Open Letter to Sky Dayton


Check out the log entries below from the office of David Miscavige’s “COB orders on the internet” excerpt book.

#1 shows he is excerpting some comment made to you (whether verbal or written you’d be the most qualified to recall) and distributing it to Scientology Inc international and Golden Era Productions executives and staff.

#2 and #3 are subsequent utterances he made to Gold staff over the next two days – referencing his ‘comm line’ to you and your recommendations to him.

#4, a year and one half later he is still dropping your name while uttering the usual utterly incomprehensible, do-less drivel.  This time it is to the four ‘highest’ execs he’s got at that asylum. Incidentally, 2 of those 4 are long-since on the outside looking in, while Guillaume and Yager remained imprisoned, see e.g. ABC Nightline Special on the hole.

Note well that Miscavige does nothing with the fact of your communication of ideas except to make others wrong with them.  Hell, he could have passed along your comm in full and told them to execute it as a strat plan and program if he had any intention whatsoever of disseminating Scientology.  But, he didn’t.  You can read myriad testimonials on this blog about how Miscavige handles all communication like this. Check your Science of Survival and compare.

Now, compare this to another – one of hundreds of such random, off-the-wall orders – order he delivered on ‘marketing’ just a few months earlier, see earlier marketing order.  Good reason I suppose for using your suggestions for no other purpose than making others wrong – I am sure your suggestions cross ordered his psych drug company marketing implementation plans.

Dude, bottom line, you spoke or corresponded with this guy almost TEN years ago.  Has he listened to a single thing you advised?   After TEN years do you think he is ever going to?  Do you really think you are serving the greatest good for the greater number of dynamics by supporting this suppressive sociopath?




2 SEP 2002



That’s ancient history and the fact is I can consider the Internet the greatest advance ever in terms of real dissemination to really clear the planet.  In fact, without the Internet, I don’t think the job could ever get done.


2 SEP 2002






You’ll also understand now why I can’t believe that CMU will not get set up with a full-blown Internet unit.  I read what Sky Dayton writes compared to you guys, and there is somebody thinking.  I could go on and on about Internet, but we’ve still gotten nowhere on this.


3 Sep 2002




Maybe one century we’ll get a Marketing Unit.  I think our guys are the most rank amateur there are.  They can’t even sell to Scientologists (I have Sky Dayton writing to me about setting up Div 2 internet sites and yet in 15 years I’ve never been able to get Gold or Int to care about one Div 2 function), let alone broad public actions to drive people in.


25 Aug 2004







[Internet Marketing Strat.] “I spoke to Sky Dayton who thinks the best thing to do is e-mail. And my plan is we can have banner ads, this ad and that ad, so what we’ll do—here’s my strat: Create a cutting-edge Div 6 interactive site.” He just won’t get it.  How many times have I said there’s some way to market on the Internet? He had an online bookstore. I said—wait a second, I want to know the way they market on the Internet and then we can keep it going forever.

79 responses to “Open Letter to Sky Dayton

  1. Sorry, what was the middle bit?

  2. LOL!

  3. Where is Sky Dalton in PT ?
    Does he read Martys Blog, will he get this ?

  4. “I said—wait a second, I want to know the way they market on the Internet and then we can keep it going forever.”

    What exactly are you trying to keep going forever, dave? Banner ads? Emails? Your ego? The GPM you’re stuck in?

    Did you ever notice, dave, that scientology had far more people being trained and going OT before the internet was even invented? Did that datum ever brush the sides of your dim-witted noggin?

    It has something to do with people honestly helping other people with scientology tech. I know that HELP drives you crazy, but that’s the secret.

  5. … yet in 15 years I’ve never been able to get the middle management team to care about Microsoft’s operating system, let alone broad public actions to drive our brand name and our top line …. (Is that the middle bit you missed? I’m not a professional translatator.)

  6. I loved Earthlink back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I even owned stock in it at one time.

    Souixie Boshoff told me that she dated Sky way back when and thought he was a “dweeb” (Her exact words). She later went on to instigate a social media smear campaign against me and my family, so she’s probably calling me a “dweeb” these days as well.

    Why would she smear Sky at what he is good at, by calling him a “dweeb”? It’s because that is what is taught in today’s Church of Scientology. Today’s privy-to-the-truth Scientologist does not want to help the world – they want to own it!

    It would be very easy to make the “technology” available to the masses… but it will never happen as long as certain individuals don’t see a profit in it.

    “Forget about clearing the planet, we’ve got money to make!” is the thought process most prevalent in these types of minds.

    Could it be that Sky is not a “dweeb” but a very smart business man who has the ability to change the world with a simple program like he almost did with Earthlink?

    And that he, like many of us, have been subject to a myriad of lies we have accepted as truths…

    Only time will tell.

  7. As one of the recipients of this drivel — I can assure you, you are not “missing” anything if this makes no sense to you. Didnt make sense then, no matter how much “context” there was, and doesnt make sense now. It is typical POB make-wrong. Someone tells him something or he sees it on TV or reads it in a comic book and his instant inclination is to use it to make someone wrong and complain about how stupid/incompetent/SP someone(s) is. It’s like a knee-jerk — input a datum into the mad mind of Miscavige and out pops an accusation/complaint/natter about someone around him who is too stupid/lazy/CI/incompetent and is therefore destroying/undermining/suppressing him and/or Scientology and/or LRH.

    It’s like one of those “fill in the blank” scripts.

    He is a compulsive make-wrong machine — ie an incessant source of motivators (wonder what that means….)

    It sucks to be Miscavige. Only sucks more to be sucking Miscavige….

  8. in 15 years I’ve never been able to get Gold or Int to care about one Div 2 function” – DM
    Dave, you lousy leader.

  9. “Make it go right, there is a way,
    Make it go right, and win the day.”
    Stop rewriting policy. Just use it, Dave.
    Come on, you can make it if you really try, but you must try, try oh try!

  10. He is a compulsive make-wrong machine…

    THAT is one of the best descriptions I’ve ever heard of him.

  11. Well Sky (and others),

    There is a consideration of considerable magnitude. And that is simply stated, “Are you complicit?” Yeah, there is that omission ‘thingy’.

    Then again, here’s a chance for redemption and spiritual purification on a scale that is, of course, universally necessary. and needed. Will you help?

    Anyone still left in the cult of POB should rescind this allegiance to this historically significant sociopath, i.e., David MIscavige.

    Let freedom reign.

  12. Tom Gallagher

    sent by Tom Gallagher

  13. It sucks to be Miscavige. Only sucks more to be sucking Miscavige…. MR

    eew… what a picture! LOL 😮 …. gag me

    I saw a comment on last IAS YouTube event video, … “he looks old, like that whiskey is carving him up from the inside out…”.

    Apparently it’s been carving up brain cells for a while too. Then again, anyone who knows the SP / anti-social tech shouldn’t be surprised. He’ll continue to suppress, disperse (more madness to come to be sure) right up to the day he dies, or is taken out. I predict the former.

    We could set up a campaign to send him cases of 100proof scotch… anonymously of course, secret admirer, with a few firm validating comments that he deserves it because of his hard work, and should drink up!

    Better watch closely who your friends are Dave.

  14. David Lingenfelter


    It is also a way to make him seem smart and others stupid, a make wrong as you said. The old ‘if you don’t understand what I said then you are an idiot’ routine. It also serves to elevate him in stature in the minds of those that feel ‘I must be stupid. I’ll go along with it OR I’ll do it even though I don’t get it OR I’ll pretend I got it so he’ll leave me alone and his attention will go onto someone else OR I’ll go along with it in the chance I’ll be allowed to see my family OR . . .

    Survival at INT is very abberated.


  15. It is so very difficult for me to even make sense of what David Miscavige says because he speaks in such a non sequitur, idiot manner…but after reading this over and over and over…what I see is just the pure hate and disdain he has for people. No wonder he drinks so much scotch…life without feeling any love or joy must be so painful.
    I am so glad I am not in his ship of fools.

  16. Captain Bob

    A slip of the tongue by DM where he says “I’m not making any new charges against her ”

    Note DM says “I’m” not making any new charges. He says I’m as in I am not making new charges. OK?

    this is 47 seconds into the video.

    You decide who owns the church? And for the benefit of who? A cleared planet? Humanity?

  17. Right on Mike. These excerpts are such class DM… he’s “never been able to get Gold or Int to care about one Div 2 function.” Really? I guess that’s why 700 people at the Int base would volunteer to give up any kind of life for 20 or 30 years or more, forgo moving up the Bridge themselves (since it’s impossible to get standard auditing at the Int base), subsist on a pay check of pennies per hour for their labor, eat whatever slop is fed to them, go for years and years with never a day off, working 80 to 100 or more hours every week, literally never getting enough sleep, being constantly invalidated and victimized by reverse Scientology, getting publicly berated with DM brand psychiatric warfare 24/7, assault and battery, on and on…. all because they don’t care about enlightening people on Scientology and getting them started on their next step up the Bridge (the product of Div 2).

    Oh yeah Heroic Dave, that makes sense. What masterly insight! What genius! What a forward-thinking visionary! What a spiritual leader for the 21st Century! Another round of Kook Aid for everyone.

    Oh lor… suddenly I am gripped with an Epiphany of Holy Rapture! Yay-AH, though we walk through the valley-AH of the shadow of Miscavige-AH, we need fear no evil for super-smart Dave (aka “Short Moses of Philly-AH”) has our backs.

  18. “Someone tells him something or he sees it on TV or reads it in a comic book and his instant inclination is to use it to make someone wrong and complain about how stupid/incompetent/SP someone(s) is.”

    Perhaps he thinks everyone should be copying all the time. It seems to be his greatest talent, to copy.

  19. What’s so ridiculous is Miscavige was using Sky Davis to front for him, basically.

    You’d think he’d refer to LRH’s writings when communicating.

    These despatches from DM are horribly lacking in reference to LRH.

  20. Years ago I-Help set up a system of websites so each auditor could have one.That faded off into the ether-I don’t know what ever happened to that. It seemed like a good idea and maybe the person who thougth it up has had his/her head summarily chopped off.

  21. Exactly David.

  22. Right, DM, those CMU guys never were able to do any marketing, especially that Jeff Hawkins guy and his little band who somehow managed to get DMSMH to the TOP of the NY Times bestseller list, something that did NOT happen in 1950. This is a feat that had never been accomplished in the history of publishing–a book going back into the NYT’s list more than 30 years after original publication. Yet, those guys never had a clue about marketing. Reality check, DM: they had more than a clue. Yet, this was all done before you dragged CMU up to Animal Farm where your whip could reach them more easily. The Int stats coasted for three more years after DMSMH hit the top and then began their now more than 20 years long crash.

  23. Unbelievable. Thanks for continuing to remind us about what we are confronting here. As I read these dispatches I kept saying, ” ….Huh? ….What? … What ‘th? …Is Marty leaving out every third sentence?”

    If I was a psych I would say that Miscavige has asberger’s syndrome.

    It is a tribute to all of the good people in Scientology that the ship has stayed afloat as long as it has with this guy at the helm. He appears to be a reactive lunatic who, as he sinks deeper into his reactive mind, has been methodically destroying the organization that LRH created to forward his (and our own) good purposes. Miscavige needs to go, like now. He has been doing this for over 25 years. What a shame that anyone is afraid of this twit. I can’t believe that I ever bought any of his “ass burgers”.

  24. michael cox

    One day when the Scientology history book is written it will look back on a time when a “true SP” got in charge. There will be a whole course taught that will specifically talk about David MsCavaige and the disrepute to the subject of Scientology and the demise of the “Church of Scientology” that he single backhandedly, with the help of some PTS’s accomplished. That will ultimately be David MsCaivage’s legacy. The destruction of the “Church of Scienotology” .

  25. michael cox

    And you know he likes it!

  26. He shows little respect to refer and show loyality and respect to the Founder . when anything and all should be to insure his name and position is kept, what injust is that . But rides on his name and works to establish his own money making business out of it. Buying property and mismanaging public funds, and using them for what he wishes / never mind any actual services being delivered and falsely presenting himself at events
    towards the public that remain blind to see through . thats Tipical Sp operation..

  27. I don’t understand how anyone could even spend one day working at Int Base with orders like this – and from people like Miscavige – let alone decades.

    There has to be something seriously wrong with anyone who would ever put up with any of this for any length of time. Scientologists are supposed to be free, independent, and analytically-thinking people. Not slaves who get beaten and who beat others and who live their lives following these insane orders unquestioningly.

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. These dispatches say just as much about the “executives” at the top of the Church of Scientology as they say about David Miscavige.

  28. Those were orders ? They looked like a bunch of complaints from a spoiled little brat to me !!

  29. Advice to David Miscavige:
    When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

  30. Did the recipients of these – whatever they are – have to M-9 them?

  31. TheWidowDenk

    Tooky – your comment makes me think you are:

    1) very new to this community

    2) unread on the 31 Factors and this blog

    3) someone else …

    Fix that, would you please?

  32. At around 1:25 on the video, davey says, “I’m not out there leveling charges out of the blue against people.”

    Really? You’re not? Man, could have fooled me.

  33. Tony Dephillips


  34. Tony Dephillips

    I agree, that should be in the tech dictionary…

  35. Tony Dephillips

    That was great Steve. I enjoyed the mock up.

  36. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 1.
    You can also read Mike Rinders article on “why we stayed”.

  37. Tony Dephillips


  38. Kevin Tighe

    The latest entry (5/22/12) on Sky Dayton’s blog should raise a few questions…

  39. oh. my. god.

  40. LTC Forever

    Judging from this it seems like DM is trying to get rid of the Sea Org altogether. Maybe, that’s why he has everyone collecting money for his IAS fund instead of doing their posts so he can hire somebody else to do the job. It’s the hatred that passes down to every level of the organization. I definitely felt it… like you are hated for being there, hated for wanting to get Scientology, hated for citing LRH… Will the Sea Org members ever wake up as a group and see it for what it is? It can’t go on like this forever that’s for sure.

  41. Sky Dayton has a blog: There is a bio on it which mentions that he went to Delphi school and he does not talk about or promote David Miscavige’s RCS preferring to promote his wife’s Sci Fi book instead and business.

  42. And tons of photos of his surfing excursions in exotic places.

  43. Your humble servant


    Nice statement!

  44. plainoldthetan

    “I think our guys are the most rank amateur there are.”


    “Hello, kettle. I’m pot. You’re black.”

  45. The Oracle

    I have been reading in volumes the history of Zen and Buddhism. One notion that keeps surfacing is that enlightenment is possible for sentient beings. For sentient beings. When I gaze upon the actors in this theater I am able to reconcile , with that notion, the people that seemed to go up and the people that seemed to go under in the Scientology theater.

  46. Shamtology Seen

    Thank you for posting the issued orders of David Miscavige, Commander of the Scientology Corporation — it paints the blatant portrait of what the little man is all about. It’s a common trick of bamboozlers to introvert people with accusations (and ‘make wrongs” as called here), to divert attention from their own agendas. It is sick and sickening.

    Will Sky Dayton look? Will Sky Dayton see?

    This Marty Rathbun blog is a great service to humanity, greater than many may fully realize.

    Thank you.

  47. Errol Sayin

    I do a lot of work with the elderly and I see caregivers suffering from “battle fatigue” when the job just becomes too much. In fact, the caregiver will often start out healthy but die before the person he/she is caring for. Many
    times its the person that cares so much that will get trapped in this situation.

    For example I just spoke with a woman who has taken care of her husband who has dementia for 10 years with zero time off. Her doctor
    is telling her that She is killing herself. Her friends are telling her. But
    She can’t hear them because She is caught up in the struggle.

    The tragedy is She cares so much. And maybe this describes the
    plight of people in the current Church. They care so much for LRH that
    they will put up with anything.

  48. The Oracle

    Sentient beings in Scientology are too often confused and mislabled with propitiative, sympathetic, or reasonables. But in the end, the people that are really making it, the people that become auditors, the people that can care about other people, the people that treat others as they would want to be treated themselves, are the people that have really made it in this game.

    In LRH ED 145 INT 4 July 1971 Hubbard states: ” A “field” ARC breaks when you don’t take an interest in Individuals. Failure to comm to people. failure to lead them upward. failure to handle their upsets or get flubs repaired all lead to “ARC broken field”.

    You have to be able to care about individuals before you can take an interest in them.

    Will the Sea Org Members “ever wake up as a group”? I think not.

    Most Sea Org Members are not sentient beings.

  49. The Oracle

    Most Sea Org Members are numb.

  50. Tom Gallagher

    You wrote: This Marty Rathbun blog is a great service to humanity, greater than many may fully realize.

    I’ll state that I fully agree.

  51. Tom Gallagher


    Been there and done that.

    Not to go into a long story, but never-the-less, I contracted a pneumonia condition within one month before my step-father’s passing. That was in August 2008 and after caring for him in our home for 3/4 of a year.

    He was a great man and I’ll always be grateful for his positive influence, not only in my life, but throughout my extended family.

    He passed two days after his 90th birthday.

    As such, I wholly concur with your observation regards those who consider themselves Scientologists, “they will put up with anything”.

  52. The Oracle

    I think it is is the lack of the care that is at the bottom of the situation.

  53. Richard Royce

    Kevin, I read it and don’t know what questions you are suggesting should be raised? What did you have in mind?

  54. The Oracle

    There are people in this arena driven by sadism, cruelty, intentions to harm attack and suppress others under the mask of love for Hubbard and mankind.

    As Hubbard very wisely suggested: Know them by their actions.

  55. David Miscavige, Commander of the Scientology Corporation

    I am sure, he considers himself being the Commodore.

  56. LDW

    “Did that datum ever brush the sides of your dim-witted noggin?”

    Ha! Got a good LOL on that.


  57. Thoughtful,
    Your use and control of words is awesome! valley-AH, Miscavige-AH… it’s just hilarious!! I can hear it now.. LOL

  58. There is also a fascinating video of kinetic sculptures-Amazing!


    Look up Vampire Idea,
    “the personality which absorbs the life and lives on the life of others”. (Pab 8)
    I have the Pab page I can quote the paragraph if someone wants it

  60. Pab 8 excerpt:
    “There is a type of occluded case, very low in reasoning ability which may have given rise to the “vampire” idea–the personality which absorbs the life and the lives on the life of others. This case, of course, is near-psychotic (you must understand that occlusion and psychosis are not [not in italics] synonymous). It has a peculiar trick which identifies it–it ignites and extinguishes matches. I remark on this type because it typifies in a peculiar way what the occluded case is doing–THE OCCLUDED CASE IS DOING ALL POSSIBLE TO STOP OR ABSORB MOTION.”

    “it ignites and extinguishes matches” Exactly. DM when will you ever get back in valance?

    Yes, It sucks to be Miscavage.

  61. Whoops:
    3rd line: absorbs the life (remove ‘the’) and lives on the life of others.

  62. Oracle.I agree lack of care is an unstatement.

  63. Yes, Shamtology – “this Marty Rathbun blog is a geat service to humanity…”
    Yes. Marty is doing what Ron says. Communicate. It’s the universal solvant. It has taken me 2 years of reading/confronting this data/blog but now I feel like I’m finally about done unfolding from the abuse I experianced. I’m again living and learning from MY OWN viewpoint. Fewwww that was close!

  64. Gern Gaschoen

    Sky Dayton and Foster Tomkins should get together and go surfing.

  65. The Oracle

    Sentient actually means to be able to perceive:

    World English Dictionary
    sentient (ˈsɛntɪənt)

    — adj
    1. having the power of sense perception or sensation; conscious

    — n
    2. rare a sentient person or thing

    [C17: from Latin sentiēns feeling, from sentīre to perceive]

    You look at the people propping up David Miscavige. They can not perceive. If you look at the grade chart under awareness characteristics, PERCEPTION is a grade one.

    Yes, there are many people that have not made it through grade one. I don’t care what their certs say. They can not look at David Miscavige and say, “Stop” “NO” “Wrong” “F*^K YOU” “Get out” “I’m out” “Suck my metal hard %*&^”.

    It is not a matter of “waking up”. It is a matter of suppression and we all know what that leads to. This is not about love for LRH fucking other people up. LOVE does not lead to fuck ups. People that make MISTAKES are suppressed people. David Miscavige is surrounded by people that make mistakes and he makes them wrong for the mistakes! This is suppression. WHO can write a KR on Miscavige in the Church? NOBODY. We are basically here writing KR’s. Because David Miscavige made it a crime in the Church! He created the NEED for Marty Rathbun.
    He created the NEED for the Independent movement. Because for every David Miscavige there are 1000 others that will take the motion that comes in and use it to win. And this is the glory of man. And we bask in that glory, not the suppression.

  66. The Oracle

    And we are grade one completions, Don’t be ashamed of it. Live with it. With Freedom comes responsibility. We are the future. You paid to open your communication. You paid to be able to communicate to anyone about anything. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for living with your gains. As a teenager I paid for this. Nobody has the right to strip me of values I worker my ass off for. Don’t sell me this as a product and then tell me I have no right to live with it. I bought this as a little kid. Sixteen years old. I paid for this ability. Don’t tell me I am obligated to shut the F^&^K up.
    I will not shut up.

  67. Thoughtful – your post is great – I got your picture at the end so sharply, I nearly collapsed with laughter! Just wanted to add that I went to a memorial service for a senior SO member at the local CLO who had given over 20 years of his life to the Sea Org – and not so much as a “Hey you, I acknowledge your existence” from Miscavige. And then I saw on a previous blog that SO members were asked to donate $5,00 or so for Miscavige’s birthday. So his birthday (which comes around every 365 days like the rest of us) is worth acknowledging, but 20 plus years of unpaid, unwavering, ernest, quality service……….. not so important to him as to warrant an ack. Just thinking about the SP tech here – what happens to the SP is very important, what happens to someone else – not so much.

  68. The Oracle

    Get used to living with a bunch of real grade zeros David! How Does It feel? Like we are fucking up your game? Geeze, isn’t that just a little bit of an outpoint? DUH!

  69. The Oracle

    Your biggest complaint is about these grade zeros Hubbard made! You are protesting Hubbard’s products while leading the Church! And you think we should not notice! Are you for real? You can suppress some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time. some of the people all of the time. But not all of the people all of the time. That is an unattainable goal!

  70. Kevin Tighe

    Do a Google search for Neil Gaiman and Neil’s wife, Amanda Palmer. See recent Village Voice entry on Amanda.

  71. Jesus during his “Sermon on the Mount” at Matthew 7:15-16:

    15 – Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

    16 – Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

  72. Oh yeah, Absolutely. In about 1994 or 1995 a CMU staff member who was well liked named Judy died of cancer. We were sad and I wanted to hold a funeral service so we could all say goodbye. A time was set and I (being an ordained Scn minister) was going to deliver the service. But David Miscavige sent down orders that we were not to have a Scientology funeral service. Just stay on post. Judy had been a Sea Org member in Treasury for many years and was a good-hearted person, always laughing and always smiling. She finally got herself transferred into Marketing but ran into direct suppression from DM and went PTS. I knew she died due to suppression — because that’s what LRH says. “All illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition.” I’ll add here the other important datum given by LRH: “Getting rid of the condition requires three basic actions: a. Understanding the tech of the condition. b. Discover. c. Handle or disconnect.” At the Int base it is a crime to actually DO Scientology, a crime against “New LRH” aka Dave Miscavige. LRH said “Scientology makes a safe environment” Reverse Scientology makes a dangerous environment and where people die like flies. Today, Independent Scientologists are the only ones carrying on the tradition LRH began by making a safe environment.

  73. Pain Drive Theory does not work as stated by LRH in Dianetics.
    So those who use Pain exclusively to control and manipulate
    see the Chart in SOS.
    I am still horrified by D.M.s use of Copper Ground Rods, ordering someone to break anothers finger to extract a false statement,etc,etc,etc.

  74. LTC Forever

    What I’ve noticed is that many people in the SO seem to have a big misunderstanding on what Scientology is all about… despite of all the writing of LRH they are surrounded with. First and foremost it should be about relating to individuals and delivering the tech through which they can become more able on their own self-determinism – “making the able more able…” I’m sure there are plenty of LRH quotes that can back this up.

    Instead It seems like the SO turned into a Cult of Self-Worship where you get continuously walked over and invalidated as an individual by the greatness of the Sea Org and the greatness of Scientology “saving the planet” while no real production is really happening. Didn’t LRH say something about people who contribute less are usually the ones that need to pose a lot of self-importance? I mean really, you have all these Sea Org members running around talking about their importance while Scientology is less in existance than it was before. I recall myself looking at PAC Base and you see all these staff members running around looking all busy and important day in and day out, and I always couldn’t help to wonder what they are doing. Where is the product? Maybe there is a reason why SO’s from Bridge that I met on average seemed much more theta and practice “granting beingness.” At least Bridge is delivering some products where as in the service org what you get more and more of is zero exchange transactions, blame and make wrong, and generally no results while blaming you for the lack of it.

    Maybe it is characteristical of DM’s rule where success is “created” and “measured” by massive PR rather than real production and real statistics. And that’s what you get on a local level – a bunch of people talking about Scientology and how great and important they all are while you are running around like a mad man trying to get a product out of the thing and wondering why you can’t seem to get a result and wondering why the many people around you do not even seem to be aware that they need to deliver one as opposed to just taking your money or getting you into another implant producing event.

  75. Errol Sayin

    Tom, I was talking to a man that runs a caregiver company and he gave me
    this analogy: Its like being on a surfboard and while you concentrate on
    balancing yourself; you slip further and further out to sea. Everybody on
    shore is yelling at you to come back; but you can’t hear them. It sounds like
    you had a close call yourself.

  76. More David Miscavige gobbledygook. Yuk!

  77. “I think our guys are the most rank amateur there are.” Is that what David Miscavige thinks about Sea Org members? Is it any wonder people turn to the internet for answers about Scientology instead of walking into “Posh Ideal Orgs”? It is also the reason the Indie 500 keeps getting bigger. Like they say in New Jersey “Don’t put too much chicken in the chicken soup unless you want the guests to go home hungry!” 🙂

  78. Another Layer

    LOL! Perfect.

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