Superpower Fraud

Super Power was one of many undercuts L. Ron Hubbard developed over the years for increasing staff effectiveness.   Superpower was developed as an intensive set of rundowns to super-charge staff who had not made it up the Bridge – and given existing resources were not about to in the foreseeable future.  The L’s Rundowns had a similar birth.  LRH developed much of L’s technology in trying to revitalize Flag Executive Briefing Course students (executives from organizations around the world) who were from nowhere when it came to Bridge progress.

Since most everything LRH developed tended to have pretty remarkable results, some of his rundowns took on mythological significance.  Scientology Inc has capitalized on that fact to the hilt, and beyond to the ad absurdum.   They have advertised L’s as the cure of virtually everything (not the least of which is their own failed Bridge delivery), collected a cool $1,000 an hour for it for decades, while creating as many train wrecks as successes with L’s delivery.

Superpower hype has taken David Miscavige’s Scientology Inc to new, straight up and vertical levels of fraud.  To learn more about that, you can check out a new website, Super Power Fraud.


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  1. The Super Power Fraud site is very informative. I could never understand why someone would donate to a building without owning a piece of it! That is just not good business.

  2. Random Stranger


    1) He’s having too much fun piloting that spinning contraption, watching dizzy people stagger around like idiots after getting out of it.

    2) He keeps coming up with more substances for people to feel and smell while blindfolded, like razor blades, excrement, hornets, etc.

    3) The WHY I LOVE COB RUNDOWN is not yet 100% standard.

    4) The marble statues and gold busts of himself are being redone again by the highly skilled fleet of artisans in Italy.

    5) He’s been too busy laundering all his FSM commissions and bonuses.

    6) He told everyone at the Base he wasn’t going to release it until they all stopped masturbating.

    7) Tom’s not happy with the overall floor plan nor his secret apartment underneath the main staircase.

    8) The Sultan of Brunei came in and made a comment that the place looked a bit shabby, so everything’s getting redone.

    9) Now he wants that big oak tree moved back to its original spot.

    10) He insists there’s still Kryptonite under the ground interfering with the results and he wants it located and removed.

    11) The illegal immigrants working on the building are on strike because they’re tired of the constant rice and beans punishment .

    12) He’s waiting until more people forget who L. Ron Hubbard is.

    13) He’s still negotiating his kickbacks with the cement contractor.

    14) He’s still working that hot reg cycle with Louis Farakkan to put some of those Quasi-Islamic turrets on top of the building next to the cross.

    15) The current version of the main LRH bust still looks too much like Nibs.

    16) The Fac-One machine is not quite ready.

    17) The bilge and chain locker punishment rooms in the basement don’t meet spec.

    18) The maze of nationwide underground tunnels for his rocket-powered bullet-train rides from his numerous personal residences to the Super Power building are still under construction.

    19) He’s still working on how to run the entire Super Power operation with just computers and video and no staff.

    20) He’s stalling until those gold shovels officially become antiques, thus commanding a higher price at the memorabilia auction to the high rollers.

  3. Rory Medford

    Scientology is a fraud at EVERY level from top to bottom. There is no amount of deceit and trickery they wont try when it comes to extracting money out of its members. They have many disguises and ways to trick and deceive you. It is a very very greedy cult that thoroughly destroys lives and makes you bankrupt at many levels, spiritually, mentally and for sure financially. The day will come when people wake up to the fraud and nonsense. Maybe they are waking up but they are a ruthless and nasty and unkind organization. Hold on to your wallets and your soul.

  4. Nice! The sad truth is that Super Power was successfully piloted in 1991 and 1992 (it had never been fully written up before then, believe it or not). Delivery could have begun in 1993, latest. And Super Power was originally intended for staff members to make them more effective on their posts and for Dianetic Clears who could no longer receive Power Processing. Instead, Super Power has become a myth, not unlike Excalibur. If you are part of an office pool betting to determine when Super Power will be released, the smart money is on Never, So Long As DM Has Anything To Do With Scientology. Super Power is much more lucrative to him as a mythological creature than a body of technical rundowns to help people.

  5. Good website. Small, informative.
    Right into your face, David Miscavige.

  6. Excellent comments.

    Great website regarding the Supressive Power building project.

  7. one of those who see

    Excellent Site! Clear, precise. Time, place, form and event. Another great tool to expose the corruption. Good job to all Indies involved!

  8. Wow. Great site!

  9. I can well imagine deep pockets jumping off a Bridge.

    My first day at Flag I was held up in the Sandcastle MLO Office all day.
    It was a constant one on one reg cycle by several exec’s for absurd amounts of money. First was Super Power with a pitch worthy of Cal Worthington used car salesman. Next was a gal who went up the Bridge on Credit Cards
    which is a huge scam. A few more till I was about to pass out from lack of food and water (dehydrated from travel, heat and running around)
    So I told the truth, I would have to go back home to raise this kind of money.
    My checksheet was signed and I went on.
    IAS volunteer reg’s roamed the halls and waiting areas Day and Night.
    Finally I caved to see if it would get TA. I had all the videos to watch of Mankind falling apart at the seams as if I didnt get enough from my front porch where I live. Getting the obligatory Hammer and Pound and appeals that turn into threats that would get a Jewish Opera Oscar Nomination
    .I stated firmly that was going to destroy all of my credit cards and I hated the filthy beggers that sell credit cards. I got my checksheet signed but lost the popularity contest.
    More about Flag but I have to save this for later.

    I was so enturbulated I bazooka Barfed waiting to go in session. I had had enough and routed out. I had enough of these Gooks on my six , firewalled the throttel and went to afterburners. Hit the deck till Charlie was nowhere in the rear view, climbed grabbing all the blue Sky I could get till I was seeing For sale signs in Heaven. Homeward bound I was in a cold sweat with white knuckles.
    Back home resting and pondering the financial carnage I subjected myself
    too the ethics Office called !!! Wanted to know how I got home?

    Mother Fucker you have admit thats Kutzpah

    It took 3 years to recover from Flag.
    Suggested reading is “Art of Money Getting” by P.T. Barnum
    thats right the Circus guy of Barnum and Bailey Circus.
    Fuck Flag Scientology Money Practices it is all designed to rape
    you down to your underwear. That a NO SHIT BROTHER

  10. miscavigeisscaredofsam

    Brilliant website. Thank you to the creator/s.

  11. When I was at the Prague Mission in the Czech Republic in 2004 there was a Super Power event. The mission has about 30 public. A good job in Czech earns the equivalent of $75 (U.S. dollars). The people live simply and work hard to create better lives now that they are free of the Soviet Union and communism.

    The Super Power reges convinced these people that their money was needed to release Super Power and basically salvage the planet. I saw these people go home, gather up their savings and proudly come in as a family to turn over their money. The con worked so well that the greedy
    Super Power reges came back 3 months later to see what else they could suck out of these people.

    It was a gross betrayal of trust.

  12. Vercingétorix

    Thanks for this, and for the link. I will forward this. I had a friend who went through some difficulties with the L’s I think, and that is a lot of money!
    In the link to that site, they mention something I also read about it being common knowledge at Saint Hill that Miscaviage never finished his internship, because of slapping a woman pc. And that is the guy running Scientology? Anyway, this was also in the recent write up of Alain Chouraki of the Paris Org who has just chosen to join the friends of LRH, instead of the friends of Miscavige. It is 22 pages long, annotated in detail, and for this reason he does not want it diffused on the internet, so as not to give MU’s to public. But anyone who was at Paris Org I believe will know of him.

  13. When I worked at the Flag Mill (2002 – 2004) we were constructing complete sample auditing rooms on one of the empty floors of the Super Power building. We would spend thousands of dollars and weeks (day and night) on each auditing room. Each time Miscavige would come and say
    “No, lets try a lighter color wood paneling” We’d make the next one and he’d say “No, lets try the wood grain going horizontal” …..
    Pretty soon we had THIRTEEN disapproved fully constructed auditing rooms sitting on a HUGE empty floor of the Super Power building!
    We kept being told that not getting an approved auditing room model was what was holding up the release of Super Power.

    It was obvious that Miscavige was intentionally blocking the progress. If he just wanted to see how different models would look like it could have been done with the high tech computers in the Super Power planning office.
    After there was a complete design would come have built it.

    As an additional note there was a submission to Miscavige for what the color of the exterior of the Super Power building would be. It sat with Miscavige for so long, with no reply, that eventually the building was painted without hearing back. When Miscavige found out he had the entire building repainted, at a cost of $1,000,000 with a color shade so slight it was almost indistinguishable.

  14. isn’t there a rundown on Superpower specifically for people who work in legal and/or government to dePTS them? Suddenly it all makes sense why it hasn’t been released….

  15. Rob Thomas

    I believe the building STILL isn’t finished. This brings a question to mind does anyone in the independent movement have the super power tech?

  16. geeze…

  17. Great, great website on the Superpower Building Fundraising Scam!

    Big thanks to all who put that one together!

  18. Terrific website — thank you to those who created it.

    Now, we can all test the efficiency of how well the ethnic … er email-cleansing-program is doing —

    Send this website to everyone on our email list that are or were scientologists 🙂

    The website needs to be seen!!!


  19. I hear you, Mat. Since DM can’t complete a cycle of action, he makes sure no one else can either. There’s sure tons of examples of that, but the Super Power building has got to be the most visable.

  20. Off the fence

    “Speed of particle flow determines power”
    So we know Miscavige is not powerful, so then what words would define him? How ’bout:
    Powerless, disability, weakness, impairment, impotence, infirmity, inability, incapacity, incompetence, inefficiency, surrender, yielding, etc.
    Are these the qualities you want in your leader?

  21. Getting money from Flag Public is like shooting fish in a Barrel.
    What is better is getting money from Solo Auditors on OT 7,
    thats like shooting fish in a bucket.

    Just after I left Flag the same team got thier hooks in Rex Fowler.
    Rex went down in flames giving up his companys bank account,
    an easy shoot down. Then as Reverse Scientology took hold utterly
    remodeling his mind into total chaos he murdered his ex CFO and botched his own suicide. Rex is in prison for Life whilst working on Cause over Life
    at Flag.

  22. Ronnie Bell

    Lord. Have. Mercy….

    I was with Flag Renos in ’93 and ’94, and did a lot of work on the pre-groundbreaking projects for the Superpower building. Thank GOD I got the hell out of there when I did.

    Like Tango 23 said above, “I had enough of these Gooks on my six , firewalled the throttle and went to afterburners. Hit the deck till Charlie was nowhere in the rear view, climbed grabbing all the blue sky I could get, till I was seeing For Sale signs in heaven. Homeward bound I was in a cold sweat with white knuckles.”

  23. The Oracle

    This is conflicting data. That is was never written up or piloted before 1991.

    “Super Power will be delivered at Saint Hills within the next 6 weeks…”

    LRH ED 301 INT
    17 December 1978
    Ron’s Journal 30
    (Tech Vol. XI, p. 380)

    In 1978 Hubbard announced it would be ready for delivery in the next six weeks.


  24. Mat — just a microcosm of the insanities of Dave’s follies. Every construction project he has ever been involved with has gone the same way. He issues orders (like the ones that Marty has posted) that some poor fools have had to try and decipher.

    Those orders are then “complied to” and it usually contains a rider — “do not go any further until this is authorized.” The plan is then “submitted” and after going through a vetting process by a series of terminals between the originator and the Almighty COB, which invariably involves numerous rejects as different people try to determine what constitutes “compliance” to the insanity, it finally reaches the Big Man on Campus. Then it sits and sits and sits. He may spend 5 hours meeting with people to show them all the “traffic” he has that “all HAS to be seen by him because he cannot trust anyone to handle it” — 5 hours that he ISNT looking at the submissions but is instead complaining about having to deal with. And then when he finally gets around to it — if it isnt returned for “an update” (because weeks or months have gone by sitting in a pile of submissions in his office) — it is usually rejected with a whole slew of brand NEW orders, contradicting what was said before. And the process starts all over again.

    He can drag something on FOREVER, literally. He has been saying for two decades that “the L’s have to be recompiled” and “I am the only one that can do it.” Whether he is right or not is immaterial — the fact that he claims the L’s are out tech and has NOT even attempted to fix it is par for the course for POB.

    So too the building projects. One of the reasons Angie Blankenship and Bob Wright and Laurance are kept so under wraps, even though they are out of the SO, is that they know a LOT of dirt about these building projects and the massive amounts of money that have been wasted by Miscavige and his whims, changing orders, confusing direction, delays and demands for opulence. Tom DeVcht, who DID work on some of these projects can give plenty of data — but of course to defend that, Miscavige falsely accuses him of financial irregularities.

    It sucks to be Miscavige….

  25. All too real. I liked #9. They made such a BIG deal moving that tree as if they are tree loving humanitarians.. What a croc!!

  26. Ronnie Bell

    One of the more unbelievable things about the Superpower building project, is that staff and public in the corporate church have managed to avert their eyes from what is one of the most overt examples of church incompetence and fraud on earth.

    That building stands as a concrete testament to the willingness of humans to accept, and even participate in, monumental deceit and deception. The fact that this has occurred within the confines of the Scientology religion, is the utmost irony.

  27. Not really. There were only about 3 of the 12 rundowns that were every written up before LRH called trainees in and discovered that their TRs were not up to snuff, so that resulted in a lot of work throughout 1979 on TRs. That work on TRs led to the World Out of Comm Eval which led to KTL and LOC and on it went. Meanwhile, LRH had named what the parts of Super Power were and gave instructions on how to put it together, but other matters kept taking priority and it never was fully compiled until 1991. I know because I was the RTRC compiler who put it together. I wrote an article on the Scn-cult site that explains it all.

  28. Your humble servant


    You are becoming careless again. You have stated “Scientology” is a fraud, when I’m sure you meant the present, corporate, Church of Scientology organization. This has been pointed out to you before. It may mean nothing to you, but I find the differentiation to be very significant.

  29. Here is dm in action… ( I love this )

  30. Wasn’t the latest target to open the SP building in summer as promised in at the LRH Birthday event at Ruth Eckert Hall? Maybe at the next June 6 MV anniversary event, it will be another new target and promises give, “as per usual”. This gives the regges more fodder to “give now”!

  31. Random,
    One of your best ever! LOL.

  32. Good observation.

  33. I disagree. I have used the subject of Scientology and concepts introduced to me by L. Ron Hubbard to do some wonderful things in life that I am very proud of and for which I have had public acknowledgement. I have had significant personal wins in auditing and training that opened up avenues of accomplishment in life. I can study and learn anything I want – from the simple and practical to advanced math and sciences and more. I have many, many friends of many different walks of life. I am young at an mature age. All with the help of Scientology. All though I have not been “on lines” for quite a long time due to personal observations and decision of “greatest good.”

    I differentiate between the corporate “Church” (not Scientology) under David Miscavige and the subject of Scientology as postulated by L. Ron Hubbard. It is a pity that David Miscavige has misled the church so badly that he has brought the subject of Scientology to nearly ubiquitous derision.

  34. And I do not understand why somebody would donate without seeing the books.

  35. Your humble servant


    You are right. This has become an incredible, shameless fraud. I remember the “groundbreaking” from 1998 very well. The number of broken promises about when the building would open are legion. I will remember the ED SFO Fdn telling me he was “sure” the building would open in 2009–now three years ago. I also well remember seeing the neglect and disrepair to exterior of the building in 2004. I well remember Lori Webster telling me around the same time in a letter that the building hadn’t been opened because the final architectural design for the interior features was being finished up. Of course, this was just a “shore story.” Does she feel no shame over such deceit?

    Obviously, they have had way more than enough time–its been at 13 or 14 years since the groundbreaking. And obviously, they have raised more than enough money, which, equally obviously, they have been using somewhere else or just “squirreling” it away.

    As for delivery of this rundown, I truly believe that it would take genuinely “flubless” in-tech auditors and C/S’s to get anything like the intended results of the rundown. I do not believe such auditors and C/S’s exist in the Church today. There has been too much alteration of tech and there is too much present suppression of everybody on technical lines, and, as we all know, people suffering from suppression make mistakes.

    Specifically too, I think we were told that David Miscavige, who is technically unqualified to come within a mile of any sort of technical delivery, has messed around with the technical aspects of the rundown, and the weird apparatuses that are reportedly part of the intended delivery must be entirely of his own invention. Therefore, it is a guaranteed disaster.

    David Miscavige knows all of this and knows that if the rundown were to be released it could not possibly meet the glowing expectations that have been promoted for it. So, he has been playing the game of “Let’s push it off into the future some more.”

    Meanwhile, the fundraising goes on.

  36. “Now that’s a product,” says davey. “Someone who kill and die for me (but only after they give me all their money)”
    And, of course, now that the guy is dead, he can’t demand a refund and we don’t have to bother pretending to service him either. That “servicing” people, such a bother.

  37. Your humble servant

    Beautifully poetic, Tango.

  38. I know of certain public that were hounded, bullied, cajoled, overwhelmed to cough up $25,000 to $40,000 on a complete emergency screaming basis for Super Power and that would “save the world” “create a new civilization” “Change the destiny of our generation” blah blah blah and this rip-off was 25 – 30 years ago.
    They paid. The “Church” sucked in their donations.
    A New civilization indeed.

  39. Your humble servant


    What you are telling us conclusively proves that DM has had absolutely no intention of opening the building or releasing the rundowns EVER if it could possibly be helped. It’s also just about the 15,432nd example that has been mentioned on this blog showing that he is stark, raving INSANE. No sane individual would EVER waste a million dollars of parishioners’ donations to satisfy an egotistical, make-wrong whim like that.

  40. Lucy James

    The little man sat with his Scotch in his customary chair
    Staring out in space with his customary stare

    His Secretary looked at him, he sat as if asleep
    Then suddenly he seemed to tense, like a tiger for a leap

    He stood and swung around; his hand went to his hip
    Her heart was beating like a gong her arm was in his grip

    His eyes were glaring into hers, she shrank away in fear
    His fetid breath was on her face; his voice was in her ear

    “Public moan when I take their pay, to glut my treasuries
    These guys are dopes to work like hell to make one dollar two,
    When most of it will go to swell, my fiscal revenue”

    “Alas! I’m wealthy;… it’s amazing beyond a doubt
    But now I’m terrified they will find me out!”

    “Does no one actually understand, my brow is creased with care
    Do you realize how hard it is to be a millionaire?”

    He looked so devil-like he made her creep and shrink
    There was nothing else to do… but pour him another drink.

  41. The Oracle

    Well done on the web site . This is a great Knowledge Report. Thanks for forwarding the TRUTH as usual, on Marty’s blog. Seek to live with the TRUTH!

  42. Watchful Navigator

    Hey Dan
    Appreciate so much your article re-releasing the “Bright Think” Rundown. I am one happy Clear for being able to do that process with my twin, who is another happy Clear for my auditing him on it.
    Are any other parts of the rundown available besides this? (and the Ethics Repair List – we’re about to start that one).
    There is no revenge as sweet and as harmless, as two 15+ yr staffmembers co-auditing each other on these powerful rundowns after being lied to so long and denied them for all those years.

    This is the year that the Dallas Indy field surpasses the Idle Org in all the stats that count. We are growing. They are emptying out. Let them who remain, steal each other blind with their IAS events. We are auditing.
    Getting “SuperPower” to our field staff for real, is part of our program. Phoney implanting equipment is not.
    Scott Gordon – DSA CCDallas Emeritus
    “Making COB Wrong Since 2009”

  43. The Oracle

    David Miscavige is very high maintenance. He costs the Church of Scientology millions of dollars a year in cash and billions in lost income, auditors, clears and OT’s.

  44. The Oracle


  45. The fact that DM claims the L’s are out tech but does nothing to fix it?!?!?! And he has the audacity to complain about the auditors out tech in the indie field, the overt doth speak loudly in accusation!

  46. That superpower fraud website is nicely done. Well done to the creator.

  47. What is the definition of “fully”?

  48. I keep hearing that they can’t recruit enough staff for superpower. With all that surplus money, why don’t they just hire staff and pay them a living wage?

  49. Joe Pendleton

    Dan is really on the money here (no pun intended). My feeling has long been that Superpower probably got some nice wins on piloting (maybe even some great cogs by some) but nothing that could even now approach its mythology, and on that basis alone cannot be released as long as the “money train” is still on the tracks. I think the CoS has already taken somewhat of a hit on “new” OTVIII (remember when it was promoted that they had “no case” anymore; well, they were just on the “first step” of “positive case gain”, so they REALLY need OT9 and 10 for the spectacular stuff and to get on those, they have to toe the line of course for eligability……). The web site referenced is very interesting and it the question posed on it absolutely staggers me – that if Superpower could facilitate planetary clearing, why wasn’t it released in 1979 when LRH said it would be (in fact, why didn’t LRH release it? He was to live until 1986). What staggers me is that people in the CoS keep contributing without asking that question. Oh, I forgot…… you’re not allowed to ask that … or no matter how much you’ve given, it would be sec check time and the true penalty… you’d have to now give MORE money.

  50. Tango 23: I look forward to hearing more from you about your Flag experiences. It sounds like you were right there in the heat of it.

  51. I*t’s another lie on top of a lie. Check out the website Marty links to in the post. You will see a photo of the “200 Super Power Auditors” — in 2006!!!! They could all be Class XII C/Ses by now. They havent been delivering Super Power thats for sure!!!!! Oh, unless there really weren’t 200… Or 75% of them have since blown… But even 50 auditors left would STILL be capable of delivering 2000 WDAHs a week. That is almost as much as Flag delivers weekly (without Solo). This whole thing is a scam.

  52. Betsy: Yeah, the overt doth speak loudly in accusation it seems.

  53. Path of Buddha

    In my opinion, the website is good enough to attract the attention
    of regulators.

    May all super-powered beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  54. The Oracle

    No, Lauri Webster feels no shame for deceit. She convinced her P.C. in Boston to false attest to Clear so she could get her auditing cert and graduate! And she was on OTVll at that time. She put her entire bridge on credit cards and then begged for donations in the Sand Castle from public to pay them off. While she was doing that she seduced a married man, broke up his family, left a little girl without a Daddy. Then tortured his ex wife, now a single mother raising a child, with KRs. She was found unfit for every post she held in the Sea Org until she got put on the beggars post. She has become wealthy with the Super Power Project on commissions. If Super Power were released it would mean a very uncertain future for her. And that is how she fits so well into this puzzle. Greed. Lack of mercy. Lack of any real interest in the public. Dishonest. Out exchange. No exchange. Self serving. Who else would be on post as the I/C of the Super Power Project? She was the perfect person to put on top of a major scam and pull it off.

  55. The Oracle

    Super Power on the streets. This is what has been put out onto the streets about Super Power from the staff at Flag.

    1. Super Power must be released to save the planet because all of the public OTs are out ethics.

    2. The hold up now is all the public OT’s who refuse to join to staff. They don’t have enough staff and it is the public’s fault.

    Needless to say some people even given a tech dictionary can not distance themselves from ser facs once the ser fac elevates them on some level above someone else.

  56. I think the Mob has more scrupples than Miscavige, at least some of their front organisations pay taxes.
    Apart from the fact Miscavige has stolen and corrupted the ability of Scientology as an organisation to actually deliver what it promises, he has created a lying criminal organisation in it’s place. All under the nose of the “worlds best” law enforcement agencies.

  57. Facility differential.

    DM is worth MINUS millions per year. Deserves no facilities, perks, communicators etc.

    Perhaps Random Stranger or some other math genius could actually calculate the exactitude.

    DM’s stat (in the minus range) is likely straight up and vertical, but you have to stand on your head to look at it.

  58. The Oracle

    This is a ser fac. “We can’t deliver Super Power because too many of you out ethics public won’t join staff”.

  59. OK, from the ptsp course characteristics of an SP
    When you win the SP is Sad.
    When you lose the SP is Happy.
    I saw this all the time

  60. The Oracle

    Hardy har har! Hey, that was well written! Applause!

  61. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Wow Lucy! Very nice!, VERY NICE!

    — Jackson

  62. Rory Medford

    I’m sure you meant the present, corporate, Church of Scientology. Yes that is what I meant

  63. The Groundbreaking event of 1998 was DM’s bright idea on how to divert public attention after he killed Lisa McPherson. I wrote the videos for that event including the new FSO building fly-through video. It was some years later when I learned the real reason for the event — by then DM was bragging about it.

  64. The Oracle

    “He has been saying for two decades that “the L’s have to be recompiled” and “I am the only one that can do it.”

    That right there is a tech degrade on Hubbard and Scientology. I guess he was making sure none of the staff at Int would be reaching to do the L’s.

    I spent six years at the base in the Sea Org and the only people totally blown away all of the time were the people sitting in L’s HGC.

    I just did L11 and L12 and it was beyond anything I ever dreamed possible in Scientology or anyplace else. Take my bridge from tr’s through OT3 and puff it out 10X and that is what I got from two L’s.

    Thank you Trey Lotz.


    Issuing alter-ised Scientology technical data or information or instructional or admin procedures, calling it Scientology or calling it something else to cofuse or deceive people as to the true source, beliefs, and practicies of Scientology.

    Acts calculated to misuse, invalidate or alter is legally OR IN ANY OTHER WAY the trademarks and service marks of Dianetics and Scientology.

    Engaging in malicious rumor mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology to “safeguard” a position.

    Acting in any way calculated to lose the technology of Dianetics and Scientology to use or impede it’s use or shorten it’s materials or it’s application.

    High Crime

    Withhold of vital information. Obstruction of vital or technical or management information lines in such a way as to deny people tech data, prevent students and pcs moving up the bridge, or obstructing the relay, disclosure or free distribution of vital information so as to prevent it’s arriving amongst the public and orgs in terms of results, is classed as a high crime.

    David, this one comment alone is enough to have you declared suppressive.

    David, you are not qualified to improve on Hubbard. You took a class Xll C/S trained by Hubbard and had her tortured and abused at the Int base for months. You take things of beauty and hope and convert them into damaged goods. That is what you do. That is what you are.

  65. Rory,
    Miscavige lacks the ability to differentiate. You shouldn’t make the same mistake. Scientology and Miscavige’s cult/church are not the same.

  66. plainoldthetan

    The VAB (vertical or vehicle assembly building) at the Kennedy Space Center was the largest building in Florida until 1978. Its groundbreaking ceremony was in 1963 and it was deemed operational in 1966. That’s three years by chronometer, maybe four if you fudge the dates.

    Americans landed on the moon in 1969. That’s six years.

    Yet a much smaller building and much smaller project hasn’t been completed in 34 years.

    According to HCO PL 4 January 1971: “Above case gain is COMPETENCE.” So apparently, there’s a newly-discovered scale in Scientology, Inc.







  67. Captain Bob

    so if the L’s need to be recompiled-

    ” He has been saying for two decades that “the L’s have to be recompiled” and “I am the only one that can do it.”

    So the question is why are they being sold to members if he, DM, knows they are out-tech? I mean those L rundowns cost lots of bucks.

    And speaking of bucks, if the Super Power was supposed to be for staff members so they can clear the planet, will the Flag delivering Super Power charge lower org staff for getting the rundown?

    What about the Universe Corps for staff?

    As far as I can tell these things, Super Power and Universe Corps are for dedicated staff who have worked for years forwarding the goal of a “sane” planet. And as the real pay in life is ARC, why these two programs would create ARC in/on the planet. But yet we, the COS, are fighting enemies constantly. Always a hill ten to handle, And of course ALWAYS more MONEY is needed. And who are the enemies? Failure to deliver?

  68. Lucy!! Very well done!

  69. Yeah Mike, and also the OEC’s DM has to redo and only he can do them since no one else is suppressive enough.

  70. You know what? Sometimes ya just gotta go, LOOK MAN…

  71. Your humble servant

    Thanks, Rory.

  72. Tom Gallagher

    David Miscavige, aka, Shorty, premier knuckle-head, POB, wannabe Anti-Christ Pope hold up in Helmet, little-dicked suppressive, supreme killer of sanity, etc., is finally at the end of the road and his rope.

    POB, as if it needs pointing out, will see justice served and thus one can look forward to the photo-op of him sporting an orange-striped uniform all-the-while being frog marched behind his newest best buddy.

    Yeah, it sucks to be a psychotic little satanic pope.

    Inquiring minds though ask: Is Miscavige a closet ‘Bildeberger’? Seriously, does he conduct and participate in grotesque sexual and other bizarre rituals, too?

    A study of the tone scale should answer that.

  73. Your humble servant

    Wow! That is really something.

  74. Captain Bob

    indeed not good business. Just like the poor worker who makes or earns a living, gets sucked into the matrix, why as you go up the bridge your ability to earn money increases. And some do. And some don’t. But it is standard tech.

    However, enter in Credit Cards and free money, borrow money from your friends and family, make it go right, you are a thetan, you are powerful. What’s the problem, don’t you agree? You can make it go right.

    Next thing you know, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, why you are making more money indeed, you just need to do the next level, the next step. Somehow you do it. And the next thing you know, why some other great cause comes in, you must donate to the the Super Power, you must donate to the way to happy, the no drugs, to the IAS………and you give some money. But you go finally, what about me going up the bridge. Why do I self sacrifice for the 4th dynamic? Why? Now this is the viewpoint from a worker, as in Problems of Work. What is the viewpoint from a big owner of a business? What is the viewpoint from a person who is not experieced in jobs or life really, and joins the Sea Org? And sold a bill of goods? And what is the viewpoint of a wog who hears about the COS? Oh, it’s the greatest thing on earth? Ok, why is that? BUT, the wog can now research on the internet about any given thing. In fact, whenever I’m in doubt about something, I do a google search to read up on it. So, the internet ain’t going away. How’s that for COS communications? Any new public will research the internet for something to get a different viewpoint from what is PR’s or promoted.

    So maybe one asks herself, I thought I was able because I read these books, and I understood what was being communicated about a sane society. So I thought I was able, one of those who are able to help the able. I read it. I got the message. But I wasn’t a big money maker, so I joined staff to help.

    But yet……………..30 years later we have the greatest tech in the world……………..well I think google has the greatest tech in the world. You are able to communicate freely. With ARC or no ARC or shades in between.

    List of outpoints to follow. There are too many to list here.

  75. Zactly Steve 🙂

  76. Michael Fairman

    Hi Tango
    Just for clarification: What’s a “Jewish Opera” mean in the context you have written it? Who are the “Gooks” you refer to and what does that mean? And with all due respect, the word is Chutzpah””

  77. Ronnie Bell

    Who are the “Gooks” you refer to….?

    “Gook” was a slang term used by the American G.I.s during the Vietnam war to refer to the Viet Cong (North Vietnamese enemy).

  78. Ronnie Bell

    In my opinion, the website is good enough to attract the attention
    of regulators.

    ‘Regulators’, or federal investigators? I’d very much like to see the latter get on the case and dig into the Superpower fraud (as well as the rest of Davy’s corrupt shenanigans).

  79. Too funny!

  80. Watchful Navigator

    Damn apt comment, Ronnie. Well stated!

  81. Rory Medford

    Welcome YHS (:

  82. Ah hardy har har! My anthem!

  83. WN, posted on 20. May on the troubles of Miscavige, however if you scrolled down to the “Scientology Sunday funnies” where strange fundraising documents are posted, there seem to be some LRH quotes on Super Power, listing the Rundowns:

  84. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carol, very informative indeed! However, very good business indeed from a Ponzi operation point of view.
    By a hoodwinking non Scientologist called Miscavige.
    There is no such thing as ethics or conscience, so
    far as he’s concerned! Just power and Greed!

    Marty, you said earlier, that you’d prefer that I not
    make references to “explosives” terminology, as it could
    be misconstrued. Allowing for a little artistic licence,
    would have permitted another to see that well timed,
    well placed, “revelations” (acceptable term?) could
    cause the entire stinking, rotten Ponzi empire, to implode
    in a horrendous pile of smouldering rubble.

    These “revelations” include your SP Times “Truth
    Rundown” Debbie Cooke’s courtroom revelations, Ted
    Koppel and John Sweeney TV interviews, as well as
    significant others.

    THIS ” Superpower Fraud ” expose, should be yet another
    key revelation to hasten the implosion!

    Well done, Marty, on another valuable contribution to your
    ” 31 FACTORS ” as shown on your top of page header.

    Calvin B. Duffield.

    “Sometimes with a suppressive and so on you will see a TA rise. You’ll see a suppressive – TA rise. And you say aha, that’s a variation from the laws of listing, because, look at that, it’s been a stuck high TA and it has come down like mad when we all of a sudden got this suppressive. Oh oh oh oh, I’m not trying to make myself right. It was simply an overrun. He was an overrun. He was around far too long. (laughter) One of the reactions of suppressing are incomplete cycles of action and overrun on cycle of action. To handle the handled is also very suppressive. You got a floor all clean, somebody comes along, tells you to clean up the floor. A Suppressive cleans cleans. It’s one of the characteristics. It doesn’t make somebody who cleans a clean a suppressive, but he invariably does this. He’s got.. the house is all painted, it’s all finished, just getting ready to put away the paint brushes, the suppressive comes along and says look at that, you’d better get to work on that, hasn’t been painted well enough, go on and paint the house. He’ll also come along with only one wall half painted and say you will have to rake the garden now. But different suppressives they are in the overrun or in the incomplete. So you’ve found a suppressive is overrunning something. Also you will find that the subject of this suppression is an overrun.”

  86. LTC Forever

    Good infor. I feel bad for the people that donated to this scam. All the parties need to be discovered and brought to justice. Scientology corporatiion needs a major overhaul. Some of those donors better be coming out to confront this situation as it is.

    I also find it rather ironic to see Debbie Cook still a Captain FSO in the 200 auditors promo piece, and look at what happened to her. The whole things is just pure evil. I think there are more people involved than just David Miscavige though, maybe even someone connected to the government. This is some serious fraud.

    I wonder what becomes of the Church of Scientology and all its real estate including all the Ideal Orgs that won’t be able to sustain themsevles to pay all the high costs of maintaining a large building. I don’t see the pulbic flooding in to generate all the revenue. If anything, I see more and more people coming out and less and less reach and communication from the Church. It’s like something is truly bound to break at any moment now and the whole house of cards will crumble. The time is up for all these promises, and I’m sure even the regular “rank and file” staff members can feel it now. That’s just my intuition. Too many things have happened by now.

  87. Yup. Questons=money=lots more sec checking=no more questions……

  88. Oracle,

    You know Lauri as I do. High income demand and poor character.

  89. And correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t David Light been in that reg unit for a long time as well?

  90. Dan-I’m sure DM wamts to spend the money on uniforms, which will cost alot as he will go through many prototypes by a top fashion designer.

  91. Damn! Truth revealed. What a resume’.

  92. That’s disgusting! $1 mil down the toilet. Gross!

  93. Great! Creeped me out completely.

  94. Excellent website. Truth!

  95. This is a great website!!!

  96. Fact Checker

    “… after he killed Lisa McPherson” – Do you have any evidence, like a murder weapon, for this? Remember, there is not statute of limitations for murder.

  97. freeatlast

    Great topic. Ive been waiting for this. As one of the first corner stones i often thought even while in “where the fuck did my $go”

  98. Thanks for the site. Hopefully the editors will read this comment, as there is a factual error on the site. The last page says that the amount of money which has been donated per 2011 is 145-160 million. That’s actually too low. The amount at that time stood at a minimum of 177 million dollar. The source is a WWP page. It contains no mention of upper level materials.

  99. The Oracle

    Thanks for the background data.

    I am standing with these thoughts:

    1. The world out of comm has been handled to a large extent by Bill Gates, computers, the internet and facebook.

    2. The Super Power was put together without L.R.H overseeing it. And the final product of Super Power is the translation and duplication of others to arrange.

    3. The public paying for Super Power have not been appraised of any of this.

    4. KTL and LOC became a higher priority on LRH’s time, than the release of Super Power rundowns.

    Is there any part of my thoughts that need to be corrected?

  100. The Oracle

    Hey Mat, I sent someone into the Org in Hungary to pick up a Dianetics book. In the last three years he has been hit up for over 300,000.00 in donations to the IAS and for basics packages. This guy has never has an auditing session. They got him to write up his O/W’s in ethics and have been telling him he is a criminal and can not use his own money to help himself, but he can use it to help the Church. Why is he a criminal? This will get you. He is business partners with one of the highest people in the government and the taxes have been a little fuzzy. The average Hungarian makes 250,00 U.S. equivalent a month! Many people have cars stored for years because they can not afford gas! The prices for goods there exceed ours by 31%! The Org in Budapest has been surviving on the IAS commissions and book commissions from MY selectee! Where are MY commissions? His last statement to me? “They are an elitist group and I think elitism is a good thing” right before he disconnected just a few months ago after I tried to steer him into the Independent movement. He has a wife who is not interested and he has a daughter with her. He will be told to throw her under the bus. He has a HUGE with hold from his wife about the money he has given the Church. They do not care, she is future road kill. They have been totally out exchange with him. And the government has come down hard on them in the last year, they are on a complete motivator flow about it. Nobody in the Church had enough interest or care factor in this guy to get him anything in exchange. He is a genius. It also happens I know someone else in Hungary who is much higher in the government than him and his business partner. Who knows all about this. But over there in Budapest Org, they sleep all comfy with a “make it go right” attitude they have about milking this guy and being totally out exchange. ZZZZzzzzzzz
    That is why I say, the true test of thetan…..well, sure, make it go right. O.K.. Also the ability to confront an inconvenient truth .

  101. The Oracle

    I am bypassing David Miscavige to handle safe pointing Scientology in Hungary and Russia this year. You can knock it off with your conflict arranging OSA. Scientology will be safe pointed in Russia, and Hungary this year. I can manage that. I am bypassing you people who are the classic example of a world out of communication.

  102. The Oracle

    And WHO is handling China? Independent Helen Chen! And WHO is handling Germany? Independent Marty Rathbun! And WHO is handling Ireland? Independent Mike Rinder!

  103. The Oracle

    It is US handling the planet!

  104. Thanks to the creators of The Super Power Fraud website. It is very informative! Unbelievable that this scam still works on the public after so many years! I keep getting emails since about a year that “this is your last chance to become a Cornerstone Member”.

    Same picture with the idle orgs. Here a recent entry about Zürich “ideal Org”

    Would be good to get the stories of your local org on that website. As Izhar writes: It is important to document the truth and let it shine and, hopefully, free more suppressed Scientology Inc’s public and staff.

  105. The Oracle

    For David:

  106. The Oracle

    A chilling prophesy.

  107. The Oracle

    One more thin Gypsy thief.

  108. The Oracle

    You’re living for nothing now.

  109. The Oracle

    Sincerely, Us Knowin.

  110. Leonore,

    That’s word for word exactly what I would say.

  111. Bit of topic but here’s something interesting just pressed into law in Australia.

    What it basically says is that it also defines domestic violence as: “The changes also include emotional abuse and preventing a person from maintaining contact with family, friends or their culture. Or cut people off from their family.”

    Be interesting if the legal beagles could do something with the disconnection practice of the RCS, Miscavige or the RCS up on domestic violence charges maybe?? The text of the news article is below:

    New domestic violence laws target emotional abuse

    Updated June 03, 2012 11:56:31

    Related Story: Domestic violence costs $13bn a year

    Map: Australia
    New domestic violence laws will make it an offence to harm pets, cut people off from their family or withhold financial support.

    The changes to the Family Law Act were passed in December but come into effect this week.

    They expand the definition of domestic violence to more than just physical harm, such as denying a family member financial autonomy or the money required to meet reasonable living expenses.

    The changes also include emotional abuse and preventing a person from maintaining contact with family, friends or their culture.

    The Salvation Army’s Major Andrew Craib says the changes recognise that it is not just physical acts of violence that can harm children.

    “They might see a perpetrator constantly putting people down. Often people hear that enough and they begin to believe that for themselves and that’s unacceptable in our society,” he said.

    Mr Craib also says the changes are a reflection of society’s rejection of domestic violence.

    He hopes the changes will encourage more victims to seek help.

  112. Whoever put up that site: Great job!

  113. Oracle: The eval by LRH “World Out of Comm”- and subsequent Key To Life couldn’t be handled by Bill Gates and computers and the internet.


    Because the world out of comm meant that people can not read.

    I grant you that this blog and our shared communication here makes it look like people can read and use computers — but I think we are the exception.

    I get emails that lack any type of Dear Joe — or Sincerely. That are one liners and I have zip clue which of my emails they are referring to.

    Anyway — sorry to nit pick …

    I love your posts – just didn’t want Bill Gates to get the credit — at LEAST give it to Steve Jobs (I’m a die-hard MacHead)


  114. LTC Forever

    I’m new to Scientology, but I think there is not even a need for Superpower. It is definitely the wrong “why” – another wrong “why.” If people simply followed the policy and delivered even just the most basic of services in large volumes like the comm course, TRs & Objectives, the Purif, study tech, some basic Dianetics auditing to discharge people from grief and major somatics – that alone would give us a New Civilization. Instead the church focuses on anything but delivery of very basic and inexpensive things that can nevertheless give somebody huge gains and a totally new outlook on life. I recall myself having huge gains from just reading “The Problems of Work” and applying ARC and breaking down larger projects into smaller “cycles of action.” I became so much more effective. It seemed like there was not limit in application of even these very basic tools. Then I made the mistake of taking a course at an actual org and the rest is history…

  115. dankoon –

    I think that it would be very valuable if you and all the others involved in tech compilations “uplines” wrote up exactly how the tech and policy of Scientology was actually developed, who was involved in which steps, what exactly is LRH’s tech, and what is not.

    The process you are describing here of “developing” just Super Power alone shows a complete betrayal of Scientologists regarding the nature of LRH’s role in the development of the tech. Scientologists believe that what they study in HCOBs and Policy Letters comes from L Ron Hubbard because that is what “uplines” tells them. The process you are describing for Super Power shows that it, at least, did not come from L Ron Hubbard.

    What other tech that people were told came from L Ron Hubbard did not actually come from him?

    Since you were there, why aren’t you telling everything you know about this?

    Or like Mike Rinder’s “Why We Stayed” essay, have I missed your Truth and Reconciliation documents as well?

  116. Path of Buddha

    The Tampa Bay Times reported that they looked into the possibility of an IRS investigation after they published the articles headed by Hy Levy.
    At that time it was a no-go. However, this idea of ‘excessive fund raising’
    has never been tested in public.

    May all regulators and federal investigators be well and happy!

    George M. White

  117. Ronnie,
    Using that “G” word is completely distasteful as it is very similar to using the “N” word and simply are racial slurs and insults, actually reflecting that the user is a racial bigot with bad taste. I recall that Jesse wrote about that somewhere- that DM used the N word on him, which is in character and not surprising.

    Note that “Gs” are the majority, billions of the population in this planet. I do not recall LRH using these kind of words in his extensive writings, publicly or privately even when he was angry, as it doesn’t follow TWTH.

    DM, Pat Broeker, and Shelly used to use it in so called “fun”, originating from Pat but from the receiving end of it where one cannot talk back to seniors in the SO at the time, it rankled and I don’t recall it coming up or being used by anyone but those three in my decades in the SO. After DM took power from Pat half of the crew at the Creston Ranch got busted to Estates and half RPFed, for essentially flowing power to Pat.

    Many of these projects of renovations at the Int Base which we worked in Estates, on sometimes 24/7 because of their apparent urgency, don’t even exist currently, though they were finished at the time due to DM’s changes.. There was quite a bit of financial waste, but also a waste of the 24/7 blood, sweat and tears put into the project. Some of them consist of: Fruit and nut orchards which benefit the crew, Par course exercise course; CMU space in the entire third floor of the Gold Main building which was not useful or liked by the occupants who are mostly gone – offloaded now; several renovations of the Villas RTC space and DM’s personal spaces, several renovations of the LRH Music Studio, old BV LRH house, etc. Many of these projects had plan changes in midstream as a result of “DM inspections” and thus lengthened the project and broke budgets and invalidation as targets were not met, definitely a suppressive environment in retrospect.

  118. Excellent comments, Oracle. I like this new 21st century Oracle and this new attitude, “If you won’t seek out the wisdom of The Oracle, The Oracle will come to you!”

  119. Jean-François Genest

    I could make you die, without any “weapon” needed.

  120. Right on, WH.
    Gates and others established lines to put comm on. Live beings with sane or insane thoughts are the actual terminals, not your I Phone. The world out of comm eval deals with duplication (or lack of it) and that’s where KTL and the Primary Rundown come in.

  121. Your Humble Servant,
    I’ve run a lot of implants out. I’ve run a lot of implants out on my PCs and Pre OTs.
    Dave’s superpower building is an implant station. Period.

  122. Did ‘Al Capone’ personally kill all those people? No, he ordered it done, yet he was still responsible for the crimes. There are those who have seen the evidence that the friggin midget ordered it done. After the first overt of C/Sing her Clear status, to preventing her from leaving the FLB to take care of family in Texas(who then sued for her death later), to incarcerating her on FH grounds and then the Hacienda where she eventually died at the hands of FLB staff, the overts just keep piling up with the midget holding the reins….and her boss, Benn, smiling in the background. Oh yea, her boss is easily an accomplice in her death. But who’s gonna know, except the auditor!

  123. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O. I see you’re on fire with this bunch of items!

    Imagine what a South Park spoof of this Sheeple
    corral would look like in the public eye????

    Duh? Any itchy fingered cartoonists out there????

  124. Li'll bit of stuff

    You are a very talented lady, Lucy.
    Like to see more like this please?

  125. Name irrelevant -- About Super Power and the Ls

    Super Power is a fraud. I remember the AO (advanced Organization) HGC (Hubbard Guidance Center) waiting room in 1992 (2o years ago!) was routinely visited by staff that hit up people between sessions for donations for Super Power. There, I personally witnessed a person pull out $500 in cash like it was a quarter and shrug it off like “Hey here’s some loose change” with a promise more would be coming; month later I discovered had been in foreclosure on his house at the time. as well as a slew of financial fraud himself.

    In the Scientology Corporation, having money is equated with “being OT” — so of course no one can admit they simply don’t have the beans, or it would be off-budget to fork over cash.

    Regarding this:

    The L’s Rundowns had a similar birth. LRH developed much of L’s technology in trying to revitalize Flag Executive Briefing Course students (executives from organizations around the world) who were from nowhere when it came to Bridge progress.

    I want to comment that I personally was never regged to do the Ls — but I had spectacular results from it at Flag. It was life changing and frankly more results than OT3. To give some idea, the measurement I was using was not ‘fell good’ or ‘blown out’ — although those were for sure results. My measuring increment is all stops blown on production and moving mountains with international effects and volume of work and product — and I was no slackard by any means before the L.

    I suppose in the end one could say LRH developed any of his processes and the Grade Chart for “people who were from nowhere when it came to Bridge progress” but — by my experience — I think it would be a disservice to the L technology to relegate it to something developed for people who were from nowhere on bridge progress — speaking for myself, I immediately got trained and processing up both sides of the Bridge with phenomenal screaming wins (results) along the whole way.

    From my understanding, the L’s were not part of the grade chart but were “boosters”. I remember wishing, afterward, that someone HAD regged me on doing an L sooner!

    So — with the L’s creating “train wrecks” — I would have to ask (and not because i’m ‘brainwashed 😉 were they properly delivered? An HCOPL (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter) comes to mind, someone help me out and cite the reference please, that it isn’t that “the process didn’t work”, find out what was not applied properly. The only reason I cite this is because I’ve seen it in action, and understand LRH tech enough to know how and why it works.

    I saw the L as — and this is a poor analogy but it will work — getting a B12 shot, and man what a vitamin ti was — it rocketed me way beyond many meals I’d had. Stably. (Didn’t wear off).

  126. I wish somebody had a bunch of the older events, mags and promo. There is so many outpoints in there that could be pointed out.

    I was at Flag in 2000-2001 and the way they were talking I thought the Superpower building was going to be done very soon. They made a big deal about “the outside veneer is up” or something. Then @ 2008 it was “the exterior of the building is almost complete”.


  127. martyrathbun09

    A) FEBC problem solution origin is just the facts – no insult intended.
    B) L’s result in as many trainwrecks as they do Lunar shots. Just the facts. Another fact, they were never compiled and approved completely in HCOB form – so what the L’s purport to be is (and has been) changeable since their inception. All over looked because from the day they were delivered to public they became Scn Inc’s cash cow. So, no – the HCO PL doesn’t answer all here. Just more facts.

  128. martyrathbun09

    I agree Sinar. I never would have approved that comment and only leave it up because you’ve appropriately addressed it.

  129. Oracle, I’d say that about sums up Lauri Webster!!! good spotting!

  130. PersonalJudas

    Ease down on the throttle a bit, Tooks.
    I don’t know if you really duplicated what Dan said but compilation is not origination. It is commonly known that much compilation work was done by others; LRH even says so in KSW 1.
    If you have followed Dan’s postings here and over at Scn Cult I think you’ll see there is no hidden data line, here.

  131. Rory Medford

    Corporate SCN is all about smoke and mirrors! They have very little substance and the little man using come on disemmination and artfully lies at every turn. He is a magician and a spin doctor. He is an artist at lying and deceiving. True but sad and his peeps just keep on giving regardless of the lies. Run for the hills hold onto your wallets because DM is a coming.

  132. It’s funny Chris,
    It is obvious that dm doesn’t operate on LRH, then why do they still push KSW so hard?? Why don’t the bots get it?

  133. Rory Medford

    SCN itself works, Corporate Scientology makes sure it doesnt! They struck a deal with the devil sometime in the early nineties and its been a living hell ever since.

  134. Jean-François Genest

    Wow, thank you for this high-tech clip that sums up the EVENTS.

  135. Jean-François Genest

    Good one! Thank you!
    Of course, Corporate, pseudo-Scientologists will clamor that, “the SPs created this website”, oblivious of the real “Enemy Within”. Yet, I am sure they will eventually look at it “en cachette” (in hiding), secretly, and hopefully wake up a little.

    The Super Power building myth is similar to the cancer “research” infinite hamster wheel. Cancer “researchers” are funded and paid for “searching”, not for PRODUCING A VALUABLE/EXCHANGEABLE PRODUCT. They can then search forever [∞] since they know their funding will stop once the cure is discovered.

    The Miscavidge donkey continues to be funded for spinning the Scientology public on an eternal out-tech wheel.
    Please donate generously!

  136. Name irrelevant

    The way they were talking in the early 90s was that it was about to be done very soon!

  137. Tony — they push KSW so hard as part of the scam. Miscavige constantly tries to position himself as “being with LRH.” If people didnt think he was LRH’s emissary/appointed successor/best friend in the universe they would not give him the time of day. He exists ONLY because he pretends to be “doing it for Ron.” It’s sleazy — like everything he does. He makes people think that “Ideal Orgs” is “LRH intention” by pulling a line out of context. He did the same thing with GAT. He is a master of squirreling while loudly proclaiming how on Source he is.

    Kind of like the guy who tells everyone what an animal lover he is as he pokes the eyes out of a cat and explains that this act proves his love for the cat. It’s bizarre, but he has the clubbed seals hypnotized.

  138. Name irrelevant

    Thanks, this is interesting. I needed clarification understanding the statement “who were from nowhere when it came to Bridge progress” not from insult point of view but missing data on whether the Ls were first R & D’d (researched & developed) as a remedy for cases that did not move up the Bridge.

    Re: the HCOPL I refered to, didn’t mean an Ls PL, rather the one where LRH is talking to auditors about coing out of session and saying “the process didn’t work.”
    So were the Ls results you describe as “trainwrecks” properly run and CSed?

    So (to be sure I got this) LRH himself never properly compiled his research into the Ls Rundown(s) ever? Or did initially, and later they went the route of the rest of the Bridge — to be morphed, altered and used for cash-cow agendas?

    I don’t even know what year the Ls were first released … what year was that?


  139. True.
    And he wishes he could buy anyone who could be a threat to his masquerade.
    But it’s too late.
    We se you Miscavige, oh and how we see you.

  140. Name irrelevant

    Why bots don’t get it: Bots need orders to think.

  141. I’ve seen at least one L’s trainwreck (L11). A valuable terminal, he was “handled” only with sec checks and KRs of dubious veracity. The outcome has not been good. Typical in the C of Miscavige.

  142. Name irrelevant

    Early nineties, that’s about when it started smelling bad. Even if one doesn’t know the exact WHY, when something crosses the line of acceptable reality it’s time to draw the line back (and figure out why later). Self trust.

    This one with the Scientology Corporation is / was a doozy though, even for the best — a purported “animal love” (as MRinder analogized) poking out cat’s eyes for the good of cats. When the fox is in the henhouse, it can temporarily be camouflaged in flying feathers before others see red.

  143. Name irrelevant

    Super Power building has been deployed as a carrot and fraud since (my experience) 1991 at least. That’s 20 years to “almost be ready” to have the building. Another Must-Have / Can’t Have Rundown process, specialty of Scientology Inc.

    Jean-Francois, I disagree about the cancer research as a parallel however. .Actually on cancer researchers, they are being paid to get results — every drug company there is wants to patent “the cure.” And, believe it or not, there are some doctors who seriously want to see their patients heal and fix their bodies.

  144. Name irrelevant, The L’s for me were AWESOME. Claire Reppen delivered mine and I was never the same. I had wished those wins for everybody I knew. On the other side of that, I saw some really get messed up. One guy spent 36 intensives on L-10 and was not done by the time I had left the Flag base. I actually was not regged for the L’s but read about them and wanted them. I also at the time was OT111 and trained but knew for me I needed more! It indicated and I did great afterwards!

    As for Super Power complete Fraud!

  145. Name irrelevant

    :::applause:: Very nice turns of phrase and portrait!

  146. GetTheConcept

    What I was told many years ago at a Super Power fundraising event was that LRH had started its release back in the 70s but then realized that the church wasn’t ready to deliver it and he pulled it back. From that datum, I had (probably wrongly) assumed that LRH then proceeded to make more specifications and they were working on those specifications which was why they still hadn’t released it.

    All that reasonableness crumbled for me when I finally left the church.

  147. LTC, I couldn’t agree with you more. The basic books and services of Scientology can be life-changing — especially when you really have a Live Being there (who has experienced the wins themselves) delivering, teaching and/or overseeing it. Sadly, even most of the staff of Scientology have never really received all the benefits from the basics and fundamentals of Scientology. Instead, they have been put through the “group think rundown” by joining staff and becoming a cog in the unthinking machine.

  148. Tooky, I have written several articles at under the byline Joe Howard on Tech Comps and Super Power. Read those and see if any questions remain.

  149. Oracle, LRH laid out exactly what Super Power would consist of and how and why. He and Tech Comps were sidetracked by poor TRs of the initial trainees which led off into KTL, LOC, FDSing, Product Debug Tech, the Purif and god knows what else. But all his notes and directions on Super Power were faithfully preserved by the late great Phoebe Mauerer and in 1991, after the compliance to all non-confid LRH orders on Tech Comps, Super Power was the next thing we did. There is nothing in there that was not LRH in the 1991 pilot compilation. Lord knows what DM has done since, however. You are right that church public do not know any of this, but they can read about it Scn cult where I wrote some articles under Joe Howard.

  150. The Oracle

    Poor Dave. David Light was a fine man at one time. A proud man is a lovely man. He just over time, had a lot of reasons to be proud pulled from beneath him. He has never been a beggar, he has always sold Scientology. As he aged they stuffed him out of view. He is out in L.A. in some back room. As they age they get put on phones or sent out to remote areas on tours. CMO doesn’t care for the older people. And if anyone ages at a rapid rate it is a Sea Org Member on income lines.

  151. I believe that Mike.
    It is just so odd… We have the “there is no hidden data line” and then we have the cob telling everyone that he is doing things based on LRH’s advices?? Whuh…isn’t THAT a hidden data line??
    Is any of the Bots actually reading the KSW series?
    The stupidity is staggering.

  152. Marty’s Blog is so good, I read it a couple times a day.
    Read all the posts and get the experiences and truth from real Scientologists
    all over the Planet. Six months ago I really didnt know squat about D.M.,
    now I am fully briefed. Many pieces of the puzzle have made a whole picture
    My thanks and ARC to those who read this and contribute.
    I had stopped all money flows to Scientology.and earlier by six more months to a Scientology front group that I was faithful to to a falt.
    Long story short, Dynamics across the board have prospered and flourished.
    Now I never seen straight up and vertical stats on any group ever which is one of D.M.s red Flags. The SUPER POWER building Ponzi scheme
    is such a “Chicago Fire”. Jean Francois Genest post is well worth reading a few times over.
    I was on staff and did why finding, picture summarys, and immeresed in . Green on white and Red on White day and night when it came from Ron
    Actually dispatches from Ron to being heard by me was 20 minutes.
    But not the point here. I does not take Donkey years with the resouces at hand to deliver SUPER POWER. It should have been De Bugged decades ago so the only explanation ( that I have) is that it brings in operating capital which otherwise Scientology Inc. would collapse Expansion is already on the backs of OT’s and Class 5 Org Public. Red Flag #999.
    Its not a question of If but When David Miscavige meets his Waterloo ,Pearl Harbor or Titanic , Disaster of choice here.

    Batten Down the hatches friends

  153. Well, there is the Perception Rundown which is basically assess the 57 perceptics and on any reading run out engrams associated with the perceptic. Recalls on Clears and OTs. Then drill the perceptic with the basic approach of getting the pc to put attention on the perceptic and take attention off the perceptic. For example, take sound. Have a clock ticking in the room and tell the pc to listen to the clock ticking. Then have him take his attention off the clock ticking. That is the basic rundown. There is a consequences rundown, which is similar to the old Grades process of predicting that something will be there in the next minute, etc.
    There is the False Data and Loss Rundown which is predicated on the theory that a person will tend to pick up false data after receiving a loss.
    I wish I could recreate all the rundowns, but I did not audit it during the pilot in 1991, only parts of it when LRH originally developed it in 1978, and I never received it so I don’t remember every command of every rundown. Maybe I need to redo ARC SW! Be advised, though, that Super Power does not replace the Grade Chart. It is fundamentally a means to make staff members more productive, the delivery to Dn Clears notwithstanding.

  154. Back in 1978 I did read this LRH ED Int. To be honest, I did not realize the following months or years that something evidently went wrong and that level had not been released. My „first encounter“ with strange things had been as I asked „who is the watchdog committee?“ I had been interviewed after that question by the Guardians Office. That incident and others did bully me. I did not ask much questions. As I had been labled PTS Type C and List One once and later on even had been declared SP I had been very careful not to be thrown out. That had been the „hook“ I hanged on. Thus I never insinsted upon my reality too much. Only exception had been the Clear cycle. But in fact I had more important things I wanted handled. But I did not have the courage to openly discuss those points in session. Therefore I had been always waiting for the next release. In the hope that this new rundown will handle my problems. That is basically the same hook. If I would have had money to spend I would have given it to Scientology in the hope that I could solve my problems with this new rundown or level. Thus I would have been in the same position as those giving away all their money.
    The mistake I did make had been to not honestly talk to my auditor. That would have been the action that „unhooked“ me. As I had fear that I would have been thrown out I did not honestly tell my auditor what I was really thinking about. But on the other side of the coin I also have to state that this circumstances had been triggered to have me on the hook. This is a good description of fraud.

  155. The Oracle

    It really takes two, working together, to get through an L. What results out of any session is wholly dependent on a person’s vision and the auditors intelligence.

  156. Joe, the wins from the pilot were really spectacular, make no mistake. Everyone who got the rundown definitely changed for the better and became superstars on post, which was the reason for the rundown in the first place. Remember, Super Power was first developed right after the debacle of the infamous List 1 Project where many staff were unjustly declared L1 RSers and sent to the RPF. Within 2 or three weeks of LRH putting an end to the project, he came up with a way (Super Power) to straighten out those who had been unjustly abused (the Ethics Repair List) and for good measure worked out further rundowns to make them more effective staff members. No one received the full rundown until 1991 but they all did GREAT on it. Sooner or later, though, they got pulled back into the mire at Animal Farm (Gold/Int), just as LRH predicted would happen if the whole staff were not put through the rundown.

  157. TheWidowDenk

    ‘An HCOPL (Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter) comes to mind, someone help me out and cite the reference please, that it isn’t that “the process didn’t work”, find out what was not applied properly.’

    KSW Series 1

  158. I recall my auditor mentioning L10 around 1972. I got the impression it was brand new then.

  159. The Oracle

    I would think after OT3 or some NOTS would be the best place for a person to do the L’s.

  160. Tango: Wow. thank you for posting this information about Flag. You are not alone. It is rampant regging / communism – give us all of your money in exchange for absolutely nothing but lies. Can you tell us more about this? I think there are many victims out there from FLAG and it helps to hear the details about what happened. Is anyone going to FLAG these days?
    I think we can safely assume that FLAG is now famous for being:
    MERCHANTS OF CHAOS! “Covert invalidation is the social intercourse of the SP Organization”. How clever: “you need to move up in status. You need to make it go right…the planet is a mess, psychs are killing people, etc” ONCE AGAIN: MERCHANTS OF CHAOS!

  161. ThetaPotata

    The Super Power fraud site is very well done. I particularly like how they call a DM out right off the bat by pointing that he’s not even a Scientologist. I had previously heard that Superpower was originally developed for staff but had no idea that it was targeted for release in 1979 by non-other than LRH himself. Wow… that is one seriously missed target! I’m curious about the “Train Wrecks” that Marty refers to with regards to the “L” rundowns. I have a friend who did L10 and 11 and doesn’t seem to be doing very well, constantly having huge financial issues. I have met others that can’t say enough great things about the L rundowns. It would be nice to understand more about why the “L’s” can go awry, (some sort of out-tech introduced by our the current leadership perhaps?)

  162. Name irrelevant

    Carol, thanks for helping address my question. Understood about wishing those wins for everyone you knew. I wonder why the inconsistency in results? Because I know my results were no luck, accident or happenstance. And from the sounds of yours, the wins were/are precision and spectacular too. Sounds like the train-wreck you witnessed was about the same time, so one would assume the RD had not been morphed/altered and the variable is either the auditor or C/Sing?

    Still wondering if LRH himself never properly compiled his research into the Ls Rundown(s) ever? Or did he initially issue the Ls and later they went the route of the rest of the Bridge — to be morphed, altered and used for cash-cow agendas?

  163. Path of Buddha

    “She put her entire bridge on credit cards and then begged for donations in the Sand Castle from public to pay them off.”

    I paid off two of her credit cards that my wife had agreed to take over.
    Yes, this is true

    George M. White

  164. From Wikipedia: Gook-eye, Gooky, Gook
    a derogatory term for Asians, used especially for enemy soldiers. Its use as an ethnic slur has been traced to U.S. Marines serving in the Philippines in the early 20th century. The earliest recorded example is dated 1920. It gained widespread notice as a result of the Korean and Vietnam wars.

  165. plainoldthetan

    “They are being paid to get results” — then why are they paid when they don’t get results? Inquiring minds want to know.

    If the analogy had been made about psycho-pharmaceuticals would you be objecting? How about the military-industrial complex? It seems to me that merchants of chaos arrive in several guises, even if they “claim” to have good intentions.

  166. Name irrelevant

    People are smelling the coffee. Last year, Hier Miscavige in a kneejerk FAUX ‘Flourish & Prosper’ charade of we’ll-show-them released drawings to the press of the imminent (still) Super Power building, an aseptic cold space.

    Meanwhile, as top celebrities that once glimmered as bait are exposed in the press, El Fuhker plans his next move. Getting a new celebrity! It’s not easy being the only competent person in the world.

  167. Yes, I agree. The “world out of comm” refers to terminals not being able to duplicate each others comm effectively.

    I like to use the Tower of Babel story to refer to the problem. “The languages of men” are confounded down to the individual level, to where two people from the same area, ostensibly speaking the same language, do not necessarily understand each other very well.

    Two people sitting and talking at each other does not necessarily mean there is any comm happening and that they are understanding each other.

    KTL as I understand it, is an attempt to address and solve this situation.

    It is the awareness of awareness units that are the terminals who need to be able to duplicate the meaning conveyes by what their phone screens are displaying

  168. Ingrid, contact me regarding Dennis. I referred him.

  169. well, unfortunately LRH did sometimes use nasty words:
    “You can put these things in the hands of some Chinese and send him to Hongkong and we’ll have cleared chinks.”
    L. Ron Hubbard, Secrets of the MEST Universe (lecture 1), “Methods of Research: The Thetan as an Energy Unit”, 6 November 1952.

  170. Name irrelevant

    Hi Plainolthetan. First, let’s define “they”. I am referring to many leading clinical trials being conducted.

    you ask:
    ‘then why are they paid when they don’t get results?”
    Because its their job to research? and they are in Research Phase to Discovery? Most trials and techs work on salary, not commission.

    you wrote:
    If the analogy had been made about psycho-pharmaceuticals would you be objecting?
    I’m not objecting. I stated a disagreement.

    Yes, merchants of chaos arrive in many guises, including “scientologist”

  171. Ronnie Bell

    Sinar, if you look carefully at my comment, you’ll see that I was quoting Tango 23’s comment upthread. That comment resonated with me because of the way that it expressed his leaving Flag just as fast as his legs would carry him. I left there with similar feelings of haste and relief.

    I wouldn’t think of insulting anyone with a derogatory racial slur.

  172. Name irrelevant

    Thanks, that one is the foundation for sure. I was thinking of another that elaborates on it. .. want to say “Dog PCs” (CS Series 80)
    or CS Series 81 “Nearly every “Dog Pc” has out lists or incomplete chains or is not being run on what needs to be handled. In other words they are simply problems in repair which modern tech handles easily. The drug case who is audited on grades but has had no drug rundown is an example of misprogramming.” … but there is another! Geez, if I think of it I’ll come back and post.

    I look forward to clearing up he conflicting data on Ls results! Thanks again for the kindness of a reply.

  173. Miscavige and his pet…

  174. Next Scientology Celebrity is a talking lizard
    that sells car insurance.
    Then probably the only one, so sad.

  175. Your humble servant


    I agree; it is an implant station. The building in its massiveness LOOKS like an implant station, and the contraptions inside that Davey has apparently designed can have no other purpose than to drive people’s anchor points further IN. Like any good implant process, the yokels should be coming out after getting implanted saying “Ooooh, that was so good.” But they will be out of valence, as they probably already are.

    When I first heard of these marvelous devices that are supposed to be part of Super Power, I assumed that it was something coming from Ron. Of course that didn’t really add up, but it was beyond my wildest conception that an idiot like David Miscavigie could have invented things to add to what Ron had developed (without saying that he had done so) and pretended that his inventions were a legitimate part of Ron’s Super Power. What audacity! The unbridled arrogance of this twerp really does take the cake!

  176. George, I am sure you were told it was for the “greater good !From where I was viewing this, the reg cycles to recruit someone went like this…if you are not going to join, then you (the public) are responsible for paying off the recruits debts!

  177. The Oracle

    I get your point WH, and I got the point of the “world out of comm” when the word was going around. But being a KTL LOC Completion does not put one in comm with the world. If you live in a compound in a desert with no phone, no internet, no outside mail, no outside connections, no understanding of what is going on beyond the walls , no back and forth communication with the world, you are straight up out of comm with the world. The “world out of comm” is the Int Base.

  178. totally agree!

  179. Well, hey, it’s supposed to be released this year! Yay! I somehow feel the need to shell out $$$… not!

  180. Thankfully (blessed in fact) I grew into Scientology on gradients, LRH books in the mid 70’s to staff most of the 80’s along with a good friend who went on to become a Permanent Class VIII ~ and still best friend today (and also out unofficially… more to come ;-). After all that I went on to build a life, and doing services as I could and as I wanted to, but as we know, even that doesn’t always work out… lol !

    My last big cycle I had the Senior EO from SFO trying to declare me in 06 after 50hrs of mind numbing sec check (thank you so very much :-o), calling and threatening me at work no less if I didn’t handle a sit, for weeks on end (which was no big deal and handled exactly as I had told him it would be several weeks later), then a few months later calling me in a puke me phony ARC (1.1) to donate to the Ideal Org expansion project for SFO Div 6. Blew him off.

    Good lord the horseshit we’ve all endured would fill a library.

    Hey Dave, I never gave a dime to Super Power, but I’m going up The Bridge now, (no, not your bridge to nowhere, LRH’s Bridge) finally, again, thanks to Marty and so many others herein who deliver LRH Tech.

    ps: Hey Dave, with all your resources, are you even aware of PTS Type Four? You should check it out, that’s what happens next, when everyone in the universe really IS after you !

  181. “Good lord the horseshit we’ve all endured would fill a library.”

    … much less of it needed to fill a court room.

  182. Transporter

    Let’s not forget, that in the rush to cannibalize each other, the Scn public lied outright to each other doing bus deals and real estate deals all based on “Super Power is going to bring THOUSANDS of people to Clearwater soon. How many people have been screwed over and come up way short based on this Super Power lie?

  183. Captain Bob

    And as Marty note above in his viewpoint—–above

    “Since most everything LRH developed tended to have pretty remarkable results, some of his rundowns took on mythological significance. Scientology Inc has capitalized on that fact to the hilt, and beyond to the ad absurdum.”

    So I am reading this and your comments and have come to the conclusion that the present COS really PR’s the shit out of rundowns and results, and have been doing it for since DM took control. Everything new thing was the greatest, Examples are KTL/LOC, The basics, GAT, PRO TR’s, Havingness rundown, etc. As LRH says tell no lies in PR. So the current church tells lies in PR. It really is a problem in PR for the church. But those lies in PR brings in the bucks, the money. And when there is a problem, silence. Nobody hears about it, but the PR continues every day in promo pieces. And that is why nobody is off the mailing list, constant hammer and pound.

    So, maybe it, super power, should be actually called “productive staff member rundown” or something other than Super Power. But hey, if one can exploit a name and brings in lots of money, why not. After all, DM only has so much time in the life form he is living in, why not milk it for everything. And afterall, above power is control, and if one can control lots of staff members and public into paying money for the telling of “their own sins they committed” and are forced or sold into believing this, shoot go for it.

  184. Li'll bit of stuff

    At last! Thank you, Valkov!

  185. The Oracle

    Two regges have died at their desk in the last few years. They were in their 50’s.

  186. The Oracle

    I was merciful. That was just the introduction. The entire biography reads
    like a Steven King novel.

  187. The Oracle

    I hope I am on L10 for 36 intensives. I could have done L12 for 36 Intensives if it could have gone on that long. I even asked if I could it all over again! Weeeee!

  188. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hi Margaret, this is such a common occurrence with Scn
    that I think it gets completely overlooked. The “forest for
    the trees” syndrome, if you will. I believe most of us here,
    can readily identify with this harsh reality, since having
    seen “the excitement of joining staff” become a reward-
    less activity due to constant give, give , give, without
    the expected exchange.

    Of course.this in itself, just leads to a drop in havingness
    for the individual, and when carried to an extreme of
    deprivation, under S.P.Dictator Supremo, Miscavige,
    results in a terrible spiral downward in the awareness
    level of staff, en mass. Thus the “zombies,” or “becoming
    a cog in the unthinking machine.”

    ARC, Calvin.

  189. This is a very good point.

    How could LRH write that there was no hidden data line in Scientology, yet also write Advices to run the Church on?

    This doesn’t make sense.

  190. Thanks, dankoon.

    In the meantime, keep writing. There’s a lot of Truth and Reconciliation that needs to be done.

  191. Captain Bob

    I guess she figured out the ponzi game, and played along with it. A mini or within the DM ponzi game.

    “She convinced her P.C. in Boston to false attest to Clear so she could get her auditing cert and graduate! And she was on OTVll at that time. She put her entire bridge on credit cards and then begged for donations in the Sand Castle from public to pay them off.”

  192. Captain Bob

    agreed. Sounds like he is duplicating FAC One, only a little different.

  193. Li'll bit of stuff

    Mike —– horrible thoughts those, —– but never
    the less deadly accurate. Impossible to imagine
    it could ever get THAT insane! But it HAS !!!!

  194. Mike Hobson

    Example L’s train wreck: Lisa McPherson ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  195. Li'll bit of stuff

    Reminds us to put ourselves in their shoes, non?
    Old adage:”There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

  196. Path of Buddha

    Yes. The irony is that she ends up wealthy.
    George M. White

  197. It’s a form of confusion I guess. Omitted data? I don’t know. Somehow Scientologists got lazy and stopped observing. I think he has used hypnotic events and expensive A/V to promote his image as source for the church.

  198. The Oracle

    Look at the graph at the bottom of this page that shows home sales in Clearwater from 2006 to present time:

  199. Read Data Series 1.

  200. The Oracle

    Don’t forget the fines from the City for slow / no progress:

    “The church asked the city to reduce its fine by 90 percent, to reflect its “good faith” effort in bringing the building to code, but the city’s resident-led Code Enforcement Board, which has a record of leniency and decimating fines, voted unanimously to keep the fines mostly untouched, saying the church had long ignored the city’s rules.”

  201. Oracle — true. However, being a KTL grad gives one a SHOT at being in comm with the world. If you cannot read, your chances of being in comm are next to zip.

    LRH recognized that the world was out of comm and figured that the first step was the ability to read — which had gone by the boards years and years earlier.

    The Int Base is an isolated cult. Cults are out of comm because they consider themselves “only ones”

    No amount of internet is going to put them in comm – even if they could go online, they would only look at what supports their point of view.

    If someone only reads, watches, talks to those who supports his point of view — he will be out of comm with everyone else.

    Including us …


  202. Enid at AOLA

    Who was the 2nd one?

  203. Tooky,
    You’re a bit of a self righteous prick. Did you hold a post at Int? Or are you one of these spectator critics.
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Teddy Roosevelt.

  204. Michael,
    I think you are worried people will misunderstand this, but I think most of us got the literary and historical allusions. My understanding:
    1) Jewish Opera – Hammer & Pound – alludes to Nazi threats and use of force in interrogation, intimidation, and suppression of Jews
    2) “Gooks in your rear view” – Vietnam War metaphor paralleling his experience at Flag with an American pilot narrowly escaping the enemy air fire by throttling up towards the heavens.

    I though the lingo expressed the situation and emotions very well. Thanks, Tango, for sharing.

  205. Now that I’ve looked over your other posts, it is not likely you will actually read Data Series 1. It is an important issue relative to your stupid question. A=A of anything L. Ron Hubbard said with anything he ever said is identity think that is on the order of dumb ass. “Advices” are just that. They aren’t policy and they certainly aren’t basic policy. Fucking DUH!

  206. TheWidowDenk

    This looks like T for Trouble …

  207. Cleared Cannibal is a policy we would all be wise to world clear ..

  208. Lrh promised Superpower in a Lrh ED for staffs.
    Did he ever give out a new Lrh ED where he explained why he didn’t deliver his promise ????

  209. Ruthie Discher at ASHO and Gretchen Schwartz at FSC. That makes three.

  210. Dear Ronnie S.
    I guess that was August Murphy.
    I assure you, you looked like YODA with a nasty looking Ray Gun.
    This guy was saving Mankind from the Martains.
    Finally uplines had had enough Martain stories to put Marvel Comic Books in Power, August was declared. PTS 1,2,3, Type A, B, C, D., E, F,G, etc.
    He got rid of 80 percent of SFO public even before De Dinging.
    Good Ole August ( the Martains are everywhere!) Murphy

  211. PersonalJudas

    Took-baby, you dun woke the giant!

  212. Path of Buddha

    “2. The hold up now is all the public OT’s who refuse to join to staff. They don’t have enough staff and it is the public’s fault.”

    I will never forget the two full days of pressure that I received in 1988 after
    the completion of OT8.
    On the first day from 8AM – 7:PM, I was hounded to join the Sea Org.
    On the second day, which went in the night, I was hounded for donations.
    A few days later, I was accused of making obscene phone calls and sent to the Ethics officer. I could not believe the accusations; nothing but lies.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    George M. White

  213. “The L’s for me were AWESOME”
    Same for me, Carol. I got my L11 and L10 from David Gellie – still using the insights from those 26 years later.

  214. The website Super Power Fraud is a good example of the fact that the constantly growing independent field is ahead of the curve on framing all of the outnesses in the old church. Such documentation is effectively putting an end to the inflow of money and bodies to the church, opening peoples eyes and speeding up the exodus. Stats don’t lie. Just a matter of time. Everone needs to keep communicating. What may have fallen on deaf ears in the past may be welcome today to those to whom we have ties, new and old. I believe the tipping point has been reached. Keep communicating the truth. Salvaging as many as we can while positioning the subject itself, through successful application, as still holding great value for mankind.

  215. I didn’t precisely express above question and I would be happy if someone around here has an answer to it or perhaps I missed a LRH issue.

    In 1978 LRH wrote an ED where he tells that Super Power will be delivered in 6 weeks.
    And then I never heard or read again about Super Power from LRH directly, even he left 8 years later. Did I miss an issue from him ?
    Or is it it really that he never mentioned it again in a Policy, HCOB or ED ?
    I don’t mean messages to SO but to staffs in class iv Orgs.

    Ethics and Justice Repair Rundown
    Personal Revival Rundown
    Consequences Rundown
    Bright Think Rundown
    Study Rundown
    False Data and Loss Rundown (Part I)
    False Data Rundown (Part II)
    Cause Rundown.
    Power of Choice Rundown
    Perception Rundown
    Perception Drills
    Learning Drills
    Physical Universe Drills

    Taken from:
    Sorry for missing out the “h” in front of “ttp…..” in the above comment. Scroll a bit down to reach the section on Super Power.

  217. plainoldthetan

    Well, in KSW 1 LRH says that “The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is ‘no results’. Trouble spots occur only where there are ‘no results.’ Attacks from governments or monopolies occur only where there are ‘no results’ or ‘bad results’.”

    It’s my consideration that that principle can apply to “medical research”, too.

    As a quick example, I recall that Fenfluramine (fen-phen), a supposed “anti-obesity” drug, was pulled from the market in September 1997 after it was discovered to cause valvular disease and pulmonary hypertension. I consider that a “bad result”. And I consider that the researchers and the manufacturer and the FDA should be upbraided for the “bad result”, not rewarded by giving them more money for “more research”.

    On the other hand, as shown in the documentary Burzynski, the FDA attacked a novel and non-toxic treatment for cancer (i.e. not chemotherapy) that had probable statistically significant results. The attacks went on for years until a foreign company came up with their own official manufactured version of the treatment, thus denying the inventor and developer his due reward for the discovery and development of a non-toxic treatment for brain cancers.

    This led me to conclude that the FDA’s job is not to verify and approve workable treatments for diseases, but to protect the embedded profit-base of pharmaceutical companies.

    Sorry, I don’t support the protection of pharmaceutical profits over the lives of people.

  218. People could find out that scientists have known how to cure cancer since the nineteen twenties and how could they make money if that happened !

  219. No, not Murphy. Can’t recall the name now, must have put him way out of mind. Tall black guy.

  220. If you joined staff at a Class 5 org you were promised SUPER POWER,.
    The Universe Corps would take you to OT 7 completion and OT 8 on the Freewinds gratis. Trained to Class 8 in many cases
    I am not trying to be a Big Meanie or hard nosed but I was promised all of this. What I got was so many Seniors trying to see which one could break me in half. Serious, I had 5 direct seniors shouting “Hey You Orders” day and night.
    Posted In HCO I recall doing an investigation with a staff whos complaint was he didnt get any sleep( 2 hours per night). Which was true, the guy worked WOG jobs and was Foundation staff, appeared under fed also.
    . I turned this in report recommending that this staff go home to get adequate amounts of sleep or least 4 or 5 hours. Result was this staff then got no sleep until he Blew to his bed snoozing away

  221. I got L10 and L11 from Uncle Trey. After a little physical universe comm lag, the miracles just keep coming. Everyone needs to do these.

  222. The Oracle

    Love, The Oracle

  223. The Oracle

    Morton Astrupguard makes four.

  224. Did you know that the Advices are secret, Mr. Logan? They can not be shown to regular Scientologists. Only certain people in upper management can see them.

    Now what does LRH say about hidden data lines in The Hidden Data Line?

  225. And one more question for you, Mr. Logan:

    If an LRH Advice and an HCOPL apply to the same situation and yet say to do 2 different things, which issue is the management terminal supposed to apply, per LRH in the Advices?

  226. Another Layer

    Thanks for the context! After the List 1 Project hit my org, Tech and Qual never fully recovered. It’s great to know that LRH created SuperPower as the remedy.

  227. The one that brings about the greatest survival. If you don’t have a brain, there is no level of minute detail of orders that can be issued that will ensure you do the right thing.

    To operate on the basis that every word of Hubbard is a literal command and not have a grasp of the PURPOSE and any sort of conceptual understanding of the subject is to be a robot like they are building in the RCS.

  228. Doesnt matter what LRH says about anything, you will find something to pick apart about it….

    Your “logic” is about as sensible as saying L. Ron Hubbard could never engage in a conversation with anyone as that would then be a “hidden data line.”

    The earlier suggestion to you to study the Data Series was spot on. Sanity is the ability to recognize identities, similarities and differences. Not to be too blunt, but you seem to have some difficulties in this regard.

  229. Eileen Clark

    Jim Logan –> Tooky

  230. Name Irrelevant

    Be specific. What is the treatment the FDA attacked?

    And it’s now being manufactured in Europe? So this alternative therapy (name please) you say the FDA sabotaged is “curing” bran tumors in Europe. It would seem to me that money-motivated individuals (particularly FDA lobbyists) would be promoting the hell out of it if it was “the cure”.

  231. Name Irrelevant

    Yep. Not to mention the doctors who really are healers on this planet. And — conspiracy theories aside — a few really do exist. Some even know the body is not the person.

  232. Eileen Clark

    I second everything The Oracle has said about Laurie Webster. She is a Medusa. Most are familiar with the Greek Mythological Gorgon creature, but medusa is also the tentacled, usually bell-shaped, free-swimming sexual stage in the life cycle of a coelenterate, such as a jellyfish.

  233. Bruce Pratt

    Oh hell. Had his name on the tip — just a few years ago, NOTs C/S AOLA then on the Tours — Imir or Emir Gueron I think of Israeli background. Dropped on a Thursday before 2.

  234. I see that you are unwilling or unable to answer, or even address, the question. And you choose instead to tell me what an idiot I am for asking it.

    I understand that this is exactly what David Miscavige does with anyone who asks questions like this, is it not?

  235. Your “logic” is about as sensible as saying L. Ron Hubbard could never engage in a conversation with anyone as that would then be a “hidden data line.”

    This takes an extreme, ridiculous, or completely unrelated example of something to the issue raised – in this case Advices Hubbard wrote for the management of the Church and enshrined on “SIR” computers for management alone and not for Scientologists – and compares it to forbidding Hubbard from ever having conversations with people if he had applied his own policy in “The Hidden Data Line”.

    Are regular Scientologists allowed see the Advices that Hubbard wrote to manage the Church, or not?

    Then how can the policy of “No Hidden Data Line” in Scientology be true?

    Why would you avoid this question? Isn’t it David Miscavige who has abused this and applied it wrongly? Or was it Hubbard himself?

  236. There was a cancerous cell growing deep inside in 1980-1981-1982. It was ever so slowly masquerading as good, but slowly invaded healthy tissue, taking advantage of stresses and strains and injuries that would have otherwise healed. Stealthily the cell metastasized, converted healthy to sick, grabbed and held organs and systems, pitted system against system as in an autoimmune war, all the while deceiving or overwhelming the macrophages that would have disposed of the sick and diseased cells. It just took a while for those at a distance or looking on to notice the decay. MO.

  237. WN, Fantastic news! Good for you and your twin.

  238. No

  239. No.

  240. Tooky,
    You have missed something along the line here. It appears you have A=Aed what constitutes a “hidden data line” as per the PL of 16 April 65. That’s why the reference to Data Series 1. There is some sort of “thought confusion”, an identity that is not identical.

    LRH had comm lines. He used them, but that does not equate to every thing he put on them is either Technology or in some way “policy”. He had lines for those, and he used them,.

    His comm to some post, goes in the post hat, and has a relative importance to that hat. This isn’t a “hidden data line” any more than the previous post holder’s notes or comments or “hat write-up” is a “hiddent data line”.

    But that distinction seems to be lost on you at this time. So, yes, you appear as an idiot.

    DM is doing almost precisely what you are, putting anything LRH ever said or wrote into the category of Tech or Policy. Why, Dave has gone to the absurd length to take LRH’s Pre OT folders of his sessions and make that “tech”. Imagine that!

    So, quit being an idiot. Read DS 1, and begin to pull apart the collapsed data and you’ll be able to think with this, eventually.

  241. At IHQ in the early 80’s (International headquarters of the LRH Comm network) we had binders of LRH ‘advices’ and telexes which were actual orders to implement – nobody would treat an LRH advice as an optional suggestion. In fact the term ‘advice’ was really a legal firewall to distance the ‘Consultant’ from the corporations. Each advice had programs written to carry them out. Many were confidential. CMO pushed for compliance.

  242. Thank you, Nomnom. This is what countless other people who used to work at Int Base have reported, as well.

    There are so many missing pieces to this puzzle on this blog. Why do you think that Mr. Logan and Mr. Rinder are having such a hard time with the truth about this?

    Could it be that their experiences are different than yours?

  243. Tooky — Here is a reference for you: HCOPL 6 DECEMBER 1970 THIRD DYNAMIC DE-ABERRATION, If you read it perhaps you will be able to sort this out for yourself. There IS a difference between Policy, Purposes, Orders, Advices, Comm Cycles, Telexes, Programs, Goals…. If you cannot or don’t want to distinguish between them, that’s your choice. But continuing to ask silly questions isnt going to unearth an answer to the dilemma you have created for yourself.

  244. Mr. Logan –

    From HCO PL 16 Apr 65 Issue I “The ‘Hidden Data Line’”:

    “The whole of technology is released in HCO Bulletins and HCO Policy Letters and Tapes I do and release. All the lower-level materials are in the HCOB’s, PLs or on tapes.

    The data line isn’t hidden. It’s there for anyone to have. That there’s lots of it is possibly a source of trouble in releasing it. But it’s all on courses on Academies or Saint Hill. You could have a copy of everything in the tape library if you wanted. It might cost a lot, but you could have it.
    There is no hidden data line.”

    As Nomnom has confirmed below, LRH Advices are hidden from all public Scientologists and most all staff members in Scientology. Advices have programs written for their enforcement and the CMO gets compliance on these Advices. Thus, the way LRH Advices are handled in the Church violate LRH’s promise to Scientologists in the Hidden Data Line HCOPL.

    Your Miscavige-like verbal abuse and personal attacks can not introvert people long enough to stop the truth from coming out.

    So why don’t you knock it off, huh?

  245. Thank you, Mr Rinder.

    I’ll look at the reference.

    On your post in management, did you run off of any LRH Advices? Did the CMO run programs through your office and did you have to report compliance on these Advice-based programs?

  246. Sad if Tooky is considered “self righteous prick” just because of saying there is a lot of truth and reconcilliation to be done. Wow. I could have posted te same comment. Makes me self righteous prick? And do I have to have an Int post to be respected?
    Very sad. COmmunication is the solvent of allt hings – but if you get head bit off for communicating, then it does not encourage a lot more communicating.
    I hope even that we can disagree without being disagreeable – maybe I am foolish for that hope.

  247. I can only speak for myself.
    In an ideal scene, there would have been no hidden data line.
    In practice, there was.
    The sheer volume of traffic going up and down from LRH resulted in actions that were not clear to those lower on the church hierarchy.
    For example, there were a number of HCO PL’s and HCOB’s issued that were not signed by LRH – either signed by ‘WDC’ or by the ‘Board of Directors’ – in direct violation of “Issues, Types of”, yet the genesis of the issues were ‘Consultant’ orders. I tried querying one of these issues and was promptly hauled to ethics and informed that these were LRH issues. But the EO could not give me some proof. Only years later did I find out that they really were based on LRH orders.

  248. LBOS
    TO’s “bunch” of items (two things on the list)
    South Park spoof????? WTF – your suggestion about spoofing in South Park (as if it could be arranged) the way you talk about the sheeple and your solicitation of “itchy fingered cartoonists” is just inflammatory and makes whoever takes you up on it look bad.(As if there is some cartoonists around here stupid enough to put such a thing together, and that this blog would receive it well…… “Oh, look what Marty’s site put on it now….”)

    It’s what you had in mind.

    P.S. I believe in Sam Domingo’s spidey sense, to those with “not-so-deep” cover.

  249. plainoldthetan

    I was specific. It’s the one documented in the documentary Burzynski. Check the Documentary channel website or

  250. Marty,

    May I ask you a question?

    If David Miscavige were to pass on, how much change do you think would take place with the church of scientology?

  251. Tooky — yes, of course. And we operated on Flag Orders and CBOs, COLRHEDs, LRHEDs and received orders by despatch and telex, even had discussions and conferences wth LRH. None were accessible to Non-staff. Most were not accessible to Non SO. But they were accessible to those who needed them. That a hidden data line does not make. You have decided this IS the case, and no answer is satisfactory to you otherwise. So, you just keep on believing that. But you are not making yourself look good with your assertions.

  252. This is actually a pretty interesting discussion. I think it reflects the difference in viewpoint between upper management and what lower, non-SO orgs experience.
    Upper management operates on a variety of issues, including many that are not available at lower org levels. Strat planning and the firing of missions are also set by confidential evals and orders. What the exact source and reason for programs, missions, etc can be a mystery from a Class 4 org viewpoint. At the lower org level HCO PL’s, HCOB’s and LRH ED’s are it.
    I’m sure it hasn’t changed, but It was not unusual for something to be ordered from uplines that conflicted with one of the above issues yet the advice, telex or eval was confidential. For example Missionaires would come in, order personnel changes (musical chairs) which would violate policy yet they had their own orders and issues that they were operating from.
    What was one supposed to think? The datum of “if it’s not written, it’s not true” was twisted and we were told, “It’s written, but you can’t see it”.
    From a senior management viewpoint perhaps it was not a hidden data line, but from a lower viewpoint, it sure felt like it.

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