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Winning can be a bitch. At least Miscavige attempts to make it that way.

For the time being, we have learned how to cope with the spamming and hopefully prevent an effective Denial of Service.

Coincident with the Denial of Service attack on this blog, a number of people alerted me to an email received from this address: lt07042010@hushmail.com

The email links to approximately fifty views of Moving On Up A Little Higher’s moderator page.   It notes that because he found a handful of people who have used more than one posting handle (no doubt to shield themselves from OSA harassment), there are not really many people following this blog.  He attempts to cover DM’s hacking tracks by saying Mike, Mosey or I left our computer logged on to that page during Independent’s weekend. 

The cover is a demonstrable lie; the evidence I am holding for possible future proceedings. All they have demonstrated is that they have continued to spy on my blog for going on a year now.  

Mike Rinder posted a comment as to how such insanity as the spam DOS attack and the “LT” hacking incident occurred.  I am re-posting it here in the event anyone did not see it:

I guess current actions are driving Dear Leader to a new round of vein popping! I can imagine it: “Do something about him you incompetent m*****f***ers. NOW!!! Or you will think the Hole is a holiday camp.”

As Warren and Linda leave the beating session they look at one another and shrug:

“There’s nothing we can do, you know that spamming doesnt work and just makes us look bad.”

“Yeah, but we have to DO something as Lou is going to call us in 5 minutes and demand to know how we handled it.” So, they get on the phone “Flood the blog now.”

And then:

“You know, we did this before and still ended up in the lake….”

“OK, let’s send out emails to everyone saying we got secret information from the blog that the Independent movement is really a scam…”

“Nobody will buy that. And we would have to admit that we hacked the blog???”

“We have to do something, do you want the crap beaten out of you again?”

“OK, send the email…”

Mike could not be more accurate.  I know this for two reasons. First, I was THE relay between DM and OSA  NW for more than two decades and I know how it works. Second,  the IP address of the LT email matches a known OSA ops IP address locale.  There is no possible way OSA would be that stupid absent CRUSHING PRESSURE FROM DM. 

Now, as to the timing for the coordinated attacks.  I usually do not save draft posts in the drafts section of my blog moderation page.  I don’t do it because I assume OSA can get in there. They did it last January when they shut down my blog.  And the LT email proves they have done so again. 

This week, with the move and a number of other hot matters being juggled, I left three drafts of upcoming posts locked and loaded in the blog’s moderation section.

Yesterday’s musings in WORSE THAN FAIR GAME? were really a prelude to what is coming.  That is, what is contained in those three drafts on my moderation page.  WORSE THAN FAIR GAME? alone does not answer why Miscavige would order such foolish, knee-jerk suppression as OSA just unleashed.

The draft posts that are locked and loaded do answer it.

You’ll understand over the next week as you see what comes. 

I think we’ll begin Thursday or Friday. 

Let’s see what else DM attempts to pull to stop me.

I’m sorry for those whose names got exposed who didn’t want them exposed.  I guaran-goddamn-tee you one thing as a consolation. As I predicted all along, with the waves of troops he’s sending this way, you do NOT have to worry about OSA harassment – THEY DO NOT HAVE THE RESOURCES TO GO AFTER YOU.

Denial of Service Attack

Perhaps I spoke too soon about Fair Game having been cancelled.  In either event, last night this blog received a coordinated Denial of Service Attack in the form of thousands of spam comments.  It is continuing unabated. I apologize to those who posted legitimate comments to the post WORSE THAN FAIR GAME that have not appeared on the blog.  I am quite busy at the moment and do not have the time to sort through thousands of spams to find the legitimate comments.  I have queried Word Press for a more efficient means to deal with this. In the interim,  if you wish to comment you can try my second blog, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/10/23/casablanca-tejas-population-4/.  Chances are they’ll target it too.  But, what the hell, as a wise man once said “when in doubt, communicate”, or when someone tries to unmock you the thing to do is just keep putting out more anchor points.