Eva, Manuela, and Dave – Part II

I learned from credible sources what occurred after I left RTC in 04. Quite  contrary to Miscavige’s minions’ recent sworn declarations, no ‘renaissance’ occurred. Instead, Miscavige’s Medievel ways barrelled out of control. He became increasingly despotic and violent. He had three of the four doors of the Hole fitted with bars and padlocked them shut – with 24/7 security manning the only remaining unbolted egress. Miscavige created a complete culture of violence, grooving in a Hole I/C (In Charge) to instigate violence, then busting him and then doing the same with a succession of Hole I/Cs. Even Russ Bellin, former CO CST, who recently sanctimoniously swore under the pains and penalties of perjury that I was a violent lunatic for breaking his titanium watch, became a particularly brutal and sadistic Hole I/C.

Miscavige took to drinking hard liquor every night. A close friend of mine was invited on a number occasions to join him, and listen to his increasingly non-sequitor, drunken, and lengthy soliloquies about how virtually everybody was out to get him.

During this period Shelly confided in my friend that she was terrified because she thought Dave was “going Type III.” She lamented how he would sometimes walk around mumbling, then periodically shouting, “Shelly, where is the gold buried?” She swore she had no idea what gold DM was referring to.

The more Shelly seperated herself out from DM’s valence, the more he distanced himself from her and confided in his troika of adoring associates, Laurisse (Lou) Stuckenbrock (for many years COB’s Communicator), Jenny Devocht Linsen (Hole I/C, currently D/CO CMO INT for WDC), and Angie Blankenship (COB Programs Ops, Hole I/C, and currently WDC for Ideal Orgs). DM became so close with the troika Shelly suspected that he was going out 2D (having an affair in Scientologese) with at least Lou.

When Shelly’s suspicions became obvious to DM, she was taken off post, disconnected from DM and put under intensive behavior control to attempt to ruin her self-esteem and create self-doubts about her perceptions. There has been much speculation as to where the program was and is being executed. I do not know of her whereabouts.

At the infamous April 15 Denver meeting, DM’s personal attorney Yingling offered to produce to Mike Rinder anyone from the Int base he might want to talk to. In a follow up call that same day Mike chose Shelly. Yingling stammered, saying that she couldn’t do that, did not know of Shelly’s whereabouts and hadn’t seen her for some time. As Mike pressed her to disclose Shelly’s location, Yingling slipped into non-sequitor, “Tommy is sitting right next to me.”

DM has been clearly put on notice that a strong network of Shelly’s friends on the outside are watching with vigilence which increases the likelihood of her being treated with some measure of decency.

(watch tomorrow for part III)

40 responses to “Eva, Manuela, and Dave – Part II

  1. Wow – this is really sad. What can we do to help find where Shelly is?

  2. LRH said that a person who drinks every day is an Alcoholic.

    And M was out 2D? Where is Lou Stuckenbrock now after her husband has passed away?

  3. Marty surely you know all the places that he could be hiding Shelly at. Isn’t it time to get help from law enforcement to rescue these prisoners of DM? This story is troubling me very deeply.

  4. MissedGarbage Watcher

    It is not Scientology,
    not a religion,
    it’s a disgusting cult.

    People are still locked up and detained there ?
    It’s a illegal crime and human rights violation.

    I’m not an American citizen but
    I guess American people can report it somehow to the police or somebody like that ?

    Didn’t anybody try it ?
    How come ?

  5. I’m almost afraid to hear what part three has in store….

  6. Marty how did Miscavige bust Bellin, from what I understand according to the RTC/CST transfer agreement CST is senior RTC?

    Who is this cryptic “Tommy” is this Tom Cruise?

    Inquiring minds want yo know?

  7. I knew Shelly, not closely, on and off for the two years I worked for you and all I can say is some times she and I got along brilliantly and the other times we did not (in my opionion). I do feel she was too suspicious of her own staff (there is a reason I say this but will not go into specifics here), but in retrospect, she was in a tough position. Obviously she felt her position was a correct one and when things started changing it is real to me, due to the fact that she was the closest to the source, it was harder and took longer for her to see/realize. The fact that she did in the end is a plus. Therefore, I would say that if she voiced she needed help and asked for it, I would help her. And also, if she said she needed help and didn’t ask for it, I would also help her.

  8. Okay only 2 people are capable of such “chores” Greg Wilhere and/or Mike Sutter…

  9. martyrathbun09

    RJ, RTC is senior to CSI. CST directors can be removed if they are not in good standing with “the mother Church” CSI. DM weilds total control. That is one reason why justice lines are non-extant in Scientology. Notice how many people these days (for the past 15 years actually) are put into some limbo status? There hasn’t been an unstacked/rigged comm ev since 1992 approximately. The chaos helps mask what is really going on. Tommy is Tommy “big dog who runs in the tall grass wannabe” Davis.

  10. So, in effect when DM declares somebody based on his special ability to spot an SP, then they are no longer in ‘good standing’ and can be removed summarily from a post in CST.

    They can be ‘declared’ without recourse to a standard Comm Ev, their contributions, the full and unbiased examination of all the points of an Anti-Social Personality AND a Social Personality, their case gains as shown by Tone Arm action and the host of checks and balances that are extant in the materials LRH wrote to obviate false declares and caprice by ‘executives’.

    Well, that’s quite a set-up ol’ Davey has for himself. He’s ‘uniquely qualified’ to simply say who is and who isn’t an SP. Seems he’s said a lot and of course, missed one. That luxury of self-correction is not available to him. He’s the SP.

    Now, to be accurate about that status, one needs to peruse the PTS/SP data and actually observe him against the points. Does he make case gain for instance? Technically NO. He won’t be audited. That’s in the materials under No Gain Case.

    Any Scientologist can do the same observation. Every Scientologist is being urged here to do so. Observe, say what you observe. There is true freedom in that.

    For Tommy ‘big dog who runs in the tall grass wannabe’ Davis. Lest you become the cur yapping at the wheels of a fire truck on its way to a fire, I’d take your nose out of the proverbial ‘brown spot’ of DM, and sniff something else for a change.

  11. Wow Marty that’s a mystery wrapped up in an enigma, since CST according to its charter is supposed to take control of the Church if RTC starts squirreling (not Ron’s exact words but pretty close), which is right about now, and assume control of all Trade and Service Marks.

    Tommy Davis is handling this flap!

    Wow the depths of desperation Miscavige is sinking to is unbelievable!

    Regarding com evs I know what you mean I called one on myself per the Injustice PL and it was a rigged kangaroo court, fortunately or maybe unfortunately as I probably would have left sooner the Findings and Recommendations were canceled. The whole thing was so Kafkaesque!

  12. Dear Marty,

    I am preparing my blow.

    It will come in due time. One thing I would like to know before I do my blow, is how many hits are on your blog daily? That would indicate how many scientologists around the world actually follow this horror story. The more we are the better. I’m checking in every day. How many else checks in every day. Remember that all visitors only count once a day on most statistics on websites.

    Much Love
    PS I have come to appreciate what you are doing even though I hated you in the start for revealing something I absolutely did not want to know. I was going on happily supporting my socalled Church.

  13. I’m Ex-SO in good standing. But I feel like I should look at the major stats at a Cont or Int level before going public because LRH would want me to confirm as much as I can firsthand.

    So this is a message to OSA or whoever in management is monitoring here. I will go public and bring lots of Ex-SO people with me who are in good standing and we will spread this PR campaign against DM within the Scientology community to put in yours and his ethics with Comm-Evs. You will likely be SP declared. The truth will out. If you don’t allow me access to the major stats in some way, I will do all these things full time as my life’s mission.

    I’m sincere and I’m concerned. Why don’t you do the greatest good, and allow me access. You can escort me up to Data in ILO or either of the CLOs in the US. I wouldn’t say anything to anyone. It could be in the middle of the night. I will agree to any reasonable terms.

    If I detected any trickery I’d do what I’m saying above. I want to see the hard copy stats in Data and on the computer, I don’t need to keep hard copies, just see them.

    In the meantime I want to appeal to anyone at the Int Base looking over this information.

    You observe first hand a Tech degrade on this website (email from Flag cited).

    You see secondhand knowledge (Marty’s report) of DM crashing an org’s stats by promoting quickie grades.

    You see the altered LRH lecture. Is it your duty to confirm this and investigate?

    You know about the stats situation, and I know firsthand about stats from at least when I was in the SO.
    What does LRH say to do to an Exec with stats like these? Is COB responsible? Is he HFAing ED INT at times? Are you engaged in a double think right now?

    What do you think about this apparent 3 swings of the needle mandate for F/N’s. Is this necessary because LRH didn’t clarify F/N definition sufficiently? How could this change be destructive? I don’t have firsthand knowledge of this but I’m not on tech lines right now.

    Lastly, wouldn’t it be better to internally correct the problems at Int level rather than forcing Scientologists to go public and air this out on the internet because we have no other comm line or means to handle the situation?

    Please think about this OSA, the case gain of billions is in your hands, unless I’m mistaken on the major points brought up. Which is why I ask to see these stats, and I’m sure you can understand my reasoning. Am I right now acting as your enemy or your friend?

    Just acknowledge that you’ll show me the stats on this thread and I’ll contact you.

  14. martyrathbun09

    For the past two weeks we’ve been averaging over 2,000 visits a day. Today we are going to hit close to 3,000.

  15. I didn’t know Shelly well, but saw two sides to her. One was the tough, cold “Manuela” side, backing up Dave no matter what he did. On the other hand, she used to call me sometimes after Dave had been particularly vicious and we would talk for a few minutes. It was almost like she was trying to mitigate some of the worst of her husband.

    By the way, the full maxim is “If you want to run with the big dogs, you have to learn to piss in the tall grass.” And I guess Dave’s underlings are learning how to piss – on each other.

  16. Concerned Citizen

    Regarding people still in the Church and in the Sea Org. We should be very careful not to end up dramatizing the “winning” valance. Allow me to explain, the people who are trapped in the senseless reverse Scientology world being described here, are people like you and me, I mean, they are well intentioned individuals, (for the most part, I’m sure there are some SPs and SPs in the making in the lot that aren’t and who just love to emulate DM and do every time they can) the good guys in, are the majority and know the tech works and have been helped by it. Many knew LRH and worked with him. They are the effect of DM’s and other’s group-think-and-dramatizations regimen, so they are now dramatizing it themselves, even by just putting up with it, like you and I did at one point. I read KSW on that in a new unit of time and understood it like I never had before, in light of what has been revealed. I gleaned more insight into these group-think phenomena. It is also covered by LRH as “Confusion and the Stable data” Yes a trained auditor will immediately think, of a lecture entitled “The prior Confusion” in a nut shell, LRH talks about a mechanism, no one in the human race is exempt from. If you find your self in the middle of a confusion, you seek to stabilize it by adopting a stable datum, ANY stable datum that will steady it. Often if the wrong stable datum is adopted, the result is fixed ideas, and LRH says those are the hole down which sanity is drained
    For those not familiar with this concept – Ever wonder how people could ever fervently adopt ideologies like Stalinism, white supremacy or heaven’s gate? People who are otherwise smart or sensible? Well, it is this exact phenomenon. It goes like this:

    “This one philosophy, or group or person, helped steady my confusion, so now, I’ll subscribe to their ideas, no need to inspect them anymore, they are right, I know, I’m not confused anymore, because I now think the way they do, so this group says ‘all horses sleep in bed’ and I think they must be right. Let’s see how would that be?” (Rationalize and explain to self how this is true) so now they relay on the new stable datum (the source of this information) to do their thinking for them, so you find people endorsing policies that contradict the very basis of their own ideology, (like patriot act – big government being pushed by the “champions of small government party”) because these people are no longer doing the thinking, observing and evaluating, only following the lead of whoever provided some relief from that confusion. If they do any thinking, it is all geared toward proving to themselves the rightness of their new found stable datum, to do otherwise would mean a plunge into the un-confrontable confusion.

    In the period between 1978 and 1988, the turmoil in the church was tremendous, and few understood all of it, the Church was plunged into a confusion and DM positioned himself as the stable datum. Other’s who have come later, usually come also searching for a stable datum, and in fact RTC is known to Scientologist as the Guarantee of standard tech i.e. The stable datum for the Church, staff and public not directly under DM’s influence. Further, the Church is the vehicle for the tech and thus the stable datum that helped them overcome the confusion that was troubling them. That is why it is so important to separate the tech from DM, and the Church- as operated by DM. These guys are all suffering from that phenomena and the best cure for it is as LRH mentioned, confront the prior confusion, isolate the stable datum adopted and adopt a better more workable one based on actual observation and confront. In short true as-is-ness.

    The correct stable datum is the tech, many Scientologist know this, but have not yet separated it from the Church and DM. We need to keep pointing this out with truth and specifics, thus confronting and as- ising the confusion and resultant fixed ideas, with exact time place form and event. In this endeavor, these sites are instrumental, vital. I never forget that at least 80% of those in the Church are good people, able people who continue to help day in and day out in spite this very crazy environment. Indeed the only reason the church survives to this day, is that the tech still works and scientologist still manage to apply it and help people and get results with it.

    Those who are directly under the influence of DM, are in fact suffering from the above idée fixe and on top that, all other mechanisms described here (reverse Dianetics etc. http://www.scientology-cult.com/mechanisms-of-miscavige.html)

    I dare anyone, no matter how sane to go through that and not be caved in like them, I also personally know some of them, I have faith that if we give them a change of environment and give them the time to decompress (key out) and then the truth, so they can realigntheir data, they will come to their senses. Sadly some will be in DM’s Valence by now, but most are salvageable.

    Ron says the biggest overt of all is making others guilty of their overts, and boy is that on the daily menu for these people at all levels, by DM and by others emulating DM. Let us not do that ourselves. The purpose Scientology and of these blogs- is not to make people guilty, but to wake them up with TRUTH!

    This last one may be the most powerful tool we have to help them, their certainty is destroyed, their stable data shattered, they are good people and want to make good, they have committed overts at least, by not getting his ethics in (The condition you don’t assign…) and DM has convinced them they committed other overts he imagined, or encouraged them to imagine so they are very caved in, their anchor points are collapsed, I realize how small their world is. The nagging doubt – Is he right? Am I an SP?

    Some might think, DM will never allow this truth to reach them, well, LRH talks about the power of truth, “It can pierce 16 inch armor plate, he says. It is very powerful indeed, let’s not underestimate that and recognize the truth of their goodness. Let’s flow some theta their way. God knows they need it. Let’s help them and the many other worth while people in the church, by continuing to do our part. The truth is far reaching and just that as a tool will bring about change, it is already doing so. The real miracle is that Marty and company did come out of it, and that they took responsibility and created this very vital forum. This will change things in profound ways. So thank you all who contribute, truth, and specifics, they are needed and wanted, by the majority. I address Marty for I know him, but I intend this letter to ack everyone here. Thank you again, it is – courageous in the extreme! You are in fact patching souls up and mending dreams. And for the record, I think This group truly stands tall.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I got all you said and agree with you.

  18. Thanks Concerned Citizen. If you don’t mind me saying it, I think perhaps that even “the tech” isn’t the ideal stable datum. Not to diminish it’s power or workability, for that is not in question. However the entire objective of the tech is the restoration of “you.” Until a being becomes his or her own stable datum, he or she will never have a viewpoint from which to evaluate right and wrong. That is one of the biggest differences between being dead at the Int Base and life after Int. It’s the difference between Confusion and Power. What do you observe? What is true for you? It is vital to come to grips with your own viewpoint and doing so is part and parcel of attaining unshakable personal integrity.

    I think the problem is that any time a being assigns seniority to something exterior to himself he or she is asking for trouble. LRH’s entire purpose was to move beings up into a higher states of existence. Perhaps only now we as a group are stepping up to the plate.

    It’s not happening the way we expected it to, that is irrelevant. What’s important is that it is happening. We, as a group, are finally coming into our own.

    What we need to do is get Adolf Miscavige ousted, using all our combined resources and comm lines into the world (because they want to help), and reorganize Scientology so that it is in alignment with its humanitarian objective. The technology should be free and down-loadable online. Auditing should be as affordable as possible. Meters and Training should be cheap.

    The Church has been made into a cult by a criminal conspiracy led by David Miscavige. It’s time to exorcise Scientology’s demons and make the tech free.

  19. Concerned Citizen,
    I read and understood what you said. I agree with you as well.

  20. Concerned Citizen

    I agree, and yes self is the ultimate stable datum, however, as far as the church and it’s operations are concerned, it is the tech 9 the body of LRH’s work) that s the stable datum, not DM’s interpretations and dramataizations.

  21. This post really bothers me.

    Even though a few of you have spoken out there are many of you that are aware of abuses or of people being held against their will, but you refuse to ban together and contact federal authorities. (There is strength in union)

    Scientology is here to help the planet? How are you helping?

    There are human begins that are suffering every day and some could be dying ( I have a feeling that one day many bodies will be found in the desert) and I see a post like this.

    How can you hold back information? How can you go on the internet and speak of these abuses and how much you hate DM, but refuse to do what is the moral thing to do? Wouldn’t you want someone to speak for you or your child?

    Finally, How can you look yourself in the mirror?

  22. Anonymous, You have no idea what we are doing. Intentionally so. Effective measures are sometimes outright sabotaged by blathering.

  23. Thoughtful,
    Spot on! Thank you. Ultimate Truth is pouring forth in this post.

  24. CC,
    Yes indeed.

  25. OldTimer,

    I don’t know what position you are in on staff or the SO, but I advise you to use this time before you blow to get a Comm-Ev.

    By that I mean, now that you have this viewpoint that DM is in between you and LRH standard tech, you’re immune to doublethink and self doubt etc..

    So you simply read policy and put it in forcefully on your post and those around you.

    Sure you likely have some small overts, which they will use against you in a Comm Ev, and not cite the real reason for your comm-ev. (You’re causing a ruckus via standard tech – which is what happened to me).

    So if you do this, you’ll be informed that you’re going to get a Comm Ev. And at some point before or after it actually happens, you print off the most impinging pages of this website and make copies for everyone. And at staff meeting, you get up in front of everyone and make your case and hand this stuff out. Throw it at them if they’re telling you to leave and it’s all a bunch of commotion. But before you leave you shout loud and clear to go to Marty Rathbun’s website and look them all dead in the eyes with tone 40 and tell them you haven’t lost your mind.

    Or maybe you simply put in standard tech and lead by example and in this way you’re helping others break through the group think, and a comm-ev never results.

    Both of these situations need to start happening inside management and staff.

    And if you’re public, by all means you can effect the same thing on your org’s staff.

    One more thing Oldtimer, if you are in management at CLO or ILO (FLO) level, we are in need of the Int or Cont major stats very badly, so please, you or anyone else, get a hard copy of those. It would be the single most impinging thing that could happen here. Also if you’re on staff in one of the Ideal orgs, a report on what’s going on would be helpful.

    We need to start thinking big and doing big, me too. Time is of the essence for obvious reasons but also inflation looms over us and all sorts of things. We establish the importance of our activity.

    Bullhorn at the next Flag event?

  26. One very impinging piece of evidence is this thing about public going to Flag to do their grades, which cuts the legs out from under Class V orgs. I don’t remember seeing a reference for this on this website, but I think I might have read something like this before when on staff.

    If someone has this passage and the reference and they quote it, that would be helpful. I myself have seen Flag promote this line.

    I say this because it’s such a black and white gross violation of policy and this is how you impinge most effectively. (providing it IS off policy)

  27. When I said “providing” at the end of the last post, I meant it in the sense of “as long as”. Don’t want to confuse people.

  28. Pingback: David Miscavige: “The Adulterer”? « Leaving Scientology

  29. Thoughtful,

    This is a great post of yours!

    I completely agree, particularly when you say:

    “Until a being becomes his or her own stable datum, he or she will never have a viewpoint from which to evaluate right and wrong”.

    Really great post


  30. OldTimer,

    At Scientology-Cult.com we have 82 people visiting the site at this writing, with 1,500 hits in the last 24 hrs.

  31. Hi StarsAwait,

    You are right — at Flag there are explicit LRH orders that the FSO is not to touch Grades pcs. Alas, I don’t have a copy, but you can bet this has flapped many times over the decades and those orders have been referred to again and again. It goes back to the earliest Source magazines. FSO is to handle Case Cracking, the Ls (which are grossly out tech creating massive out-lists by ignoring the Laws of L & N), Solo NOTs, Class VIII. And they train admin staff on OEC-FEBC-DSEC, and make Flag-trained auditors for orgs.

  32. OSA please see my message above regarding seeing the stats. I need to know this. Put yourself in my position. This is not a normal request but I’m not a normal public necessarily (EX SO – was in sensitive area) and you need to be looking at this and thinking about whether or not you should make the call. Maybe your senior should make the call on this because the flap will be in your Comm-Ev when I go very public for lack of stats. If you have the stats and they’re in decent shape then ok! Problem solved. I know where certain stats were at at certain times and you can’t lie to me.

    Is this an unreasonable request given the circumstances? I want to Clear the planet, I really need to know OK? When you find out who I am you’ll be able to look up and profile me and see that I’m not a bad guy so lets get in comm.

    I’ve already started posting to some degree and I plan to not go overboard on this campaign (to the degree that the door is almost shut), until I get the stats (or not?). Time is ticking. But I’ve got to start because of too much corroborating evidence which I know about and am seeing on this site!

  33. Getting people to go to Flag from Class V orgs is part of the OT Ambassadors program that the OTC is running off of in every Org. It is cutting the legs out from under an already crippled organization.

  34. There is an uncanny parallel between DM’s behavior and at least parts of “Pimp: The Story Of My Life” by Robert Beck, aka Iceberg Slim. That book was written in the late 60’s and became the bible for wannabe pimps. It covered Beck’s career from the late 30’s thru about 1960 when he decided that he had had enough and was getting too old for that line of work anyways. In telling his story, he gave “the game” away for the reader. He was not boasting, but trying to repent in his own way … nevertheless the book struck a chord with those aspiring to master “the game”.

    Beck talks about using his women, and then, when they are no longer useful, running a progam on them to cause them to doubt their own sanity prior to letting them go. He also talks about using affection for a reward, and turning to ice if they don’t produce.

    Moral of the story … I wouldn’t be suprised if it turns out that Miscavige was shtupping all three of his assistants. In a way, it would be easier than shtupping just one, he could keep them played off against each other that way for his affections. Nor would it be just about having an expedient source for sex … that he would come to them for that would put him in a position of weakness. It’s all about power.

    Anyways, read “Pimp”, it’s a short and entertaining book, you will see amazing similarities to the scene at the int base.


  35. martyrathbun09

    Pete, Thanks. I put it on my read list. What you describe was close to his m.o. with staff (albeit without the sex, at least to my knowledge). The warm, ice, and installation of doubt of sanity.

  36. This has been going on for years. I mean the sec checking every time a Scientologist questions Int Management. Or writes a valid KR.
    If Int management was honest and DM was honest, management would easily be able to handle Scientologists originations by simply communicating with them. Or the problems just wouldn’t occure at all.
    But that’s just not the case. Since when is it wrong of a religious person to question their religion? It will only make their conviction that much stronger. If of course honesty is firm.

    Management is locking away Scientologists from the outside world. Where is a doubting Scientologist to go to get help? If they look inside the current “church” they will get what they have always heard….”expansion like never before”. If they are in doubt, they know better. Their only answer is to ge on the net and search. And for this I thank you Marty. Even if I don’t entirely trust you, DM must be stopped.

  37. Sorry, I believe I posted that in the wrong section.

  38. martyrathbun09

    The beauty of all this is, you don’t have to trust me. Trust those you meet face to face and establish friendships with.

  39. martyrathbun09

    PS: Can you choose another handle. There is already another TRUTH on this blog. Actually there is lots of truth, but somebody who has been posting regularly is called TRUTH.

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