Scientology Inc’s Lobbying Machine

Some commented on the posts of the last couple days on Scientology Inc’s Washington Lobbying apparatus that there did not seem to be much money involved.  Well, based on the work of the folks at Why We Protest and Karen #1 in just a few hours a different picture emerges.

As to Greg Mitchell,  see Secular Invasion of Washington , according to documentation available at, between 2008 and the first quarter of 2011, he received $290,000 from Scientology Inc:

Here is a shot of Greg doing his best Bill Clinton Jr impression:

Greg "Little Bubba" Mitchell

As to Joe Grieboski, see Corporate Scientology Mercenary, and his Scientology Inc front group Institute  on Religion and Public Policy, check out this Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax for 2006:

Scn Inc Institute

Note, this form covers a time closer to form-up. You can bet that in later years quite a few more greenbacks made their way through its coffers.   Also note that David Miscavige’s personal attorney, Monique Yingling, is listed as a director along with Scientology Incers Luis Colon and Judy Cranford.

Vice president of the board is one Bill Walsh.  Walsh is the character that accompanied Yingling on Miscavige’s six man mission to Denver in April 2009.  Their target?  To shudder Mike Rinder into silence so as to spike the original St Pete Times series The Truth Rundown.  Result? Epic Fail.

Bill Walsh does little else than serve as a yes-man to David Miscavige.   In fact, he nods in agreement so much that Mike Rinder and I have referred to him as a very expensive bobbing-head doll.  With that in mind, consider this: Walsh was pulling in close to a 1/2 million dollars a year from Scientology Inc over multiple years.  As late as 2007, an Office of Special Affairs financial planning document referred to Walsh’s nearly 1/2 million dollar a year production as “spectator work.”

If a non-productive bobbing-head doll can pull in nearly 1/2 million dollars a year from Scn Inc, what do you suppose they are paying their heavy hitters?

Effective or not, do some math and recognize what your fees have really bought.

33 responses to “Scientology Inc’s Lobbying Machine

  1. So much wasted money that could have gone to the hardworking staff members that are sincerely trying to do good in the world. And they (the staff members) would then have been able to live decent lives, see their families, feed their children (instead of aborting them) instead of antagonizing the families and thereby give Scientology a bad reputation – and then there would be no need to set these clowns up in Washington DC, trying to put a spin on something that nobody with two brain cells and access to Google will buy into anyway.

  2. Marty, this is quite a nest! The criminals involved in this need to be lined up and given hard labor! To those of you who are lurking and to your friends who turn a blind eye, get educated! This is a criminal activity you are involved in!

  3. Marty,

    One of the programs shows $3,000, but does not give a time frame … a month was mostly assumed, it could have been a week, or a day. $3,000 a day is about a million dollars a year. 3 a week $150,000, and I am not certain all expenses are even captured on the It is very easy to hide expenses in business, everything from entertainment expenses through per diem expenses which are not reportable or taxable by the IRS and can easily. Anything shy of a full audit, either by the IRS or court enforced by irate scientologists doesn’t have a hope of finding the truth. And even that is questionable because they can afford the best accountants and attorneys in the world to hide things. But it would take a hell of a lot of money for tax pros to potentially go to Jail for DM.

    A potentially interesting change in tax law is the IRS is trying to put the screws to accountants to be, essentially, agents for the IRS, potentially levelling criminal charges against accountants that even turn a blind eye to the actions of their customers.

  4. I will repeat what I said in relation to the Joe Griebowski post. These people are being paid large sums of money to lobby governments to prevent or bring an end to attacks on the Church. LRH is quite explicit in KSW #1 that attacks by governments come from a lack of results (i.e. results from Scientology processing and training). This blog has aired chapter and verse on the lack of results occurring in the Church due to POB’s “Squirrel in KSW Clothing” acts to sabotage and alter LRH tech and Policy and its application. The Church could save a lot of money (that is being sucked out of Parishioners these days for things that do not even exchange a result) if it simply cleaned up its act internally. You’d think someone in the Church might notice this obvious fact.

  5. Brightfametexan

    All the while staff members get thirty minutes to eat from a can of ravioli and get dunned to help pay a massive electrical bill for a massively overstated edifice miles from any foot traffic.

  6. And because it is Christmas, we can’t forget about the Int staff:

  7. HereNow:

    Good point.

    There is more to the lobbying machine.

    Williams and Connolly are part of it (Monique’s husband Jerry Feffer is a senior partner there — its the firm that reporesented Bill Clinton and many others, one of the best connected and most influential in DC). They locate and hire well connected people to act on behalf of the church.

    Dave Miller — head honcho among the church DC lobbyists. Originally worked for Hill and Knowlton and then started his own shop with the church as his primary (and for the most part, only) client.

    Miller was on a flat rate and did most of the Germany lobbying with members of Congress and the State Department. It was Bill (bobblehead) Walsh and him that put together the entries that were included in the annual State Department “human rights” report. Someone recently noted that those entries were written by the church. They were spot on. It was Bobblehead and Miller that did this.

  8. so so sad when you have to pay for comm lines….

  9. Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay are “Celebrity Contributors”?! The entire American political process needs to be razed to the ground RTFN!

  10. Mike: Ah yes, the US State Dept Human Rights reports, with the Scientology section written by paid Church mouthpieces, accusing governments of Germany, France, Belgium et al of violating the Human and Civil Rights of the Church and its members, because these governments were accusing the Church of violating the human and civil rights of their citizens.

  11. Great series of threads. None of this lobbying does anything to counter Scientology’s word of mouth reputation problems though.

    In LRH’s decades of being top decider of Scientology, he did not waste money on influence peddlers like this.

    I constantly wondered why OSA did all manner of the things it did.

    These recent docs are good to share with the final end target public officials who didn’t know this stuff was coming from Scientology.

  12. Comfort comes at a very high cost to DM. The Scotch, Copper Rods and expensive lawyers will NOT be of assistance to him when he finally has to confront what he is doing and has done.

  13. Miscavige leaping over the conference table to hurt people.

  14. This is good exposure!. Too bad we just can’t see all the last couple decades of OSA programs, and see the whole progression of this stuff.

    I remember for decades OSA just got a guaranteed cut every FP, out of the money allotment that came from the FSO’s weekly GI.

    The last 30 years of money wasted, probably could be done from people’s memories, and I wish more ex finance people who saw how the money’s been wasted would pipe up.

    Is Jono Epstein still on the PAC RPF?

  15. Has Anybody seen this web-site? It’s about how the IRS runs Scientology. If it’s true, then the take over and who POB is working for is clear.

  16. Mike,

    Fascinating data. It does not really need to be pointed out that a fleet of high end attorneys can almost untracably distribute a huge amount of cash with no paper trail and no direct connection under “attorney client privilege”.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Lot of unwarranted assumptions there.

  18. I thought it was illegal for a non-profit religous organization to donate to political campaigns.

    Am I wrong about this?


  19. Agreed.

    At best, the CST wog board member(s) are opportunist outsiders who’ve played ball enough to be necessary in even Hubbard’s view, per some of the ASI traffic I saw.

    But these wog board member(s) weren’t string pullers, they were opportunist legal profressionals just doing their business and Scienotlogy is but one of their clients.

    Love to have Lyman Spurlock, Jono Epstein, Mark Ingber, Wendell Reynolds, and others, on sodium pentathol for interviews about the wasted money over the years, and the wog outsiders money wasting.

    It would have been better, I thought, in the 1980s, for “us” to lose those cases, and have the corporate facade come crashing down.

    The faithful would have coalesced and reformed.

    I disagreed even with LRH, who was raging mad privately worried that all would fall apart and be lost. What little faith, I thought, he had in his own practice and in what his movement members had become, at that time.

    Like the freezone has shown, the practice of the tech will go on, despite any corporate setups and the stifling Sea Org bureaucratic control of the multi echeloned movement today.

    The conspiracy focus fantasy that others control Miscavige, that he’s a CIA controlled this or that, is OFF topic.

    I personally don’t believe in the Scientology therapy practice, but the practice of Scientology IS the spiritual therapy Bridge to Total Freedom Lineup, where Scientologists train to deliver the therapy to one another.

    The tech is MORE what Scientology is, compared to the admin.

    The CST conspiracy theories about who controls Miscavige, are admin, and at best might show where people’s money is wasted on outsiders retained on any church corporate boards still today. All admin.

    People are not jazzed by the admin, they want the tech, if they want Scientology.

  20. Marty,

    I asked a year or so ago, did Miscavige have ANY outsider person he respected and listened to for their judgements, and you said no.

    That is the only other thing about the big direction of the Scientology movement.

    I don’t think these outsider board member(s) of CST have any personal influence on Miscavige, but that is the question that will keep coming up.

  21. Boy, what an affront to an honest working person.
    The cesspit some people call life is so far the opposite of what Scientology can deliver = a lot of apathy connected to the concept of truth being replaced by money.
    How does one truly clean the leeches off such a travesty in places like Washington?
    Gee I look forward to the day DM gets sent to jail or he does something ‘noble’.

  22. Well Well Well ~~Monique Yingling is busy as a beaver, isn’t she?
    Feathering her nest while enabling Miscavige to cover up his assaults, batteries, lock downs at INT base, kidnap and held against will at FREEWINDS and other Sea Org bases.

    ++++Monique, a tax attorney, steps in on CNN as a PR spokesman,
    Monique, the PR ! denying Disconnection ! Stating on camera that the daily beatings (FOR YEARS) were being handled “Internally” !!!!

    ++++Monique the Missionaire, flying on demand to Denver to bribe Mike Rinder to be muzzled and gagged with hush money $$$$. Failed mission ! Flunk Monique !

    ++++ Monique the Director ~~Sitting on Board of Directors as needed for the Washington DC influence behind closed doors…….. while carefully covering up present time rogue conduct.

    ++++Monique the IAS CPA ~~Protecting IAS as its “authority” on expenditure while 100s of posts on the web reveal the predatory regging.
    In cahoots with Miscavige on Janet Light (Mclaughlin) lockdown in SP Hole.
    Head of IAS brutalised in SP hole for years (Now at Bridge Publications) but all those years of kidnap/held against will of Janet and Colm Mclaughlin…hey Monique was raking it in $$$$$$$
    # of Broke/Bankrupt Scientology members: highest ever!
    # of disaffected members after IAS regging : highest ever!
    # of foreclosures and loss of homes due to vampire regging, highest ever !

    Hey, Monique must protect her salary ! In all good conscience, what is morally wrong protecting an Al Capone thug when the monthly check comes from extorting members ? C’mon, C’mon, Monique deserves a break, we should all be more understanding and compassionate…why should she not hang on to her $2 million a year blood money ? The problem with us posters here is we lack compassion 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  23. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike, Always find your posts very illuminating

    So let’s see then, we’re coming down to simply MORE via’s!
    More Pecking order ploys, for Perfectly Placed Predators,
    to Position their Prey, for maximum Pre-frontal Propositioning,
    using Perceived Proper Protocol to Produce a (s)Pontaneous
    “hand over”, ( Premeditated Plunder ) of Pecuniary Property,
    so Painstakingly Pontificated about with Pernickety Procedures.

    This is so Pitiful,but Patently Prescribed by Propitiatious Pundits

    Of course, IF DM could JUST simply have his way, it would be :-

    “Cut the F%>ki*+@ SH*^ out.YOU C$#*k Su^&#Ng M- F%$*+g

  24. martyrathbun09

    Yingling, Cruise, and any other person who strokes him into believing he is somebody – he’ll listen to.

  25. Li'll bit of stuff

    You said it Marty!

  26. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    I don’t think that many critics have taken that site too seriously since the IRS agreement and internal stories began to leak in the late 90s.

    Before then, it was a point to ponder: “Some high-school dropout posturing dictator who isn’t the sharpest Tic Tac in the box is the final boss of Scientology, all those shark lawyers, off-shore accounts, goons and tricky dealers? That’s crazy! That the IRS controls CoS, that’s crazy too! Hmm.” 🙂

    As far as I know, no one has ever owned up to being behind that site. (Probably SMERSH.)

  27. OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    We in RTC have had to hire ineffectual bobble-headed wog lobbyists in order to have terminals of equal magnitude to handle the ineffectual bobble-headed wog bureaucrats in Washington DC, Europe, and the Vatican.

    This strategy is ingenious on COB’s part. He realizes that stupid wogs must handle stupid wogs. Our wog lobbyists so speak the same language as the wog functionaries that CSI seeks to manipulate via our IAS war chest,

    Quite honestly, we in RTC are so far superior to any of this. We simply do not wish to get our hands dirtied by even shaking hands with some decadent German or Belgium bureaucrat whose mind was long ago destroyed by the state-ordered regimen of Psych drugs these people are ordered to take every hour by the Psychs who run Europe on behalf of the Rockefeller.


    1. We in RTC can’t send OT’s to handle Washington DC, Europe, or the Vatican because the OT’s being produced by Flag these days are so powerful that they would cause wogs to freewheel just by looking at them.

    2. We in RTC can’t send Sea Org members to handle Washington DC, Europe, or the Vatican because they are needed to handle the 4th dynamic group bank. We also need them in the RPF to renovate our Ideal Orgs. We occasionally need them to upgrade Tom Cruise’s luxury homes as ordered by COB.

  28. That video of the wives denying, hurts to watch.

    There are some admin “SP” policies (“The Critics of Scientology”) which just needs be retired out of Scientology. (The Way to Happiness is such a better model and it’s a later policy so has precedence in authority over all the earlier harsh “SP” reaction policies.)

    So sad to watch them apply old policy that they should grow out of using someday.. Probably gonna take them decades to lose this whole 30 year stretch of the misuse of “SP handling” policies.

    They all missed a great opportunity to admit their physical abusing, which at least the great development is that ex members have shown public contrition for engaging in the physical abuse, and that’s a good step in the right direction.

    When official Scientology has leadership that can admit the movement’s mistakes publicly, they’ll be worthy of a tiny bit of respect for doing so.

    For now, it’s only the ex members who have the freedom of speech to publicly take some responsibility for the wrongs that have been done.

    Strategically, internally and externally, across all sectors, looking at “how it could be done”, I still feel the principles in The Way to Happiness have to just be used across all sectors as the strategic focus for about 30 years (which will give time for more of the old GO mentality and players to die of natural deaths), to undo this whole nasty reputation that just can’t be changed no matter how much “SP” handlings and Washington, DC influence peddling they waste their money on.

    The Volunteer Ministers work is about all I could applaud them for.

    Jeff Hawkins’ talking parts were just stellar.

    Arnie Lerma years ago suggested we make up an ex member’s “Checksheet” of references to read and listen to.

    This video of the wives should be on that Checksheet.

  29. thanks for your excellent comments and history. sharing.

    I think you and Marty have done the most help overall in recent years, for so many ways.

    Happy Holidays to you, and thanks!

  30. Thanks Chuck. Same to you!

  31. $290,000 to the lobbyist? They are overpaying this guy. You can get laws written and passed for less. But, DM isn’t that bright.

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