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2011 Rolls In Like A Lion

To learn all about Jimmy Rebel’s (John Aaron Williams – but, he’ll always be Jimmy Rebel to me) Training Center please click on this link:

Feel free to share your New Year’s resolutions with some folks who are apt to share agreement with pro-survival ones.

An Important Difference Between Radical Scientology and Independent Scientology


The following lecture passage succinctly differentiates between where the Church of Scientology is headed and where Independent Scientologists are going. It is LRH from History of Dianetics, 28 December 1954:

Phenomenna, Phenomena. Phenomena. Phenomena. They wouldn’t have turned up, don’t you see, if we hadn’t been going in a direction of ability. We’re trying to discover ability so, naturally, disabilities announce themselves and all the phenomena there is, actually could be cataloged under disabilities. So you see the direction of research? Do you see why we got someplace in Dianetics and Scientology? We’re goin in the opposite direction. We just reverse things. And instead of trying to write down, “The number of insanities are…” (fellow by the name Kraeplin did this) – number of insanities are catalog, catalog, catalog, catalog; category, category, category; catalog, catalog, catalog, catalog, category, category, category and unclassified. It’s real cute. That’s the most enormous list you ever saw in your life.

It didn’t get anybody on the road. Why? He was going around looking for disabilities, looking for disabilities, looking for disabilities, looking for more disabilities. And of course he’d find a disability, he’d simply fix on it because that’s what a disability does. So research and investigation of disabilities would continually wind people up in trouble and with set ideas – with catalogs. It would wind them up with an enormous variety of disabilities, were they able to take their attention off the last disability they’d found. But they don’t.

Let’s get a case. He starts into examination of himself and he goes right straight along. He’s doing fine, by the way, he’s just swell. He’s a hit at parties, he can play the piano with his shoes on, he can do all kinds of things. And he goes into his case on self-examination to discover what is wrong with him, since the last five girls that threw him over has given him some clue there must be something wrong with him.

So he says, “Let’s see, what’s wrong with me?” And all of a sudden he turns his attention a little bit introverted and he hits some kind of a psychic trauma. He wants to increase his ability, you see, and he hits this little trauma and it says, “The thing that’s wrong with you, Joe, is you’re no good.”

And he says, “Well, I’ll look around and see what else I can find.” [laughter]

There goes your case, fixated on one idea. Everywhere he goes, he has that idea in front of his face. What happens, though, if you actually, actively start increasing his ability? His attention comes right off that circuit – ping! And of course, another one will pop up. You take his attention off that one, another one will pop up. Off that one – another one. Off – another one! This is the reaction of the mind going toward freedom. Freedom lies beyond barriers. And as soon as you start to go in the direction of freedom, you’ll find some barriers. And the trick is not to stand around and look at these wonderful barriers inside the head.

Let’s find out how able a fellow can be and how free he can be. And if we discover this, we will discover immediately why research and investigation in the field of Dianetics and Scientology will continue to expand – because the direction toward ability is the only direction it has ever really had. The more able we can make a person, the freer he is. The more dynamics he is surviving along, the more beingness he is.

And so we are able, if we pursue ability. If we pursue disability, we are disabled.

And the first and foremost of these abilities is communication.

Guido and Marisa Minelli – Italian Independents

Guido and Marisa


With this letter we are publicly announcing our decision to leave the current Church of Scientology since we believe it doesn’t represent the spiritual freedom that was once expressed by L. Ron Hubbard, instead it perpetuates different purposes and it has introduced substantial alterations in the use of Admin, Ethics and Tech. 

These are suppressions that have caused and are continuing to cause sufferings in PCs, Pre OTs, students and staff members at any level. 

So, it is our duty to inform. 

We are addressing this writing to the entire Scientological field: the top of the management, our friends and parents, and the Scientologists that will have the courage to look, evaluate and act accordingly to what is right for themselves and their lives. Only the truth will set us free, and the price of freedom “constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back”. This is our story. 

In 1975 my wife and I started a long adventure in Scientology. We finally found the road that could give us answers to the true spiritual research, those which hide beneath the apparent materialistic world. We suddenly fell in love with this great being that Ron is. His wisdom hit our hearts in a very simple manner. His lessons contained the answers that we were looking for a long time, lifetime after lifetime. Although the essence of these teachings were of great philosophical depth, they were easily applicable to the day to day life enhancing every aspect of it. 

So it was that we joined the very first group of Italian Scientologists most of whom had been longtime friends of ours already, and partners of many adventures in that town called Brescia. We love reminiscing on the spirit of that group, the contagion of enthusiasm, the unrestrainable desire of spreading the news of Dianetics and Scientology to the world. The Italian Institution of Applied Technologies in Via Cavallotti in Milano had a very high tone level because this group was made for the most part of creative artists and rebels of the status quo – we could say not much inclined to be regimented. The aesthetic waves were easy to perceive, and that attracted people that would then begin their walk towards higher awareness. 

The study and application of Scientology allowed us to better ourselves to create around us a calm and safe atmosphere where we could raise our children; our work, our music and our creations have benefited from it, and we have tried to set an example. 

We have done a lot of courses. We have audited a lot of people, we are both NED auditors. We have given many lectures. We started a choir for the Church of the Three Lakes ( Brescia Org). My wife Marisa finished OT 5 and was in the middle of it. 

We will always be grateful to L. Ron Hubbard for allowing his technology to be at our disposal. His legacy has permeated our existence and will continue to be a guide for our future. For years we’ve trusted the management of the Church and followed its orders believing that they originated from carefully studied strategies and evaluations made by competent and responsible executives. However, we’ve noted a slow but constant departure from the original purposes as laid down by source:

Over time the religious and spiritual aspect became of lesser importance as the offer of help transformed in continual and forceful demands for money. 

The drive to gain religious recognition in Italy has been used and is still today used to gain more materialistic and fiscal benefits instead of just a genuine desire of being legitimate and to gain a sort of a hidden impunity for the exploitations of the work force in various Scientology organizations.

With the advent of the Golden Age of Tech (in fact a subtle invalidation of LRH and of all of those people that had successfully applied Scientology since then) we have witnessed prolonged training, having to redo the same courses 3 times, hence causing a departure from becoming a trained auditor and be able to continue on your own steps on the bridge. 

These are just a few examples of the numerous destructive alterations introduced by the current Church. If you’d like a more in-depth analysis of the current situations of the Church of Scientology we would like you to check in full the letter from Garcia (a real Scientologist!) and we invite you to do your own personal research. We believe that Scientologists can distinguish facts from entheta, and do not fall into those A=A=A kinds of generalizations from the reactive back. 

We’ve ended our extensive research on truth. It has been pretty painful and at times it was very hard to confront. We had to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, find out what was true and what was false. We’d read and spoke to people that we’d known for a long time and had a lot of esteem for, people that left the Church and had done great things for the Church.

We will always be grateful to these people for the precious guidance they offered. 

Thank you Francesco, Marty, Mike, Tiziano, Claudio, Renata, etc. We have to give a big acknowledgement to the entire staff of the Independologo. Everyone who writes on these blogs, your job in informing and connecting the dots is really precious and has been the determining factor for the entire movement of Independent Scientologists. We’ve discovered the abuses, the threats, the forced abortions, the beatings, the instigations of violence, the exasperate control, the perversions, the alterations of policy…all situations that were apparently unbelievable – but unfortunately true. 

Too many people have spoken…and now there is no more doubts on the fact that THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY IS DEAD.

And so we decided to leave the current Church of Scientology because we no more see ourselves in it. We are and always will be Scientologists. We will never compromise on this. And we will no longer spinelessly accept other-determined “truths” in the name of spiritual freedom.

“…And we emerged to gaze upon the stars again”

(Dante Alighieri – La Divina Commedia – Inferno, Canto XXXIV)

Guido and Marisa Minelli

A Postulate For 2011

Here’s a postulate for 2011: Freeing self and others from a low-scale, imprisoning moral to a high-scale, liberating ethic.  LRH, from the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scale Processing, 11 December 1952:

Now, what then is your level that is an attainable level for freedom?  It would have to be a level which is so high that every man could reason and be responsible in his own right for his own acts and also for the acts of others.

Blame-regret, blame-regret is the course of a police state.  And its spiral dwindles down, and dwindles very rapidly. So there’s no halfway point on this scale.  You can’t cut it off here and say we’ve done a good job and reformed the whole world.  You can’t cut it off here at A: you can’t cut it off at B. You just got to go ahead and put the guy into shape so he can handle himself and his force.

You can patch up somebody and make him well.  That’s what you were straining against in auditing. You see, you broke agreement — with the first book, you broke agreement with the MEST universe to this degree — to about 4.0.  You said, “Look, it says I have to have engrams and I have to have things that force me to do various things, and look, I can run them out.  As fast as they happen, bad things happen to me, I can run them out.”  And you were disagreeing with the mandates of the physical universe to that extent.  But that extent ceases at 4.0.  And from there on up, it requires another process.

That’s why immediately Homo Sapiens can go to 4.0 on Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and the Science of Survival.  But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him. (emphasis in bold supplied).  He becomes well, he becomes better able to reason, but I have not seen what I had hoped to see, because unfortunately it can’t exist — an ethical, strong Homo Sapiens. And if it can’t exist, let’s go up here.

Gee, you’re clear up to a potential of 36.0, 38.0 before you can get a full level susceptible to good ethic.  An ethic is that which is enforced by oneself, his belief in his own honor and good reason and optimum solution along the eight dynamics. That’s ethics.

And morals is somebody who sticks a spear into your belly or a sepulcher over your head, hides a bogeyman back of a chair, tells you nothing and says you’ve got to do it because the unseen gods…There’s no difference between a taboo and a moral.

Right here is the point where Dianetics has been blackened and Scientology reversed:  “But he can’t go anyplace above that without having his self-determinism restored to him.”

And therein lies the first step in remedying Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology in my opinion and beginning the process of moving folk on up a little higher, a little more higher, and finally a whole heck of a lot higher.  Fortunately, we are rich beyond imagination in terms of  tools to accomplish the restoration of self-determinism. 

One doesn’t need to be a priest or a rocket scientist to contribute to that motion.  Each of us can do it day in and day out with what we know.  We are also free to learn more so as to do it more effectively and more efficiently. 

Ain’t it great to be alive?

Flavio, A Stolen Son – by Renata Lugli

Blogger’s introductory note:  The following is a mother’s account of the attempted destruction of her family.  I cross flowed much of what Renata relates.   It is very timely in that one year ago – almost to the day – on the eve of Christmas 2009 David Miscavige’s anti-Marty mission invaded the Lugli’s home attempting to recruit Claudio and Renata to team up to ambush their son Tiziano – and failing that attempting to get the parents to disconnect from their son.  Almost a year later, their other son Flavio was sent into their home as a missionaire working for the same Miscavige mission, spying and attempting to get his parents to disown and disconnect from Tiziano.  That they kept their equillibrium through all this doing everything in their power to keep the family together speaks volumes as to their character.  Regardless of the outcome, one things is certain, they survived this ordeal with their integrity not only intact but strengthened.

I would like to tell my personal experience in Scientology from a mother’s viewpoint, which is my main beingness, regarding my two sons, Flavio and Tiziano. What I had to live through myself with regards to what has happened to them, was the main reason for our departure from the Church, besides all other facts that we included in our Resignation Letter -(

Flavio and Tiziano were born in 1977 and ‘78, and my husband and I were both in the Sea Org at that time, we joined in ’74 and left in ’82. During that time one could still have kids in the Sea Org, and regardless of the amount of work that was absorbing our lives, I have always tried to give my sons all of my attention and communication, trying to give them, to the best of my abilities, an ethical education and a spiritual growth towards their self-determinism and mental sanity.

Flavio always demonstrated to be very loving and caring towards his father and I. As a child his extreme kindness and pureness of heart, coupled with a big urge in helping others was clearly visible. His decision to join the Sea Org was of no surprise to us, in fact we hoped for it at the time, knowing that it completely aligned with his urge toward helping others. We were joyful when we found out he had signed his one billion year contract, because we thought the Sea Org to be the most sane place to be on planet earth.

I was there at Flag in ’97 as I was about to start my Solo Nots Certainty as a public Scientologist, when Flavio came over to give me the news he had activated his SO contract. The way he said it left me in a state of disbelief, and that moment was terribly painful to the degree that still to day 13 years later I can vividly see that scene. Flavio looked at me condescendingly, his eyes were expressing complete resentment toward me, as if all of a sudden I became his biggest enemy. He was completely changed, the situation was incomprehensible and for me, a complete shock.

The last time we said bye to one another we were in complete harmony! What could have happened in these few hours?


I was trying to fill the vacuum thinking that his reaction was caused by an hypothetical wrong handling, maybe some incompetent gave him a PTS interview and indicated to him that I was his Suppressive terminal. Or he might have gotten the beginning of an indoctrination, from some high roller exec with his posh uniform, which told him Tone 40 to cut his umbilical cord to his family so that he could align with the standards of CMO FSO. Or they might have had him sign a pile of confidentiality agreements so that anything he will have said would have been a violation of highly confidential subjects. My mind was fishing for a rational reason, but to no avail.

I remained at Flag at the time, and it took me a whole year to finish the Solo Nots Certainty. It was a horrible year for me, with sleepless nights, an avalanche of wrong indications and wrong C/Ses. Flavio never called me throughout that year and in that entire time I only saw him for maybe 40 minutes, even though we were living only a few blocks from each other. I then decided to “end cycle” on this, telling myself that Flavio will eventually see the mistake he had made and then everything would come back to normal.

How wrong I was…!!!

I think I had committed a big mistake by not dealing with it more aggressively at the time, so that he would have eventually told me what really went down. But there is a reason for this, thanks to all of the repetitive errors of my Case programming, I was completely introverted, PTS, my anchor points were all squashed in and my beingness shrank. These were all errors that have been accumulated starting from ’87, real GAEs, perpetrated by alleged Class XIIs and incompetent C/Sing – which had nothing to do with me, as if he was C/Sing somebody else’s folder.

In 2005, after 18 years in borderline hell and almost as a miracle, I was able to handle this situation with my auditor Cristina, for whom I am still grateful to this day. I took back my once lost life, and at this point I was able to clearly see what situation had developed with Flavio.

Right after this de-PTSness, I tried talking to my son on three occasions, but it seemed impossible: he would get restimulated to the point of becoming ill, he would become so overwhelmed despite the fact that my approaches were really delicate on him.

Only now I am able to understand what really happened: Flavio had certainly received an heavy SRA from HCO CMO (Severe Reality Adjustment – a technique elaborated at a certain point in the SO, by which an individual gets overwhelmed by several people yelling at him, insulting him, etc. with the end result of having shoved in an idea to make him behave in a certain way) and this acted as a real IMPLANT on him.

Throughout his 13 years in the SO, the only relationship we had was “social”. He would call every once in a while and would be extremely brief. His communication was full of good roads fair weather, as if he was always handling an alleged PTS situation on our part, or there were PR phone calls where he would inform us about how everything was amazing at FLAG. These were a few minutes long, stolen time between a short meal, always with the prefix “I don’t have time right now”, “I have muster”, “I gotta do the roll call”, “I have to go handle…” – and every time I asked him anything, the most common answer was “I can’t tell you, it’s confidential”. Especially on this “I can’t tell you” part, LRH says something that is very frightening to me:

The simplest and most common implant – and its lightest but not least deadly form – is the command to withhold. Implants could be said to be methods of preventing knowledge or communication.” HCOB 11 Apr 82 – Sec Checking Implants

But for us, the most painful thing, was not the very brief phone calls, but that tone of unexpressed resentment that you could sense every time he would speak to us. We understood that that trust, that love and appreciation that he had always treasured for us, had crumbled – and we had to learn how to live with it for 13 long years.

In an effort to alleviate this pain, we were hoping that with time Flavio was going to be able to realize what caused his departure from his own parents, but we were completely unaware on how the Sea Org had completely transformed since the time we had lived it (and on this part alone we could say so much…).

Many times Flavio got sick, one of which was really severe. His health was getting so precarious since he joined, all the time friends would come back from Flag telling us how Flavio was spending sleepless nights, especially during the infamous and unchecked fund raising for the Basics, and the never ending IAS regging. I don’t’ know if many of you know this, but every FLAG staff has a weekly regging quota that has to be met, no matter what, and until he or she reaches it, they cannot go to bed.

If we were to give you details, it would take a book to express what me and my husband went through in these years, but we are more and more convinced that in these 13 years, Flavio had received so much mental conditioning, and not only directed towards us, that we utterly believe that his mind had been stolen by his “church”, the same church that had STOLEN OUR SON.

The events surrounding Flavio that follow, cross with what was happening to his brother Tiziano.

Tiziano attested to Clear in 1990 at Flag. In 2001 he went back to the base for his OT Preps and they put him back on the CCRD to verify its validity. He re-attested in a new unit of time Clear (actually a state called The State Of Clear – CERTIFIED). In ’08 he went back at Flag to end cycle on his Preps and route onto his OT Levels, but he got hit with an R-Factor that he is not Clear – unfortunately this is pretty much in fashion these days. I’m not going to explain the details of this event, for he wrote a great account on all that happened on his post (, but I’d like to add what me and Claudio had to go through for the next year and a half because of this.

We knew that what Tiziano was going thorough was extremely delicate, so about 2 or 3 times a day while at Flag, we would talk to him, and he would tell us what was happening. We were always confident that the truth would give good indicators, and that Tiziano would never oppose to the truth, no matter what that was. But as time passed, so was any progress on this cycle, until it just got stuck; even though Tiziano did more than could be expected, and we were witnesses of all this as it was occurring. Sec Checks were the only auditing action he was permitted to do, as we know being the number one auditing action ordered by C/Ses at Flag, and YES, Tiziano had to be REFORMED, he had to stop giving FSO penalty stats by giving Red Tags repeatedly at the examiner. Nothing came from Claudio writing a detailed KR to RTC Int in order to debug the situation. We were all beyond overwhelmed by now, especially since we knew that Tiziano did the impossible, not only financially, to try to get onto his OT Levels, and endured beyond any limit of toleration.

We could hear him distraught, as he was confessing to us that he saw his Bridge shutting in front of his eyes, for he would have never compromised his certainty on being Clear and he would have never been put on Dianetics.

After all this he decided to be done with these evaluations and handlings, and got the hell out of Flag with very bad indicators, telling everyone to go screw themselves, and once back in LA he requested his folders to be sent to Senior C/S Int.

In the meantime Tiziano and Jamie’s wedding date arrived, and we all decide to take a brake from all this and go celebrate this event in great harmony.

And here Flavio comes back into the scene in 2009.

After pulling many strings we were able to get him to participate to the wedding. As soon as he arrived, he urged us to go read the Freedom Mag, in answer to what was happening in Clearwater with what the SP Times had published. It was pretty logical for us to then go look at what the SP Times actually wrote to fully understand the situation. Once we looked at the content and watched every Video online, we told Flavio that if the data that is being exposed were true, we all would find ourselves in a huge mess!

Back at Flag Flavio reported on everything that is nowadays considered the biggest crime that a Scientologist could do: GO ON THE INTERNET.

Right after, Marion Pow and Mike Sutter, showed up in front of our store in Brescia ITALY, all the way from Los Angeles. These are two people that work directly for COB – their purpose was to try to have us – two sinners – redeem ourselves, by first of all expressing their disapproval for the fact that we had looked on the Internet and we got all of the “entheta”. They tried to obliterate the image of the “Number One SP Marty Rathbun” with a huge Dead Agent pack, since he was considered to be “the WHO” of the whole situation.

Our answer to this was that due to our current case condition and having achieved a state whereby NO ONE can tell us what to do or not to do, we didn’t need anyone’s approval regarding the decisions we take. We took the time to instead press on the fact that our sons, for one reason or another, have been completely messed up by the church. And knowing their authority we requested immediate actions: for Flavio to make sure his health condition would go back to at least normal, and that whatever the absurdity that went down with Tiziano was, would once and for all get handled.

The whole back and forth – merry go round – lasted till 4AM. And do you know with which sentence did Marion ended the conversation? The same one she used to begin: “but why did you guys go on the Internet?”

Meanwhile in LA, where Tiziano and Jamie live, the resignation letter of the renowned and Oscar winning director Paul Haggis hit the news. Tiziano wanted to look deeper into it, landed onto Marty’s Blog. The rest is pretty much known. Tiziano and Jamie got on a plane and go to Texas.

Marion Paow, Mike Sutter and this time along with a third guy, Hansuili Stahli, showed up at our door steps in Italy in the middle of the night. They immediately informed Claudio that Tiziano and Jamie were just with Marty in Texas, and that the situation got out of their control, that his folders where look at by Ray Mithoff, and that Tiziano was absolutely NOT CLEAR, but that without any doubt Marty told him he was.

Right after popping out Marty’s SP Declare, now 20 pages long, they started telling Claudio what an incredibly out ethics person our son was, and they wanted to show him Tiziano’s crimes contained in his Folders that they brought along.

This is classical OSA operation: DEFAMATION.

I was already in bed that night, so I didn’t have to receive that entheta impact, as my husband did through that nasty request. Claudio refused categorically to look into Tiziano’s folders, telling them that he didn’t have any interest in knowing any content of it for it is CONFIDENTIAL, and that it would have certainly not changed the opinion we had of our son, because for us he’s always been an open book.

When Claudio told me all about the meeting, I expressed the desire to not see them for the entire time they spent in Italy – from the 23rd to the 31st of December.

I found their approach to be beyond anti-spiritual, I did not want to have anything to do with such people that didn’t even take any responsibility for what FSO had caused Tiziano, letting him leave completely BIs. But here they stood, with their weapons ready to shoot at him and us as well if we didn’t reform. They asked Claudio what kind of a behavior would he be having with Tiziano, in the event that he wouldn’t repent and reform by doing the A to E steps – hence doing a subtle introduction to the subject of disconnection. Knowing exactly where they were going to go with this, and before they asked for a formal disconnection agreement, he told them that we would have NEVER and NEVER will disconnect from our son.

They left soon after, but that was only the beginning. As a matter of fact, the subject of disconnection, was once again brought up by his brother Flavio, an act that was gruesome to say the least.

We got a phone call from Flavio inviting us to have a video conference via Skype, a planned meeting a day in advance. We talked to him that night on the phone for about an hour and on Skype the next day for two and a half hours, and the theme of the conversation was only one: convincing us to disconnect from Tiziano, a discussion he had been taking from several angles. It was pretty hard for us watching this family massacre as it was about to unfold: using our son Flavio to convince us to shoot at his brother Tiziano. Claudio and I found each other in an atmosphere that resembled a gangster movie more then an ecclesiastical scenario, with no respect whatsoever to unbreakable family ties.

Flavio was reading us aloud exerts form the HCOB PTS and Disconnection, the same one that the so called liar Tommy Davis was claiming didn’t exist in front of millions of viewers on CNN. Our efforts in trying to explain that LRH cancelled it long ago were in vain. As soon as the intimidation tactic failed to get anywhere with us, including telling us the consequences we would be facing in the event we would not disconnect with Tiziano, plan B from OSA came into play: MORE DEFAMATION.

I can only tell you that as soon as Flavio started shooting defamation bullets against his brother, I started screaming like a mad woman until I literally lost my voice. I screamed about FSO, having ruined both of my children, I screamed at him for making me pass 13 years of pain and sorrow as I was noticing his progressive derangement since he joined the SO, I screamed about FSO asking me to destroy my own family with disconnection. At this point Flavio got silent, and changed tactic, going full on good roads and fair weather. I mean they all got silent, was OSA thinking we were the dumbest, stupidest folks on earth? They thought we didn’t know they were behind the computer directing every move Flavio was making? Who knows why the line would suddenly drop and be back only a few minutes later… They didn’t however make Flavio disconnect from us. I guess they thought it would be more detrimental to do so, as well as we had not been declared yet, they actually started having him act “really nice”.

Because we didn’t disconnect from Tiziano and we went on the Internet, OSA was  monitoring us from 360 degrees. Here is the rundown:

–       Sending over to our shop about a dozen OTVIIIs, and another dozen calling us over the phone.

–       When we would cross the path with other Scientologists in town they would change their way as not to bump into us. (apparently the ones who were not briefed to do OSA’s bidding, were instructed to stay away from us so as not to become educated.)

–       After 5 years of not hearing from my auditor at Flag, I all of a sudden get a phone call from her.

–       An OSA bot named Gloria, that works for them as an auditor, came to my shop trying to handle me into going in session with her.

–       Numerous times I’ve noticed being followed by PIs and others using Cell Phones to record my conversations.

–       A dear friend of ours was barred from talking to us, because we were on OSA INT lines.

–       Flavio was being used to monitor us: it was very evident, although he kept trying to be as normal as he could, and his communications was carefully planned, but you can’t fool a mother!

But now it all starts to get juicier! Flavio has recently come to Italy because his grandma (my mother) was dying and had expressed her desire to see him after so many years and to finally meet his wife.

Once in Italy we were noticing Flavio to be spying on us. He was looking at my cell phone, Claudio’s phone, the home phone, both of the house computers, and was asking his father if he was still going on the Internet. All of this thinking that we wouldn’t notice him doing it. He’s very naïve, at times I would get a call and he would try to check caller’s ID of people calling me, I really started to get upset at this point, not at him necessarily, but at those terminals that forced Flavio to do this kind of a job, completely in opposition to his beingness…and he obviously got caught doing it, which was another BIG mistake for OSA.

Besides what could have been the reasons they gave Flavio to coax him into becoming a rat, I was sure that he didn’t feel any good about doing what he was doing to his parents, hence his continual Missed Withholdy face.

At a certain point Flavio asked me some very personal question that denoted parts of my PC Folder were given to him, I realized the defamation tactic had been played on myself. That was IT! I was furious, because the evil that I had been perceiving, coupled with the clear vision of what grim last resource had been used by OSA, made me decide…It’s OVER! I’m gonna depart from all this evil.

So we decided to tell Flavio WHO his FRIENDS were.

We were completely done playing a game that lasted a whole year full of third party that had only as its purpose to destroy our family.

But by his many reactions: “I can’t be listening to this…” – “don’t tell me anything…” – “I’m not interested…”, it was evident that his thoughts were blocked.

His ability to decide and analyze was reduced to ZERO.

He had been programmed to such a degree that he would reject anything that would have not been aligned to that programming.

He left to Flag the next day.

Here ends my story of Flavio, a stolen son.

It does not end however, the pain and the rage of the betrayed trust that still lingers inside of us.


My Four Days With Marty


by Luis Garcia

It was a typical fall morning in Southern California. Sunny and comfortably chilly, a few cirrus clouds high above a light layer of smog. I was on my way to visit Marty at “Casablanca.”

Once we were at 34,000 feet, I thought about what I wanted to address with Marty. Let’s see… I was not ill, and haven’t been for years. I felt I was doing fairly well, my business was going well, my family was doing fine. I was fine. I did have a couple of concerns, but they were not major. So why was I going to see him? I concluded I didn’t fully know, but somehow I knew I should.

At the curbside, he approached me from behind and the large black cowboy hat he wore threw me off a bit. “This is Texas” – I thought. As soon as we greeted each other it started; a free flowing torrent of exchanging experiences, ideas, viewpoints, opinions, data and stories, that continued through dinner with his wife Monique, who by the way, is the most gracious host and excellent cook, and culminated by the side of a fire out on the deck.

My accommodations were the entire lower level of the house and included a kitchen, and a living room. There was also a 5‐shelf cabinet filled with books as varied in subject as items in a flea market. As I was taking it all in I thought these were the best accommodations I’ve ever had in connection with an auditing cycle. I was happy to be there.

The next morning I cooked breakfast for a very appreciative Marty, who exalted the qualities of my omelet. Soon after we were starting the first session, and a wave of by‐passed charge rose to the surface as soon as I picked up the cans. That’s when it hit me how bad I needed a session.

During the ensuing four days at Casablanca a transformation developed. Session after session, the effects of the Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology disguised as “Standard Tech” I had so faithfully paid for and devoted myself to receive, were being located, inspected and as‐ised, leaving in its wake a full and deep understanding. Gone were the counter‐survival computations adopted while “going up the Bridge to OT.”

And in its place I regained my full self‐determinism and clarity of mind to effectively be able to postulate the future. Gone were the accumulated evaluations and invalidations received as part and parcel of every interaction with the church. And in its place I found a peace and inner happiness that evidently is native in me. Gone were the multitude of instances in which I had to choose to either “go up the Bridge to OT” or agree to something I knew was a basic violation of my own integrity.

And in its place… I found myself again. One of the greatest sessions was the one where I located the first time I chose to violate my integrity and agreed with some worthless arbitrary order from the church, again, in order to “go up the Bridge to OT.” This led to all kinds of realizations about how I must never invalidate my own knowingness, must never deny myself, must never sell my soul, must never compromise with my own reality, must never…
Ron knew about this all along. In the lecture “Statics and Motions and Axioms 1‐14, “ of 9 October 1951, he says:

There is almost no limit to what a human being can do as long as he doesn’t have this variety of stuff thrown at him in the guise of Affinity, Communication and Reality. People are postulating new realities for him. And every time he accepts one of these new realities, he’s sort of sunk.
But he’s all right up until the moment–he can have any god’s quantity of engrams or anything else–he’s perfectly all right until he accepts one of these postulates that is handed to him, and adopts it to himself and by his own self-determinism says, “Well, from here on that’s the way it is.” That’s a little boy suddenly saying to Mama, “Uh, I give up. I… I’ll mind, I’ll mind.” He goes out of valence, he ceases to be alive. He’s hit a static. He goes out of valence (and you can watch this either in yourself or in preclears) and his reality goes boom! Perceptics shut off.

For four days, four magic, memorable days, I lived life in a way never before
experienced. The alternating of amazing sessions with life‐changing realizations, with an intense and free communication exchange and plenty of laughter with Marty out of session, has truly given me a renewed purpose, a new viewpoint, a new attitude, a new me.

Four days were enough to repair the ravages of seven years of other‐determined actions while in the church. And there is not even the slightest scar left as a reminder of the atrocities.

Marty Rathbun is the best auditor I’ve ever had, and I have had many. His
comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and basics of auditing, his natural TRs, his impeccable auditing comm cycle, and his ability to observe the Pc are such that one cannot help but get powerful results from the properly and standardly applied Tech he delivers. It is easily observable that he just loves auditing people with a passion! “Your win is my win,” he’d say often.

Marty also has another great ability. He listens. And thus he learns. He learns because he can comfortably be there and examine other viewpoints without prejudice. He has vast knowledge so he naturally imparts wisdom, but doesn’t overpower one’s own wisdom, opinion or viewpoint. He is always learning from others, and so he continues to grow.

I am back. I am better than back. Because as Marty skillfully worked with me, I began to regain OT abilities I had gained during OT VII and VIII, that I actually didn’t know I had.

So Marty, my hat is off to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

And davey, next time you feel a pressure on your right side, or a nagging headache, you may just want to wonder, “Is that Garcia stretching?”
I am closer to you than you may know…

Luis Garcia

Radical Scientology’s Protection Racket

A protection racket is an extortion scheme whereby a criminal group or individual coerces other less powerful entities to pay money, allegedly for protection services against external threats (usually violence or property damage, and sometimes perpetrated by the racketeers themselves).

I cannot think of a better term to describe Miscavige’s standard operating procedure.  Inside, the apparent aim – like run of the mill organized crime – is money.  But, Miscavige’s operation is far more insidious than the mafia.  He also coerces blind, ignoratant loyalty.  And when one finally decides to stop playing the ponzi scheme mark, and exerts some outside independence,  his racket steps it up a few notches with the sole aim of extorting fear and consequent silence.

Recently, Miscavige mounted a full-scale offensive in my direction.  Anonymous emails have been sent to independents far and wide accusing me of all manner of lies, including auditing with an r/sing meter.  On that score, please see David St Lawrence’s post on his blog putting that lie to rest ( ).  RS (Radical Scientology) has also sent the infamous Private Eye Lil’ Dave Lebow (aka Lebeau, aka Lubow) to a number of independent pre-Clears and pre-OTs whom I have audited and otherwise counseled.  

I have heard of a few guesses by friends as to why now.   One, I have recently been involved in assisting certain Independents with turning RS legal threats into legal offensives.  Another theory, this is in response to my recent start of  the full exposure of  the black ops techniques and  network of RS’s OSA.  Another, a number of OT’s and Opinion Leaders within Scientology fields have been announcing their independence on the blog over the past couple weeks. 

While it may be a combination of all the above, I think the following factor trumps them all.   We are really becoming quite proficient at rapidly and thoroughly reversing Miscavige’s Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology techniques, and rehabilitating abilities once suppressed by RS.   This is particularly true and marked with OTs – OT VIIs and OT VIIIs.   This is a very scary development for Miscavige.  Holy cats!  Real, live OTs!

LRH describes the phenomena in HCOB OT Levels:

Pyschotics deal with doing people in. Their whole mission in life is destruction.

They inveigh against lower-level gains and seek to discredit them since these run contrary to their aberrated purpose. 

But when it gets to Clears and OT levels, psychos go berserk!

They are, it happens, terrified of punishment for their own crimes.

The thought of someone being sensible or powerful enough to punish them (the way they would do) is more than they can stand.

You can, with the utmost certainty, identify a criminal psychotic by the way he vilifies or degrades or seeks to stop Clears and OTs from coming into existence.

Hence, the protection racket on steroids.  They are attempting to enturbulate through intimidation.  They are not achieving their aim in the slightest with a single one of my friends.  But, after what has occurred over the last two weeks I feel compelled to comment on an important aspect of all this. I think it might help those who might get contacted directly or indirectly put things into context.

First some background to demonstrate I am not just talking theoretically when I use terms like “protection racket” and “organized crime.”

From 1982 through 1986 I was engaged in an investigation into the attempted looting of LRH’s personal bank account via counterfeit checks. The investigation lead into organized crime in the New England area. I dealt directly and at odds with several veteran organized crime figures.  I ultimately testified in the trial that resulted in the extortion conviction of the “financial wizard” of New England’s organized crime syndicate in a related case.

Two years ago I dealt with organized crime on the street level. Through a forty-plus article investigative series I assisted local law enforcement in driving adjuncts of the Mexican Mafia out the county in which I live.   

In both investigations my life was threatened by organized crime figures.  I know how organized crime outfits create and profit off terror.  I also know the tiny clinkers their leaders call their souls and what despicable cowards they are outside the pack.

They operate on an instinctive, beast pack-mentality  level.  You may have heard the adage about how an aggressive dog can sense fear, and sensing it becomes far more aggressive.   It is precisely the same mechanism at play with organized criminals.  Run or cower and they’ll have you hiding in your house and paying protection fees in no time.  Stand up and see them for what they are, and they’ll scatter like cockroaches when the light is switched on.

Now, here are three facts that lead me to conclude David Miscavige has become nothing more than a organized crime boss wanna be. 

You heard this week from Lori Hodgson.  I’ve been informed that the Allender character that creepily assaulted her and sleazily inferred beatings were in the offing, is an OT VIII in good standing with Miscavige.  Remember, Allender cased the place, hid out surveilling and ambushed Lori.  To pull that stunt on a woman who survived the treatment they gave her is pure cowardice and moral depravity.  It is what RS expects of an “OT VIII” (which incidentally, is no small part of the Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology that is practiced at the “top of” the RS bridge).

Two weeks ago when I was on the west coast,  like clockwork, Miscavige’s OSA sent an operative to visit Mosey (after a hard day’s work) at our home.   As per usual he was a creep, with a creepy beingness, a creepy smirk, and a creepy sort of message.  Every time I am gone, Miscavige sends such an emissary.  Of course Mosey, as per usual,handled the operative much like Lori did with Allender in San Jose, well, much like a cockroach.  But please note, they always come when I am away.  Never has one of his boys come near my place when I am home.

Then this past week Luis Garcia visited Casablanca.  Right about the time we started shinin’ like Lazlo and Rick, Luis receives a call from his wonderful wife Rocio that one Lil’ Dave Lebow came calling at his home, nearly 2,000 miles away.   Rocio gave him the cockroach treatment, making it crystal clear she did not wish for him to return.  For the next 24 hours she was overtly surveilled by Miscavige’s creeps, and the next night (with Luis still 2000 miles away) the Lil’ depraved one returned.

Now, consider this.  Sudden Sam Domingo and Mosey both witnessed a few minute phone call I had with Lebow several months ago.  I told him to tell his namesake employer to take a look at this unseemly, juvenile – and quite frankly cowardly – behavior.   That is, I called him out on RS’s already prevelant practice of running their Operation Creep Out ops exclusively on women who were alone.  The punk didn’t even deny it…instead stammered until I got bored and ended the call.

So, based on FACTS that I have witnessed – some of which I have related above – I firmly conclude that Miscavige has degenerated into a full-time dramatization of his life-long goal of becoming an organized crime boss.   He always wanted to become Michael Corleone.  Problem is, he wound up no better than Tony Montana.

Now, to the point I guess.  I’ll tell you all what I tell people individually who receive this treatment. 

Miscavige’s objective is to get into your head.  If he does, he wins and you lose. If he doesn’t, you win and he loses.  SIMPLE and PLAIN.

A little wisdom from Tao Te Ching:

The best general enters the mind of his enemy.

Being a good general is as easy as breathing.  Lest anyone mistake this post for feeding the trolls (in this case DM and RS OSA), the only reason I bother with it is to impart some advice that has served me quite well over the past couple years.   Again from the Tao:

There is no greater illusion than fear,

no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself,

no greater misfortune than having an enemy.

Whoever can see through all fear

will always be safe.