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The land of milk and honey and virgins galore

The following email sent out by the CO Flag Ship Service Organization is another sign of the death of the church of Scientology. 

It is twisted and sick on a number of levels.

The Commanding Officer of the highest service organization regging at all marks a sad era.

Any church of Scientology staff member, let alone the CO of the FSSO, regging for IAS is doubly wicked.

The CO FSSO being given a quota by David Miscavige (who sets ALL IAS regging quotas – just ask Debbie Cook and know by her silence) for over a million dollars for the IAS is about as off purpose a management order as could be imagined.

The CO FSSO going to OT Ambassadors (presumably the highest case level, most dedicated C of M members) to enforce such an off purpose, illegal crush reg demand is simply over the top.

The worst of all this is the promise of the land of milk and honey.  It is like the old assassin trick “go commit an unpardonable sin upon others, and you will be rewarded in the afterlife with streams of milk and honey and endless virgins at your disposal.”   Tying their access to OT IX and X to committing financial irregularities of the highest order is simply unconsionable.

It  is an outright fraud being perpetrated by David Miscavige. There is no OT IX and X.  The idea of OT IX and X was a creation of Pat Broeker, dreamt up on the heels of the death of LRH to keep the masses from open revolt and keep the vampire  Miscavige from his own throat.  He proudly announced that  “OT IX and X is compiled and ready for delivery.”   Those around at the time may recall the utter shock Miscavige suffered when Broeker (with no prior coordination) surprised everyone with that out-of-the- blue announcement. 

A two year series of intrigues ensued between Miscavige and Broeker jockeying to control the holy grail that did not exist.  You may have listened to my story about the raid on Broeker’s ranch that I lead to retrieve LRH’s auditing files (St Pete Times video interview). That was done because Broeker said the keys to OT IX and X were in those folders and to hold DM off from deposing Broeker, Broeker threatened to have IX and X copyrighted in his own name.

When the folders turned out to contain no holy grail, Broeker then said he had other LRH writings that constituted the keys to OT IX and X.  Another raid ensued – in which I coordinated a squad of armed outside security personnel to secure the premises.  It will take a couple of chapters – and hopefully I’ll get the time soon to complete the entire picture – to connect all the dots on this, but suffice it to say for now, it turned out to be yet another Broeker bluff. 

When Broeker’s bluffs were all called, he resorted to claiming he was channeling LRH and LRH was pissed about Broeker being reined in.  Quite often the channeling revelations were done in druken stupors.

All this IX and X promise business – for insane dollar demands for, of all things, a “war chest” –  are in my opinion the final step before Miscavige starts channeling LRH and telling his minions  in real time what the old man is allegedly ordering.

If you learn to walk the walk – rather than becoming an at-effect psychotherapy patient addicted by guilt to his or her sessions – OT VII done honestly and thoroughly, coupled with a thoroughgoing understanding of LRH OT lectures and books in application IN LIFE you will get to where you want to go.  OT VIII – unadulterated original LRH version – will connect the dots for those who don’t get there on VII.  On Source VIII is akin to a CCRD for VII, you can get there on VII, or you might need to connect the dots, clarify it and validate it with VIII. But in either event, you have got to walk the walk. You cannot pay any price for it – even $25 million to the IAS won’t get you there.  It is very easy to tell those calling themselves VIIIs who decidedly did not make the grade.  They are still acting as sheep, pimping for Miscavige.


    From: Int OT Ambassador Office <intoffice@otambassador.org>
    Date: August 1, 2010 12:27:13 PM PDT
    To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
    Subject: Message from the CO FSSO


    As the Ambassador Ship for Top Command and you are an OT
Ambassador I need to go over a specific Ship target we have been
given that is crucial to achieve as it means New OT IX and X coming
closer for all. I know you understand what  I am saying.

 Additionally the ship is known for making its target no matter how.

 However they made to the degree my OT Ambassadors pitch in and assist in pulling it off.

    I am positive you have seen the IAS MV 3 event and realized the
scope of our activities on the 4th dynamic as well as the thrust to
disseminate and promote Scientology worldwide.

    And as I stated above we have a target that means you and I,
and that ship target is $1,200,000 raised for the IAS in 2 weeks.

    I am expecting you to assist your OT base! As part of your
responsibilities as an OT ambassador includes the success of the
IAS and moving up in status. Your donations are going toward to
greatest salvage programs that have ever existed for all mankind
and are the only programs that will ensure survival.

    You know the importance of releasing New OT IX and X and what
it means for this planet. The faintest chance this planet has lies
on the upper OT levels.
    Just like LRH states in the following excerpt from Ron’s
Journal 67:

    “We are no longer dealing with the time span of man which is 70
years – we are dealing with the centuries, and we have enough time
at the upper levels to bring it off, providing we work quickly
enough at the lower levels and within the framework of the society
itself, to prevent it from destroying itself before we attain our
purposes and goals.”

    To pull this off we need the IAS to literally keep the planet
here, so we have a chance to make it all the way.

    I want you to do your next status in the IAS now or at least a
meaningful donation and I want it to be given to the Ship IAS
office. What is your answer to my call?

    ML, Sharron

    Commanding Officer FSSO

Superpower Rip Off

I just read an interesting post on the Leaving Scientology blog, at http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/

More than $142,760,000 dollars has been raised for the Superpower building. One public recently learned that one reason the Church keeps crush reging for Superpower – even though an official Church spokesperson told the media recently it would cost no more than $90,000,000 grand total in costs to complete – is that Superpower donations have been siphoned off for projects other than Superpower.  The Church spokesman
also said that $40,000,000 has been spent so far on the empty shell.

You ever wonder why the Church has let that $40,000,000 building shell languish for close to ten years? There are at least four reasons.

First, they don’t have a clue what Superpower is. See Joe Howard’s piece for details at http://www.scientology-cult.com/super-power.html

Second, it is one more excuse to crush reg huge sums of money that one of their Reges has already admitted is used for other purposes.

Third, there is no OT IX and X on the horizon. And DM needs some carrot to keep the OT VIII’s on the reservation. He falsely leads them on as if Superpower is some next step on the Bridge for them. Future posts will detail how OT IX and X are not even over the horizon.

Fourth, the elaborate groundbreaking and immediate heavy construction activity to build the shell was not done for purposes of getting Superpower delivered in the first place. I participated in the planning of that 1998 groundbreaking event with Tom Devocht, Mike Rinder and DM. The groundbreaking show – with bleachers brought in and packed with Scientologists, fireworks, and other bells and whistles- was put on within a couple short weeks after the Church was indicted for its involvement in the death of Lisa McPherson. It was ordered by DM at great expense for the sole purpose of diverting the public’s, the media’s and the Tampa Bay area population’s attention off of McPherson.

Once the last civil case connected with McPherson was settled in early 2004, the Church really put the brakes on the building, racking up nearly $250,000 in building department fines for not completing the building in a timely fashion.

But the reg machine never slowed down one iota. Already, it has created a $50,000,000 slush fund of DM funny money.

Miscavige blows off an OT VIII

Check out this link to read the doubt formula announcement of one serious dude. He is no joke. He was the go-to guy for Miscaviges’s minions to bail them out of trouble with the Electronic Frontier Foundation when DM’s Church would spike their ire by heavy-handed net censorship tactics.

We’ve got your back Geir.