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Scientology Inc’s Lobbying Machine

Some commented on the posts of the last couple days on Scientology Inc’s Washington Lobbying apparatus that there did not seem to be much money involved.  Well, based on the work of the folks at Why We Protest and Karen #1 in just a few hours a different picture emerges.

As to Greg Mitchell,  see Secular Invasion of Washington , according to documentation available at Campaignmoney.com, between 2008 and the first quarter of 2011, he received $290,000 from Scientology Inc:

Here is a shot of Greg doing his best Bill Clinton Jr impression:

Greg "Little Bubba" Mitchell

As to Joe Grieboski, see Corporate Scientology Mercenary, and his Scientology Inc front group Institute  on Religion and Public Policy, check out this Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax for 2006:

Scn Inc Institute

Note, this form covers a time closer to form-up. You can bet that in later years quite a few more greenbacks made their way through its coffers.   Also note that David Miscavige’s personal attorney, Monique Yingling, is listed as a director along with Scientology Incers Luis Colon and Judy Cranford.

Vice president of the board is one Bill Walsh.  Walsh is the character that accompanied Yingling on Miscavige’s six man mission to Denver in April 2009.  Their target?  To shudder Mike Rinder into silence so as to spike the original St Pete Times series The Truth Rundown.  Result? Epic Fail.

Bill Walsh does little else than serve as a yes-man to David Miscavige.   In fact, he nods in agreement so much that Mike Rinder and I have referred to him as a very expensive bobbing-head doll.  With that in mind, consider this: Walsh was pulling in close to a 1/2 million dollars a year from Scientology Inc over multiple years.  As late as 2007, an Office of Special Affairs financial planning document referred to Walsh’s nearly 1/2 million dollar a year production as “spectator work.”

If a non-productive bobbing-head doll can pull in nearly 1/2 million dollars a year from Scn Inc, what do you suppose they are paying their heavy hitters?

Effective or not, do some math and recognize what your fees have really bought.

What your fees buy THREE A

Monique Yingling

Zuckert Scoutt & Rasenberger, L.L.P.

Washington, D.C.

September 12, 2009


re: Yours of September 11, 2009

Dear Monique,

Thank you for your letter of September 11, 2009. Thank you also
for confirming:

1. That you, indeed, are the personal attorney of David Miscavige.

2. That your April 15 2009 trip to Denver, accompanied by four
staff members and another attorney, to attempt to intimidate Mike
Rinder into silence was directed by your client David Miscavige.

3. That you are an avid reader of my blog and Dave is apparently
paying attention.

4. That you and your client apparently believe that the only
utterance by me on my blog that you have any objection to is the
one you have noted in your letter.

With respect to your objection that I ascribed “false words” to
you and Mike Rinder, I never ascribed any words – either false or
otherwise – to either of you in my September 9 comment. If I
ascribe words to you, you’ll know it by the quotation marks I put
on either side of them.

With respect to your claim that I “ascribe[d] conduct to [you]
that [I] know to be false”, my two sentence description of what
went down in Denver on April 15 was indeed a fair and accurate
summation of what occured. Your repeated requests to “settle” in
an effort to prevent Mike from speaking to the media, and your
intimidations that to do otherwise would mean “war” cannot be
denied. I doubt that anyone other than your client would disagree
with my summation were they to hear the full content of the

Monique, as far as your allegation about my “position in the
anti-Scientology community” is concerned, the sad truth is you
are being paid several hundred dollars per hour to carry out the
dictates of your client and thereby forward the aims of anti-
Scientologists. His heavy-handed tactics provide them with
ammunition to justify their misguided broadside assaults on the
subject founded by L. Ron Hubbard.


Mark “Marty” Rathbun

cc: Mike Rinder

Monique Yingling – Miscavige’s personal attorney

Alternate titles:

1. Tag Team III

2. Roadkill III

3. Who let the dogs out?  III

4. Another underhand pitch

5. What happened to the gnat spray?


Zuckert Scoutt & Rasenberger, L.L.P. – ATTORNEYS AT LAW

September 11, 2009


Mark Charles Rathbun

Dear Marty:

I have read your internet posting of September 9, 2009 to Robin Scott in which you ascribe words and conduct to me you know are false.  You are lying. Not only do you ascribe false words to me, you also ascribe false words to Mike Rinder. This conversation never took place and you know it. The fact that you would knowingly lie about a conversation Bill Walsh and I were both party to only strengthens our conviction that you are lying about all of your other allegations. You need to correct the record and retract this and all your other false statements. You have made it abundantly clear in your recent posting that your allegations are all about you and your position in the anti-Scientology community and having nothing to do with the truth.


Monique E. Yingling

cc: Michael John Rinder