Eva and DM – Part III

A couple years ago DM was holding court in the presence of some Scientology Celebrities. Little did he know that one of them was not your garden variety Kool Aid drinking fawner. This particular woman is a friendly, sassy and savvy individual. Her beingness – at least back in the day – could be described as insouciant. She also wields a pretty awesome bullshit detector.

Well, the celebrity happened to see Lou affecionately pat DM on the butt, thinking that she was not being watched. Having a high level of integrity, the celebrity did precisely what LRH policy calls for in such a circumstance. She wrote a knowledge report on what she witnessed.

Not being the prudish type, perhaps she was motivated by care for the survival of International Scientology. After all, LRH had this to say on the subject:

It is interesting that a review of faltering orgs that got into trouble in their areas each one had a bad sex entanglement high on staff.

A review of actions of orgs and attacks over the last fifteen years makes it stand out sharply that an org which is mixed up sexually in the higher echelons will not be effective, will have low statistics and can’t defend itself on the public front.

Such are not attacked for loose sexual relations. They are just too decayed to do a good job of defense or follow policy. So they become subject to attack.”

HCO POLICY LETTER OF 3 MARCH 1966 (OEC Vol 7 page 690)

The celebrity’s ethical vigilance was rewarded in much the same manner Shelly’s was, only tailored for a public Scientologist. She was ordered to Flag for behavior modification. At her own expense she was treated to sec checking and ethics handlings to find out why she was “critical of COB.” The end phenomena was to admit there must be something wrong with her to have had that perception. I invite folks to read T Paine’s Mechanisms of Miscavige at http://www.scientology-cult.com/mechanisms-of-miscavige.html if you haven’t done so already. Think again if you doubt mind control is being practiced by Miscavige to cover his crimes and create unthinking loyalty.

Had the celebrity’s accurate perceptions  been heeded rather than suppressed, they might have been used to put period to DM’s commission of the out ethics activities that LRH says outright wrecks organizations when practiced at the top.

An unimpeachable witness has subsequently disclosed that not only were Shelly and the celebrity perceptive in suspecting that DM was engaging in Out Ethics activity, he was doing it in ostentatious style, courtesy of his buddy Tom Cruise.

On long flights aboard Cruise’s personal jet, DM and Lou would retire for hours on end to Tom’s bedroom cabin, a cabin that is outfitted only for the purpose of lying upon the bed.

We have no proof what went on behind the bedroom cabin door. But, I credit the perceptions of Shelly Miscavige (who suffered greatly for deciding to cease ignoring outpoints and situations), and the celebrity Scientologist (who was coerced to pay for the privilege of the implanting of doubt of her own perceptions), and my other witnesses who have supplied the remainder of the testimony for this series.

Perhaps the saddest, and most telling, part of this story is that Lou used to be a quite likable, friendly and ethical individual. Many people will remember her as that. For that reason, we are all hoping she will wake up and escape before hunkering down in the bunker with Miscavige.

Peace to all of you – and there were many – who had your thoughts (or rather, Miscavige’s interpretations and embellishments of your thoughts) on the 2D broadcast in a fashion so as to belittle, invalidate and make you all feel less.

Remember what a wise man once wrote: “Basically, if sometimes clouded over with the not-so-pale cast of bad experience, your potentialities are a great deal better than anyone ever permitted you to believe.”

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  1. A couple of years ago I was at MV and I perceived this! I even told a friend I thought DM was shagging his long-neck assistant!
    All the people who observed this and did not act- wow!
    So what happens next?

  2. Holy hell, the only time I’ve ever seen a girl or guy pat someone on the butt like that — it was their sexual partner, never seen it under any other circumstance.

    I attended a staff and public special briefing in around 2004 where Miscavige was telling everyone his latest plans for world domination. Shelley was assisting him. About half way through the briefing and for no apparent reason I saw Miscavige shoot a sideways glance at Shelly that was pure hatred. It was incredibly out of place and unmistakable, it was as if his hatred and resentment of Shelly was so deep that despite being in the middle of a public performance, he just couldn’t hold it in. But the valence he uses for public briefings quickly realized the error and took control again.

    Despite it being so obvious, I thought I was seeing things and I’ve wondered about it often since then.

    I’m wondering no more.

  3. It’s interesting that according to a recent expose that aired on French television Miscavige facilitated Cruise’s breakup with Mimi Rogers by allowing him to romp at the Int Base with Nicole Kidman in a field of daffodils and then when she didn’t display enough fealty to the feudal Lord that he used the resources of CCI to pimp for Tom to get his current wife Katie.

    Anyone who is so oppressive on the second dynamic so oppressive in fact that poor Suzette leaped from a second story window just to get away from Dave’s Draconian 2 D rules. Not to mention the strewn wreckage of broken marriages based solely on third party perpetrated by Dave.

    I won’t name the celebrity who was subjugated to Dave’s special handling but I think I know who it is. No surprise here either, since he wasn’t too gentle with Mimi when she caught wind of what was going on and I’m sure the same fate occurred to Nicole though I don’t have personal knowledge of what happened, I do know that Nicole harbors a lust to get even at some point indicating a raging fire somewhere.

    Anyway this little infidelity that is being covered up by Tommy on Dave’s behalf by making him a member of the “Mile High Club” doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. In fact it seemed likely that his prudishness was a facade, like anything else he enforces on the average rank and file SO members it is not something he actually practices himself and that he is a classic example of do as I say not as I do.

  4. Hmmmmm…..titillating , tingling info Marty to some perhaps, but sad really. Wondering if any of this suspicious behavior, seen but ignored and dismissed for fear of consequences if trying to correct, had anything to do with the slow demise of Lou’s former husband Uwe? Was her divorce from Uwe done to “pave the way” for DM to feel less guilty and more easily justified in his bad behavior? I had read somewhere she was ordered to divorce Uwe because of his medical condition.

    If anyone knows the time line on when shagging time began, might be time coincident with other DM psychoses intensifying.

  5. Yes, this rumour has been swirling for quite some time. DM took Lou to Tom Cruise and Katie’s wedding.

    They were also spotted together at a motor cycle event.

  6. Is Lou the first one?

    The only one?

    Somehow I doubt it.

    Here’s a photo, BTW. They are on the right. Lou has her hand on DM’s arm.

    Kind of hard to imagine one of the normal peons getting away with that.


  7. The pure evil of Lou abandoning her dying former husband Uwe Stuckenbrock to the RPF is bad enough, but when she then starts up a covert unwed relationship with DM which is utterly and strictly forbidden by LRH policies…

  8. A hypocrite by any other name would smell as foul.

  9. Linda McGinley

    Thanks for this series! It definitely filled in some blanks.

    Even in the late 80’s before leaving Gold, I’d observed DM being an ass in his treatment of Shelly, no matter that she was wife or staff. I’d always sort of wondered at that. His behaviour blared critical= withholds/missed withholds but yet how many among us, saw it and dared call it aloud for what it was?! The observer , if not fully confronting it, gets into justifying what they are actually seeing: “because it is DM, it can’t possibly be critical=withholds/mwh’s”. “He must have good, on policy reason for treating her that way.” Geez.

    To JJ: I’ve recently been reading about “glare fights” in LRH’s Technique 88 Lectures. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen DM do that “glare” thing that you spoke of!! He may not physically hit women but along with words, that is how he “handles” them and anyone else he dare not physically beat up, for whatever reason.

  10. No wonder DM and TC are best friends, they have mutual out-ruds. Yes, DM did indeed pimp for Cruise, and Nicole and Katie aren’t the only girls he got him, just the ones he ended up marrying. As someone who was on staff at the time I witnessed first hand that DM screened and found TC at least 2 good little Scientologist girls that fit Tom’s “ideal scene”, at least until he had the “bognition” that they weren’t worth marrying and that his actual ideal scene was to be with a celebrity. And then the mission to find someone like Katie began. I often wonder where those girls are now? Why haven’t they come forward and told their stories?
    And Shelly was VERY involved in finding those Scientologist girls. I wonder if that has anything to do with her fate?
    Shelly may have been a victim of DM’s out-2D, but I know she has helped TC play the field and turned a blind eye to his out-2D before, and they do say what goes around comes around!
    Maybe if she comes forward and starts cleaning her own hands, she can avoid her ultimate fate at the hands of DM. She has been an accessory to DM’s crimes for so long, I hope she realizes she doesn’t need to play that game anymore and turns her life around.

  11. Marty I’d like to thank you for bringing this whole sordid scene to light to quote Justice Louis Brandeis “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”.

    Anyone who still thinks that Miscavige should be Scientology’s “Religious Leader” need only read this three part series and judge for themselves.

  12. thatsnotmyname

    Wouldn’t writing a KR on DM be a bit of generality? I mean which DM would you be writing up?? “They call him Legion – because he is many”.

  13. Allen Stanfield


    Where is Shelly Miscavige?

  14. Joe,
    LRH calls them SANCTIMONIOUS hypocrites. Here’s PR Series 18: “Such people are often SANCTIMONIOUS hypocrites. They are usually arrogant and will not parley (have
    conferences with a foe). They appear so terribly sure they are RIGHT that it fairly shakes one’s confidence that
    they could ever do anything wrong.”

    Now that this irregular 2D activity is revealed it is hoped that those who support this hypocrisy, those public who consider this man their ‘religious leader’, will finally see just how low a state of existence he actually lives.

    For me personally, having been forced to lose two unborn children under his reich, forced to divorce, falsely vilified, ‘blacklisted’, witnessing his pompous railing, his ‘holier than thou’ carping criticisms, outright destruction of families, groups, individuals and the long list of suppressions he’s wrought, to find he’s nothing more than a skulking …

    He’s nothing. No leader, not religious, and with no decency or honor. Wake up Scientology public! This man is NOT worthy of your trust or support. You are paying for his infidelity and his romps with Laurisse in private jets, Caribbean resorts and his lavish quarters. That’s what your donations buy. DM’s tawdry affairs.

    This isn’t disgusting, it’s ridiculous. It’s reductio ad absurdem. It’s a joke. Not very funny. Pathetic is more apropos. If it wasn’t so destructive, it would be ludicrous.

    For those of you who can’t confront the evil of David Miscavige, surely this latest revelation will give you pause. Surely this will tear the last shred of respect from any decent human being’s mind for this absurd little criminal.

  15. Will the next post be about OT IX & X, which is not even on the horizon, as you wrote earlier?

  16. Allen,
    At this point, one would hope far enough away from this little ‘man’ to destimulate. On the other hand, he’s got her restricted to some place and is subjecting her to the same brutal mental punishment he subjected my ex-wife to when she tried to free herself. He put her through 2 years of it.

    Other than that, you’re misdirecting. Did you actually read the article? Shelley is ‘sidelined’ while DM cuckolds using the donations of Scientology parishioners.

    Again, from when you were a Scientologist, the importances need to be given a proper evaluation. DM is financing his tawdry affairs with donations from well meaning Scientologists.

  17. Where’s Shelly?

    That would seem to be a good question for a reporter should Miscavage ever have the courage to appear in public again.

  18. Sometimes imagination can carry one away but in this case Lulu seems rather correct. If you had a authoritarian boss (DM) would you rest his hand on his shoulder? Never! You would be afraid to be RPFed or much worse sent to the hole.

  19. Absolutely none of this is surprising. However, what is surprising is the fact that he is still in some type of power. When he speaks he truly tells all ,he wants to be taken out. He is no more interested in leading than the man in the moon. He will only continue to commit overts which will eventually drive him completely insane.
    Anyone putting up with any kind of emotional, physical or mental abuse needs to step up and take him out.

    The fact this has been allowed to go on as long as it has is a complete travesty. The technology works when applied correctly. It is pretty obvious that there has been no tech applied to this person.

  20. In 1998, Miscavige was reviewing a script I’d written for a tour video. I was called up to the RTC Conference Room and ordered to stand there while Miscavige read through my submission. As he read each page, he violently tore it out of the binder and threw it over his shoulder, where it drifted onto the floor. Shelly was standing behind Miscavige, and her job was to bend over to pick up each page wherever it landed. Was that unbelievably rude behavior? Yes. Is it the exact antithesis of the “Cause/Cause” relationship Ron describes in Scientology on how a husband should treat a wife? Yes. I was astonished to see Miscavige, the leader of a Church, wipe his feet on his wife like a doormat and use her as a tool to intimidate me. Then again, wiping his feet on people was his specialty. And from that memory, I shift to the recent edition of Freedom wherein Adolf Miscavige describes himself (doubtless he wrote it) as “one of the great religious leaders of the 21st century.” Not!

    Great “pigs” of the 21st century… Oink, oink! (Yes, yes!)

    Here’s a new video about him: http://www.scientology-cult.com/videos/humor.html

  21. Amadeus Einstein

    In a concrete flyover somewhere.

  22. In 1996 Davy fired a mission into PAC to find out why the Golden age of Tech was not “going in”. It was the most hideous mission I had ever witnessed. About 30 SO were RPFd and the stats crashed like a shot duck. The mission was finally “ended” and then a project had to be undertaken to pull the wrongly targeted SO members out of the RPF and put them back on post. DM was the mission ops for this mission with Jen Devoct as the I/C. She was obscene. The tempo of the whole mission was hate and invalidation. Us old timers were given an R-factor that our days were numbered.

    This failed mission was followed up by a project from RTC, into PAC, investigating the all-important subject of : masturbation.

    This is not a joke. All Sea Org members were put on a meter and directly asked if they masturbated. If it read on the meter, then one had to disclose his/her ows on masturbation and undergo an ethics handling.

    Then all of the men/boy Sea Org members were sent to Leb hall and lectured (I am serious here) on masturbation and how bad it is by William Tucker of RTC.

    While this was a ridiculous waste of time/resources for all involved, it further points out the 2D aberration of DM causing more enturbulation on an already screwed up 2D scene he created in the Sea Org. You think young Sea Org members are already repressed on the 2D, then tell a teenager he /she is really going to go real blind if he/she continues to masturbate.

    When I saw this going on I thought DM had finally gone over the edge. But the last 3 days of your blog, Marty, prove how nuts he really is on the 2D.

  23. Allen Stanfield

    Actually Jim, the most serious concern right now is a matter of law enforcement.

    DM’s pattern of unchecked violence, along with his present circumstances, puts Shelly Miscavige in a very dangerous situation. There is very good reason here to be concerned about her safety.

    Anyone who used to work at INT, and who can provide evidence that Shelly Miscavige was your friend, and that you are sincerely concerned for her welfare has a DUTY to go to take some responsibility, go to law enforcement and get them involved immediately.

    My God. You don’t sit around and debate the financial aspects of policy when someone’s life could be at stake.

    WAKE UP!

    Where is Shelly Miscavige???

  24. martyrathbun09

    The posting was designed to – and will have the effect of – assuring she is subject to humane treatment. That she did not blow in the past two years – and she’s had plenty opportunity – is due to the Stockholm Syndrome at work. Nonetheless, as I noted to Anonymous – we don’t broadcast everything we have going. To do so would give irresponsible people the opportunity to screw up the chances of success.

  25. LOL!

    That video was excellent! Davey’s gonna go batshit when he sees it.

  26. Allen Stanfield

    Thank you very much, Mark.

    I might have gotten a little emotional there, but it REALLY upsets me that this maniac is continuing to run around free, and people are still subject to his violent outbursts.

    DM very clearly fits the “OJ Profile”.

    This is a very serious situation.

    Lots and lots of people should be asking WHERE IS SHELLY MISCAVIGE??? to whoever will listen.

  27. I’m happy you replied to Allen about this. I understand that you have to hold your cards close to your chest in this game, and I’m really enjoying watching the game and will be happy to help in any way I can.

    I think it’s important that your website be disseminated to those still in. –If I may make a suggestion. Those of you who are on Scn email lists, or have a lot of Scn email addresses should start promoting this site and Geir Isene’s site to those still in. If you don’t know how, you can contact me about it.

    This would a positive ACTION in getting DM exposed and waking up the walking wounded still in the cult.

  28. thatsnotmyname

    As early as after the Portland crusade 1985 I remember Miscavige called a meeting of everyone at Int to tell of the legal victory. He was basking in the reflected glory saying things like “even I had my doubts we would win” etc. In retrospect he was positioning himself for what would follow very cleverly. Thoughtful’s brilliant video – which BTW should come with a health warning; I literally couldn’t breathe for laughing – reminded me of this seemingly innocuous briefing.

  29. Good God! You just reminded me of something my former wife told me about having to spend a good deal of time handling one her teenaged juniors who was completely caved in for just thinking about tickling her tulips. No, heaven forbid, doing it, but simply thinking about it. I’m glad I wasn’t in the SO when I was 14. By the way, has anybody out there ever made the connection between the 2D and some of the upper levels?

  30. I like the idea of a reporter asking DM, “where is Shelly?” AND ask for proof of life….

  31. Wow. I think we have hit the bottom. 😦

    How lower than this can we go? A “religious leader” having an affair on the privat jet of a movie star…

    This is really sad for all the people who have believed in the aims of scientology.

    I am SP, I have been a critic of scientology, angry with the church, but when I read something like this, all my criticism disappears and the only thing left is compassion for the friends that are still inside the church following an out-ethics madman.

    This is too gross. I am speechless.

    Marty Rathbun you have “iron balls”. You have my respect and admiration.


  32. This situation totally disgusts me. I agree with Patty as to her suggestion. I, myself, have been doing this action for quite some time and with great success I might add. The key is to put something in the subject line that will immediately gain interest and then to include the text in the body of the email..not links or attachments. Try and send only those things that will not challenge the Scientology philosophy itself as those things will only be an unreality. For instance, sending Geir’s recent Letter to OTs starts out grabbing ones attention immediately. Also, his Doubt Formula seems to have been read by a LOT of OTs…judging from the response I and many others have gotten.

    It has been my opinion for a long time that getting to the OTVlls and Vllls are the key to pulling the plug on the church by knocking out their main source of income, main source of public cooperation, main source of FSMing, main source of opinion leaders to other Scientologists.

    Every current church member needs to get themselves well informed, but the OTs are looked up to, to no small degree. Get to them and you get to the rest.

  33. I want to mention my experience in first reading then showing these posts to two Scientologists. The first reaction was a little rejection from all of us. Because Marty took LRH and the tech seriously, it added credibility and made us take more notice.

    Then, of course, there was the validation that, yes, something is wrong. Very wrong. It’s not just me.

    Then I scoured four similar blogs (Geir’s, scientology-cult.com and leavingscientology-wordpress.com). It took me a while to even look at the last two though.

    So I would suggest to tell anyone being introduced to these blogs that they don’t invalidate LRH or the tech.

  34. Correction–my comment is actually a response to Patty’s about disseminating these blog posts.

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  36. I hold concern for more than just Shelly, indeed for many of the “walking wounded” that are at Int and in scientology, period. Many, many, many friends that were my comrades, my family- for many years.
    Thanks to all for the works you are doing.

  37. anyone_can_claim_anonymous

    Why do you say OT9 &10 are not on the horizon?

    You do realize some people are selling their homes and all their worldly belongings to go move on to Freewinds because they were told they will be delivering OT9 & 10 there

  38. PS,
    I heard tell of this ‘touching your winky makes you go blind’ seance. The absurdity of this defies words. One of the funniest discourses I’ve ever heard is Dalton Trumbo’s letter to his son in college, on masturbation. Google it and listen to a ‘mastur’ of the language on this oh so ‘serious’ topic.

    To think a CMO Mission was sent to police this is beyond the pale of ludicrous. Then, to have it revealed what the little man himself is up to, well, it enters the grotesque.

    David Miscavige has lost any shred of credibility. This is embarrassing.

  39. Joe,
    I’ve got this excerpt from the 50s on the 2D and creation: “People have been hammering at me to get sex as an act differentiated from sex as children. I’ve never quite been able to see why this was, because the truth of the matter is that the creation of one’s own universe gives one the sensation of creation and can have far more joy in creation than the creation of children through the sexual act. There’s an urge in that direction, but it’s the urge toward creation, it is not the urge toward just one sex or something of the sort. This urge toward creation gets all wound up in an act, which is no more and no less than an energy flow. So again, we’re doing with an energy flow.” ASSESSMENT 0F PC – THE DYNAMICS: BE, DO, HAVE, 20 NOVEMBER 1952.

  40. Where is Shelly Miscavige? Where is Gillaum Lesevre? Mark Yagger? Pablo Lobato? Ray Mittof? Hebber Jentz? Pat Broeker? Where is Susset Hubbard? Where is Diana Hubbard? Arthur Hubbard?
    Where are all the good trained Staff? Where is Debby the Flag CO? I wonder if any one of you have any idea? please let us know. We all want to know if they are in the hole? Where are the Human Rights for SOs and Staff? Where are the rights of the public that are made to sell their homes or ask for loans to pay more lies?

  41. The Video Miscavige’ s Last Stand is quite revealing, but a sentence from it has put me into doubt! Adolph Miscavige: “The Trick is to lie. Five years I lied to old Hubbard. He believed everything I said. And died in a Motor home. Thanks to me.”
    It is not convincing because L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of all SP & PTS technology, and is probably the most skilled person in the world to detect an SP!

  42. Soder,
    It’s a satire, not a documentary.

  43. Solder you also have to consider the fact that Ron was a busy thetan (what with getting the CCRD piloted, research on the upper levels, his own solo auditing and writing the Mission Earth Decology,etc.) and didn’t have time to verify the reports that were passed over to him through Pat Broeker.

    Like all of us he was given false assurances that Scientology was “in good hands” (to quote that shyster Cooley) and there was no reason to doubt this at the time because Scientology’s international stats were uptrending, except of course in the areas that Miscavige directly controlled such as Mission All Clear and ASI.

    However he managed to obfuscate this fact by taking credit for actions done by others, like the little weaselly parasite he is, though I don’t mean that in a bad way 🙂

  44. “Jim Logan: Soder, It’s a satire, not a documentary”

    Soderqvist1: isn’t Scientology nowadays anyway a satire of Hubbard’s Legacy?

    “RJ: Solder you also have to consider the fact that Ron was a busy thetan (what with getting the CCRD piloted, research on the upper levels, his own solo auditing and writing the Mission Earth Decology, etc.) and didn’t have time to verify the reports that were passed over to him through Pat Broeker.”

    Soderqvist1: Hubbard did know that Miscavige was trying to take over his church, and because of that he ordered Jesse Prince to Sec Check him about it!

    “Jesse Prince: David Miscavige I believe, just forced L. Ron out of existence.

    L: He was just taking control away from Hubbard a little piece at a time while he was alive?

    J: Yeah, and L. Ron Hubbard saw it. I had to sec-check David Miscavige on this. L. Ron Hubbard asked me, “Please find out what is his intention, what is he doing by making it so I can’t even sent a dispatch or order anyone to do anything that I normally do.”

    L: L. Ron Hubbard believed that David Miscavige may be trying to take over control of Scientology?

    J: Yes.

    L: And he was worried about it?

    J: Yes.”

    “Jesse Prince: So I was ordered to sec check DM to determine his real motives for passing along legal advice that he back off from his own church. When I walked into Dave’s office he was crying like a child who had taken a crap in his pants and now stank to high heaven.

    In the security check Dave made sure he told me about the trips to the casinoes, the heavy drinking and the women he and Pat had enjoyed together. Dave freely confessed his sins and Pat Broeker”s sins as well. He said if he was going to go down, he was going to make sure Pat Broeker went down as well. He was very critical of Pat, saying he had a long history of alcohol abuse and recklessly spending LRH’s money. Of course, the person who received the report of Dave”s sec check was Pat Broeker. So it didn”t surprise me a bit when Dave and Pat suddenly became best buddies again. I seriously doubt that anything but reports full of glowing praise for Dave ever went to LRH.”

  45. Hi Soder, Another point you may not know is that LRH suffered several strokes, the first in 1975. In his lifetime he accomplished more than anyone can imagine, but the long hours and stress took a toll on his physical health. His last few years were rough. None of that diminishes the workability of the technology. Some SPs are incredibly devious.

  46. Soder,
    I don’t get this little side thread here. Your comment starts out with what appears to be a contradiction of some sort. Either the satirical video or LRH’s ability to detect an SP.

    Now you’ve pulled up an interview with Jesse P where he states DM was corrupting LRH’s lines and LRH spotted it and was working to handle it but was further sabotaged.

    I’m losing your train of thought. I also missed the humor in the generalized comment on Scn now being a satire of LRH’s legacy. If this refers to Mythscavology, I get it. That’s a travesty. Nevertheless, there are many, many beings practicing Scientology exactly according to LRH’s legacy. You see what I mean?

  47. Yourfriend, We don’t know exactly where Shelly is. Gillaum is in the hole along with Yager and Mitoff and many others. Heber is a target of derision and continuous natter from DM. Heber has been robbed of any meaningful post long ago. DM calls him “Grampa” (typical Miscavige) and basically hates his guts (since public have always loved Heber). Susette blew the Sea Org in 1989. Diana writes the event video scripts at Int for DM. I used to work with her closely and she despised DM and all the Int execs, but stays there out of love for her father. Arthur left the Sea Org in the 1980s. Pablo Lobato left staff in the early 2000’s and he’s doing well, living north of San Francisco. Most of the leaders have left the Sea Org after being heavily targeted by David Miscavige. Debbie Cook blew the Sea Org recently. There are no human rights for SO or staff. There are no rights for public. That’s the problem. Miscavige has turned Scientology into a criminal organization, literally. Read the other posts on this blog, and read the magnificent article by T Paine, http://www.scientology-cult.com/mechanisms-of-miscavige.html

  48. Thanks for the info Thoughtful.

    I’ve always wondered why Diana was sticking around after Suzette and Arthur left.

    She’s one tough thetan!

    Sorta reminds me of her mother.

  49. Jim Logan: I don’t get this little side thread here. Your comment starts out with what appears to be a contradiction of some sort. Either the satirical video or LRH’ s ability to detect an SP.

    Soderqvist1: The Video in question is quite metaphorically revealing how it will look like in the end of Miscavige’ s Reign of Terror. It seems to have an analogical counterpart in the fate of Adolph Hitler, and his inner circle in the end of the Second World War.

    Jim Logan: Now you’ve pulled up an interview with Jesse P where he states DM was corrupting LRH’s lines and LRH spotted it and was working to handle it but was further sabotaged.

    Soderqvist1: not everything in the Video is a figment of imagination!
    In example, that Miscavige was lying to Hubbard for 5 years without him suspecting anything at all is not credible. He may have been lying, but Hubbard did know it, because he had detected counter intention by Miscavige on his lines. I have seen on the Scientology Cult.com “Thirty-One Factors for Scientologists to Consider” I have considered point 5 which is just that; “lying to Hubbard for Five years” that is not credible, because Hubbard was removed from power by Miscavige. A coup!
    Frankly Hubbard already in 1952 foresaw some such scenario as a possibility that he himself ended up betrayed, and captured in the Desert!

    Jim Logan :I’m losing your train of thought. I also missed the humor in the generalized comment on Scn now being a satire of LRH’s legacy. If this refers to Mythscavology, I get it.

    Soderqvist1: I had David Miscavige in general, and “The SP Hole” in particular in mind!

    Jim Logan: That’s a travesty.

    Soderqvist1: My Statement about “ Hubbard’s Legacy as satire nowadays” should not be interpreted too generally!

    Jim Logan: Nevertheless, there are many, many beings practicing Scientology exactly according to LRH’ s legacy.

    Soderqvist1: True!

    Soderqvist1: You see what I mean?

    Soderqvist1: yes!

  50. Debbie Cook you have research to do quietly and independently. Please contact me through Marty unless you’re in comm with him already. I’m simply on a fact finding mission and would like to talk, I’m not trying to sway you. This is very important to me and so are you. We’ve met.

  51. martyrathbun09

    Soderqvist, You are right about Jesse speaking some sooth.

  52. “Perhaps the saddest, and most telling, part of this story is that Lou used to be a quite likable, friendly and ethical individual.”

    ^This sure does paint things in a different light.

    As an outsider, I assumed Uwe’s wife must of been as heinous as DM and thus they were well suited to each other.

    I see now its not merely that DM surrounds himself with those who are as vile in nature as he is, but rather – his vileness is a taint thats highly contagious. and as a so-called “spiritual leader” methinks thats makes him the equivalent of swine flu for the soul.

    Here’s hoping we find a vaccine for the DM infection while there’s still hope the poor sots closest to him still stand a chance of recovering who they really were before his corruption contaminated their soul.

    Peace to you too Mr Rathbun, I may not believe in many of the things you discuss on this blog — but I do believe your doing the right thing nonetheless.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Anonlover, thank you. I was attempting to communicate that he turns folk into monsters. It is not that difficult of a task with a captive audience. Check out the Stanford Experiment (google it) short documentary. That was a far less captive group, and within days they began doing very hurtful things to one another.

  54. martyrathbun09

    by the way, Lou never would have abandoned Uwe like that before she became DM’s henchwoman.

  55. Hilarious video Thoughtful!!

  56. I don’t know if this has anything to do with this, but I always thought it odd that the HCOPL Second Dynamic Rules was left out of the Ethics Specialist Course pack. You would think this would be an important ref to be included on that course.

  57. I agree Rebel. I have been following this strategy and am an OT7. I have hooked up with several OT’s in my area and they are getting busy too. It all happens on a gradient despite DM saying that “gradients are cancelled”. We total about 7 people in my area. After I reach all I can by doing one on ones, I think I will write a letter to all my comm-lines and send it out by email. Then I am hoping to get the whole group to publicly leave en-mass with lots of bells and whistles!

  58. I agree Inky. I have found that getting a person to read and watch the Truth Rundown article is a good first step and doesn’t invalidate the tech. After that if you can handle them on looking at Geir’s site that is very good. Then, if you can handle the person on the name of the site “Scientology-Cult” ( I ridge on this title at first because of the cult word) have them read a few select articles and then read all of them. These articles are real converters.

  59. I would like to know where David Mayo is. I think he is truly an unsung hero in all of this. If you read his debrief it explains a lot. Here is a man who audited LRH on Nots and did all sorts of things to forward Scientology and was totally banished and defamed. I had an SO member tell me that even LRH made mistakes such as putting an SP onto the Senior C/S post! What a degrade of LRH. David Mayo is not an SP I am sure of it.

  60. Nice string pull Jim.

  61. It is not a wonder to discover this after seeing the ABUNDANCE of evidence of abuse which I am a personal witness to and of.

    I was at Flag from 93 to 2007 and I saw the arrival of a bunch of RTC trainees to the base in 1996 I believe. I had arrived to Flag from a tour and was subjected to what I like to call “new confessional tech” because the guy doing this “metered interviews” on me was some “Mr. Stompkee” (don`t know if it is spelled right).

    This guy was an expert at “dirting up my needdle” he would SEEM to be following procedures but he would interject “new additions” like slamming his hands as hard as he could on the desk and yelling at the top of his lungs “You are going to talk!” and this went on and on for weeks. After not finding something “juicy” I was let go but it was only the begining for me because it was at that point that I saw a lot new restrictions and stricter discipline actions agains the staff and in general a “new dark age”.

  62. Pingback: David Miscavige: “The Adulterer”? « Leaving Scientology

  63. I only met Diana a couple of times, but she struck me as a very sparkly thetan, Could she be a hope for Scientology?

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