Liberating Ain’t Easy

I came across a little something that might bring a bit of relief for those of you who have put out tremendous amounts of energy attempting to wake up Scientology Inc. Kool-Aid drinkers.  The following is an excerpt from a 12 December, 1952 lecture by L. Ron Hubbard entitled “Game/Goals”:

The hardest thing for any liberator to face is the fact that a large percentage of the people he was trying to free wanted desperately to be slaves. And it’s broken the heart of every liberator to date.  To date. Hardly any exception.  A man would have  to be awfully stupid not to see that.  But he would be pretty dull if he didn’t see this too: Sure, sure – but the guys he did liberate were worth liberating.  


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  1. Great reference Marty!! Thank you for caring.

  2. Wow! Terrific quote! Answers so many questions…

  3. disinfected

    Cool quote. So true.

    Hey, would you do me a favor please and pass along to the picnic gals that I am still waiting for an invite. Seems my emails are not getting through.

    John Pardillo

  4. You Know Who

    Indeed. I have a dear friend. The dear friend who introduced me to Scientology way back when. She, in doing that, liberated me. To me, she’s the angel who gave me back my life. Even more so that Ron, since, without her, I’d never have had anything to do with Scientology.

    But, my dear friend, who, also, clued me into the out-tech of the “Church” of Scientology back in 2002 — mind you she didn’t tell me I was wrong, or otherwise invalidate me for my fondness for Scientology, she JUST invited me to “look”. Which i did. And, i discovered that the “Church” had become a cult of gargantuan proportions.

    Well, My Liberator, as I’ll call her, has now taken quite a loss on all of this. After discovering the suppressiveness of the “Church”, she trained with Sarge Gerbode’s “TIRA” group (Traumatic Incident Reduction Association). To some this is blasphemy, I know. But, I think that her point of view was that, since the “Church” had been beaten by the wealth and lawyers of the TIRA people; AND since the TIRA people were dedicated to helping people through a re-named but none-the-less Scientology and Dianetics; AND since TIRA is considered “science based” and so eligible for public funding and such … well, she could ‘liberate’ (not her word) a bunch more people, with less effort than it would take, to fight the SP’s who now masquerade as the “Church of Scientology”.

    It is rumored, however, that TIRA has now gone the same way as the “Church” of Scientology. Gestapo like tactics to get people to “conform”. So, My Liberator has now taken her leave of the TIRA people, and is now trying to find a way to be part of the solution. Again.

    I say all of this in support of Ron’s point, above. Do not allow the SP’s to hand you a loss from the fact that you couldn’t save everyone. Save the one’s who will be saved, and ‘pray’ for all the rest. Like me. I cannot express adquately how utterly ‘grateful’ I am to My Liberator, or how overjoyed I am to be me after so long of not knowing who I was. I am proof, and so are those of you who are reading this, that Ron did not labor in vain, and that the SP’s have not won, and never will.

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!

    Thank you all for all you have done and do every day. Even your simplest ‘positive thought’ contribute to the betterment of us all. Never forget your power and how much you have contributed by even liberating just one.

  5. Great quote … is that from a series or what?

  6. Puts a big grin on my face.

  7. Hi Marty — I guess I’m a bit too much of a liberal too cotton to anyone being a liberator — or perhaps too much of a conservative. Always confuses me which is which 🙂

    That said — I’ve found that people are exactly where they want to be most of the time. Except for those few who are locked away and are trying to escape.

    But, recently I found this delightfully uplifting “mantra” in the movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” — “In the end, everything will be alright, and if its not alright, it’s not the end”

    Corny perhaps – but somehow I feel it’s exactly on the money.

    Something that is quite difficult to remember, especially for a type A Scientology Buddhist such as myself — since I am far from omniscient, for me to think or say that I know what is best for someone – truly is the height of arrogance.

    The best thing I believe that I can do is to work harder at understanding my own personal path and strive to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

    In other words — work only on myself. And allow others to live their lives however “badly” I think they might be doing it …


  8. Felicitas Foster

    I do remember that one. 🙂

    Thank you for the slap on the back. 🙂

  9. This doesn’t mean that I don’t agree and believe that we should expose what we feel isn’t right in the world, or within scientology.

    Just not to get all “invested” in the outcome. To be able to allow others to make their own choices really is very hard for me. I think everyone should listen to me and follow my lead.

    Funny — considering the amazing disasters I’ve made in my life 🙂

    So this is an habitual pattern I am working hard to change. Just grant beingness …

    Tough one.


  10. Good info! It would mean having to create and not be created for – to look and not be told what one was looking at, to reach and not be automatically given to. There’s nothing like the security of slavery.

  11. LRH is the man. Thanks.

  12. What a coincidence, you have just effectively as-ised a mental rant I was engaged in mere moments ago.

    I was thinking about the last post on superpower and how unbelievably stupid anyone would have to be to allow themselves to enter that building and put their spiritual awareness in the hands of that group.

    You have a little tyrant with zero auditing skill, who beats his staff, holds no tech certs, lies about his stats and his products and has a history of squashing competent tech terminals, not in training them. And you have the entire Co$ network revering this creature as if he were a god and the most brilliant tech termianl ever to walk the face of the earth (including LRH).

    How could anyone possibly let this cretin C/S their case?

    Thanks for providing the answer, Marty.


  13. Beautiful…

    Amen to that LRH.

  14. This “wanting desperately to be slaves” seems to be a deeply embedded part of the human condition. I don’t know whether LRH specifically addressed this in any rundown. I wonder if it is/was in Superpower somewhere. That would explain its suppression.

  15. Plus.


    It can certainly be very difficult to share perspectives with another and frustrating if you believe you have something of real benefit to offer someone, particularly if you believe the person is at risk.

    1. Is there indisputable evidence that a target person who does not appear to have yet shifted in perspective, genuinely wants to be a slave?

    2. Could there be no other explanation?

    3. Is there really a difference in the ‘worth’ of a person who seems to have responded to a message of liberation and one who hasn’t yet, at some particular snapshot in time? If so, what is this difference in worth? Is it in one particular dimension? Or is it all encompassing?

  17. When stupidity and ignorance run out of justifications for existing within one’s consciousness and thereby one’s life; we stop putting ourself out on the firing range with a bullseye on our forehead wondering how we got there.

    To those secret watchers of this blog:

    To be free means just that, to be free!

    Free to disagree, free to investigate, free to doubt, free to come to your own conclusion, free to reveal who you are, free to say no, free to say yes, free to have a body, free to not have a body.



    Stop bleating like sheep. ROAR LIKE A LION!!

  18. Very good. Gives a sobering validation.
    It sort of parallels that feeling you get when you audit PC after PC & everythings fine, then you screw up on one, caves you in for a bit. Even though they are easily repaired you still feel not so good about it.
    Then, dealing with a whole heap of ding a lings who can’t guzzle enough cool adie quick enough – geezes… messes with ya head!

  19. Mother of Grendel

    Helping people “see” their way out is comparable to helping people cognite to come in. In fact, applying dissem drill technology ironically works perfectly here! That’s because even the deepest kool aid drinker has something that’s niggling them – something that is their ruin about the Church of Miscavige, It’s a matter of finding that ruin, allowing them to have the cognition, and then they’re willing to look further – to question their assumptions, and to begin to once again think for themselves.
    Someone I never thought would speak one word against the Scn mafia – let alone think one dark thought – is in fact doing that. Right now just with me, but it’s a start. And – unlike the way “dissem” is being done now by the Co$, the foundation of “reverse-dissem” is true and genuine caring.

  20. Here is a scene from a movie on that exact topic that I’m sure almost all here have seen:

    If “The Matrix” is a virtual 1 to 1 analogy for anything in the real world, that thing would be the legal system including the tax system. Those who look deeper than that will find other traps as well, and “The Matrix” will relate closely to them also.

    As far as those who would keep us trapped … first and foremost, they never want anyone to perceive their chains of bondage. If someone does see his chains, the next level is to convince him that the chains can’t possibly be broken, and/or he is better off with them than without them. Finally, if someone manages to break free, the next level of damage control is to label that fellow such that he is usually shunned by the rest of the herd … labels like kook, terrorist, militant, extremist, etc.

    If anyone wants to get to the point of seeing his chains as far as “The Matrix” goes on the political/legal/tax level, google “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” available to watch in 8 parts on youtube for free. It is amazing.


  21. “since I am far from omniscient, for me to think or say that I know what is best for someone – truly is the height of arrogance.”
    Wonderfully stated, I like that.
    peace to you

  22. Yes, great quote!

  23. one of those who see

    Hi Windhorse, Loved “The best Exotic Marigold Hotel” Wonderful film!

  24. This is a great post. I must say though that the more I talk with Kool Aid drinkers, the more I see that many of them are fed up. It takes a gradient approach to reality, but most of them could be brought over.

  25. When I personally discovered that the tech (in the form of GAT and 3 swing F/N) had been so altered that Scientology tech was all but useless, then I left the Church. That was in 2005. At the time, I thought I was all alone in my assessment.

    A couple years later, my “liberators” from my “aloneness” were Mike and Marty who were being brave enough to say “enough is enough” in the SP Times “The Truth R/D”. They gave me what I really needed which was information, not leadership.

    At some point Koolaid drinkers liberate themselves. And then they find, they are not alone. The exodus from Scientology Inc is due to Scn Inc’s alteration of LRH’s technology. There is no other reason. There are no Pied Pipers. There is only an SP, David Miscavige, that drives people out of Scientology by altering tech and policy to suit his needs.

  26. 1) And he [Jesus] began again to teach by the sea side: and there was gathered unto him a great multitude, so that he entered into a ship, and sat in the sea; and the whole multitude was by the sea on the land.
    2) And he taught them many things by parables, and said unto them in his doctrine,
    3) Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow:
    4) And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side …

  27. +1
    Yes, thank you guys for spreading the word and the seed of truth.
    We hear you.
    This is the real deal.
    It is not truth which is hard to confront. Lies and evil purps are.

  28. “reverse-dissem” I like that:-) Good post!

  29. ThetaPotata

    I agree. Definitely like the “Emperors New Clothes” in slow motion.

  30. George M. White

    Very well stated and very, very funny.

    May all habitual beings be well and happy!

    George M. White

  31. The Oracle

    I addressed being a slave on L12. There was a time when being a slave was considered an honor. Even holy. There is plenty of track where slavery had a lot of perks for the slaves. Especially if I got hooked up in the kitchen with the food. If one was a very good slave, the master went effect , as anyone you come to depend on, you go the effect of. And a person can become the effect of a good slave in a minute. There were people who took great care of their slaves. If you loved your master being a slave could be a blissful experience. Better than foraging through the forest subsisting on berries. I had quite some track as a slave because of benefits and pleasure
    and LOVE. Because of needing shelter, food, and good company. Because of liquor left in glasses that I could indulge in. Because of the wine cellar!
    Because I thought it was holier and more remunerative to give and serve and contribute to than to be served and be contributed to. There is also a lot of “noble think” involved with being a slave that is beautiful. Such as loyalty, placing someone above yourself, thinking of others wants and needs, devotion. Of course I would have run for the hills from anyone that wanted to part me from all of that! Pleasure moments can get very sticky!
    In the Dianetics book Hubbard even says pleasure moments can not be erased!

  32. The Oracle

    Oh, and twisty thing was, I found liberation through slavery. As my job was always to think about someone else’s wants and needs and forget about myself. It was a GPM issue. Liberation through slavery.

  33. And, I guess if your awareness level is masochism, you love a slave master who slaps you and beats you and invalidates you and suppresses your second dynamic and feeds you slop and…

  34. Your humble servant


    That is funny, and apropos, and a shrewd observation on Ron’s part. I wouldn’t agree, though, that the mass of “kool-aid drinkers” really want to be slaves. I would just say that they have been suppressed and lied to, and have lost sight of the goal. They do not even know that they are enmeshed into an unconscious slavery. They think the enormous sacrifices they are making are the best that can be done “for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” They think the Church is all and everything good and are ready to fight anyone who thinks otherwise. There is an element of fear too. They fear anything other than the status quo. They fear being condemned by their group. They fear loss of their “eternity.” They really have a hard time looking, much less seeing. They cannot grant beingness to others.

    Most of those who embarked upon the path of Scientology had greater freedom in mind when they began. A thetan is really a freedom loving being at heart and cannot properly flourish in any other environment. No question though it is an uphill task to educate people to what is really the truth.

  35. As we are reading that quote we assume that we understand those words and decode that words into the concept the originator of those words did send us via those words. As we agree to that concept before we read those words (attention on: before we read those words we agree to the concept the words represent) on a paper or blog we understand those words accordording our agreement we had before we did read those words.
    Others that do not agree to those concepts can read those words and still disagree with those words. And thus cannot be freed by those words. He has no win. If you want to talk to a person with the intention to un enslave him he knows what you are trying to do before you open your mouth. Or before he opens your e-mail. It is his decision. As it had been your decision to find those words on a paper or tape and decided to get gains out of those words. If you for example on a later date on the time track re study something you did study before and you had been ARC broken then you changed your agreement and thus your understanding of the same material and words changed.
    Even if the other person is in the worst imaginable trap you can only get him out of this trap if he wishes to be out of that trap. Even if part of the trap is that he wishes to stay in that trap. That is the pitty of the story. But you cannot force a thetan to change his mind. This is impossible.

  36. The Oracle

    That is how I fit comfortable in the Sea Org! With the idea of liberation through slavery.

  37. Mother of Grendel


  38. Your humble servant

    And may you be well and happy too, George!

  39. Try the Grades.

  40. The Oracle

    Look at all of the people working 110 hours a week so they can become liberated from economic concerns.

  41. Off the fence

    Back in the days when they fed the Christians to the lions, the only real problem back then was not enough lions.

  42. Your humble servant

    Good, point, Les. It is dismaying. However, I think that only a very small percentage of the public, staff, and SO actually “revere” David Miscavige. When I was actively on lines, I can only remember one or two occasions when anyone said something positive about him.

    Most, I would say, have ACCEPTED him, and although they harbor some doubts about him, think overall that he is doing a good job and would defend him to outsiders. Of course they have no idea that he beats his staff, that he writes and talks like the lunatic when he is not reading from a teleprompter, that he has no actual training or honest case advancement, that he has been insanely and criminally engaged in covertly altering LRH tech, that his “ideal org” program is a catastrophic failure as far as real delivery is concerned, and that his “Super Power” program is a fraud, among many other things. They therefore make many allowances for him that they would not make if it were possible for them to be better informed.

    I think the “clubbed seals” just get carried away in their standing ovations at events. They are not really screaming for Miscavige but applauding their actual dedication to Ron and Scientology, whom they very mistakenly think Miscavige supports and represents. There aren’t that many of them there anyway. The Jehovah’s Witnesses can outdo them any day of the week in attendance.

  43. It’s courious, I posted a similar comment on the German Independents Blog lately.
    Indeed the whole thing works very well if you re-establish LRH as the stable datum about Scientology first.
    No one needs a stable datum such as David Miscavige if you have L.Ron Hubbard as the Source of Scientology.
    We really need to use Scientology in order to undo its perversion inside the “church”.

  44. The Oracle

    The stickiest are the regges! They join the Sea Org so they can get out of the middle class think and leave the wog world where the almighty dollars rules, and because to a thetan cash is trash. Only to get assigned a reg post! Where they spend every waking moment foraging for bucks! Too funny!

  45. Brian Culkin

    But the amazing thing here, the real situation, the real drama … is the people we are trying to liberate think of themselves and their “church” as liberators as well …. Hegel rises from the grave yet again …..

    Love the quote Marty … and all the great comments


  46. Freedom Fighter

    Boy, ain’t that the truth!!

  47. Interesting viewpoint of slavery, thanks for sharing. It broadened my understanding of considerations being senior to mechanics and why some people really can’t handle the truth.

  48. I heard a simple splendor in your words. I hope others heard it too. Great post!

  49. This is a tremendously useful bit of knowledge, on several fronts, thank you!

  50. martyrathbun09

    All those fears you noted they harbor make up the character of slaves. I’d say, for the most part those still there find the security of fascism far more inviting than the thrill and danger of independence.

  51. What you have communicated was my experience as well. I had disconnected from the church and its terminals (excluding family) and lived without comm from any Scientologist until I was steered to the Truth Rundown by a non-Scientologist.

    Finding out there were others was like being resuscitated spiritually. All the suppressed comm was released and I was thrilled to be able to talk to people who spoke my language, understood my love for the tech and my unwillingness to go back to the church…and it was all okay. Bad things didn’t happen, more comm lines opened up and I speak to a lot of people now (inside and outside of the church) that I wouldn’t have dared to before.

  52. WH: long over due in saying I love your posts!

  53. Off the fence

    Sometimes all you can do is throw em a line.
    If they grab hold you can pull them up.
    But they have to grab hold.

  54. The Oracle

    Considerations are senior to mechanics. Sea Org members think of themselves as the liberators. Not as slaves with a slave master. Until you have the dominatrix Jenny Linson in your face. Then, it finally becomes clear what is REALLY going on! Anyway, that is when I woke up and smelled the coffee. But I think people who see themselves as liberators expect to deal with force. It doesn’t necessarily = sadism / masochism.
    Liberation is also a sport with game pieces. How many pieces can you free up from the board? And games involve force challenge and opposition. Oh yeah, I did that too!

  55. plainoldthetan

    Welded into the front gates of Auschwitz and Dachau are the words ARBEIT MACHT FREI.

  56. Thomas More

    Excellent example from the Gospel. Marty’s quote from LRH is so true, it does explain a lot about the CoS today (and poor sinner, I also was blind but now I see – lol). Many other examples throughout history, including the American Revolution about which I’d read that only about a third of the people in the Colonies wanted to be “liberated”; also true for the French and Russian revolutions. May have been a good thing in America, but then again a Brit once asked a visiting Yank at a cocktail party, “So, how do you like taxation *with* representation? ; )

  57. The Oracle

    As long as the Sea Org Members are TOLD they are actually LIBERATING and FREEING mankind, they will be happy to work as slaves. It is as crafty as sending men off to war to KILL so they can PROTCT and SAVE other men.

    These are our finest GPM moments!

  58. plainoldthetan

    I just watched a documentary called Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary.

    It was a difficult watch as it was 90 minutes of untranslated German with only English subtitles. I kept having to scan back and pick up half-sentences because I blinked too long.

    But it was compelling because this woman, one of hitler’s clerical staff, talked about how she wanted to be protected by the grandfatherly Hitler when she met him, and how she developed a decided blind spot as to his criminality and atrocities.

    I think it’s an important view for those of us trying to liberate our friends.

    It’s available through Netflix.

  59. The Oracle

    You know, a person also has to be pretty uptone to deal with forces.

  60. The Oracle

    Why do you think David Miscavige travels with body guards, is obsessed with security, and makes it a crime and impossible for anyone to fight him back? He can’t confront force coming at him from others.

  61. 3. Is there really a difference in the ‘worth’ of a person who seems to have responded to a message of liberation and one who hasn’t yet, at some particular snapshot in time? If so, what is this difference in worth? Is it in one particular dimension? Or is it all encompassing? Perfect

  62. Ronnie Bell

    To be free means just that, to be free!

    Wonderful post, Brian. Applauding you here.

  63. Picnic gals. Right. That’ll get ’em right on it. 🙂

  64. Ronnie Bell

    Indeed. Cognitions can’t be spoon-fed.

  65. The Oracle

    Through solo auditing, I have been able to liberate many of my former masters, who just couldn’t distance themselves from me before.

  66. The Oracle

    And the men we fail to possess as lovers, come back to us when looking for mothers.

  67. tunedal, I was reading along scrolling down the comments saying to myself “LRH is the man”, and was about to comment that, and Voila! you said it.

  68. Joe Pendleton

    This is a bit off topic and I don’t know if any one else has already mentioned it, but I thought it was best to honor him by at least letting folks here know. I just received a message from his uncle that the being we knew as OTDT passed away last night in his sleep. I knew him for 40 years and he was a talented artist and photographer as well as being such a fine writer and humorist. More important, he was a good guy and will be missed by friends and family.

  69. To: You Know Who: Thanks for writing this….Wow. Your comment is incredibly heartfelt and insightful.

  70. Li'll bit of stuff

    Great obnosis, great awareness. VWD indeed!
    Calvin B. Duffield

  71. Li'll bit of stuff

    + 1000, Marty, Amy and LRH for this.

  72. The Oracle

    It would not surprise me to find out that every time he went psychotic and suddenly attacked someone, it was after someone sent him a communication that had a little particle of force moving with it.

  73. Li'll bit of stuff

    Nice ensemble WH, and BTW, as a topic, where do
    Buddhists sit on the the topic of laughter, or humour?
    George, I’d also like your comments on this too.

    There is an incredibly interesting study and therapy
    based on this by Enda Junkins.(Google) Definitely worth
    checking this out. LRH,” developed” a process called
    “remedy of laughter” as you probably already know, an
    enormously effective process.

    Peace, Calvin

  74. Captain Bob

    production is the basis for moral. Sure, if you’re at the top watching all others produce, you’re moral is very high. Now if one at the top contributes to that production somehow.

    Anything good can be viewed as bad or as good. A car is good for transporting people, not so good when used to run into people.

  75. Captain Bob

    well this is another reason – he’s the goods on anybody, he knows their o/w’s:

    “Well, my suspicions about DM’s real purposes for recording Tom’s confessions have been confirmed as warranted. I have recently learned from a very reliable witness that DM regularly held court with others in his personal lounge in the roadside Villas at the Int base, and while sipping scotch whiskey at the end of the night, Miscavige would read Tom’s overts and withholds from my reports to others, joking and laughing about the content of Tom’s confessions. My witness is unimpeachable in my eyes as his account contains too many accurate details from someone who had zero reason (or ability) for being anywhere near Tom’s folders, videos and reports direct to DM. I also know he was a regular, preferred guest at DM’s scotch night caps during that period.
    Wake up, Tom. It is not too late. Though, time is getting very, very short.”

  76. Captain Bob


  77. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O. Enormous thanks for inserting so many
    puzzle pieces here, like your earlier one where
    you shared your L’s wins audited by Trey Lotz.

    Your having compared your bridge progress
    from the TR’s — OT3 …..being exceeded by 10 X, in doing the L’s, sounds amazing, thanks.

    I really got your opinion that one would really
    only get the most from the L’s after first having
    made the awareness shift of at least attaining
    the state of OT3. Believe it or not, I, for someone who is from “nowhere on the bridge”
    really get all of this. (devour it like a pac man)

    Warmest ARC, and did you get my reply on
    the budding cartoonist ?


  78. Li'll bit of stuff

    Spot on, Marty! Some of us prefer living on the EDGE!

  79. Very uplifting. Just lets me know that when I cut my losses, I’m all the better for it, as those guys are just hell-bent for leather to continue tipping the cup and guzzling.

  80. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty for this short and sweet, pertinent, and insightful nugget from LRH, especially from such a truly golden era, i.e., the early 50’s. This statement is so true in its simplicity and is so profound even today in its implications with regards to politics, economics, banking, monetary policy, education, etc.

    To wit, aren’t there really only about 35,000 or so maximum POB slaves left world-wide out of a total population of 7 billion human beings?

    Thus, it’s been proven that folks don’t like this corporate un-Ron version of ‘spiritual freedom’. It’s been proven true that all Miscabbige sells is mental, financial and soul slavery.

    This ‘Miscavige thingy’ represents nothing but a grand fraud. And that’s putting it mildly.

    Yeah, in the end, it sucks to be a failed SP cult loser, this POB creature.

    Let’s all look on the bright side though. His next BFF is a tattooed soap-on-a-rope cell-mate. We can ‘bank’ on it. (Pun intended.)

  81. I was just reminded of the reference “Clean Hands Make a Happy Life.” Miscavige and his Kool-aid drinking followers have dirty, filthy hands and absolutely do not want to come clean. (We should probably stop using the term “Kool-aid drinkers.” It is an insult to Kool-aid.) They do everything in their power to hide their crimes and futilely try to counter it with positive PR. Can you imagine trying to audit someone like that? They have become what they most resist. And they must be REALLY unhappy.

  82. Captain Bob

    I think lots do not know their is a choice. A lot do not know because the CO$ tells them everybody else are squirrels. In their minds, those people still in, in their minds there is no Microsoft vs Apple, there is no Kellog cereal vs Quaker Oats. In their minds there is only CO$ as the source. Those still in think there is a monopoly.

    You might say the COS was taken over by the term used on wall street as hostile takeover, only it wasn’t hostile, it was suttle. As are the changes to the tech. that’s how I see it.

  83. Captain Bob

    what line you gonna throw them?

    IMHO, there are only two. Redefinition of F/N being 3 swings of the needle and 6 month sec checks for ot7’s.

    But, here’s another line to get somebody to think and look, mention to them that all the OT levels are on the internet and WOGS have seen them. And Courts of Law have seen them, wog Judges have seen and read the OT confidential data.

  84. Captain Bob

    you state “Most, I would say, have ACCEPTED him, and although they harbor some doubts about him, think overall that he is doing a good job and would defend him to outsiders.”

    Now what you say is true. But what you say is from maybe people that have been around since the late 1980’s to present time.

    Somebody new coming in would not question DM or upper management. The history of scientology is constantly being rewritten.

  85. Captain Bob

    if it keeps going as it is, it being scientolgy, Marty and Mike and Dan koon, and Karen will be deleted from the history just as hubbards wife is.

  86. I’m convinced O !! I’m thinking Oracle just addressed it for you Simple, in eloquent personal terms no less, certainly for me. And no, Ron didn’t have to address everything as much as the Midget thinks he indeed must. The Midget, bio header: Rabid Control Freak.

    Having said that, and as much as I enjoyed the fascinating fit, is it better to leave personal track off the public line. No?

  87. Captain Bob

    b/4 you know it, 50 years from now, LRH never had sex, he just appeared and had no kids. He’s a fuk’in god. Busts everywhere, big ones too, on a mountain side.

  88. Transporter

    Plainoldthetan: That’s a great Documentary. I saw it when it debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. Very significant: when the film was shown at the Berlin Film Festival the woman in the story, Hitler’s sec, was dying. She called to the Festival to make sure it had run as scheduled…which it did. She then dropped her body. It was her mission to get this film shown in Berlin. And you’re right…it’s a very important message to our cause in restoring TRUE Scn.

  89. disinfected

    Really? If I were doing that job, I would have no problem being one of the “picnic guys”. But I guess a person can find an insult just about anywhere if they are looking for one. Not talking about them, they didn’t post. I am not immune to that tendency either.


  90. Captain Bob

    I become UN-institutionalized on 1-1-2012 thanks to debbie cook facebook. she facebooked me.

  91. Captain Bob

    I have to admit I was looking at the woman in the red dress, before I looked around and thought, decided to think about things. And lo and behold I realized there was nothing to fear but fear itself.

    thanks for the video Pete

  92. Tom Gallagher

    By the way, Independents are the 99%.

  93. “In the end, everything will be alright, and if its not alright, it’s not the end”
    I like that. I have always felt that an individual is where he/she needs to be at the time.It is after all their road to freedom.

  94. Hello George, could you clarify please? Feel free to expound. I’m not sure what you said except for the last two sentences, which I fully disagree.

  95. plus

  96. My experience with most individuals in the CofS, though all having some level exposure and training to PTS/SP tech fail to see real SPs when they are directly in front of them, even with the most glaring of indicators falling all about, but will readliy accept the labeling of someone they should KNOW is not an SP as one. As far as I’m concerned this is Suppresive Reasonableness at best. The sheep may or may not get fat, but they will certainly get slaughtered when the fleecing is done.

  97. Dolphin Play

    “I will not attack your doctrines nor your creeds if they accord liberty to me. If they hold thought to be dangerous – if they aver that doubt is a crime, then I attack them one and all, because they enslave the minds of men.”
    — Robert Green Ingersoll

  98. Very relevant post to the current scene.
    Another ~
    “A Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

  99. Dolphin Play

    Scientology Incorporated has gone the way of incense and hocus pocus. Fortunately, there are those who embraced and benefit from the practice and philosophy of Scientology, quite a thing apart from the usurping impostor Organization

    “To become a popular religion, it is only necessary for a superstition to enslave a philosophy.” –William Ralph Inge

  100. A thetan is really a freedom loving being at heart and cannot properly flourish in any other environment.
    At the other hand, a thetan loves mysteries and will accept stupid randomities just to have a game.
    Don’t forget about it.
    LRH “invented” the mystery sandwich for registration purposes (because thetans love mysteries). He used this button deliberate. He wanted us to go all the way.
    In DMs World there is no exchange necessary… you know… “let’s create the vacuum and don’t worry about the collateral damage.”

    Freedom in a game is a different category of freedom as spiritual freedom.
    In old Babylon there was the opportunity to become a slave to pay your depts and recover your dignity – a game laid out to regain your peace of mind.
    People do jobs and get recruited to have a game, a name, a position, a third dynamic, a purpose, a sense of life.
    Not any Scientologist inside the Church can smell the con because there is so much truth in Scientology and so much hope.
    This is the “perfect” trap for a whole track SP.
    We know how it will end for Miscavige. We know how the cycle works.
    We see his reactions. We know he is hiding. We can predict.
    We understand the physics he is trapped in.

  101. Rons words are true. This is a great prespective
    I make a terrible slave and had many OT Ambasadors tried to
    make me tow the line. One OT 8 OT Ammbassador screamed at me
    to KEEP THE BLINDERS ON. Really, I swear To be an acceptable Scientologist I am ordered to keep the Blinders on. Lots of Turd in the punch bowl storys. I have even tried with all my might to be a good slave
    and a gross total failure. Took those Blinders off and burned them in front of the OT Anmbassador.

  102. “Games and Goals” December 1952
    Once again we tap the rich resource that is the Philadelphia Doctorate Course material.

    Definiton: awe•some/ˈôsəm/
    Adjective: 1. Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
    2. Extremely good; excellent.

  103. I think the security of fascism is precisely what holds the staff of that organization together. As you move further out to OT ASSES and peripheral businesses saturated with Scientology connections, then money motivation starts to take over as the fascist grip loosens. Even further out and there is a large group “hiding from fascists”. This is how a society gets enslaved. So, sign up for some thrills and dangers, sign up to the Indie 500!

  104. Oracle,

    A mutual Indie buddy of ours turned me on to the novel “River God” by Wilber Smith – a truly masterful treatise on the art of being a slave.

    In the book, the narrator and protagonist is the slave Taita – and indeed he does make the transformation you speak of – ultimately controlling and saving the Egyptian Empire.

    The most interesting aspect of the story is that it is based on actual historical records. Highly recommended reading.

  105. Awesome. I agree completely.

  106. Jethro Bodine

    For those who know the truth and know how corrupt Miscavige is and yet stay connected to the “Church” of Scientology, I would say they are PTS, not slaves. There is a fine line between slaves and PTS in my mind; slaves just have a harder time escaping from the suppression as there are more physical obstacles thrown in the way of freedom.

    However, I think most public Scientologists are still in the dark about what really goes on at the Int Base Torture Facility and Implant Station. In spite of the media exposes of the last four years, public Scientologists are told (ordered) not to read the “entheta web sites”, etc. All cults use “information control” to keep their cult members from looking behind the curtain, and I’m sure we can all think of many examples of how that is done in RCS. Enforced disconnection is the main tool used to keep the informed from “infecting” the uninformed and misinformed. Case in point, the mass “de-friending” that occurred after Debbie Cook’s email, or the recent email list “cleaning of undesirables”. In place of the true data, the public Scientologists are continually pounded with false data six times a year at Miscavige’s PR events filled with Shermanspeak and flashy CGI. Still, sooner or later, the smarter kool-aid drinkers notice more and more outpoints as time goes on, straight up and vertical, and start to “wake up and smell the coffee”.

  107. David Miscavige is sitting in his COB chair, reading Marty’s latest post, going; “Huh?” oblivious to the fact that most of the World has Him figured out. Clutching his “magical’ copper rods – (Which I, personally, thinks alludes to him tugging on his own penis and/or that of others) while yelling; “Don’t let them liberate any more of our biggest contributors or it’s the Hole for YOU!”

    I’ve known a lot of scam Evangelical Leaders on my time – and I have to say this; David Miscavige is far from EVER being considered a trustworthy Leader of any Body – or any Thing…

    Tammy said that she wouldn’t even trust D.M. to hold her cosmetic bag!

  108. George ~~Your last Paragraph ~~ thumbs up.
    I was speaking with a Religious Scholar recently who told me that there are still People’s Temple followers !!!!!
    After all that cyanide and all that death and the human catastrophe, there are those that still believe in Jim Jones !
    Moreover some still believe in David Koresh of Waco and he still has a following !
    A recent TV show on FLDS (Fundamentalst Latter Day Saints) demonstrated that Warren Jeffs still ran his “Church” from inside jail ! Convicted pedophile, rapist of several young girls under 12 he took to be his “Celestial Brides” buthis flock still view him as “The Prophet”.

  109. SUPER LRH QUOTE !!!!!

  110. one of those who see

    Marty, I had printed out a great quote from you. You posted it April 8th. It really indicated to me then and is appropriate to insert here: “The obsession with having someone in charge of things is so implanted in the minds of Scientologists, the first and most difficult lesson they need to learn is that that obsession lead to their beloved philosophy becoming lost to one of the most totalitarian and inhumane operations of the 21st Century.”
    In my opinion, hits right to the heart of the matter. Very freeing for me as I could spot the remnants of this in my self and blow them. So a belated Thank you!

  111. I think there is something magical about that ability. I’m trying to get there myself.

  112. ain’t that the truth!
    Same can also be said = MEST is force

  113. Marty,
    Thanks for a great perspective from the Old Man, take it or leave it. No ‘must have’ that makes it easy on the liberator.

  114. Thanks for posting the quote Marty.
    Very helpful.

  115. The Stanford experiment kind of helps explain what happens when ordinary people become slave masters and slaves, but doesn’t really explain WHY. Maybe as Garcha says honest application of the Grades is at least partly the answer. I dunno.

  116. Impartial English Girl

    Few things worthwhile are ever easy. But getting there in the end makes it worth the battle. Keep smiling…
    IEG xx

  117. The Oracle

    It would seem David Miscavide has failed in some regard to build walls between us.

  118. The Oracle

    That in itself interesting.

  119. The Oracle

    Marty was the bridge.

  120. Kevin Tighe

    I don’t believe many people want to “desperately to be slaves”. More like: “Meet The New Boss. Same As The Old Boss. We Don’t Get Fooled Again.”

  121. As a non-scentologist reading this blog, I have, perhaps wrongly, acquired an impression that Scientology training places great emphasis on acquiring comprehensive and accurate data to support opinion.

    If my impression is correct, what is the comprehensive and accurate data, in relation to Scientology, of people ‘wanting desperately to be slaves’?

  122. Neil, I would encourage you to pick up a dictionary and look up the definition of opinion. You may answer your own question in this way. The def i found is as follows:
    1.A view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
    2.The beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing
    Having done a fair amount of Scn training, I can tell you nowhere is there training or advice as to the formation of opnions that I have come accross. There is a great deal of “tech” on fact finding however. But, i think you will agree that people are individuals and that all free beings should have the freedom to form and express their own opinions regarding “facts” or what the facts mean.
    Regarding the people “wanting desperately to be slaves” this would appear to simply be the general “fact of” being the empirical “proof.” ie, billions of human beings living under various forms of communism and facism, when it would seem that collectively, if not individually, they were more than capable of throwing off thier “masters.” Or the plantations, the sweat shop, etc, etc

  123. Sapere Aude

    Greta – so very true. Those not wanting to be liberated have morphed into the mob. Many have lost their unique beingness of who and what they are. These SO members have lost sight of their basics. Only the individuals who can wake up can be liberated. The rest cling to their hive mind and have forsaken the concept that they existed as a free being.

    “Nobody is trying to make a pattern individual with processing or anything else—training or anything. Nobody is really trying to make a pattern individual. This information is available, these technologies and so on are applicable, they are sound and they’re usable. But if that starts wiping out the individual, why, then you have lost to that degree, because it is individual initiative working in the midst of a team and making things go right that eventually brings the whole thing off.”

    — LRH Excerpted from the lecture Why the Sea Org is Successful delivered on 17 Oct 1969.

  124. Niel,

    Its a matter of doing Scientology, attain the State of Clear going farther
    as a Scientologist. Everyone is making the effort to survive Scientology or Not. For me Scientology made this effort much easier with better
    sense of direction. Source is from L. Ron Hubbard.

    Some people get run in by Dictators and become slaveish to such an environ. Cuba for instance plenty of Cubans see Fidel as God on Earth and Cuba is Heaven. Many build boats and rafts to make it to the Florida Keys,many die doing this. So some wonder why the others would flee from God and escape Heaven. Ask some Cubans in Miami for prespective.

    Trust me though, Scientology is no walk in the Park but the wins are greater than you can imagine by just looking through the window from outside.

    Best wishes

  125. Isn’t that what this planet is all about?? Slavery!!

    Look like we have a slippery foe!!

  126. Off the fence

    I guess the best line you could throw them is Marty’s site.
    Too much truth, and too many great people here to disregard.
    If you’re in a barn full of shit, sometimes you have to open the window to realize there’s something better. And if that window is stuck from the inside, no harm in prying it open from outside.

  127. Roger Thought (LO)

    “a large percentage of the people he was trying to free wanted desperately to be slaves”

    I can’t agree. I don’t think that the blacks that were captured in Africa and shipped to America wanted it desperately. If they would have had the chance to flee 100% of them would have done it.

    People that are controlled by lies, can be enslaved to a certain degree, but as soon they learn about the real truth, they want to become free and want to get rid of their oppressors, if they have the opportunities.

    History has lots of examples proving that point.

    “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”
    ― Frederick Douglass

    As soon as people have more real knowledge (truth) they want to free themselves from slavery.

  128. Hallo Ronnie,

    a little bit more explaining: While I read through this blog I capture some ideas from here and there and just feel that I want to add my point of view. While I type those ideas I often change my mind about what I should write or not and restart again and again or simply give up typing and not adding my point of view to the discussion. As while I type here some words like I do now I am somehow getting some direct response while typing. After I had posted my comment things change and after some hours not reading the blog and the possible answers of my comment my viewpoint changed and very often I have the idea or opinion that I should never again comment on anything as my comment being considerd as stupid to type the friendliest word possbile.
    You see, minds are connected. Auditing disconnects minds from each other. But I am not in that upper state. Time or physical distance is irrelevant for this connection.

  129. One cannot save everyone and LRH understood most of the reasons why. And there is more than one reason, not just the slave beingness. Other issues block enlightenment. Good passage SKM. And Jesus also is reported to have said;
    “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.”
    We cannot and should not wait for or expect everyone who is exposed to the truth to accept, understand or welcome it. We still present the truth, but 100% recognition and/or acceptance will never occur.

  130. Hmm…

  131. Calvin,

    I can’t speak for Buddhists as a whole however, in my experience those who have a keen sense of humor, who can laugh at their own mistakes, who can, in a funny way, point out someone else’s seriousness or foibles (in a kind way, mind you) — have a far healthier and more vibrant outlook on life.

    I believe LRH said — “Seriousness equals mass” —

    But more in keeping with this current topic of slavery VS freedom —

    The buddha did say:

    “No crime like hatred,
    No sorrow like separation,
    No sickness like hunger,
    And NO JOY LIKE THE JOY OF FREEDOM.” (caps mine)

    Verse 15 Joy — Dhammapada — The Sayings of the Buddha


  132. I would say you missed the point Neil. No one thinks they need to be a slave, initially, just that most everyone respects a good leader, including you.

  133. Moonshot. Many thanks.
    You say that ‘when it would seem … more than capable of throwing off their masters’. Often that’s exactly how it seems. And I think that goes to the heart of the question I’m posing: is seem truly sufficient to close the door on other possible explanations? Could there be a less obvious but potentially critically important explanation to be unearthed?

  134. The Oracle

    Thanks Scott! I will read as my next book!

  135. The Oracle

    Yes, you are right. Sorry, having just addressed it I couldn’t resist answering the question. But your point is well taken.

  136. Or maybe it’s something like the Stockholm Syndrome at work.

  137. Hi Ronnie. Not sure what you mean. I’m picking up the quote from the main post,
    ‘The hardest thing for any liberator to face is the fact that a large percentage of the people he was trying to free wanted desperately to be slaves’ ,
    which was being applied in this post to those apparently trapped within
    CoS, despite the efforts of others to help free them.

    And what I’m asking is – might there be a less obvious but potentially critical explanation to be unearthed as to why this is so?

  138. The Oracle

    Yes I did! And I got it because I have seen your art work! Amazing!

  139. George M. White

    Li”ll bit of stuff,
    Funny you should ask. Twelve years ago, I had the same type of question.
    My question was framed as Did the Buddha ever meet a comedian?
    If he did, how did he respond?
    I will give you the answer from the Theravada Buddhist perspective which, as you know, is not the only tradition.
    The main division on the path separates the mundane from the supra-mundane. On the mundane path, which includes householders, we can choose how many precepts or moral laws we will follow on a given day. So I can choose to not follow the precept against music, comedy and dancing today.
    However, tomorrow I can follow a more strict path and resolve to spend the day in meditation and
    avoid the comedy and the music. You have probably seen the laughing Buddha’s in the Chinese restaurants. The remedy of laughter is a long tradition in Buddhism and is on the mundane path.
    On the supra-mundane path, monks follow stricter moral rules and even avoid high-beds and chairs.
    The Buddha did meet the greatest comedian and entertainer of his day. This comedian followed
    his grandfather and father into the business. The family tradition maintained that the members of this family would attain a very high spiritual state in one of the highest heavens because so many people were made to laugh. The Buddha answered to the contrary and said that only ‘standard tech’ would lead to advances on the path to liberation.
    On the supra-mundane path, the goal is higher. Even rapture and bliss combined with equanimity is at the lower levels.
    For the record, I do enjoy good comedy.

    May all comedians be well and happy!

    George M. White

  140. The Oracle

    Some of us want to do the thing that scares us!

  141. The Oracle


  142. Makes sense George. Thanks for adding reality to it, by communicating it.
    Affinity, Reality and Communication are dependent. Time is an arbitrary. Sometimes I get answers simultaneous to asking questions. Maybe its because I made the decision (Reality) and as I Communicated, my Affinity, Reality and Communication came up to match. That ties in with Responsibility, Knowledge, and Control.
    Its more comfortable (Affinity) to go along with, think with, (Communicate) that which people expect, and agree (Reality), but its always nice to have an acknowledgement, as you have given, George, that we do have these abilities and phenomena.
    Time is arbitrary, ask and know need not be mechanical.
    Although we do get in trouble sometimes because of these agreements, I recall playing trivial pursuit as a child, glimpsing a potential to know, deciding to know the answer to the question, “What is the last line in gone with the wind?”… “Tomorrow is another day…”, my sister, who had asked experienced surprise, and then justified her “reality” by saying I had cheated, I said “no” and felt proud. I was then a liar. I found it confusing that some people didn’t know, or couldn’t try to see my honesty. I was 8 or 9 years old at the time. I had not seen that movie in the last 8 or 9 years. I don’t know if I have seen it before that either.
    Thanks again for acknowledging that level of ARC George.
    And for todays post: Tru dat!

  143. The Oracle

    Thanks Marty, for bringing some understanding here today.

  144. Neil, the distinction between a worker and a slave is the ability to withdraw one’s labour. There are lots of reasons why people in the C of S feel they can’t withdraw their labour, either as a Sea Org member or as a public Scientologist, but think the point of the post is that there are some people who find it impossible to change despite being told the truth, but that those who were un enslaved (is this a word?) were worth it.

    I think your question is: ‘what enslaves a person?’ I don’t know, but would suggest that it would be specific to an individual.

  145. Which is, of course, the point. Some people would rather be a slave in the status quo than be thrust out into the unknown. The insidious part is that in this case, the corporate people don’t really think they are slaves.

  146. Great reference, Marty. We have a mass case of Stockholm Syndrome going on here!

  147. thanks for the little bit of history of TIRA.

  148. Thetalibre

    Thank you Marty for this reference!


  149. Perhaps this will help:

    slave   [sleyv]
    a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant.
    a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person: “a slave to a drug.”

    Slavery does not necessarily come about by the use of force. It can come about as a result of the search for convenience, or for a solution to a problem, as in the addiction to painkillers.

    Note that the thoroughgoing slavemaster is himself a slave to slavery. He has become dependent on it and can hardly do without it. How else will he keep himself in the style to which he has become accustomed?

    Ultimately, a person is a slave to anything he has become dependent upon.

    So people do wish to be slaves. They think it is the path to an simpler happier life.
    Let the government take care of things. Let the leaders make the decisions.

    There were, and still are, many people who admire Stalin, or the Kims of North Korea. “Everybody knows” a good leader is a tough ruthless SOB, a Khan, an Ivan the Terrible-type Tsar, one who rules with an iron hand.

    The Saddam Husseins or Hosni Mubaraks of the world bring order and make their countries safe for tourists. Many people like the security these kind of leaders bring.

    It’s a fine line, between too much slavery and not enough slavery. Some of it comes down to acceptable exchange.

  150. Thetalibre


  151. “Nobody is trying to make a pattern individual with processing or anything else—training or anything. Nobody is really trying to make a pattern individual. This information is available, these technologies and so on are applicable, they are sound and they’re usable. But if that starts wiping out the individual, why, then you have lost to that degree, because it is individual initiative working in the midst of a team and making things go right that eventually brings the whole thing off.”

    Perfect description of miscavige doing the EXACT opposite of LRH intention. That is exactly what he’s trying to do. Make a “pattern” auditor, registrar, supervisor, TRs student etc. etc.
    Reverse scientology to the max.

    Nice post.

  152. Thetalibre

    Wow…great post!


  153. Tango,
    A little correction. I have been to Cuba many times. I have interacted with Cubans, even stayed at their houses. Some of them old friends of Castro. Some placed high in the government. None that I met see him as a God. Even his friends were dissapointed by the regime and its lack of achievements. Remember they cannot speak freely. I will tell you though, that while Fidel Castro is bad. He is nowhere as bad as our own little dm.

  154. What is so frustrating (I would imagine) about being a philosopher is not just the degree of difficulty in coming up with answers, it is that even if one had an answer (just one), the guy with the tickets to the Super Bowl has more friends. Oh, yes, sure, he managed to deploy philosophical principles of cause and effect to produce an effect and get what he wants, so obviously he’s more valuable to have around than the philosopher who has just one answer. The practicality is the thing, and fry the hypotheses. Hard to argue with. The lady with the big bazoombas gets the dates with the big bucks. (Almost makes one want to lobby to eliminate the letter “B” from the English language: big, bad, balls, biceps, billions, barristers, boats, boobs, butts … and to heck with brains, beneficence, and being – sacrifice those for the greater good, quickly!)

    The issue is coming up with not just one answer, or even some answers, but coming up with all answers in a coordinated and functional compilation. Even then, one has to market it, sell it, push it. The simple statement that one must be able to be effect before one is able to be at cause, is infinitely profound, and infinitely practical (but it still doesn’t match the Super Bowl tickets or the bodacious bodice). Nah, nah … it’s Cause, bud: the action! This is America – if you want to medidate, make your bucks here, then go Be Buddhist. It is only when one has a functional tech to erase abberations, and create an effect which the individual can both see and experience for himself, that one gains any traction. The philosophy is of no interest, kind of like the back office at banks.

    The wise man will accept and be effect of that, acknowledge that, assimilate that, toss it around and make sense of it, then come up with a plan. One must deploy the compilation of answers and convince a man that through philosophy there is greater enjoyment, and ultimately greater potential to be at productive cause, than what can be bargained for in the basements of bereavement. And LRH did that. Only to get slammed and hijacked by those who live sadistically to enslave those who wish to be enslaved.

  155. I guess not obvious, but not rocket science either Neil. When you find a great cause, great leader, etc. (not only Scientology), you become a part of it body and soul if it becomes your cause as well. Even when it strays off course, you may not see it because that original cause is your own now, and you are blinded by purpose. That purpose could be as simple as feeding yourself or your family, or saving the world.

  156. Well Neil, you many have something there. As the Founder (LRH) found out, people (spiritual beings) are rather powerful things. Therefore, the trick of all succesfull slavery operations is to get the persons themselves to agree to the slavery. Therefore, the most succesfull slavery of all, is where the slavery is disguised as something else, something the being can agree to, at lest initially that doesnt appear to be slavery. Consider the current USA where people think they are “free.” Yet, are they really? As regards Scn, in the beginning the “wins” that people experience are often very great. They want more. They work at it, they progess. Along the way they develope deep friendships, business relationships, marry, have kids. In other words, they get trapped in all the ways many have described on this blog. Therefore, the first step to “liberating” or freeing them from slavery is to educate them to the fact that they are enslaved. But, if they cant or wont see it, not much can be done. My personal opinion as to why this happens is 1) its easier to not confront ugly truths and 2) at heart, most poeple simply find it hard to admit that they are wrong, or have been wrong. Especially, very wrong.

  157. George M. White

    George M. White

  158. WH, I think you’re on to something. Don’t we all find ways to “enslave” ourselves only to find ways to “free” ourselves in the eternal dance of Tao. Buddhism and Scientology at best are ways that simply point us to our nature. Years ago it was so delicious to realize that Scientology wasn’t the only way and I could make choices…. self-determinism 2.0.
    You’re the second person I’ve heard recommend the marigold movie. I don’t see many…. speaking of liberation I’m still marvelling at the Swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  159. ” … is it better to leave personal track off the public line …?” Why so? Why leave out one’s thoughts and experiences? Technically, all are considerations (if one wishes to look at it that way). There are many who have spoken of past lives in very public manner, just as many have reported incidents of having visited exotic places such as Hawaii and Moscow and Hong Kong – although of course all such may be considered imaginary. “Hawaii” indeed. Such rubbish. Everyone knows it doesn’t exist and is just a con-job by travel agents like Conde Naste (need I say more to convice you of the link between brainwashing and the 1%?).

  160. Hey Scott,
    I read River God and it is one of my favorite books. I got hooked on reading Wilbur Smith, he writes some very good books.

  161. I don’t, for a second believe that the people who remain on lines want to be slaves. Everything is explained to me in my understanding of the PTS/SP tech. It’s clear to me that the real SP is DM. He’s found himself in the perfect storm where he has leverage over people who carry out his intention down the lines to the public. A bright spot here is that ever day I see more and more people coming to this understanding.

  162. Regarding the black African slaves of the 18th and 19th centurys in the US: I think they were “captives” who only wore the label “slave” and were called such by their captors and “owners”. And an unwilling captive isn’t really a slave at all, but more a restrained rebel. Once one gives up the fight to be free one can more easily be truly enslaved. I think it is viewpoint that is important.

    To me the current followers of Miscavige, who really think he’s right, are in two camps — the truly suppressive, as he is and the dupes, who really REFUSE to observe the obvious.

  163. Captain Bob

    ” Hubbard wrote then that the real assets of any organization were its staff and contacts and not the cash, buildings, etc.”

  164. Captain Bob

    I do not get paid for posting here on Martys blog. I am an asset I guess to this group of individual people posting here. However, asset is defined as:

    But, LRH says the real pay in life is ARC

  165. Captain Bob

    and if one wants to be owned or controlled by the corporate COS, go for it. I don’t.

  166. Captain Bob

    nobody tells me what I can’t post or not post. Nobody tells I have to get up at 6 am to a job. Only I tell myself such things based on what I think is right for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

  167. Tony DePhillips

    I saw a good quote applicable to the bots:

    If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
    ~ Lao Tzu

  168. New to posting, long time reader. Glad to be here, got some ground to cover.

    There are a number of issues here at play with regard to slavery. One of the most basic IMHO comes from FOT: “…an individual only gets into traps and circumstances he intends to get into. Certain it is that, having gotten into such a position, he may be unwilling to remain in it, but a trap is always preceded by one’s own choice of entrance.” Slaves are slaves, pure and simple, because of their own choices (any effect is better than no effect – Factor #29)

    Stripping this back even further there is also the basic question of simple Cause and Effect (further told in the Factors, specifically #1,10, 26, 27). These Factors alone illuminate the fact that somewhere along the line, Beingness (Cause) went to “only” becomingness (i.e. effect; Factor #27). Bad day at Black Rock, that one! ( For those not familiar, see the trailer for this great Spencer Tracy thriller – )

    “Because some people cannot conceive of causing anything, they just watch it. They don’t do anything. They are not participants. They are spectators.” LRH OEC Course, “Spectatorship”

    “All slavery is the consequence of irresponsibility and failure to do one’s job.” LRH, OEC “Initiative”

    Slavery ain’t for me no more!

  169. Li'll bit of stuff

    George and WH, thank you.

    Very clear answers, which do highlight the role of
    volition and power of choice. Still boil down to just
    considerations, which make up our created universes.

    Of course, along with a thetan’s (AXIOM 1) companion
    capabilities, postulates and opinions (AXIOM 2)

    Heck, while we’re on a roll,here, how can we leave out;

    In the spirit of kindness and granting of beingness,

    Calvin B. Duffield.

  170. I agree completely Tony. That cat can really tell a tale.

  171. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thank you, T.O. I’m inspired through
    a great picture painter with words:
    ML, Calvin

  172. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hell, T.O. I recall being eaten by a lion!
    (Still respect the buggers to this day!!!)
    Still here though. Bet THAT scares HIM?

  173. Li'll bit of stuff

    Probably no greater frustration, for philosophers, Carcha!

  174. Sapere Aude

    2cents – Welcome! Loved the references. “Slavery ain’t for me no more!” is a statement fitting of all of us here. I would add the factor of dropped study tech. Conceptual understanding of what LRH wrote has been replaced by rote regurgitation of what one has been told it means. LRH believed all of us were inherently good and very capable spiritual beings. The current regime operates on the “agreed idea” we are all incompetent flawed beings and that is how the “tech” is applied.

    Our job is to be responsible for who and what we are. I am reminded daily of how this current Independent group of people, from all corners of the globe, are the honest representation of what was expected of a Scientologist. No slaves allowed here – only free thinking FREE BEINGS!

    Looking forward to your continued postings. Thanks for speaking up!

  175. Neil,
    That’s a good question. I just read something in the 9th Advanced Clinical Course on that very topic. The analogy was of a beseiged garrison. They’d been fighting these fellas for ages, and one day the outside guys just up and quit. Nobody within the garrision was aware of this, and they remained in there, in their prison, not knowing there weren’t any persons outside keeping them in.

    Read DMSMH. It explains how the Reactive Mind can keep on trapped long after an incident has occurred.

  176. Spot on, S/A. Excellent reference.

  177. One of my all-time favorites.

  178. Good on ya.

  179. Li'll bit of stuff

    Absolutely, Valkov! Fortunately, the resolution; to
    “as is” all of this, is accomplished, simply, quietly,
    by reading posts such as yours and duplication
    of the situation/s others find so perplexing.

  180. “The hardest thing for any liberator to face is the fact that a large percentage of the people he was trying to free wanted desperately to be slaves.”

    Isn’t that something?

    There does seem to be people that are motivator hungry.

    I still believe that L. Ron Hubbard was one of the most wises being to walk this planet.

  181. Li'll bit of stuff

    T.O, Are we talking ALL POWERFUL? Or what?

  182. I mean, you could read his writings without knowing who the author is and still know that it’s his writings.

  183. Great post Marty-Another thing that explains this phenomena is the Ser Fac-Out of ‘Advanced Procedures and Axioms” he states: “The Service Facsimile has a complete and explicit anatomy.It begins with an effort to control along any dynamic, with a failure to control,with a recognition of the failure,with a postulate to be ill, injured or unable, continues with an illness,injuryor inability and may or may not end (short of processing)in days,weeks,years or an entire lifetime.
    Hysterical deafness, blindness,colds,any ABERRATED BEHAVIOR PATTERN are the content of service facsimiles.”

  184. Watchful Navigator

    Thanks! I didn’t know about this and I’m checking it out.

    While I’m at it, I want to thank all the rest of my “liberators” – Marty for this blog, Steve Hall and all the ex-SO whistleblowers for all their hard work and risking their necks, Bruce for pointing me to the truth, my co-audit twin who liberated me from the doom and despair of an enforced disconnection, and others too numerous to mention.

    Liberation feels awesome and so, just to be “in exchange” with the world, I’ve been “paying it forward.” Scientologists want liberation – that’s what they walked in the door to get and aren’t getting anymore. Auditing is fundamentally about “liberation.”

    I have found “liberating” very rewarding work, as long as the quote and comments that Marty posts here, is taken to heart. Not everyone “gets it,” by a long shot. And I was not expecting that anyway, knowing how long it took me to pull my own head out. It really is a mission of auditing a totally overwhelmed pc (in a psychotic environment) and requires the utmost patience. And insouciance. Very few will listen and fewer will look.

    But I take a win on the continual flow to liberation here, in what is becoming for DM one of the most dismal failures in his failing idle org game – the Dallas “Ideal” Org. The brutally suppressed panic that is being almost continually played out as DM’s minions scramble to plug the leaks at the very place he recently lost his “right-hand” henchlady, is priceless to watch, and is doing a lot of our work for us.

    Dallas has become DM’s special concern – the home of the 6-mo.-checks mutiny of 2001 – the one DM decided he’d have to “smash down or lose the whole field”. The “smash-down” came and we staff stood up to it – “took it.” We stood up to it and not seeing or knowing just what was coming, demonstrated our loyalty and vigor, submitting to the authority of the wickedly off-policy missionaires, who were actually serving up one of DM’s “pre-cooked” Org “EVALs” (evaluations) thinking it was all “LRH-based.”

    But then as the loyal staff and supportive public put together the first (and only?) all-locally-financed “Ideal Org,” the invading troops were sent in (including commandeered rip-offs from other orgs) garrison-style, to “hold down” the freedom-loving producers in Dallas and covertly take away their “independence” (including running introverting case and justice actions on their OEC-FEBC ED until she stepped down “of her own volition”), and an LRH org was subtly but thoroughly, destroyed and rebuilt “David Miscavige-style.”

    But now we are still “here” – no, look – out HERE – standing up to it.

    HCO Dallas doesn’t even have time to type up all the SP declares anymore. Every time they declare one, they lose a dozen more.

    (and its DSAs are gone, gone, gone – at least one of them is posting here)

    You see, there is no better learning about the nature of your “slavery,” than experiencing a real-life demo of the abuses and idiocies “pushed down the org board” as “command intention” from Int Base. Punching people, shoving people, barging into houses late at night. Wrecking and wasting personal property. Trashing LRH materials and individual reputations.

    That’s Dallas 2005-2012 – and especially, from “Ideal Org” (2009) to “Idle Morgue” (2011) in two short, costly years, with a monthly electric bill now higher than their mortgage back when they were still making auditors!

    It’s now in crash-and-burn mode, being subsidized by IAS fundraising.

    Most of the best of them that were working their hearts out to build a “liberating” organization, are by now already safely out – they were indeed the ones “well-worth liberating” (there remain some auditors and sups too busy producing decent products, to know that they could be doing far better outside).

    Again, thanks to all of you for your help in it.

  185. Back in the day, I got the notion that the PTS was not actually a “victim” of the SP, that the SP/PTS were a “team”. The key to resolving the situation is that the PTS has overts on the SP.

    DM plays on this to the hilt, crying that he is the “victim” of everyone else around him, and whining and moaning about how hard everyone he “relies” on are make his life by letting him down, etc etc ad barfium.

    “Look how hard I’m trying” is his plaintive call….

  186. +1000, Les, SA and Greta! Great article, Marty!

  187. If the Sea Org members reading this blog want to be considered Liberators, then they better be prepared to show their WDAH stats, because thats the only way liberation is happening in the Church – by getting PC’s through their Grades. Anything that *isn’t* doing that, is off-purpose .. and that includes things like polishing someones motorcycle, building furniture, and other generally non-Scientology activities that are going on in the organization today.

    The fact is, there is NOT a whole lot of actual, real, honest-to-goodness Scientology going on in the Church today, but there is a whole lot of other squirrel off-purpose bullshit.

  188. scilonschools

    “but the guys he did liberate were worth liberating”
    Never a truer word!!

    I find the switching off of rational thinking, and channeling all thought into the Reactive and then controlling through transference of emotion & loyalty by use of current, earlier or previous life incidents the most frustrating and ‘mind numbing’ state to deal with.
    Use of Love, Hate, are obvious targets, however the manipulation of Guilt is the most bizzare of all.
    The presence or potential of accurately ‘earned’ Guilt is the emotion that keeps .one on an ethical track, it can be so powerful, by twisting this it the diversion from track is so pronounced that returning to track is almost impossible.
    My own life observation of this is frieghtening, my close friend who works for her sister and brother-in-law shows total loyalty to them despite it being one sided, they fail to meet any of their legal obligations to her regards holiday, sick pay etc and treat her as a slave.
    One day when i managed to overcome her efforts of deflection, I managed to bring the conversation around to the part she played in disconnections of family that she knows are painful and unjust, I kept her out of the cross hairs but she understood what i was saying.
    I could see Guilt rapidly rising in her that she clearly needed to address, she did this by transference, she suddenly jumped up and grabbed a candle in a hurricane glass (a product she sells in her sister /brotther-in -laws buisness) and manically started trying to extract the candle that had melted into the base due to a defect in the design,, she was in total panic stating that a customer had complained of the defect and she had agreed as she had the same with one she had bought from the company and used in her home.
    She was terrified that the customer may complain directly to her brother -in-law a quote her own testomony about the candle, she was afraid that he may come to her house and see the evidence for himself.
    The fact in three years he had never visited her house, the product truely had a defect that was nothing to do with her, even though she had legally purchased the candle , she was ‘guilty’ with the entirely irrational fear that it might cause a problem for her brother-in-law/sister!!
    The point being she transferred real Guilt about her part she played in the disconnection and ‘disloyalty’ to her partner (me) to entirely displaced guit and loyalty to the candle and her brother-in-law.
    The emotion of Guilt due to her direct action over a very serious situation that could have helped address the problem had been ‘excorsised’ from her mind through the candle!!
    Too bizzare for words.

  189. PersonalJudas

    Paul, I would venture to say that the PTS/SP tech explains very clearly how it could be that people remaining on lines want to be slaves. Quite obviously, LRH is not suggesting that, at the level of conscious awareness, these people want to be slaves. They are however, in a predicament of their own making, as we all were. It is not to say that bad things can’t be done to one; it is however, very real that in order to liberate oneself from these incidents, it is necessary to establish what part of them one is able to be responsible for. It appears that liberation and causation go hand in hand.
    LRH references say one thing; management (read Miscavige) says another. The cognitive dissonance must be deafening yet there are so many that are comfortably oblivious. The sense of self-rightness that is gained by identifying with a group is often enough. Religions are full of people like this.
    Thus the vital distinction between the church and the religion. Some are searching; many just seek to belong. It’s not for nothing that a church community is often referred to as a flock. When you give up Knowledge, Responsibility and Control for the security of belonging you have become a slave; and I suggest to you that you are, at that point, PTS.

  190. 🙂 He’s the man alright. This morning I did a “simple” danger formula and the insight I got moved me, I was in tears.

  191. I think the church has surreptitiously changed the meaning of an SP to be anyone who does not march in lock step with the arbitraries that are forced down the command channels from DM.

  192. Great addition…in all respects! 🙂

  193. You Know Who

    Well, this is an interesting point WindHorse makes. And, one can take it to its logical extreme, and end up in that never-never-never land of “no one knows anything”, and so “everything” is alright. Which, of course, is not true.

    Every THING is all right. THAT much is true.

    And, to paraphrase that oft-heard-amongs-scientologists-tautology-spoken-as-almost-as-if-they-are-actually-saying-something-informative, ‘all points of view are equally valid’ (of course they are, a point of view is a point of view, just as an egg is an egg, and a capital “G” is a capital “G”).

    Yet, it is also true that some points-of-view resonate more with other points-of-view. Some points-of-view are pleasing to 10. Some are pleasing to 10 million. Some are pleasing to just the holder of the point-of-view. Some are utterly discordant, destructive and odious (at least to a significant subset of the universe of all points-of-view).

    And, some points-of-view ‘liberate’ other points-of-view, so that those other points-of-view are able, once again, to resonate, or not, with their fellows, as they choose. As they choose. Ah, there’s the crux of the matter.

    Liberation, at least in the form advocated by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard does not consist in implanting, enforcing or otherwise choosing a “point-of-view” for others to follow. Liberation is about rehabilitating the point-of-view’s ability to BE its own point-of-view without alteration, without mis-owning, without mis-emotion, without that ‘otherness’ which is a sure death knell for all point-of-views.

    I am not a liberal point-of-view. I am not a conservative point-of-view. However, thanks to My Liberator, and LRH, I am.

  194. great references. thanks

  195. Tom Houston DDS

    Makes sense… Like service fac… Auto… No responsiblity

  196. TheWidowDenk

    A simple but powerful LRH quote. Wise comments. Thanks!

  197. I’m not sure I do know who 🙂 — that said — what you are saying I think is what is deemed the two extremes in buddhist thought — or Nihilism and Eternalism.

    Nihilism = nothing really matters anyway since it’s all an illusion

    Eternalism = don’t worry we will all be one in the ultimate

    I was quoting a cutesy saying in a movie — certainly not a philosophy but perhaps something that can be useful in helping someone not feel crummy …

    Personally, I don’t think anyone, including LRH, can liberate anyone — he can POINT to your own liberation and then taking his tech and philosophy you can liberate yourself.

    A slight shift and yet an important one — in the end it is always “up to you”

    Love to whoever you are 🙂

  198. Hey Scott and Tony, if you like Wilbur Smith you might also want to read “The Sunbird” – I read it about 30 years ago. Its about three people in Phoenician times, and they come back in the 20th century. Its fiction through and through, but it was the first story I ever read about beings who come back. He doesn’t say as much, but you see the way the story develops.

  199. Good points, 2cents!

  200. Hi Picanin,
    I read it and loved it. I have read almost all of his books. The Sunbird is one of my favorites of his.

  201. Good to hear from you 2Cents.

  202. Thank you for your kind responses.

    All true seekers of truth belong to our family of souls. I hope our words of incouragement resonate with those who feel trapped by the false reasoning of “the only way.”

    It is this insidious idea that all cults vomit on their followers. And that makes them afraid because all hope of happiness lies in agreeing to be imprisoned with the confines of this crime of the intellect, crime of relations and crime of the soul.

    “Awaken thou that sleepest and arise from the dead!!!!!”

  203. You two should get a room…

  204. plainoldthetan

    Valkov: there *is* something to your cognition about SP/PTS being a team. When I look at the GPM data and terminal/oppterminal definitions, I see that the two are locked in eternal battle. Kind of like in the Star Trek episode “The Alternative Factor”.

  205. Thanks Joe. His posts were always good. I hope he will be celebrated by those who knew him.

  206. plainoldthetan

    “a large percentage of the people he was trying to free wanted desperately to be slaves”

    I use the four-postulate approach to understand why LRH thought this.

    The first four postulates, in time order of application are:

    FIRST POSTULATE, not know. (PAB 66)

    SECOND POSTULATE, know. (PAB 66)

    THIRD POSTULATE, 1. forget. (PAB 66) 2. forgettingness. (SH Spec 35, 6108C08)

    FOURTH POSTULATE, remember. (PAB 66)

    There’s a whole series of LRH lectures on the four-postulates. In cassette form it was called THE FIRST POSTULATE. On CD it’s called the 20th ACC.

    I believe it’s important to understand this mechanism to fully understand LRH’s assertion that a large percentage of the people the liberator was trying to be free wanted desperately to be slaves.

    If you watch the film Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary, she even SAYS this. (I rented it from Netflix.)

    The problem is that if you ask a person “what was your first postulate on that?” he’ll answer “I don’t know”, because the first postulate is “not-know”!

    That’s what makes going up the bridge through processing necessary. That postulate is tied into what makes the bank persist, too.

  207. PJ – Excellent summation!

  208. An example would be free energy , plans for free energy machines are given out freely over the internet , who bothers to build and use them , hardly anyone , out of billions of people maybe as many as ten thousand bother to build free energy inventions for themselves , the rest are content to be enslaved by the energy corporations .

  209. I think that on this subject I’m looking more at my own experiences to understand things and I do realize that everyone’s situation is different. Back in ’94 the church was running similar things on me that people are talking about today, crush regging, attempted forced sec checks, etc. I had just just previously handled a PTS situation that had greatly effected me my entire life. Up to that point, I thought I had handled my PTSness. This was a turning point in my life. When the church ran it’s insanity on me it was easy to not go the effect. If it had been me prior to my PTS cognitions I could see myself having gone the effect of it.

    Now that I’m in my 50’s I’ve come to understand more than ever that life constantly changes and the price of freedom is constant alertness and constant willingness to fight back.

  210. p.o.t.,

    I agree, those lectures are great, but I have them as part of the 4th London ACC lectures. Are they also on the 20th ACC for sure?

    The 4th London ACC set is available online for free download. They cover Native State and the 4 postulates you mention. He goes into detailed explanations of the upper ranges of the Expanded Know to Mystery Scale, and automaticities a person sets up and how to handle them.

    It’s a great lecture series. Not-know as the First Postulate is a real eye-opener!, and I’ve only listened to the first few lectures at this point.

  211. Love that Ben

  212. The Oracle

    Wow! Incredible! Thanks for telling that story. Thanks for being here too.

  213. Kevin Tighe

    With all due respect sometimes there seems to be too much piling on and a lack of empathy for rank and file Sea Org members, Cl V Staff & public. Personally I’m sick of labels such as “Kool Aid Drinkers”. I find it condescending and the sort of “mud slinging” that turns most off to politics. IMHO Scientologists, whether “in” or “out” are some of the best people I have ever known. Yes, they have their faults but who doesn’t? There are some who are still “in” that if I never see or talk to again it won’t be too soon but they are far and few between. There are many “wogs” I know with 10X the ability than the average Scientologist. Whatever. As to those still in, patience and empathy is what is needed. It worked for me and allow me to reunite with my son. My postulate is that at some point, some how, some way, we can all (those in, those out and “wogs”) get along minus DM.

  214. Hi Tim,
    If a person can evaluate truth for themselves, does it really matter who the data comes from?
    All I am saying here is that truth is truth. LRH compiled some data that he thought was truth. I agree with a lot of it and don’t agree with some of it. I have found truth in other authors also.
    What is unique to LRH in my opinion is that he created a SYSTEM of becoming more able. That system breaks down when used suppressively as is the case now in corporate scientology.
    I got your point and just wanted to add this comment.

  215. When TR- L (lie) became standard, staff became Kool Aid Drinkers

  216. The luxury of slavery is not having to make Big Decisions. Libertaors, loving freedom, don’t understand how a freed populace thirsts for orders.Most people do not want to lead, and those well worth liberating now are free from oppression and can pick up the reins (either in the present or, if they were assasinated by the oppressive regime, in their return to society). The philosopher is a bit above military and government and gives those direction, seeking to free a man’s mind, and even the soul, not just his body.

  217. 2Cents –
    Welcome After reading your post (and someone else’s above), I realized I missed a gradient, and the point. I think “liberator” refers to a benign conqueror or revolutionary. The luxury of slavery is not having to be responsible for big decisions, either in the present or in the past. Liberators break chains, but, knowing what freedom is, don’t understand how, when a people are free, those people thirst for orders. The ones well worth freeing were squashed by oppressors, and are then free to rise and lead – either in the present, or if they were assasinated, then in the next. The people themselves don’t know what to do – that’s why they needed liberating in the first place. Most people do not want to be social leaders or liberators – it’s more fun to sit back and complain.

    If just 5% of all of us were such as liberators or enlightened leaders, then bad government would likely be a thing of the dark past, and we would be wondering about where we go from an optimum – which is the philosopher’s calling, as I make it: it’s bit above military and government as it gives direction to those. The reason the USA is so emulated is because the Founding Fathers were well educated in philosophy, as was Ancient Greece before some ass came along and ordered suicides for its greatest spirits. The philosopher seeks to free the mind, or even the soul, not just the body.

    It’s uplifting that so many interpreted the topic as a personal / case problem, and not a political one. Must be some real Scns here. But as the Co$ falls, as I’ve asked before, I’d like to know if any liberator has a plan for the future of Scn. E.g. Would a completely Independent org network be workable? Is there to be some Auditor’s Association? I’d like to see a lawsuit that establishes the majority of Scns outside the Co$ with the same 1st Amendment rights to establishment and free exercise the Co$ has, but the costs of that (likely Supreme Court) have to be estimated beforehand, and research into structures of other religions.

  218. A tyrant is just a libertaed bureaucrat.

  219. WindWalker

    You Know Who

    Beautifully said. Thank you.


  220. WindWalker

    Joe Pendleton

    Thank you for posting this.

    I guess, like many others I was wondering where OTDT had gotten to. I became quite fond of him through his posts here and was saddened that he was apparently being “interfered with” by the church, or at least that is how I interpreted the post regarding why he was no longer posting, as he usually had.

    I will miss his contributions to this group, and wish him a fulfilling and expansive future.

    Eric S

  221. Thanks for that sentiment, Kevin. I’m really in the mood to agree with it. Nonetheless, it seems to be the high season for mud-slinging all over the Internet. Some nasty stuff going on, especially in the Facebook world. Where’s the empathy, the good intentions, simple affection?

    To counteract all that nastiness, it’s time for barbeque, beer and blueberry pie. Sounds like a July party to me. I still don’t know if I’ll be able to come this year, but either way — I’ll be raising a glass to you all in person or virtually.


  222. Off the fence

    It wasn’t that they wanted to become slaves. But once they were, and they were for many years, if freed it was much harder to survive on their own than it was being a “slave”. Matter of survival. That’s a major part of it anyway. Survival.

  223. Watchful Navigator

    And Thank You, for telling your story. That was very helpful to me to get your viewpoint on “being a slave” on your track. Makes sense and rings true for me.

  224. Off the fence

    Yea, you’re right. Most of us drank the kool aid, if only for a little while.
    There have been attacks on the church in the past that were validly defended. And that is what the “Kool Aid” drinkers are doing, defending their church against “attackers”. The problem is they don’t see the trickery, the 3rd partying, and the squirrel. It’s more a matter of A = A = A, poor obnosis, and blind devotion to DM. They are defending LRH, just as most of us do, the problem being DM = LRH ally.
    What we realize, and they don’t, is that we are on the same team.
    And I personally feel there’s enough enemies without fighting each other.
    DM has got to go.

  225. Windhorse, I’m LMAO. Me too. Me too. 😉

  226. The Oracle, that really did give a clear concept of the upside of slavery for an individual. I can see how that would fit in well with the cause of Clearing the planet and I even enjoyed my own slavery for a while, till I realized the goal had changed.

  227. All true seekers of truth belong to our family of souls. I hope our words of encouragement resonate with those who feel trapped by the false reasoning of “the only way.”
    That! Yes, that!

  228. Watchful Navigator

    These are the “blind spots” that we do ourselves in with – the reason we need auditors!

  229. RIP OTDT ~ I hope to see you again.

  230. Tim Higgs aka Neil Roger Woods, is that you?

  231. Neil Roger Woods = Truth Seeker (ARS/WWP), chessnut1816 (youtube), Tim Higgs (irl/ARS), Flash Gordon (ESMB)
    Just checking…

  232. PersonalJudas

    It sounds to me like you really got the PTS tech and made it yours. At the risk of sounding patronising, well done. Think of how many have done (and re-done, and re-done…) the PTS/SP course yet thay cannot spot these manifestations right in front of them on a daily basis.

  233. +1 Tony.

  234. Kevin, I know the feeling.

    Just today, a discussion about “Exchange” on Geir’s blog veered off into this, when Chris reported that his wife had recently said that
    “Sometimes kindness is wiser than truth.”

    He then posted this quote:

    “This man beside us also has a hard fight with an unfavouring world, with strong temptations, with doubts and fears, with wounds of the past which have skinned over, but which smart when they are touched. It is a fact, however surprising. And when this occurs to us we are moved to deal kindly with him, to bid him be of good cheer, to let him understand that we are also fighting a battle; we are bound not to irritate him, nor press hardly upon him nor help his lower self.” — from COURTESY by Ian MacLaren, 1903

    We have in fact agreed on Marty’s blog that auditing without ARC doesn’t work. The kindness of ARC is necessary for any of the goals of LRH’s scientology to be accomplished, per LRH himself.

    It’s too easy to look at “no-sympathy” as a “higher tone” than “sympathy”, but in fact some fellow-feeling, empathy, even sympathy, is necessary for optimum survival. Let us not forget that no-sympathy is at 1.2, antagonism is only 2.0. Excessive trash-talking does come across as a bit sophomoric. Or perhaps living near a large University, I just hear too much of it from the fraternity and sports crowds that overrun the town much of the year? (Not to mention remarks by those who are still challenged to accept as equals those of other races and cultures…..)

    On that chance, could I ask, do “koolaid drinkers” rank above or below “wogs” on some kind of scale? 🙂

  235. Absolutely

  236. I’m not sure I see it that way, Tango. One can lie consciously; but I would think that a Kool Aid Drinker might be someone who has reached the point of believing the lie to be the reality? Or perhaps as you say, s/he uses
    TR-L constantly, but why, then? The person must believe it is an absolute necessity for him, a la LRH’s issues on Robotism, where he said that it is towards the SP that the person behaves Robotically.

  237. Not patronizing at all, thank you.

  238. Your humble servant

    The term “kool aid drinkers” is not meant to be disparaging, only descriptive. Just as Jim Jones’s followers were either forced or persuaded to drink poisoned kool aid that killed them, the staff and members of the present, official Church are either forced or persuaded to follow the dictates of an insane, supposedly pro-Scientology, but actually anti-Scientology, leader, and this is killing them.

    Most of us are filled with nothing but admiration for the generous spirits and untiring dedication of the staff, Sea Org, and contributing public.

    As for the term “wogs”, I never heard it spoken in a spirit of arrogant superiority and profound contempt for non-Scientologists, contrary to what some people have implied. I never heard it spoken much at all. Ron used it on rare occasions to refer to refer to the outside, non-Scientology world, but he was never contemptuous of them and did not use the term as a term of contempt. Rather, his usage had a somewhat humorous, ironic, and even compassionate edge to it, as he was referring to the fact that non-Scientologists did not have the benefit of knowing and applying Scientology. Others, not as compassionate as Ron, may have used it contemptuously or hatefully.

  239. Yep – that movie is a gem.
    You know there are two more in the series right ?

  240. You write some good stuff Valkov.

  241. Tara,

    Neil Woods is a dentist that lives in Washtington DC, I live in Maryland’s east coast 200 miles away. We are two different people. I’ve uploaded a copy of my birth certificate on ESMB to prove that. The data you have is false data compiled by a member of Anonymous who went by the name of “DCAnon”. She just made a mistake.

    If you type Tim Higgs and “chess” in google my name comes up on a few chess tournaments I’ve been in. Neil Woods doesn’t play chess competitively like I do.

  242. This is correct Tara:

    Tim Higgs = Truth Seeker (ARS), Flash Gordon (ESMB)

  243. I understand Tony.

    One thing is for sure. L. Ron Hubbard contributed something to this planet that was not there before he came along.

    He basically determined the anatomy of dwindling spiral and what caused it and found a way to reverse it.

    and that’s no small shakes in my book.

  244. I know we’ve moved on, but I do get what you mean about TR-L. “Evil” is not an easy word to grasp in English, at least for me. What is the fundamental concept of it?

    But working back to the Russian/CommonSlavic meaning of it, it becomes clear, if still difficult to confront.

    The Slavic word is “ZLO” It means anger, hostility, destructive intention, an intention to stop. “Overt or covert but always complex and continuous”, did he not say?

    And how does one “stop”? With lies. With alter-is which causes the increasing persistence of the undesired phenomena. Lies.

    This does correspond with my most recent obnosis of a couple of my old Org staff friends. They are each carrying, and trying to operate over a huge ridge of anger.They are not really able to conceal it. The sad thing is, they don’t seem to be aware of the true source of this anger, and it is surely sucking them down. This makes them dangerous, in much the same way a biochemical personality who is PTS to an actual physical chemical is dangerous. Thus I can understand “Kool Aid Drinker” as a physical analogy to their actual situation. They do not realize the Kool Aid is poisoned.

  245. And you post to Silvia’s blog as Tim Higgs as well?

  246. Well Tim Higgs, I saw the last post you made on Silvia Kusada’s blog just a couple of days ago and I’d like to confirm that that was in fact you? And I saw the “truthaboutkusada” name you used in

  247. The blog that was up on 3-24-12 is down. If you check the link it is dead. My last post on her blog was just that, my last.

    Here’s a link to my new blog were I have a copy of my birth certificate if you want to see it to prove who I am.

  248. Tim Higgs, what you posted on her blog just a few days ago was absolutely vile and cruel and psychotic. You two have never even met in the real world.

  249. My connection to her was of the Theta universe which is on a higher level and communication in the MEST universe level. My meat body meeting her meat body wouldn’t have changed anything.

    What I wrote was true and from my heart. What was cruel was what she put me through the last three months. If you knew what I went through you would see things differently.

    Tara, have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question:

    why has she had so many disastrous relationships in the last few years?

    There’s a reason Tara, there’s always a reason. There’s a reason why she’s had so many disastrous relationships in the past and it isn’t all the guys she been with.

    Unfortunately for me, I found out the reason the hard way.

    I’m sorry that you feel the way you do about what I wrote.

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