Protestants) who is in a position to
influence policy:
23. Have him work out the exact plan and tactics for how he will
get to meet and ally each of these people.
24. Get JG to set up the meetings in Germany.
25. Have him brief and ally these federal officials—using the
same approach as was detailed for the meetings in Belgium—
and get their agreement to take specific action to effect a
fundamental policy change in the federal government.
26. Make JG get them to work out what actions they will take
specifically and have him civilly challenge anything that
seems to be lip service.
27. Have JG meet and ally the state government officials he set
up to meet.
28. Get them setting up the meeting
29. Repeat this target for the RCC meetings.
30. Repeat the target for the meetings with the Protestants.
31. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials and
religious leaders to stay in comm and that they will tell him
when they taken action and what they did.
32. Compile a briefing pack for JG that tells him about the
situation in Poland, emphasizing the government and RCC
positions and actions. 33. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs and data immediately.
34. Have JG determine whom in Poland to contact who is in
position to influence policy:
a. in the ministerial strata of the national government
b. in the RCC
35. Have him work out the exact plan and tactics for how he will
get to meet and ally each of these people.
36. Get him to get the meetings set up. (Make them coincide
with those in one of the other countries so he won’t be flying
back-and-forth repeatedly).
37. In Poland, have him brief and ally these persons—using the
same approach as detailed for the meetings in the other
countries—and get their agreement for specific actions to
effect tangible policy changes that will be of direct benefit for
the CofS:
a. National Government
b. RCC/Protestant Church
38. Have these officials work out and name the specific actions
they will implement and their time plan.
39. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials and
RCC leaders to stay in comm and that they will tell him when
they taken action and what they did.
40. Have JG survey member MPs of the International Conference
to determine what information they would most be interested
in receiving in a newsletter.
41. Get JG to launch a regular (monthly) electronic newsletter to
all member MPs around the world that keep them briefed on
key pro religious freedom developments around the world. Emphasize in the newsletter those actions that demonstrate
effective cause by legislators to provide examples and
inspiration of what can be done.
42. Have JG work with individual members (those in key
countries for our expansion are the priority, but others must
not be neglected) and have them become active introducing
pro religious freedom bills and resolutions.
43. Determine which groups and other delivery we already have
in which Muslim countries.
44. Get with ASI, SMI and ABLE and identify the other key
Muslim countries we want to move into.
45. Get JG to locate and name the high level government officials,
key legislators, religious leaders and top court judges in
these countries who are inclined towards democracy including
a liberal religious freedom policy.
46. Have JG contact these terminals and set up to meet with
47. Get JG fully prep’d for the meetings with his facts as well as
with tangible examples of religious freedom policy, legislation
and jurisprudence that could be created in these countries
(e.g., from the UN or the EU Court on Human Rights so it’s
not all U.S. which is a negative button in many Muslim
48. During the meetings brief these people on the benefits for
their country of a pro religious freedom stance and ally them
to this cause. Get them to understand the precedent policies,
legislation and jurisprudence.
49. Work out with them what specific, tangible action each one
can take to generate pro religious freedom legislation and
precedents, including liberalization of the constitutional jurisprudence. Also work out a time table for the execution of
their plan.
50. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials and
RCC leaders to stay in comm and that they will tell him when
they taken action and what they did.
1. Allies made in 5 countries who activate a pro religious
freedom policy or legislation. – April 2007.
2. Newsletter launched by February 2007

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