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A Letter From Garcia

Luis Garcia



After much looking, soul-searching, researching, evaluating and arriving at conclusions, I decided to leave the church. But how do I do it? Stable datum: I am a Scientologist who applies Scientology.

As part of doing my conditions, I thought of writing a letter to David Miscavige. In it I would combine several points of the conditions’ formulas, for example:

Doubt #6: “Join or remain in or befriend the one which progresses toward the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and announce the fact publicly to both sides.”

Doubt #7: “Do everything possible to improve the actions and statistics of the person, group, project or org one has remained in or joined.”

Liability #2: “Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger.”

As I was doing my conditions, I came to the end of doubt, and had to announce my decision to “both sides”. As part of this process, I sent my letter to Miscavige, via the RTC website first, on November 6th.

However, if I had only sent the letter to Miscavige and then posted the letter on the different blogs, I would really only be addressing one side, and even then it would be incomplete. One side has to include every Scientologist from across the world that I have ever known, from Hollywood to Kazakhstan, for the last 28 years. Since I have this habit of collecting contact info from everyone I meet, I was well prepared in terms of names and email addresses.

But what about the thousands of unsolicited emails I’ve received over the years from church staff and public Scientologists, requesting donations for “ideal orgs” all over the map, or announcing their fundraising of the day, or promoting their “Improve your Finances” seminar, or ordering my attendance to a mandatory briefing?

Well, I figured if they communicate to me, then I also have the right to communicate to them. So yes! They all got a copy of my “Letter to COB.” And let me assure you, my list included a large number of org staff and SO members from around the world as well as some staff of high rank.

As a result of my “dissemination”, I received a number of replies from people who wanted to forward my letter to their own mailing list, but couldn’t or wouldn’t do it because “they were under the radar” or for other reasons. So they gave me their mailing lists and I sent my letter to everyone from those lists.

And soon after that, I received other replies demonstrating that many more of my original recipients were in fact forwarding the letter to their own contacts.

So, all in all, I sent a total of 2,643 emails. The number of times the letter was forwarded by recipients is unknown.

Here are the stats so far:

Total number of emails sent by me alone: 2,643

Bounced/undeliverable: 136

Replied “Don’t ever email me again”: 14

Replied “How did you get my email?”: 17

Replied expressing agreement and support: 7

Replied expressing agreement from people “under the radar” 29

Cautious replies wanting to know more: 11

Replied with a KR written on me: 2

Replied from OSA bots: 4

These stats are very interesting. After reading a 20-page letter outlining a plethora of outpoints the biggest concern of 17 people is “How did you get my email?” Can you spell f-e-a-r? Altered importance, perhaps?

What is blatantly obvious above is what is missing: 2,423 did not reply at all. SILENCE. I wouldn’t want to speculate on what this means. You can draw your own conclusions.

But I do remember a time when I received an “entheta” email. I stayed silent, took action, and I started to look.

I doubt Miscavige received my letter, as his staff would probably not forward anything that might slightly enturbulate the dear leader.

For a few days now, this letter has been distributed far and wide and read by plenty a Scientologist, and replies continue to come in.

So davey: if you are reading this, and I’m pretty sure you are, you are officially the last person to read my letter addressed to you. Now, when staff and public give you that funny look, you may wonder: “Is this one of the thousands who received that letter? Does he agree with it? Is he disaffected with me? Maybe he needs more sec-checking. Or a good solid RPF for 8 years…”

And this concludes my declaration of Independence. And in classic miscavige-style I would like to say: “It was an enthralling and formidable, magnificent but yet incredible, unequivocal and uncompromising, and most exhilarating and effective way of delivering a blow to the enemy.”

Love you all.

Luis Garcia,  Luis.Garcia.OTVIII@gmail.com

 A Letter From Garcia