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The Arrogance of Miscavige – in his own words


Here is David Miscavige’s view of himself in his own words.   These are April 2007 instructions to Tommy on what to tell the BBC in response to their repeated requests for his interview.

When you go to ask an organization for an interview, you don’t get the top guy just because you ask. Especially when it comes to me. My perspective is, I’m responsible for the Church, that’s who I go see, I am the most public figure there is, and if and when I do a show, I do it on my sweet time.


Larry King wants to interview me—to him, he’ll wait because that’s ratings. Cooper Anderson is the hottest thing on CNN, not that that means anything. He’ll wait because that’s a coup. This guy thinks he gets the interview.


This is why, whatever these questions are, he’s asking questions anybody can answer. He thinks that what gets him the head of the Church organization is that he can come up with a bunch of anonymous, salacious, unfounded allegations and therefore the top guy in the Church should do an interview with him to answer them. Is the guy crazy?


You go to any religious leader, you want that show—then you’re going to get the show on the religion. There is no religious leader in the world that is going to go and answer to a pile of crap unless they’re a fly by night, and what’s bothering him is that we’re not fly by night. We’re getting bigger and bigger.

Compare this to the type of business he was transacting that had him too busy to deal with riff raff like John Sweeney, Anderson Cooper and Larry King.  Here again is from a despatch from Miscavige sent within a few short weeks of the above diatribe:

 In the last few weeks, it has not been nice. Do you know
that pimple you saw? Well, I popped it. We’re talking two guys
buying X-rated movies and masturbating simultaneously in the same
room with one being the husband and one being the wife, going
through Dean and Deluca (a gourmet mail order catalog) catalogs as
husband and wife and the bald-headed guy buying the other one
cheese as a favor. We’re talking about the guy who was on the
finance lines and refused to get you the finance issues, waiting
for R to come back so he can be permanently appointed for the rest
of the universe as the International Finance Dictator. We’re
talking about me finding out exactly what Mike was doing in 1982.
We’re talking about Marc’s op. We’re talking about me knowing
exactly what MR has been doing on his sympathizing for all the SPs
who got nothing done.


I guess Tommy Two Tone was right on one thing:  Mr. Miscavige gives a whole new meaning to the term “religious leader.”