Scientific proof II

Understandably, after reading “Scientific proof that Scientology works” a number of folks seem to be of the view that DM’s psychiatric evaluation of me might have merit.  And, thankfully, some are  communicating their thoughts in a civil manner. Some good thoughts too.

If you read all LRH books and listened to most lecture series from 1950 through 1964 (including SHSBC) and you audited many people for many intensives and you walked the  walk (lived what you learned in an ethical fashion) instead of wore a religion you didn’t fully understand as an emblem and defended every word of it even when you had no idea what it was you were defending, the outrageous claim I made about Chrsitakis’ findings wouldn’t sound so whack.

After all, if one really understood and applied the core philosophic principals of Scientology he/she would understand and see that beings emit wavelengths and communications travel on those waves, and that ALL one learned is designed to raise a person on the tone scale so that the waves they emit more closely resemble theta (spirit) , and having experienced  that  one can graduate above waves (which are part of the physical universe) and communicate directly through thought with other beings.  And when you walk that walk – as opposed to just talking the talk – and experience it for yourself you are experiencing something that is immeasurable by science.

So when Christakis “proves” that beings can effect the mood (tone level) of beings at a distance and that there are measurable statistics which indicate beings can effect others at a third degree of separation – a real Scientologists might take it as a validation of what he/she has been experiencing for years and sometimes even decades.

Fact of that matter is someone who has certainty that he has been out of his head – and, admittedly, most (me included) have had far less dramatic or significant  experiences than say an Ingo Swann or Hal Puthoff have claimed – he looks at the world in an entirely different way. Just as Logical Mind implies those who believe they have lived before and will live again are flat earthers, those who have witnessed such for themselves consider one-lifers to be dead in the head flat earthers.

Like it or not – that is the way real Scientologists think.  Because they are willing to think critically and concede that there are policies within Scientology that detract from that way of thinking and living – and quite frankly IMHO if applied make this state of being and understanding unattainable if applied literally (e.g. fair game, disconnect, super aggressive attacks at critics, crush regging etc) – they are able to attain the fruits of the core philosophic principals of the subject (technology) itself.

From a true Scientologist’s perspective it is ridiculous to try to make Scientology prove itself through science, when science does not recognize the soul, spirit or as we like to call it, thetan.  We are looking at the universe from an entirely different perspective and foundation.  It is not something we consider worth argument because 0ne side is arguing about the apples the other sees as oranges.

Scientologists who have practiced for long marvel at how as science evolves it seems to validate Scientology – without ever mentioning it or acknowledging it.  Their view is that ultimately science has to validate Scientology (whether it mentions it or not) because it will not unlock the most fundamental secrets of the universe until itself discovers and acknowledges the spirit.

Some of the more unorthodox, but nonetheless most brilliant, minds of science who help push the scientific envelope to open new vistas sound a lot like Hubbard during his Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures.  One example is Dr. John Hagelin, quantum physicist, who maintains the physical universe was created by THOUGHT.  His quest for ultimate answers lead him to the Vedic Hymns;  the same source Hubbard acknowledged as his point of departure on developing Scientology. Another physicist is Dr. Andrei Linde of Stanford University who is credited by the scientific community as having all manner of credibility on theories of how the universe was created. Listen to him for a spell and you might start thinking  Hubbard sounds conservative and tame by comparison.

I am not attempting to convert or preach. Instead, I am making an earnest attempt to get folks to understand the mind of a sincere and conscientious Scientologist.  I am finding out there are more of them than most people would suspect. I have received an enormous amount of communication from “on-line” public who are like minded and who are grappling with the moral dilemma of how to take a stand – without losing their families, friends and jobs.

To illustrate how far the Church has reversed itself from its philosophical roots, realize Miscavige’s first impulse when he reads this post will likely be to strut around the office ranting to his inner circle, “look, this nut case is theetie-wheetie.”   Miscavige disdains any hint of someone experiencing “OT phenomena” like telepathic communications (which real Scientologists will tell you they experience on almost a daily basis, provided they are living their lives ethically), third degree of separation influences, even extended exteriorizations.  Any talk of such is mowed down ruthlessly by DM much like the hard core anti-Scientologists. DM has redefined OT as a gang of thugs in SO uniforms cornering some well-heeled Scientologist, intimidating him into believing Miscavige’s cathedrals prove he is greater than Hubbard, and coercing the guy to take a second mortgage on his home to contribute to the cause.

Real Scientologists reject that brand of “Scientology”, which I call “Miscavology.”  Because they have organized their lives around the Church structure , Scientology schools, and long-time business ventures with other Church members, their disconnection from the the Reverse Scientology Church is very difficult and sensitive and takes thought and time. To the degree they are bombarded with attacks on their most intimate spiritual experiences and understandings, they are further driven back to the monster that suppresses them. And that is how Miscavige thrives and continues the protection racket.

Let’s switch to history for a moment. Many writers have made a very convincing case that most wars, and thus most human caused death, have been been waged in the name of religion – most notably Christianity and Islam.  The Bible and the Koran could be argued to be the cause of a great deal of human suffering throughout history. Do we ban those books, do we burn them? Do we prohibit the practices of those religions and attack and belittle the “brainwashed” who practice them?  I reckon that such an approach would wind you up with nothing more than more terrorism and more wars.  Personally, I have met a number of very fine folks since I have left Scientology who consider themselves devoted to Christianity and Islam.  They are peaceful and considerate and ethical people . They are non-violent and if you accused them of being otherwise because of their total conviction in the truths they find within the Bible or the Koran, they’d look at you like you were nuts. If you kept subjecting them to such criticism they would eventually decide not to communicate with you and to not accept communication from you.

This blog is intended as a refuge for those making the transition from Miscavology to the real world.

Finally, another music recommendation, this one with a money back guarantee. Download G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition). The lyrics are included below, but you need to listen to how it is performed – music and lyric – to fully get it. Listen to it several times over. If you get nothing from it, write me with your name and address and I’ll refund you the .99 you put out for downloading it – or whatever Napster charges these days. If Common doesn’t get to you, Cee-Lo will.

After bein’ 25 you know just trying to survive in the world
Bout to have a little boy or baby girl. Who knows?
Anyway just when you start gettin that little age and experience to you
You start thinkin about stuff…tryin to make the right moves
So bust it out this is what I was thinkin check it

Yo the education of the Lon chicka Lonnie Lynn (Common’s father)
Began, began with time
Bein my bloodline is one with the divine
In time brotha, you will discover the light
Some say that God is Black and the Devil’s White
Well, the Devil is wrong and God is what’s right
I fight, with myself in the ring of doubt and fear
The rain ain’t gone, but I can still see clear
As a child, given religion with no answer to why
Just told believe in Jesus cuz for me he did die
Curiosity killed the catechism
Understanding and wisdom became the rhythm that I played to
And became a slave to master self
A rich man is one with knowledge, happiness and his health
My mind had dealt with the books of Zen, Tao the lessons
Koran and the Bible, to me they all vital
And got truth within ’em, gotta read them boys
You just can’t skim ’em, different branches of belief
But one root that stem ’em, but people of the venom try to trim ’em
And use religion as an emblem
When it should be a natural way of life
Who am I or they to say to whom you pray ain’t right
That’s who got you doin right and got you this far
Whether you say “in Jesus name” or Hum do Allah
Long as you know it’s a bein’ that’s supreme to you
You let that show towards others in the things you do
Cuz when the trumpets blowin, 24 elders surround the throne
Only 144,000 gon get home
Only 144,000 gon get home
Only 144,000 gon get it baby

Chorus Cee-Lo:
I’ve lived and I’ve learned
I have taken and I’ve earned
I have laughed, I’ve cried
I have failed and I have tried
Sunshine, pouring rain
found joy through all my pain
I just wanna be happy with being me

Let me voice my concern
So many of my fellow brothers have given themselves a title
That their actions didn’t earn
Our ignorance is in the same breath as our innocence
Subconciously, seeking to find an impressionable mind to convince
I’ve finally come to the realization why Black people in the worse place
Cuz it’s hard to correct yourself when you don’t know
Who you are in the first place
So I try to find the clue in you
But evidently, White folks know more Black history than we do
Why’re we bein’ lied to? I ain’t know our history was purposely hidden
Damn, somethin’ in me wanna know who I am
So I began my search, my journey started in church
It gave my heartache relief when I started to understand belief
Hustlin was like a gift spent my share of time in the streets
Taught me survival from this evil I’m just gonna have to deal with
And I felt like a fool when I tried to learn it in school
It almost seemed like a rehearsal when the only
Science and math are universal
Takin elder advice, read the Bible, the Koran
Searched scrolls from the Hebrew Israelites
Hold on, this ain’t right, Jesus wasn’t White
Some leads were granted with insight
and it’s all in the plan, but it took me some time to overstand
He still created with the imperfection of man
So, with followin’ I disagree
By no means have I forgotten or forgiven what’s been done to me but
I do know the Devil ain’t no White man, the Devil’s a spiritual mind
That’s color blind, there’s evil White folk and evil niggas
You gon surely find there’s no positivity without negativity
But one side you gonna have to choose
Any chance to speak I refuse to misuse
So how can you call yourself God when you let a worldly possession
become an obsession and the way you write your rhymes and
Can’t follow your lesson
If a seed’s sown, you make sure it’s known, you make sure it’s grown
If you God, then save your own, don’t mentally enslave your own
If you God, then save your own, don’t mentally enslave your own
If you God, then save your own, don’t mentally enslave your own

Well, I’ve lived and I’ve learned
I’ve taken and I’ve earned
I have laughed, I have cried
I failed and I have tried
Sunshine, pourin rain
I found joy through my pain
Just wanna be happy…bein me
Bein me

25 responses to “Scientific proof II

  1. Great post again marty! Something you might find interesting is this talk @ google by rupert sheldrake, who is a scientist who has experimental scientific evidence of telepathy.

  2. Marty, I’m not going to argue with you over the philosophy of Scientology. As I’ve indicated to you privately, I would fight for your right to believe as you wish.

    I’m just going to take issue with one conclusion you’ve drawn that I think is not valid. You state:

    “So when Christakis “proves” that beings can effect the mood (tone level) of beings at a distance and that there are measurable statistics which indicate beings can effect others at a third degree of separation – a real Scientologists might take it as a validation of what he/she has been experiencing for years and sometimes even decades.”

    Christakis doesn’t prove any such thing. All he does is show a statistical relationship between a person’s happiness and them having a happy friend living within a mile of them. He doesn’t go on to say HOW the subject’s mood is affected.

    You’re assuming that the friend affects the mood of the subject from one mile away (or from a distance) – and you therefore draw conclusions based on your scientological world view.

    However, Christakis doesn’t stipulate that the friends stayed a mile away from the subjects, but only that they LIVED a mile away (or less). I would suggest a more likely explanation is that, if your good friend lives within a mile of you, you are more likely to spend time with them. Thus, it is the human interaction with a happy friend that affects your mood. Likewise, the third party relationship is based on friendship with your friend – another human interaction. Reading the material you’ve provided, Christakis doesn’t suggest that a happy stranger living within a mile makes a difference.


  3. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I would suggest you are missing the forest for a tree. But, I understand the logic of your specific point.

  4. Marty, I wasn’t going to post on your blog anymore, since you indicated that you were against disconnection, SP declares, the RPF and fair game. That was enough for me, and I figured that everything else was your beliefs, and I have no problem with a person’s beliefs.

    Then you posted the Christakis findings, and my alarm bells went off.

    Isn’t the idea that one person can affect the mood of another person basically the justification LRH used to declare someone SP? Yikes.

    I personally don’t like the whole PTS/SP business, because that’s what all the abuses mentioned above stem from. You gotta stay away from those evil people who bring you down, right?

    Please consider forgetting all about evil people.

    Now I will offer a little prosyletizing. Please consider finding happiness in just doing good works, and by good works I don’t mean spiritual counseling. I mean everything else a person needs, including friendship. Please consider how Lincoln described his religion: “When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.”

    Trying to avoid evil people because their moods will affect you, is not, in my opinion, anything good to focus on. It leads to abuse. Obviously there are truly evil people, don’t get me wrong, but these people are few and far between and are pretty obvious. One doesn’t need to go looking for them.

  5. Very cool Marty. I just wanted to add that the fact that Science and Politics has been responsible for more death than all Religious wars combined prior to the twentieth century.

    For instance the false “Science” of eugenics was responsible for the death of over twelve million innocent people ( not just Jews but Slaves, Gypsies, those who were considered mentally incompetent or a “burden” to society, nonconformists and others who who were considered genetically inferior because of their political and religious beliefs).

    That’s just a start the Second World War which was started by a political Party killed more than sixty million combatants and none combatants on both sides of the conflict.

    This does not include the thirty million Kulaks that were eliminated by Stalin because they did not accept Communism or the same number that died in Mao’s “Cultural Revolution”.

    Not mention the political wars in the Third World that followed which also killed millions.

    Making the irreligious twentieth century the bloodiest on record!

  6. Marty(honestly)

    Well said again. The dilemmas we experience, esp. relatively old-timers like me are described so eloquently by many who post on your site, and I say again, whether you know it or not, you are providing a great service. The last few weeks have been like a major rundown for me; the recognition, the “oh yeahs”, the “maybe I’m not such an asshole after all”… it’s all there. I wrote you a few days back with my own background and with a couple questions (Did you get it?), but it’s getting clearer all the time what I need to do, and your note to another about living by the Code of Honour is the defining point for me.

    Two things respectfully if I may; first, please keep this blog as ditraction-free as possible. There are plenty of folk, maybe well-meaning, maybe not, who I suspect (tell me if I’m out of line here) could tie all your time and energy on “interesting discussions” about scientology who can’t really contribute to the genuinely valuable positive communication you are creating, and second; many are saying that Micaviges tyranny is on the point of collapse. My instinct and training tells me he aint about to route himself to the RPF and publish a full O/W write up! I fear something horrific could happen at, or just before, the collapse when it comes. Remember “Suppressives and GAEs” lecture? (I’ve done the PTS/SP course a few times too!)The greater the overts the greater the resulting psychosis. Does it not behoove us to to help those still being suppressed to do something to help our friends NOW??? Maybe this blog and others is all we can do, but in any case you know the scene and the individuals better than anyone so I will respect your answer. Marty

  7. It might just be ‘spooky action at a distance’, quantum theory applied by live beings interacting instantaneously, faster than light, with no time.

  8. Science is also responsible for saving more lives than all religions combined.

  9. Marty (Rathbun),
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the time that you put into this blog and for all that you are doing.

  10. martyrathbun09

    You put it very well. I attempted to open discussion to anyone, giving some who have attacked Scientology generally the benefit of the doubt that they were simply misinformed. The responses you don’t see, and won’t anymore, are worse than distractions. They are attempts to discredit any positive spiritual experience people may have attained using Scientology. That is hate, not discussion. They are living proof that some who say they are in the Scientology protest business for the sole purpose of protecting fundamental human and civil rights are not being sincere. The latest was attacking me as “blaming everything on Miscavige.” The implication is that Hubbard needs to be blamed. I cannot in good conscience, and will not, give Miscavige a pass on that score. The haters are sounding more and more like Miscavige each day. Just as Miscavige had Tommy and his minions blame each of their human rights abuses on Hubbard (saying everything they did was on Source) the haters are of the view that you, I and like minded people are “brainwashed” because we won’t do so as well. I too am very concerned what the SP will do to bring others down with him. Quite frankly, I cannot fully predict what will happen because those who stuck around to protect DM are so bereft of independent thought and initiative there is no telling to what depths he might lead them. I think the more educated that trained Scientologists in the field become, the more prepared we are for whatever fall out occurs. I’ve received more than one comm from OTs who said that their first impulses were to publicly resign upon having learned what they sensed were validated by what I and others have made known. They thought better of it and decided to lay low so that they are there for their wide circles of friends who are at present refusing to look at the truth; when matters turn radically south they think their own rational, educated frame of mind is going to be a sorely needed commodity for their friends. I have encouraged that. Sorry on the email – I made a note to locate it.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Good point. One reason might be its refusal/inability to acknowledge the existence of the spirit.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t think you have anything to fear. The fundamentals on the mechanics of suppression is vital material. Forced disconnection is inconsistent with it. Just as it is inconsistent with and invalidative of the published ability gained for Grade 0 auditing. Absent forced disconnection and labeling people with no means of recourse, the PTS/SP business is no different than what many a philosopher and psychologist and religionist might advise – except a lot more extensive in terms of revealing the details of the mechanics of it. For example, read NY Times bestseller The Four Agreements by Don Migel Ruiz. He advises not receiving communication from people who spread black magic (wholly negative communication intended to make someone feel less or smaller). Great advice. The moment you dictate to whom it applies – forced disconnection – then you are into not so good, nor constructive, advice.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Christie for everything you and your husband have done for me. You are truly appreciated.

  14. i’mglib wrote: “Isn’t the idea that one person can affect the mood of another person basically the justification LRH used to declare someone SP?”

    I was declared a SP in 1994. During the past 15 years, I have had plenty of opportunities to re-study the traits of the anti-social personality and compare them to my own past behavior and interpersonal relationships. (I did benefit from this and those around me also benefited.)

    L. Ron Hubbard’s version of the SP declare allowed the person being declared to request a Committee of Evidence to review the validity of the declare. (The IJC approved my own request for a Comm Ev in 1994/1995 but not surprisingly no Comm Ev was ever convened.)

    The final part of L. Ron Hubbard’s SP declare process is the A to E steps. These allow the person to take responsibility for his or her actions and make amends as necessary to the group. In this way even someone declared a SP could be returned to good standing and have the declare canceled.

    On another blog page, Chuck Beatty suggested that the Church of Scientology should issue an amnesty to cancel all SP declares. I would amend his suggestion to allow anyone wanting to do the A to E steps to be allowed to do them.

  15. Marty, asked me to post an email that I sent to him and I said that I would post a modified version of it and may explain for some why many in the Church fail to see what is going on:

    There is something I’ve been meaning to bring up and it is about the way Miscavige has perverted ethics in the organization. I believe Thoughtful wrote about it earlier in an article appropriately entitled “Reverse Scientology” but there is more to it than that.

    Actually the title to the first article that appeared in the St. Pete Times mentioned it in its title the ‘Truth RD’. You see personally I gained some familiarity with this Run Down. The RD was originally designed to handle areas of Black Propaganda based solely on rumors and to help the individual to find the truth which was why it was called the “Truth Rundown” but actually it has been so perverted that it has been directed towards people who report outnesses within the Church. More specifically those who write Knowledge Reports on Miscavige’s crimes and high crimes.

    What happened to me specifically was I wrote a report about how the Golden Age of Tech violated policy along with a lot of other auditors. We were all called in by a special RTC mission “Special Project”. Once there the person gets “educated” on what Black Propaganda is the reason for the quotes is because “Black Propaganda” is redefined to mean writing reports about Miscavige’s misconduct. A procedure called “Roll Back” which also has been perverted by Miscavige is used to find the “source” of this “Black Propaganda” which since it is a report based on personal observation and not rumor boomerangs back to the person who wrote the report. They may throw in a few criticism you made that were reported by others but the bulk of the RB activity is based on your KRs and other Staff Member Reports.

    Now the fun begins because the person has now been labeled as a “source” of “Black Propaganda” for writing a Knowledge Report about Miscavige’s abuses and has become a candidate for the altered version of the “Truth RD” which now is directed towards the individuals transgression much like a sec check but worse because the person is now being “security checked” for applying policy and reporting on outnesses in the organization to the proper terminals. Not only that but the persons intentions and thoughts are taken up as well. In other words a Run Down designed to handle unsubstantiated rumors or Black Propaganda is being used against people who are trying to correct the scene using standard ethics procedures!

    The person is forced in most cases to run false overts and intentions against Micavige. What this does is introvert the person and lessen his or her reach! The actual activity of a suppressive person or group! It also makes him or her afraid to file any protest against what is going on! Most importantly and here is where the thought control enters into the scene, it makes the person think that the reason they see all these outnesses are do to their overts and intentions!

    The operation is run much like an implant! A total reversal of Scientology since Scientology is designed to undo implants .

    This may be a possible reason why many Scientologists are afraid to look at what is wrong with the organization and why Miscavige holds such sway over them.

    It’s actual thought control enforced by Miscavige’s Thought Police!

  16. martyrathbun09

    You are so right about the original intent of Truth Rundown being reversed. Black PR was original defined by LRH something like this (don’t have materials to hand obviously): intentional lies spread about well-intended individuals.” Now, that automatically eliminates Miscavige as a potential target of Black PR, as defined by LRH. It gets worse. I don’t know if you ever saw the hard copy edition of the June 21 SP Times. The church handed over and the Times printed a portion of my TRD apology letter of April 19, 1994 that I sent to Miscavige. I had blown in November 1993 – I think the circumstances are on one of the SP Times video segments. Miscavige begged me to return and I did a program on the Ship. Ray Mithoff must have gone two or three intensives (out of a total of hundreds of hours of sec checking) on me to try to pry out a single bit of black PR I ever spread on DM. My “apology” letter preserved the results, “While I didn’t spread any lies about you directly, it did become manifest to me that my actions over the past year have potentially caused black PR on you.” I got into a convoluted explanation that by blowing – which was in actual fact done to escape his patented form of mind control – I black PR’d him indirectly, with the caveat that “I think it would be presumptuous of me to suggest that I could do any real harm to you.” My point is – several intensives of sec checking on the subject of him, NO BLACK PR spread, and the EP is I am bowing to the master of the universe whom no one can harm. Accusing people of overts they don’t have – over and over again – drives the person into the frame of mind that he has not only committed great sins, but he is one messed up, small wattage being for not being able to facilely spit them out. It is mind control – as practiced – simple and plain.

  17. Your story is very similar to mine Marty.

    I mean after being subjected to MK… …..I mean Miscavige’s (Un)Truth Rundown. They wanted me to apologize….for what?

    For writing a standard KR on his royal highnesses’ sorry squirrelly ass!

    Yeah like that was going to happen 😉

    Well so here we are, Ol’ Buddy 🙂

  18. RJ,
    I remember I was in one of these types of sec checks, early on in the reveral process of this tech. I’d not gone over into the introverted aspect as was intended and I recall thinking to myself ‘Holy sh$#, Nazis with meters’.

    I too had to confront that DM’s vision was diametrically opposed to what the spirit and letter of the entire subject is actually based upon.

    This is a crucible. Those that confront it emerge stronger and with real strength comes among other things, the ability to be truely kind. Marty’s guy, that wrote the amazing story he did, is a testament to the strength to be gained.

    Each being has to individually face up to what really goes on and ‘get through’. The other side is so much nicer.

    So, here we are, Ol’ Buddies -)

  19. True it’s sort of like that Nietzsche quote:”That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

    But I don’t know if that is totally true. I can say for a fact that I didn’t feel any stronger after that whole thing.

    I’ll tell you the probable the reason I told ’em to go f—-k themselves after that torturous ordeal was probably because that was one of my ser facs.

    I was havin’ a make wrong moment 🙂

    Anyways like the Ol’man says it took about 3 to 10s for the engram to key out after leaving the area of restimulation and what Ron says about education and enturbulation is very true!

    When I did key out you might say that contrary to Miscavige’s best evil intentions I did realize the truth like you and Marty have and that the Church of Scientology is being ruled by a ruthless tyrant and all these guys that say they can affect change from within….well I welcome to try.

    ‘Cause I’ve already been down that road and its loaded with land mines.

    Miscavige is the one who cut the line to HCO actually more accurately he unmocked HCO!

    So all Marty, You , me and others like us are doing are making these reports public, so that other Scientologists can read ’em and so they can see what’s actually going on.

    In a sense Ol’Buddy I think that we are performing a Public Service 🙂

  20. “Making the irreligious twentieth century the bloodiest on record!”

    Good point. One reason might be its refusal/inability to acknowledge the existence of the spirit.”

    “Science is also responsible for saving more lives than all religions combined”

    Soderqvist1: We would probably not even been here if it wasn’t for science, because in the Middle Ages, the average lifetime was approximately 30 years. We can hunt like other animals, but it is not enough, because we are too many, we need to sow, or cultivate land with the help of advanced technology, as we do today. So from a secular point of view; Man is not wholly a creature of nature, Man is a cultural being, that “Cultural” is the Divine Spark according to Religion.

    Soderqvist1: any particular human’s predilection to kill doesn’t depend upon his eventual belief in an “afterlife”, or not. It stems from his convictions, if he believes that “to take part in a bloody revolution is his duty as a working class member” then he probably will kill everything, which oppose it, and a believer in “the purity of the Arian Race” will probably exterminate every pollution, etc. If he really believes in “kill the infidels” or “every man, woman, or child which do not believe in the God of Israel shall die.” Then he will probably carry out this divine instruction. Science is only a mindless tool it doesn’t have any commandment. Eugenics is an Ideology based on a flawed science, and even if that science was correct, it is still an Ideological assumption. In order to hammer home my point; a mindless tool like science can be used for various religious, or secular ends!

  21. Marty Rathbun wrote: “Miscavige disdains any hint of someone experiencing “OT phenomena” like telepathic communications (which real Scientologists will tell you they experience on almost a daily basis, provided they are living their lives ethically), third degree of separation influences, even extended exteriorizations. Any talk of such is mowed down ruthlessly by DM much like the hard core anti-Scientologists.”

    Oh noes!

    David Miscavige has been the target of near constant spiritual attack for years. If spiritual phenomena isn’t real to him, then no wonder he blames the Sea Org crew and Scientologists around him for the suppression he is experiencing!

    (Like it or not, any COB RTC is going to be a virtual lightning rod for spiritual aggression from the outside world.)

  22. Thankyou for the reply Soderqvist1.

    What you say is true not only of science but any religion or philosophy. It can either be used for good or evil.

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  24. Thank you for a very good post.

    I do believe the effects of the thetan can be scientifically proven. Science in itself is not anti-spirit even though all to many scientists are.

    I might add this:

    ->Geir 🙂

  25. Great post Marty.
    I’ve listened to the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures three separate times through and then felt frustration because I wasn’t convinced I had invested my time wisely.

    “Some of the more unorthodox, but nonetheless most brilliant, minds of science who help push the scientific envelope to open new vistas sound a lot like Hubbard during his Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures. One example is Dr. John Hagelin, quantum physicist, who maintains the physical universe was created by THOUGHT. His quest for ultimate answers lead him to the Vedic Hymns; the same source Hubbard acknowledged as his point of departure on developing Scientology. “–Marty Rathbun

    Reading this post has renewed my enthusiasm. Thank you!

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