Corporate Scientology Mercenary – Joe Grieboski

Do you want to know how David Miscavige can imprison and torture dozens of people in the morning on any given day and the same afternoon receive reports how the US State Department is enraged over Human Rights violations against poor David and his cult?   In a word, MONEY.

For more than a decade this gentleman who touts himself as a Nobel peace prize candidate has been on Miscavige’s payroll covering up Miscaviges serial, continuous Human Rights violations.  He is but one of a team of mercenaries, including a number of former US Department of Justice lawyers, who receive thousands of dollars weekly to cover up for David Miscavige’s crimes.

Joseph K "Joe" Grieboski

Grieboski is well paid to run a front group called The Institute on Religion and Public Policy.    I use the term “front group” advisedly.  Here is how Miscavige’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA, the propaganda and dirty tricks branch of corporate Scientology) refers to Joe’s “Institute”:

an identity he uses to ally individuals in the RCC and other major religions as well as political personalities.

(RCC of course is shorthand for the Roman Catholic Church)

Grieboski has laid in paid pitches for Corporate Scientology as late as twenty-one hours ago, defrauding the Huffington Post into believing they are dealing with a neutral “expert.”   In this piece entitled This Christmas Charities are in Crisis, Grieboski throws in this pitch for a corporate Scientology that may well be the most fraudulent abuser of charity status in America today:

As Americans, it is easy to take such fundamental rights for granted. The majority of us are sheltered from the daily horrors that affect Christians in China, Ahmadiyyas in Pakistan, Scientologists in Belgium and Muslims in France.

This of course forwards Miscavige’s multi-million dollar Human Rights propaganda campaign designed to divert attention from his own blatant, institutionalized Human Rights atrocities.

The Huffington Post, like many other media and officials who buy into Grieboski being some neutral expert, is unwittingly fattening Joe’s pocketbook. That is because for the past several years now Joe has been on a commission agreement with corporate Scientology.  For many years he received a flat rate retainer for pimping for Miscavige.  But, in 2007 corporate Scientology decided they would effectively make Joe a field staff member – getting paid for every close.

Here is the internal church of Scientology International program directing that Joe go onto a pay-per-product basis of employment.   Note how pervasive Joe’s lines of communication on behalf of David Miscavige’s Human Trafficking operation are.

January 29, 2007
Joe Grieboski (JG) operates the Institute on Religion and Public
Policy, an identity he uses to ally individuals in the RCC and other
major religions as well as political personalities. He contributed in
this manner to the handling of several situations in Europe.
However, he is not being run for product to ensure viability and
bean return for what he is being paid. He is on a flat rate that is
being changed to payment on a “by product” basis.
This program lays out needed production that he can generate in
exchange for funding from the Church. It must become clear to
him that if he does not get products, he will not get any more
funds from us.
To protect and advance religious freedom interests of Scientology
where threatened or blocked.
1. Get Joe Grieboski to utilize existing or develop new power
comm lines to resolve our major European situations.
2. Power commlines and OL allies in place to help open getting
Scientology into Muslim countries.
1. Assume full responsibility for Grieboski and accomplishing the
major targets.
2. Write projects for Grieboski that he can understand, agree
with and follow to accomplish useful VFPs and subproducts.3. Supply Grieboski with the policies on name/want/get, the
tech on compiling a subproduct list and the definition of
production and viability.
4. Groove in a weekly BP and report line with the guy, so he has
to work out what products he is going to get and then report
on what specifically he accomplished.
5. Work out a budget covering each of Grieboski’s projects and
get this approved by IRD and WDC OSA. This is the basis for
what is covered in the weekly FP (including the “beans” being
1. Maintain utmost efficiency by providing JG with easily
digestible information and documents about the sits he needs
to know about and ensure he understands the data and puts
it to use.
2. Never permit JG to overspend but enforce proper planning,
including financial planning, scheduling and production for
what is paid.
3. Keep JG aware that commensurate production of verifiable
VFPs must be present for our Treasury Authority to continue
financial outlay.
4. When JG does a trip overseas, e.g., have local OSA reps
meet with him at his arrival and brief him up on the PT scene.
Also have them meet with him at the end of each day to get
his immediate debrief and get him reoriented to the product
of the next day’s meetings.
1. If JG has additional ideas to improve the products he can get,
this should rapidly be cleared with CO OSAI and implemented.
OPERATING TARGETS1. Brief JG on the change in funding—that he is coming off that
flat rate but will be paid on a “by product” basis—and provide
him the list of projects and have him work out how he will
get these done.
2. PR to prepare a briefing pack for JG, which covers concisely
the official religious freedom violations, specifically (a) docs
about the general anti cult situation in Belgium (b) the recent
controversy concerning the “Scientology” building and (c) the
criminal case which has been pending since 10 years. Include
excerpts of EU Human Rights Court jurisprudence that show
the court’s standard for slow justice is seven years. (Any
other helpful data can be added if it really helps make the
3. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs or data immediately.
4. Get JG to obtain support from congressional allies (House and
Senate) in getting the Belgian, French and German
authorities to stop oppressive measures against minority
religions. (This support can be fairly loose, sufficient only to
allow him to drop names and state that a number of Senators
and Representatives are getting more and more concerned
about the situation.)
5. JG is to develop contacts to the top level of the RCC (as high
as he can get in their hierarchy) using the above data to
explain his reason for his concerns and for getting involved.
6. Get the RCC officials to agree that in the interest of religion
and religiosity in Belgium, a climate of tolerance should be
created and that they should use their influence to promote
such. (Any trip to Belgium would combine meetings with the
RCC and the government—see next section to make it costefficient.)
7. Have them formulate and articulate a plan of how they will
use their influence to preach tolerance and non-aggression with the rabid parliamentarians as well as the national
government, especially the justice sector (so as to help).
8. From the Institute on Religion and Public Policy, have JG
develop comm lines to the upper strata officials of the
Belgian national government, especially at a level from where
steps can be taken to end the arbitrary criminal investigation
into the CofS.
9. Using the examples from the prep pack and the clear and
present concern that exists in Washington about the situation,
get these officials to see that a continuation of the repressive
actions by rabid prosecutors or suppressive MPs is damaging
to Belgium’s image. Have them agree to take action to
change their policy, even if quietly, and reign in prosecutors
who have no case yet keep on “investigating.”
10. Put together a briefing pack that brings JG up to speed on the
scene in France—including the relapse of Mivilude back to the
“dark days” under Vivien—and which he can use (documents)
for his contacts with the French officials. The pack is to also
include the evidence on the capricious and outrageous
investigations pending against the CoS (e.g., since the 80s of
the last century).
11. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs and data immediately.
12. Have JG determine whom to contact in France who is in a
position to influence policy:
13. in the upper executive strata of the national government
a. in the national Senate
b. in the RCC
c. in the Protestant Church
14. Have him work out the exact plan and tactics for how he will
get to meet and ally each of these people.15. While JG is working out the specific actions, get DSA France
to verify that the people JG intends to meet are in fact
correct targets and not a waste of time, effort and money.
16. Get him to get the meetings set up in France (to coincide
with those in Belgium so he must not fly back-and-forth
17. In France, have him brief and ally these persons—using the
same approach as detailed for the meetings in Belgium—and
get their agreement to take specific action to effect policy
changes on the government’s and the legislature’s lines:
A. National Government
a. To reign in Miviludes
b. To stop harassment though bogus criminal invests
B. Senate Leaders
a. To stop the hate campaigns of specific MPs/Senators
C. RCC/Protestant Church
a. To use their influence with both the government and
the Senate to make the above targets happen.
18. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials,
Senate leaders and religious leaders, to stay in comm and
that they will tell him when they taken action and what they
19. Prepare the briefing pack on the current scene for minority
religions in Germany, including what occurred a couple of
weeks ago re Scientology Berlin, the OPC’s actions and any
entheta media statements by the likes of Beckman.
20. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs and data immediately. 21. Find out from DSA Germany who in the federal government
and the pertinent Germany states would be worthwhile for JG
to contact.
22. Have JG determine whom he can contact in the German
churches (RCC and Protestants) who is in a position to
influence policy:
23. Have him work out the exact plan and tactics for how he will
get to meet and ally each of these people.
24. Get JG to set up the meetings in Germany.
25. Have him brief and ally these federal officials—using the
same approach as was detailed for the meetings in Belgium—
and get their agreement to take specific action to effect a
fundamental policy change in the federal government.
26. Make JG get them to work out what actions they will take
specifically and have him civilly challenge anything that
seems to be lip service.
27. Have JG meet and ally the state government officials he set
up to meet.
28. Get them setting up the meeting
29. Repeat this target for the RCC meetings.
30. Repeat the target for the meetings with the Protestants.
31. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials and
religious leaders to stay in comm and that they will tell him
when they taken action and what they did.
32. Compile a briefing pack for JG that tells him about the
situation in Poland, emphasizing the government and RCC
positions and actions. 33. CONDITIONAL: If JG requires any other data, provide the
docs and data immediately.
34. Have JG determine whom in Poland to contact who is in
position to influence policy:
a. in the ministerial strata of the national government
b. in the RCC
35. Have him work out the exact plan and tactics for how he will
get to meet and ally each of these people.
36. Get him to get the meetings set up. (Make them coincide
with those in one of the other countries so he won’t be flying
back-and-forth repeatedly).
37. In Poland, have him brief and ally these persons—using the
same approach as detailed for the meetings in the other
countries—and get their agreement for specific actions to
effect tangible policy changes that will be of direct benefit for
the CofS:
a. National Government
b. RCC/Protestant Church
38. Have these officials work out and name the specific actions
they will implement and their time plan.
39. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials and
RCC leaders to stay in comm and that they will tell him when
they taken action and what they did.
40. Have JG survey member MPs of the International Conference
to determine what information they would most be interested
in receiving in a newsletter.
41. Get JG to launch a regular (monthly) electronic newsletter to
all member MPs around the world that keep them briefed on
key pro religious freedom developments around the world. Emphasize in the newsletter those actions that demonstrate
effective cause by legislators to provide examples and
inspiration of what can be done.
42. Have JG work with individual members (those in key
countries for our expansion are the priority, but others must
not be neglected) and have them become active introducing
pro religious freedom bills and resolutions.
43. Determine which groups and other delivery we already have
in which Muslim countries.
44. Get with ASI, SMI and ABLE and identify the other key
Muslim countries we want to move into.
45. Get JG to locate and name the high level government officials,
key legislators, religious leaders and top court judges in
these countries who are inclined towards democracy including
a liberal religious freedom policy.
46. Have JG contact these terminals and set up to meet with
47. Get JG fully prep’d for the meetings with his facts as well as
with tangible examples of religious freedom policy, legislation
and jurisprudence that could be created in these countries
(e.g., from the UN or the EU Court on Human Rights so it’s
not all U.S. which is a negative button in many Muslim
48. During the meetings brief these people on the benefits for
their country of a pro religious freedom stance and ally them
to this cause. Get them to understand the precedent policies,
legislation and jurisprudence.
49. Work out with them what specific, tangible action each one
can take to generate pro religious freedom legislation and
precedents, including liberalization of the constitutional jurisprudence. Also work out a time table for the execution of
their plan.
50. Have JG get the agreement of the government officials and
RCC leaders to stay in comm and that they will tell him when
they taken action and what they did.
1. Allies made in 5 countries who activate a pro religious
freedom policy or legislation. – April 2007.
2. Newsletter launched by February 2007

See ongoing coverage at the Village Voice.

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  1. DYNOMITE Mr Rathburn! Friggin’ Dynomite!

    The Nobel should go to you for this.

    It will be interesting to see what stunned fish will surface after this!

  2. Great journalism.
    How is Huffington Post taking this?

  3. Bravo. Yet again your intel lines are just astounding.


  4. To SS-Sonderkommando Grieboski:

    Our supply of human labor is dwindling and my supply of scotch and silk shirts is also danger trending. I cannot keep up the alterations to LRH Tech AND run our implant factories without FRESH BODIES. Please step up your efforts and don’t let any of our comm get on Marty’s blog. That man has cost me cases and cases of Scotch.

    Hiel Me!


  5. Good god, man! I hope the Huffington Post gets turned onto this information (can’t imagine they’re not). I know what it feels like to be duped and later find out — I imagine they’re no different. The repercussions for the church’s scandalous behavior are being felt more and more every day. It’s only a matter of time…

  6. It is a good thing to identify the players involved. Belgium is difficult, because the freedom to practice one’s faith, unless it is one of the 6 established religions, is limited in that country. David Miscavige just cannot run orgs in that country the same way he does in the U.S. His aggressive style just won’t work there and complaining about the situation on the Huffington Post will not work with Belgium. It would be wiser to find out how Scientology could exist in Belgium, under their laws and including upholding human rights. Unfortunately, the Belgium government has correctly identified the CofS as an abuser of human rights and hiring some big gun to cover it up will not work, no matter how much money he throws at it.

  7. Amazing post Marty and Very Well Done!
    This is going viral, for sure! Come guys, link it!

  8. top of the vale

    This is overwhelming!

  9. I’m floored, absolutely floored. More later when I have picked myself up!

  10. Unbelievable! Politics (= corruption) as usual, I’m afraid…seems as though everyone has his price.

  11. Wow! A sherman tank!

  12. Uhh. Miscavige… What you have here is a ‘dead agent’
    Oopsie! Back to the drawing board 😀
    Yes. I am gloating. I know it’s beneath me but I must confess to my weakness. Thanks for that one Marty.

  13. I have two questions:

    1) How did JG react to getting put on commission basis?
    2) If he has not already quit, will he quit when he sees this document?

    “Where your IAS donations REALLY go.” Good stuff, Marty and Mike.

  14. George M. White

    This post is truly ‘Inside Scientology’
    The strategy outlined in the document is
    based on pure stupidity.
    They pay someone to bail out the ‘Titanic’
    Public Relations in Scientology here starts
    with a false assumption and thus the entire plan
    is a failure before it begins.
    Why not start with something really simple?
    How about who have we harmed for starters?
    Great reporting Mr. Rathbun.


  15. Well admittedly I don’t have the inside scoop, but from publicly available reports on the situations in Germany, France and Belgium at least, I don’t get the sense that anything has been accomplished, but at the same time I suspect he has been paid a considerable amount of money. POB/OSA et al should re-read KSW #1 as to why we get attacked by Governments. The current situation is worse than simply not getting results. They are not getting results plus sucking every last dime out of people for things not even related to getting results, not to mention running a totalitarian internal regime. If they would clean up their act internally, they wouldn’t have to be flushing $$ down the toilet all day long every day paying their army of sycophant lawyers and other specialists in attempts to falsely portray themselves as victims and generate support in that way. I am no fan of governments, but unfortunately the POB regime makes many if not most governments look like champions of freedom and enlightenment in comparison.

  16. I looked at the website, but it just looked like a bunch of stuff from the US State department. Mr. Grieboski doesn’t actually do much beyond summarize the data, and if I were him I would contract it out along with the website design. I personally wouldn’t have anything against Joe, he just has a side project for a little extra dough. It sure says a lot that OSA can’t do this stuff and has to actually pay someone for it.

  17. Marty,
    Bulls Eye!! I think maybe der midget will need to use his little copper rods for about one month straight over this one, she said chortling. Thank you for shining the light so specifically and accurately. I do admire your ability to maintain that “howling charge over the ramparts”, despite all reasons not to.

    For those who chastise actions taken by any Independent Scientologist to whom truth and openness is more important than rules—most especially here on this blog, I suggest you are out of present time (my not so humble observation, opinion and blatant evaluation). The archaic definition of “chastise” means to purify, used by religions down the ages to justify the ends to their means of keeping the flock in line. It presumes that the “chastiser” has an elevated position that gives them the right to do so over another fellow being because they are holier and more righteous.
    I spit in your eye, hypocrite. And, recommend an old elixir: “Moxie originated as a patent medicine called “Moxie Nerve Food”, which was created around 1876 by Dr. Augustin Thompson of Union, Maine. Thompson claimed that it contained an extract from a rare, unnamed South American plant, which had supposedly been discovered by a friend of his, Lieutenant Moxie, who had used it as a panacea. Moxie, he claimed, was especially effective against “paralysis, softening of the brain, nervousness, and insomnia.”

  18. Li'll bit of stuff

    Marty, Even MORE Laser POWER to you, this is TRULY
    REVERBERATING stuff. However this may be achieved, the H / Post needs to empty ” THIS ONE ” all over the Intended Targets office “desks”, exactly AS IS, and thereby, alert them of the intent heading their way. Great Work!

  19. Marty,

    This is a huge score. Congratulations on coming across this document and please accept my respects for having the courage to publish it. A couple of things struck me immediately:

    First, I don’t think the RCS folks are very happy with the work he’s done previously. That’s why they’re putting him on a “by product” (i.e., a piecework basis) from what appeared to be a monthly retainer (a minimum fee for work up to a certain number of hours). JG must be foundering badly if he’s willing to continue working for them on that basis — it is a huge demotion for any consultant. If they actually liked him but were concerned about overall cost, they would have put him back on a time + materials (hourly billing) basis. So if he is signing up for piecework, paid by the result without any regard to the hours he’s putting in, he must be desperate for the work. And the fact that he’s still a tool for RCS four years after going on piecework pay is quite amusing.

    Second, the RCS belief that they can establish themselves in Muslim countries (major purpose #2) is utterly laughable. Wonder how many mission holders will be beheaded in Pakistan before they figure that out. The unlikeliness of traction on this goal is beyond belief. But it also shows how clueless the RCS is that they had had JG on retainer before to help spread the word in Muslim lands. The RCS might be unhappy with JG’s lack of results because they set him an impossible task, but they don’t realize nobody can accomplish it.

    Third, the items in the “vital targets” section sound like JG has been a loose cannon in the past when it came to expense management, and he’s dropped out of sight on them and been unprepared for meetings, especially on international trips. So they’re keeping a consultant around who hasn’t really gotten the job done, and who has maybe even ripped them off. That speaks volumes about the difficulty they may have found in trying to recruit other shills, tools and puppets lately.

    Fourth, the document talks about getting House and Senate support for his trying to stir up trouble in Belgium. It says “This support can be fairly loose, sufficient only to allow him to drop names and state that a number of Senators and Representatives are getting more and more concerned about the situation.” In other words, just enough reality to be able to lie to the Belgians and the Catholic Church about whether the US cares. Like dropping off a couple human rights brochures at some government office and upping the stats on “people and organizations helped.”

    Fifth, the memo breezily directs JG to figure out who in the French government would be able to support RCS initiatives and to make meetings happen. This is arrogant in the extreme… What possible incentive would members of the French senate have to meet with an American lobbyist about religious freedom, especially when the mood in their country is increasingly to restrict religious freedom for minorities (burqa ban in public, etc)? Why don’t they also instruct JG to meet with the General Staff of NATO to ask them why they haven’t deployed troops to safeguard Scientology buildings against potential violent assaults from Anonymous protestors? That’s about as likely.

    I could go on and on. I’m just shaking my head over the cluelessness and arrogance of the RCS as evidenced by this document. Just when I thought I had seen everything, this document comes along and takes the crazy to a whole new level.

    Finally, a constructive suggestion: if it were possible to name the author and the recipients of this document, that would be interesting so that readers can see just how high up in the organization this strategy was initiated from. Bad enough if this were just some low-level OSA operative, but really interesting if there are clear footprints directly into PoB. Also, it would be interesting to get some idea how much the Church of Scientology has paid this guy over the years. I’m assuming that was hitting them for $5,000 or so per month, about what I might expect for a low-grade operator, but if it’s a lot higher that would be really interesting to know.

    Thanks again for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

  20. Awesome Marty, thanks. What a fascinating view into the high dollar corporate world the Church of Scientology lives in. This IS very different to what we did when I was in RTC in the 80s.

    From a business perspective, if this dude was a consultant for my company, understanding action and reaction, with this program being the reaction … I would assume the following.

    1. Joe Grieboski was a very high paid consultant on a flat retainer. His products were intermittent, perhaps he worked a month a year, got some good stuff done, but drew his couple hundred thou a month the year through. He did enough real good, got enough “real production” for them that they were afraid to loose him, but they knew they were being shafted financially.

    2. Joe’s expense accounts were running out of control, and without authorization, so they are reeling it in. Joe was living high on the hog and raping and pillaging on his percs and bennies. Joe should know that only DM is allowed such luxuries.

    3. Joe was blaming OSA staff for not giving him enough data, or timely data, increasing the costs to the Church of Scientology or decreasing his efficiency or stopping his ability to get products.

    4. The COS does not have many allies at his level so they are catering to his peccadilloes.

    5. OSA/DM realizes they are loosing on a global arena based on the types and numbers of countries with massive problems, and the details of the target points. The future of the Church of Scientology in half the world is being put on this mans shoulders.

    6. OSA does not have “comparable” PR or managing or lobbying resources in house to match this guy, most of the people handling him probably don’t really understand the difference between a PR line concerning a private meeting versus a real material gain.

    7. Joe, if he acts only on the summary packages of data that OSA/DM/COS wants to give him is committing professional suicide.

    8. Looking at the current state of affairs of the COS internationally, and considering this program is 4 years old, where is an accountable representation of what might be tens of millions of dollars of parishioners money to an outside non Scientologist Consultant? Where is the accountability?

  21. Good job Marty. Hang ’em high!

    Joseph Grieboski’s photo bears quite a resemblance to the character George of the tv show Seinfield. The resemblance stops there. This guy is majorly creepy.

    note to the dwarf & Joe: Religion, huh?

  22. Perhaps we could use this person to help our cause to get the church to stop abusing people and him fighting for our religious freedom on his commlines.
    As far as I know the Nobel Prize is about 1 million in cash. we would pay him with that !
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Wow, well the statement Tony Ortega found on Joe G’s website about not accepting money from any religion or religious institution is an eye-opener, and you can bet the OSA staff who deal with Joe are well aware that this lie is on the website, so they are colluding with him to deceive the governments and institutions Joe deals with, the media, and the public at large. Nice. Seems to me L. Ron Hubbard said quite clearly to never use lies in PR.

  24. SOCK! BAM! POW! Holy dead agents, Rathbunman!

    DM is whiningin his Scotch, “No fair! Marty’s attacking me with truth!”

  25. Couple points further:

    It seems clear the program is in significant part a reaction to Joe’s behavior, cost, production and money spending habits. A program of this size and content would not be issued with someone who was spending a few extra thousand here or there, he was considered a serious money leak. We had the same issue in RTC in the 80s with attorneys who would be out on a fishing boat, think about one of our cases, and bill us $1000 or so an hour while they were fishing, or try and get the trip thrown in, the OSA program on handling Joe is very similar in spirit and content to what we did with super high dollar attorneys who we couldn’t afford to loose, but couldn’t afford to continue allowing to rape and pillage us.

    The Program itself shoes the Sea Org Members in OSA don’t understand real production, and their efforts are more for PR efforts than real change. Eg.

    1. Allies made in 5 countries who activate a pro religious
    freedom policy or legislation. – April 2007.
    2. Newsletter launched by February 2007

    1. Allies made in 5 countries … What does one mean? For 5 grand you could get 5 different ministers in African or FSU countries to make a proclamation or policy or legislate that on a leap year, that 31st of December, it is illegal to shoot say, Seventh Day Adventists. Absolutely meaningless production target as worded. You could probably negotiate this over the internet with a Nigerian spammer for $500.00.

    2. A news letter shows no real world production or change, particularly for an organization like the COS whose printed media lines the trash cans of almost everyone receiving it. Shows no impact, and as one of two production targets on a major program like this is pretty pathetic.

  26. Interesting writeup Marty. I would like to know what value is in it if only to be shared with Scientologists, ex or otherwise. A sincerely question, hoping for an in depth look at what, or if, this information is useable in order to take on DM and his cohorts. Thank you, in advance, if you feel inclined to respond with some insight on this matter.

  27. This is totally insane:
    1. Dm creates a bad image and delivers bad tech
    2. He asks the people that got bad tech for money to handle the bad image
    3. people paid for bad tech, then again for bad tech then they pay for to repair the bad image amd then pay again for the hope that one day they get good tech.
    5. they get again bad tech and the whole cycle starts by 1. again !
    ad infinitum !

  28. martyrathbun09

    My blog is read by numerous media and government law enforcement agencies (including the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service) every day. I don’t do windows.

  29. Marty your blog is a never ending source fascinating information. I’m guessing that this posting will be at least of some interest to Tony at Village Voice and perhaps others. I seriously doubt that the RCC etc will be too excited to be positioned next to POB in this fashion. Perhaps we can help this message along by getting it noticed by the RCC, Protestant groups,Muslins, Europeans etc. Could make for an interesting holiday season.

  30. Damn, Marty, somehow this struck a chord with me.

    We may have done some fucked up shit in the 80s with Special Unit, RTC, OSA, etc., towards our real or imagined enemies, but this shows a totally different type of overt game. Hiring people to covertly make friends and influence international policy, running covert media operations, etc. It may have been done in the GO, I don’t personally know. I don’t believe it was being done like this in the 80s under Jesse, Vicki, etc. Yeah we were dirty in fighting our enemies, but we were trying to make a clean game and build fundamentals and legitimacy where friendships were real and mutual.

    It is probably very difficult to explain to people that weren’t there or intimately involved, but the spirit of the church has completely changed from the 80s through the mid late 90s. I am sure I am going to get flamed for this. Bad is not equal to all bad, evil is not equal to all evil.

    DM has gotten away with so much he has become unbelievably bold.

  31. That was a cold hard bust. Fraud.

  32. Great find! Monique Yinglin is one of the directors in his outfit.

  33. martyrathbun09

    This was all going on at ASI during your RTC days; and when the takeover occurred it became big industry. See my book in the Spring.

  34. This guy is totally disgusting. He is the same breed as his master and talks the same language: MONEY.
    The intro in his Huffington Post article speaks volume:
    “In a recent study conducted by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative, 30 percent of nonprofit organizations reported a drop in donations during the first half of 2011 and 25 percent said their donations became stagnant. ”
    He is no longer on a flat fee!!!!!
    IAS is feeling the same drop in donations???
    Is the IAS donations flow so stagnant that they can’t afford to pay for their mercenaries no more????
    But beside this who does believe that he does not not know about the abuses and human right violations of his master?
    I am sure he does.

  35. JP,

    As to “really interesting if there are clear footprints directly into PoB.”

    I don’t think Int Reserves get used for standard FP items without his direct knowledge and approval. IRD is Int Reserves Director. As PoB is defactor head of WDC and this also named WDC OSA for a weekly FP item. Now from the program itself:

    “Work out a budget covering each of Grieboski’s projects and
    get this approved by IRD and WDC OSA. This is the basis for
    what is covered in the weekly FP (including the “beans” being

  36. The “second update” at Village Voice is juicy!

    Monique Yingling, no less.

  37. martyrathbun09

    And as his personal attorney, Monique Yingling, is on the board of Graiboski’s front group (see Village Voice update) his dna is all over it.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Claudio, good eye. See the Village VOice update and the NON PROFIT Graiboski set up with DM’s personal attorney Monique Yingling.

  39. Luis Colon is on board of The Institute on Religion and Public Policy! LOL!

  40. martyrathbun09

    So is Bill Walsh, the 30-year C of S attorney, who accompanied Miscavige’s personal attorney Monique Yingling in APril 09 in an attempt to muzzle Mike Rinder. This all just keep getting curiouser and curiouser – and will continue to.

  41. Anonlover posted “ITT”

  42. martyrathbun09

    Great work.

  43. So many good comments.

    Two areas stuck out that demonstrate the attitude.

    “44. Get with ASI, SMI and ABLE and identify the other key
    Muslim countries we want to move into.”

    How about the correct sequence for once. Sell books, create a demand for your services, get invited or requested to come there. Why do you have to plan where you “want to move into.”

    The following is a blunt statement of using this “neutral person” as a front group just for the C oS. You aren’t even satisfied with allowing your paid “consultant/expert” to choose how to get the desired result you are paying for. You have to tell him you want to use his group to do it.

    “8. From the Institute on Religion and Public Policy, have JG
    develop comm lines to the upper strata officials of the
    Belgian national government, especially at a level from where
    steps can be taken to end the arbitrary criminal investigation
    into the CofS.”

    Hey OSA, interference in legal criminal investigations – can you say interference in justice proceedings. A little reminder, GO staff went to prison for obstruction of justice. Seems you still on insisting to push the envelope to the edge of the abyss. If you are innocent there is nothing to fear from a criminal investigation into the C of S. There is a PL on don’t doing anything illegal.

    “17. In France, have him brief and ally these persons—using the
    same approach as detailed for the meetings in Belgium—and
    get their agreement to take specific action to effect policy
    changes on the government’s and the legislature’s lines: ”

    Straight intention and orders to lobby and effect policy changes on the governments and legislature’s lines.
    and from the website

    “To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

    Now, total income was report was 216,000. If 8,000 per month from C of S and the outlined program is almost entirely lobbying and government influencing activities. Then about 96,000 per year is for lobbying. Hummm…

    It almost looks like the church just bought itself a front group to do its illegal lobbying.

  44. Stunning. Revelatory. Let truth there be light; let truth be told!

  45. Better get Joe back to work in Israel.

  46. Mr. Grieboski is Catholic? Can’t help it but DM’s MEST events have a very Catholic touch. What has that to do with Scientology? Nothing. DM is some kind of pope but no Scientologist.

  47. Thank you Marty I am back from my “decompression “and soul searching

    The “thetan” that cals itself Niels was entirely out of bounce.

    Thank you for your patience with me Marty and Monique.

    With regards, Naugthy Niels

  48. Most interesting tax document linked on V Voice lists Monique Yingling and Bill Walsh, connected to Griebowski’s organization, definite RCS hired shysters.

  49. FBI is reading this but despite of all oyhervGoverment agencies they are not that potent and pretty cowardly when it takes to stick it to The Church of Scientology.

    Heey FBI, Are you mice or Man ? Signed Cornelius Antonius Martens

    David Miscavige is my bitch, care top presocute me ? I am begging for it.

    Kendrick L. Moxon you can never ever beat Dutch Law, so I call you a fraud and a embezzaler to your face.

  50. Thanks for the link. It is very saddening and horrendous that DM through his horrible PR is preventing good LRH Tech from being taught and applied.

  51. +1 SA!
    Section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct. For a detailed discussion, see Political and Lobbying Activities. For more information about lobbying activities by charities, see the article Lobbying Issues; for more information
    about political activities of charities, see the FY-2002 CPE topic Election Year Issues.,,id=96099,00.html

  52. Shocking and absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!

  53. Looking at the program I would suspect the staff at Int are suffering from cabin fever. “Target the Muslims!” “Take over this this culture!” Geeze how about just body routing a few people into an org right there in L.A. that do NOT have an ITEM already on the religion list? There are THOUSANDS of them down on the street in front of you!

  54. This one burned up my computer before I could finish reading it! Almost.
    Must be one of those bombs you kept promising to drop–thanks for coming through with such a “blockbuster” (term for biggest aerial bomb in early WW II).

  55. But if you did do windows they’d be awfully damn clean!

  56. I am still trying to pick my lower jaw up from the floor.

  57. Lil’ dave the sociopath,

    This reminds me of you. Happy Holidays.

    And enjoy your ride…..

  58. I suspect that the targets regarding the Muslim nations were part of DMs pandering to Farrakhan who had been honored at Scientology’s Ebony Awakening awards ceremony in February 2006 per

    “Among the four black clergy to be honored at Scientology’s annual Ebony Awakening awards ceremony is Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. ” The whole article was interesting.

    I can just see DM raging that there aren’t enough orgs in Muslim countries. Farrakhan sees allies, DM sees opportunities. Orgs equal, magnificent mosques built on the backs of the muslims, equals money for DM.

    There was also a posting from an annonymous guy on ESMB that mentions extreme price increases in 2007 to the NOI’s annual Savior’s Day convention. Here is part of that posting:

    “Former “disgruntled” staff, um, employees, no, laborers, got fed up with the fundraisers and pressure for Moar Money and not seeing it used for stated purposes, and LF and his “special top people” living lavish lifestyles. Where have I heard that before?

    There’s an annual “Saviour’s Day” 3-day convention and Saviour’s Day “gifts” (think sci “donations”) required. As of 2007, it was minimum of $1,000, plus admission tickets (in 2002 it was $100), plus DVD’s, and other stuff sold at convention. Followers have to pay all hotel expenses, and only eat at vendor booths, etc. 10,000 x $1k would be $10 Million. I’ve seen comments for example of a woman distraught because she was near broke, didn’t have enough for her kids, stressing how to come up with money for convention plus the “gift”. Plus since April they’ve started a Web-A-Thon fundraiser year round. Perhaps the “tech” he’s interested in from DM is about means of extracting More $ as membership declines!”

  59. Mother of Grendel

    Book in the spring???!!! When and how many copies can I pre-order?

  60. Oh that’s just more red tape Sinar. Notice the green volumes were never resurrected, enhanced, re beatified, reinvented, modernized and were wholly hidden under the “Golden Age of Tech” as if they never existed?

  61. Wow! I’m speechless!

  62. Bet he wouldn’t “clean a clean” though!

  63. Mr. Grieboski Is well acquainted with Greg Mitchell of the Mitchell firm
    for those that aren’t aware Greg Mitchell Is a Lobbyist In DC working
    on behalf of His only clients the CoS and the POB

    Heres the 2009 expenditures claimed you can also surf the database and see where the POB is spending the loot

  64. A classic COINTELPRO operation. Disgusting.

    Nevertheless, that’s a pretty snappy lookin’ program written for Grieboski there. Whoever wrote that shit was no dummy. Stupid and evil maybe, but no dummy.

  65. I think people lobbying for religious freedom is a worthy and noble endeavour.

    I think people receiving income while stumping for out-ethics groups and trying to get them positioned with real charitable organizations is despicable.

    If the “church” were doing its job, it wouldn’t need such help.
    If the “church” weren’t among the biggest abusers of civil rights on the planet, it wouldn’t need such help.
    If the “church” wasn’t being led by money grubbing, out-ethics, out-tech, covertly hostile jerks, it wouldn’t need such help.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    Question for those who have been there and done that: Is there any chance that Graiboski is happily oblivious to the facts of the case?

    Perhaps an accurate KR sent his way might stir some changes?

    Am I being naive again?

  66. This fucking word parsing piece of shit needs to be put on the stand and asked, “Were you paid to lobby governments for the church of scientology?” “Were you paid to act as an advocate for the church of scientology?” etc..

  67. Pingback: Joseph Grieboski, “Huffington Post” blogger: whore for Scientology. « Androvillans's Blog

  68. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Stay tuned for more on Mitchell.

  69. +1
    with all the words we are thinking but not saying…

  70. that was in answer to your last question, LDW…

  71. Eileen, you wrote:

    “I do admire your ability to maintain that “howling charge over the ramparts”, despite all reasons not to.”

    As opposed to: “…to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.” –LRH (From the essay, “What is Greatness”)

    Eileen, that one made me laugh. That Marty’s a “baller”, ain’t he? He don’t just take off from the top of the key when he’ gonna dunk. He comes swingin’ in on a vine with a knife clenched between his teeth!

    And I know you love him as much as I do.

  72. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    The US State Department usually just pastes CoS’s complaints verbatim into their reports, without bothering to do any fact-checking. Then CoS cites the reports without mentioning that they supplied the text.

  73. martyrathbun09

    Your tax dollars at work.

  74. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    On July 11th 2007, the Buffalo org held a fund-raising dinner for Joe Grieboski at the home of Teresa Reile. $75/person.

    I guess he doesn’t count that because .. hmm .. the money came from individual Scientologists, and the org was just a middleman. Yeah, that’s it!

  75. Sorry, Sue, but I see it this way :

    “FORTUNATELY, the Belgium government has correctly identified the CofS as an abuser of human rights”

  76. He said THE INSTITUTE does not receive payroll.
    He said he “consults” for the Co$ = $$$$$$.

    Re: the post below re: Monique Yinglin (my, how embarrassing!). As Marty said: “I use the term “front group” advisedly.” Wellllll, you knooooow how things aaaare ………… that’s “unofficial-talk” har, har, dee har dee har. Seems to me like the Co$ owns and operates THE INSTITUTE.

    What interests me is that as more of the slime behind is exposed, more people are going to: a) be demanding a lot more money (which the Co$ may not have after all!), b) running and denying, denying, denying, c) getting caught swimming naked, d) less gullible about Co$ slippery righteousness. And I’m sure other perhaps more significant effects will be felt.

    The single most important thing I see is to get original Scientology product and service delivered, and do it well, and do it with a heart, and make sure the promise is realized. It CAN be and HAS BEEN and IS BEING realized. Without delivery of Scientology, we are as nothing.

  77. Scott,

    You obviously have a way with words. It astounds me how much it takes to get someone to realize what is at stake with Scientology, “Personally”. The amount of not-is-ness and alter-is-ness and missed withold effect floating around is thick enough to walk on.

  78. Great popcorn, too. I didn’t know you could microwave the stuff.

  79. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    They did create CSRPAC, Association of Citizens for Social Reform, which was specifically designed to be a buffer for CoS’s tax status. However, they let it lapse, and even the web sites died in 2009, except for the Florida franchise:

    Perhaps they figured they could get away with illegal lobbying without it?

  80. May I disagree with your statement “I don’t get the sense that anything has been accomplished” by OSA tricksters.

    Yes, they fool some people for some time, but they can never fool all people all the time (of course not).

    Example: OSA had managed to place someone in the office of the French President, I think it was Mitterand. This bird made the President change a judge in a Scientology case. (This matter was reported in a French book some 15 or 18 years ago).

    But France has maintained its anti-cult stance and gives Co$ a hard time on the legal front (lawsuits).

    It’s similar in Germany: OSA creates some temporary and limited results, while the “whole scene” (reporters, cult experts, government staff, disconnection victims, harassed enemies, books, tv etc.) are never fully handled. The efforts to “handle” have been going on for more than 40 years (certainly spending big big bucks), and with each decade the public knows more about the unpleasant truths of Co$.

    You can’t keep the truth under the carpet for forever. Somebody should bring this home to Miscavige (but dress himself in knights armor before, for well known reasons).

  81. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    And Grieboski is on advisory boards for a few CoS front groups. (Paid?) It’s all VERY incestuous.

  82. My view is that Joe G ist quite honest with his statement (even if unintended) … the money-grabbing cult of infiltration & harassment and his bloody-handed blush-free top liar & slavemaster are not a “religious institution”.

  83. what a coincidence 😮

  84. Dang. Someday I just gotta grow up.

  85. Hi Claudio,

    Do you have anything in, say, orange jumpsuits? On the smaller side? It just may be the CoB “gift of the year”.

  86. Oh My GOD! …yes…I am a Valley Girl….but sometimes, those are just the exact right words to the occasion!

  87. That’s a sharp analysis, John P.

    There have been earlier efforts of Co$ to expand into muslim countries. Some 20 years ago Co$ had gotten into comm with a very famous / notorious arms pusher (literally a merchant of chaos, if you ask me), Adnan Kashoggi. According to Co$ statements at the Flag base he was their hope to “open up” muslim countries, due to his excellent contacts there (as these countries were buying his guns, tanks and ammo).

    In 1992 his wife lived for many months in the luxury suite of the Fort Harrison Hotel, where she was cared for by an auditor. A registrar told me with glowing eyes about the unlimited financial resources of Mrs. Kashoggi, handing out a 200.000 $ cheque as if it was nothing.

    Regarding Mr. Kashoggi himself, he was said that “he had to handle something”, and after that he would go up the bridge and open the gates for Co$ in all those muslim countries.

    And in the following years … Kashoggi’s name or his expansion plan was never mentioned again …

  88. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I’m not sure that CoS owns THE INSTITUTE (aka Joe) outright. I understand that there are some Moonies on THE INSTITUTE’s board as well.

    I must say that the Unification Church has done a much better job of flying under the radar these days. Perhaps their equivalent of OSA has a big sign up on the wall: “Rule #1: Do not piss off the Internet. Rule #2: Do NOT piss off the Internet.”

  89. LDW, Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not a matter of growing up…you are a good person. And your opinion is spot on.
    It’s a matter of…Joe is connected to an SP…so…

  90. Han Solo –

    Yes, he’s as upfront as these guys usually get about consulting.

    Not that anyone would care, but according to reports of abuses at “Int Base” in the little “company town” of Hemet, compare and contrast to the following regarding treatment of prisoners of war:

    “Article 32. A protected person/s shall not have anything done to them of such a character as to cause physical suffering or extermination … the physical suffering or extermination of protected persons in their hands. This prohibition applies not only to murder, torture, corporal punishments, mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment’ While popular debate remains on what constitutes a legal definition of torture (see discussion on the Torture page), the ban on corporal punishment simplifies the matter; even the most mundane physical abuse is thereby forbidden by Article 32, as a precaution against alternate definitions of torture.”

    I’m sure a clever lawyer would immediately protest that these articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949 adopted by 194 nations apply to conditions of war, and no such conditions exist here in the United States …!


    “Protected persons are entitled, in all circumstances, to respect for their persons, their honour, their family rights, their religious convictions and practices, and their manners and customs. They shall, at all times, be humanely treated, and shall be protected, especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity.”

    Apparepntly, U.S. citizens are not considered “protected persons” by the Department of Justice? (Nor by THE INSTITUTE supporting minority religions? (Whuzzat?! Why does the Co$ require so much help??)

    You would think someone lobbying would bother to inform themselves of actual activities before blindly steping up to bat, to the plate where they might get bonked by an “errant pitch”.)


  91. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC are very concerned about religious freedom in Europe. We are most specifically concerned about the freedom of the Scientology religion to act freely in raising money and controlling and manipulating European politicians and law enforcement so that they do not get in our way, raid or Orgs, or impede us from shipping large quantities of illiterate Eastern Europeans into the US as Sea Org volunteers.

    Joe Grieboski works for us. So what? It’s no one’s business what we do or who works for us on a secretive basis. Influence is purchased all the time by all sorts of groups. Get over it.

    Scientology is persecuted because people have gone past words they did not understand. Scientology is persecuted because of SP’s who 3P us to the DB’s in wog law enforcement and wog governments. So yes of course we need people like Joe Grieboski to spread around some Scientology love in covert meetings with underpaid and unnamed officials who can be made to help by making them understand that, while their pensions may not be safe in their socialist countries, a good future awaits them if they play ball now with Scientology. It is the same BP we use in LAPD and LASD and other law enforcement agencies and government departments. The RCC does the same sort of work and so does every other religion that has things it wants kept secret.

    On a related matter, Tony Ortega remains uncontrolled and unhandled by OSA. How bad can Scientology really be if Tony is free to conduct his wanton and insane rampage against mankind’s only hope for salvation, namely the Church of Scientology?

    All we in CoS want are some problems quietly handled and disposed of without sorrow in Europe. We choose to leave Tony Ortega alone because he has a blog; this quite unlike the aforementioned underpaid and unnamed officials in Europe with whom our boy Joe Grieboski works. Something can be done about these bureaucrats. Nothing can be done about Ortega. He will not even take the free sec checking we offered him because he does not want to discover his evil purposes.

  92. This may have been noted before, haven’t read all the comments:
    In the update Tony Ortega posted after receiving a response from Grieboski, I noticed how carefully JG stresses that the “INSTITUTE” does not receive monies, but if he personally receives funds then perhaps that is a side-step from that firm statement, a bit of gray area it would seem. He has an excellent example in how to do that sort of thing, der midget does it all the time. After all, they do have the benefit of the same legal adviser in tax matters, Monique Yingling does know her way around the yard, so to speak. Her connections get curiouser and curiouser. Who IS she really?

  93. Nah. You don’t gotta do that, Les. 🙂

  94. Yeah.

    Who needs water to walk on when you can walk on the slime trail left by that slug Miscavige.

  95. Stunning. Have indeed been wondering if they are all asleep over at the FBI.

  96. Nice pull, Robert.

    Those Israelis don’t hesitate to act, do they?

  97. Shocking and I am so glad the Village Voice has picked it up.

  98. DM told in an interview that he was raised catholic before he had contact to Scientology.

  99. There is an interesting change ongoing. Since 2011, the discrimination of Scientologists (outside US) are no longer reported in the US human rights report but now in the religious discrim report.

  100. Absolutely top-of the line revelation Marty.
    High fives.
    The big question is, is he a dupe, does he never read the web, or is he in it for the money.
    We should send him revelations of the darker side of the Church.
    Joseph Grieboski’s Email address is
    Whenever a stunning new Valesker Gudier type story comes out or a shocking new YouTube video we should sent to him’
    Now if he is in for the money $$$ he will stay.
    Academic James R. Lewis Was molly coddled and pampered by them at Celebrity Center while they used some of his favorable statements in their legal cases, but as he found out more and more about their darker side, all bets were off and he came out swinging reversing any former opinion he had about them.
    So it is possible that someone on the payroll can be duped and gets a conscience when he understands the ongoing atrocities and abuses.

  101. John P.
    +1 Great analysis.

  102. Marty ~~
    I have confirmed information that the Vatican is also reading this blog and it is getting archived daily for the Vatican Library.
    Highly amusing how the Church of Miscavology wants inroads into the Roman Catholic Church.
    Baby slaughter as in enforced abortions for 25 years, but lets pay someone to make inroads into RCC. ! 🙄 🙄 🙄

  103. Dead as a Dodo. Methinks we have one VERY upset POB today. Shame. As Corporal Jones famously said on Dad’s Army “They don’t like it up ’em”.

    Intuitively one suspected DM has many on his payroll to protect his mafia enterprise, but evidence like this proving it is priceless. The 50+ targets on the program illustrates a mind boggling arrogance if nothing else. Great Christmas present to all concerned – nice one Marty.

    Talking of Christmas, to all ex-pat Brits reading the blog, you must have missed this…

  104. Seems like the fat disclosures come rolling in just before Christmas. Another one is also quite remarkable. For the first time we might see the real stats of an idle Org (San Francisco Day):

  105. Marty et al
    Normally Christmas is my favorite time of the year, currently it only is painful, people keep asking me what i want for Christmas and i say nothing, because that is how i feel inside.

    I was wrong , you have given (and are still giving) the only present i want, exposure of the corruption in the RCS.

    Thank you Marty for every dollar and nano-second of your life you spent understanding the Tech and now applying it correctly to right these wrongs.

    Merry christmas to you and yours


  106. Martin,
    Don’t torture the ex-pats!
    I swear if I hear that song one more time…
    😀 Merry Christmas – see you in the New Year!

  107. martyrathbun09

    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  108. Marty – what an eye opener. There is no depth to their deception

  109. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carch., ….ahem! ( cough,cough ) ..nuttin, to it…….

  110. If ‘grow up’ means cynical, seeing only bad in others and no possibility of good; Please, never ‘grow up’.

  111. martyrathbun09

    Wait’ll you see the next post.

  112. I noticed that too Eileen.
    But target 8 on the program directly names and involves the Institute.

  113. More supporting documentation. Armstrong called out his money grubbing with the cult in 2004:

    Grieboski is a nasty piece of work and has his wife in on it too – the only STAFF at the INSTITUTE is his wife. lol. His life’s work is devoted to trying to give abusive cults PR polish. He’s in bed with the CoS and the Moonies – 2 abusive cults. He’s been desperately trying to make in roads into legit religious freedom circles, but they seem to be on to his game. At best he manages to slip in with unsuspecting middlemen and officials who take his BS at face value and don’t really check into his shady INSTITUTE. (Btw is it really an INSTITUTE if there’s a total of 2 people working at it?) He’s seems mostly concerned with scoring photo ops to promote his “work” – when I’m sure 98% of the people in photos with him haven’t a clue who he is or what he does. He takes advantage of some people’s gulibility when they here the word INSTITUTE and mistakenly assume it means anything.

  114. His Catholicity explains a lot.

  115. “Wait’ll you see the next post.”

    Aawww common Marty. Some of us have to work! :>)

    Great post BTW.

  116. Grieboski’s claim to have been a Nobel Peace Prize nominee is inflated and deceptive self-promotion at best, a complete fabrication at worst.

    Importantly, there is no way to check Grieboski’s story absolutely. He can tell it as often as he likes and some number of people might believe him on grounds of audacity (“who could possibly be so sleazy that they would lie about that?” The answer: a Church of Scientology puppet who’s been trained to do exactly that.) The Nobel Prize web site says, “The statutes of the Nobel Foundation restrict disclosure of information about the nominations, whether publicly or privately, for 50 years. The restriction concerns the nominees and nominators, as well as investigations and opinions related to the award of a prize.” So he could lie about this until the day he dies and there would be no way to disprove his claims conclusively until anybody who remembers his puffery is also long since buried.

    But what does it actually mean to be “nominated” for a Nobel peace prize? It means that one of the thousands of nominators sent your name in for preliminary consideration. And who are the nominators? There are several distinguished groups, including past Nobel winners. There are also “members of national assemblies” (i.e., the US Congress), and “University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes.” And the rules don’t require nominators to have been pre-approved by the Nobel organization to be allowed to send in a nomination. In other words, one of Grieboski’s buddies in a Congressman’s staff can have his Rep or Senator sign a quick letter saying “I nominate Joe Grieboski for the Nobel Peace Prize,” send it off to Stockholm, and he can consider himself nominated. Or a fraternity brother who’s now a professor at a second-rate law school somewhere can send off an e-mail. Or, scary enough, a friend at another “peace institute” can sign him up. Apparently, there is no prequalification for nominators — anybody in those categories can send in a nomination.

    The Nobel committee gets thousands of unsolicited recommendations and then spends most of the year narrowing this giant pile of mail down to a short list that the final judges vote on. Nobody knows whether they’re on the short list. I have one degree of separation from a number of Nobel winners of various stripes, and have had a chance to ask several if they knew they were going to win the prize. All of them knew that their scientific work was sufficiently important that they had an excellent shot at winning a Nobel at some point, but absolutely none of them had any idea they had been nominated for a particular year until they got the phone call from Stockholm telling them that they’d won. I would suspect virtually all Nobel winners are similarly surprised.

    Said another way, the system can easily be gamed by people looking to be able to claim that they were nominated for a Nobel, taking advantage of people’s ignorance about just how easy it is to be “nominated.” I have a couple friends who are professors of social science. After reading the Nobel foundation’s rules, it seems that for an investment of less than $1,000 worth of expensive lunches and drunken pub crawls with my social science professor friends, I ought to be able to call myself a Nobel Peace Prize nominee next year.

    So the only way Grieboski could be telling the truth about whether he had been nominated for a Nobel Prize is that he put somebody up in one of the two broad (and unscreened) classes of nominators to send the Nobel folks a letter. If he were a viable candidate for a Nobel, rest assured that he would have no idea whether he made the short list, which is an actual achievement, not a piece of manufactured puffery.

    What a douchebag.

  117. And, Mrs. Kashoggi never returned to FLB again either.

  118. John P., I will nominate you if you nominate me…… Deal?

  119. Nice summation, John. I concur.

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