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Blog moderation policy

Just after I blew RTC  I spent 35 days on the road looking for a peaceful, faraway place to settle.   I wound up by the Gulf of Mexico on the US-Mexican border.  I later moved a tad north, but still in South Texas.  I travel a bit, and I always love coming home.  It is not just the ocean and the space.  More important I think is the culture.  You know what a big cattle rancher or oil man calls a lowly busboy in a taqueria down here? 

He calls him “Sir.”   Every man initially refers to every other man as “Sir.”  Everybody starts out with respect.  If one demonstrate’s he is not entitled to respect, only then does he lose it.  Sometimes it doesn’t take much to accomplish that.  Just be a cabron (loose translation: a prick) and see how long they keep referring to you as “Sir.”  But it is easy to keep respect. All you have to do is treat others with respect.   Most folk who come here to visit remark on how friendly people here are.  I think it has to do with their cultural upbringing and the workability of the idea of granting beingness to others indiscriminately.  Christian folk refer to it as the Golden Rule.  

I read a blog post of Jeff Hawkins recently that got me thinking about all this http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/a-quick-note/.

I think he very succinctly articulated my unwritten moderation policy.  Though I don’t have the ‘three week’ rule in force, the rest of it sums it up real well for me.

Further, I take into consideration the purpose of this blog while moderating: to help one another do as its title suggests, move on up a little higher. 

I encourage a wide variety of viewpoints and information, particularly where they assist the process of moving on up and onward.  I discourage covert and overt attempts to invalidate the idea of transcending. 

Some people attempt to distract from the topic at hand. Whether it is an OSA operative or just a person with an inability to control his own negative impulses, the result is the same.  I discourage it. 

OSA operatives, and people with inabilities to control their own negative impulses are fond of accusing me of  “censorship.”  Some of them try to draw a distinction between this forum and  Ex Scientologists Message Board or Why We Protest, painting the latter as real “free speech forums.”  

Well, turns out ESMB and WWP have their tolerance levels – and moderation policies (whether written or not) too.

Let’s take the case of Wayne Frompke, who specialized in distraction with didactic polemics.  We tolerated him for months and tried to talk reason with him so that he might get a grip on his obsessions.  He continued with what amounted to something on the order of spam.  When I checked him, he announced this blog was censorsed and went to WWP where “anything goes.” 

Wayne lasted less than a week on WWP.

Here is what a moderator there tried to explain to him, apparently to no avail:


Re: Mark Rathbun “Disconnects” Safe. My Messages to Marty
Originally Posted by Safe View Post
That’s fine. Perhaps I should have clarified what I meant by
domination. That is, somebody depriving another of their ability to
do something if they don’t comply to their demands. So if a
moderator told me, “You can’t say this cause I don’t like what you
say”, I’d just go somewhere else to say it.

That’s why I’m here now. Marty dominated me by using force on me
(censoring me) because he didn’t like my opinions.



I won’t say “welcome”, because you joined a couple of months ago
and we corresponded then. I will say a few things in response to
this thread and your posts in it:

    * You keep saying that this board practices “true freedom of
speech”. We do believe in free speech. Your constitutional right to
freedom of speech and your human right to free speech mean that you
should not be stopped from speaking out. But that does not mean
that we must allow you to say whatever you want on this board. This
board is moderated. There are rules. If you break the rules, you
will be infracted and may be banned. If the content of your post is
bad enough, we will delete it. Yes, we will censor you.
    * I am going to give you an infraction for importing drama from
another board.
    * I read marty’s board a lot. You have made some posts there
that I really agree with and I have appreciated your input.
    * Many of your posts there are too long and you post a LOT.
Your voice has been too dominant in some threads, in my view. I
often don’t read everything that you write.
    * I think you advertise the non-violent communication stuff as
if you were on commission for the guy’s book sales. It pisses me
off how much you carry on about it. Don’t do that here. Or rather,
stop doing it here, because you’ve already started.
    * I actually thought marty was incredibly patient with you. You
made your point about how you thought mike should have dealt with
the PI’s. Then you went on and on and on covering the same ground.
I thought you were being naive. I did not think Mike handled the
guy too badly at all – IN ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES. But that’s just my
    * You seem to have turned very quickly into an anti-martyite.
Too quickly for my taste. I don’t trust you.


I treat this blog like my home.  I entertain a wide variety thoughts and viewpoints.  However, when an originator demonstrates it is a one way street and he isn’t really interested in learning something, but only in enturbulating or propagandizing, I show him the door.

Since OSA has had a well-financed, steadily-worked-on campaign going for more than a year to infiltrate my home and this blog with the specific objective of enturbulating me to the point where I start axing people ala Miscavige himself, I think by and large we’ve done pretty well keeping the ship pointed in the direction of moving on up a little higher.